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THE BOTTOM LINE Ultimately, experts agree on one thing: Whether or not you buy organic is a personal choice based on your budget, health concerns and values, but you should strive to eat fruits and vegetables. If you want to buy more organic foods on a budget, start with the Dirty Dozen list and consider visiting your local farmers market. Ultimately, experts agree on one thing: Whether or not you buy organic is a personal choice based on your budget, health concerns and values, but you should strive to eat fruits and vegetables.

If you want to buy more organic foods on a budget, start with the Dirty Dozen list and consider visiting your local farmers market. Poultry and Pork: Buy Organic Organic poultry and pigs are given food that is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer. They also don’t get antibiotics, which is a common practice on. For produce, buy organic if you’re planning to eat the skin of the fruit or vegetable. “Choose organic for the foods containing the highest amount of chemical residue, and choose conventional foods for foods with the least residue,” said Gerszberg.

If you eat or drink something on a daily basis, buying the organic version will go a long way towards reducing your exposure to synthetic pesticide. Well, that depends on your reason for wanting to buy organic produce in the first place. Is organic more nutritious? For those buying organic produce for health reasons, one of the major considerations is whether organic fruit and vegetables are more nutritious than conventionally farmed produce.

It’s difficult to get a clear answer on this. Whether people buy organic or conventional, it’s the nutritional quality of the overall diet that matters. “The key is to enjoy a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, seeds, and beans,” Sheth says. If you can buy organic meat, it’s not a bad idea.

But it’s more of a global safety issue than about whether or not the meat you bought is dangerous for you. The FDA requires manufacturers of. While buying organic can be beneficial, health-conscious consumers don’t have to pay extra for that label on every food or cosmetic product they buy, say experts.

Here are ten organic grocery. If you’re buying organic solely for better nutrition, based on this review there’s no evidence you’re gaining any real advantages. But if you’re concerned about pesticides and you can afford organics, it might be worth it to buy them.

List of related literature:

If organic products are going to command higher prices, their organic claims have to be credible.

“Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat” by Marion Nestle, Malden Nesheim
from Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat
by Marion Nestle, Malden Nesheim
Atria Books, 2010

To soften the impact of organic food on our budget, we use a shopping guideline: If the organic item is up to 50 percent more expensive than the nonorganic item, we buy it.

“Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work” by Sharon Moore
from Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work
by Sharon Moore
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2000

Believe me, I’d bought all the arguments, like the one that says that organic food is priced the same as non organic.

“Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT” by Bruce Stirling
from Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT
by Bruce Stirling
Nova Press, 2015

Buying organic is not just better for you; it also helps independent farmers remain in business.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
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Organic There are many reasonable but differing opinions out there when it comes to buying organic.

“Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want” by Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
from Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want
by Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
Ramsey Press, The Lampo Group, 2016

The first criticism can be easily answered: in fact, the real problem is not that organic food is too expensive but that the real costs that consumers must pay in the supermarkets for the non-organic food are hidden.

“Quantitative Genetics, Genomics and Plant Breeding, 2nd Edition” by Manjit S. Kang
from Quantitative Genetics, Genomics and Plant Breeding, 2nd Edition
by Manjit S. Kang
CABI, 2020

As has been pointed out in the text, organic foods will have to be produced efficiently so that they compete price-wise with conventional foods: there is evidence that the price that the consumer is willing to pay for organic foods is not unlimited (Siderer et al., 2005).

“Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry, 2nd Edition” by Robert Blair
from Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry, 2nd Edition
by Robert Blair
CABI, 2018

“It is true that many of the organic products are more expensive than the conventionally grown,” I answer.

“Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food” by Pamela C. Ronald, Raoul W. Adamchak
from Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food
by Pamela C. Ronald, Raoul W. Adamchak
Oxford University Press, 2017

Nearly anyone, if given the option between organic and nonorganic foods at the same price will take organic.

“The Future of U.S. Farm Policy: Formulation of the 2012 Farm Bill: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Second Session” by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
from The Future of U.S. Farm Policy: Formulation of the 2012 Farm Bill: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Second Session
by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
U.S. Government Printing Office, 2012

However, a critical review of the literature on the safety of organic foods concluded that there are currently limited empirical data “to support or refute claims that organic food is safer and thus, healthier, than conventional food, or vice versa” (Magkos, Arvaniti, & Zampelsa, 2006, p. 47).

“A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response” by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
from A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response
by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
Springer New York, 2012

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  • Ahh Gezz, Isn’t the virus bad enough? Now we have to worry about the cure
    Which red pill will you take, Russia’s “Sputnik” or Americas “Kornball Killer”?
    Never mind China, they poison there new borne with Melamine


  • Actually Dr. Mike, about the lipemic plasma/serum stuffs, it is very important because lipemic blood will make more medical laboratory rejections due to interfering characteristic in so many medical laboratory tests.

    More rejections, more blood tubes go biohazard waste, more unnecessary time-consuming (because your medical staffs have to call the patients back to hospital/clinic to repeat the blood-drawing) and more incineration needed, more burden to the Mother Earth.

    Many thanks.

    Good day, doctor =)

  • I suffer from high anxiety i smoke legion, blooming farms all organic vape cartridges low thc! It has help me out alot! So sme research before getting your cbd product! Flow kana also has gokd cbd flowers!

  • This guy is clearly uneducated on nutritional literature. First question was does all protein come from plants and he used a metaphor to answer a scientific question, a shitty metaphor at that.

    It is not a reductionist claim that all protein comes from plants, its based on the causal chain of sequence. And when you reverse follow the chain the protein starts with the plants!!! Because only plants can make protein!!

    Notice the trend that all vegan advocates use science to back their claims as much as possible. Then examine the arguments this guy makes.

  • Read? Research? Glyphosate? Are you sure? Because, apparently, We are too stupid and ignorant to read vaccine studies, and understand them, aren’t we? Us antivax/exvax Google warriors, right? But hey! By all means, we are smart enough to use the almighty Google to research glyphosate, and understand THOSE scientific studies, eh? What you are saying is we are only competent when YOU say we are…….you can have more degrees than a thermometer and STILL be ignorant as hell………go [email protected]# yourself with a cactus.

  • Why is Mike getting left out for Tristan? Mike, your smile and laugh is waaayyyyy better than Tristans, and it’s so cute how you crack yourself up. Tristan, you’re great too, and the show wouldn’t be the same without you two together…Mike just has great character and charisma ������

  • “Organic” produce stops being organic the moment any rain hits it, dousing it in pesticides, chemicals and pollutants.

    All modern crops are genetically modified organisms thanks to millenia of cross-breeding.

  • It has been patented as an antibiotic for a start. Anyone who thinks daily consumption of food laden with antibiotics is safe, cannot call themselves a scientist and should be jailed for fraud if they do! They are destroying life from the bottom up.

  • A food safety testing laboratory registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found extremely high levels of the herbicide glyphosate in popular American foods. The popular foods tested for glyphosate measured between 289.47 parts per billion (ppb) and as much as 1,125.3 ppb. New research shows that glyphosate can cause liver and kidney damage in rats at just 0.05 ppb.

  • Realities and Perception about to return!! Who are you? Locking up millions for ingesting natural remedies?? 
    All the while *MONSANTO now Big Pharma Bayer Poisoning this ecosystem slowly killing off all of Life 
    Kill the Earth get a fine!! 
    Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Found in Popular American Foods
    By Carey Gillam

    Independent tests on an array of popular American food products found many samples contained residue levels of the weed killer glyphosate. The nonprofit organizations behind the tests—Food Democracy Now and The Detox Project—released a report Monday that details the findings. The groups are calling for corporate and regulatory action to address consumer safety concerns.

    According to the report, the herbicide residues were found in cookies, crackers, popular cold cereals and chips commonly consumed by children and adults. The testing was completed at Anresco, a U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) registered lab and used liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), a method widely considered by the scientific community and regulators as the most reliable for analyzing glyphosate residues.

  • I have to say, I went into this video already siding with buying organic and this only strengthened my opinion of that.
    I love you dearly, Mike, but where the hell did your side of the information come from? Hahaha. I feel like most of the information on your side was coming from industry based studies that would only protect their own Financial interests.
    I know it was just a debate and you’re also presenting someone else’s debates. I’m not riding you. I just fear there’s too much self-serving information on the internet in favor of whoever has put the most money, not what’s actually in our best interest.
    And sorry again Mike, no on the 80s Freeze Frame. Tristan, you’re two for two on this one. Keep rocking the awesome videos guys, love you

  • I think this makes sense.. The documentary has completely eliminated the benefits of meat based diet.. I live in country where mostly plant based diet is taken by most people, though dairy is included, but here also all sort of heart diseases, muscular weakness, deficiency, obesity do exist.. Plant based diet especially here, are rich in vitamins but for proteins you have to go for pulses, beans which are not as wholesome if you compare on essential amino acids basis and there are other gastric problems associated with taking such diets in excess like gout…. For wholesome plant based diet you have to rely on superfoods which are not pocket friendly on daily basis..Soya based products are not good for people suffering from hypothyridism which is v. Common here…I think important thing is portion control of what you eat.. Excess of everything is bad… I like the point that nutrition is a personal thing based on nutrients available in place where you live rather than following anything blindly… Moreover, there are many countries in world where main constituent of meal is meat, and if everyone turns vegan there will be lots of pressure on agriculture.. Further, more land will be required for cultivation.. Leading to deforestation.

  • I love this channel and I love you guys!:) Your list25 videos are so funny and informative…it’s like having fun while learning…and the way u 2 interact it makes me feel like I am part of the conversation! U 2 crack me up and I thank you!:)

    Dr.Wallach is a scientist, researcher and doctor on two fronts, and these scam doctors will never have him on their show because these wacko so-called doctors are in the pocket of big pharma, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE IDIOTS WHO CALL THEMSELVES DOCTORS, they are part of the problem

  • I think we as human beings, the only species that extorts from mother nature and destroys it in ways previously unimaginable, have bigger responsibilities than JUST looking at scientific evidence about “IF ANY ANIMAL PRODUCT IS BAD”. It is NOT entirely about supplementing your nutrition the best way possible. It is about a bigger responsibility. A bigger cause.

  • I can relate to these athletes, I too have grown up with martial arts (7-14 years of age), weightlifting since the age of 13, boxing, calisthenics and a omnivores diet of chicken breasts, salmon/fish, and never did I feel as good as when I went raw plant-based/raw vegan. I am the living proof, it is axiomatic.

    Be blessed

  • Dr. Mike, I’ve seen plenty of evidence that a vegan diet is healthier than a Mediterranean diet. I can provide research links, but I’m sure you could find it yourself if you directly searched vegan diet vs Mediterranean. The question you have to ask is what benefit does eating animal products provide? If it provides no benefit that cannot be achieved with a plant based alternative but contains dietary cholesterol and saturated fat that increases the risk of heart disease and cancer, then it’s obvious that a vegan diet is healthier.

  • I feel like you are playing the middle of the road to broaden your customer base. You want to be vegan? Great I’ll help you. You don’t want to be vegan? Great I’ll help you. Really veganism isn’t a diet.

  • Dewayne Johnson was just awarded $289 million, in a lawsuit against Monsanto, for the damages glyphosate caused him terminal cancer. Mabye “The Doctors” could have him on the show, to explain to him that glyphosate is safe.

  • GMOs are not always a bad thing. Even cross-breeding two strains of a vegetable or fruit is considered genetically modifying of food. Well humans have been genetically modifying foods for thousands of years. A farmer who crossbreed two strains of corn to get a new type of corn that is stronger against disease is doing good not bad. GMO like what was shown in the video, a lady injecting a strawberry with bright blue liquid, is not how GMOs are done.

  • 1) Good to see Tristan again.
    2) 80’s freeze frames are AWESOME.
    3) An expose on farmer’s markets showed that most not tied to an actual farm, were just buying their produce from large warehouses, and often buying second run merchandise. (meaning it was turned down by larger store buyers) and most just slapped an organic label on those boxes and individual fruit right before selling it.

    I get why folks want organic, but yeah, since there is little to no oversight on it… just say NO. To Organic.

  • For a better look at organic food look at penn & teller: bullshit on amazon prime video. They have an entire episode dedicated to organic food and why it’s harmful

  • Pesticides also go into the ground, the ground water, the waterways. Water is tested and they are finding it in our drinking water. Buy locally grown organic, less loss of nutrients in transit, funnels the money back to the growers. I find that the organic vegs around here are (1) lousier looking, (2) often on the verge of rotting, (3) cost quite significantly more than the non-organic. i don’t mind a little not-perfect-looking organic veg/fruit, but some of it looks like there was some sort of massive disease and yet they are selling the things. One of our local tv stations did a study and found that some of the stuff being sold at “organic” farmers’ markets are actually from the huge corporate farms; the truckers say they didn’t know where their produce comes from they just truck the boxes stacked for them, the sellers have no idea where the food actually comes from.

  • lol,,,,,,does nothing for chronic pain… it’s new gold rush of our if people really understood how easy it is to grow and then extract.foools do get a cbd high.its not like the munchies stone high.but it does relax most if u never smoked cannabis.i

  • The meat our ancestors ate is RADICALLY different from what we eat now…..the animals had to be hunted and it was a work in process. There was no going to a pen and just picking it up. There was much much less saturated fats in the meat our ancestors ate as well…..if you want to eat meat find a hunter. The meat will be much closer to what they really ate

  • Glyphosate Mercury Apitical Periodontitis connections. Ref. IAOMT Conf. 2017
    This shows how pharma operates and how it hides as the slime at the bottom of the swamp. My research (so far) seems to indicate that all the establishment parties, MSM and gov. bureaucracies have been infiltrated and compromised be big pharma. The 100+ year mercury secret pharma dentistry is desperately trying to coverup. Follow the mercury money (Trillions a year from Death care and never prevent never cure treatmemt)

    Open your eyes to the mass sickening and genocide big pharma is waging against all of us via mercury poisoning via Vaccines (mercury and aluminum etc.), Amalgams, Root canals, and Roundup (binding-depleting minerals-nutrients which destroys our immune systems)

    There is a mercury detox glyphosate connection to all sickness

    The treasonous sabotage of our food and medicine. The mercury secret enabling continuing sickness and shortened lifespan. Who benefits? Follow the money to Pharma and Farma.

    The destruction humanity via our health and our economic productivity.This includes everyone even the doctors dentists and farmers who think they are benefiting from this travesty.

    Magnesium depletion and manganese depletion links Glyphosate and the detox of your mercury over saturated fat cells (most often as get older and they oversaturate).

    Why is nobody looking here?

    Incremental assault, bankruptcy and murder via mercury and Roundup

    Allophathic medicine is a global fraud to keep everyone sick until bankrupt then off us.

    A one two economic hit leading to sickness and reduced lifespan A medline search Magnesium Depletion: gives ample proof that mercury detox and recirculation is the core cause of all allopathic “diseases” and cancers because of the way it decimates ones immune system. No prescription treatments necessary. No allopathic doctors needed.

    Magnesium depletion is also enhanced by the binding effect glyphosate has on the nutrients in the soil and food grown in such soil and its antibiotic effect that can destroy all your good biome.

    And then there is Fluoride and Bromine.

  • you agree with reducing animal products especially for the environments sake. what about the animals sake?
    what about the animals who are raped, fisted by humans with semen to impregnate them? what about the mothers who are torn from there babies over and over again for their ENTIRE life? 
    what about the pigs who have their teeth clipped and tails cut without any pain treatment?
    what about the pigs who’s entire life exists of living in a crate that is so small that they cant even turn around in it?
    what the baby chickens who are ground up alive because they aren’t profitable to the meat industry?
    eating animals is not only devastating to the planet but clearly its devastating and horrific to the animals who’s lives were brought into this world to be treated as a product and not a living being.
    heinous acts of cruelty have been justified because people just “love the taste”. Its clear that we need nothing from animals to be healthy or survive. the selfish and incompaasioate act of putting taste above life is killing the planet, its killing us, and its killing trillions of animals.

  • What is healthy? Optimal health meaning as many bets hedged as possible would tell us that no cholesterol is ideal. Meaning no meat is healthy. But no one wants this…so mike says meat is fine. Whatever. We all do it cause the x% change in all cause mortality risk that results in 1300 more deaths out of the millions that die from illnesses directly cause by meat consumption is negligible enough that taste pleasure rules out. This is why there are 30 more arguments for vegan diets to push people from whole food plant based as possible to the same diet and replacing the unnecessary junk food with vegan versions if you must have them.

  • I’m a number 14 and I’m going to have to bail on this one sounds more like a paid advertisement for the organic group than it does at realistic debate on whether organic vs. Farm grown they both use the same poop it’s not like they get an organic cow for fertilizer and furthermore the water comes from the same Source the chemicals both had been ran up and down the flagpole which we the one they use so with that in mind thanks guys for the effort but it kind of leaving looks kind of like you were running out of stuff to talk about have fun Buzz

  • If it probably could maybe possibly could cause cancer, then could it possibly would not should not? Gotta love the scientific literature!

  • I don’t know which is right one way or another but “round up” and glysphosate is used to kill everything it touches. It is not sprayed on food as this would kill the crop, the chemical’s intended purpose. Am I wrong? Again I don’t know if it is bad or not but I do know what it’s used for and it’s not the things they are claiming like spraying bananas.

  • So, Dr. FARMER, should be compassionate to the public, like this: 1) Dr. Ermakiva, Dr. Bela Darvas, Dr. Arpa Puštao have all been systematically attacked for their anti-GMO studies, when they produced results that may have actually been results from the Round-Up. 2) She should provide stats, tallying how many Monsanto top brass get into regulatory agencies, do their job, then return to Monsanto at a higher level, rewarded. 3) They invest money to bury non-partisan and anti-GMO opinions and studies from appearing on search engines. 4) What Jeffrey Smith talks about, regarding harming gut microbes & fungi, it is about how Glyphosate disrupts the shipmate pathway. So Glyphosate adds to carbon depletion of soils and nutrition leaching and run-off. 5) Regarding herbicides.. how did people grow food for cities before 1945? There is much organic science; there is biochar, vermiculture, bountygreens, soil aeration meters, pH tests, drip irrigation, and coplanting and cover crops that are also studied and developed by scientists. If you, Dr. Farmer COULD ONLY UNDERSTAND THAT A HEALTHY BALANCED SOIL naturally less weed. If you could only understand that disease on a plant is a dis-ease, meaning a distress signal. Spend your scientific cachet to do something worthwhile for humanity, rather than live in a mansion, and working hidden and secure in a Monsanto “haven”. See also: and… 6) Final point, all the experts I met, their hatred for Monsanto came from how their big money bullied them and how they were character-assassinated. They didn’t have much of an opinion, doing their studies, which were procedural and part of standard safety testing.

  • Glyphosate is used in much higher quantities than in years past. I strongly suspect that my existing problems in the urinary tract might be due to years of heavy glyphosate exposure from the diet, especially grains which are often the most heavily sprayed foods. Chronic kidney disease is one of the major health risks related to glyphosate.

  • We really don’t know much about it, these people are a bit out of touch.  Medical Cannabis, The Herb and Its Applications This talk will be presented by Judy Mikovitz PhD
    The Re-Discovery of the Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis Dr. John Hicks
    Understanding the Endocannabinoid System, National Institutes of Health
    Clinical Application of Cannabinoids and Terpenes | M. Gordon, Cannafest 2015  

    The Endocannabinoid System, Patients out of Time:  Mary Lynne Mathre, Part 1 of 5.

    CBDTV Reel 1 Doctors and Diabetes Testimonies

    The Inside Story of Cannabidiol What Are the Benefits of CBD?
    Dr. Stuart Titus, CBD and medical research
    Dr. Blair on CBD for PTSD
    Dr. Donald Abrams on anxiety, depression and PTSD
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    CBD is great for anxiety Dr. Hicks
    No more anxiety meds with CBD
    Dr. John Hicks, cannabidiol from hemp
    Dr. David Allen the discovery of the endocannabinoid system
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    Cannabis and Gut Health:  Medical Marijuana Science
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    Dr. Lumir Hanus  Why is Cannabis Such a Successful Medicine
    Cannabis Against Cancer Dr. Christina Sanchez PhD.,  Mara Gordon, Dr. Dennis Landaverde, Andrea Cartin MD


    Dr. Blair on inflammation and CBD

    Cannabasics The Endocannabinoid System, Nyishar

    Cannabidiol Science: For Doctors: For Patients Americans for Safe Access Answers to FAQ about Medical Marijuana  Dr. Scott Schwartzwelder

  • Love this video! Although, I have heard that the vegan diet is not appropriate for women who are or trying to get pregnant. Thoughts?

  • It is now 2018-3 years after this show aired. And, Monsanto just lost multi million dollar lawsuit in California and it is now KNOWN that glyphosate causes cancer. Where are these idiots today?

  • Roundup is a total herbicide which kills everything green plant it touches. We dont spray it on our crops as it would kill them. We spray it on weeds which are not supposed to be consumed by human’s

  • Worked for my back. Took a month of 20mg daily from a good supplier, cbd unlimited. Results vary by individual but worth a shot for anyone who is on chronic meds.

  • The Farma CON blaming all the symptoms of
    mercury and Roundup poisoning on old age.

    Research “magnesium depletion” to find the genocidal truth.

  • ther is evidence its just fing aholes like this lady who are not making money off it so they do not want it they only want drugs they can push and get a kick back on. the thruth is its not legal for the fact the government has ben testing it for many years underground with out people knowing it. now as for the part it cant get you high that’s bull crap you can get high thc from hemp. also the thc alone is not what gets you high as long as you have some thc and the right cabanoids along with the proper amounts you can make a tincture that will couse the body to release endorphins and make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. ever herd the turm cloud 9 its becose that’s what thc delts 9 dose.and while we do not see theas tintures in most states do to people fearing if the government found out they would make them illegal you can get a hold of them in some states like cali. sold under names like low thc but all the high or cbd high flouter flower heavens dab.

  • as a vegan and big fan of game changers I just want to say that you really talked through this super well!!! I really appreciate this. We should always question everything we see and hear and have these productive discussions like you said!

  • Dr. Mike I like how you present your points! But on the first question you didn’t actually answer the question! Just say if all protein comes from plants or not and then tell the context.
    By the way the example of bacteria and evolution is not really on the same lines

  • I’m so glad I watched this I’m type 2 diabetic I wanted to become vegan to lose weight but now I think I should really seek help from a nutrientist first before I start a real weight loss journey.


  • Smith lied about alleged “convictions”. The GMO safety debate ended in 2016. It’s over. Only fools here at Youtube, ranting under obsolete old videos believe this shit. Glyphosate is absolutely safe. It is 43% less toxic to humans than table salt and baking soda is 4 times as toxic. LD50 data:

  • Meat is carcinogenic,viz bowel cancer. Is there a similar move against meat. This discussion is unscientific, subjective and illogical.

  • I’m not vegan but I don’t think mass commercial animal farming is the way to go either. I think smaller farms might be better. I don’t eat meat as much as I use too…maybe like 2 times a month. I do feel better…I’m still fat tho lol

  • I do shop at our local farmers market when it is practical. BUT! Living in North Carolina, it’s not really that practical during the winter months. For some reason vegetables just don’t want to grow in freezing weather (which we are about to get starting tonight [11/08/19]).

  • Organic is too expensive, sadly. I don’t doubt the fact that there is little difference between the two options, besides the price tag.

  • I’m going with Jeffrey Smith who was much more convincing than the Monsanto Scientist, Donna Farmer here. The evidence against Monsanto is piling higher especially considering the fact that they were caught lying already twice to authorities about safety issues, and over 1000 farmers are suing Monsanto after using Roundup regularly and getting cancer. Jeffrey Smith presents a pile of evidence about how it is harmful to your health while Donna Farmer can only state it’s safe because paid-off testing organizations say so. We don’t need Monsanto. We farmed without them for 1000’s of years.

  • Initially they say (few months ago) a vaccine to be efficient must have minimum 90% efficiency, now they talk about 50%…��…until end of the year they will say 1% efficiency it is enough �� More or less, if will e like Spanish flu (1918-1919) is possible to be gone in 2 years and this is a disaster for all those companies �� and if not we do what Sweden or Belarus done, go back to our life because if we wait until 2022 we have no life anymore

  • I have small Lymphocytic lymphoma/chronic lymphocytic leukemia thanks to glyphosate, according to my doctor. Roundup is a crime against nature. Roundup is largely responsible for the 90% decline in the Monarch butterfly population since the 90’s. Monsanto is a criminal organization of the worst kind! Eradicate Monsanto! They are an insidious toxic weed, and a threat to nature!

  • Skip the organics and try the 100 mile diet. For those who haven’t heard of it, buy food that is grown within 100 miles of where you live. So drive to local farms, shop for a group (take turns) which saves $$$ and reduces greenhouse gasses. I live in a major Canadian city and can drive 20 minutes to a local dairy for milk in glass bottles, farms that grow tons of fruits and vegis and freeze the best for the winter. Since bananas don’t grow here I don’t eat them very often. Plus plant a garden and swap with friends and neighbours.

  • There’s no statistics that says how much pesticides are in regular food to organic so I buy some organic like coffee doesn’t upset my stomach I go to farmers markets a lot but that doesn’t mean it’s all organic at a farmers market either but I don’t go to Fast foods no more so thanks for the education on this

  • I’m terrified that Elizabeth Warren might decide that everyone has the right to organic foods, and thus she decides to ensure that poor people can afford it.

  • lady gots to keep her job,understadible,but when your a victime and the surgent is cutting your guts and giving you poison to kill poison because you go cansert lymphoma and using this product,you would repent of ignorence, what this toxic does to family and human being sufferes his days in chemo,,where is the heart

  • Vegan is not a diet! Please call it plant-based diet and not vegan. Vegan is a lifestyle that rejects the commodity status of animals. As simple as that.

  • Re: Organic vs. “Natural”
    Beware the confusion between the label “Certified Organic” and “All Natural.” There is NO legal definition of the “Natural” label, anyone can slap that on any product and have no responsibility for it to mean anything specific. A “Certified Organic” label is legally defined and enforceable.

  • Re: GMOs
    There are practically no common produce varieties that are NOT GMO. Genetic modifications cover both conventional breeding techniques as well as laboratory induced modifications via direct gene transfers., the latter method being faster and less scattershot (randomized) than the “traditional” methods. [faster development time = less cost to develop.] There are some problems with the current US patent laws and some GMOs, but that could be fixed legislatively.

  • I don’t buy organic, for the most part, although I will hit the farmers’ market once in a while. As for GMOs and bananas, all the bananas that are in stores now are GMOs. The variety that was in the stores in the 1950s does not exist anymore. The only was to ensure that bananas continued as a crop, they had to be genetically modified.

  • That lady Donna doesn’t sound like a scientist, she says nothing other than shes a mom and a scientist, nothing of substance as to why she feels it’s safe, very surface talk on her part

  • My bias is that I live on planet earth and I am experiencing an extremely hot summer during which I am locked down because of a pandemic. One of many things I can do to reduce the risk of both these types of things becoming far more common / worse in the future is to consume fewer animal products, it’s actually one of the easier things I can do and it is one of the more impactful.

  • you can use non pesticide ways like plant certain plants to bring insects enemies like place bamboo around places where quito’s are a problem it will take a while to bring dragon flies around to feast on them etc.,

  • Mike was more authoritative, but not always correct, Tristan had good thoughts, but as Mike tried to point out, not always correct. Where, in urban areas, do you find farmers markets or CSAs on a public transportation route? There was no comparison to the fossil fuels used in each method.
    And, in a food desert (look it up, you may cry when you realize these are the #1 cause of obesity) it does not matter. There is no choice.
    So, Mike is more authoritative, Tristan has somewhat better arguments, but not enough research on the topic to make this anything but a fun video.
    Which I loved so I liked.

  • Prove it. Drink it. I say. Any scientist who supports roundup should stand behind their words. They said its safe enough to drink. Drink it I say and prove us all wrong. Go on Donna drink it.

  • I m surprised to see that you haven t mentioned nothing about the cruelty factor. If you agree that a vegan diet can be at least as healthy as other diets shouldn t we all turn to that from an ethical point view? I understand that this channel is about health and all i just feel that there is an elephant in the room in your perception.
    And before you tell me that plant agriculture kills animals too, I ll be proactive and inform you that plants planted to be used as animal food for meat or egg production also kills animals. So animal farming has done nothing to save animals killed in crops.

  • LIAR…LIAR…Internal memos from Monsanto’s lawsuit acknowledged Donna Farmer, the red headed liar knew Glyphosate is toxic. She should be ashamed of herself. U have shamed ur family. She is evil…look at her.

  • I like to remind you of your oath of Hippocrates taken as an physicians.
    “I will use dietary rules to the best of my knowledge and ability for the salvation of the sick, never to their destruction or harm.”
    You know that the hospitals are full of meat eaters, suffering from cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes, in both men and women.

  • I will say the grass fed beef tastes a hell of better than the other stuff!
    I by mixture of both regular and organic a lot of time organic stuff is only sale cuz no one wants to pay that so I always find stuff in clearance bin or shelves

  • Several times over the course of this video I found my mind wandering to the spoken intro that Tim Minchin did for his song “The Fence.” Namely, the part where he says
    “They say that everything that is natural is good, ignoring the fact that organic, natural things include arsenic. And poo. And crocodiles. And they say that everything chemical is bad, ignoring the fact that…EVERYthing is chemicals… EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS!”

  • Organic means carbon based. Therefore I just ate charcoal and drank gasoline. Time for an after dinner cigarette. Stand clear everyone

  • 10.35. “…develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies most notable vitamin d and calcium…” Everyone is vitamin d deficient because we don’t get out in the sun because the medical profession tells us that if we let 2 rays of uvb hit our face we will immediately develop melanoma. Egg yolk, salmon and fortified milk (we don’t get fortified milk in the uk) are all poor sources of vitamin d. You need to either supplement or use sensible sun or tanning bed exposure whether you are vegan or not. No-one who has a sufficiency of vitamin d dies from Covid-19. In fact there is good evidence that if you have sufficient vitamin d you won’t get infected in the first place. The idea that you will develop calcium deficiency if you don’t drink milk is typical medical dogma. We have too much calcium from milk products and too much sodium from salt. We need far more potassium and far more magnesium in our diet. There is plenty of calcium in green leafy vegetables and it’s in a good balance with the magnesium also in green leafy vegetables. (I am not a vegan).

  • As this vid and other informational vids have stated, CBD oil / products are viewed as a ‘supplement’ like a vitamin, which there is NO government control of or testing.
    BUT, the consumer of these oil products CAN find makers who will publish their certificate of analysis which provides proof of the product ingredients, contaminants, etc and the percentage of CBD in the product which is what you MUST know if you are to get any results in a consistent, safe form. Buying crap off the internet from fancy designed websites may buy you a vial of bitter flavored coconut oil with NOTHING in it, or if imported, particularly, may be full of contaminates like lead and arsenic. So, I’m not buying anything from any company unless they can provide said certificate of analysis to PROVE what they are selling is real. And real product isn’t cheap.

  • “Regulatory Agencies”??? Revolving door? what’s that???
    Michael R. Taylor

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Michael R. Taylor is an American lawyer. From 2010 to 2016, he was the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


    1 Early career

    2 US Food and Drug Administration, 1991-1994

    3 United States Department of Agriculture, 1994-1996

    4 Monsanto, 1996 2000

    5 Center for Risk Management, 2000 2009

    6 FDA, 2009 2016

    7 In everyday culture

    8 References

    9 External links

  • With chemistry courses, #16 and #15 no longer poses a threat to us.
    Just because it is a chemical never means “bad” or harmful.
    Even organic cows produce chemicals which is then consumed.
    There is no “side of the fence” with this topic. There are only facts.
    Zealots alter those facts, many times via reductio ad absurdum. And that, is a fact.
    And the toxins they appear to be so worried about… why else do our bodies have liver, kidneys and a colon if not to eliminate said toxins??
    At times I wish critical thought was a mandatory skill in order to be allowed to graduate high school.

  • The difference between career political epidemiologists like Dr. Fauci desperately trying to remain relevant and in power and the actual honest non politicized scientists in the world, are worlds apart. listen to what the leading microbiologist that make the vaccines is actually saying about a vaccines likelihood and effectiveness, what is now known from the data how weak virulence this virus actually has and who is at risk and should be taking precautions while the rest allow herd immunity to run its coarse to acquire T-Cell antibodies immunity to snuff the virus.

  • I have to say this folks are still trying make you believe crap told by scientists etc., since the 1970’s and John Tesh is still pushing it I heard just about all the crap, if they want organic go hydro planting or plant in semi zero gravity it can be done, yes one day they say and next the opposite what is really going on

  • Fabunan antiviral injection for covid19 infected and Fabunan immune booster vaccine for non infected. wonder drugs miracle invention now curing covid19 patient in Indonesia search FAI in you tube. Sooner than later it will launch to the world.

  • I have been vegan for about 4 years, my left knee constantly gets injured, I’m weaker and tired a LOT more. I really stuck. I think I’m over dairy and eggs but I’m reconsidering the rest

  • How do we know that another country did not pay Monsanto for the Genocide of American people? If they cannot win against US Military… why not to pay for poisoning with glyphosate?

  • Hey Miss redhead come live next to my house I’m 50 feet from a chemical field it’s destroyed my property and my life. How much did they pay you to lie

  • What the food industry calls organic is a lie. Scientifically organic means carbon containing compounds so everything that is a food is actually organic.

  • India will have an active vaccine before X’mas according to a Bollywood movie.

    India superpower 2095
    Jai Hind
    Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution

  • Vaccines are also politicized. And everyone is trying to clime championship. People don’t trust politicians and especially US pharmaceuticals. West will try to reject easts vaccines, etc. But let’s see..

  • This is a 3 year old video. Tons of research and evidence in these 3 years. God forbid, regulatory agencies are still having blind eyes on Monsanto.

  • In the United Kingdom you can buy a delivery pass from the main supermarket chains, for a monthly fee you can have as many deliveries as you want, organic or not it’s a great way to buy your groceries, and the range of produce is the same as in the store, and they have on-line only special offers, and whilst the price of organic produce is more expensive it’s not double or triple the price, as you said during the debate, at least not here in the United Kingdom, it is usually about 10-20% higher. ����

  • Amazing MY doctor had little problem giving me OXI by the fist full. I was completely in the dark the prescribing doctor at the time said nothing about my taking the medication.

  • Growing up doing farm work it’s nice to actually have some light shed on this. There are so many opinions set on such little actual knowledge it’s a relief to see some common sense shared

  • I live in Northern Wisconsin, there is a person near me that sells organic firewood! I get a laugh every time I see their for sale sign. Puulleeaassee! All firewood in this area is organic, nobody raises trees for firewood, or sprays chemicals on trees for firewood. And most people use wood that has already fallen down or dead. So putting organic on the sign is only to bring the people from the twin cities, Minnesota, in to buy their firewood. Hilarious!

  • Colloidal silver anyone? Not I’m not blue by the way lol superbugs killed by them. Ear infections can be cured so easily with colloidal silver as well. So easy to do. It would help so many families with children that have ear infections because your doctor says wait it out when your child is screaming, I’ll give an option right here you get sovereign silver 10 parts per million or ppm, you put 3 drops directly into the ear let it sit in the ear facing toward the ceiling for 7 minutes that’s key because it takes that long to kill the bacteria in there and do that for 1-3 days twice a day, or until symptoms go away, the doctors would never tell you that. I’d rather do that then wait so ludicrous it’s sad.

  • We pump animals full of antibiotics to prevent sickness due to disgusting farm conditions and yet we can’t get antibiotics from our doctors when we’re sick. Food and Drug regulation are so fucking backwards.

  • I am so grateful to Dr.Rick Simpson for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America.this is the Email[[email protected]] I was diagnose with cancer of the lungs 8 months ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped issues, but only damaged my immune system and frustrated me. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Rick Simpson could provide me with Hemp Oil i contact him on;[email protected] for the procurement of this medication,the medication was procured and delivered within 2 days and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months.I am here to let every one know that am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a total change in my health, with Dr. Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America region and Europe at large, get your Hemp oil from Dr. Rick Simpson at: [email protected]

  • Buying organic or from the guys that sell on the side of the road… I’ve seen them in my local store buying a basket and selling at farmers market ect the next days!

  • CBD is awesome, but have you tried some good kratom ever? For me even way better for anxiety, lack of energy and focus. But, the quality makes a difference, farmed one is just not anything like the original wildly grown one. And here in Indonesia we got only one project that sources and supplies real wild grown kratom, name is Borneo Energy, some kind of charity program. More than recommendable! Can find it from

  • At CBD Hemp Guru we try to inform and educate current and future users of CBD products about its advantages and disadvantages (if any). We work hard to answer all your CBD related questions. Visit:

  • Your hippie side? YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! And organic is a waste of money. Trust me, I’m a retired farmer. Plants use the nutrients in the soil and can’t distinguish between organic and non-organic nutrients. Farmers run soil tests every season to determine the nutrients needed for a particular crop. Additionally, you should always wash your veggies, especially if you don’t want to get salmonella or e-coli. GMOs are harmless, so get over it already.

  • What most hardcore no gmo people don’t realize is that natural cross pollination occurs so that different crops appear. Also, scientists have been altering crop seeds to produce crops to create ones that have the biggest yield for the least land space use and to make them need less water, which one would think would be a good thing, since it benefits the land.

  • Boris Johnson is set to discuss the international response to coronavirus and efforts to find a vaccine with billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates.

    The chat between Mr Johnson and one of the world’s richest couples comes ahead of of the Global Vaccine Summit, which is being hosted by the UK on June 4.

  • The best Cbd I’ve found so far is at
    I have a ton of info at my Facebook page “Mike’s Cbd Journey” for the type of cbd that I have been using for the past year and absolutely love it!!!!!!

  • I stopped contributing to animal exploitation and suffering for 30 days! Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a philosophy that no living being should have to suffer. Plant based is a diet with no animal products, doesn’t mean you’re vegan

  • Thank you for presenting Jeffery Smith. It’s laughable that one of the doctors started talking about the “cost-benefit ratio” the price of food, with or without the carcinogen glyphosate. Glyphosate interrupts metabolism in multiple ways, leading to multiple diseases, not just cancer. The fact that they are presenting  a Monsanto rep as an expert is also a joke. Bring Stephanie Seneff or Anthony Samsel on the show, and see if you can keep up with them.

  • The real problem is that CBD has the potencial to cut into the profits of “Big Pharma” and this (through their shills in the media)is a part of Big Pharma’s plan to restrict its use until they can control it and boost its price many thousands of percent.

  • If you read the book of Enoch,or see the video of it on youtube,you find out,the fallen angels were cross breeding with human and they cross bred animals and plants,too.Cannibis was not created by God,it was created by Satan.Tis a gateway to demonic possession.

  • Let her use it and let her kids play around it!!! Will she drink it like the head dawg at Monsanto says it’s safe enough to drink. Or has she??? ������������������������

  • Because I now have chronic arthritis symptoms every where my doctor��‍�� suggested I look into using CBD oil or Marijuana cream instead of pain pills �� and or steroid shots.������������

  • wufrank still remains the best dealer I have had so far, he has top shelf with good prices and the whole truth about it is that you dont need any script, you can order at wickr name……wufrank. Download the app from AppStore or play store create a free account then contact him you won’t be disappointed

  • When you add a sustainability factor and the methane production from cattle, then it tips the scale towards plant-based diets for me. Although, I don’t think it would be possible to eliminate eggs and dairy.

  • Spoiler alert. I live on a farm in Canada. It takes one ginseng farmer to fumigate, and all the surrounding crops in a two to three mile radius is exposed to nasty chemicals…big time.

  • Donna Farmer: the lying piece of shit. The attorneys in the case of Dwayne Lee Johnson v. Monsanto proved that Donna Farmer was having a PR company ghost write Monsanto’s “safety studies”. This bitch ran out the back door of her home when officials were trying to serve her papers to appear in court and testify. There is a special place in hell for liars/murderers such as Donna Farmer.

  • What BS, Years later Monsanto gets sued for a few million and LOSES Because glyphosate IS a cancer causing agent and they knew the entire time

  • No, I do not buy organic. I’m 73 years old. I spent the first seven years of my life in chemical-drenched industrial northern NJ. I went to school in buildings that were full of lead paint and asbestos. My parents smoked. I grew up eating 1950s comfort foods. I’m still here complaining about it. My retirement income only stretches so far. On the other hand, I might buy an organic tomato some time to see if it tastes any less like cardboard than the regular ones. Oh, and if you want to buy meat from animals that are treated more humanely, I suggest that you look for Amish or even Kosher meat. Yes, Kosher is more expensive, but it’s safer to eat. The salt used in the kashering process kills bacteria like salmonella and E-coli.

  • docs should know that bacteria and viruses are cultivated in factory farms in animals thanks meat eaters for making viruses stronger.. and another pandemic

  • Sounds like we should reduce refined carbs and processed foods, but based on everything he says in this vid I’m not sure how he gets to we should eat less whole food animal products…? Obviously a lot of us could stand to increase our fruit/veggie intake. He is very vague here about the amount of healthy, whole foods animal products that is “okay”. We should “all” eat less, doesn’t make sense. The metric of how much we are eating right now is different for all of us, and comprised of different amounts of processed vs whole… Like if someone is eating a ton of fruit and veg, but also eats either fish or chicken breast or eggs daily, do they also need to lower their intake of animal protein? Why?

    Kinda seems like Dr. Mike knows how controversial this topic is and wants to remain vague. Because it doesn’t make sense to say both “there is no scientific consensus that we should remove animal products entirely” and “vegan diets require more careful planning to prevent nutrient deficiencies and damage” and then sum it up with a blanket statement of “reduce animal product consumption”. Reduce it how much? If that is the take away it would be really easy to run with that and say the less animal product you eat the better, and I don’t think that is necessarily true, especially if animal products are providing some easier way to get nutrients that need to be more carefully planned for or supplemented in a vegan diet as he admits. Less and less as a general statement then implies less of some nutrients that are more bioavailable to us in the forms present in meat/dairy/eggs/fish. That’s also not to say that more and more meat is increasingly good. There are nutrients and anti-nutrients present in plants and animals. They work best when they are consumed together to counteract and balance each other in my opinion.

  • face it people,we are fucked.
    no man made chemicals are good.
    they are in our water,food and air.
    there are no getting away from them.

  • You cannot go vegan for 30 days!! that’s like saying; I cared about animals for 30 days so now you don’t care about animals or the planet or the future anyone who eats animals raised traditionally is killing us all -thanks babes

  • Have you read Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s of the Cleveland Clinic, book, “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”? In it he says that animal protein is extremely harmful to Heart Health. Very interesting study.

  • Vaccines: The Untold Truth No Placebo Controlled Studies; No Safety Testing; No Liability For Injury or Death; Tens of Millions Permanently Damaged; Millions of Families Devastated; Over $4 Billion Paid Out By Taxpayers to Injured Victims; Administered Covertly On Large Populations for Experimental Purposes; Public Betrayal; Government Bribery, Infiltration and Control; Financial Ties; $741 Million “Donated” to the CDC Foundation; Conflicts of Interest; Fake Science; Manipulation and Suppression of Data; Destruction of Documents; Obstruction of Justice; Research Misconduct and Scientific Fraud; Censorship; Retraction of Truthful Studies; Contaminated Lots Discovered, Covered Up and Still Distributed; Hired Shills and Trolls; Lies; Deception; Covert “Non-Profit” Front Groups; Media Collusion, Manipulation, Suppression and Control; Fear Mongering; Spin Doctoring; Kickbacks, Incentives and Payouts; Strong Arming; Stonewalling; PR Smear Tactics to Destroy the Careers of Prominent Doctors and Researchers; Harassment; Bullying; Coercion; Threats; Murder; No One In Jail

  • Honestly maybe I’m just oblivious and always watch documentaries skeptically, but I really didn’t see very much fear mongering compared to other vegan documentaries I’ve seen. The part with the cigarettes mostly seemed to me like he was comparing the style of advertising rather than saying meat is as bad as smoking. I also saw pretty much the entire thing as anecdotal, but that doesn’t really bother me. They even said all throughout the documentary that the experiments weren’t scientifically proven. I just saw it as an encouraging documentary that showed a lot of great successes with this diet. I guess I assumed while watching it most people watching this documentary would know this won’t work for everyone and a sample size of 3 is obviously nothing significant.

  • My partner (we are both vegan) made a great observation that the aim of the documentary was to use sports celebrities to sell veganism to people… less of a documentary, more of a sales pitch… which is super meta because they comment on the history of selling animal products with sports celebrities in the documentary.

  • he keeps referncing the joe roagn podcast…. how can you listen to that podcast? it’s horrible, and not sometihing you should be building opinions around.

  • Finally a Doctor who actually doesn’t sound biased. I am vegan for the animals and the environment only I never did it for health issues nor have I ever worried about it. I have to say that after a year of being vegan I have never been ill, never had diarrhea, stomach pain or basically anything at all. If it’s coincidence? I don’t know. I did feel weird in the first month cause I was eating way too many fibers then I cut it down a bit and never had any real issue again. It was the best decision I ever made. I even done a blood test a couple of weeks ago and that theory that vegans go lacking B12 is totally bullocks. I only add nutritional yeast with B12 on my meals like twice a week and blood tests came out amazing. Coming from a vegan I really wish a lot of vegans didn’t force their point of view into meat eaters it only makes things worse. People need to be educated without hate and judgement.

  • Organic Foods are overrated. It stresses me out to see almost nothing but organic products. Just let me buy the stuff I’ve grown up on, I’m fine, not dieseased, yet.

  • Ignore all media and focus ONLY on what has been scientifically proven and verified via repeat tests which provide repeat results and something “magical” occurs. Suddenly you are left with the scathing reality that most of what we consume IS a direct result of genetic modification via selective breeding.
    Anti-gmo zealots regularly consume gmo products while they actually believe otherwise.
    Even the grass they picnic upon is pure GMO in action. The baby formula they use contains a chemical designed to genetically alter human bodies for life in orbit.
    Has contained it since we went to the moon.
    Yet not ONE gmo zealot seems to have picked up on the reality which is all around them.
    Buy an “organic” banana. Heck, buy ANY banana. What you will have is PURE 100% GMO.
    Look into a natural banana and you will see why and how GMO truly works.
    Didn’t know bananas have seeds did you there anti-gmo zealots?

    Yea… I have issues with those refusals to educate. lol
    Now, time to watch the video. lol

  • Do NOT buy any of that from Walgreens…

    CBD is either a savior, or a snake-oil salesman’s biggest cash cow. Guess it’s better than nothing.

  • I stan for my chicken nuggets!
    And I need this! I’m a hard-working person, both physically and mentally! I go to my work place everyday riding my bike (I’m already reducing the consumption of fossil fuel), return home after my job as a delivery-guy, start my scheduled class and after that I start practicing 3d artworks!!

    I need proper nutrients for my body! I eat chicken nuggets, milk, garlic sauteed spinach, salmon fish, an egg, an avocado and an apple everyday! I go to bed early, wake up early and do some workouts! And I’m always fit as new! Everything is balanced as it should be!

  • I have a friend who works for a major farm, and she said that all they do is wash the fruits and vegetables an extra time, and put a label on it saying “Organic”. And yes, I have seen small farms go into the grocery store, by fruits and vegetables, wash them off, and sell them as “Organic” on the side of the road or at farmers market.

  • The scientist failed to point out that misinformation is not just on the internet.

    Before the Internet they had their way with us and now they do not like it

  • going vegan is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life wish i had done it years ago -at age 52 my blood work comes back in my doc’s words “perfect” ; even if it was bad for me, I would never eat animals bc i am a against animal abuse and human extinction –

  • A lot of this isn’t true. The primary factor for a doctor making recommendations of nutrition esp because they are in no way experts given how little education on the topic that they have is on the bases of popular opinion and what people are willing to do. If you are working with a patient that eats KFC every day and thinks that isnt that bad cause its chicken then you will tell them to eat baked chicken and more veggies because breaking down all the misconception is to drastic and hard to get past.

  • For many years, I dont pay attention to “news” because western mainstream “news” is mainly politics fling crap left and right. Nowadays I watch a lot of news form CGTN to important development in science and welfare around the world not related to politics. Good job CGTN.

  • Hi there Doctor Mike. Nice informative channel. What is with the music bed?? Very distracting and completely unnecessary. Please don’t do it!

  • The other side, mike, represents death of billions of animals per annum for no real reason other than taste, convenience and tradition. Period.

  • Was that can of Coke Mike kept picking up a product placement? If that’s for revenue, I recommend something more appetizing: you know, maybe have Tristan eat a Burger King Whopper or have Mike casually pick up a bag of Doritos. Many viewers would say, “Hey, if Mike and Tristan eat these, then by golly so will I!” Unless, of course, Tristan makes a mess with that Whopper, or Mike makes crunching noises chewing on Doritos right into the hi-gain microphone.

  • Doctors arent qualified to comment on cannabis. It fixes what they cant making it a conflict of intrest. Their not going to endorse a product that cuts their bottom line. No way around it. Their agenda now is to remove any working remedy for pain and anxiety. I’m proof of this.

  • Liar, liar pants on fire. Proteins get screwed up with glycine that get substituted by glyphosate which is a glycine with another group attached. France just BANNED GLYPHOSATE. IT IS NOT JUST A CARINOGEN. IT DOES SO MUCH MORE! LIVER, GUT, BRAIN AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

  • A very good unbiased documentary is: “In Defense of Food”. It gives science of food, but more so the science behind the cognitive thinking about food.

  • Mike breaks for lunch after filming this video and nearly t-bones a senior driver obstructing his Checkers Drive-in. entrance.
    Checkers Hostess: “Welcome back Mike, would you like to try our new Large Baconzilla! Combo today?”
    Mike: “Do you serve Diet Pepsi, make your fries with organic potatoes, and provide those cute lil Wet Nap wipes?”
    Hostess: “Yes we do. Will this complete your order?” Mike: “Yes, thank you, that is all.”