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does chewing gum help you lose weight

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How To Lose Weight With Chewing Gum | Chewing Gum Diet

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Does Chewing Gum Help You Lose Weight?

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Does chewing gum really improve chubby cheeks? Dr. Mesa Plastic Surgeon answer the question

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Healthy Eating Guidelines: How to Use Chewing Gum to Lose Weight

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Does Chewing Gum Help with Weight Loss?

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Mark Hyman, MD | How to Make Smarter Food Choices

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November 18, 2019. No Comments. Gum — with its minty freshness and zingy flavors — seems like it could help with weight loss. It’s a welcome distraction from both hunger pangs and mindless snacking.

Furthermore, some studies suggest chewing gum may help you stick to your eating plan by dialing down cravings and lowering calories from snacks. Of course, like most other slim-down elixirs. First, the positives: evidence that chewing gum supports weight loss. “Chewing gum may aid in weight loss by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure and by reducing stress levels,” says Staub.

In one more study, chewing gum regularly for eight weeks did not help facilitate weight loss in overweight and obese adults. What these findings might suggest is that the effects of chewing gum. First, the positives: evidence that chewing gum supports weight loss. “Chewing gum may aid in weight loss by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure and by reducing stress levels,” says Staub.

Chew on this: Chewing gum can be good for you. Not only can it freshen your breath, it can help you overcome cigarette cravings, improve your memory and even help you lose weight. Chewing gum may only burn about three calories an hour, but the calorie expenditure is not just your little jaw muscles at work. For some reason, gum chewing revs up your heart rate, as much as an extra 12 beats per minute after chewing two sticks of gum.

Sure, various studies have confirmed popping a gum can help protect teeth and eliminate bad breath, reduce stress and boost memory, and can even aid in weight loss. It’s also basically calorie-free, which makes it even more enticing. When it’s the former, some experts said that your waistline might benefit by popping a stick of sugar-free gum in your mouth instead of adding needless calories.

Chew gum. You may not have thought that something as simple as chewing gum can help with a double chin, but it can according to It works the muscles in the face and jawline, making tighter and promoting more calorie expenditure.

This can help. May 22, 2003 Chewing gum after meals may not only freshen your breath, but it could help fight acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.A new study shows chewing gum after a big meal can.

List of related literature:

Chewing gum has also been found useful to increase swallow frequency, and it decreases latency of swallowing in PD (South et al., 2010), which are common problems in advanced PD and contribute to weight loss in PD.

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While more research is needed to assess the long-term effects on weight loss, these findings suggest that guar gum can have some beneficial effects on satiety and glucose homeostasis.

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Results indicated no significant effects of either chewing gum or sugar on spatial task performance in either experiment.

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53 Other research shows a strong association between bone loss from gum

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et al. (2008) cite research that supports the following benefits of chewing gum: (1) saliva and oral health, (2) stress relief, (3) improved cognitive performance, and (4) weight management.

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One RCT and one NCT have suggested that weight loss reduces CVD incidence and mortality, but observational studies have not found that intentional weight loss reduces CVD incidence.

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In spite of several promising pilot studies, an RCT showed similar weight loss in both groups and improved insulin signaling and histology in subjects losing ≥9% body weight regardless of treatment with orlistat or not [401].

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Alternative to gum when chewing is problematic.

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Chewing gum may provide a safe, relatively harmless method of stimulating bowel motility and reducing the duration of POI.

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  • I just listen to the dialogue of Dr Hyman. It is excellent, informative guidelines and simple to follow, it is also educative for students and lay people to follow.. I strongly recommend.

  • Are the food regulations in the States way different to that of Canada? It’s by law all Canadian chicken when sent to market the chicken has been weened off of medicine and antibiotics.


  • Doctor, if chronic gastritis patient, can i eat bone broth? Will it be too rich for the liver? How much can someone drink bone broth?

  • What about a slice of Whole grain, or bread made w sprout ir sprouted grain. Or forget about bread and eat Cassava, there yah go����

  • I’m not a medical professional, but from my knowledge if you want to reduce chubby cheeks, you have to reduce your body’s overall fat percentage. Cosmetic surgery should be your last way out.

  • Doctor mesa, if chew the gum more means. it can any defects on our teeths or jaws. Our jaws get stronger or not.please tell the answer docto mesa

  • A chronic gum chewer here, until I was 29 or 30. It’s not good for your teeth or jaw. All that chewing was causing me to clench my jaw and grind my teeth. I was never a smoker, just started chewing gum from a young age. My teeth are “more worn than the average 30 year old”. It was hard to quit chewing gum and I’d notice I was clenching and grinding subconsciously. Lol so I don’t care if it says gum is good for weight loss…no thanks. Not a good habit.

  • I just started buying grassfed whole milk, just bc my kids just �� milk! We used to buy Org. But, unfortunately not everybody can afford grassfed!��

  • I use gum as a way to prevent myself from eating emotionally. When I am stressed and want to eat something, if I recognize that craving is not actual hunger reaching for a piece of gum can prevent me from eating.

  • And yet… the Cleveland Clinics own website as of Jan 2020 still says you should not eat more than 10% fat daily in your diet. WTF?

  • He is just awesome. What’s great here, is that they are going through practical examples so it takes it out of theory right into your grocery cart! Yaaay! Thank you for the info

  • Just finished Dr. Hyman’s book, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? LOVE IT! So simple to follow….Will never, EVER shop for groceries or cook the same way again. In just a couple of months, I have lost 12 pounds, have tons of energy, am NEVER hungry, and feel GOOD about what I am ingesting! Go Dr. Hyman, Go!!!!

  • What do you think about subsidizing hemp rather than corn? It can do everything corn can plus it grows wild, can be used rather than sand in concrete and finish with a lighter, stronger product, and many other things like rope, bio fuel, oil and nutrition too! Why did they make it illegal? MONEY!!!! The oceans are being destroyed for sand, corn is a tasty treat, and can be widely used for many things, but it is making sick people and hurting the people and planet. What on earth would the elite do if everyone lived to 100 years old and never got sick? I don’t think their boom and bust design on life for the factory assembly lines and medical industrial complex that rivals the military and prison industries. We need more people like this doctor who would make a difference in this world and the elites forest. With 100 years of lies and suppressed patents, pray and protect our national heroes!

  • I just bought your book Food what the heck should I eat.This is a great book with lots of information. Thank you Dr Hyman For all your good work.

  • I was impressed and encouraged until the question,”Are we going to go bankrupt because of Medicaid and Medicare?” Now I’m wondering if the rest of the remarks hold any validity.

  • Have you seen our Evidence-Based Eating Guide: A Healthy Living Resource from Dr. Greger & It is a tool designed to help make the switch to a healthier lifestyle more simple. Get it for free here: -NF Team

  • What a pity… I’m eating everyday the daily dozen and exercising 1 hour playing intensely basket ball, beach volley or running. But I’m 164 cm and 60kg. It would be nice to find a way to get slimmer

  • What’s the point making these two videos other than wasting people’s time? It was already a pretty ridiculous topic straight from the beginning, yet I gave it a chance perhaps you found anything important though.

  • Also “aspartame is very potentially a cancer and brain tumor-causing substance that has no place in our food”

  • I can not go beyond the fact that chewing gum is actual synthetic rubber, basically plain old plastic infused with chemicals. Can’t be too good.

  • Artificial sweeteners don’t counter act the effects of gum. Chewing gum like in my case gets easier the more you chew it since i have probably hypertrophied my jaw from chewing so much that i can handle chewing 3 chicklet of gum for 2-4 hours every day. It’s calorie burn alone might not do much, but adding up gum chewing with other kinds of NEAT inducing activities like taking the stairs rather than the elevator can be the difference of 100-200 extra calories burned per day. Diet sodas are also a good method for weight loss, not a bad one.

  • 25:42 rapeseed (canola) & soybean oil is NOT fine! They are breaking you down Dr, stand strong! Instead of crackers recommend chaffles (do a search on YT) instead. What type of digestive enzymes do you recommend for gall bladder removed patients?

  • false, if you have chubby cheeks the first thing you do is lose body fat. losing body fat WILL lose some of your face fat. THEN you can chew gum to make the jawline muscles bigger, am i right?

  • Many people have brain damage from cell phones and eating body parts, so they can’t chew gum and walk at the same time without getting confused. For those people, it doesn’t help them to lose weight, because they have to sit down.


  • For those who’d rather not watch a 5 minute video: the answer is no, there’s no scientific evidence that chewing gum helps with weight loss. You’re welcome.

  • After chewing gum is thrown away, does it biodegrate? I stopped chewing gum years ago. It ruined my appetite for fruits and veggies yet didn’t change a craving for sweets and junk food.

  • Hi i would really appreciate an answer! so i try to mew but i fell like my tongue cant completely stand up and go to the roof of my mouth and when i am mewing i am not sure if i am doing it correct and i really dont feel like making my face worst! Can you tell me ways to me certain that i am mewing properly?

  • You’re full of it. I can tell you firsthand chewing gum works. What do you guys expect him to say lmao? He wants you to get plastic surgery obviously. The jaw muscles work like other muscles. Tear the fibers down they come back stronger.

  • It is not false because it will workout your jaw making your actual cheeks wider so the fat expands over the area this guy just wants money so he is lying

  • i ate on one part of the jaw and i developed masseter hypertrophy…if i chew gum and ate on the other side will fix this situation?

  • I’ve been on a chewing gum diet before where all I eat is chewing gum and drink water even tho I’m skinny enough I want to be skinny like Harriet tompman ����

  • Well nigga, of course you don’t want to take food out your kids plates but I should split your shit for saying stupid shit like that!

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else trying to find out can chewing gum make your teeth whiter? try Jayceren Fat Result Method (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  • Is the reason for asymptomatics not getting sick or as sick because the form of infection is from a lesser mutated strain of corona and if so wouldn’t spreading a lesser mutated strain be beneficial to the population as a whole?

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  • Doctor, whats your opinion on Jawzrsize or jaw excercises? Could this make a male face look better? Or would just do no effect in them?

  • Ur chubby cheeks aren’t going to get wider if you lose te damn fat on your face then chew gum it’s gonna make your face look manly

  • Common sense tell us that when you first build muscle, it makes your face look bigger but if you continue, the muscle stays and the fat burns away. Just like any other part of your body that is exercised.

  • Natural vanilla flavor… I want to know who decided… “hummm beaver behinds, let’s see what the stuff in the anal glands tastes like. Oh this is like vanilla flavor! We can use that!” And are the beavers treated well? Or are they in tiny cages like every other factory farm raised animal out there?

  • Doctor Mesa, tengo mordida cruzada con 17 años. Tengo un lado de la mandíbula considerablemente más ancho o grande que el otro, he oído que el principal tratamiento para esto son los brackets y después unos expansores, ¿Qué opina usted? Muchas gracias. Además, ¿Cuánto tiempo podría tener que estar?

  • Doctor how to reduce sagging of skin and muscles below eyes? Also how to stop sagging of eye muscles, any exercise or diet.. please reply sir

  • I’ll be honest I’m so stupid that I can’t chew gum and do other things lol…. I honestly hate gum for that reason. It just feels like a chore…. I usually use mouth sprays for my breath.

  • I can confirm haha, I used to chew gum on my right side because it was a habit for me to chew on my right side, now I don’t have a symetrical face because my right side looks different to my left. And also the left looks better in my opinion:p

  • My cheeks are so chubby I tend to bite them with my molars, it’s really annoying. Can surgery help this? I’ve always had fuller cheeks they run in my family & weight loss hasnt helped

  • Yeah orthodontist also does not suggest to workout your cheeks because muscle becomes more thick(1) but for jaw its good for having square jaw look(2)

    1) Source: Dr. Mike mew #mewing
    2) Source: My own view!

  • Hello doctor i been wondering nowadays we got to small jaws and wrong tounge posture. Its becuase we chew less and its less tougher food. So is it the genetics being improved or are you wrong and can gum make your jaw better for health ressons and aesthetics.

  • Doctor, please answer this! If you do, I’ll love you forever, lol!!! Can a person, who has a week masseter muscle from week jaw strength due to tooth loss, build the muscle back up by chewing gum? And if so could this too help widen the face in the lower and upper jaw area’s?? Thank you!!

  • I love all of your videos, do you have tips for someone who has had breast cancer, i now take letrozole? Thank you Thank you Dr Hyman….

  • silly, it is chubby cheeks due to fat. you can have fat and muscle atrophy. so by activating
    the muscle you tone by building muscle much and losing fat deposit

  • imma be real honest, i love gum and I eat it as a “snack” whenever I feel like eating junk food. it helps kill my cravings. I personally have a huge problem with eating too much sugar…sweets are my favorite. I have been trying to eat fruity gums when I feel like eating sugar now, it really works!! just be sure to chew sugar free gum

  • I ate no food today but then around lunch time popped one in my mouth I chewed 4 pieces today and that’s all that I did today I have ate nothing

  • I don’t want to have slimmer face but I only want my face to get more angular,can chewing gum get the job done?(just like training your abs can’t make your belly smaller but can make it more angular)

  • A few years ago I lost 40lbs and I weaned myself off of snacking by chewing gum anytime I had a craving until my stomach shrunk and I didn’t feel those cravings anymore.

  • I chew gum at night because i have gained weight from snacking too much at night! So instead i chew gum!�� it really does work with those evil cravings!