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[4] These studies show that BCAAs have an obvious place in muscle protein synthesis and recovery, but are not shown to have a significant effect in recovery time reduction or reduction of muscle soreness after exercise. Seeing any extraordinary performance enhancing results from BCAA supplementation is unlikely. BCAAs can also help enhance muscle protein recovery after your workout, especially when you consume them with carbs. Emerging research suggests that leucine is the star player of BCAAs when it comes to regulating genetic signaling pathways involved in muscle protein synthesis.

BCAAs contain leucine, isoleucine, and valine, the three main amino acids that your body uses to repair muscle. After a tough workout, your muscles are torn up and in need of repair. They build back stronger and you put on muscle — as long as you have plenty of. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are now one of the most popular supplements around, earning a place in millions of homes and gyms, worldwide.

Numerous studies show a direct link between BCAA intake and improved strength and recovery, fuelling sales growth which shows no sign of slowing. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Muscles cannot grow without them. Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are a special group of amino acids. They are some of the most proven athletic supplements you can take.

The benefits of BCAAs include less muscle fatigue, faster recovery, higher levels of other amino acids, and better protein absorption. [1]. Branched-chain amino acids stimulate the building of protein in muscle and possibly reduce muscle breakdown. Branched-chain amino acids seem to. Branched-chain amino acid supplementation does not enhance athletic performance but affects muscle recovery and the immune system. Negro M(1), Giardina S, Marzani B, Marzatico F. Author information: (1)Pharmacobiochemistry Laboratory, Section of Pharmacology and Pharmacological Biotechnology, Department of Cellular and Molecular, Physiological.

New supplement can repair, rejuvenate muscles in older adults Date: July 18, 2017 Source: McMaster University Summary: Whey protein supplements aren’t just for gym buffs according to new research. Besides helping our bodies build muscle proteins and produce energy, there’s evidence that BCAAs also help our bodies with blood sugar regulation by taking the sugar from our bloodstream instead of our liver and muscle glycogen stores. BCAAs can also help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and speed up recovery time. BCAAs in aminoVITAL Products.

First, Fast Charge contains BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine and B Vitamins to boost natural muscular energy and fights fatigue during your workout. Secondly, Action contains BCAAs, Arginine, and Glutamine + electrolytes to increase stamina and performance while providing healthy hydration.

List of related literature:

It is well-known that BCAA supplementation before exercise attenuates the breakdown of muscle proteins during exercise and promotes protein synthesis in skeletal muscle.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
from Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength
by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
Elsevier Science, 2013

When coupled with the other two BCAA’s, they enhance energy, increase endurance, and aid in the healing and repair of muscle tissue, making them a valuable tool for athletes.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

These transamination products of BCAAs can enter the citrate cycle and contribute to ATP production by aerobic substrate oxidation, which is important during the change from rest to exercise.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

A dose taken before exercise gives the muscle a ribose boost needed to salvage energy compounds as they are being broken down by the muscle, and a dose following exercise allows de novo energy synthesis to proceed quickly, aiding recovery and improving the physiological health of the muscle.

“The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology” by Stephen T. Sinatra
from The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology
by Stephen T. Sinatra
Basic Health Publications, 2007

This indicates that in ketoadapted individuals, the important BCAAs may be spared and amino acids that aren’t as important for muscle building, such as alanine, are used for glycogen replenishment instead.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Including protein or BCAAs in the postexercise nutrition plan may enhance muscle recovery and decrease the effect of muscular damage sometimes seen after heavy aerobic endurance exercise.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
from NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

On the other hand, essential amino acids, or EAAs (also known as whole amino acids), are a far better option than BCAAs because they are a more well-rounded source of amino acids and can keep your body from cannibalizing your own lean muscle tissue during exercise.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

It can help replenish depleted macroand micronutrient stores and provide the proteins needed to support muscle repair and recovery.

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
from Essentials of Youth Fitness
by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, et. al.
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Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) ingestion during prolonged exercise may enhance endurance performance by providing fuel in addition to carbohydrate and fat, reducing net protein breakdown in muscle and by delaying the onset of central fatigue.

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Without adequate replacement of BCAAs before and after exercise, exercise-induced muscle damage may occur and muscle-protein

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
from Advanced Sports Nutrition
by Dan Benardot
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

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  • What’s your opinion on BCAA’s? Comment below! Hope you guys enjoyed the video, studies are all linked in the description. Don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/jayethierfit/ ) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Jeremyethierfit/ ) as well, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you again everyone for all your support – almost 350K strong! Cheers!

  • There is another use for BCAA that works. If you are trying to lose weight but have that sweet tooth AND if you struggle with your water intake just drink some BCAA in a 1.5L bottle during the day/work they are tasty and the sweetness will make you thirsty for actual water too.

  • May I say, you are the only one on YouTube, at least from the videos I saw on BCAAs, and I have seen a lot, who gave the genuine case for use of BCAAs. Really, thanks a lot.

  • The problem i’ve been having lately is my low energy and the reason of that is probably because i have low metabolism. I used to take bcaa 4 years ago And i was using it only for energy, is that a good thing to do? If i only drink it before and under workout?

  • good to see you have changed your advice, after finding new research proved otherwise…..medical technology is advancing so fast we are going to find this’ll happen more times than not…keep up the good videos, much appreciated.

  • Thanks, Jeremy. I find your videos very informative. But when you say BCAAs aren’t helpful, aren’t you presuming that BCAAs will be the consumer’s only source of amino acids? In other words, could BCAAs add additional benefit if taken with another protein source?

  • Please do not misinform people, Jeremy. You are right about the 9 Amino Acids being needed for the full effect, but a majority of big name supplements being sold advertise the 3 main ones because they’re the 3 that you usually only get enough of in meat, but if you’re using a solid product, then either the other 6 Amino Acids will be in the ingredients or you’ll realize that the product you’re using is INTENDED to supply only the 3 main ones because they’re speeding up the process. While you were right about the beginning of this video, what I have a problem with is you teaching people watching this that BCAAs are advertised as a replacement to protein. You take them WITH other protein sources so you can maximize muscle growth. Not to say you can’t build muscle without buying a container of amino acids because you can, but rather than buying these amino acids separately(Isoleucine, Leucine & Valine), or eating a lot of meat(which I love my meat, but it isn’t good for you), BCAAs give you the benefit of having all 3(and sometimes more) packed in 1 container. So NO people: You are not just buying into the hype of a fitness product. You are buying a convenience, as long as you know how to use BCAAs: You have them, along with ingesting other protein sources that provide the other 6 Amino Acids.
    Almost every doctor goes to school for around 6 weeks for Nutrition. The average person knows MORE about a supplement than doctors when they put in the time to learn themselves, with the exception of Dieticians and any dietician can vouch for that. Watch the Documovie on Netflix called “The Game Changers” and some of this science is broken down. No, I’m not vegan, but this is pure science, tried and true and it’s the truth everyone should know so they are not misinformed.

  • I trust Jeff Cavalier more than this guy, IF I were to buy one brand it’d be Jeff’s, but I’m good with the affordable Optimum Nutrition for now

  • this vid is just to promote… use simple BCAA mixed with a carbo drink or fast carbohydrates like rice cakes or sugars aswell as creatine and ur will be fine. I use HMB aswell.

  • Love this, thanks for the well informed video! Would love to see a video (sorry if you’ve already made this specific video��) on the best foods for pre and post workout. Thanks so much ����

  • Well… ever since i started using this bcca, my arms all of the sudden got bigger and now i can do thing i could not do like pushups and chin ups???? I guess is the quality right?

  • The truth is that Leucine is beneficial for muscle grow and if you take it few times with your meals you can maximize your results

  • Thank you very much Jeremy. This is very helpful. Some Whey protein are sold with BCAA incorporated. There are also some companies that advertise their product as Aminos, not just BCAA. I assume they have more amino types.

  • Since EAAs (9 branch chain amino acids) produce a protein why even purchase said products if one already takes whey protein products? In other words, if one takes 1-2 servings of the recommended serving size of their whey protein supplement daily, is it even worth purchasing an EAA product if the daily threshold of protein is reached by way of whole food consumption supplemented by whey protein intake?

  • Personal advise… You don’t need any kind of suppliment except for protein suppliment… If you habbit workout… Your body will automatically soak your carbs and induce it steadily which you ate as pre workout…

  • Thank you for this video, you saved my money today and pulled me back from going to buy it, I was almost going to this morning ��������

  • This was very helpful as I just started taking BCAA’S. I have been taking my whey protein first then I sip BCAA during my workout. After my workout I finish my way protein. I have a hard time gaining muscle so my nutritionist told me to try it.

  • Personally bcaa works for me, tested it myself I went on a month taking bcaa and another without bcaa, I noticed during the month I was taking it, my recovery was faster compared to the month without it, also adding I didn’t feel the fatigue and soreness of the muscle during the month I was taking bcaa and vice versa while I wasn’t taking it.
    So for me I bcaa is not a waste of money, because it actually helps with recovery.

  • What a stupid man he is…..listen lad you better do something else cuz you dont know even a “B” of bodybuilding so better not to make yourself clown for fuck sake

  • Not a muslim but there is a 40 day fast in christianity (at least in orthodoxy dunno for others) but I dont fast. Only 1 day on christmas

  • How you said that u were previously mislead and was open minded to new research make me really trust you I agree even as a scientist myself I found it hard to believe when i heard it but now Im doing more investigation and more willing to accept the truth with objectivity and without irrational bias

  • The only real supplement you need is Food, and I will add a protein shake after the workout, anything else you drink is a waste of money…Don`t be fooled guerreros.

  • Thank u YouTube u gave voice to dumb.
    dear do you have any assintial sports medicine education or r u nutrition expert?? If you have large number of followers that means you should be more accurate and professional. Don’t make videos with half knowledge please….

  • Dont take them and never will, most over sold useless suppliment, just include an extra scoop of protein powder, a good brand will contain enough.

  • Just now i saw guru mann sir video and he suggested me to buy it and now no one can stop me from buying it. Guru mann sir is the godfather of fitness industry.

  • Hello Jeremy, thanks for the very informative presentation on BCAA supplementation in isolation. I totally agree with the results of your studies. Regarding vegans, I have been bodybuilding for 51 years (started in 1968), and roughly the last 20 of those years I have been vegan. I have absolutely no problem with ingesting more than enough high quality protein daily. If a vegan eater is having an issue, then they may well be eating a lot of processed foods, rather than whole foods. I currently take an EAA tablet supplement, in addition to my whole foods (as an experiment), but I would never take a BCAA supplement because just three of the essentials without the rest is counterproductive to muscle growth.

  • Hi Jeremy, can you explain about this medical study that confirmed repeated BCAA supplementation is effective on muscle building

  • Bullshit. Results based data over years repeatedly prove BCAA’s are a benefit, especially when stacked with a good whey isolate.

  • V v v useful bro you solved lot of problems i was confused in taking bcaa for many reasons including health issues might affect vital organs and wasnt satisfied either to take it or not but u solved my querries hats off thanks bro.

  • I used to train with a lot of big natural body builders. Every single one of them took there bcaa’s pre workout. Not post, not intra. Pre. I have been taking bcaa’s pre workout for years. I am not a fan of stimulants. so when I take bcaa’s pre workout, I do get a little bump in the gym. I get workout longer and squeeze out a few reps. we all took them 20 minutes before. why people take them intra, beats me. It takes time for the body to absorb the aminos and enter the blood stream. so why take them intra. Pre workout bcaa’s. whey protein and CREATINE post workout.

    again, creatine pre workout, for me, waste of time. It has also been shown that people were gaining muscle quicker taking creatine post workout.

  • Thanks for the video which was great but can you please tell us if you would take bcaas with whey protein? Obviously at different times of the day

  • don’t be fooled. most bcaas contain all the essential bcaas. i use cellucor alpha aminos and they have all the aminos listed in the vid

  • guys I have a question

    I weighed 123 pounds
    now my question is this (how many grams of bcaa do I have to consume?)
    im asking here because I don’t know how to calculate my intake

  • Jym bcaa would be enough if you made a decent supplement. Stop adding all that artificial.shit and just put in some pure bcass for recovery like xtend without the sucralose and flavor garbage..kaged muscle.has surpassed jym supplements.

  • Im taking 3g BCAAs and 3g Creatin before workout and 10g BCAAs, 5g creatin ang 50g protein after the workout and it seems working just fine. Ive tried to dont use BCAAs at all and only took protein but i felt worse and my gains wasnt so good. Just my point of a view

  • Scientific research shows whole protein sources have an impact on several pathways/cascades in the human body. So the whole protein should be ingested, this contains most time BCAA’s. So you can also buy eggs at my youtube channel for 5 euro a piece, contains also BCAA and EAA! Buy 4 pay 3 for 15

  • I am a 38 years. I just started working out. Preconditions include.. smoker 1 pack a day. Alcoholic being overcome. Aggressive Inline Skater with knees cartilage damaged. 6′ 10; 3/4q 154pounds. I can eat 3645 calories without gaining weight. Please help me!!!!!!!

  • You mentioned in your video that BCAAs are not good for a fasted state which I understand since the body has to cannibalize protein from the body to make up the complete chain; but my question is, what about BCAAs and EAA mixtures? Would that still be detrimental in a fasted state or no? And how much insulin would a full scoop trigger in the body in comparison to simple carbs? Thanks!

  • Bro I’ve been on bcaas for a couple years and I will tell you they are like a drug I’ve noticed I was addicted to. They aren’t bad. I can train really really hard every single day however I do know when I run out or don’t take them I am unable to move the same and all of the work I’ve put it will hit me hard like a train

  • Training while fasted during Ramadan can lower you body fat percentage in a vary short time, Thats why i dont mind fasting during Ramadan because its doing me something good

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  • Load of uneducated crap! No study has ever proven that BCAA’s taken by themselves increase protein synthesis! In fact, they hamper it when compared to EE’s!

  • What about post workout carbs? We need fast carbs to replenish muscle glycogen and help recovery, aswell as protien, as far as I know. Everyone forgets about carbs

  • Take EAA’s instead. BCAA’s alone, is not nearly as effective. In fact… if you eat enough protein, you are getting your BCAA requirements. Complete nonsense.

  • Yes while it’s true, you don’t need any supplements at all. The one and only supplement I take other than a daily multivitamin is Post Jym and ever since taking it, the soreness isn’t nearly as bad after each workout and I don’t feel exhausted and sleepy all day after a workout nor do I find myself falling sick.

  • Oh please show some neutral studies. Of course you mention supporting studies when you sell the product yourself… The credibility of your video is low unfortunately.

  • Sir I dont eat eggs, chicken or any non veg. I do a lot of mtb cycling. My nutritionist suggest me to take BCAA and multi vitamin doses. Sir, Is it good to take them because one of my relative said that these kinds of stuff takes 1 year to digest and are harmful for kidneys? Please reply back sir.
    Love from uttarakhand srinagar garhwal ��

  • Mostly it’s work During Fatloss, because we workout heavy and take more Reps during fatloss.. preventing our weight and Fat, no muscle size should be low, therefore we intake BCAA’s…

  • I have a BCAA and I don’t really take any protein shakes and tbh I don’t work as I did before and now I want to get in shape and before taking BCAA I had a feeling not to take it and that’s how I ended up here

  • Taking BCAA Before or at least right after very intense prolonged cardio, it lessens my usual headache that i would get otherwise.

  • if you still think, BCAAS are something you “have to have” then you should quit giving advice in terms of diet and fitness

    BCAAS are totally useless, EAAS are ok but also is no need for, but if you take something, or buy something, than at the most EAAS, but regular whey do the job of both of them PERFECTLY
    glutamin is only relevant if you take like 20g so its also useless, beta alanin could be ok, carnitin also and creatin is the only one that is really ok, but in the end, you get all of those, much cheaper if you buy them one by one, and you have more of it if you do it this way, instead of trash buying this expensive shit

  • Bro chal maan lo ki maai tumhari baat maan liya..Ab mujhe btao ki mai daily kha se Etna sara Amini acid intech kru?.. Diet bna ke do… Aur khud anorld samjhne ki galti mat kro…Chest tak to hai hai nhi…��������

  • Supplemental indus is the biggest scam in the world,,, why cant people understand JUST EAT FOOD… the right food and rite amount… look back at the old days when none of this nonsense was available,, those Roman’s, the greek gods. The gladiators, these people ate food and drank water, NATURAL MUSCLE…. people save ur money and EAT FOOD

  • I feel like you may have left out some possible benifits (I dont use them so idk xd) but overall great video! I like how you explain the misleading arguments for its use.

  • Ok guys, stop talking shit, here’s what you need: Whey, Creatin, Omega3 (tryglicerid), Vitamin D3 & K2, and most important: REAL FOOD
    What you don’t need: BCAAs

  • I have started a course of bcaa with a low consumption one tablet pre workout, even though the recommended dosage is 2 tabs. The prime reason is constant fatigue i feel throughout the day in my wrists and lower back. Such pain and fatigue prevents me having high endurance workout. What would u say on my usage of bcaa

  • Hey Jeremy, I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of DOMS I get when I use BCAA’s vs when I don’t. They have been a game changer for me in that regard and that is the sole reason that I take them. Whey protein gives me acne so I have a dairy free protein shake on workout days straight after my workout (pea protein) and get the rest of my protein from food. I easily get 100-120g of protein per day even without the BCAA’s but if I don’t take the BCAA’s then the DOMS is really bad!! What’s your view on this?

  • I’ve never taken BCAAs or EAAs. They are a B.S. supplement studies have shown they are a failed supplement that don’t build muscle. Plus I eat meat, fish, dairy, and I drink Protein Shakes no point in buying BCAAs and EAAs.

  • Don’t make fool asshole, Firstly you are not Nutrition certified and second look at your physique, bas camera utha aur science zaad ne chal paye.
    Guys watch proper video on bcaa like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsioPZBJHFw (FitmuscleTV) or Gurumaan.

  • @beerbiceps
    Then what about athletes looking to cut down but not from creatine which is a legal steroid. They have to check that these supplements are not in ANTI DOPING list.

  • So take it from a now senior student studying exercise and sport science, this is simply them trying to sell you more. While bcaas are not enough for optimal recovery, buying these things aren’t really always gonna help. Creatine is a supplement that aids in the production of atp from the PCr system for short or explosive movements there’s no use to take it post workout. Don’t be fooled kids

  • So protein is broken down into amino acids and then again converted to protein that can be absorbed by the body
    Wow!! Bro do you hear yourself when you talk
    Bcaa can be very helpful if your workouts are longer than 60mins
    Because longer workouts can take a toll on your body and break more muscles and cause muscle fatigue during workouts.
    So if your workouts are longer you could benefit from bcaa consuming it during workouts

  • If thr is enuf protine in your daily diet thn thr is no need of bcaa. But to add some thin i do have bcaa wan im traveling an wan unwell ����

  • I appreciate his theoretical breakdown. But without the practical experimentation (which he clearly doesn’t have) the content becomes weak.

  • bhai sach to ye h jo maths ka formula bataya na wo sahi h and bcaa usko recommended h jo workout muscle breakdown ke baad bhi extend karta h

  • Such q true person you are everyone’s want to sale fake things for their benefits in ancient time people use natural things no powder no steroids so be trippy be natural

  • Works for me, BCAA’s during the workout and whey after the workout, followed by high protein meal.. I have no issues with gains. And I am significantly less sore the following day(s) ��‍♂️

  • Man I wish I have watched this video before buying 2lbs of BCAA two days ago. Myprotein won’t let me cancel it now. Smh. Is there any chance to buy a bag of powder which contains only the other 6 eaas? This way I can mix them and drink before my fasted workout

  • Would it be good to drink this during your workout AND post workout?

    Would that be too much creatine for the body for instance? I’m currently taking this and am on my second container. I’ve always sipped this throughout my workout and have notice some great results.

  • Considering Indian diet i think bcaa do work for Indian your study is based on countries like USA where they eat a ton of protein where else in india there are more of carbs you may follow your diet also but indians can’t live without carbs so my conclude my opinion saying bcaa are miracle supplement which relieve soaring and may give you little more soaring
    Psif your diet consist of more than 150 gram of protein you don’t need this shit
    Conclusion: work hard.

  • leucine is considered as the most important BCAA, it helps preserve lean mass,

    raise insulin levels which helps quick absorption of amino acids and most importantly it activates

    m-Tor which promotes muscle growth.

    BCAA is very important for our body and it is recommended to take 5-20 grams of it per day.

    Protein food such as chicken, egg, beef, fish, soy, beans and nuts like walnut all contain

    loads of BCAA. If you consume enough of these protein foods, supplement is not necessary.


  • You are awesome at your knowledge my Dear Brother. The only thing about Indians, though I’m also an Indian, is that they attract towards supporting elements. That’s the reason why Supplement industry is booming. Keep going mere Bhai

  • Nope i dont agree, my experience with bcaa was completely different and felt better post workout. Its ok if you dont like it but i’ll continue this month though

  • THIS is not true, because to synthese protein and to have muscular mass you need 8 acid amino not only 3 of BCCA. Your body can not make muscle only from 3 acid amino BCAA, he needs 8 acid amino.

  • In whey protein amino are binded with others amino acid so it take time to broken down…..just dont make a video if you are not not that into gym stuff….bcaa are miracle supplement

  • What you are saying seems to be possibly true, and it seemed to have started working on me (I’m 59) But I got tired of all the sweet/sugar (50%?) contained in the drink (candies I don’t eat, and candy drinks are probably doing worse in some other area of my well fit but older body) so I stopped using. My favorite drink is water and coffee (no sugar). Is there any BCAA’s that are not like opening a bag of sugar (poison). I would love to have some help to up keep my muscles: GOD knows that gravity is pulling me down more as I gracefully grow older.

  • This guy and Sean Nalewanyj are the most brightest on YOUTUBE when it comes down to fitness and nutrition….Fuck BCAA’S..there nothing but expensive nasty AF kool aid….

  • I agree with a lot of by this info but Bcaa’s are not meant to be used as a protein substitute but as an introvert workout because the 3 branch chain amino acids are specific for during a workout because if you do your research of the 3 bcaa’s, they help with muscular endurance not post workout muscle building

  • you cannot build muscle with three single amino acids you need the rest of the amino acids to make a complete protein without a complete protein protein synthesis does not occur

  • The prob is what supplement companies put in those bcaa products, which is much less of what is promised. i dont have the study at hand right now but they measured the amount of bcaa in some of the more popular brands and the content of bcaa was a lot lower and wouldt make convenient to buy it, you’d get more from most whey protein powders if you considered the price/bcaa content ratio.

  • I started taking this a few days ago. I have an ion channelopathy disorder which causes post exertional malaise. I’m hoping BCAAs help!