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GO WITH WHOLE EGGS OVER EGG WHITES. When you’re seeking protein and nutrients on a low-carb diet, choose whole eggs over egg whites. Whole eggs are still a very low-calorie food, despite the fact that they contain more calories from fat than they do from protein. Keep in mind that dietary fats slow protein absorption, allowing it to stay with you for longer. Whole eggs also have a better amino acid.

After all, egg whites are made up of 90% water and 10% protein, and 67% of the protein in eggs comes from the egg white vs. the whole egg. Yet once the yolk is gone, the rest of the nutrition value changes as well—and not for the better. Egg yolks provide at least 13 important nutrients – egg whites don’t offer much outside of protein. Dietary cholesterol is NOT the devil it was once thought to.

So, for 17 calories, egg whites do offer some nutrition and lots of protein. It’s probably a better idea to eat more egg whites than whole eggs in larger quantities if you are concerned with weight management or cholesterol control. When an egg white is cooked, it contains just 17 calories, which is a lot less than the 71 calories contained in a whole egg. It also has about 3.6 grams of protein.

That means that egg whites could be considered a good choice for somebody who is focusing on losing weight. The protein content of the whites of one hard-boiled egg and one whole egg is 4 grams and 6 grams, respectively. The Institute of Medicine recommends that adult men have a daily intake of 56 grams of protein, adult women ingest 46 grams of protein each day, and pregnant or lactating women consume 71 grams of protein daily.

The whites have been hailed as a dietary solution for “problems” like calories, fats, and cholesterol found in the yolks. It’s true that egg whites have fewer calories than the whole egg — clearly, since you’re removing a huge piece of the egg. As you can see, an egg white contains fewer calories and micronutrients, as well as less protein and fat, than a whole egg. SUMMARY An egg white contains fewer calories than.

If a doctor has told you to lower your cholesterol intake for medical reasons, egg whites would be better than whole eggs because you eliminate the cholesterol by only eating the egg whites. Eating only egg whites are also popular for people looking for a concentrated source of protein, like body builders. While choosing straight-up egg whites does lower the omelet’s calorie, fat, and cholesterol content, it also makes the meal void of vitamins B2, B12, D, and iron.

If you’re concerned about getting.

List of related literature:

In that case, consider eating only the whites of eggs (all the dietary cholesterol of eggs is contained in the yolk, as are certain nutrients like vitamin E).

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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And while you may want to minimize your consumption of egg yolks, you most definitely don’t want to avoid the whites.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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When you eat eggs, you are better offeating the yolks than the whites, since the yolks contain healthy vitamins and the good omega-3 fatty acids that prevent heart disease.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
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Based on the current evidence, healthy adults should feel confident that they can enjoy eggs daily without fear of cholesterol or heart disease.”31 Egg whites contain a very high-quality protein, as they have exactly the right combination of essential amino acids required to build healthy animal tissues.

“The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the 'Next Big Pandemic'” by Joseph Mercola
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Egg whites are said to be a complete protein, but I feel that egg whites alone are an inadequate source of protein and at least some yolk is necessary to enhance the egg’s protein composition and enable you to derive all the benefits of its nutrients.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
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A weak yolk and a limited amount of thick white are not particular problems when scrambling eggs, and the usual addition of milk to tenderize the product by diluting the egg protein has the added benefit of enhancing flavor, which might otherwise be dull.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
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Egg whites polluted with yolks or with fatty substances rise with more difficulty (it seems) than do pure egg whites.

“Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing the Science of Cooking” by Hervé This, Jody Gladding
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Last but not least, the proteins of egg white contribute to the nutritional value of eggs.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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A quick look at eggs’ nutritional benefits gives even more reasons for their popularity.

“Chinese Cooking For Dummies” by Martin Yan
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Eggs are a nutrient-dense source of high-quality protein and offer beneficial carotenoids in the yolk that protect againstage-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
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  • This is no joke but 3 whole eggs give more lean body mass then 14 egg whites.
    3 whole eggs are 7,7g of protein, the conversion of protein to lean mass of whole eggs is 48% so we do 7,7x3x0,48=11,12g of lean body mass.
    14 eggwhites lets do half the weight of a normal egg 3,85g of protein the conversion of protein to lean mass is 17%, so we do 3,85x14x0,17=9,16g of lean body mass. So whole eggs has less protein but a better conversion to lean mass and gives you 21% more bang for your buck.

    Also you stated: “if you dont eat too many eggs it wont raise your cholesterol, and if it does just do cardio.” There is no study that has ever proven that eggs have negatively affected cholesterol. Eggs can actually help cholesterol issues because its HDL. The HDL can actually boost your testosterone naturally, and clear arteries.

    So to summarise whole eggs are better in ever possible way, you get more lean body mass for the same calories, you increase testosterone while also clearing your arteries, and eggs have some of the best vitamins. They have every vitamin except vitamin C. You can eat as many eggs as you want i eat 10 a day some days even 20.

  • Egg whites are bare expensive for me in the uk. I just have a few eggs and top off with egg whites. When i was doing the french toast i was spending £15 a week on egg whites.
    Also never buy powder egg whites, that shit was bare nasty.

  • look what you did, people! He told us so many times in a nice, calm fashion. BUT YOU WOULDN’T LISTEN! It’s the same when I tell my children to clean up their GxDDxAM ROOM!!!

  • Back in the 70s when I grew up as a kid I used to love Ovaltine until now I come to realize how toxic it is with so much sugar back then I Didn’t Know Better

  • You don’t know this yet… but you make fun of a guy named v shred for eating peanut butter on his bananas… and he’s extremely good looking…

  • I’ve been eating 3-4 Organic eggs a day for the last 12 months or so, my health and muscle mass has increased and the other thing that I’ve noticed is that my hair has stopped falling out.

  • At what point did coach Greg go from monotone nice guy to a Moron yelling crazy guy? Although I prefer the Moron version. Great work coach.

  • Hmm you do know that whole egg protein is a better amino acid profile..Dont get me going on egg whites at least buy them in liquid form

  • I get local chicken and duck eggs raised by private individuals, as I have a problem with soy… most store bought eggs, even organic, the hens are fed a “vegetarian ” diet which means soy and corn, when chickens like to eat worms and bugs.. aside from being a cheap meal, the soy does make the eggshells a bit thicker

  • Is it okay if i eat eggs only hard boiled?

    I have an issue with feeling nausea with eggs. For some reason when i boil them that feeling go’s away. Also funny you mentioned helps immune system. I didnt eat for almost an entire day because I was run down with the flu, when I woke up I was craving eggs.. lolz i had eatten eggs in 5 years. That was just 3weeks ago.

  • so, what would you do with the yolk? sell it to a fat person? naw thanks, i eat my food whole and count the calories accordingly (if dieting).

  • Dr Sam Robbins Yes, I agree say 1 chicken egg on the regular is great. I believe whole cows milk is better than whey protein, what’s your thoughts? What do you think is better say fish 5x a week and Bison 1x a week or bass versa?

    Thank you.

  • Only pussys don’t eat the egg yolks! Egg yolks are filled with a lot of nutrients plus the cholesterol that’s supposedly bad for you is good for you,don’t believe that bro shit

  • I miss these types of videos Coach Greg. I realize many viewers want to be entertained with screaming and other antics/tricks.

    Your no nonsense approach to nutrition has changed my life. Thank you so much. Your cookbook is awesome.

  • Would interest me how marc has sex.
    He steps into the dorm with a “Its the MASCHIIIINE molitia, undress yourself because ITS NOT A GAME!!”

  • I eat about 3-4 eggs everyday for breakfast as my usual post workout meal. I usually go for organic free range. My pre workout is a keto coffee with grass fed butter and organic coconut oil with a scoop of grass fed whey protein or collagen peptides. Cholesterol has been great so far.

  • This is the real Greg Doucette…
    This real Greg was kidnapped by the alien..
    And that Alien become a person who runs this channel, imitating the Greg looks.

  • Did you just say a chicken egg is an embryo? As far as I’m aware farmed chicken eggs aren’t fertilised. They aren’t embryos/unhatched chics.

  • I read somewhere that eating raw eggs (which is what I prefer) blocks more biotin than eating them cooked. Also read that your body can use more of the protein in a cooked egg as opposed to a raw egg. Dr. Is this true?

  • My first meal of the day is always Vital farms pasture eggs. Three raw wiped with grass fed cows milk, just enough to make the mix less slimy. I have a good size slice of raw goats milk cheese, with a Good thick smear of Kerry Gold grass fed butter on the cheese. I call this my brain meal.I actually feel light headed feeling from this mixture. So, I know it’s a good thing.

  • 1:16 so is everyone gonna ignore wtf that was on the right side. Probably a shadow of someone but usually Greg acknowledges whoever walks past and the black figure was too spontaneous for someone to be walking by

  • Is 5 whole eggs a day too many from a health perspective? My veggie and ham omelette is my favourite meal of the day and that’s a miracle since I don’t like food that much generally speaking.

  • This is a Dieting philosophy only. I question alot of these statements based on my own experience in the gym for 20 years. Take all this with a grain of salt.

  • omfg this guy is so stupid, doesn’t understand the research, and is causing harm with his ignorance. There are so many problems, myths, and errors in this video it’s hard to know where to begin. Eggs are terrible for you. Please do not eat eggs.

  • lol I just get egg whites because it’s easy to protein to chug down and cause it’s pasteurized you don’t risk get salmonella. Really good cutting food high protein very low calorie

  • Sometimes I wish we were all back in the cave man days. So much more exciting and fulfilling and engaging. There were natural incentives to do things that were good for us and we didnt have to ask if we had to eat egg yolks.

  • I always had naturally high cholesterol regardless of what I eat. And because of this, I’ve been told to avoid egg yolks eventhough I love eggs:(

  • Hello DR, first of all once again thank you for all the information! Secondly i would like to ask you, are eggs increasing your cholesterol levels or not? Because some are saying yes, others are saying no and it is really confusing, once again keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Okay, I want to share my experience about eating more than 7 whole eggs ( some days even 9 eggs) for more than one and half a year every day. I have to say I am now as healthy as I was before starting eating too much eggs. I usually took a blood test at the end of each year to make sure that everything is in a normal range in my body. I have to say I was impressed to see that at the end of my experience HDL in my blood increased, and LDL decreased. I can share the result of my blood test with u as well as the one I took before if u are interested. But I just want to say that I always ate the yolk while it was runny and not fully cooked. I learned from the You Tube channel of Dr. Sam Robbins that cooking the yellow part causes a change in its chemical structure, and therefore it is not as healthy as it is in the raw or runny form. I just want to mention one minor problem that I encountered at the end of my experience. At some point Somehow I noticed that there was a change in my heart beat, it beat faster than usual and I also became very sensitive to stimulants like caffeine or green tea. The point is that I took 2.5 grams of omega 3 fatty acid every day, and the total intake of omega 3 because of eggs was too much for my body. This situation got worse gradually, and one day, after having a cup of coffee I had a feeling as though my heartbeat went to the roof and it was near to explode. I could not walk at all. I thought I would have a heart attack soon. Fortunately, my parents took me to the hospital and after taking some pills to lower my heart beat I felt better. At the time, I did not know what was the reason for that, but the next day when I took my daily omega 3 dosage, my health got worse. Then I got suspicious about it. After doing some research, I understood that too much omega 3 from supplements and eggs can mess up with your heart rates. The point is that I got an elevated heart rate for more than a month after quitting taking omega 3 and eating too much yokes. But now I am okay. I also visited a heart specialist to ensure that there was nothing wrong with my heart. All in all, just get your omega 3 intake in check if u want to try eating several whole eggs everyday, and do not forget not to cook the yellow part completely.

  • Something about people not eating egg yolks really pisses me off. THEY TASTE GOOD AND ARE PART OF AN EGG. EAT THEM along with the egg whites.

  • Sir i eat 15 to 16 whole boiled egg in a day,….. I just I want to know does this make me unhealthful in my future. Sir plz reply. U

  • We should’ve paid attention and listened to our elders, they are living well into their 80s and late 90s and those I know are heathy and strong and active. They knew what was healthy.

  • I’d say both aren’t good eggs have saturated fat and cholesterol. Egg whites produce chemical compounds that fuel cancer cells. Also the health benefits to eggs are minimal compared to fruits and vegetables.