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Eating Carbs in Moderation May Help You Live Longer. While a low-carb diet might be beneficial for weight loss — a 2018 study found overweight dieters who cut their carbohydrate intake lost an average of 13 pounds — cutting carbs could also cut years from your life. The researchers estimated that from age 50, people eating a moderate-carb diet would live another 33 years, four years longer than those with very low carb consumption, and one year longer than. The researchers estimated that people who ate a moderate amount of carbohydrates at age 50 had a life expectancy of around 83, compared to 82 for high-carb eaters and 79.

It may not sound as sexy, but eating carbohydrates in moderation may be best for boosting longevity, a large new study suggests. Eating carbohydrates in moderation seems to be optimal for health and living a long life, research has found. The study, published in the Lancet Public Health journal, says low-carb diets are popular in Europe and the US, where the research was carried out.

The researchers estimated that from age 50, people eating a moderate-carb diet would live another 33 years, four years longer than those with very low carb consumption, and one year longer than. If you are a carb-lover, here’s some good news for you: eating carbohydrates may help you live longer according to recent studies. Here at Bright Side, we were very impressed with the news, and we can’t wait to try the “longevity diet”. Eating carbohydrates may explain the incredibly high life expectancy of people from Japan.

“A low-carb diet might help you lose weight in the beginning but, over the long-term, there is no benefit and there might even be significant risks,” Blake says. Instead, Blake recommends eating everything in moderation, including carbohydrates, and making sure to opt for complex over refined sources. Eating Some Carbs, But Not Too Many, Could Help You Live Longer, Study Suggests By Rachael Rettner August 17, 2018 Eating carbohydrates in moderation may be best for boosting longevity.

However he isn’t convinced we know enough for us all to start eating a low-carb diet. ‘The exact role of insulin in health and ageing is a promising and fascinating area,’ he says.

List of related literature:

Unfortunately, human beings have not evolved to metabolize the highly processed carbohydrates so predominant in our current diet.These processed and refined carbs slow down our metabolism and contribute to every one of the major diseases associated with aging, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and cancer.

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss” by Mark Hyman
from Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss
by Mark Hyman
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It is true that too much salt and too many fatty or sweet foods contribute to a variety of diseases, but nutritionists do not always agree on the best diet for promoting a long life.

“Dying, Death, and Bereavement” by Lewis R. Aiken
from Dying, Death, and Bereavement
by Lewis R. Aiken
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Eating fewer carbohydrates can increase health and longevity.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

But, all other factors being equal, if you eat healthy foods and forgo processed foods and foods high in trans fats, sugars, and additives, your chance for a longer, healthier life does improve.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
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This philosophy is echoed by Dr. James Morton who says, “Carbs are still king on race day.”

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Diets low in saturated fats and high in fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber carbohydrates appear to be safe and effective for maintaining weight and health (Harnack et al., 2002) and may directly benefit some cancers (Eyre et al., 2004).

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
from Nutritional Oncology
by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, et. al.
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Therefore, athletes should concentrate on consuming more food when carbohydrates constitute the main energy source.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
from Advanced Sports Nutrition
by Dan Benardot
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Although not all people have success with these diets and despite arguments that they may not be healthy, low-carb dieting has resulted in a widely held rhetorical vision: that foods high in carbohydrates lead to weight gain, but that low-carb eating can be a healthy way to maintain a person’s ideal body weight.

“Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition” by Timothy Borchers, Heather Hundley
from Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition
by Timothy Borchers, Heather Hundley
Waveland Press, 2018

This has enormous implications because many of these populations have traditionally consumed large amounts of carbohydrate, which was well tolerated as long they were lean and active, which may become deleterious in the background of lower activity and even modest amounts of weight gain.

“Preventive Nutrition: The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals” by Adrianne Bendich, Richard J. Deckelbaum
from Preventive Nutrition: The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals
by Adrianne Bendich, Richard J. Deckelbaum
Springer International Publishing, 2016

However, not eating enough carbohydrates, recommended by some ill-conceived reducing diets, can force the body to break down muscle tissue to supply energy necessary for life functions.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2009

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  • if nature offers carbs in whole foods like fruits or vegetables, you probably need it. Youtube videos aren’t smarter than 4.6 billion years of evolution. Don’t go low carb go low processed sugar + calorie deficit instead!

  • There are many factors in quitting booze including eg motivation and support from family.
    One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Adoette drink plan (check it out on google) definately the no.1 idea i’ve heard of.
    look at the site and unbelievable testimonials.

  • The idea of a keto nutrition plan is to become metabolically flexible. Meaning most people in this country have been eating so many carbs for so long that their body doesn’t know how to use fat. That is what kept people from starving during Hunter gatherer times. They would eat for a few days and then probably not eat again for a week or so. I guess you would call it forced intermittent fasting. Do you know anyone that can grow fruits vegetables and grains in the winter? The body used its own fat to run with nothing else was available. The point is not to never eat carbs again is to get the body into a state where it prefers fat. I still eat bread occasionally and I’ll eat pasta a couple of times a month. I’ve been doing it for over a year and a half. My glucose levels are back to normal. My high blood pressure which was 150/90 came down to 108/65. I lost 35 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. Another added benefit my acid reflux that I suffered with for a decade disappeared after two weeks. I haven’t even had heartburn in a year and a half. I was never a big guy no one in my family was. And I think the main thing that drove me to low-carb was looking at my family. The only disease that runs in my family on both sides is diabetes. They were poor farm people in Italy. Cheapest thing to grow and it was wheat. So they ate breads and pastas just about every day along with vegetables and meat. In that order. No heart attacks no cancers just diabetes. The men lived into their mid 80s the women into the mid 90s. All diabetic. in the last 10 or 15 years of their life they were sick. In fact my grandmother lost both of her legs to diabetes. What I believe is that when they were young their bodies handled the excess amount of carbs. They Worked hard their whole lives. Eventually their body broke down. I truly believe that most of them could’ve lived into the hundreds if they just turned it around. Vegetables, meat and carbs. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. I’m 68 on no medications work out with weighs, play tennis, have a 30 inch waist. I can run jump keep up with any 25-year-old that I play tennis with. And if I do reach into my 90s it’s not going to be in a wheelchair drooling in a bucket.

  • Lot of misinformation in this video and comments. I’m zero carb and I have more energy than I ever did before. I do not have bad breath. In fact zero carb can cause you to have fruity breath which I do. I do not get constipated either. Lots of stuff wrong here.

  • Done a keto diet for a month, already pretty lean but lost a few pounds overall, got more defined and still increased my weightlifting.
    I did experience some constipation the first 2 weeks or so, but that went away, and my hunger is down alot, so i don’t have hunger based on cravings, but on when i actually need to eat.
    I don’t see why so many push back on the idea, most low carb diets are success stories because they don’t involve starving yourself, and don’t impact your mental ability.

  • I’m on a low carb diet. Not a no-carb diet just a low carb diet. It is really working for me. Really flattened my belly. It was really tough at first and you’ll feel lethargic but after awhile you normalise and the body breaks down body fat for energy instead of needing a steady intake of carbs. It’s been 2 years now and It’s always kept me at my optimum weight level.

  • Before you try anything different let me tell you when you change your diet there’s a chance you can get what I have reactive low blood sugar and it is a horrible sickness it takes years to reverse and it’s not worth it to lose 30 40 and 50 pounds. So I’d say if you wanna lose weight cut out fake sugar instead of cake have fruit basically don’t have any baked goods try not to have any sugary drinks and exercise more other than that don’t change too much about your diet and don’t count calories your body needs a different amount of calories every day

  • Everyone think low carb is no carb. That is far from the truth. We still eat carbs but healthy ones, like some fruit, vegetables, brown rice etc and those should have a limit as well.

  • Carbs are healthy and are our friends. It’s meat eaters who stink. Especially those following a keto diet. Think about that for a second. All of that decaying flesh that you are consuming. It’s nasty and it makes you smell nasty on the inside and does major damage to your organs. Look up Dr. John McDougall, M.D. or Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. Both doctors has actually studied nutrition as well as medicine. And they will tell you how damaging a keto diet is to your body!

  • Oldest living populations in the world also eat the highest amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Okinawan’s eat almost 70% of their daily calories in carbohydrates.

  • I feel my best on keto and ive gone off several times. I do flax,chia,and green powders for added fiber and micro nutrients. When i dont do it i swell in my ankles,have irritable bowels and bladder pain and frequency.Sooo happy to have found low carb

  • Low carb gives you bad breath. You know what else gives you bad breath? Being a big fat dead �� body. People are so damn superficial. Is this just an American phenomenon?

  • I dropped 50 pounds in like 3 months and gained back a like 10 pounds in muscle 2 months after the weight loss, without any kinda exercise. Testosterone increases at low body fat percentage and that shit makes a huge difference in muscle mass and energy levels. Got some saggy skin now but It can be filled with muscle. Tasty food releases a lot of dopamine so it’s pretty hard for the first month or so but you can do it if you get some Heavy cream and Beef or Chicken bullion cubes and you stop being a bitch. Keto is the only diet, everything else is just a product, companies trying to scam you by keeping you addicted till you buy their books and overpriced pre prepped meals.

  • Most people have the ” keto flu” because their sodium/ potassium /magnesium levels are depleted. You only feel ( or SHOULD) only feel sluggish on keto for the first few weeks of it ( when I started keto 6 months ago, I couldn’t even lift HALF the weight I’d been lifting before it.) Also, once adapted, you will find that your body can gradually tolerate small increases in carbs while still remaining in ketosis. The constipation make your own sugar free gummy bears.

  • I am a vegan…eating plenty of healthy carbs in the first place and then protein and healthy fats…i never felt so energized and healthy…also iam an athlete so i need carbs so i can use that energy from the carbs for my training…simple as that ��…and actually as soon as i started eating vegan whole foods i lost weight and my body got so much stronger…i think i found my perfect eating habit ��

  • The fact is whether we like it or not we all eat too much food. The food taste so delicious and delicious food sales really well so not much we can do about that but have good self control.

  • Actually, in this very weak study, the lowest percentage of carbs was 37%, which us not even low carb….more like moderate. And no, not everyone who eats low carb eats high animal protein.

  • Low carb doesn’t mean cutting out all carbs. Just the bad carbs like all grains, oatmeal, bread, pasta, pizza, sugar, potato chips etc. Eating vegetable carbs is always a good thing. Unless you are a pro athlete you don’t need to eat carbs (like the ones above) ever. Most people never utilize that stored energy. You can body build while in ketosis, you can’t necessarily be a powerlifter in ketosis. There’s two separate needs to the muscles there.

  • People don’t get it it’s not the carbs that’s making people fat it’s the kinds of carbs. The amount of carbs and the mixture of high fat and a high carbohydrate diet. Many people who have carbs in their diet also consume high fat.

  • Dr. Eric Berg has an entire YouTube channel with thousands of videos featuring current scientific research talking about keto, intermittent fasting, answering questions that arise, recommending foods and supplements, sharing tons of information. Contrary to the bottom line of this video, that after a year you’ll go back to eating carbs (I haven’t), and you’ll have a lot of problems and fail, get better information and much more support from Dr. Berg. Keto flu, for example: how do you fix that? Do your research first. Get your B vitamins from nutritional yeast and you won’t have keto flu. Watch Dr. Berg videos on how to get started on keto with no problems and then go for it! This video also leaves out a vital bit of information: it’s not just the carbs you have to quit, it’s the SUGAR too. Find out from Dr. Berg the definition of SUGAR and what sugar substitutes you can have. Dr. Berg saved my life.

  • Whoever did this video has absolutely no clue. It has grain brain this book in it, but clearly they didn’t read it. It’s both ironic and moronic. Please read the book in your video before you post your video.

  • Why do people think evolution is so stupid, that we only have one system to fuel ourselves on? We never would have evolved beyond the 1st primates if we all just got weaker and died when the glucose ran out! Nothing would have survived after the first winter. Our brains run on ketones too. Nurse of 15 years here

  • All these added comic visuals you’re trying too hard to be clever. And that syrupy smile voice. Contrary to what Disney would say, people do not always have to be entertained to remember something.

  • I don’t do diets, I made a lifestyle change. Also, you get plenty of carbs from fruits and vegetables…enough to sustain you just fine. I have lost 25 lbs in 2 months and will never go back to eating bread, pasta, white potatoes, rice, any grains, or sugar (other than what’s in the fruit). There is no need. I don’t weigh my food or count carbs or calories or do the keto thing. I just eat simply; only protein, veggies, fruits, berries, nuts and a little cheese (you can get creative with it). If I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m satisfied, I stop. When you over complicate your food, it gets overwhelming and is always going to be temporary.
    Keep food simple. Workout often.

  • carbs arent bad for you and are really beneficial especially if youre working out. just stay away from the bad carbs and youll be fine and can lose weight just as fast as a no carb diet or low carb

  • I would say eat whole foods, & health will come.Everyone is different. I eat pretty low carb(natural carbs).Veggies based lifestyle, with beans, potatoes, fruit and a little meat. I feel Great!

  • That is not low carb. Pathetic study, the study also asked in questionnaires “how many cups of ribs have you had “? What in the F***. You don’t measure ribs in cups Mr. Science.

  • Bullshit, fiber can cause constipation especially if your not use to digesting it. I did keto and got diarrhea till my gallbladder I fully adapted to the fats. There was never constipation

  • Meat, fish, eggs, olive oil, butter, green veg & salad + exercise + 3hrs reading + no carbs or sugar = better mental & physical health.

  • No lady, we’ve been following those low fat, low animal protein, high grain diet since 1977 and is obesity getting better…..NO… IT’S GETTING WORSE!

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “how many high carb days when cutting” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Nantray Carb Caboodle (just google it )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  • Butter makes your pants fall off. Google it folks, the government, the media and the carbohydrate industrial complex has been lying to us for half a century. Fat, including saturated fat, is GOOD for you. It makes you lean and you can, and should, eat lots of it for the rest of your life.

  • I had done it and it works on me!
    Many of my health problems gradually go away and I feel my self younger than before.
    That’s the choice..respect others choices as well!:)

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “sample carb cycling menu” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Nantray Carb Caboodle (just google it )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • nothing wrong with whole food carbs. Generally when people say low carb they are directing the comment towards white carbs. processed foods. Theres not problem in moderation but many people tend to overeat processed foods more than they would a piece of steak. #satiety

  • Just cut rice, pasta and unheathy bread. I just finished week 1 and already lost almost2 kilos. Stay away from suger, it’s poison.

  • Grains NORMALLY help balance glucose levels. But,…. BUT!!!.. if you are insulin resistant ( DIABETES TYPE II ), that’s no longer true AT ALL!!!

    Type II diabetes turns your body into an entirely different animal. One that can no longer be fed certain things that were once beneficial to it!!! You could liken bread to “sea water.’ Out on the ocean, the water is full of salt. The actual water will do your dehydrated body a whole wide world of good, but the salt will KILL you long before the water would have saved you!!! On a similar note, the nutritional value of grains ( bread, rice, oatmeal and gravies ) will do a diabetic person’s body a whole lot of good. But your body transforms the sugar in your blood stream to insulin. But if your body has lost the ability to take insulin in and transform it into energy ( the body now being resistant to it’s own insulin ), the insulin transforms back into SUGAR!!! Sugar is a natural deadly POISON!!! But normally, the body has the ability to transform the sugar into insulin( that’s what the pancease does!!! ), and the body normally has the ability to absorb all of it before any harm is done. But if the insulin doesn’t get used, it goes right back to being SUGAR!!! Bread is like 5 Snickers candy bars, once that starch gets converted to sugar!!! If your body cannot consume that insulin,!!!! Houston, we are going to have one VERY serious blood-sugar problem!!! The body will have no way to get rid of all that sugar, and the kidneys ( that get rid of toxins through your urine, will be WAY too slow to do you any good!!!! Thus, if you are a diabetic ( type I OR type II ), all grain based foods and starchy foods like potatoes, are like SEA WATER to you!!! The nutritional value of that particular food group is completely irrelevant, as your blood sugar will skyrocket, and you may DIE!!! Just like with sea water.

    BEWARE and be WARNED!!!

  • I’m not a huge fan of all of these diets. They are tough to stick to and the one time you decide to cheat and don’t stick to it, you gain a lot of the weight back. So basically, all of your work goes to waste. I do see a lot of benefit of just cutting your diet (eating less) and moving more. The math of weight loss is simple generally speaking, less food consumed means less calories in and more calories burned means weight loss.

  • Just create a healthy calorific deficit you’ll lose weight. Whatever diet you choose to take up is up to you. But regardless of the diet a caloric deficit in the end is what will make you lose weight over time.

  • i had bariatric surgery…i can only eat no more than 30 grams of carb from vegetables….so yeah not going the carb route anymore

  • I do Low carb Keto for 2 to 3 months at a time and then go to a balance diet for 1 month for this past year. The 1 month of a balanced diet i gain nor lose weight and so far i have done it 3 times. So far i am down 80 pounds from when i started this routine. NOW that i have made it to my desired weight, my target is changing my fat to muscle. I will be low carb but not keto because i plan to eat 50g of carbs a day. Only after i exercise will i eat carbs and i will push myself to limits!!!! Wish me luck for 2018.

    In conclusion: Low Carb/Keto diets work very well. Trust me, it’s not JUST water weight lady’s and gets… If you simply want to lose weight, stick to low carb for about 2 months and then switch to Keto until you reach the desired weight. Murder water and take fish oil pills while in Keto. Once you reach your desired weight go back to low carb. after a month of Low carb go to a balanced diet. This has been working for me flawlessly and without real effort. PLUS my groceries only come up to 114$ a month on Keto, so it is affordable.

  • We shouldn’t* deprive ourselves of carbs. We just need to eat less of specific types and we’re supposed to be using the energy they provide.

  • Contrary to what this video suggests, I would never discuss my diet with an MD, as they have ZERO education in nutrition, according to the AMA. Diet and nutrition are not covered in medical education beyond showing everybody the FDA’s latest food pyramid, plate or whatever the new graph is. I would consult a nutritionist or simply try out various dietary regimes, based on good science and the experience of people I trust. That’s why I am not a vegetarian or vegan tried that for 6 months and became ill. I am on the AutoImmune Protocol, which is an offshoot of Paleo and after 2 years and counting, my health has steadily improved. No grains, legumes, bananas or nuts for me I discovered my body cannot tolerate them and responds with bloat, pain, insomnia, depression and blood sugar swings. Educate yourself about how your own body responds to various foods and expand on that. Eat unprocessed foods, get some exercise and sufficient rest. Your body will let you know.

  • I like how The List presents easy to digest info from RELIABLE studies or people, not just from quack sources or fake news… GOOD JOB!!

  • I had got word how carbs were connected with weight gain as well as generally to keep away from carbohydrate, at the same time had never thought of using them to trim inches away. The central idea behind the four cycle fat loss method is for you to train your body to reduce fat for energy in comparison to carbs. It’s built around the latest scientific principles into the high carb diet habits of the Japanese and also their excellent long life expectancy. The investigation suggest that it’s their higher carb-cycling eating habits method which helps to go on remaining healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lower incidence of unhealthy weight).Read more here

  • Such a fucking deliberate push to the food and pharma industry. “Need a lot of fruit and grains, etc.” BULLSHIT!!!!!!! The food pyramid is one of the most horrible things you can follow. Eat that juicy steak every single day, and slather it with butter!!!! Trust me, you will feel satiated for a long time, where you will eventually realize you don’t even have to eat every single day. Humans were not made to eat every single day. This shit pisses me off.

  • I live in a village below 3rd world, my father suffers multiple myeloma aging 74, I can’t afford Chemotherapy as our govt is corrupt as night mare, food you advise can lead to renal failure so proteins can make creatinine raise, water in body. Please tell what to do