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Eat Beans for Better Belly Health. 1. COOK THE BEANS YOURSELF. While canned beans are convenient, you have zero control over the amount of gas-producing starch in them. Try buying 2. CHANGE THE WATER. Ideally, beans need to soak before cooking, preferably overnight, so they can absorb water and.

Dietitian Cynthia Sass’s new book Slim Down Now unlocks the power of pulses—a unique class of protein-rich carbs including lentils, chickpeas, and many varieties of beans—in a new eating plan to. Pinto beans are also a great source of folate, protein and vitamin B1, as well as the minerals iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Serving suggestions: Try pinto beans in chili in place of kidney beans, add to veggie soups, or purée cooked pintos with fresh herbs to make a spread for crackers or crudités.

Beans are healthy foods containing various essential nutrients you need to consume on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people avoid beans due to their side effects. After eating beans, stomach pain, bloating, gas and cramps may occur, as these plants are rich in fermentable carbohydrates. Read more: The 10 Worst Foods for Bloating.

Legumes or dried beans like lentils, soybeans, or baked beans; Tough food. That includes meats like steak and roast, or anything with skin. Dairy.

You may not digest lactose very well. Research suggests that these nutritional powerhouses may have cardioprotective effects as well as benefits ranging from aging to metabolic syndrome. Mixed Beans: Beans are an excellent plant-based source of protein, and depending on the type, they provide upwards of 12 grams of fiber per 1-cup serving.

Eating beans regularly knocks down high blood sugar, lowers blood pressure and cuts the risk of heart disease by a respectable 8 percent. Dr. Michael Roizen & Dr. Mehmet Oz A healthy boost for more than 100 million North Americans who have diabetes, prediabetes or a related health risk called metabolic syndrome. Adding beans to your diet may help keep you feeling full longer.

Drain canned beans in a colander and rinse with water to remove some of the excess salt; or buy canned beans with no salt added if they have them at your store. O. Beans and legumes aren’t just tasty, they are also loaded with essential minerals and nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and soluble fibre that may help you slim down your waistline and lower or maintain your blood cholesterol. Half a cup of beans provide protein, from 6 to 15 grams, and 4 to 9 grams of fiber.

Because getting enough fiber in the kidney diet is a challenge for most people on dialysis, this source can’t be ignored completely.

List of related literature:

Digestive aids such as Beano reduce gas by facilitating the digestion of raffinose, the sugar in beans and many gasproducing vegetables.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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That’s great to know, but many people with IBS have trouble digesting beans, which have the reputation of being gassy in even the strongest stomachs.

“IBS For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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Beans are excellent foods; they are high in protein, low in fat, and a good source of fiber.

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)
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Having a healthy gut, supported by regular fermented foods and a keto diet, has the following benefits:

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
by Leanne Vogel
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If the person eating these beans needs additional calories, however, their pancreas and bowel release products that will digest the starch blocker, making available the needed amount of calories.

“What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health” by Rex Russell
from What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health
by Rex Russell, Limited, 2010

Asanas that strengthen the navel and the digestive fire will help eliminate any toxins forming from poor digestion.

“Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice” by David Frawley, Sandra Summerfield Kozak
from Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice
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Increase fiber intake by eating beans (legumes), whole-grain products, fruits, and vegetables.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume” by Mariann M. Harding, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
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To reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain digestive tract disorders, exercise regularly and consume at least 25 g of fiber each day by eating more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole-grain cereal products.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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Beans are much higher in fiber and protein, both of which slow digestion and absorption and therefore reduce the glycemic response.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
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Eat a well-balanced diet that is high in fiber (beans, bran, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables) to give bulk to bowel movements and ease their passage.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I personally never liked beans or how they are when you chew them. But since they’re good for me and they’re in like a soup, I’ll swallow them. I know…bad but I dont wanna waste them but I don’t like them either.

  • This video is lacking a lot of information about the foods highest in lectins, how to best manage their lectin content, and how often to avoid them.
    What about nightshades?
    More importantly, what about nuts and seeds? Chia??
    Please please update

  • USDA Recommended Way To De-gas Beans:
    “Boil a large pot of water, drop dry beans into the pot and let them boil for two minutes. Take it off the heat, cover it and let it sit for one hour. Drain the beans and discard the liquid. Add fresh water and continue cooking until the beans are tender. This process gets rid of 85 percent of the complex carbohydrates that we simply cannot digest. The process also doesn’t decrease the nutritional value of the beans. “

  • Well said. Approve everything. I don’t touch any kind of vegetables from 1.5 years. Except for a limited amount of organic honey (don’t know if it’s correct say it’s vegetable). I would never put a seed in my gut. I left this things to spiritual vegan and their ghostly girls.

  • So from a nutritionist standpoint, what made you quit the paleo diet? I do a mix of paleo and AIP, which is ultimately what I strive for. I violate by eating rice �� on occasion. I recently found a bag of 16 bean soup in the back of my cupboard and used your tips to prepare the beans. I could never tolerate beans at all, but this helps. But no more beans or lentils for me after this.

  • Had chickpea based cookies. Instant pain in back and hip, beginning of a headache. Even after soaking for 24 hrs AND pressure cooking. Never again!

  • Just pressure cook beans, quick, easy, and they taste better without any lectin issues. Reducing my lectin intake seems to really help with my GERD issue, jury is still out on the weight loss claims, I am down two belt notches in two weeks but that can still be inflammation reduction and not actual fat loss.

  • Hey Thomas, Dr. Gundry writer of the plant paradox makes a much bigger deal about lectins. Can you please write a book on scientific eating already because all of these “food camps” are confusing us all. I recognize food is dynamic with our bodies and other foods but the principles should be easy to interpret so people are not going crazy.

  • Awesome! We were just talking about this in our Plexus group! Rebuilding microbiomes! Also the connection with gut health and brain resistant insulin the cause of Alzheimer’s diabetes 3.

  • Excellent video! Thomas, how much is too much? I eat 3,000 calories of macro-dense food a day, and about 40% are carbs… so is 9 cups of carbs a day too much? Does that mean we should all be on lower carbs and more fats?

  • I’m curious of your credentials, I just see health coach obviously. Most coaches put their credentials in their bio on IG. I’m a fan of your videos though, they definitely play a role in me deciding how to improve my strict only animal protein and carbs diet.

  • Hi there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Just simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how you can lost a ton of fat. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • One time I ate 30 potatoes without even noticing it. My friend was like what are you doing?! Then I looked down and saw that I had eaten all 30 potatoes. I slept for several days.

  • so much information eat dont eat, fast dont fast, skip breakfast, eat one meal a day, avoid grains, then eat whole grains, go vegan then dont eat vegetables as plant based diets now cause dementia.
    eat only carbs in the evening or eat only vegetables yet they are spayed with more chemicals just like food is pumped with chemicals best not to eat anything.

    we will end up vitamin deficient so now being over weight is better as we get older to avoid the diet face and nutrient loss face. I have heard so much information I find it fascinating with these anti ageing creams they have today I would like to see it used on a live 100 year old model and watch their skin turn to the same texture a s a 12 year old within 10 minutes.

    I have seen thin fit healthy people die of heart attacks vegan eaters get cancer seen thin people have stokes I have seen over weight people with no issues I wish I had one clear answer on how to live my life I have done fads never touched alcohol until I was about 30 (until I got pressured…)I have never smoked however and I have done days of not eating fasting etc then ive had years of eating junk food then years of protein only meat etc 

    I was at the happiest and felt better eating chocolate and drinking 😉
    starving myself and avoiding 99% of food I suffered mental issues and panic attacks because I couldn’t find anything that was good for me there was always something that was bad.
    even the best super food will have something that is bad for me.
    what is a gut friendly diet?
    eating nothing?

  • I replaced rice at Chipotle for black beans. It fills me up cause it’s so dense and the carb count is not bad. Net Carbs 13g per serving = Total Carbohydrates 20g Fiber 6g Sugar Alcohols 2g

  • Ditch meat, dairy, and eggs completely. Good gut bacteria proliferate from plant foods which promote health; while bad bacteria proliferate from animal foods promoting illness.

    Improve your health, protect our environment, and increase your humanity towards animals by going vegan.

  • Last I checked legume consumption was the single largest determining factor in longevity as far as diet is concerned, every one of the blue zones has very high legume consumption. Every one of the carnivore or palio gurus seems to omit that simple fact. Lectins can be broken down by cooking, especially pressure cooking like I do, and the phytates are nowhere NEAR as bad as you are trying to make them sound in fact in some ways they are beneficial. The only reason canivores hate beans so much is that is how vegans get their protein so carnes have to hate on it just like vegans have to hate on ketosis for no apparent reason. Nothing wrong with beans or sweet potatoes and yes I will bet my life on it.

  • Almost every point/major sentence he says includes “might”, “maybe”, “could”, “possibly”, “almost”……
    When he says the brain doesnt control the gut… cool, every other organ in the body can function without a brain.
    I don’t disagree with the importance of bacteria, but a lot of his claims are simply not true or just sensational without point.

  • Still trying to figure out if beans are ok on Keto I love beans but don’t wanna ruin my keto diet, someone please tell us whether it’s good or not Thomas seems busy won’t answer any of us, why post a video if you don’t respond to any of your followers

  • Damn ur sexy.

    Would you be willing to redo the challenge with dry beans, (not canned)
    Like lentils, kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas

  • Ilya Mechnikov was not born in Russia, Ilya Mechnikov was born in UKRAINE (city of KHARKOV UKRAINE) please correct your information. it all started in Ukraine!! thank you very much the rest is quite interesting

  • I think you are exaggerated look at This Video… bean may have not so much vitamins as you want it to be. But if you eat different beans you can geht a lot of vitamin and amino acids

  • I just read an article that beans are high in Lutien and It said that is not healthy?? I Love Beans…
    With out a gallbladder,…I use them as a source of fiber and protein. I don’t eat them daily.
    But I could…So I am confused?
    My meat is very limited,..quality is a must. And not daily…I eat mainly Vegetarian. Help,..Your advice would be Greatly appreciated!
    I am ify about eggs as well?

  • Please can you do a video about Histamine-Intolerance. I am vegan and I have histamine Issues. All I had was Beans and Lentils and stuff, now I cant even eat beans. Amylaze-Inhibiter is also an issue for histamine-intolerant people I guess, I read about it in a book my doc recommanded.

  • Thanks for clearing this up. I always thought that beans were good. I am going to avoid them going forward. So much of what we have been told is wrong. Thanks for working to correct this.

  • My blood type is B and according to the Blood Type Diet, I ‘m not supposed to eat Black Beans. Black Beans are one of my favorite foods to eat and I crave them!

  • just ate a can of blackbeans with some homemade cabbage/ carrot soup with a little ground turkey in that sucker! its been 2hours or so and i feel like i have soo much energy for some reason omg, seems like black beans are what my body’s been missing!

  • Can anyone point me to the peer reviewed article(s) that examines how amylase blocks protein absorption? All I can find is that amylase blocks complex carbohydrate absorption. I also found an article that discussed how an amylase inhibitor was refined from black beans, but I did not see anything about how black beans, in a regular dietary quantity, inhibited protein absorption. Where is DeLauer getting his information?

  • Soak raw dry black beans in warm water for 12 or 24hours changing the soak water three times, and no more anti nutrient /amylase issue. The long soaking followed by proper boiling greatly reduces the bad stuff.

  • There no such condition as “leaky gut” in medicine literature. You completely go for bullshit in this video. Sorry, but that’s true. Lectins are in quite every plant. There are good and harmful ones. There are lectins which are use as medicine. This was bad video…

  • Here you go, do this and enjoy your beans…

    soak for 18-24 hours
    cook for 1 hour
    80-100% inactivation of inhibitors…

  • Thomas, in your expert opinion do you think GMO’s have anything to do with the problems caused by lectins? It would seem only natural that farmers would program their crops to produce natural pesticides (lectins) for a higher yield. Thanks in advance

  • hey Thomas, I wanted to ask about black soy beans. Earlier you made a video about staying away from soy (products), but black soy beans fit the criteria you mentioned in this video. Is it OK to eat black soy beans or should I stay away from them as well?

  • The gut brain connection!! This has always fascinated me… Sir… This is the best and the most relevant Ted talk.. I hve ever seen…. Adore u sir…!!

  • Easy, eat pretty much whatever you like but only on every other day. Alternate eating and non-eating days. On the non-eating days just drink plenty of water. Also get a little exercise.
    Do this for a few months and you will lose a lot of weight. No fancy diet or fancy exercise routine required.

  • I read several places over the years that flax seeds were extremely beneficial because they have not only omega-3 fatty acids but also a fantastic amount of an extremely beneficial type of lectin. In fact, it’s recommended that we grind and immediately utilize the flax seeds rather than buy flax oil so that we’re certain to get the maximum amount of these supremely helpful lectins that are largely missing by merely consuming just the oil. Now, after hearing this video, I’m not so sure that this old information is correct.

  • The most comprehensive analysis of diet and cancer ever performed was published by the American Institute for Cancer Research. Sifting through some half a million studies, nine independent research teams from around the globe created a landmark scientific consensus report reviewed by 21 of the top cancer researchers in the world. One of their summary cancer-prevention recommendations is to eat whole grains and/or legumes with every meal. Legumes don’t have much saturated fat and cholesterol, unlike meat. Saturated fat in high amounts may contribute to cardiovascular disease, so experts recommend limiting intake to 20 grams per day. Legumes may be the most important predictor of survival in older people.
    Do you not realise that what you are doing by promoting these unscientific health claims is not only stupid, but actually dangerous? There is nothing wrong with being a flat-earther. If you believe that the earth is flat, then you are free to believe so. It’s stupid, but you are not harming anyone by doing it. But when you tell people that meat is healthy and the foods that have been associated with a lower risk of health problems in many studies are actually unhealthy, not only are you being stupid, but you are actually risking gullible people lives. It’s unbelievable how some people lack empathy for other human beings to the extent that they are actively going to convince them to consume foods that they KNOW to be unhealthy deep inside. For example, it’s scientifically irrefutable that elevated LDL is a risk factor for atherosclerosis. You have to do extreme mental gymnastics and cherry pick low quality industry funded studies (or appeal to mechanistic data, as if that’s more reliable than RCTs and Mendelian randomization studies) to come to the conclusion that high LDL does not cause heart disease, and you know it. What’s the motive?

  • Nope. 100% of foods contain lectins. Including meat and fish. Some are bad, some are very bad (dairy MAY be some of the worst!), and some are more or less neutral apparently. Not nearly enough research has been done yet. Some lectins also cause insulin levels to spike even more than sugar/carbs. And this would be interesting to hear more about: specifically which lectins cause this type of reaction.

  • Thank you so much for the video. First of all, I think this is completely biased for one reason, and it’s that you’re not showing the big picture of legumes. In addition, many legumes such as chickpeas contain all the essential amino-acids and high in nutrients especially in Iron/Potassium/B-6/Magnesium and they are good source for many vitamins and minerals, and you can easily verify that in any reliable medical and nutritional website. In contrast with animal-based food, legumes have zero cholesterol, which is undoubtedly beneficial. As an experience, I am a vegan and I have been consuming legumes daily for 2 years, and my digestive system/cardiovascular system/energy/health and so on, are absolutely excellent. Not to mention that I am an athlete and I really need proteins.

  • Do natural popular weight loss method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard numerous amazing things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Soooo… RIP Slow Carbs approach?? (Tim Ferris, which you say you also follow on other video) I eat legumes on my 4 meals:( Main source of protein and slow carbs

  • you are a moron, you know nothing about nutrition and how it’s metabolized in the body… You talk about incomplete protein sources…The fuck? All legumes and beans (and all plant foods) have a complete essential amino acid profile… You provide ZERO sources for you claims. And fiber, JUST SO YOU KNOW, has been associated with a decreased risk of chronic diseases and all cause mortality in population studies (like cohorts for exampe) You don’t know what you’re talking about… Maybe switch to a beauty channel because health is not your topic.
    etc, etc….

  • I would believe you if it were a civilization based only of meat keto eaters. Thanks for your 20 min of Google reading. BTW ancient civilizations were based in this kind of foods, ������ I have eaten beans and legumes my entire life and I don’t have any problems. I do fart a lot when I drink milk or eat red meat

  • what if i just include the LIQUID FROM BEANS like the one u cooked the beans with instead of the beans will dat have like carbs cus i wanna like feel like eating beans but not rlly

  • This is a very modern mix of clickbait, soundbites, propaganda, cherry-picked confirmation bias. I do agree with the central premise of ‘gut has significant influence on behaviour and brain’ though wtf do I know anyway, to even have an opinion? but I’d want a more nuanced, rigorous, ‘complex/ambivalent’ approach (note the use of ‘more’: just less certainty projected as religious dogma). Ted talks where speakers charmingly/self-effacingly/manipulatively project Truth looks a bit pseudo-science to me. That’s a shame, Ruairi I think you’d make a compelling case if you weren’t so amazed with yourself at how you’ve charmed your audience… Sadly, Ted has become a place where speakers dispense narrow, ‘unambiguous’ Truths in chunks. Hey, Ted, how about some speakers who get on stage and tell about difficult, complex, unclear issues?

  • I can eat chickpeas, but not kidney beans the redder, the more pain I feel as it goes through my system. Why might that be? Why can I eat some beans and want to rip my own intestines out with others?

  • @ Thomas Delauer
    I know its an old video, but iv’e tried finding somewhere that you talk about the black (soy) bean pastas that are out. Trader Joes has the rotini etc. What are your thoughts on that since you said stay way from soybean oil with anchovies? Are they Keto friendly or no? What about just in general for a fasting meal?

  • for the past couple of weeks i’ve been taking probiotic and gut health supplements alongside a mild treatment plan for acid reflux.

    the notice in my energy and mood is the difference between night and day.

  • Thanks for the inspirational content. I love your channel and it’s been really helpful. I figured I’d share with everyone a product that helped me lose some weight as well. I hope it can help others! @t

  • The only thing that I eat in this list is food with a lot of salt, idk I just like salty stuff. The other things I already avoid. Still my top belly is flat but my underbelly isnt��

  • I lost over 120 lbs and have kept it off for 7 years but none of that was possible before I found my “why”. You have to do the inner work first or it will not last.

  • Hi thanks for the tip! You are gorgeous. Could you tell me the name of your intro music? Not Epidemic Sound but the one at the beginning? Thanks!

  • Came here after watching Jeff Nippard’s latest vid where he goes grocery shopping…was super cringey and full of bad nutritional advice. It’s a shame because he has such a huge following, he doesn’t realise how negatively he’s influencing people and then they get into the comments section and further compound the problem.
    I just shake my head at the amount of ignorance in the so-called fitness community when it comes to nutrition. I wish someone with a bit of clout would set him straight (hint It’s not likely he’d take notice of my comment, although I’m sure the peanut gallery would jump all over me.

  • Hahahaha I’ll be sure to tell gramma to chill with them beans!�� thanks for this bit of info Thomas I love your chilllll energy &vibes and I appreciate &admire you being so informative to us watching and listening! ❤❤❤

  • Nice little video, but sorry you talk a bit fast: when communicating unfamiliar info you might slow it down and give the listener time to absorb it. I’m a bit concerned about your advice on bean cooking. I’ve recently bought ‘The Plant Paradox’ by Dr Steven Gundry who researches lectins in the lab and he maintains that soaking and cooking on the stove at high temperature isn’t enough to destroy lectins. He says the only way to do that is to pressure cook them. I’ve just bought an ‘Instant Pot’ for that purpose. I’d be interested in your take on that.

  • Hi,. I have diverticulitis and maybe leaky gut…Never knew anything about lectins until recently… So now I’m on a path to lose a lot of weight and hopefully heal my intestines…My question is, what types of fruit are acceptable or that has little or no lectin in them? I’ve already read up on the vegetables that have little to no lectins like broccoli, cauliflower, kayle and a few others…I honestly don’t think every time I have a flare up in my colon it is from diverticulitis… I think it’s inflammation caused from lectins, now that I’m familiar with them… Any information you are willing to share I would gladly appreciate it… Thanks,

  • Matchikoff sounds like a mad scientist intent on suicide?
    In this one presentation 3 examples of his attempts make me feel sorry for him.
    May it’s his suffering that made him a thinker

  • Lectins very likely have anti-cancer properties which has been proven in vitro, and legume consumption is strongly linked to lower rates of chronic disease.
    This guy is being sucked into the wormhole of paleo/keto pseudoscience. please don’t listen to this shit.

  • A nice starchy carb?? I thought that’s what causes your blood sugar to go up, hence keto is the answer to reduce amount of carbs and increase healthy fat to regular it better? Please clarify, thank you.

  • When is the next Q&A? I just started doing keto+IF 16/8, since I’m vegetarian I’m really struggling to get all that fat free of carbs… if you eat twice a day getting the calorie requirement translate into huge amounts of food at lunch and dinner, so after I have lunch I’m just not hungry at all the rest of the day:/ how important is to meet the 1200 cal. a day?

  • New to lifting(little muscle mass), 170, 6′ 1 and 8% body fat… would it be a bad idea to do a keto diet?? Very interested in doing one.

  • Used to love them, but I no longer eat them. My faves were pinto, black eye peas, lentils, navy beans and garbanzos made into hummus. ��

  • I was not aware raw kidney beans had to be cooked a minimum of two hours. Ended up with severe pain and a trip to the emergency with a morphine drip.

  • So how many % bacteria and how many % human are those who came through C-section and therefore didn’t pass through the bacteria laden birth canal?

  • I like legumes like peanuts, beans. They add more flavor to sauces as well as thicken them and go great with jelly and bread. and they go good with white rice or cauliflower. but the omega 6’s and the things you mentioned is a bit of a turn off. which is a shame because as a spanish person I use to eat beans all the time with rice and meat

  • So, I was thinking about purchasing some organic pea protein powder from Swanson because there is only one ingredient and that is yellow peas. My question is do you think they soak the yellow peas or ferment them prior to making them into the protein powder? Anybody know the answer to this? I am so confused! I am just trying to add more protein into my diet.

  • …are Lentils amylase inhibitors?
    I’ve been making patties out of them
    …have I been not absorbing the protein associated with them?

  • Hello Thomas DeLauer, this video has hit the Jackpot of my health issues. I have damaged my gut villes, How can I restore them please??? I suffer from a lot of inflammation, leaky gut and Hashimoto syndrome. please help

  • I loved hearing this scientific explanation of the Biblical phrase, “bowels of compassion.” It always sounded very odd to me, as a young Christian. Now, it makes perfect sense! Just like when it was declared in the book of Job that God hung the sphere of the Earth on nothing long before anyone had scientifically posited the possibility of the Earth being a sphere.

  • here’s a few suggestions for stopping drinking at home
    Try eating food when you are drinking this cuts down the amount you drink.
    Take a break from alcohol.
    Make a note of how much you drink, then you know if you are cutting down.
    Set yourself goals don’t make them too hard at first.
    Pick one or two days or each week when you will not drink at all. Next, try to stop drinking for one week each month.
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Adoette Drink Plan site )

  • Wonderful video! Watched recently Dr Gundry he said that pressure cooker removes lectins but not from grains or oats. Could you please please do another more in depth lectins video? Thank you Thomas

  • I eat once a day, and typically eat a 1/2 cup of mixed almonds, Brazil and Walnuts with dark chocolate an hour before me meal. My meal is 1 cup of black beans, 1/2 cup of white rice, and 3 cups if mixed chopped raw Veggies with olive oil and vinegar. ls my timing “off” regarding my rice & beans consumption? Thank you!

  • The first two didnt get sick from sipping on cholera was because they knowingly took the placebo haha. Why would you make yourself sick if you’re trying to study it.

  • Indeed Dr. Umoru is a God sent. After many years of Suffering from Herpes I am totally free today after using the medications I got from Dr. Umoru who I came across on YouTube.

  • I knew our heart has a brain and then I learned about the vagus nerve due to 14 years of gaslighting and becoming not myself the only thing I could identify was that my parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves were out of wack! I left B4 I couldn’t that was fifteen months ago and this week was the first time I’ve not been afraid of falling in the bath/shower.

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  • what I do:
    eat nothing all day apart from a little bit of cold water and tea/dinner.
    before I eat dinner I drink cold water to make me more full so I don’t each much food.
    it’s been 2 days so far and I’m kind of already seeing results:)
    I’ll keep you updated in a couple of weeks

  • Also I believe beans are a strong appetite suppressant, they stop you thinking about food and reaching for snacks!!! Thanks for this.

  • Industrial revolution misguided World and opted quick profit methods and created profit making cycle model and antibiotics now failing

  • Actually not only microbes in intestine, but the secretion power-absorption power, activity of intestine is also the base of physical and our mental health. It is said in Ayurveda and since thousands of years Ayurveda doctors are using this fact in the treatment of bodily and mental disorders. Its just we neglect our ancient knowledge and wisdom and call ourselves modern..!!

  • This is probably the most humble, meaningful and informative TED talk I’ve seen in a while. Get your minds into the gutter everyone!!!

  • It really depends on your body. Some people do really well on plant based then the carnivore diet and some do well on the carnivore then the plant based diet. Some do better eating meat and plants. everyone different. It best to listen to your body.

  • I have IBS so avoiding legumes and beans are necessary if I don’t want to feel like I’ve swallowed a rabid wolverine. This is just more justification for avoiding them!

  • Thomas, How about the lentils cooked in pressure cookers? They are cooked at high temperature and under high pressure (like in Indian and some asian cooking). Based on your video I am assuming that process will destroy Lectins.

  • Plant based “Daily dozen”.






    7.trypsin inhibitors

    8.amylase inhibitors





    12.protease inhibitors.

  • After eating beans eat a very small amount of Ajwain، Carom seeds. We use ajwain in all gas’s producing dishes like pokaras, beans etc

  • For many years I consumed large quantities of bean and lentils. Thought it was healthy, the right way to eat. I only got sicker eating what I thought was the right way to eat. My whole body was inflamed and I was in chronic pain. Keto began the healing but several weeks of strict carnivore really helped me to heal my body. I will never eat legumes again. I am 51 and I feel amazing, been years since I felt this good.

  • Bruv, im trying to stop eating these foods but end up craving for it when i watch this video, b/c these pics that acompany it start to make me even more hungry:)

  • Interesting video but people have been eating beens for many many years and they actually prove to be beneficial to our health. Here is a short video that explains their benefits.and we do need fiber for our health!!!

  • Can you please do a video on which type of beans (ex. black, kidney, pinto etc) we can and cannot eat on keto? That will be easier to follow, more accurate and take the guess work/confusion out. Thank you!:)

  • We came into this world in beans and we will leave this world in beans. Check out the channel riggzor. This man will eat beans until the day he dies. Let him know the healthiest beans.

  • imagine we (human beains), are the bacteries in mother earth. Are we being good bacteries or bad bacteries for its organism? with mineration, petrol and deforestation…, I think we are bad bacteries… (and maybe, the corona is the drug to balance it!)


  • Hello everyone!
    I have started full course of psychology in English and Urdu/Hindi language. If anyone’s seriously interested they’re most welcome to my channel.
    See you there!

  • This is a severe underestimation of the human being. In reality we are living energy fields with bodies. Our bodies are contained within our souls or spirits. Translation-we are pure energy, or electricity in scientific terms. The body is a physical manifestation of you to be seen, recognized, and function in the earth plane as we know it. Our cells and all parts are conscious sentient beings. We are a community in our own. My cells are letting you know. You are a body of pure energy in unison with other energies. No part is greater than the whole. You are not subject to your body. We can listen to our body, care for our body, respond in multiple ways. Your body is not a tyrant or controlling you in any aspect. This error is designed to help you learn compliance and belief by so called “experts. Listen to yourself above all. Question everyone else. Every thought and feeling is energy first. It generates the chemicals. Thoughts and feelings are NOT a part of your identity. You are free to accept or reject any thought of feeling. Stay awake.

  • Hey Buddy. Great on the bean challange, beans are superfoods in general. Jumping from zero to 8 cups a day of beans is crazy just FYI. 1.5 cups a day will keep you very healthy. The gas goes after a long time. You need to develop the bacteria in your intestines.
    Keep it up!!

  • Expressing novel interesting scientific facts with simple words and a sense of humor!
    He was great. I really want to get involved in his topic of research!

  • Legumes are great. A lot of bullshit points in your video. First: Fiber is healthy because fiber is non-digestible! It is a good thing that it is fermenting. Lacto bacterias (fermentation) play a crucial role inside our gut. Fiber is food for good gut bacteria. It also can help to loose weight and is good for your stool and blood sugar level.

    Second: There is no such thing as “leaky gut syndrome” It is alternative medicine bullshit concept without any scientific backup!

    Third the protein is pretty good for plant food. You can simply combine beans with corn for example to reach a higher biological value as beef for example.
    In gernal a bad video.
    Typical self taught “health coach” bullshit. Guess you don’t have any qualification or competence I suppose?

    So bye.

  • Retitle the video “slow path to a heart attack” your high fat “nutrient dense” diet is unhealthy. Do you not understand what antinutienrs are? Phytates actually create stonger bones so go do some research. Plus beans have been shown to reduce inflammation especially in your arteries. Plant estrogen is also not the same as animal estrogen like from milk and chicken. And you should be eating beans with grains. Fiber can be broken down especially if you eat enough. And guess what? You don’t need cholesterol but I bet you eat a shit tone of that.

  • And also the French people eat since ever each day the
    fermented cheeses which are very good and natural healthy food for long healthy life!

  • This is SO stupid and misguided. It has been overwhelmingly documented that people who eat diets rich in grains and legumes live longer. Screw the moderation thing. Just cook your damned beans!!!

  • I used to eat so many of them and had no idea that it was possible to never feel bloated or gassy until I gave them (and all other plants) up.

  • What about folate, and the mutation in humans that we need more folate than normal and the birth defects related to folate deficiency? I heard this from the mic the vegan, how to counteract that?

  • I am doing a 20 hour fast every day, you are my hero, I love black beans I’m going to go make me some now, love the suggestion on eating my other foods first and then eating the black beans later, I think I’ll do this one hour before I restart the fast, sounds perfect for my diet.

  • I love beans. But, I agree 100% with you they are not good for you. Very good video. I have shared it with some bean lovers on FaceBook.

  • I’m sorry but this is all wrong. Please don’t just listen to this anecdotal advice and consult medical literature before cutting out something as important as beans/legumes

  • What can I say…. Beans aren’t for everybody. If you grow up in a American diet then ever try to change your diet. If you grow up in a blue zone diet never try the American diet, easy as that. To me red meat makes me gassy, but not fish. I grew up having fish every day, beans, rice, corn, tomatoes and chilies. I have never had any problem with legumes �� no gas, no constipation and healthy as hell. I’m do exercise 5 times a week too.

  • I LOVE LOVE ALL KINDS OF BEANS AND LEGUMES! This is so depressing!!!!

    But, I dont understand. I am Latin. Have eaten those all my life. I am almost 56 yrs old, thin and super healthy! I was always been thin even after 4 children now ages 10-18 yrs old. I can not believe these are not good. I LOVE my rice and beans.

    They also say rice is not good, yet Asians have been eating tons of it daily for centuries and they are thin and healthy!

    I LOVE my “healthy” rice and beans!!

  • Will cooking lentils in a pressure cooker kill of the lectins? Cos you said cook in high heat but apparently pressure cookers use pressure and not heat to reach temp.
    Secondly how long should i soak lentils for if i were to cook in a pot on the stove.

  • i think the funny thing is once my body told me what it needed and i stopped eating a vastly plant-based diet, it was much easier to admit to myself that i actually just don’t care for the taste of beans and legumes. my body then easily let me know what it craved! (meat!)

  • I pressure cook a black rice / black bean / split pea + herbs in a high pressure cooker (2 atmosphere stove top type) for 33 minutes. Breaks down a lot of the anti nutrients, makes them better nutrients. I cook a lot of stuff that way actually.

  • I buy those bags of Black Bean Rotini from Trader Joe’s and they work fine and are easy to cook. They are 60% fiber and sodium free.

  • I’m kinda picky with beans, the mushy texture ruins it for, I do like black beans on occasion but mostly mix with stuff like black bean burgers or in my chipotle, one time I ate them plain and undercooked and ate too many of them and farted up a storm at a bar and all of a sudden someone grabs my ass, so I think I’m gonna avoid them, especially because I’m 80%-90% carnivore/animal based

  • It is amazing how they have been selling this toxic anti nutrition legume junk as healthy food to people. Same with the fiber and rest of the man made vegetables junk.

  • But you didnt say if you lost any weght at the end.
    Also if u buy canned beans and drain, wash and cook with some spices u like, it will be better and tastyer. Im doing that… for weight loss, sure. The juice in canned ones iys not so healthy thats why you had burning stomach. Trust me, if you put fresh tomato or tom paste in ur cooking, you ll not have burning.
    Best of luck to you! Thx for sharing ur experience!

  • This is very irresponsible half-truth information. The altitude of good or bad, right or wrong is very narrow and lacks substantial medical nutrition biochemisrty and health psychology knowledge. Yes, there are antinutrients in legumes, which can be totally deactivated by proper preparations and cooking. The resistance fiber is great for gut microbiome, cholestrol and insulin response regulation, longer satiation without forgetting the 2nd meal effect of legumes, antioxidants and mineral content. If well prepared, their benefits outweighs their limitations by far, and a little antinutrients, phytic acid for example has cancer fighting prpoerties. Its true that people with irritable bowels, gastritis, crohn disease and other digestive issues are sensitive but not only to beans, but also many things including some other vegetables with cellulose fiber, paprika skin as an example, and they need a well crafted medical nutrition therapy, to damp them in one category and demonize legumes in general is very wrong and irresponsible. The gas/bloating due to the cellulose/sugars/resistant fieber is an indicator of ones state of digestive health, missing gut flora or presence of unsuitable gut bacteria, or the adjusting of the microbiome period which occurs like any other introduction of new foods.

  • What amount of antinutrients is left in beans, soybeans and lentils if they are soaked properly and then fermented? These are simple, low energy consuming and easy to manage processes… For instance, for phytic acid, these reduce its amount by 69-85%, (from “effect of legume processing and fermentation treatment on their phytic acid”).

    Besides, this question has no importance whatsoever as all we need is fruits and vegetables, and, depending on our climate and activity, some denser sources of calories. potatoes are the best, but why not include some wheat and other cereals, as we have to grow them for the straw anyway.
    Btw, there is no need to equal cereal growing with mice genocide: this is only a consequence of bad farming practices. No one said you have to grow large fields of a single cultivar of a single cereal, this does not work too well for several reasons. And without cheap energy from non renewable fossil fuels this would not work at all.
    With small patches of cereals and other wildlife all around, mice plague do not occur (as far as I know.)

    What is cool is Inga edulis: I wish I could taste it, it tastes so good apparently… And it’s not the seed you’re eating, it’s the pulp. So it probably does not have the antinutrients in it (more data needed here).
    So with Inga edulis, you get both something tasty and nutritious, and the benefits for the garden of having legumes, that is: nitrogen fixation.

    Because that’s the reason why we have to grow legumes: To get available nitrogen for the fruit trees and crops nearby. The seeds themselves, we can use them if we find a use for them, but if we don’t who cares: legumes are all about N fixation, that’s what they are invaluable for ; the rest is secondary.

  • Jesus Christ every comment is some sicko who can’t even digest a fucking BEAN. If a goddamn BEAN is too strong for you then just give up on life like LMAO. I’m eating bean soup right now and I feel amazing. You people are just weak. Also the lady in the vid has the crazy eyes for damn sure, wouldn’t let her give me money not to speak of tips on nutrition.

  • What a brilliant talk. It is why we should encourage normal delivery rather than c sec. We are all microbes. It is the millions of years of evolution and grouping of these microbes that we became humans.

  • If I ever needed to blow myself to the moon, eating beans and lentils would get me there. It is the number one horrible IBS food for me!

  • Look, maybe this only applies to other ethnicities and only does not apply to us Hispanics, I would think we got the adaptation to eat legumes and in fact they are the source of our longevity, check out “the Hispanic paradox”. Also eat lentils and not that many beans for non Hispanics, as it so happens, my great grandma is 113 and she has eaten beans as the backbone of her poor Mexican peasant diet all her life and still does and Cooke’s them in a big pot over a fire the old way over a fire, and she soaks them over night. Its super easy to find a large number of people that eat nothing but legumes as their diet almost daily and they live past 100s so I don’t agree with this content. But I was watching a lecture recently that shows that it’s not just Hispanics but people in the Mediterranean and Asia and other parts of the world that subsist on legumes and they are all living past their 100’s disease free or with very few complications, and the thing they all have in common is that they all eat “copious” amounts of legumes, so I don’t buy this information I think you went wrong in the fact that properly soaking them, cooking them, and combining them with other ingredients like vinegar which further kills any lectins if any, makes legumes no big deal to eat in a daily basis, now I also read that bread is a much much higher source of lectins than our humble bean. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Can you please add scientific studies to support these outrageous claims that go against all 50 years of scientific peer reviewed papers. Showing great health and longevity by eating decaying meat and no fibre. We don’t want claims we want to see results from it being put to the test. Please add scientific results

  • I just ate a black bean/sour cream/shredded cheese and a tiny bit of shredded chicken with a bit of red devil cayenne pepper hot sauce and i could only eat 2/3 of the small black beans can i rinsed and drained and I’m soooooo damn full i love it…i didn’t want to make myself sick full so i stopped but it tasted so good and knowing it was healthy really added to it too.

  • I haven’t eat beans since I went keto last year and carnivore since November, but I used to love beans. Favorites were beans in chili and Cajun red beans and rice. Still miss them.

  • Legumes and beans have more protein than any meat without the fat that makes people get fat and fat causes heart disease and cancer. They are a complete protein. That is a myth that they are not a complete protein. 1/2_to one cup of beans everyday is very healthy. The most nutritious lifestyle diet is Dr. Fuhrman Nutritritarian life style and he says you should eat beans everyday. He says you should eat the GBOMBS every day. They are G for Greens B for Beans, O for Onions, M for Mushrooms, B for Berries, A for Seeds such as Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, and Sesame Seeds. You should watch all his videos on You Tube. If you are overweight you will naturally lose weight and never be overweight again if you follow the Nutritritarian Life Style. I think this is the healthiest diet and Life Style out there. He says meat and dairy products and all processed foods and Sugar and Fats are poison to the body.

  • Do you think a small amount of tomato paste (100g) would be detrimental if it’s added to 2.5 4kgs of meat for flavouring in the slow cooker? I usually make up 6 8 meals per batch, so it really isn’t much per serve when you do the breakdown.

  • Winner of a video, been searching for “eat fatty food” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Meyaanit Fatty Escapeify (just google it )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  • I’ve been plant based since April 2016, I ate beans for lunch and dinner almost every day. I had bloating and gas my first couple of months, but that went away until around November 2018. I cut out beans for a couple of months and now eat them about 6-10 meals per month. If I don’t use Beanzyme I get bloating and gas. Even using it I’ll get gas and bloating if I eat them consitantly. I don’t know why it returned or how to address this. Any ideas are appreciated.

  • Lectins are found in many fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you eat foods in the ways that they have historically been prepared and consumed, there is no evidence of lectins contributing to health problems. There is some evidence showing lectins can promote health and immunity, and therefore reduce cancer risk.

  • Small amounts of lectins or even gluten can create a healthy hormetic response which strengthens your body against future exposures. The key is to consume them in small amounts and not very frequently

  • blue zones have one thing in common, they all consume legumes so these restrictions on beans are bullshit, beans are amongst the most healthy food that you can put into your body. The lectins after cooking and soaking is not a problem, second I the lectins are nowhere the poison he describes. I eat beans, lentils, peas, daily even twice a day and i dont have auto immune disease nor inflammation issue, at 60 I look 40 and i ma in better than when I was 20. in south and central america they eat beans daily and they are not ravaged by autoimmune diseases. There is always someone to scare you about something, in the 90s we were told that the isoflavones of soy favored breast cancer, but today the number says that people who consume soy have less breast cancer….as for the digestion of beans, when you eat them regularly you develop intestinal flora to digest it and you dont fart contrary to a popular belief.

  • Great talk Ruari. As a mom who spent three decades trying to help her daughter overcome chronic worry, fear, avoidance, chronic fatigue, panic attacks..all limiting her day to day existence in the world, the real answer lied in stepping away from the western mental health professionals view and paying attention to the foods that drove the waves of anxiety. The right-for-her toolbox included identifying that foods high in histamine immediately triggered her symptoms. Histamine intolerance is overlooked by the mental health professionals of which our family has given tens of thousands of dollars to only to receive failed after failed protocol. Finally, by taking a closer look ourselves, we identified the relationship between fermented foods, probiotics, whey, most leftovers, canned foods…essentially, foods high in histamine and immediately, she reclaimed her life. Her her body and mind now can begin to heal. Living life on your terms lies in the right-for-you protocol. Our learning is that yes, the answer lies in the gut, but not all guts and brains are alike. To lessen the symptoms and give our bodies a chance to heal, one is required to be self-aware in identifying the food groups that trigger the symptom, thereby uncovering the clues that lead to the right-for-you protocol.

  • Garbanzos and avocados too?
    I’m vegan, totes, so just fresh organic fruit et veggies?
    I thought that a probiotic live enzyme drink helped the tummy. Defo less bloat!! New to your channel, so don’t know if you have vids for vegans? I will check. If not, what are the « insteads »?

  • I eat a can of black beans every day. Also a few potatoes, salad with more beans in it. A little bit 9f meat. I lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of lean in 40 days. Low carb diets are stupid. I know because I tried

  • How about using a pressure cooker to get rid of lectins like Dr Gundry is always promoting? It’s so hard to know what to do when one has autoimmune disease.

  • Thanks for the tips. It’s infuriating trying to move over. Tried it like 10 times in my life and gave up. My wife says she’s never met someone who farts so much:-(

  • How about soy which is a legume too. I am intolerant for lactose so i take in soy as alpro soymilk, barista drink, soy yoghurt and icecream….

  • I noticed when i had to eat beans due to poverty that at first id feel like superman but after a week i noticed i was becomming lethargic and listless

  • All I eat is beans( pinto and black beans) with rice and vegetables I love em, I keep my weight very easy and find that I can build quality lean muscle on my diet so I’ll stick to cheap and healthy bean diet.

  • thomas, could you talk about Keto and nursing? interested in starting the Keto because i have auto immune (hashimotos) but i am currently nursing. help please! ������

  • What has my experience “bean” with legumes? Pun, or just your accent? Either way… ��

    Honestly, there are so many conflicting studies, I have no idea what to believe. My philosophy at this point is to avoid carbs(mostly) and eat only one, or maybe zero, meals several times a week. One or two days a week I just let it rip and eat like bleep

  • Thomas, Great video! My wife (who is a Grandma) wants to know if Pressure Cooker chili is okay.?
    Soaked beans, using 26 minutes on High in the Instant Pot..

  • I read several articles that were linked to me on instagram (by a vegan we were having a civil debate) and they all say meat is carcinogenic. Could you make a video on this, maybe explaining or possibly debunking it? If the information is false that is. I want to be on a healthy diet but I’m reading scary information on both sides saying practically anything we eat is unhealthy. Lol.

  • I’ve considered and haven’t read anything on the matter…that perhaps, our consciousness is dependant on the microbiome. Thoughts?

  • Lectins are a non-problem. Pressure cooking beans at 125 C for 5 minutes inactivates 100 % of lectins present, even in unsoaked beans.
    Beans should always be soaked, preferably for 24 h, and cooked through.
    One can’t deem a certain food unhealthy, just because one doesn’t prepare (cook) it properly.
    Cooked beans are an amazing food, and non soaked beans with higher fytine content can even assist in detoxicating the colon, effectively preventing some sorts of cancer, removing heavy metals etc.

  • My sister eats so much and shes still so skinny and i barely eat and im kinda normal. This is because my sister needs to go to the toilet a lot.

  • You are misguiding people it’s been proven those people who live on a legume diet live much longer eg the Japanese you just have to know how to cook them and what’s your alternative? animal protein? Which has ZERO FIBRE, FAT, ANTIBIOTICS, HORMONES ETC??

  • Thanks for the inspirational content. I love your channel and it’s been really helpful. I figured I’d share with everyone a product that helped me lose some weight as well. I hope it can help others! @t

  • Very nice talkn intersting, and very nice coments spetially caming from girls,,,my question: why artichokes is twice in the list?

  • thanks for sharing knowledge…..I would like to know whether all the gut bacteria are anaerobic or some are aerobic to…… is the type of bacteria and rate of growth also depends on body temperature,pH, and type of food we are eating…..kindly reply

  • Guys just saying something if you 100% will follow this video…

    1. Beans and other bean like things (Carbs) are not really unhealthy and make you have “a big stomach” Carbs have the nutrients you need with calcium and vitamins, same as Green Tea and other organic drinks.. they actually help with an hourglass body.

    2. Drinks that have a lot of gas in it are very unhealthy but sparkling water drinks do not affect you at all. Depends on which ones your buying, they just help you �� better.

    But it’s your decision. I’m just giving out this info because I’ve been reading a lot about body shapes and stuff and I’m learning.. I also recommend to search some of these things up before making a move because not everything true maybe even ask your doctor..I’m also on a diet and working out to get that body I want, good luck!✌������. (btw if you want any tips comment and ask down below I really am studying about this ����)

  • I barely ever chew gum, or eat mayonnaise, French fries, fast food, ice cream, and there isn’t any sugar free products in my house because I know how bad they are. I also stopped drinking soft drinks three years ago, and I exercise daily… yet here I am. To be honest I have lost a lot of weight in these three years, but I have just stopped losing weight and it is really annoying.