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4 Tips to have an awesome meal spree. 1. Turn up the volume. One way to defend yourself against the holiday surge of comfort food is to bump up your training volume a few days prior to 2. Eat sauerkraut.

3. Decaf coffee. 4. Know your needs. My problem is that I don’t know how to just have a cheat meal. I tend to eat all the sugary food I was restricting for the past week or so right after that one planned cheat meal.

Then I feel like a crap. Luckily though the guilt helps me make fresh start the next day. The only thing wrong I was doing unintentionally is #2 from your list. The cheat meal method could exacerbate eating-related issues for people dealing with food addiction tendencies, disordered eating or an inability to self-regulate eating habits. Cheat Meals and Long-Term Success: You will likely be able to handle a cheat meal every five to seven days without extended bouts of high blood sugar.

After 30 days of clean eating, you’ll have a much greater chance of complying with any future diet you choose. A Cheat Meal or a Cheat Day? Eating a cheat meal to increase leptin and jumpstart your metabolism sounds like a no-brainer.

There’s only one problem. A single cheat meal may not be enough to significantly raise your leptin level. You may need to increase your carbohydrate and calorie intake for a full 24 hours – a cheat day to get the benefits. Getting enough sleep after an episode of overeating is a good way to fight off cravings and get the next day off on the right foot. Studies have found that a lack of sleep may be associated with.

Tons of protein and all that good stuff. I usually have soccer 2-3 times a week and go the gym once a week. I never eat more than 1200 calories a day, I havent had more than 1200 calories in 8 mionths actually! I do have a cheat meal though once a week but I always make sure it stays under the 1200 calorie range.

The thing is, today is my birthday!The term “cheat” itself has negative connotations. The idea is that you’re “good” if you eat clean, or “bad” if you cheat.

This psychological barrier can be harder to overcome than the physical. First of all, you might want to reconsider calling it a cheat day or cheat meal in the first place. “The notion of a ‘cheat day’ actually does more harm than good. If you dedicate a frame of time (a day, a week) as the time to ‘cheat,’ then you’re more likely to eat just to eat because you feel like this is your one time to do so,” says Caspero. This is normal after eating a big meal, particularly if it’s high in sodium.

Water retention can make a big difference in weight, body shape and tone, and it’s typically the reason why people’s weight loss plans can start off with them seeming to have lost a great deal of weight, and also why weight loss seems to “slow” after that.

List of related literature:

Now, these cheat meals or days can get pretty horrific – they can get really gross.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
from The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life
by Melissa Wells
Hay House, 2016

The first is found in Francois Rabelais’s Gargantua and Pantagruel, in which the young giant, abandoning his regular bouts of unimaginable gluttony, is instructed by his teacher Ponocrates in the art of “proper regimen,” consisting of nothing more than a frugal dinner and a larger supper.

“Eating Right in the Renaissance” by Ken Albala
from Eating Right in the Renaissance
by Ken Albala
University of California Press, 2002

The Duc de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680) wrote that what a man of advancing age claims as a gain in virtue is more likely to be only a loss of appetite.

“Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins” by William S. Haubrich
from Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins
by William S. Haubrich
American College of Physicians, 2003

Few actions illustrate this as well as gluttony – the shortterm desire to fulfil the urge to eat and to gain endless pleasure from overeating are in complete contradiction to the long-term welfare, health and survival of the individual.

“The Fall of Western Man” by Mark Collett
from The Fall of Western Man
by Mark Collett
Lulu.com, 2018

Death and the denial of appetite are presented as more desirable than indulgence, where true luxury is the ability to waste decadent food rather than eat it.

“Fashion and Contemporaneity: Realms of the Visible” by Laura Petican
from Fashion and Contemporaneity: Realms of the Visible
by Laura Petican
Brill, 2019

Despite such awareness of the link between eating habits and health there can be no doubt that unavoidable inadequacies in diet and unfortunate fashions in food would have contributed to ill health in the housewife’s family.

“The English Housewife” by Gervase Markham, Michael R. Best
from The English Housewife
by Gervase Markham, Michael R. Best
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1994

Cheat meals turned into cheat feasts and cheat weekends.

“It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
from It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
Victory Belt Publishing, 2014

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that, given the value we now place on food, meals have come to function for many of us as a daily and sometimes hourly drama of discipline, deprivation, and self-satisfaction, or conversely, indulgence and guilt.

“Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It” by David Zahl
from Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It
by David Zahl
Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, 2019

Unfortunately, the popular idea that man must eat every few hours in order to stay alive remains; despite the fact that it has been proven over and over again that the “sick person”actually gains in strength when food is withheld and suffers a relapse from forced feeding!

“Rational Fasting: For Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Rejuvenation” by Arnold Ehret
from Rational Fasting: For Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Rejuvenation
by Arnold Ehret
Book Publishing Company, 2012

There’s merit in this idea, and as you’ll learn later in this book, Bigger Leaner Stronger also allows for “cheat” or “normal” meals, mostly as a way to relieve psychological stress and cravings.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

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  • I like the idea what that doctor is saying he is talking about life and issues that are food or lifestyle and different things are causing I do know this in the long run dementia Alzheimer’s is pretty much third class diabetes and if they do decide to say no think of it this way diabetes is not only sugar problem but a brain problem but diabetes can destroy Billy little or huge thing in your body as a person Bank of the smallest organ or the smallest thing to uman life in the human body that can be destroyed what is the largest organ just say I know is your skin thank you

  • The opposite happened for me in terms of cheat meals and what have you. If you get away from eating pizza, greasy burgers, etc long enough, you can often times lose your cravings and taste for them…that’s what happened to me. Outside of the 2 cheat meals I have at BWW once a month on the UFC ppv nights, I stay away from eating the bad for you foods. I like seeing my abs and am avoiding the dad bod building diet at almost all costs.

  • As hard as it is I hope in life that people nowadays try to slow life down if we do that maybe we will not be so over the wall crazy if we try that maybe we can find God also I know when the world’s leaders do what they do tell human life the bottom line they do not know how Talon life of people for those people who mess life up it’s all about money crookedness and communist dictatorship and many more things most of them have fallen into a trap you know what if they’re in a trap we are two because they have no brains like most of us maybe one day we will understand life when the world moves so fast no one can even think thank you

  • I wish folks would stop saying: if you skip breakfast, then your imterminted fasting. If you have a cup of coffee with cream or sugar in it, or chew a piece of gum, or suck on a lollipop, or anything at all except water… your NOT INTERMENTENT FASTING!

  • Personal opinion, I don’t think we should ever cheat on our diets. A diet is like a mission and if you want the mission completed properly, you have to do it properly. If we’re eating stuff we shouldn’t, that’s bad. However, if you plan it like a reward then that’s different. In the new year I’ve started a very strict diet and I’ve decided that I won’t reward myself until I reach a milestone in about two months. I needed to lose 170 pounds and I’m working on the last 29 pounds as of right now. When I reach 170 pounds lost, I’m taking my wife out to steak house and eating a four pound steak, and a two pound plate of fries. Then after that, I’ll eat whatever the army feeds me I suppose, but in the mean time cheating on my diet just moves the goal farther away. We should try to resist our cravings as much as we can…. Also, a shout out to Rich. He died before I found his videos, but he’s taught me more about building and dieting then any living person. I don’t believe in the juice, but I respect the man. Rest in peace 5%er.

  • I’m into day four total fasting, nothing but water, feel amassing, but there will be s period of detox starting the second day that will last into the third day. A lot of sweating and “the runs”. This is the body getting rid of toxins. a little tiredness the third day also, and into the fourth day. No hunger after the 3rd day also. Hunger cravings didn’t last long when they did occur. When they hit I would just just think on something else. Just like I did when I quit smoking. The cravings will not get any worse as the hours pass. As you push away the craving, when they do come, busy yourself with something. Never let the thought that half a sandwich couldn’t hurt, because it will take you right back to “square one”. As I sit and write this, I have absolutely no hunger in the evening on day four, and I feel energetic and alert. I have noticed a couple of significant positive effects. Can breath much better and deeper. I am calmer, though, the 2nd day I was moody, but didn’t last long. I’m less tense and nervous feeling. Water still goes through the system rapidly, even at day four. This was intended to be a 5 day fast, but considering extending it to 10 days….. if I keep showing positive signs like I have already seen. I was intermittent fasting with one meal a day before I started this fast, and my reason was for the possible health benefits, which has been a success. I am still astonished at how much better I can breath, I have COPD and had difficulty taking a deep breath, but now I can take, slow deep, effortless breaths, and no spasms. These results are not the “placebo effect”. And the calmness and clear headedness either. Its been a blessing so far for me.

  • I’ll help pass this video on by linking it. With some of the garbage that tends on YT this webinar should have millions of views. Their book is incredibly valuable. ������

  • I can tell you, autophagy starts over night. My first conscious fast, water only was 16 hours, skin cleared, psorisis, flaky scalp, dry skin healed. Then did 18 and 24 and 30. Feel so much better during a fast.

  • Weight loss is all about calorie deficit! Fasting is NOT magic or something that will give you an advantage when it comes to weight loss! If you don’t understand it go and educate yourself more on this topic… However, fasting can be a good thing for other reasons such as hormonal release…..

  • Here’s a pretty easy tip. Eat whatever it is you’re craving POSTWORKOUT then at least the body will burn it up faster than if you ate it at 1am.

  • People with dark skin will have a harder time getting vitamin d if they move to a place where people have lighter skin. Vitamin d deficiency is quite common in mothers and babies who are african americans.

  • In his cribs video this guy states that he is “Literately eating Ben and Jerries ever fuckin night” from his minifridge next to his bed. What gives Rich? Explain yourself. 

  • I’ve been WFPB and oil free for about 2 years and always had a TERRIBLE time with intense hunger after dinner, which always led me back to the fridge despite my most heroic efforts. I removed salt and sugar from my diet 2 weeks ago and haven’t had an urge to eat after dinner since. Not a single one. I don’t believe it was fatigue that caused the late night eating for me. It was the 3 tbs of blue agave and soy sauce I drizzled on my dinner every night!!!

  • To bad Dr. Chatterjee seems to be on the low carb high animal protein train. He should meet Dr. Garth Davis. He appears to think potatoes and rice and whole grain bread are as bad as refined sugar?!?!

  • 19:25 ‘We are all about nutrient density when you eat, to make up for the lack of nutrients when you don’t eat.’ If that was true, she would be promoting the eating of truly nutrient dense foods: quality pastured meats, eggs from pastured hens, 100% grassfed milk and other products from the dairy*, bone marrow, organ meats, bone broth, etc. These foods provide high quality protein in moderate amounts (if one does not overeat), and quality fats with CLA, Omega 3, Vit D, Vit K… Also bioavailable minerals (much of the mineral content in plants are ‘tied up’ and cannot be digested or broken down for use in the human body).

    *100% grassfed milk that is unprocessed is a very different food than the highly processed stuff sold in supermarkets. Too many differences for me to repeat here again… The info is out there for those who are interested.

  • Consistent incremental progress in lifestyle choices is the most pragmatic and long term success as it helps to replace checked-out numbing addictions with life-enhancing empowered choices that are deeply rewarding. I love the simplicity of this approach. Start with what you can do and keep going!

  • I must be getting old. I have been fasting about once a month for the last 18 months for 3-4 days. I am still figuring things out. This person has fasted once and she is lecturing/ writing books. To anyone on 3 day plus fasting, be careful to modulate your water intake. Taking too much is worse than too little as it flushes out salts which aren’t easily replaced.

  • Ultimate Goal to die in my sleep, yup! As the Creator made me..Last time i did a 3day fast i was 100% a vegetarian and by day 2 i craved nuts; and avocados without them my mind started thinking very negative thoughts like the kind one has when they are anorexia. that was in 2012 at 45 now in 2019 now 53 starting LCHF and considering doing it again but starting slowly.

  • I love this conversation. I am a very much on or off kind of person, but so many really need the incremental, baby steps approach to change.

  • The only way I would ever be able to slip into a fast is if I’m already in a Ketotic state. There’s no way I could go from a sugar-dominant diet directly into a fast, I would feel like I’m starving to death. But when I’m a ketogenic diet, I barely think about food, and fasting happens naturally sometimes because meals get “skipped” by accident. It would be very easy to slip into a 1-3 day fast on ketosis.

  • Yes I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower growers i believe together we can make a difference. The Magic of fasting wonderful philosophy join us Good Life Facebook Group Tauranga New Zealand. The more I eat less the more I am sustained & feel strong, but how on A 72 hrs fast each week. Must be ‘re generating old cells to new ones. Yours in service to the health Derek C Howie Ambassador Health Happy Wellbeing Tauranga New

  • This is by far the best interview I’ve heard in a very long time. Came back this morning to re-listen. Dr. Goldhamer gives such clear, no-nonsense advice. I had cut my coffee consumption to one cup per day. After hearing this, it will now be zero per day. I was up at midnight thinking about this interview while pouring out the remainder of my maple syrup and low-sodium Tamari sauce. Thanks so much Dr. Goldhamer and Chef AJ!!

  • I don’t consume carbs, I am an addict and there is no wiggle room for me. Fasting and keto carnivore is a very sustainable lifestyle for me and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I am almost 50 years old.

  • There isnt a problem with this guys videos, rich gave his expireneces of his life on this channel, yes the troll comments were funny but he knows his stuff. Its sad he died I think all men wish they could look somewhat that big where people know you are in shape. Credit to rich for sharing his expirences, I personally will continue to train naturally because im only 19 but through richs channel you get an insigbt into his world, his life lived as a youtube channel giving advice to a lot of people both steroid free and steroid users. Id like to think steroids didnt kill him but for every posotive thing there will always be something negative. Physics. Rich was a leader with 5% he did well for himself now he rests.

  • The one thing about Doctors who appear on YouTube, they open themselves up for criticism when your local practitioner doesn’t. Most likely your local GP will be offended when their judgement is questioned. A lot of people think that their doctor is smarter than themselves and blindly accept their therapeutic judgment. There are very rigid, stupid doctors out there. This is proved by the diabetes epidemic with two camps of doctors who oppose each other about the fix. That means part of them are probably wrong and too rigid to change. The problem is your health, happiness, and life depends upon which kind of doctor you have. Are you smart enough to explore this subject for yourself and make the decisions necessary to succeed. If you are, you are probably smarter than your doctor. He/she is just better trained. Jesus said: “Wisdom is proved righteous by it’s results” (paraphrased). I am 70 years old.

  • Hello Chef AJ.
    Could you ask a Plant based Dr about crohns disease and medications.
    What should people with crohns be careful of eating because even some plant foods can hurt… Sometimes raw foods, apples, beans ect can cause discomfort.
    Is there any hope for people with crohns to get off medications.
    I am on methotrexate and my Dr wont let me leave it.

  • 23:1 almost every day! Lots of organic meats, Irish butter, whole cheeses with a smidgen of kale/broccoli sprouts/avocado. Lots of pink salt and very low carb. Best I’ve felt in years! Hopefully will keep me on the mountain bike too.

  • I tried dieting only on fish, shrimp and salad…it was okay for the first couple days then after like a week I started to feel like I hadn’t eaten in awhile even after eating. So I told myself “that’s fine, don’t go and binge on junk food just go eat more fish if your hungry” so then after 3 weeks of this that ” eat more fish and salad” idea ended after I found myself starving even after devouring a full fish and salad dinner…walked down to Wal-Mart and bought pizza and that was that.

  • Absolutely true!!! I haven’t done shows, but after cutting weight for armwrestling tournaments, I become obsessed with food… very similar.

  • So PLEASED to hear The Pleasure Trap is coming to Audible!! I have a 3 hour daily commute to work on Amtrak, and make great use of Audible. I’ll be buying The Pleasure Trap just as soon as it’s available.

  • Boy, they (the ‘experts’) make this complicated. Sure you need to learn a bit about fasting and intermittent fasting ‘mimicking fasting’ and their benefits, but really, simply try things on and see what suits you. I just eat, generally, within a 6 to 8 hour window (trying for the 6 hrs most days). Then simply throw in the odd 1 day, 2 day or 3 day full fast…or even the occasional 5 day Longo fast. But, again, all this obsessive concern over technical details. For God’s sakes…

  • But wow his general insight and understanding of people..including me.. and their interaction with foods is so helpful and makes so much sense…i really appreciate this interview..it is amazing, Chef AJ. Your work has helped me the most even though I am too skinny…the information you present is just so truthful.

  • The only issue I have with the argument that food choices are personal is the horrendous effects they have on the environment and on animal suffering. This stuff is not personal. Same as racism is not free speech, slavery is not freedom of the market there are moral boundaries in a civilized society. Please, please consider this. We need to get into ppls faces about this. We need to explain the ramifications. We need to take a stand as inconvenient as it my be.

  • iam fasting since 5years, maybe more. most of the time i was eating complete shit (mcD and stuff). i would go to mcD once per day and only eat once per day. fasting 23.5h/day.
    i cant say it changes anything in my psychology or behaviour when i stopped that pattern and ate multiple times a day.
    what changed my behaviour tho, was a change in my diet (away from the carbs to a keto diet). what happend then is incredbile and iam not skilled enough to put this experience in a view sentence. if you have a week off or so, try it out. stop eating carbs all together and see what it does to you. the first 3 days will be shitty tho. enjoy ^^

  • Loved the presentation… Fasting became a thought for me back in the “80’s when I read a book, “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond backed the science of Natural Hygiene by Dr Hebert Sheldon.  Even though the practice of fasting is biblical we have gotten away from what is best for the body… I love carbs and now at 61 and overweight have to make the positive change to reduce the carbs and I fast 16-18 each day and eat a salad at lunch and a low carb dinner for dinner… again I greatly enjoyed your presentation…

  • I agree, thank GOD I didn’t start my workout regimen cause I would’ve never seen this video and I would’ve been all about the cheat meals……which also leads to unfocused workouts on the gym

  • The eating disorder is real�� im getting towards the end of my cut and i keep bing eating.. im binging right now amd i feel like shit

  • Anyone else actually sleep better when they eat late at night?
    I know it goes against science, which I’m not doubting for most people is helpful

  • OMG, I almost choked on my drink laughing at 44:55 ������ He was so cute! He was giving us “Instant Pot-ers” a mere inch, and it wasn’t easy for him, LOL! I so loved this interview, THANK YOU BOTH for making it and sharing it with us all. YOU INSPIRE!!!!!!

  • Case Study #7: 11 Years of COPD CURED in 3 Months!!


  • Has anyone also noticed that whoever is giving the talk, whether it be a Doctor, Prof, Dietician or Personal Trainer, male, female, black or white, they are ALWAYS slim and look really healthy?
    I’ve seen dozens of these videos and its always the case.

  • I’ll parrot so many of the comments and say this was informative and presented well. My primary care physician introduced me to IF. Have been doing a week and feel so good. First few days were tough because of my love (addiction) for carbs. But, once that monkey got off my back, almost instantly felt more alive and alert. Next step is a 24 hour, followed by longer periods. Each day I awaken knowing my liver and pancreas, as well as the rest of my body, are saying “Thank you.”

  • Even from beyond death, Rich continues to give his wisdom. Absolutely agree with this. The cheat meal mentality will give you eating disorders! You’re not only binge eating, you’re rewarding yourself with food. That’s a dangerous mentality and extremely hard to break.

  • So, give us the data…
    1 How many meat eaters get Alzheimer’s?
    2 How many vegetarians get Alzheimer’s?
    I have heard these extreme claims by vegetarians for years now on YouTube and elsewhere about how you can improve your health, get rid of diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and all kinds of chronic diseases after only one month of eating vegetarian. Well, I tried it, and I admit I feel better, but I honestly do not like the food as much it is not as satisfying, but none of my vital measurements really changed. The vegan supporters are just as dishonest, but probably more correct than not, than the carnivore supporters, but both sides are lying.

  • This was such a great podcast, found it very interesting. Dr Chatterjee’s enthusiasm and passion for his subject matter is captivating… Although, he did remind me of David Brent a bit when he started singing:) Well done Rich!

  • … Wowwww, this is by far my very most fav of all your great, great presentations… DR Chatterjee is unbelievably amazing & passionate in his fields….and an outstanding singer, too….that last song was such a treat…. God Bless You & Your Loved Ones for all your highly valuable offerings…

  • thats so true all i think about while am dieting is the cheat meal and what is it gonna be and i start counting days thats crazy and i love it and it really make me enjoy that meal every week food food food <3

  • I started with keto to become fat adapted having a month to ramp up to low carb high fat. Went keto for 2 months and I hit my weight target and blood tests were spot on (but I’m a hyper responder). To maintain in the past 6 months, I have been doing IF (16:8 or 18:6) and LCHF with carbs between 15gm to 75gms. This works great for me. I don’t miss breakfast. Not counting calories makes it easy. Keto is too strict for my lifestyle. I can tell when I’m in keto when my mouth feels funny. But quality food is important and lots of veggies. I think for those that just want to be healthy and not go low carb high fat, they can get healthy eating whole foods cooked at home, avoiding any added sugar and sugary foods, and IF. This is especially true for kids who will not be keto or low carb high fat compliant.

  • I find it amazing that humans have only been slim since we invented the bomb-calorimeter in the 1800s. It’s lucky we finally figured it out so we can count calories.

  • I would rather obsess about what to eat on cheat day
    than obsess about which needle i was going to stick in which ass cheek 
    richy rich 😉