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GIVING YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM A “BREAK”. Another commonly cited gut health benefit of intermittent fasting is avoiding overloading your digestive system. The rationale: If you’re constantly eating, your gut doesn’t have much time to rest and digest, which can mess with optimal functioning. An often-overlooked benefit is the positive effect that Intermittent Fasting can have on Gut Health.

Researchers have found that beyond its benefits on your body and brain, Intermittent Fasting could favourably influence the balance of beneficial gut flora that protects against metabolic syndrome, a cluster of issues that include high blood, insulin resistance and high levels of visceral fat. Fasting, Gut Health, and the Science behind it. Fasting can help you feel better, lose weight, reduce your risk of disease, and increase your longevity. These health benefits are, in part, due to the fact that Intermittent Fasting can also have a profound impact and improve your gut health. Researchers have defined three specific ways that fasting provides many health benefit.

Intermittent fasting can definitely complement and enhance those gut-healing efforts for some people (but it’s not for everyone). If you would like individualised advice and guidance with practicing intermittent fasting, diet and gut health, I offer one-on-one consultations. Intermittent fasting can also reduce inflammation and regulate immune cells. Overactive immune cells and low-grade inflammation in the gut are typically present in IBS.

Interestingly, intermittent fasting can help with nerve regeneration in multiple sclerosis patients with mild disease and in diabetics. While short-term fasting or intermittent fasting does seem to have endless health benefits, such protocols must be created to address impending health disorders. Simply following extreme caloric deprivation and starving will not help one achieve the many benefits of fasting on gut health. The power of fasting and the benefits of good gut bacteria are two of the biggest breakthroughs to come out of health research in the past few years. Research has proven that combining these two health trends—fasting for gut health—might actually help make you healthier, fitter, and even happier.

Fasting may help protect your gut microbiome. You’ll lose weight and have a happier gut: Studies show reducing or eliminating nighttime eating and prolonging nightly fasting intervals can improve various health parameters, including your gut microbiome. Among its benefits, fasting gives your overworked gut a break from energy-intensive tasks like digesting and assimilating food.

Intermittent fasting is safe for many people, but it’s not for everyone. Skipping meals may not be the best way to manage your weight if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have kidney stones, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes or other medical problems, talk with your doctor before starting intermittent fasting.

Some of the most significant benefits include improvements to the immune system, as intermittent fasting can reduce inflammation and insulin resistance which in turn helps to strengthen the immune system 2. Other benefits include enhanced mental clarity, heart health benefits, blood sugar regulation, and improving the health of the gut.

List of related literature:

As in all other gut problems, fasting is an important initial remedy.

“Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies” by Lakshmi C. Mishra
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Thus the concept of gut rousing by nutrition and not gut resting by fasting became the practice in some centers.277 It

“Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management” by Mark Feldman, MD, Lawrence S Friedman, MD, Lawrence J Brandt, MD
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The gut processes food, and though most people don’t think about gut health in terms of weight loss, it is responsible for effective digestion, metabolism, fat breakdown, toxin removal, flushing out excess water, and thyroid and hormone regulation.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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The gut microbiota therefore plays an important role in the maintenance of health: forming a healthy gut barrier, modulating the activity of the immune system, protecting the host from invading bacteria and viruses, and aiding digestion.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
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Bowel movements usually decrease during fasting—since no food is going into the stomach, there is less stool formation—and this helps to prevent loss of protein in the stool.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
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In other words, if you are overweight, obese, sedentary, or in need of giving your gut a serious break from calories, fasting can give you the benefits of restricting calories without actually restricting calories.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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Complete emptying of the bowel is important before the start of fasting.

“Ayurvedic Science of Food and Nutrition” by Sanjeev Rastogi
from Ayurvedic Science of Food and Nutrition
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Numerous studies have shown that it is safe to feed the gut in the immediate postoperative period and that this practice does not place the integrity of intestinal anastomoses at risk.

“Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: Expert Consult Premium Edition: Enhanced Online Features” by Courtney M. Townsend Jr., R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox
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The reason fasting can work so well when a person has severe digestive issues is that it takes away the external source of inflammation while giving the gut a rest.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
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Fasting has side benefits; it allows the digestive system to rest and causes impurities and toxins to leave the body.

“Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture” by Carole Boyce Davies
from Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture
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  • Hey @Thomas Delauer, I’ve been watching you’re videos from the past 3 years, there’s not a single video I haven’t watched, it’s extremely informative and has helped me and many others around me to lose weight and feel better and healthier. I have a really important request which would mean a lot to me, it is one of my family members tried intermittent fasting for 4 months, had great benefits. Recently a doctor who we knew told him fasting is dangerous and extremely unhealthy which causes acidity which has lead to cancer and death in a particular person. This disturbs me because he has stopped fasting, gained a lot of weight, craving sugar all the time and resents fasting.
    He is going to miss out on all the anti aging benefits and the weight loss, etc.
    My voice would have absolutely no value as the doctor is obviously the more certified person who has a very good reputation and I am just a person who learns from YouTube who has no qualification to argue.
    If you notice this comment it would be great if you can send a reply, or even better MAKE A VIDEO!! I think it is a great video idea because there are many people who watch you’re videos who have families that don’t agree to what they say as they are not doctors and are just people who are learning from the internet!
    Thank you ��

  • It’s insane how much more we’re hearing about gut disorder and colon cancer even in young men these days. I think this is a trainwreck issue we need to address immediately

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  • The microbiome effects everything from digestion, immunity and even mental health. Great to know fasting helps the microbiome thrive

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  • Scenario 1:
    Mom: Did you eat breakfast hun?
    Me: No, I woke up late.
    Mom: Starts lecturing on how breakfast is so important.

    Scenario 2:
    Mom: Did you eat breakfast hun?
    Me: I’m intermittent fasting.
    Mom: Oh my God, my child is so disciplined.

  • I am very greatful to you @doctor_saibu for what you just did in my life and that of my family i will forever thank you, after living with herpes virus for 5 years with my family’s you still give reason to be happy i don ‘t know much to say to you can reach him via his Instagram page @doctor_saibu but all i want to say is thank you from my greatest heart your medication is still the best now and in lifetime.
    you can reach me on my email [email protected]

  • Been fasting on a 16:8 ratio for about a week and a half now. Feel fantastic. Learned to control my intake better and what I put in my body. Doing this in conjunction with not consuming dairy (been doing this for 4 months now) and have dropped 30lbs.
    My wife found you and we have both been fasting together. All I can say isthank you! More energy, faster metobolic rate and better appetite control. Never thought I’d be able to do this, but I am. You are an inspiration.

  • Do you have a bone broth you recommend? I really want to start intermittent fasting. Do you have a guide online that I can download? Help! ��

  • Book with experience:

  • Is not that hard if you have healthy sleeping hours, lets say you go to bed after dinner at 00:00 and wake up at 7:00 then you just have to be busy until 15:00 and voilá

  • hell yea dude.. fast heals everything.. OMAD heals autoimmune disorders.. man have won noble prize for this research in 2016.. this video is kind of video that can lift spirit in people.. good job with this one

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  • Hey, Doc! Love your videos and how willing you are to share the facts, but I really appreciate seeing the human side of you; blurbs, bloopers, mess-ups, whatever you want to call it. Not only does it help us see how human you really are, but it also lets us see how down to earth you are as a person. You’re not afraid to show that and I’m really happy about that. Thank you!

  • My grandmother lived for 102 years. She practiced intermittent fasting majority of her life. She was on a full day fast every 14 days. Also each day she would eat only twice. Morning and evening. She was on fast on imp festivals like janmashtami and navratri etc. No tea or any beverages. Fruits in between meals. Vegetarian diet. The benefits are numerous. Whereas me and my dad fast one day a week. It’s beneficial as my dad suffers from high bp and avoiding salt the whole day helps. We do eat fruits in between as it helps to maintain energy.

  • Thank you for what you do. I love your videos and you have been such a source of inspiration, encouragement and information. I am down 73 pounds so far and half way to my goal. Thanks for your channel!

  • Intermittent fasting is dangerous in long term, it can down and fall of insulin, leading to severe hypoglycemia.This repetitive high and low can either cause damage to pancreas or to body cells or any other organs.

  • I fast for spiritual reasons. Every day, I don’t eat until 3 pm and it’s a great and wonderful way to discipline yourself. A lot of us these days don’t have discipline and this helps to sharpen your spirit and keep you still. Currently, I’m doing a 3 days dry fast( no food, no water for 3 days) and I promise you will not die from this. You won’t. I have friends who do 10 DAYS DRY and they’re fine��. It’s great!

  • I have thought about fasting, but when I do skip a breakfast for instance I get so nauseous, dizzy, and start shaking really bad. I have also been told that when you dont eat, your body will then store all the fat and energy from when you DO eat, causing you to gain weight. Is this true? I just need some guidance here. ��

  • I lost 16kg in 5 months with this (since the beginning of the quarantine). I feel fine and I am happy with the results.
    I want to do a blood test to check if it is everything OK, though…

  • Thanks for all you do for us. I have found it easy to do a 23/1 hour fast and have been doing it for two weeks. I have made excellent progress and my BP is plummeting. I have another week to remain strict on the diet then am heading home to see family. I plan to be good, but really don’t want to confront my Mom regarding not eating her pasta and a couple of other dishes. It’s just for a couple days and I can fast a bit for sure. Coffee for breakfast and skip lunch. My question is am I throwing it all away for a couple high carb meals? I figure I can get back on a good diet and fast immediately after leaving. Probably back to high ketone levels in a couple of days. You agree I could get back on track fairly quickly?

  • actually somedays, like today, I’ve been doind IF (8;16) without knowing it… also, very often I don’t eat breakfast, cause to me, eating before 11am makes my stomach ache a lot

  • I actually started doing intermittent fasting by accident. I got very sick and wasn’t eating much over a 2-3 week period around January the year before this hellish year, and I happened to read an article on Yoshinori Ohsum winning a Nobel Prize for her work on autophagy. At the time before I became sick, I weighed around 230 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches in height. I’m thirty-five, and off and on over the years I’ve tried to exercise more and eat healthier, but it hasn’t always been easy to fight cravings, especially being a consumer of cannabis for medical reasons. The lowest weight I achieved when I was about 145 one summer when about twenty-six. I had eaten almost nothing but watermelon for months, it was a purely watermelon diet, and I could eat a lot of it without worrying about having to burn off a lot of calories. That combined with intense exercise worked, and I lowered my weight to lowest it had been since I was a much smaller child. I couldn’t maintain it for more than four or five months though, as much as I love watermelon variety is the spice of life. After suffering an injury, I couldn’t exercise and ballooned back up, and I’d never even gotten rid of the belly no matter how hard I tried. I got despondent and sedentary again, just happened to take a job that was less physically taxing, ended up heavier than I had ever been before. Also felt less healthier than I’d ever felt before. Then I got sick and read that article. Decided I would keep it up, though I was only doing 12:12, which some intermittent fasters might not consider much of a fast. Even so, I saw immediate benefits, and in more than just weight loss. After doing it for eight months, I hadn’t achieved the weight loss I’d achieved on my watermelon diet, but I had lost a significant amount of weight without much exercise at all, I was down to my 180s, and I had never felt healthier in my life, even when I was at 145. I was eating a healthier, more balanced diet, and over time I learned better control of my cravings. Unfortunately, my father passed a away last August, and around that time I fell off the wagon. Ballooned back up to 220 as I stuffed my face with sweets in my depression. I got myself back under control though, and over the past few months I’ve worked my way back down to my 180s, and I just seriously started intermittent fasting again a few weeks ago. I am already feeling the benefits again. I feel like I can finally move to a 16:8 routine soon, that my body has adapted to this process. I don’t even consider it much of a diet, I still eat what I like a lot of the time, but only at certain times. I ate a whole bag of cookies over a period of two days last week and still lost weight! I try not to do that too much, that can’t be good for you, they were iced molasses cookies and they were delicious and once they’re in my cookie jar it is game over, but I can usually go a few weeks or even a month or two without buying a bag of cookies. Either way, it is nice to know that I don’t have to starve my willpower trying to never eat cookies if I just restrict the amount of hours in day in which any sweets might be eaten. I could pop down to the store for a donut or fudgeround right now, and I wouldn’t feel bad about it, but I feel that craving less and less, a craving I felt all the time when I was eating all of the time. I’m about to be back in my 170s for the first time in almost a decade, and I’m only moderately exercising, my job usually isn’t too physically demanding, and I know I can keep doing this now, that even if I fall off the horse I can get back on it, and that if I keep at it I will only feel healthier over time.

    I would suggest to people interested in trying intermittent fasting to start off easy, at 12:12, and if you’re eating a very unhealthy diet you should still try to eat better, but don’t waste willpower trying to avoid all of your cravings. Treat yourself occasionally, just try not to cheat on the restriction. It will get easier for you to say no to food during that time restriction… well, over time. Your body will adapt. Your ancestors were nomadic hunters and gatherers, and they starved for days regularly as they hunted prey or sought out new food resources. We don’t even have to starve, I have plenty of calories and nutrients to burn before we can call it that. Give it a try. I think people are going to find out that even over the long haul, as long as you eat the calories and nutrients your body requires during the period you allow yourself to eat, the benefits will far outweigh the risks, if there are many to speak of at all.

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  • I would think we can make some educated guesses for long term effects by studying eating habits of prior generations. I know in my family the older generations would routinely not eat breakfast of in many cases even lunch and just have dinner. It seems to be common for people who worked the land. It seems like eating less and less often seems to optimize our body for longevity. I think our current studies and recommendations are a tad warped because we tend to study athletes and their performance and people base their eating habits on them.

  • What is your opinion on Yoli 28 day transformation kit from Amazon. I lost 12 lbs in 1 month it works. I started at 160 lbs down to 150.2 lbs. Goal is 115 lbs. I am 45 4″11″. Is 115 lbs realistic?

  • Can an apple break a fast?
    I’ve just ended a 40 hours water fasting and what I struggle with was the absence of any taste in my mouth, so I was wondering, is there anything that I can put in my mouth without breaking my fast other than water, coffee or tea?

  • 5:11 that’s how I feel when I’m fasting! “I can’t handle it! I can’t handle it. I’m so fragile”. LOL Actually, I feel this way period.

  • I fast so much that I starve and so skinny ���� the bad bakteriea wont go away..
    They make ammonia..
    Feel them crawling allmost
    Allmost dying ☠�� can’t breath
    What do I do..????? ��������

  • Great video. Given that your gut microbiome impacts everything (as we explore in-depth in our gut health guide), regardless of whether your illness has any gut-related symptoms. from your immune system to your skin to your brain function to your digestion, and even your mood and mental health, it’s so important to eat foods that are beneficial for it. ��

  • You are very nice not to waste my time. But slow down please. Some of us are very new at this and dumb anyway. I took notes and show it to airheads doctors

  • Hey Thomas. I had read somewhere that there is a test you can take that analyzes your stomach acid to figure out which foods that’s suits your gut bacteria. I didn’t know what the test was called and wanted to see if maybe you knew

  • I started intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast. When will weight loss start? I’m 5″‘7″ and weigh 160 pounds. I want to lose 10-20 lbs, get back to pre pregnancy weight.

  • Question!!! Does taking allegery medicine (i.e. benadryl, clariton, etc) or say tylenol or other over the counter medication affect the fasting process? Specifically, does it break the fast or no? At this stage I just assume it does but really cannot say so definitively.

  • I was watching the 6 fasting things on the screen at the beginning and I realized that I was doing meal skipping without realizing it. So, there’s that. Usually, I end up skipping lunch because I get so caught up in doing things throughout the day and I don’t want to disturb the “workflow” (even though I’m not actually working…). Sometimes I skip breakfast because I drink coffee which tends to fill me up since I’m kind of a tiny person. I almost never skip dinner though. Nothing too strict, because honestly, I don’t even pay much attention to when I skip meals and when I don’t.

  • Dr Mike I am wanting to start trying to get exercise in now, my baby is 18 months old now and wanting to really tackle my pregnancy weight gain.
    I’ve found so much conflicting advice. Is it better to exercise on an empty stomach, or full, morning or later in the day?

  • Love what you do. You treat us like intelligent adults. I was just wondering what you think about home fermented pickled vegetables. I notice that they don’t move the needle on my blood sugar and really spike my ketosis. Do you think they have too much salt?

  • I’m not sure if anyone would know but I am curious: would fasting be beneficial for someone who has kidney disease and CANNOT eat Keto because of it?

  • Got a question. PPAR-gamma, ampk, diabetes,cancer relationship. I am confused, think many websites are also confused. The most credible explanation is: when ampk is upregulated this suppresses PPAR-gamma,a fat storage switch, which is needed to be suppressed to fight existing cancer. Supplements can suppress PPAR-gamma to fight cancer…. PPAR-gamma is a switch in the cell which turns on to store fat,as it is explained. So normally turning off is good, unless body needs to lower blood sugar asap. This explanation makes most sense. Fat, just sitting in storage, releases all kinds of inflammatory cytokines which can cause cell metabolic abnormalities and cancer,as well as, inflammation which leads to angiogenesis and cancer getting a larger blood supply. While having some stubborn fat allows body to quickly store excess blood sugar, and helps avoid type 2 diabetes, which explains why some PPAR-gamma would help avoid type 2 diabetes………However, other sites recommend exact supplements, saying PPAR-gamma would be upregulated with the supplement…… This explanation,if right, doesn’t make sense to me. Dr. Fung, Delauer, some one with a stronger understanding, help me understand this!

  • I love all your content! Watch all ur vids!! I sent you an email and would so appreciate if you could answer as I just need a couple questions answered that I haven’t figured out based on watching your vids. School starts soon and I just wanna get on track so please please answer. It’s titled “Keto Question!!!!!!” I will keep watching your vids ❤️

  • “I´m gonna cut to the chase and be respectful of your time here!” Plays channel ad. Requests to subscribe. Requests to turn on notifications. Plays Thrive ad. Starts with the actual content.
    ….what? I totally get that you live on promoting yourself and other services but maybe don´t start off with this sentence then. That´s a little bit of a confusing approach. Other than that thanks for the always great content!

  • @thomas Is there anyway you could make a keto plan for us woman who are stay at home moms that don’t have the time to hit the gym. I am a mother of 2, and I am determined to start keto. But I need help with meal planning and workouts for home. Thank you a bunch! Love your videos!

  • I had constipation problem from last one year.. i stated doing intermittent fasting.. and added fiber to my diet… I added anjir.. it is a indian fruit which is high in fiber and dates.. started taking apple cider vinegar, pink salt and drinking enough water… And now my stomach feels so healthy no blotting no tight stool… I stopped taking whey protein and grains too.. i fixed myself without a need of a doctor… Now after seeing this video i feel more confident.

  • I wish I had uncover this diet guide years ago. I got rid of 12 pounds in 3 weeks so far. There is certainly still need of work outs even only a couple of times a week and the foodstuff to have should be best. It showed fantastic results for me. Undeniably, this weight is recommended and I do hope this would give good results to you too simply because it did to me. Find a right guide is not easy, you can research on Google. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Hey Thomas, here’s a good one, what produces more ketones within the body, intermittent fasting or a keto diet? Talking about a regular IF or low carb IF (not keto IF)…

  • Thank you for the great content as usual.

    When I fast for more than 24 hours (36 to 48) I believe that I get negative affects from the toxins that have been released from my fat cells.

    While I take various binders (activated charcoal) inorder to enable my body to evacuate these toxins, I think my liver may not be processing these toxins… Hence the negative affects (headaches, fatigue)

    What would you recommend to enable me to clear the toxins that are released from my fat, pre, during and post a long term fast.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    Keep up the great work / content

  • Love this channel, just done my first 48 hour fast, never would of believed how easy it was if it wasn’t for watching you,never even felt hungry because I have been IF for the last two months and feeling great, thanks TDL

  • Thom I’m not using these products but what is your take on these fizzy workout beverages…bang reign etc. I’ve been noticing a proliferation of these things and I’m just curious some have zero sugar or less than 1carb and have coq10 creatine super creatine and bcaa thank you in advance for your attention to this question I’m sure I’m not alone

  • Great information….but my attention span doesn’t get me through your vidoes a lot of the time I just want the information direct.

  • Hello, I’m 31 years of age, 5’10 and weigh 226, I want to be 175, and for the rest of my life weight between 169 and 175, is it okay to intermittent fast(18-6) everyday til I hit my goal, or should i do it a few days out of the week?

  • I´ve been thinking of this for a couple of days now. Can you do a video on keto for wheelchair users? Would be awesome! I know that the amount of calories can be different for us

  • Do a video on protein bars. Explain why they’re bad or if there are some out there that are actually healthy. I feel like they are just glorified candy bars.

  • I usually listen to hip-hop, aso I punch up the video speed to 1.5 most of the times and listen through it in half the time.
    Anyone else doing this?:D

  • Hey Thomas, how does one loose that last lower abdominal fat. I’ve trained and have lost overall fat but I have a 4 pack but a pooch of fat on my lower abdominal blocking my last packs. Help me out here

  • Hey friend, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? ( It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • If a tea has zero calories but 20 grams carbs, do you count these in your total carb macros for the day? Trying to figure out if this green tea is acceptable for fasting.

  • Is 7pm to 8am good enough fast? I usually work out from 5:30 to 7:30 AM. Lastly what are more prebiotic foods or supplements? Thanks

  • Do you want to shed the extra fat and #weight?
    No dieting,No pills or excessive exercising.Join the community to learn how

  • Been doing this for one month jow, following the 16:8 diet with some cardio. I have lost 10pounds easy. It does give the desired result if you put in the work ����

  • Thomas, PLEASE answer… what does fasting do to females and their hormones? Is it just the calories? Or is it the fasting??
    Or if anyone else has an answerthat would be wonderful. ��

  • I don’t know… If I am working out in the morning without eating till the afternoon, I will be exhausted n sure chance for headache. Help!

  • PS I laughed my ass of at your aldi’s vid I love watching first timers shop aldi’s BUT here’s a challenge for you IF YOU DARE >:>MUAHAHA do a KETO haul at dollar tree

  • I’m reminded of the saying ‘Starve a fever, feed a cold’. A cold is a virus, so no point; is a fever assumed to be bacterial, perhaps?

  • I always thougt terry crews was this big macho idiot kinda guy but he is the no fap king and the fasting king never judge a book by its cover

  • There is a WebMD article that discusses correcting insulin resistancehowever in the strongest possible way it says that fasting is not a good idea. Also some of the food recommendations are high in carbs

  • Hey, you posted a video a while ago telling people about specific amounts of rice, fruit juice, lean protein, DEHA, and salt to create an insulin spike and increase glucose uptake to the muscles. Could you link that video? I cannot find it anymore. Thanks in advance.

  • If you are interested in the gut microbiome, Onegevity Health has a lot of informative journals and webinars. They also launched a very comprehensive gut microbiome test. Worth a look:

  • This is Sooooooo true….
    Ever since i did the “i.f”
    ….OMFG!! I screwed up
    My MICROBIOME..& now
    I’m having difficulty time:
    Digesting food..
    Slow metabolism
    Constipation(slow transit
    Time of the”POOP”)
    lose stool(poop)…..
    Unable to ELIMINATE
    FULL BOWEL(poop) OR
    Unable to break down

  • Leeks, pumpkin seeds, kimchi and kambuchi add some water wait then watch out below.

    But, seriously, for our anscestors plant based food was not more stable and available than meat. My anscestors are from Norway where there are no plants growing in the winter unless you’re eating pine needles and pine bark which is possible. Animal meat would be more available during the winter. You also better be fat just to survive during the winter.

  • Pork rinds (advanced glication end products) Cheese (concentrated casein opioids) and salami (a class one carcinogen) all sounds pretty good to you. No further comment necessary.

  • I think it is great hearing about the affects of fasting on gut biome. I would love to see more on the affects of longer fasting and human models.

  • Articles mentioned:


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  • Great talk, I wonder why you chose these 3 articles. Nothing against your choice, just curious, UCLA / Nature are credible sources.

  • Bullshit, I’ve been fasting for the past 2 months, and every morning is hell for me, I’m always craving food in the morning even tho I always eat after 12:30

    You guys deserve all the money, keep doing what you do best!
    Love you guys! ❤

  • Hi Dr Buchinger. Just recently found your videos I have so many questions about Ramadan dry fast. Do you have any research about it? I have a very nice success story regarding my health and all types of fasting since 15 months ago which i would like to share it with you later on. Thank you.

  • Hi Dr Shelly, please I just completed my 7 days water fast and i feel as though my food is not getting digested. I am also not getting bowel movements. Please I am really worried, what do i do?

  • Aha! When I worked the 12 hour night shifts there was a lot (I mean a lot) of snacking. It’s funny before fasting or intermittent fasting became a “thing” I used to intermittent fast intuitively when I was younger it worked well for me and I felt great. Now I try to fast from between 12 -16 hours per day overnight, but, I’m also not working night shift any longer. Thank you for this great information!

  • I’ve been going 16-18 hours every day without eating and eat all my calories within a 6-8 hour window nearly every single day for 25+ years. I didn’t even do it on purpose, it’s just my natural eating pattern. And people used to yell at me for skipping breakfast and lunch!

  • You are an amazing woman. I can’t get enough of your knowledge and wisdom. I wish I had the money to come to your clinic (maybe one day ☺…I have two small children so impossible at the moment ��). I have been fasting on and off but would love to do at least 4-7 days. I have done Jason Vale’s 7 day juice fast and felt amazing after day 4. I am slowly building up to longer fast and managed 22 hours today. I will try 26 hours tomorrow ��.

  • Its my 2/10 days of water fasting…. Please suggest what should i take…
    1) only water
    2) water + salt
    3) water +salt+ pottassium…
    As before this already done 3 days water fasting…With (water+salt)

  • Hmm. Interestingly enough, I used to hate vegetables. I tried fasting every other day for about a week and after that, I started craving vegetables. Vegetable I used to find gross suddenly started looking more appealing. Just an interesting observation.

  • I have major gut problems, am 30 lbs underweight, have mast cell activation, Lyme and can only eat 5 foods now. can IF help with this?

  • Thank you, this was so informative! Do you have any thoughts or studies done on fasting and eradicating intestinal parasites? I would like to think that with intestinal stem cells being activated after 24 hours fasting that this would also have an effect on killing off parasites and Protozoa. Is that feasible? Thank you so much, for all you do and the content you put out. Just wonderful!

  • This is interesting but why were all the study participants male? Seems a bit of a stretch to then conclude that the results are representative of humans generally, as the title of the paper states. Are there any mixed studies, or studies on females?

  • Real fasting is Muslims who fast in Ramadan. This is from our God. Allah has all human beings to fast all over the world and repent from him.

  • QUESTION;,,,,,,,,,,,,, before FASTING,,, and i think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the LEAKY GUT ( shoiuld be fixed BEFORE doing a long fast )
    ( intermittant,,, is not a problme,, ) but 3 plus days, I think it does,,, what do you think? cheers