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Don’t just take any pre-workout supplement. Make sure to power your workouts with quality vasodilators and muscle pumping ingredients for muscle building. Power your workouts with quality vasodilators and muscle pumping ingredients for muscle building. ATP Extreme is an oral ATP supplement and proven vasodilator, which means it causes the blood vessels to relax and open up, allowing for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery into the muscles, and more efficient removal of catabolic waste products like lactic acid out of the muscle. Pyridine-3-carboxylic acid also helps our blood vessels dilate which increases the flow of blood in our body giving extreme muscle pumps, vascularity and larger muscles.

Agmatine Sulfate has been shown to provide a number of muscle-building benefits for pre-workout supplementation, including: Enhanced intra-workout energy and strength. Komodo Vaskular is a pre-workout supplement that has a potent muscle pump effect. It includes a massive 3 grams of L-Citrulline, 1 gram of Agmatine Sulfate and 2.5 grams of glycerol to provide a massive amount of hydration and nutrient uptake to engorge the muscle cell. Nitric Oxide Powder, Powerful Muscle Building NO Booster Supplement with L-Arginine for Muscle Growth, Pumps and Energy. Noxivol 45 Servings Fruit Punch Flavor.

4.1 out of 5 stars 33. When combined this makes a very powerful formula, which will help you build more lean muscle, get bigger pumps and get more shredded. This product helped us get the best pump of our lifetime.

The Drawback. 6. Increased Muscle Pump. The last benefit of using nitric oxide is a great muscle pump after a workout. Who doesn’t love the feeling of tight full muscles after you’ve just dished out an intense biceps and triceps workout?

When on nitric oxide, this pump will be more pronounced and will stick around slightly longer. The PUMP is not an indicator of MUSCLE GROWTH or a killer workout and just a by-product of your training. Though it can contribute to sarcoplasmic growth, It should not be used as a stand-alone & solely focused thing in your workout.

Neither you necessarily need a pump for building muscle. Achieving maximum vasodilation also allows your body to quickly deliver metabolized amino acids and nutrients that are derived from your preand post-workout nutrition, and shuttle them directly to your hypertrophying muscles — allowing for enhanced muscle recovery and growth. Nitric oxide supplements try to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood, which might help increase blood flow to working muscles and help reduce time to fatigue during a workout,” says.

List of related literature:

Although people can gain small amounts of body weight while taking creatine supplements, scientific studies do not support claims that the amino acid improves endurance or performance; indeed, such supplements may have negative health effects (Terjung et al., 2000).

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

As noted, most exerciseȬrelated studies have focused on whether arginine supplementation increases anabolic hormones and/or promotes increases in nitric oxide production, thereby enhancing blood flow and delivery of nutrients.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
Lulu Publishing Services, 2019

Some researchers found greater muscle mass gains and fewer markers of muscle damage in subjects taking the supplement; however, these studies have not always controlled for diet and training load, both of which can have a significant impact on muscle gain in conjunction with weight training.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

Supplementation with arginine, the precursor of NO, has a positive effect on muscle activity because of its indirect effect via the stimulation of NO production, which increases muscle blood flow.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
from Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength
by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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As it is involved with the utilization offatty acids for energy in the muscle cell, it is believed that supplementation of carnitine would be muscle glycogen-sparing and reduce lactic acid production, thereby improving muscle function and endurance.

“Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine” by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
from Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine
by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
Springer International Publishing, 2019

So, in the end, although some users report a better “pump” when training, there’s little evidence that this bestselling supplement actually helps build muscle.

“Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way” by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
from Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2005

Several years ago, supplements that are purported to elevate nitric oxide (NO) production in the body became popular among men seeking muscle growth and strength gains.

“Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program” by Eric Cressey, Matt Fitzgerald
from Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program
by Eric Cressey, Matt Fitzgerald
Hachette Books, 2008

Studies have shown that carnitine supplements do not increase the carnitine content of muscles, probably because the transport of carnitine into the muscle is well controlled and only very small amounts are needed for proper fatty acid metabolism (Brass, 2004; Muller et al., 2002).

“Nutrition for Sport and Exercise” by Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle
from Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
by Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle
Cengage Learning, 2011

Although evidence is not robust, arginine supplementation is capable of promoting an increase in nitric oxide production, which can lead to vascular smooth muscle dilation (36).

“Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby's Critical Care” by Andrea Gabrielli, A. Joseph Layon, Mihae Yu, Joseph M. Civetta, Robert Wesley Taylor, Robert R. Kirby
from Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby’s Critical Care
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When combined with strength training, whey supplements may increase protein synthesis slightly, but they do not seem to improve athletic performance.16 If supplements create a surplus of protein or certain amino acids, the excess must be metabolized, placing a burden on the kidneys to excrete excess nitrogen.

“Nutrition and Diet Therapy” by Linda DeBruyne, Eleanor Whitney, Kathryn Pinna
from Nutrition and Diet Therapy
by Linda DeBruyne, Eleanor Whitney, Kathryn Pinna
Cengage Learning, 2007

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  • I am currently trying to build muscle. I am doing all the workouts and eating right and I see results. The only thing is I have celiac diese so I have to eat gluten free. What do you recommend when it comes to building muscle and eating gluten free. I know there are some great products on the line like Muscle Pharm and others. It’s just a little hard to get all the carbs in without it being rice. How should I get all my proteins and carbs in while still staying gluten free.

  • I say the pump does build muscles. I have problems with bad appetite(medical issues)and when I don’t eat properly my muscles don’t get good pumps if I workout, then I know I’m not going to gain. However when I’m eating well, the pumps are 10 fold better and they last longer and I know for a fact I’m going to gain.

    I never used pump products before, if I take in good caloric/protein intake I get such good pumps taking a pump supplement/product never came to mind. But I’d try it now that I know there is something like this out there.

  • Vince awesome video! Made lots of sense and I am definitely more informed so thank you! With that being said would taking a supplement like redwood achieve the same benefits? There is nothing flagrantly wrong with the supplement that you advertised and I am sure it works, I just wanted to try something that was completely natural first?

  • I’m a Zija distributor and have been training for over 32 years. We have the utmost best all natural health products I have ever seen and we just released a nitric oxide product called PRIME and I can’t wait to take it along with my xmplus I take twice a day as well as a recover and an all plant based protein shake. Either way I was reading a post on Facebook tonight that another distributor had a new client that said he could actually see better within a week on the new PRIME product and I thought that was extremely interesting. At 48 I can’t wait to mix it in with my other ZIJA products I have been taking for two years as well as the bedroom affect with my lady as well. Cleanse, balance, build, and recover and live well to 120 as GOD says we can. Good video and thankya for your time. Drink life in. Get-r-done.

  • i need to see a guy on hes 40s reviewing this product, even in my mid 30s and late 30s i didn’t need supplements and i was in better shape than this guy, all push up, squats and a little running…

  • very helpful video
    ive been using arginine form past 25 days and trust me
    pumps are insane…..
    u are so damn right brother..
    and u shredded as hell hats off…��������

  • Been watching your videos for a couple months now after I started taking my health and lifting weights serious. Thanks for all the advice, truly appreciated 😉

  • Hey Lee, Just a suggestion. Can you do one on what happens “after the muscle pump” when you’re recovering and it seems like your muscles ” kinda shrunk” sort of speak?

  • It’s psychological and keeps you going so you end up workout out harder. Music has no effect on muscle growth either, but the motivation helps. Just my theory

  • just started watching all your videos bro. this one in particular was just at the right time as I bought some MP Vasosport and loads of people said “waste of money” and that type of shit. forget the haters brother and keep up the good work.

  • Hey lee I just found you on here it’s awesome how much advice your giving out I just spent a 1000 bucks yesterday for basically the same 12 week program. I remember you from queen Elizabeth high school
    Cheers bud

  • I’m using UNIVERSAL GH MAX supplement which contains L-Arginine, ornithine hcl, carnitine and glutamine,i take before sleep and before training for best results…

  • It’s not often I find channels about training that I trust. Most of the content in YouTube is bs, but this channel is actually great!

  • *beacuse arnold won 5 times in a row, what he says is the truth, he is the son of the musscel god. drink from his wisdom and you will become big. all other people are bull shiters.

  • Please bro make a video about Chul soon, his workouts and how could he get such a huge chest.. is it because of more reps or just genetics? Although he drinks Alcohol and he is still lean AF.. how could he do it? Appreciated and subbed bro ❤️

  • If I take more than two grams of L -Arginine per day I would have to spend a lots of time in the bathroom. Not sure, but I think that Arginine can cause diarrhea. I tried many brands and the result is always the same “diarrhea”

  • It’s funny he mentioned Pine Bark. Recently i tried a supplement from another type of bark that had a huge impact on circulation. i’m gonna buy more

  • I picked up some nitric oxide in capsule form from rite aid and I absolutely plowed this girl I’ve liked for a long time. Stuff rules

  • I was looking forward to seeing more training footage and vlog style videos of you getting back to serious training, like you said you’d do shortly after Christmas. Are you still thinking about doing those?

  • Arterial plaque is cause by bacteria and Oral bacteria could also harm blood vessels or cause blood clots by releasing toxins that resemble proteins found in artery walls or the bloodstream…. It is also possible that inflammation in the mouth revs up inflammation throughout the body, including in the arteries, where it can lead to heart attack and stroke…get all your teeth pulled out!!! lol!!

    ..The fat molecules in the plaques that clog up our arteries and raise risk of heart attack and stroke may come from bacteria that live in our mouths and guts, not just from what we eat.
    a clogged artery
    Researchers suggest that bacteria may play a key role in clogged arteries.
    This was the main result of a study led by the University of Connecticut in Storrs that was published recently in the Journal of Lipid Research.

    The researchers suggest that the finding may explain why gum disease is often linked to atherosclerosis – a condition in which fat molecules, calcium, cholesterol, and other compounds in the blood form plaques on the inside walls of arteries.

    As the plaques build up, they harden and narrow the arteries, restricting the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to vital organs and tissues. This can lead to heart attack, stroke, other serious health problems, and even death.

    The immune system also plays a role: immune cells can attach to the lining of blood vessels, feed on the fatty deposits, and multiply. This results in inflammation and thickening of the smooth muscle in the artery wall, which helps the formation of plaques and other growths known as atheromas.

  • Well done though you did not emphasize citruline enough. And after several videos of yours you have not touched on calcium plaque in the blood vessels which chloreste rol grab onto. AND the importance of k2 and d3 in directing that calcium plaque to the bones where it belongs.when that happens the vessels are free to produce nitric oxide. I’m sure that will be in a future vid…enjoy your work. Good job!

  • I take no gym advice from people that dont look like they have the experience.

    If i want big chest workout, i listen to someone with a swole chest.

  • im sorry vince, but ask a chemist what it does to your cells, not everyone is an athlete or pro athlete, your research lacks the effects it does in a cellular basis

  • im not understanding sorry…so i need arginine, but your selling n.o.?…i understand the theories your talking about, but do you sell the arginine?

  • Hi guys so I have a problem here. When I workout I always have earbuds on because music makes me push way harder. But unfortunately they keep breakind on one side each time like I need a new pair each month. I broke 10 pairs last year and that makes me wondering. Is it normal, does it also happen to you? Does switching to headphones will help?

  • How does this work with IF?. I train in a fasted state. Will taking arginine post workout still provide these benefits? Also, are these supplements Keto friendly?

  • hey lee sir i had quey related to recovery i have started a lean mass phase nearly 2600 cals am 5.6 ft working out 3 times a week push pull legs but my recovery has become really shit i was recovering 100 times better during my cut than this bulk idk y 150 pounds my macros ar 300C 75F 160P.. plz help

  • Hey bro, good vid, I’m on a different n02 brand, but i agree with everything you said, however I have 1 more thing to add. In my case i have a high stress level that increases my blood pressure. Taking nO2 has actually brought down my blood pressure to a safe range… no negative effects, however i will also add watch what compounds you take, if skim done has heart issues they might look for compounds that don’t have the boosters for energy.

  • The pump does make you grow cause more blood more ripped tissues more ripped tissues more to repair more repaired tissue more tissue overall the pump is growth if u get massive pump u will grow massive muscles

  • Bought it today and watched the vid after my workout and I realized I made not only a good choice but the best choice, I also recommend it, 30 minutes after you drink it you feel tingly all around your body under your skin which means ur veins are opening and getting better flow, Ive noticed I can run 10-15 minutes more than I usually do and barely start feeling the burn meanwhile they feel tight and swollen, mix this with their bio endure mid training and you’ll crush workouts, a bit pricey but I feel like the bio pumpd is a definite must

  • I read plenty of great reviews on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a ton of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular weight loss methods?

  • I always thought this guy was a fuck in those fitness commercials but he’s even more knowledgeable than I am and I work at a supplement shop

  • Whenever I consumed a pre-workout or too much coffee, I too talked loudly and extremely fast. Plus my brain did a 1000 mph. So eventually I gave up the preworkout and/or coffee before gym.

  • Does the pump feel virtually the same in the chest as it would the bicep? Also after I workout if I feel a lil bigger up top from the workout is that the pump?

  • At 48 yrs old, I HAD a claudication of my left calf muscle — artery blocked, which starved the muscle of oxygen and reduced blood flow, which resulted in severe! Cramping. A week later I developed ED — also a vascular problem. A month later I had a heart attack. My primary care doctor and the cardiologist and the vascular surgeon ALL recommended and wrote me prescriptions for Nitrous Oxide and L-Arginine. I was 385 lbs. I was also smoking 3 packs a day and eating whatever I desired in huge amounts. I took my meds and every other vitamin I could, and followed Dr. Berg’s on YouTube and did the intermittent fasting plan. I lost weight down to 245 lbs now. And the claudication is gone.

  • From 5:25 to 7:03 what I took from it was anyone looking for increased blood flow minus intense weight training there’s still a benefit from a Nitric Oxide product whether it’s supplemented for medical (❤ heart health) or a simple 3 mile run or walk

  • Yo man, thanks for the videos! I’m a 16 yr old aspiring bodybuilder, and with all those fake nattys out there, your channel is one of the few that is actually legit helpful! Keep it up.

  • Folks just get to the gym on a regular basis, eat clean and do this for 2 to 3 years THEN start thinking about adding supplements like this into your diet. This supplement is not the magic pill folks. Thomas has a wife, baby and bills to pay. The best advise is to go get a blood test and see where your hormone levels and vitamin levels are at and then you can really focus in on what your body really needs. Anyone who does NOT start off by directing you to get a blood test first is STEALING YOUR MONEY!

  • This video has so much science babble and so little normal, meaningful conversation, after about 45 seconds, he sounds like Charlie brown’s mom. Thumbs down.��

  • I went from 165 1.9 years ago now 205 unless I drink in the morning time then I would be 210. not even sure how the hell I gain 5 pounds with two glasses of water. BF is 9%. Think I did good for my first two years. Now im dreading the 3rd year, but this is a life long event for me.

  • Arnold actually said later that he was full of shit when he said that in the movie.. It was basically him fucking around to make the movie better.. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor…

  • YOOOOO i just got my package from Global formula Bio pumpd. Perfect day to try it out on chest day monday. I would say 100 out of 10!!! Jeez this pre workout makes me wnna freakn lift all the weight whahahahahahaha. I love this product and i will keep buying this!!! If you guys think im gettin paid for advertisement, im just a regular person! Follow me on IG Lpzxma. Im also following vshred 90 day shredding program and will put it on ig once im done with 90 days

  • I bought NO pump from Amazon a week ago.Maaaan,I have soo much energy and a f****g amazing libido.I am on no fap but I could not help it.It s amazing stuff..

  • Good for you. I want to KNOW what works, and if you’re pushing this because it works, then I don’t care what kind of deal you have going with the company. This is a shortcut then, to go straight to what works. Thanks a million.!!!

  • Now I understand why I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and his buddies take a product called Amino Alliance. He had it in his car and his driver told me about it when I asked about it. Now all the trainers are taking it too.

  • I agree with everything but I also feel like the “pump” is simple motivation to keep going. That feeling that you can do one more rep and “shock” the muscle as Arnold says. Just motivation that you can lift heavier and get stronger

  • Thomas I love you but you never mentioned if or how it effects sexual function and that’s what I tuned in for. Plus no mention of dosage.

  • N.O. or L-arginine IS NOT gonna help you get big. Tests that SEEM to show big blood flow etc draw data from hospital or clinic studies on heart patients. Dose? About 30grams give or take. Administered how? Syringe, sharp needle to inject this huge dose straight into the blood stream. This and other such raves about nitric oxide are pushing ingested, NOT inJECTED. Side effect of ingested at a level of 3 or 4 or 5-grams will likely be…DIARRHEA…yeah like that song from Parenthood, I was sliding into first and I felt something burst…diarrhea, diarrhea. B E, B E…WARE! Also, since the dose is going into your gut, your digestive tract, where all sorts of things happen and get blended into a mooky, slurpy mess, which your liver and all that other stuff suck up and suck out the nutrients your body needs. Like I said, iron grabbing dudes and dudettes…make sure you do your due diligence before you spend large portions of time on that porcelain throne down the hall.

  • Awesome Vince! great come back. So you obviously have a great understaning about the science behind what you are talking about. Please talk about what Wim Hoff has helped us with in the deep breathing and how we can best utalize the pricipals of incororating the breathing before and during our workouts. My best guess is if we give ourselves more sustained oxygen to our blood, the muscle tissues will benifit longer during the workout.

  • Hey Vince. Could u please make a video about whey protein and weight training relation to acne? Are whey isolates the best for acne prone skin? Thanks.

  • I’m not sure if I heard this right but around 4:50 there’s what I believe is miss information. You state lactic acid build up causes soreness. It’s the actual tearing and breaking down of the muscle fibers, that causes muscle soreness.

  • This video sounds like a load of bullshit. L-Arginine is a decent supplement, especially for pumps but they’re really trying too hard to product push with this video and I’m just not buying it.

  • Talkin bout keepin it ��! Keep them videos coming bro! Trust its helping me out a great deal and keepin me motivated to keep going! Fuck that troll!

  • Been using no precurspr from gnc for years just for the blood flow benefits. They quit making it??? Am trying 2 others trading days. Will b glad to try yours. Also now gonna sub your channel. Like your attitude.

  • I love the knowledge man thank you! I am pretty sure the thing missing from me more than anything else is the water:/ got a sub for sure

  • My mate laughed when I told them I was planning to lose fat with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them incredible results right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the details about this diet plan, lol

  • So that means that outside our workouts we can do random small sets to get in a pump and still grow our muscle. Like right before a shower do some curls real quick. Dope.

  • Hey Marc I’ve heard some good reports of betaine and beet root as NO preserves. Stacked with agmatine (sulfate),for instance in Insane Veinz. What’s your opinion on that?

  • No wonder Arnold had a sick physic! If I felt like was coming every time I workout, I’ll be jacked too! Hell, I wouldn’t even need my nagging girlfriend. I’ll marry the weights and come six days a week, with one day off.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritionary intake. While they might generate rapid loss of weight, these kinds of diets are never a long-term solution for your waistline. It is best to look up Fenoboci Diet Plan on google since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I’ve just bought ENGN Sred & Pro Supps NO3 Drive, I’m wondering can i use 1 serving of each and mix together and drink before workout???

  • Sorry You lost me early with the foul language. Maybe you ‘ll consider in future videos that there are more intelligent ways to communicate your message than to assume everyone will appreciate being bombarded with the f-Bombs. Good luck and focus on the potential diverse audience You Tube actually affords you.

  • In the begining of the videos I thought this guy was another idiot but as the videos was rolling I realized this guy is actualy kind of cool and he knows what he´s talking about! Great video!

  • Hey Marc I’ve been trying to cut and can’t seem to hit my goals.I’m currently on a caloric deficient and I’ve added more hiit training to my routine. I suffer from hypothyroidism so that doesn’t make my cut easier, I wanted to know if there is anything you recommend that may help?

  • Not sure if you read the comments but are you still on/actually taking BioGro Marc? Any new studies or information about it? I’ve been on it for 5 days and literally took my weight in both Deadlift and Standing Overhead Press and instead of doing a 5×3 (setxrep) with them I did 4×5 then 1×7 with the weights I would’ve failed on rep #4 last back/shoulder day. I even added 50 pounds to my Deadlift 1RM and felt like I had a lot more in the tank. Just wanted to know if anything new has come out to reveal what the hell this magic powder is made of!

  • Hahaha I love all the videos, I do. I think it’s hilarious though that everyone says, “science says… Maybe,” or, “do whatever you like better.” Haha it’s great ��

  • Take two twins that train the exact same way, and diet perfectly. The only difference is one has unlimited access to ALL MTS supplements and takes them routinely; while the other uses none at all. In 5 years time would they look exactly the same? Or would the one using your supplements have better results?

    Keep in mind in this hypothetical situation these twins do the same weight for the same reps on every exercise and eat the same foods and never miss a workout.

    I want Marc’s honest answer.  @TheTigerFitness

  • How often should you take NO? I only took it when I’m cutting but I’m thinking about taking it again just want to make sure I’m properly using this supplement

  • That’s why Arnold and many other Hollywood stars use something called Amino Alliance. It’s the only product actually backed by a professor of organic chemistry.

  • Hey Marc I just want to let you know that the customer service for tigerfitness is amazing. Tabitha helped me out with an issue the past couple days, she rocks

  • I havent tried clash yet. How is it?? Ive been on Mr. Hyde for 2 years now, will clash out do it??? I need to try that vasky tho…The price is better than most non stim  “pump” products out there

  • Eating more plant based is probably a really good way to increase vasodilation. Lots of garlic and greens will help with clearing those veins. It’s like a pipe city pipes and drains always clog up with fat. You need to pump it
    exercise, or supplement And eat healthy plant foods and limit saturated fat and cholesterols.

  • Hi lee, I have a question. Since I start to cut, I intake less carbs. I feel less pump and I get less reps. I cannot lift same weight with same reps. I drop them from 10 to 8 now.