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Do Negative-Calorie Foods Exist?

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Negative Calorie Foods Science Based Fat Loss?

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The term negative-calorie food typically refers to a food which supposedly takes more calories to eat, digest and process than it naturally contains and gives to your body. If these foods exis. Negative-calorie foods are usually fruits, vegetables and other low-calorie snack items—foods that we subconsciously label as “healthy” (check out the chart below for more examples).

The idea that negative-calorie foods help with weight loss comes from simple reasoning: 1. You burn more calories eating these foods than they actually contain. “There is no scientific evidence that foods like celery, carrots, tomatoes, apples and lettuce are what are referred to as ‘negative-calorie foods,’ and burn more calories. Foods such as celery and cucumber have long been touted as negative-calorie foods, popular in the dieting community to keep calorie levels low enough to lose weight.

While there’s no denying that these foods are pretty low in calories, here’s why there’s no such thing as negative-calorie foods. What does “negative-calorie foods” mean?Negative-Calorie Foods. The most common negative-calorie foods are said to be vegetables and fruits with high water content.

They include: Cabbage ; Celery; Vinegar ; Leafy greens ; Garlic; Carrots ; Cucumbers ; Watermelon ; Tomatoes ; Broccoli ; Since all these foods contain calories, the real question is whether or not your body burns more calories than the foods contain. Still, a quick Google search will lead you to websites with lists of “catabolic foods” and on some you can even find people claiming specific very high calorie amounts required to metabolize these foods. The truth is that there is no scientific research in support of a catabolic diet or any “negative calorie” foods. The hypothesis behind negative calorie nourishment is that a few food sources have lower calorie (vitality) content than the measure of vitality it takes to process and retain the nourishment into the body.

This sounds conceivable, in principle. Furthermore, most of the so-called negative-calorie food – like celery, lettuce, ice, etc. – are high in water and in fiber (sometimes), and low in calories. According to Christy Wilson, RD: “these low-calorie, plant-based foods are an important part of a balanced diet, but, alone, lack adequate nutrients, including protein and fat, to sustain a healthy body.”.

Long answer, No, there are some that are close i.e. celery, but the thermogenic and digestive energy required to process food is not as large as people think. “The types of foods that are usually credited as being ‘negative-calorie,’ like celery, apples, broccoli, asparagus, and cabbage, are all low in calories and high in fiber,” Zeitlin says. Fiber is.

List of related literature:

Some empty calories come from foods, such as butter, table sugar, soft drinks, and candy, that don’t belong in any food group because all their calories are empty.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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Fat stores have not been shown to regulate energy intake, although newly emerging data on leptin’s effects may provide some evidence in the future (Schwartz & Seeley, 1997).

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
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For example, the research demonstrates that a ‘low-fat’ label can lead consumers to perceive foods as lower in calories, while a ‘no-cholesterol’ label can lead them to perceive foods as being lower in fat (Andrews, Netemeyer, & Burton, 1998).

“Multisensory Packaging: Designing New Product Experiences” by Carlos Velasco, Charles Spence
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Ultimately, there is no scientific research in support of a catabolic diet or the existence of any “negative calorie” foods.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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(Not surprisingly, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, and most sweet foods are considered empty calories, which are the opposite of nutrient-dense foods.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
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Although zero-calorie sweeteners provide no calories themselves, the effect they have on the body are the same as if they contained more calories than sugar, making them useless as weight loss aids.

“The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners” by Bruce Fife
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Carbohydrates do.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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The problem of positive energy balance is not, however, only a matter ofthe low amount of calories expended, but also that many of the sedentary activities that we are involved in seem to promote overconsumption of food (Chaput et al., 2010b).

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
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USDA food supply data indicate that Americans are consuming record amounts of some high-fat dairy products (e.g., cheese) and caloric sweeteners and near record amounts of added fats, including salad and cooking oils and baking fats.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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Given that leptin, acting on its receptors (LepRb, a.k.a. ObRb) in the brain, is known to suppress food intake and energy expenditure, it seems somewhat paradoxical that obesity, a chronic state of elevated adipose mass, is able to occur.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
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  • I’m not too good at science but don’t overweight people lose more calories than healthy people doing day to day things so as they used healthy females in the experiment shouldn’t an overweight dude like me actually be able to eat celery to burn calories

  • Can’t someone create something like polystyrene but biodegradable and eatable with less than 100 kcal per kg so i can eat cardboard all day?

  • Not technically food perhaps, but I guess water and other calorie-free drinks may be worth mentioning? Especially if they are far below room temperature (e.g. filled with ice cubes I see that another commenter also mentioned ice cubes). As I understand it, the energy spent by the body to heat the liquid to room temperature could be significant.

  • Pretty sure celery is a negative calorie food or at least a food that comes out even in the end. You couldnt just eat 10,000 calories worth celery all day and expect to live long.

  • There is a book called Fiber 35 diet that will explain how it works. It is true. Eating more fiber will make you go to the bathroom. The combination of soluble and non soluble fiber will clean you out and also make you sweat which then helps you burn more. That’s why fat people eat less vegetables because they have fat habits. It’s called a negative calorie effect and it works. #science

  • Sorry dude, as long as you are talking of calories in context of using studies, I cannot take you seriously. Because when you are making a common mistake that every Nancy and Mary are making by forgetting a factor of 1000 for the kilocalories the question is how deep did you really dig into that topic?

  • no because it’s all about physics on calories, that’s shit, we use ATP not calories as energy, and 200 calories of a chocolate bar is not the same as 200 calories of a salad, i call OVERSIMPLIFICATION

  • Cold water is a negative calorie beverage. 1L of water requires 1kcal or 1 dietary calorie to be heated up by 1 degree. So theoretically drinking 1L of ice cold water like 7°C (pretty cold for drinking) would require around 30 calories just to be heated up by your body. If you sack up and consume the equivalent of 1L of water in Ice form, you could burn a couple more calories and would fill up your stomach.

    I don’t think this would be healthy though.

  • I just notice that the celery is sold out in every store near me. As I walk, I noticed all the fatties with a wheelbarrow of celery, devouring it as they go down the road. Lmao �� great video. #asapsciencegainzedition

  • If you eat the celery really slowly you will burn more calories than you get from eating it (or you could just not eat it and lose 8 more calories)

  • Actually it was shown on a food unwrapped episode that it takes more calories to digest celery than the calories contained within celery.

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  • If I burn 70 Cal/hr just sitting then isn’t anything I eat slow enough calorie negative!?
    A slice of bacon is calorie negative as long as I eat it and only it over the course of an hour:D

  • He is correct about celery not being a negative calorie food however his ratio was wrong. Based on what I have seen we have only a 10-20% net calorie effect from celery, simply put it might not be a negative calorie food but it is so close to zero after the energy to digest it that your net calorie count for a large serving is in the single digits so eat all you want.

  • mix mineral oil water stevia extract and lecithin maybe nut butter (the lipids in the nuts that solidify at not high temperatures) in a mixer. mix on high until a foam forms, reduce speed and fold in plaster and nut flour until desired texture is achieved place in cake pan and dust with nut flour, bake until golden brown.

  • This video is filled with, Half-truths and downright Lies… Celery is a Whole Food Nutritional Giant compared to Cake, which is a Negative Calorie GiantI

  • Im just going to apply what im learning in my undergraduate here so this is just my opinion. But anything that is naturally grown and found in the wild will never contain more calories to digest than they give because over time humans would have adapted to digest optimally. Foods like mcdonalds burgers however can be disputed because people still get really fat from it, but it takes a long ass time to digest so if you were to be doing some strenuous exercise after eating some mcdicks then i would think you would be using more calories than intaking.

  • An episode of food unwrapped did in fact find that it takes more calories to digest 300 grams of celery than the calories 300 grams of celery provides.

  • Yes, I agree. Celery made me very fat so that’s proof enough for me. Now when I order wings I substitute it for fries good video

  • Reminds of the entertainment of seeing people eating a HUGE cheeseburger & greasy fries… then drinking a diet coke “to get healthy”.

  • Cold drinks like water can be negative calories and sugar free drinks can be negative calories even though the sugar free drinks come with calories it takes more calories to heat up the drink to body temperature, which has to happen, meaning your body burns calories

  • I thought celery was one of those foods. From chewing to swallowing and digestion you end up burning more calories than the celery.

  • The benefit is due to the MASSIVE amount of dietary fiber, water, and trace nutrients. For what it is worth the amount of calories in celery to make you VERY full is like 50-100. Combined with fat and protein from other sources you can eat relatively small amounts of the other macros and still be extremely calorie deficient day to day.

    Let’s say you hit a target of 800 calories a day. With 100 calories of celery a day (a head), you still have 700 calories to play around with with fat and protein.

    If you have a low calorie salad dressing, 600.

    That is like two chicken breast sandwiches on low calorie bread, with lettuce, a tomato slice, mustard and light mayonnaise.

    Break those sandwiches up into 2 meals, and have coffee for breakfast and you won’t REALLY be hungry the whole day.

    And that would be for a grown man. If you are burning 2800 calories a day, that is 2000 lost in a single day.

    Which is something like a 2/3 a pound of fat a day. Serious business.
    You do that for 2 months it comes out to around 36 pounds of fat loss.

  • I have two questions.

    One, is there any scientific way to naturally conceive a female child?

    Two, How the heck is Zero calorie coke possible? There are so many additives and dyes and such, i cant see how it can actually be zero calories.

  • I was thinking that fat was the hardesr to digest, ence that is by make fill “full” and keep you without hunger for the longest vs carbs. But here it says that is the most easy to digest. Why? I was wrong?

  • why would u eat if that just make u hunger? too lazy to workout? that doesn’t make sense, if u want to have calorie deficit then just move more like workout and eat less. If the feeling of fullness you want to achieve, just eat more vegetables or jelly

  • While it’s not strictly a “food”, wouldn’t ice-cold water be calorie-negative? The water would draw thermal energy out of your body and provide no calories with which to replenish the lost energy.

  • anyone remember those schedules you got (or bought) in school that had all the bullshit facts and misinformation? That’s what I think of when I heard the celery thing.

  • walking for 20 minutes would burn more calories than celery (assuming its negative calorie food anyway)
    maybe Ice would be a negative calorie “food”


    Savouring mouth-watering dishes without gaining weight is an age-old dream. Nonetheless, a dream that hardly ever can become a reality. Those who follow a particular diet plan to lose and manage weight or to keep certain diseases at bay, are familiar with the struggle of keeping away from their favourite food.


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  • Well technically icewater and ice are negative in calories cause your body has to heat them. But those aren’t technically foods I guess

  • Iv been told by a teacher at high school before that selerly is a “negative calorie food”. He said his brother, a dietician, told him that it actually takes more calories to digest than it contains.

  • I always wondered how people justified this rumor seeing as it would mean you could eat celery all day and just lose weight doing nothing

  • Calories? Get with the times and put it in kilojoules!

    Nobody knows what you’re talking about if you use Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe Units.

  • technically, assuming you dont go into shock and die, your own limb would be if it wernt medically amputated due to the calories the trauma would consume. And then in the long term you would be able to eat less calories then before cus youve got an entire limb missing.

  • Negative calorie food doesn’t exist but if you can keep your stomach busy enough with low calorie food, you won’t be hungry, you will get less energy than normal and possibly lose weight.

  • In any case, celery with some dip is tasty stuff, celery, carrot, radish, and some tzaziki, Mmmmmm.. healthy snack..
    Damn I`m getting old:p
    I`m breaking out the nuts!
    Oh.. Well I have chips too so HAH!

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  • Make a jack in the box toy with a piece of candy on the inside where you have to burn more calories winding it than whats in the candy.

  • I think there is one more factor that should be counted is the amount of calories you burn naturally in a day that happens, even if we just don’t do anything. And most people go to work, usually for 8 hours so that is another factor. I think what we’re really looking for is the most efficient way to create a calorie deficit.

  • Thank you Dr. Mungli. We are very excited to hear the mechanism of production of negative calorie in our body. We believe everybody should and must practice the way of gaining negative calorie in this time of epidemic of obesity worldwide and particularly in USA.

  • eh, there’s some legitimacy to ‘negative calorie foods’, but they don’t work the way people think. Coffee, for example, contains a tiny amount of calories. like <1g. The boost it would give to your metabolism would effectively burn more calories than its provided.

  • The short answer to this is: absolutely not
    Our digestive system works by dissolving foods, reducing food from big chunks to small chunks. Our body then converts these smaller chunks into energy…
    The process of dissolving parts, requires very, very little energy… If it can’t be dissolved/digested then it simply passes through your intestine. This explains why you can see corn in your shit. (they’re corn husks)
    Therefore, eating things celery will not result in a negative amount of energy. At best, it’ll make you full.

    *Sources: Bio student in college ( I simplified that a lot)

  • Referring to celery comments:
    Celery is made up of basically fiber, water, and green pigment a la plant cells.
    Since fiber is not really digested, the calories that it’s made up of are never really absorbed.
    So, the body does actually lose energy when processing celery.

  • I work at GNC and I tell people all the time, GNC doesn’t sell the best diet supplements, grocery stores do. GNC sells products that might help enhance. Work on diet first, then try stuff. Diet and vitamins are a base line. Work your way up from there and experiment with supplements and find what works best with YOUR body. Not the bodies on commercials.

  • If you really made some research instead of talking shit all the time you would realise that negative calorie foods are real and celery is one of these foods

  • Nice video, but I think there is an exception!:) drinking cold water will result in negative calorie. I think it is 1 calorie per degree below 37 celcius is expended per 1 liter of water? But we could argue water is not really food:D

  • Grass would be calorie negative as you would loose more energy trying to eat it then you’d gain since it’s indigestible.
    Well unless you’re a ruminant.

  • Digesting a fucking apple costs you 130 calories? Really? This shit is beyond retarded, last time I checked, apples are not fucking rocks. You can eat that shit, and 20 mins later you feel empty.

  • The only thing I know of that could be considered negative calories is probobly just once singular stalk of celery. Its like 2 calories and takes about 5 to burn. But I think if you were to eat like 6 stalks of celery (gawddamn) Your not gonna burn much more than 5 calories digesting that food, therefore you can’t just fuckin subtract calories because your eating these kinds of foods.

  • Yes I agree, riced cauliflower is one. More calories to burn that food than you consume. They also are negative blood sugar foods that lower numbers.

  • Let’s assume that this theory is correct.
    Doesbtje celery have to be consumed raw?
    What happens if I boil, steam,or liquidise the celery? Will the calories for digestion reduce?

  • mix mineral oil water stevia extract and lecithin maybe nut butter (the lipids in the nuts that solidify at not high temperatures) in a mixer. mix on high until a foam forms, reduce speed and fold in plaster and nut flour until desired texture is achieved place in cake pan and dust with nut flour, bake until golden brown.

    Or dehydrated ground romaine hearts as the majority of your bread recipe flour, use mineral oil as lipids when possible, use lecithin and plant based protein isolate as an alternative to eggs.

    (Spiced oiled maybe add your favorite plant butter if it’s filtered or idk mango goes well with your favorite sous vide recipe) processed hemp fiber sous vide, cauliflower flour or bok choy flour hearts, or romaine hearts flour orzo rice alternative.

    Spinach and basil flour mixed with dehydrated peppers and tomatoes macaroni, covered with salted mineral oil mushroom garlic macadamia nut flour sauce. Fresh vegetables and spices of your choice to make it interesting.

  • I have a friend whose family is vegetarian. Unfortunately, this causes a lack of nutrition in the children. Also unfortunately, her brother eats celery almost explicitly.

  • Hey hodgetwins, I was wondering if you could help, I’m 15 at 73kg and 13% body fat. I’d like to get down to around 10% for summer and I’ve got 4 weeks. How many calories do I need to be taking in a day to make the cut? Would be awesome if you could reply. Btw guys you’re looking swole af ��

  • well it is true…celery takes more energy to digest than it contains. I love the twins but they should research shit before they chat shit

  • How much steroids and how much of a lack of love and hugs were you two deprived from growing up, to end a video like these snake eyed freaks?? What a couple of worthless pukes.

  • Foods that take more calories to burn then whats in them, it exists.
    But not by much, dont go looking for this as a fat loss.
    The fibrous materials of celery, the stem portions of brocolli.
    Apple skin, the pith of an orange.

    Good luck living eating just those parts.

  • I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last three weeks eating chicken soup that is loaded with celery and cabbage, so what you’re saying might be true but I have lost a ton of weight eating this soup that’s loaded with celery and cabbage and I only have about 5 pounds left to go to be at my goal weight.

  • ice cubes are negitive caleries……water does not have any caleries in it but you burn alot of energy warming those cubes up and theres no way around that for your body, it HAS to warm it up

  • Cocoa powder is a negative calorie food. I am cutting weight by eating 6000+, sometimes 7500 calories per day, by putting 50g of cocoa powder in every smoothie I drink.

  • Nice video!
    TIP: voice alone (no music band, speech) levels need to be close to -3dB almost all the time…
    …no ambient reverb include.

  • OK, so perhaps they are not technically negative calorie, but their effect on body composition is essentially such that the more you vegetables you eat, the better your body composition, period. Thus, while it may not be technically accurate, the label (Calorie Negative) can still be used as a pragmatic way to describe their effect on body composition. The more veggies you eat, the better your body composition will be. Plus, I imagine there are probably dozens of undiscovered micronutrients in vegetables, that years from now, we will discover have various positive health benefits.

  • damn, I thought I came up with the 1KG of celery per day diet. I was going to call it the Rabbit diet, the next level of snake diet but new and improved for optimal rabbit like performance. haha Love these videos, such awesome content and real facts. the quality just keeps getting better!

  • well it would take the apple some time to digest. so you would only eat an apple once the last one digested, and you CAN do that, but it will cause binge eatting due to the starvation.

  • Great and informative video. It’s always good to get scientific backed information from you layne. Your definitely my favorite nutritionist in the fitness and powerlifting industry as a whole and rightly so.

  • Rocks have a lot of protein and fiber? shiiit, I am jumping on that rock diet man… cheap as fuck! Gon’ make me all kindz of rock gainz

  • Im gonna be the awkward one here. Zero calorie foods and beverages do exist, but apart from water, offer very little in terms of nutrients. Lets assume you drink 10 gallons of diet coke, or coke Zero, your getting no calories from the drink, but i bet your burning lots of calories, through both the action of drinking, and the digestive process the coke goes through, as well as the 100 trips to the toilet to pee it all out lol. Since your getting no calories from the beverage, but you are BURNING calories because of the beverage…. you could technically call it a negative calorie beverage. Also cold water needs to be heated up by your body once you drink it, this also uses calories that you wont get from the water.

  • Thank you so much Dr. Mungli!!! Can you please do a video on being vegetarian. I have stopped eating meat and have lost more weight and been more satisfied than I have been when doing low carb or keto. I eat alot of carbs too.. Thank you sir, wonderful video as always. Btw I love your new office!!