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Remember what I said earlier: the one thing right about dirty bulking is the large amount of calories. What you need to do is get an abundance of healthful calories into your system on a regular basis so you can grow without posing such a large threat to your health. The first thing I’d suggest is eating every few hours. Dirty bulking is basically a strategy where your goal is to eat as much as possible, following no real nutritional guidelines other than just trying your best to get a ton of calories down your gut. There is no distinction between nutritious food and junk food.

Dirty bulking is a method of maximizing muscle mass by eating as much food as possible. Dirty bulking allows you to eat anything and everything your heart desires. There are no dietary rules or restrictions.

Every day is a race to consume as many calories as possible. Does dirty bulking work. If you’re one of those hard gainers we previously mentioned, then dirty bulking is the solution to your problem.

Dirty bulking DOES in fact work, however, it has to be carefully managed, in order to avoid extreme and excessive fat gains. The general consensus of those on a dirty bulk is to place more emphasis on eating, and eating a lot to increase muscle and mass gains, which translates to more energy to be used for physical activity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of what you are eating.

A dirty bulking approach that provides your body with far more calories above and beyond what it can actually divert to lean muscle growth is nothing more than a recipe for pounds of extra fat gain over the long term. Secondly, a dirty bulk can potentially throw your entire program off course if you aren’t careful. The dirty bulk is a simple method of eating whatever is in sight and staying in a caloric surplus in order to gain as much size as possible. With no proper nutrition protocol, you can enjoy any and all foods you want since the main goal is to build as much size as you need.

The everlasting debate: to dirty bulk, or to not dirty bulk. This seems to be the ongoing debate on these forums for the past well, forever! We’ve all heard the common phrases before; You can’t gain good muscle if you dirty bulk, It will take you forever to cut off all that fat, hawt abz, etc. I call bullshit.

I “dirty bulked”(If you even want to call it that) about 1 1/2 years ago. Once you start eating more frequently, your body will become accustomed to this and will start “expecting” food every few hours. Drink your whey in vitamin Dmilk, use regular butter, olive oil, sesame seed oil, and nut butters. Eat your eggs, brown, white, or. While you want to have excess calories while bulking, the majority of those calories should be from clean healthy foods: lean cuts of meat, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

The off season is the time to put on size but the majority of it should be muscle, not fat.

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  • Over the years of skateboarding I could never gain and would actually lose weight at my lowest I was 116lbs ive finally worked up to 143lbs and im gonna start sticking with whats working for you i just do so much its hard to stay eating

  • Hey @DylanMcKnight you inspired all of us hard gainers I’m going to start in august for dirty bulk see how it goes and also what is that song that you worked out on close to end of the video?

  • your appetite must be no where near as big as mine. i fast and i can still eat 5000 calories. its not go for GI tract but. try eating more bread and bakery products

  • why would any1 dirty bulk? seriously inst this a bodybuilding related channel? dirty bulk only is useful if u’re trying to be a powerlifter ou a strongman, do not dirty bulk, u dont need a caloric surplus to build muscle, specially when starting out, you’ll just get more fat, then you’ll have to diet harder and be more time on a caloric deficit loosing the muscle u earned while “bulking”. Also, forget to mention its not healthy at all

  • But i dont wanna gain fat at all, i am skinny fat, i got some fat on my belly, tight, and i see some results even if im still cutting, while being in the range of 15%

  • Men i know some people will disagree but clean food doesnt work for ectomorphs. I tried doing it the clean way by 7 Meals a day and i gained 4 kilos in six months. But in the dirty bulk i gained 3 kilos in just 1 month.

  • just found this channel and want to know whats a dirty bulk? i ‘m 5’5 135lbs and it sucks I’m super skinny no arms. Can this work? can anyone point me to the right direction willing to try anything..

  • How do you know exactly how many calories to eat though? Like about how many calories are you going over your maintenance calories? I’ve been eating about 3000 and I’m currently 178, and I have out on muscle, but a lot of stomach fat too. Kind of want to take it slower to not gain as much fat but not too slow either to stop maximum muscle gain

  • NOBODY drink 8 cups of chocolate milk. That’s close to 175 grams of sugar or in other words almost an entire coffee mug full of sugar, just sugar, or in other other words, that’s 3 times your recommended daily intake. SUGAR MAKES YOU GAIN FAT FAST. Why are obese people addicted to cereal and soda? Sugar. This kid is gaining fat. I understand its not everyone’s goal to have a 6 pack but I promise you bulking with sugar is NOT WORTH IT. Bulk by eating unprocessed foods. Get your sugars from things like fruits and your carbs from things like whole grains and yogurt

  • U said u will break out with dairy and etc..but u drink chocolate milk alot��and i was gonna start to because u said it puts on some weight

  • This doesnt answer what to do when youre skinny fat. Skinny fat looks like 15-20% body fat in the mirror, because you’re skinny. You can’t cut because if you lose that fat without muscle you will become extremely underweight. You cant bulk because you may gain more fat. So what do?

  • I currently been eating 3k calories a day for like couple months, I’ve gained 20 pounds since last year ����I’m 6’1”, 15 y/o, 16 in 2 months, 180 pounds
    My new years resolution in 2020 is to get to 200 pounds with bigger arms, more defined packs, stronger & quicker plus squeeze 1 or 2 inches of height, that year would be awesome��

  • Tbh, you are the most genuine, and personal fitness channel out there. No over excess of ads, you show and tell what you eat but you never day things while screaming or bekng fake hype. You progressed with muffins and chocolate milk. K mean, and you dont trash talk dirty bulking with avocadoes or a hamburger for starters.

  • This looks alot more enjoyable, im bulking at 3000 calories but sit around most of the day trying to drill actual food into my gut��

  • a dirty bulk will only ruin you no rush bud cut the weight you have now and them just maintain a lean bulk just eat alot of lean clean food its gonna be way better for you than to bulk up dirty

  • I eat about 3200 calories everyday and I’ve been counting macros along with my calories. Don’t know how tf you can eat 4000 a day.

  • I agree Alex. First few months at the gym I dirty bulk. Went for thin 105lb to 135lb and yeah i was fat as fuck but my arms got swole and my strength shot up like crazy went from benching 60lb to 120lb lol

  • today was my second day drinking a.45gallon container of chocolate milk. gotta say, the energy i feel from it is off the charts. not to mention its an easy 950 calories and 100 grams of protein to start my day. Gonna get me a mass gainer and I should be upping my daily intake by at least 1500 from what i normally eat. All in all, im going from about 1700 calories a day to 3000+ with minimal effort. Thanks for the dank tips my guy.

  • I had 18% fat and I started with cutting. Start with cutting is a big mistake because now I stragle with get muscles even that I work hard and eat a lot and healthy

  • it’s not worth doing a dirty bulk you uneducated kid. you are gonna gain the same amount of muscle with a smaller surplus, only the additional fat is going to be less significant.

  • Eat like this and you will end up looking like a fat jerk from Family Guy! Fat won’t turn in to muscle. This bulking method is bullsh*t!

  • I wouldn’t call it dirty bulking. I’m 6’5 and started out as a very slim kid. I eat a lot of fruits, along with 3 square meals including veggies in two of them. Then I’ll have a lot of milk throughout the day for extra calories, drink a lot of water and eat some chips or muffins for my junk food. It allows me to get the extra calories I need because I burn them off so easily. Even now at 220 I’m very lean due to this. So I would advise just having a snack or two of chips and a sweet with nutritious foods dominating your diet, rather than eating fast food at basically any point. That’s what will put the most body fat on from my experience.

  • Idk about skinny fat but I was pretty much just fat fat. I was 225 lbs at 5′ 7″. I am a former athlete who boxed, did some mma, played rugby, ran about 5 miles a day or more and lifted weights 4 days a week. I got fat after getting a desk job in my mid 20s on stopping exercising completely. Last year I started going back to the gym and changed my diet. I wanted to lose fat but also wanted to be muscular. I wen’t into a deficit of about 500-600 calories a day, gym 6 days a week mainly heavy powerlifting routine (push pull legs based around compound movements). I made sure to get around 175-200 grams of protien a day. I also started with terrible test levels of around 300 total free. I am now at 155lbs and about 10-12%bf. I put on at least 10lbs of lean mass but likely more judging from my physique. My arms, shoulders and chest are bigger than when I was fat and my legs are only a bit smaller but all muscle now. I didn’t think it was possible in the past but you really can add muscle on a deficit, especially if you are overweight to begin with. My strength levels are what I am most pleased with though, especially my bench progress. Bench went from 150×8 to a 1RM of 248 lbs, deadlift from an abysmal 175×6 to a 1RM of 360lbs, and squat from around the same as deadlift at around 200lbsx6 to (haven’t tested 1rm in 6 months) 320×3.

  • I started my bulking last week and I gain 9 pounds its hard to eat somuch food at first, but you will get use to it, just eat every 3 hours

  • Are peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches good for gaining good weight, I’m 15 and weigh 125 I’m a little slim from water polo and am wondering what I should eat, I workout about 4 times a week because some weekends I have games and it may get tiring, also what do you mean by dirt bulk(is it a protein?)

  • Dirty bulking is absolutely terrible. Even if you don’t gain fat, you are still screwing up your endocrine systems. It will strain your pancreas, liver, and cells and reduce insulin sensitivity. If you need some simple carbs for a boost of energy, have a piece of fruit. Not a donut or a bagel. Having a quick boost of energy is useful before and after lifting but having something nutritious every time you eat is also important.

  • I can do 10 pull ups with a 25 lb weight on my but can’t do one muscle up smh.. I weight 195 lbs now when I weighed 175 -180 I did 10 pullups.. can’t wait till I cut down back to 180 then i hopefully can to a dam muscle up

  • Bruh u do not realize how hard it is to eat enough calories when u don’t like to eat that much. Tracking does not help once so ever.

  • Dirty Bulking is what I can afford in the Philippines really, I don’t have a choice since I live in a bad urban city. I’d go for beef burgers for now.

  • What If you’re counting your macros and calories? This way I can eat whatever I want as long as it fits the macros and you won’t gain as much fat

  • Losing fat is a lot easier than gaining muscle. You can lose all your fat in months even weeks. Building muscle takes years. Why is that?

  • I don’t like the idea that closing down my fitness pal and putting the scale away is a bad thing. Any normal person doesnt use those things just to fucking live a normal life.

  • im dirty bulking and i’m 16 and was skinny been 3 months or so and i’m seeing my self getting bigger with muscle also with a lil big of fat which is all good and also i take creatine

    the best way to dirty bulk is to eat as much and hit the gym hard asf doing progressive overload increasing the weight

    and when you think you’re big enough to cut

    just burn all that fat and you’ll be left with the muscle you put on

    watch dylan mcknight

  • Okay, so im 175 CM long and i weight 65,1 KG, it says to maintain weight it takes 2,450 calories a day i already did put that all the way up to 3.000 calories a day. At that moment i STILL didnt gain weight so now i just eat a lot of foods that are good for bulking, i actually stopped tracking it and now im actually gaining weight but somebody knows a better way? I can actually still see my abs only less then before!

  • … my version of a dirty bulk is “if it fits your macros.” That’s what I’m sure most of us call a dirty bulk. I weigh my foods and aim to hit my proteins, fats and carb goals from MyFitnessPal. Dirty bulking just means eating more junk than you would in a clean bulk. Not everything you eat would be junk though.

  • 2:10 if the group truly ate maintenance, how dog they gain any body fat at all? The definition of maintenance is not gaining nor losing weight

  • It’s funny how a bmi scale would say he’s morbidly obese, do you think a morbidly obese man would be able to do backflips muscle ups and body varials��������

  • I did a dirty bulk to 220 lbs, gained noticeable fat but my squat went up to 425 and deadlift to 500, alot of my weak areas like chest and shoulders finally got bigger as well.

  • You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

  • Hi Picturefit, I have a question regarding this video. Since a lot of strength correlates to body weight, dirty bulking or lean bulking at a higher body fat allows one to lift more weight. Does that mean that maintaining a higher body weight allow for faster growth?