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6 Proven Medicinal Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast

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8 Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast in Your Diet

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7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

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Benefits of Nutritional Yeast for Cancer

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Brewer’s yeast is a potent source of amino aicds, B-vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Explore the research and benefits of this popular product. Dietary supplements containing brewer’s yeast often contain non-living, dried yeast. People use brewer’s yeast to make medicine. Brewer’s yeast is taken by mouth for respiratory problems, including.

Brewer’s yeast is also used as a nutritional supplement. It’s a rich source of chromium, which may help your body maintain normal blood sugar levels. It is also a source of B vitamins. Brewer. 1. Promotes immune function.

Thanks to the fact that it’s a great source of vitamin B, nutritional yeast can turn fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy, protecting us from illnesses, making us stronger and putting us in a good mood, ready to take on the day ahead. All of the nutrients in brewer’s yeast work together to support immune and nervous system health as well as healthy digestion ( Other benefits include promoting skin health, boosting energy levels, maintaining cholesterol levels already within a normal range and supporting weight loss goals along with diet and exercise (

Typically, one-quarter of a cup of nutritional yeast contains: 60 calories. 8 grams (g) of protein. 3 g of fiber.

11.85 milligrams (mg) of thiamine, or vitamin B-1. 9.70 mg of riboflavin, or vitamin B-2. 5.90 mg of vitamin B-6. 17.60 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin B-12.

Brewers Yeast Nutritional Information As a whole food supplement, brewers yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins and can be high in the minerals selenium or chromium depending on the processing method. These nutrients offer many health benefits as discussed further below. Nutritional yeast is a popular food product often used in vegan cooking. It gets its name from the protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains.

Studies have shown it has a. Both nutritional and brewer’s yeasts are a type of fungus. So, like mushrooms, they’re neither plant nor animal.

Both are good sources of B vitamins, necessary for efficient metabolism of food and to help us withstand stress, and of minerals, protein, and fiber. Supplemental brewer’s yeast, also called primary brewer’s yeast, is typically grown on a medium of corn or other types of grain. Brewer’s yeast is known for being high in protein, B vitamins and chromium, an essential trace mineral that helps with normalizing blood sugar levels.

List of related literature:

The claimed health benefits of fermented functional foods are either directly due to interactions between ingested live microorganisms, bacteria, or yeast with the host (probiotic effect) or indirectly due to ingestion of microbial metabolites produced during fermentation (biogenic effect).

“Wheat and Rice in Disease Prevention and Health: Benefits, risks and mechanisms of whole grains in health promotion” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
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This chapter reviews the mineral nutrition of yeasts employed in fermentation processes, with a particular focus on the roles of magnesium, calcium, and zinc in the physiology of industrial strains of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

“Advances in Applied Microbiology” by Allen I. Laskin, Joan W. Bennett, Geoffrey M. Gadd
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Brewer’s yeast is the richest source (though there is a controversy on how available the B12 in yeast is to human digestion).

“Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture” by E. N. Anderson
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The development of superior yeast strains for the food and beverage industries: challenges, opportunities and potential benefits.

“Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods” by Robert W. Hutkins
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Note: Brewer’s yeast does not cause or aggravate candida albicans yeast overgrowth.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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The yeast that has been most closely associated with humankind, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has long been used for brewing, distilling (for both potable alcohol and industrial alcohol), winemaking, and baking bread, and for yeast extracts for food and flavoring as well as therapeutic purposes.

“Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology” by Richard K. Robinson, Carl A. Batt
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“Beer in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy
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  • Dude… what’s wrong with your voice? It’s like part sarcasm, part pride from uncovering some uncommonly known facts, part natural douchebag, and a hint of Mrs. Doubtfire. ��

  • I really like using nutritional yeast to add cheesey flavor to dishes but it seems to cause the candida to flare up. Does NY truly make candida worse? If so, will it be safe to reinduced it after the candida is gone?

  • I eat two tablespoons of nutritional yeast a day; I add it to my beans and tofu for the additional protein and b vitamins. Have a whole food plant based diet and started weightlifting trying to build muscle, looks like I’m boosting my immune system as well.

  • Good to know! I buy unfortified nutritional yeast (Sari foods is my brand) to avoid the synthetic vitamins and their negative effects.

  • Dr. Gregor, Thank u 4 ur service! Thanx 4 empowering me 2 be my best own health advocate & be my beloved relatives’ also, who r struggling w/ cancer. AND just so u ALL know, this special Dr. wrote 2 books & tours the country empowering people 2 research & take charge of their health decision, AND the icing on the (plant-based cake), is that he is DONATING ALL HIS PROFITS 2 CHARITIES!!!! A profound thank u from my heart, Dr Gregor!!

  • Just had some today on my popcorn! So glad I saw this!! I’m healing from surgery right now!! I hope this helps!! Going to eat lots more! Thank you��!

  • Regarding the Pasta video, never got answer, I know you should be very busy doc.

    I got this Italian pasta brand made of 100% durum wheat semolina, USDA organic, from Costco. that means it is less bad than regular american pasta?
    Since I got high sugars levels in my last blood test, I put this pasta away in my pantry, even for my family, just used 1 out of 8 packages, didn’t want just put it in the garbage can, now that I see this video, is it ok if I consume it or at least my family?, ofcourse in small portions, not like in a restaurant.

    Thanks doctor.

  • Thank you Doctor, I bought the SariFoods nutritional yeast that you recomende and it has the same flavor that the green split peas that I missed on my Keto diet, as a cuban women I always ate split peas and now on my Keto lifestyle I found the same flavor in this yeast, thank you so much��

  • You were looking for a study on Beta-glucan that was in a Japanese journal:

    [46] Ueno, H., Beta-1,3-D-glucan, its immune effect and its clinical use

    Jap. J. Soc. Term. Syst. Dis. 2000, 6, 151-154

    Here’s a link:

  • Thumbs down and unsubscribed. Tired of videos just showing pages being highlighted and read. Also way to much information unrelated and/or unnecessary for the topic the video is supposed to be about. Misleading and confusing Bye

  • After 2 and a half years of being vegan I just bought and tried my first dose of the nooch haha xD Feels much better than taking a b12 supplement, cheaper and has other good nutrients in it. I’ve heard so many times that it taste like cheese but I’m not getting that, still like it tho:)

  • I have multiple sclerosis and I just started taking nutritional yeast a couple of weeks ago, the amount of energy that it gives me is phenomenal, as most people would know with autoimmune diseases lack of energy and fatigue is a major problem. I take nutritional yeast with food or by itself and in a very small quantity such as a tablespoon and I have become so much more active and I don’t fall asleep during the day which in turn gives me a good night sleep, how about eight hours! you like that! I I know that this is not due to some placebo effect because my spouse started taking nutritional yeast almost the same day and she is so much more active and do not complain of fatigue and the side effects caused by fatigue. I hope my observation is beneficial to the reader. Thank you, God bless have a great day.

  • EXCEPT….. most nutritional yeast manufacturers add synthetic folic acid. Folic acid is well known as a cancer PROMOTER. Gotta find the stuff that IS NOT fortified.


  • I am wondering what important completed clinical studies are buried in foreign languages like Russian or German and await translation into English before we can evaluate them and benefit?

  • Mycotoxins and aflatoxins in Beans, Corn, Coffee, Nuts, especially PEANUTS, apple cider vinegar, mushrooms, grains and dried dates, prunes and raisins would make a great video. Also mold poisoning and detoxing of the cytoxins that cause CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

  • I eat 2 tablespoonfuls of non-fortified nutritional yeast every single day, among a ton of other supplements.  I don’t want to say that I’m immortal at this point, but I’m going to anyway.  I’m immortal.

  • I couldnt order one of your nutritional yeast since there is no shipping in my contry Kosovo, neither in Albania, hopefully a friend of mine is in USA which is coming back in one month and he is getting one for me��. Feeling happy. And Thanks a lot for education you spread to us for free sir.

  • We got it solely because we wanted to add it to McDougall’s Penne Florentine like a certain lady on Youtube did in her recipe. Now that we have Dr. Greger’s new cookbook, it’s finding its place in more and more dishes. Thanks, Dr. G.

  • Too bad 90% of all nooch is grown on Glyphosate dessicated grains and is laced with MSG. This is absolute garbage. As worse as any transformed carbs. Was causing my candida to come back.

    Im done with this shit.

  • that’s absolutely amazing. imagine how good it would be for all the elderly even just for reducing infections at their age especially with how simple and cheap it is. and also for cats and dogs who are very prone to cancer nowadays it seems, imagine how cheap and easy this is for helping in that fight.

  • Nutritional Yest is dangerous, I took this shit for about 2 months.
    Heart palpitation and mood problems, anxiety.
    Not only me, but my family member as well.

  • At the end, I thought I heard “taste your popcorn”, but it did not make any sense. So, I turned on the caption. It was “tastier popcorn”, but it still made no sense to me. Why popcorn? Popcorns are not created with yeasts, are they?

  • Dr. Greger i have a question to you.. how in the world do you structurally, on a daily basis, get in the recommended amount of vitamin E? if you only consume whole foods, thus no oil, and you don’t go berserk on almonds (and thus eat a high fat diet).
    I never ever get anywhere close to the recommended levels not even to half of it.. i generally get between 3 7.5 mg a day.
    i can remember from a long time ago that someone like mcdougall said you needed 7mg a day or something?
    i tell you it’s impossible, unless you go eat certain stuff (in rediculous amounts) on a daily basis specifically to get in enough vitamin E.

    If “normal” people are getting this amount of vitamin E a day it’s solely cause everything they eat is baked and topped with oils

  • Can Dr. Greger do a video investigating garlic’s effects on immunity and cancer? I think this would be an interesting topic. Thanks ��

  • Dr Gregor it’s your gal jessie from nanabar!! I was wondering if you could do a video on c60 I’ve heard lots of conflicting information about it and would love to hear your thoughts ���� best wishes ✨

  • It is not as easy to deactivate yeast as people think. I find nutritional yeast cultures very easily when I do not want it to. If you drop it in a glass of water with broth and beans on the bottom it sends down long strings slowly to the beans… Which is how it eats. It can’t eat if it isn’t alive and activated. Put some in a baggie with food and leave it on a warm table top a few hours or a day, when you open it it will smell rank and be bubbly. Which is what happens when yeast begins to culture something into alcohol or something else. That is your deactivated nutritional yeast. I don’t think we should go crazy and vilify yeast without reason like we have gluten, but that doesn’t mean that it is what we think it is and that no caution need be shown.
    A word on gluten, an extraordinarily small part of the population has celiac disease and is legitimately allergic to gluten. The rest of us can sit down to 8 ounces of seitan of we want, which is pure concentrated wheat gluten, the protein part of the wheat. It’s an excellent meat replacement and very nutritious. I could stuff seitan in my face like a box of Oreo cookies as the only thing that would happen is that I’d feel great physically and no animals would be killed for my preferred flavor profile. Which makes no sense if gluten is the bad part of wheat.
    However stick me in front of an entire bowl full of white noodles and I’m laying in bed an hour later with an auto immune disease flare. It turns out that our white flour is bleached with an afflatoxin… Which comes from mold, the same kind the government comes into your house with hazmat suits to assess and clean and sticks stickers and tape up saying no one can come in. Afflotoxin= mild neurotoxin and extreme allergen. Which might be why someone with an auto immune disease would find themselves feeling like death after ingesting some.
    The nice aflatoxin and the fact that 1/2 cup is probably a serving but we typically eat 4+ servings without knowing it at dinner and the resulting blood sugar punch to your system being another assault, is probably the real reason wheat might not be good for us. I can get a similar blood sugar reaction with other high starch food such as white potatos and white rice if eaten in abundance. But nothing does me in like a delicious bowl of ramen.
    However I can eat whole wheat bread all day, No bleach, lots of gluten. So I think we need to rethink gluten and evaluate what’s really going on with our vilified pizza crusts. Since my immune system seem to react to so many foods I’m probably not a bad canary in the coal mine on this one.

  • Recently a friend had a surgery, but after they said her heart rate was abnormally low (in the 20’s, but it needed to be at least 50). My question is: why can someone who is physically unfit and overweight have a low heart-rate? I already know her diet is bad, and maybe it has a link. Apparently her doctor didn’t know why, but thought it was concerning as she wasn’t an athlete. Why is this please?

  • In the last couple of months I just brought nutritional yeast back to my menu since finding it sold in a bulk aisle at a store I shop. And yes its been upgrading my popcorn! super yummy and I notice a general uplift in my overall well being after a bowel of non omg popcorn heavily sprinkled in Nutrtional yeast. I also share it with my dogs. I attributed this well being feeling to the B vitamins but maybe my immune system is also saying thank you!

  • How do you find these things??? Luv ya ❤ in a manly way, of course! ��
    You are really one brave man, I have to give it to you. Thanks for all that you do.

  • Hi Doc, I found the article:

    I also happen to be a professional translator. I’d be interested in translating the article pro bono, provided that you feel confident with someone without a medical background working on it (my background is in computer science and software translation). Please contact me at rei at the fraser dot com, all one word.

  • Can someone help me figure this out. In Germany, when I search for nutritional yeast, the only thing I get is “nutritional yeast flakes”. These have often lots of carbs in them (roughly 10-20 grams of pure sugar). How is it that I have trouble finding the nutritional yeast which “americans” seem to have? O.o

  • it feels kinda uncanny when the roman statue isn’t speaking directly at me. ik you want to be experimental, but i’d rather have frank looking directly at the camera

  • Ant thoughts on Dr. Fuhrman concerns about to much folate in regular nutritional yeast? Yeast that does not contain folate is very hard to find and super espensive.

  • This is what hormesis is all about: creating a stress on the body to stimulate and immunological response.. My favorite therapies are sauna and ozone for immune boosting. Google if you want to learn more.

  • The nicest way to tell ppl stop asking me all these damn questions and just watch the videos where i answered them���� just kidding ��

  • I bought both your nutritional and electrolyte powder thinking one would lack what the other have but it it seems like I should just buy the nutritional yeast, please correct me if I wrong.

  • Dr. Berg, I downloaded the PDF of videos but the category I was looking for (pregnancy) seemed to not be present or did I miss it?

  • I realize these are great for us but they are extremely difficult to swallow. I can swallow larger pills but these are ultra difficult Anyone else have this issue?

  • What do you make of the new study at Canada university which found that low saturated fat diet (below 3%) contributed to death increase by 13%?

  • How about the myth that it has mold properties?? because it is not a myth and true. Would it be healthy to consume blue cheese on a daily basis? A sprinkle of nutritional yeast here and there is fine. But not to take spoonfuls on a daily basis.

  • Question…. the pill form (that I’ve ordered from your website) says three a day-> but I’m wondering if taking them interfers with my IF? Silly question?

  • Dr. Berg, can I give this nutritional yeast tablets to my 11 years old son? Is it safe for kids? If not, what is the best way to provide with vitamin B to a kid?

  • Dr Berg are you really sure of the benefits of nutritional yeast? There are several claims now that it is a highly processed food and really bad for the health.

  • I do use organic nutritional yeast and I notice no reaction good or bad at all. I think of it as a seasoning really as I love the sharp flavor it has. Yes cheese has a similar flavor but I can’t always get raw cheese. A sprinkle of nutritional yeast on a grass fed burger with mustard and grilled onions is mighty tasty. I also put in things that might taste too sweet and it helps kills my sugar cravings big time.

  • Excellent video! I appreciate your hard work! Once I start making more money, I will be buying meat from your online store on a regular basis!

  • I was waiting for this video!
    I heard you tell people with crohns not to consume nutrituonal yeast on one of your livestreams!
    This is very intresting!
    So should we stop all products with yeast in? Would that leaaon symptoms or get us in remission?

  • I heard it promotes candida albicans and since someone who isn’t on keto is already at risk of candida overgrowth from the carbs in their diet I’m a bit hesistant to try it. Do you know if there is truth to this?

  • Honestly, I’m liking the format in this video, although, I guess I like anything with Frankie boy in it. P.s. You’re getting huge dude, holy s***!

  • Do you have it in form of flakes? I bought yeast from your site, it is good but in form of pills. And I had to grind it to add to my drinks.

  • I can eat the heck out of that stuff. Put it on salad with avocado and ACV. Put it on my eggs. Put it on veggies with grass fed butter and sea salt.

  • Oh no….I bought the wrong B12 vitamins. So I’ll have to throw it out:(
    Do I need to take an food allergy test to see if im sensitive to yeast? I get migraines….is this due to food allergy?

  • Can my husband have some in juices after is chemo & Radiation I wonder If is good for him? Thank You great information I was wondering for a while If was good or bad I been thinking about trying.

  • Is there any plans to make this product with capsules instead of tablets? I’ve had issues swallowing these and so have many customers. Thanks

  • I’ve had crohn’s for over two years now and no doctor I’ve ever visited even touched the topic of diet. No, for them it’s drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

    Thank you, Dr. Gregor, for shedding light on the answers I so desperately need.

    EDIT: Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yes, I am Vegan (previously pescatarian and vegetarian for the last year)

    I never thought wheat might have something to do with it. I’ll make sure to look more into that.

    I take fiber and B12 supplements in addition to flaxseed oil softgells (actual nuts and seeds make me flare up). I’ll definitely look into vitamin C and D.

    As for mucusless diet, could you elaborate? Thank you!

  • This was exactly what I was looking for! Someone who knows whats is talking about and teaches with so much safety and clearness. Thanks a lot!

    Bruna @viva.feliz

  • I was wondering if anybody could explain the need for taking Nutritional Yeast for trace minerals, and also taking EDTA tablets, as Dr Berg recommends in another video, as EDTA draws these minerals from your blood? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • I don’t know why people keep insisting that nutritional yeast is the same as bread yeast or yeast used for brewing! It isn’t!!! It is inactive is nothing like either bread or beer yeast and is not grown the same and don’t even get me started on the difference in taste!!!!

  • Even when vegan I never wanted to eat it because… its yeast, I also saw people saying it broke then out I assumed it wasnt very healthy

  • Can you bake with nutritional used? Does that change the properties at all? I’m always making keto treats and I would think that adding nutritional yeast would be an extra benefit… Please let me know

  • Braggs Brewers yeast, ground with mortar and pestle to a powder, popcorn, ghee, a little salt = Heaven. (cheesy tasting Umami bomb) I use about a heaping tablespoon to 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels popped in avocado oil in my microwave popper. If you don’t grind it a little into a powder, you waste a lot of the B yeast because the flakes fall to the bottom of the bowl. Powdered up and it sticks to your buttered popcorn. (butter and toss first before adding yeast powder)

  • This is GREAT on your cauliflower mac and cheese! YUMMY! Thank you for teaching me better ways to eat nutrient dense foods Dr Eric Berg.

  • Do not eat nutritional yeast. It causes some serious candida overgrowth. I had so much bloating and pain after eating it and for the longest time I didn’t know it was the nutritional yeast causing it. I stopped eating it and the bloating went away.

  • Just received my DrBerg NY pills. Recommends 9/day. If I only take 1/day would I still reap benefits? Don’t want to take too many because I’m sensitive to B vitamins.

  • Dr. Berg? I started nutritional yeast about 6 days ago, and at least 3 days ago I developed a rash all over my legs and abdominal region. Is it the yeast?

  • Hello dr.berg, I’m pure vegetarian and i want to take your nutritional yeast for B vitamins but I’m concerning that could i take this with wheat grass juice powder and your hair,nail,skin formula togather

  • Just got my yeast pills, was scared to take them, wasnt sure if allergic to yeast, so much im allergic to.. I will definitely try them out

  • I always thought Crohn’s was caused by gluten, but according to one of the graphs shown it must be the yeasts found and used in gluten rich products causing people symptoms since the wheat seemed fine. I’m not a huge fan of nooch myself, I’ve tried it on multiple occasions and woke up with red spots(not acne, just red spots) around my nose the next day, so I’ve stopped using it. I have read that poorly deactivated nutritional yeast can lead to candida, then again that may have been published by a producer of the stuff. Can’t wait for the next episode…

  • Just bought a crapton of Dr. McDougall’s pre-made soups, most of which have yeast as an ingredient… and here I thought Drs. McDougall and Greger would be on board with each other… >_>

  • Hi frank. what do you think of saurcraugt and pickles? I know they have good benifits but… Is conventional less nutritious than organic? Im stuck on should i buy organic,regular or NATURALLY fermented which by the way is EXPENSIVE!! Ive been eating regular pickles and saurcraugt also drinking the juice.Thank you.

  • Hi Frank, you are very educated about nutrition and health. Do you mind if I ask where do you learn about it (book, website, etc.) and which health books would you recommend? Thanks and keep spreading your knowledge.

  • I ate it and Had a bad reaction to it! My face, chest and upper arms starting burning and became really red and Itchy. I avoid it now. Braggs it what I used.

  • The Japanese research article you were looking for was wrongly referenced (author name misspelling, correct one is Ueno, Kenki) and seems like all the other researchers have copy-pasted the error (hence, they likely didn’t even read the paper, esp. when it is Japanese, but wanted to reference it anyway. So much for quality of medical research). You can find the article in Japanese at:

  • More cancer miracle stories. Ending this video with a paper that couldnt even be found. People eat bread that has yeast all the time, is that equivalent? There is so much more to learn about nutritional yeast like the connection to Crohn’s. Dumping this story on people without good science and cautions is questionable. How many cancer patients are gonna run to the store now in search of the this next miracle story that they hear all the time and this one did not seem to have solid random controlled studies.

  • I can only listen to him at my local library now, as I only get 3 g.b. of cell phone time,.. but he is terrific! Daniel 12:3 4! GOOD for what ever ails you.!

  • I have a friend who is vegetarian had me try nutritional yeast once when he just went vegetarian 2 years ago. He was praising the yeast a lot, he sprinkled some on to my food during lunch and then it gave me a really bad headache/migraine shortly after eating it. He claims it wasn’t the yeast, he claimed it was the sugar in the korean aloe vera drink I was drinking that caused the headache/migraine. I told him I drink this somewhat often and it has never cause me any issues. Then he asked me to try it again during dinner to make sure if it was the yeast, I was like okay fine. During dinner he added some nutritional yeast on my food again, and then the headache/migraine started happening again shortly after. After that I never ever ate nutritional yeast ever again.

  • Auto brewery syndrome is thanks to this yeast basically. Getting drunk 24/7 because antibiotics and then eating that, not so good.

  • Im glad you talk about GLYPHOSATE! Im from Colombia and in the name of the drug war they poison Nature. Make a video series on it!

  • Me:
    watches every single one of Frank’s videos and live streams
    joins insta streams
    -looks at studies he is referring to

    Also me:
    eats everything Frank said not to eat
    eating nutritional yeast right now

  • The camera angle are cool, jus nothing more than 5 sec is good, as u lose viewers attention. Haha dr berg aint gunna like this one

  • I don’t eat anything that comes from grains, doesn’t matter even if says gluten Free like oats, I still have reaction, grains are trash, except rice

  • So I bought some Nutritional Yeast, but found out it was made with cereals.
    And has quite a bit of carbs(41,7%).
    Do I need to look for another brand or are they okay(for now)?

  • When I was vegan (“plant based”) I tried to use this to replace Parmesan Cheese… Not only was it a complete taste fail, it always made me vomit.

  • Some ground cashews and nutritional yeast on top of a no-cheese veggie pizza for all the wins. No indirect breastfeeding from another species, great flavor, and tons of Y-BG to get your immune system firing on all cylinders.

  • Dear NF/ Dr. Gregor, please choose your words more correctly to reflect your stated mission to be science-based and not loony internet health guru-esque.  “Leaky gut” is not medically-recognized diagnosis.  Crohn’s disease yes, but “leaky gut” no.  I’d be laughed out of the office if I try to bill a patient for “leaky gut”.  In fact please find me actual recognized studies that validate “leaky gut” hypothesis.

    Supposedly, in leaky gut syndrome, bacteria and toxins enter the bloodstream by breaching defective barriers then proceed to create problems throughout the body, causing bloating, gas, cramps e.g. all the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), in addition to fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, mood disorders, insomnia, autism, and skin disorders (mainly eczema and psoriasis).  However these claims are not validated by scientific studies.  NF is now on par with loony online health bloggers or iffy TV doctor attempting to diagnose and treat a pseudo-syndrome.   This is not something that an otherwise trusted physician would ever do.  Did Dr. Gregor approve of this?  If so then this is a disappointment.

  • Hey cool thanks so much for explaining nutritional yeast I’ve always wondered what that stuff really is, why is it so damn expensive?? I’ve tried it before it’s actually pretty good kinda tastes like that powder cheese stuff forgot what it’s called, still don’t understand why it’s so expensive though

  • Like others have said: nutritional yeast tastes good, actual cheese tastes much better.

    Edit: oh shit, just got to the kefir part. I’m actually in the middle of a kefir fast right now!

  • However it is not suitable for people with Crohn’s disease according to this video from Dr Gregor “Those with certain autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease should probably not eat nutritional yeast”

  • I took my leaky gut to a mechanic and they patched it right up. If u would like a Coupon code to my mechanic and save 20% its in the description box below..


  • Don’t do the side camera.. Don’t turn into one of those hyper edited YouTube channels. The way you do it makes it feel so down to earth and honest.

  • All through my Life I have had a delicate digestive system (Father dies of Liver failure, but he drink), Boils and Hemorrhoids in my late teens. So as I am older eat better (quit booze) and take many supplements (too many) and 2 of which have destroyed me. Nutritional Yeast and Turmeric. Digestive so screwed-up now have a fissure which is misery. Would take 850 mg Turmeric and cracked pepper on my salad (2000% spike). So been taking Yeast for 2 years with no issue, but 8 months after starting Turmeric is when all went to Hell. Try talking nutrition with a Doctor is a waste of time, all she wanted to say is surgery. It took me some time (no doctors help obviously) to figure this out (many Thanks to your videos) End of Sept. it began, thought it was blood pressure, now on blood press med. That helped some, went to doctor (Late Nov.) and 2 antibiotics, did not help and maybe made worse. This is about time I discovered Turmeric + pepper, stopped that mid. Nov. So, now it has been only 5 days no nutritional yeast, I did quit the nutritional yeast for a short period when taking antibiotics, and thought antibiotics where helping because was feeling better (less pain) but……………no because started back taking nutritional yeast and right back to misery. In closing, from my experience, if you have a delicate digestive system…………….stay the Hell away from this.

  • I have celiac disease. Is nutritional yeast safe? It’s the only item I add to my veggies and potato (same lunch everyday) and it seems to bring on symptoms?

  • In a word…NO…if nutritional yeast caused crohn’s disease I’d have had it a long time ago, I eat a Tbs. of nut. yeast a day since the 1980s. I love the stuff. While dairy cheese caused me the worst case of IBS and constipation for years. Please stop scaring people about vegan foods with the clickbait titles, thanks:)

  • lol. fuck this shit. This is why I’m an ethical vegan. This is why everyone SHOULD be vegan. Its so sad how many vegans are food obsessed I’m starting to believe you all only do it for health which is retarded and pathetic as hell. We still need to enjoy life. I’ll eat my vegan fast foods, use oils, salt and my yeast in moderation.

  • This is a great way to get tons of Nutritional Yeast into yourself the fun, tasty and healthy way:
    You’re welcome!

  • “This study demonstrates that GLIADIN exposure induces an increase in intestinal permeability in ALL INDIVIDUALS, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease. The results of this study suggest that gluten exposure leads to altered barrier function in both ACD and GS, resulting in an exaggerated increase in intestinal permeability when compared to RCD.”

    GLIADIN, is GLUTEN component, that cause a LEAKY GUTS syndrome. It “allows for the increased translocation of both microbial and dietary antigens to the periphery which can then interact with cells of the immune system……. Not surprisingly, increased intestinal permeability has been associated with autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes [24], rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis [18], but also with diseases related to chronic inflammation like inflammatory bowel disease [18,25], asthma [26], chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.”

  • I consumed the nutritional yeast from Docter berg and it gave me lots of vomit and severe headache. Pls help suggest something @drberg

  • i know your work is all about nutrition but your narrative “how not to die” may advance through educating about radon gas, where it seems we get the most radiation (causing free radicals thus aging and cancer). it seems to reason that if we had no free radicals we would not age. mitigation through antioxidant foods passing these the electrons they are rampaging for is one of the ways you teach but how about reducing our number one contributor?

  • Dr. Berg’s physiology has continuously improved since 2015 and he is older than you. He recommends nutritional yeast. I think I will stick between the two extremes of vegan and carnivore and choose keto. I will switch from kale to avocado for my smoothy.

  • Maybe its from unclean yeast and an acidic environment in the body? Maybe thats why fasting makes them get better a little, because their body is able to detox? Another commenter said his wife cleared up completely after eliminating dairy. Maybe that is the source? There is an awful amount of contaminants in dairy..just the normal constituents without the added chemicals probably arent the greatest…ive heard its mostly pus and bacteria.. bacterias we probably arent used to because theyre from cows not humans

  • Dr. Greger, can you please do a video commenting on the latest study from McMaster University about high fat diets improving mortality rates when compared to diets high in carbs and low in fat? Headlines like this are popping up in Canadian newspapers “Reducing carbohydrates, not fat, should be focus of dietary guidelines, study says”.

  • I’ve never used it before but I’ve heard great things. I’m looking forward to learning how to use this. I’m not vegan but I’m really trying to only eat healthy.

  • Sir, first time I have taken nutritional yeast. I ate almost 50gms within 2weeks but suddenly started skin itching at night for 2days.From that day stopped eating nutritional yeast, sugar,salt.within 24hr got relief.sir is it due vitamin toxicity, have not checked pathology report.

  • I read that nutritional yeast is a derivative of MSG which is a neurotoxin. And Crohns is caused by a virus so if that is true then the virus is feeding off the toxin and causing inflammation. Interesting food for thought.

  • By far my FAVORITE video yet, I’m pumped for the candida one! As a future RD, I LOVE gut health since I used to suffer with gastroparesis and have many food sensitivities.

  • I don’t know how beneficial it is but I’m happy I found about it (here). It’s has nice taste and makes the food more delicious. Thanks! Too bad it’s a bit hard to find it.

  • Some years ago i used brewers yeast as a supplement. I honestly dont think i have ever tasted anything so terrible, although some other things come close.

  • I wonder if the same relation would be found in asthmatics. I’ve learned that I’m allergic to yeast… Like go to the hospital if a teaspoon is ingested.

  • my favourite snack ever is popcorn with nutritional yeast and if I have to cut down I wll freaaaaaaaak out. *but thanks for the informative video as always!

  • And coconut oil is the remedy. Kinda why you need to figure out when its safe to use coconut oil. That would in the absence of carbs.

  • I heard…an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Be prepared for the retaliation from big food. Their seeing profits stagnate, and they can’t take that.

  • In conclusion, we don’t know jack. So I stay away from doctors big pharma and CDC protocols because they claim to have understanding. Never trust a known liar.

  • Interesting that yeast is put in vaccines to act as an irritant and impacts those with crohns. I would like more analysis of this. Statistics have shown they have a gut permeability issue that begins after MMR in autism.

  • Oh man, I seriously CANNOT wait for the next video Dr. Greger!! I was just diagnosed with candida, leaky gut syndrome, and food allergies (navy/pinto beans, almonds, and soy). I’m currently supplementing to kill the candida, heal my intestinal walls, and have cut out my food allergens. I love my nooch, so I’m dying (hopefully not!) to find out if I need to ditch it.

  • I respect this guy’s approach to finding answers. Our food is no longer something we can just mindlessly eat, assume it is all good for us. We are sicker,fatter and eat thoughtlessly on the run. Is nutritional yeast good for us? It is fortified with vitamins like folic acid which is not as good as folate. Is non fortified n.y. Of any use to us as Dr. Berg suggests we use? Most “man”-ufactured foods are fortified with cheap, poorly assimilated chemical versions of nutrients. We are paying hard earned money for this and paying again with poor health outcomes. How. Any of us are walking around with leakey gut?

  • Dr. Gregor! I have been feeding my one year old nutritional yeast on her foods…she loves it! I need to know if this is safe or not…now!!!!

  • Hi Dr, Berg, is brewer yeast the same? or what’s the difference, I have been using it now for many years, Thank you for your videos,

  • Wow, thank you! I bought some nutritional yeast but never used it. Now I think I’d better not. I had bad reactions to bread and beer in the past. Waiting until… your next video.

  • YOU KNOW FUCK IT. I have given up cigarettes, meat, dairy, fast food, coconut oil. I’m not giving up my little nutritional yeast ;;

  • Thanks for covering Crohn’s. I was able to put my Crohn’s in remission by avoiding all dairy and (unfortunately) all beans, legumes and their derivatives. Brewer’s yeast tasted great on my popcorn but I was able to rule it out as a safe food soon after ingestion:(.
    My former gastroenterologist (and most others) still incorrectly insist that diet has no effect on Crohn’s and to continue eating the trigger foods. My advice to those with intestinal issues is to find and avoid the foods that make it worse by keeping a food journal and eliminating foods for weeks at a time to test their effects. Sadly a milkshake effects me for 4 days. The second recommendation is that they actively pursue probiotic sources, such as homemade sauerkraut.

  • CD is one of those diseases that used to be more rare. Now I know a bunch of people who have it. Most people I know have some type of stomach issue. They still won’t change their diets though.

  • Dr. Gregor, this kind of freaked me out, because I think I have had candida overgrowth for years and I don’t want to end with Crohns Disease:(:( I wish I had never seen this video.

  • i fucking knew ud say candida

    all my food and other allergies went away after i went vegan (tho my skin became dryer and i got dandruff…strangely enough)
    except…if i eat stuff that contains yeast or yeast extract my belly puffs up like a pufferfish

    there seems to be a whole of of things going on between candida and other things in the body
    like for example candida makes ur bowels sluggish and they ferment because of it which causes inflammation and thus weakens stomach acid which makes unproperly digested food get into deeper colon parts which causes leaky gut which causes candida and or adrenal fatigue

    i yet have to find a definite solution…once i went raw and it was gone away but right away as i changed back to normal veganism i developed the candida symptoms again….and now i apparently cant manage to change it back by going raw again D: and im super fatigued like 10/10

    docs think im either depressed or “just born that way”

    the problem is that medium-high carb diets seem to feed candida regardless but as a vegan how r u supposed to eat low carb low fat low protein? xD
    its like there is no solution currently trying juice fasting


  • You didn’t talk much about how to use it. You talked mostly about that it is. You didn’t say it’s great with eggs. Also you didn’t say that it’s good to put it after cooking when the meal is not too hot that’s an important one. But I guess whoever is interested will search for it or experiment.

  • I just started trying the braggs nutritional yeast a week ago and now I stopped, because I started to get really tired, etc, and I was thinking the only thing I changed was start using that stuff. Definitely not good for my body.

  • This info is very helpful, but I’m not sure how much to take. I mix mine with peanut butter. It adds a nice crunchy texture, like a Butterfinger bar.

  • I’ve had a gluten-free nutritional yeast in the house a while.. using it on top of foods. I didn’t pay attention to the ingredients.. I guess with the following ingredients.. it’s a less than optimal product. Ingredients
    Inactive Nutritional Yeast [Dried Yeast, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12]

  • As a vegan, nutritional yeast is a staple in my home. I love it on my vegan eggs, salad, beans, potatoes (baked potatoes, baby red potatoes, sweet potatoes, hash browns, or any other potatoes) without all the animal products and calories from other potato toppings! I describe it as a cheesy, nutty flavor. ��

  • When you first try it, don’t do what I did. I checked the serving size, it said 2 tablespoons, so I proceeded to dump 2 tablespoons on my beautiful salad! Then found out that you can use the serving size, sparingly, over the day! lol I think even just one tablespoon a day is beneficial, I’m not sure.

  • Might I ask that you please inform as per your heading? I’m 3 minutes in and…? Your heading implies HOW to use, not WHY to use. Thank you.

  • Here is a link to the article he is looking for
    you can link to the second page at

  • I did not take Dr. Bergs Nutritional Yeast. However, I had a terrible reaction to it. Turns out there can be a reaction to it. If you don’t know, try it in small amounts. My reaction was a brain throbbing migraine, nausea, and diarrhea. If you look up Nutritional Yeast, there are side effects for some people. Just be careful. I never thought I’d get sick from it. That is all.

  • Dr. Berg Nutritional Yeast tablets: How many of these tablets equal a TABLESPOON of nutritional yeast? Please help, thank you in advance…

  • Really want to know if I can take nutritional yeast if I am on low histamine diet… Thank you so much, whoever might be answering my question:)

  • We don’t want to consume grains? That is such wrong advise. Read the Old Testament the fundamental basis of what is good to eat according to God not Dr. Berg. Whole grains BTW not processed. You Keto people crack me up. Keep up the heart disease with the Lipids.

  • Hi Dr Berg, read from multiple sources that all nutritional yeasts contain processed free glutamic acid it’s simply naturally occurring during yeast production. Could you comment / clarify please? Thanks so much.

  • I take a small spoonful of coconut oil, and coat it with nutritional yeast. I’m a school teacher, and I keep it in my cabinet for a quick source of energy and B’s! Trader Joe’s Nutritional Yeast is SO GOOD!

  • Please Doc…NEW markers everytime. The scraping sound is unbearable. Thank you for your time uploading and sharing your information ��

  • If anyone is wondering why they react badly to nutritional yeast, it is because it is high in free glutamic acids (aka MSG), and acts as an excitotoxin in the brain tissue. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, cardiac arrhythmia, are some symptoms of sensitivity to MSG and glutamates and it also a known CARCINOGEN.

  • One of my friends said they couldn’t understand how vegans would eat nutritional yeast as it is coming from living bacteria, which I guess technically makes it not vegan.

  • Why do you never tell us how to gain weight? There’s not only fat people on this planet. Some of us are toooo skinny, that is really bad too.

  • Love the taste-however, whenever I’ve been eating it on an empty stomach, it’s been causing my elbows / knees / ears / cheeks to turn red. I think it’s the Niacin but that’s crazy because I only consume a serving (2 Tablespoons):P Anyone else experience this?

  • Tons of questions here and hardly any answers, but I’ll try.

    How can one find out which source of cobalamine is used in a nutritional yeast product? I’m seeing nothing that differentiates from label to label.

  • It gives great flavor in the almond flour psyllium husk bread rolls and buns. Also, its great in the almond flour flax crackers. I helps cover that flax strong flavor.

  • I can’t stand the texture and flavor so I regularly order Dr. Berg’s Nutritional Yeasts tablets which are more convenient for me.. I was so happy when Dr. Berg launched this product and I’ll continue using it as long as it’s available:^)

  • Is there a way to take sea salt in pill form? I take your electrolyte powder but I dread drinking salt water or putting it right on my tongue to get that 1-2 teaspoons a day �� I workout A LOT and I live in a hot country so I constantly need to replenish what I lose through sweat hence my search for a more appealing method. Thank you for literally saving all our lives Dr. Berg.

  • Dr. Berg Sir, do you think “Boiling Potatoes and then keeping those in the fridge or cooling those may reduce their Glycemic Index “?? Please share your opinions. TIA

  • Dr Berg, the nutritional guide on the yeast I buy says the dosage is two tablespoons is equal to 25% of recommended daily intake. So to take the full amount required, you would need to take 8 tablespoons a day.

    You recommend 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon. Please clarify. Thank you ��

  • F) you want your eyes hair and nails lips bear skin body to look and function it’s best then you do so through high sources of nutrition organic GMO free would be best and formal education real hands-on experience fitness clean water equal to spring or better. Not with makeup beauty supplies cosmetics that are made to the lowest standards of quality. For if your products are not organic biodegradable mate to the highest standards of quality. Then the leach into the skin pores getting absorbed into the bloodstream overworking the right left kidney liver stressing out all the body’s organs disrupting hindering the body’s ability to adjust adapt respond recover to the situation. That is why top scientists leading physicians specialist, have determined unanimously concluded that American women are far more likely to develop thyroid problems and the various other complications that are associated with this type of man-made illness. Versus European women. Not because of everybody’s charming’ personality’ due to the fact, the Europeans have a standard of quality set in place that allows their products to be made mass-produced distributed in a way that improves upon the body’s overall functionality instead of disrupting it. For femininity at its finest, is raw wild naturally hard-core organically appealing truly captivating absolutely appreciate it respected desired! Spiritually sought after internally externally for all eternity throughout existence by the gods goddesses angels) of the ancient Royal elite warrior guardian soldier bodyguard protector messenger dominant gentleman superior father.. Talk about love and don’t even know yourself from the inside out. Equally as sickening if not more extremely useless if 1 billion women are using supporting wearing this poisonous toxic sludge better known as makeup beauty supplies cosmetics bug spray perfume! On a daily basis how many millions of tons, do we have to manufacture mass produce to meet that supply and demand? As you know we don’t use 100% of anything especially here in America! So where does all that excess poisonous toxic waste sludge bug spray perfume end up? In our rivers lakes streams oceans various other bodies of water burnt off into our airways as a poisonous vapor” back down onto our landscapes. You can not promote love!!!! By using supporting substances resources materials that are outdated inferior, scientifically classified religiously verified as petrified death! or worse Case closed. The goal is to live up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity the key is knowing yourself by becoming physically fit mentally sound and spiritually balanced. For no one can express or receive love in its entirety if the do not know themselves. Now I (wish and pray) for my soul and spirit TOO be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim I guarantee, you never hear or see another body man in power persons of legal religious authority leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty! One reason they don’t naturally have the best interest of the majority of the populations needs at HEART) another reason could be, they CUM from a breed of cowards, combined with a life style that suggest confirms validates them as being feebleminded physically inadequate submissive subservient, it doesn’t get any worse than that. one is genetic hereditary the other is a generic) learned behavior either way, no matter how you look at it is physically mentally spiritually useless to live and die and that self neglected low quality manner. Love promotes encourages rewards progress. Not the declined diminished quality of life S.R.F. not to mention each body has over 60,000 miles of area that blood can travel through with in it that is enough distance to circumference the world twice. So what is beautiful attractive desirable welcoming alluring appealing captivating physically mentally spiritually beneficial about poisoning corrupting damaging one’s own blood Highway around the world. You might want to take that point to heart.
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  • My health when I used to regularly take brewers yeast was better than now after I replaced it with 10 different types of vitamins! Now I’m going back to it.