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[2] In the wake of this major blow to the supplement industry and aspiring bodybuilders (like myself) everywhere, was the exclusion of one molecule from this act that would later become the new king of legal anabolic supplements Dehydroepiandrosterone aka DHEA. DHEA is one of the most abundant endogenously produced steroids in the body. 1-Dehydroepiandrosterone (1-DHEA) is a legal preprohormone. It is a highly anabolic compound known as one of the last legal substances to produce true steroid-like gains in individuals—helping to increase lean muscle mass, remove body fat, boost testosterone.

dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the precursor of testosterone, DHEA has been excluded from the list of anabolic steroids. We thus used the same DNA microarray technology to analyze the expression profile of practically all the 30,000 genes of the mouse genome modulated by DHEA and DHT in classical androgen-sensitive. DHEA: The King of Legal Steroids DHEA is the ingredient you want to see on the label when you are looking for a product that can help you gain muscle mass.

When you see DHEA on the label, you can be fairly confident that you will experience real results as long as the dosage is around 20 milligrams per serving or higher. DHEA supplements can be made from wild yam or soy. Scientists don’t know everything DHEA does. But they do know that it functions as a precursor to male and female sex hormones.

King of Legal Anabolic Supplements? Fast forward to 2016, when DMAA?s legality was being investigated by the FDA and the courts and companies were looking for a viable replacement. There was a slight buzz around a new stimulant that was very similar in structure to DMAA, but there was (and still is) a lot of confusion about the actual name and structure of what was being called?2. As with muscle mass, the majority of research indicates that DHEA is not effective at reducing fat mass (17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26, 27).However, some evidence suggests that DHEA supplements.

As a steroid hormone, DHEA and its derivatives – such as 7-ketone DHEA and 1-androsterone – can be manufactured in the laboratory, according to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. Since there is not enough available evidence to back up the claims commonly associated with this steroid, there is also not much information on its production rate. Perhaps the most common and well known anabolic steroid on the market today. Dianabol was first created by CIBA and marketed in Germany and the United States. – it is the first known steroid to be created for the sole purpose of anabolic performance enhancement..

Dianabol Benefits. Dianabols main claim to fame is its ability to dramatically elevated testosterone levels. It is a Nandrolone derivative however the 4-OH group added inhibits a conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or DHN (dihydronandrolone) making this a mildly androgenic and highly anabolic compound. There is also no conversion to estrogen or progesterone.

The positive affects of M4OHN are increases in lean mass as well as moderate strength gains.

List of related literature:

Adrenal Sex Steroids Secretion of the adrenal androgens androstenedione, DHEA, and DHEA-S (the sulfonated derivative of DHEA, synthesized in the adrenal and liver) is regulated by ACTH and other incompletely understood mechanisms.

“Sabiston Textbook of Surgery E-Book” by Courtney M. Townsend, R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox
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prohormone supplements, passed without objection, also gave the Drug Enforcement Administration more authority to ban new or novel steroids, with one exemption, DHEA.

“Cancer and Sexual Health” by John P Mulhall, Luca Incrocci, Irwin Goldstein, Ray Rosen
from Cancer and Sexual Health
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The latter sterol, after further reactions, yields estrogens, contraceptives, diuretics (spironolactone) and the male anabolic [muscle building] and androgenic hormones.

“History of Soybean Plant Protection from Diseases, Insects, Nematodes and Weeds (15 BCE to 2019):: Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soybean Plant Protection from Diseases, Insects, Nematodes and Weeds (15 BCE to 2019):: Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
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Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are based on the naturally occurring testosterone and numerous forms are available for legitimate use in medicine to treat a variety of conditions ranging from osteoporosis, disseminated breast cancer, protein deficiency states through to anemia and post-traumatic catabolism.

“The Immunoassay Handbook” by David Wild
from The Immunoassay Handbook
by David Wild
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Promoters of these products describe such products as precursors of DHEA.

“Natural Hormone Balance for Women: Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life with Exuberance” by Uzzi Reiss, Martin Zucker
from Natural Hormone Balance for Women: Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life with Exuberance
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Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic drugs that mimic the functions of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
from Encyclopedia of Adolescence
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The general categories of banned substances include androgenic anabolic steroids and other anabolic agents, hormones (e.g., growth hormone, erythropoietin, and insulin), hormone antagonists and modulators, beta­2 agonists, diuretics, and masking agents.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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This balance is regulated largely by the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA), which is responsible for controlling the production of testosterone and sperm.The administration of anabolic/androgenic steroids provides additional sex steroid(s) to the body, which the hypothalamus can recognize as excess.

“Anabolics” by William Llewellyn
from Anabolics
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Molecular Nutrition, LLC, 2011

Anabolic steroids are controlled substances that predominantly produce greater anabolic than androgenic effects, and, as described in Section Stanazolol, Nandrolone, Boldenone Undecylenate, Trenbolone Acetate, are used in equine practice to increase athletic performance.

“Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics” by Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich
from Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
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l-Arginine and its metabolites produce a myriad of effects in the body including pH regulation, depolarisation of endothelial cell membranes, macronutrient metabolism, cell-mediated immunity and antitumour activity, and it is an essential intermediate in the urea cycle (Wahlqvist 2002).

“Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide
by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2010

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  • That’s not totally true about gains made on steroids. I made gains 14 years ago and all I have to do is go back into working out for 2-3 months and I’m close to where I left off. Studies have proven that the nuclei remain and thus you have “Muscle Memory”.

  • FACT: You don’t lose all your gains when you come off gear! That’s a MYTH!! You lose about 40% if you do everything correctly ie PCT HCG etc. Same as you don’t keep all your gains for life if you’re a natty! My god, this is basic stuff!!

  • Have you even done gear before fella? Sounds like you haven’t and you’re badly educated, other than your standard level 3 PT qualification. Steroids don’t and won’t kill you and not one person ever, has died as a direct result from steroid use; FACT. And you don’t lose all your gains when you stop your shots, so that’s a load of crap! If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know this. You lose maybe 40%, but those are still gains that would take a natty about a year to achieve. Also, addiction does not mean you’re gonna want more and more! My god, you’re talking so much crap it’s unreal. Go back to your books and your government fed bullshit. Reminiscent of the kind of bloke that slags every bloke in the gym that looks better than you and accusing him of using Steds.

  • SARMS are nothing less than amazing! They work like magic. I’m a hard gainer that struggles to eat. Tried them for the first time a few weeks ago and they changed my life forever. No joke

  • i was literally about to buy supplements from jeff whilst watching this videos and then he said that if you arent at the top level you dont need to buy them. so honest he couldve made so much money from this video i feel like.

  • I honestly think this guy is full of I know of many people who do not use steroids and have achieved a weight of 245 and 6 percent body fat my wife’s son for instance how do I know it’s true the guy wouldn’t even eat chocolate or drink sodas and everyone thought he was juicing that’s one example the other who cares if they juice it’s there body and life leave them and if you have something against people who do follow someone else

  • Honest review at 19 years old, already strong I took one cycle of 4AD pill form. Everyone noticed my size increase. I was working out 4-5 days a week close to burn out sets. Doing so, got my injured. My shoulder on the right side has never been the same. I’m 30 years old now, I look like an athletic golf player pretty much. No bulk, just 6’1 and cut. Problem is, I took Dianabol from this company, a half cycle and said fuck it. I felt nothing. Saw no gains. Not even a full pump in my blood which keeps the muscles full.

    I heard the real Dianabol while dangerous, kicks this bullshit they sell, in the teeth.

    For example, the first two days I took 4AD it was a tablet that dissolved under the tongue. My heart raced. I started sweating and felt like I could rip the door off my car my testosterone was so high.

    I’ve never felt something that powerful before in my life. Protein shakes just fill you out, if you see anyone walking around your gym that normally should not be even 200 pds. They are juicing and probably GEAR stacking. I never stacked. I could only imagine how dangerous my health would be but also how big I could of been.

    Find a safe path but don’t piss your money away on their bullshit drugs. It’s not real.

  • Depends who you are some people have no bad side effects or any at all even on big doses but it’s like playing Russian roulette like smokeing lol could smoke over pack a day be fine just every one different

  • The shoulders and traps are usually a big sign if the shoulders/delts look like a football ⚽️ ⚽️then they’re juicing but they still gotta train and eat right but roids definitely do give an edge to the user..is it worth it FUCK NO! At some point your body will respond negatively to it

  • Learned zero from these two speculators. If you want to educate your audience, give us something you know a little about. Waste of time guys.

  • Just due to the lack of research and medical lab standard, SARMS seem more dangerous than steroids or prohormones. I guess the lesson is, there are no safe shortcuts..

  • Appreciate the honesty, the entire fitness industry has been pushing physiques and performance stats that are largely based on PEDs. The better someone looks or performs when representing a product, service, etc the more they can sell. It’s only in the past 10-15 years we see an era of people who are putting the truth out there and not misrepresenting themselves. There putting the truth out there, stating facts and relating personal experiences and letting others judge for themselves if this is something worth pursuing.

  • Thanks for the video Jeff, a little bit late for me I got scammed big time. Stopped taking that shit after 3 weeks and noticing no change.

  • 1. FFMI Fat Free Mass Index ( 1:19)

    2. Gynecomastia ( 5:17)

    3. Excessively fast muscle gains ( 7:07)

    4. Acne ( 9:52)

    5. Roid rage ( 10:34)

  • “2020 = more gains”
    guys you can put on a ton of muscle fast with: urlah.com/MaxGains?v5
    �� working nice for me!!

    Αυτό είναι ένα εξαιρετικό μέρος για να ξεκινήσετε να κερδίζετε

  • Thank you! I literally just purchased one thing from them. Hopefully they actually processed a refund. They gave me a really hard time trying to get a refund. Do you recommend any safe supplements?

  • We all want MORE GAINS overnight and it looks like SARMs could be the “legal” answer for many of us. But at the end of the day did we find a miracle drug to build more muscle faster? Or are SARMs just another shortcut to more gains with high risks of terrible side effects?

    FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

  • Really don’t get it why the person who call him self not bodybuilder would want to use this to improve strength and impress other.
    Natural maybe take damn ass long time, but that’s why natural bodybuilder should be proud.
    The short period improve with no competition seems pointless and weak in mindset

  • I’m not trying to criticize you, I like your videos, but 1200ng/ml testosterone is not “normal levels” yes it is in the range but it’s like saying that being 7’5” is normal height. It’s extremely genetically gifted. Obviously there will be some rare people out there with even higher test levels. I’m 23, and my levels were 540ng/ml last time I got tested, 350ng/ml before that. My best friend who can bench 400lb for a few reps has only about 400ng/ml, another friend of mine who is in normal shape had 550ng/ml. 1200ng/ml is very high and rather rare. I do know someone with 800ng/ml and actually you’d never suspect it since he’s not in good shape. I hope you’re enjoying it though, I’m going to watch the 6 month video after this.

  • this guy is a moron,,,, a hater,…… full of shit….. the government wants to make us dumb but thats ok right….. anything helps..

  • What’s the safest way to take sarms to experience no or lowest side effects? I recently bought some and the guy told me to stack rad 140 and ostraine (low dosage). Been lifting for 5 years and not really big as most body builders.

  • Great Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried Mackorny Sexual Booster Blueprint (search on google)? It is a smashing one off guide for Increasing your Libido without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate after many years got amazing success with it.

  • The eggs with veggies cooked in should be a staple for everyone, it’s a perfect anabolic combo for muscle growth really. I’ve been doing that for awhile now around 3-4 times a week I’ve built lean muscle noticeably and gotten a tighter leaner look since doing it.�� Love the honest content.

  • It’s not worth it, especially if you care about your sex life. Plus the muscle benefits are short term, FAST but very short term benefits vs the negative side effects that are long term.

  • This geezer is either on a come down from the night before, or he’s literally still buzzing! Either that or he’s pissed ��. And although I can’t be arsed to watch this to the end…I imagine he’ll get all self righteous and tell us how any drugs are BAD! Except those you use on the weekend ay lad?lol

  • Jeff is so full of shit �� I like people say he’s natural.. People who take juice, know this nigga ain’t natural ��. He’s a midget that’s trying to compensate for his short stature ��

  • My buddy was taking sarms and ended up getting intestinal issues, he was jacked, but now he is fat as hell, he was skinny before the sarms, and in pain all the time….. All from sarm use apparently(what his doc said)….. It’s crazy though, diet and consistency has been working for me, as well as mass gainer, within a month I went from 133 to 140 and my 6 rep bench was 210,and it’s harder for people with my body type to build muscle quick…. I couldn’t imagine not being natural… No matter how hard it is to maintain body weight.

  • Ugh now I see why people thought I was on stuff in High school lol Except for the disproportion thing, I actually had pretty decent calves and upper legs. I used to lose control easily and with big ass traps and the gyno I got at young age from hormone imbalance…

  • Man you kinda agitated, but roid without extreme workouts gives Nan. So, all still comes down to good work. Your testosterone dose seems quite too much though

  • 8:32 YOU DIDN’T HAVE A TESTOSTERONE Problem 6mths ago! Calling it “TRT” is just a “cover” and a kind way of saying you’re jacking the roids. TRT is for people who really, really do have significantly lower than average test levels and for older men (late 40’s, 50′ 60’s,70+) who’s test levels have naturally and significantly declined.

  • Title should be “Anecdotal” truth about sarms. A chart that shows companies have scammed people, says nothing about the sarms themselves. If you dont know what youre talking about, just be quiet.
    Russolifts, and More Plates More Dates is a good source

  • I am not sure about long term effects, but I am in my second 8week cycle of LGD and RAD 140 and have gained around 50lbs and have had ZERO side effects.

  • man this guy should have really bad genetics! he’s bold from using steroids and he’s trying to give advise like he thinks he’s a body builder with that big beer belly.

  • I Blame Google. They advertise the shit out of this. Ive Googled stuff like “Why are steroids dangerous” “What do steroids do” “are there safe and legal steroids” just because i was curious about what steroids actually do and these products were the first things that popped up.

  • agression, if you are agressive it can make it worse if you are relax and chill prob you will not have this problem,
    also fat people get gyno and acne as there test is going down when fat increases with estrogen, so when you where fat training tl lose the fat you can have gyno and acne and never used anabolics,

    not me tho i did use it and have acne it will go away when your homone lvl is normal again,

    but why care if some one is using unless its elegal in that country and your a cop who cares

  • Hey i have been on TRT Testosterone Replacement Treatment for 3 years now. i have my jab every 18 days however i have it prescribed from a doctor as i have very low natural test levels. i dont hit the gym so i would know if it works like steroids.

    Why are you on TRT?

  • Also another reason I never took steroids is that I already had pretty bad anger issues i actually ended up going to therapy for it… but damn if I’d have been taking steroids… i probably would’ve ended up in prison for hulking out on someone…

  • Anyone in vegas I have a few 100% new from the country’s top sarm brands that I no longer need…check my uploads. No b.s involved. Thanks

  • Hey can I get your opinion on the Xs recharge supplement? I’m not sure if should put it in my body I kinda want a professional to let me know

  • Didn’t learn a single thing from this video that I didn’t already know by googling sarms and reading articles for 5 minutes. This video sucks! DO BETTER NEXT TIME…

  • Haha, I have most of these symptoms even tho I have trained only for around 6 months and never used any steroids. I have had acne and tiny man boobs since I was a teenager and now that I started training I have gained muscle really fast. But I am fairly big by natural. Really hard to lose fat but easy to get muscle.

  • My arms went from puny to massive with Crazy Bulk within 2 years, Placebo? Hey, keep those placebo gains coming. Don’t listen to this guy.

  • I think if you ever tried LGD yourself, you would not make a Youtube about something you know nothing about. LGD 4033 will change your mind about everything. LGD 4033, MK667, and GW50651 in combination is the best.

  • Have any idea of some herbs that are better for performance than weed for example?
    The Chinese herbalist that lived 400 years is my background info.
    And herbs and fruit are the only way to have long lasting muscle gains like Goku. ha.
    I’m thinking special secret ones like the ones kept in area 51 for the delta force so they can carry out secret super hero missions without us knowing. lol.

  • I never had an issue with DHEA.. legal at Wal-Mart, best version I had is Chosen 1 from Blackstone Labs. I never had an issue. If your having liver issues from it address the junk food your eating and drinking water and keep it under six weeks. Cholesterol is not an issue or blah blah

  • According to your video another reason for uncommon anger in people whom aren’t generally angry is the presence of the one ring… lmao �� �� ��

  • You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways Dude. You don’t want to know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a toe by 3′ oclock this afternoon…with nail polish.

  • I know NOTHING about these drugs……..but heres why I wont be taking them………..theres just not enough data on them…..we dont know enough about them. at least with steroids we have a good idea of the risks.

  • Hey guys I found a legit source if anyone wants top quality gears you can txt directly or WhatsApp this
    #: +1(202) 643-1409
    I have been dealing with this source for 3 years and never had any problems with my package. I did my first cycle from this source and that’s how I got my body transformation he even provides good diet and workout plans.

  • When this guy with the BIG BICEPS and TINY HEAD TINY shoulders talks I just switched off need a follow up video more ANECDOTES and evidence based research than just talking about technical crap.

  • Honestly 3 of my friends used darks they all looked like shit!! Lost definition they had so so much Blair worse than test and Dbols Bloat. It’s like just water u just gain water everywhere

  • why you all believe in what he said even if you doun’t try by yourself, i did used crazy bulk supllement for more than year and i gained more lean muscle and strenght, in my blog i showed my journey here: https://crazybulkclenbutrolreview.blogspot.com/2018/11/crazy-bulk-review-legal-steroids-that.html

  • Not being funny but why bother taking steroids. You’re same weight as me and I’ve been to the gym every day for last 5 years barring the odd day when it’s closed. I’d only take steroids if I wanted to get to the next level target 215lbs. You can get your physique without steroids. Seems like you’re either not training hard enough.

  • I was really happy when I saw the title because my step dad really needs it unfortunately I think you target audience is a little younger than 70. It’s good to be honest and not overhype thanks for being straightforward.

  • brother could you please give me the names of these supplements as I cant hear the name even tried to google most of them I cant spell it right,,,, PS thanks for the video

  • 0:42 Why did you emphasize Not to inject testosterone when some of us may need it due to hypogonadism? Seems hypocritical. Also, why did you say you need to be honest with us? Why wouldn’t you be?

  • From my own observations, a good way to spot people using steroids is either: bubble gut ( these guys might also do all sorts of cocktails that might also include growth hormone ), varicose veins where there should never be any ( like your chest, shoulders or biceps, and sometimes abs), gynecomastia, very small genitals ( especially the testicles, although some guys just have small balls ), higher level of aggressiveness or some sorts of anxiety looking behaviors.

  • In America anyone can just jump on testosterone legally? Surely you can only do this through a doctor if you had issues in the first place, this guy is just doing it for his own vanity?

  • 10% off SARMs Coupon: SARMSTODAY5 Tired of paying full price for SARMs? Umbrella Labs offers only the highest purity, research-grade SARMs in liquid form shipped right to your door at a great price! Get 10% OFF Your SARMs Order with Umbrella Labs! Use Promo Code SARMSTODAY5 at http://www.sarms-for-sale.com

  • This company has completely cornered the “legal steroid” angle. There is an aggressive advert campaign they are doing. There’s just nothing even in it. Site after site, it’s the same generic company.

  • Just fucking use anabolic steroids. People have been using them for decades. Sarms are new faked so much, and expensive. Either 100% natural or join us on the roid train and quit being a pussy.

  • Nice video man I will be honest I been kinda looking into this, but i want to be under my doctors supervision before even going foward.

    I weigh about 325lbs I eat for the most part well. As of now i kinda have gotten discouraged and have not been back to the gym I’m getting ready to hit 40 and can definitely feel a diffrence like my energy is gone.

  • Hey guys I found a legit source if anyone wants top quality gears you can txt directly or WhatsApp this
    #: +1(202) 643-1409
    I have been dealing with this source for 3 years and never had any problems with my package. I did my first cycle from this source and that’s how I got my body transformation he even provides good diet and workout plans.

  • Honestly bro I haven’t seen any of your other videos but what was your T at before you started TRT? You may think TRT was a better option then steroids but just remember you can cycle steroids and stop. With a good PCT plan your levels will return close to normal. TRT is for life and once you stop your levels will drop dramatically. You’ll feel like crap until you jump back on. Hope you’re aware that which I’m sure you are

  • 10% off SARMs Coupon: SARMSTODAY5 Tired of paying full price for SARMs? Umbrella Labs offers only the highest purity, research-grade SARMs in liquid form shipped right to your door at a great price! Get 10% OFF Your SARMs Order with Umbrella Labs! Use Promo Code SARMSTODAY5 at http://www.sarms-for-sale.com

  • A friend told me about it and (against my normal behavior) I took their word and purchased some. Went and did research right after and immediately requested a cancellation and they ignored the request and shipped it out. Truly scammers.

  • Thanks a bunch! I’m not a bodybuilder myself (just making baby steps in cardio and weight training) but I draw, and I will check out more on natural vs steroids, because more than often the “sexy men” drawings I see on the Internet look more like they’re taking steroids, rather than featuring natural muscles, and I want to focus on drawing natural muscles.

  • Very sad video. Watching somebody ruining his health and promoting poisons. Guys, just don’t do testosterone, creatine, etc. Good health to you!

  • Hey Jeff I’ve been talking Trenorol and other products from Crazy Bulk for a month and a half now. Those mg number are not the same as what’s on my bottles… it’s weirdly dishonest what they’re presenting. I’m done…It’s all natural from now on.

  • Have any idea of some herbs that are better for performance than weed for example?
    The Chinese herbalist that lived 400 years is my background info.

    And herbs and fruit are the only way to have long lasting muscle gains like Goku. ha.

    I’m thinking special secret ones like the ones kept in area 51 for the delta force so they can carry out secret super hero missions without us knowing. lol.
    But seriously, what are some herbs. that work?:) haha. lol.

  • Idk if these supplements specifically work but I can tell u for faaaact pro hormones work. My strength went way up and I gained a pretty decent amount of weight

  • Is cypionate pill form good? How much more muscle do you think I could gain from it in a year compared to if I never did it? Someone please answer. Also anyone have any ideas on how to increase strength?

  • so 2 people that admittedly don’t take sarms and admittedly hardly research them make an educational video about sarms? telling their beliefs and opinions? and that should help people how???

  • I gave up the eggs and started making gains again.. Brian, you get better gains with a bit less protein than you’re using. Go easy on the liver and kidneys

  • When I was a kid in the early 80s nobody had any muscle except for a few hardcore bodybuilders, today every kid in the gym has an exceptional physique.

  • No wonder you have back problems. That was a horrendous deadlift. And you didn’t finish the lift, so no, you didn’t deadlift 500lbs.

  • A pro User will use Tamoxifen against gynomasti (Bitchtits), and Roacutan against Acne, only the aggressiveness can be a issue then. ��

  • Does anybody know if you will pop on a piss test I’m in the military (marines) specifically and I wanted to try rad-140 and I was about to buy it then we just had a brief about taking supplements and I just wanted to know if anybody here has taken them while serving and if you popped on a piss test? Any feedback will help thanks ��

  • Hi, can you please put those pro hormones in the description box, the names are not easily visible on the video, neither when you’re talking, thanks.

  • Ostarine and lgd have been tested on humans, please Google. They are still going through tests. The others such as yk11 and rad140 never got to human testing.

    The actual formula for these sarms was never released, why would a company that is experimenting give out their magic formula make up of sarm.

    The sarms sold on Internet are a close copy of actual formula. A clone, like we had pro hormone clones.

  • Seriously, I think I have a lot of this stuff but never been on steroids. Funny though many times I have been accused of being on steroids just from being naturally stronger than people, having big traps and shoulders, and vascular arms.
    “You’re on steroids” (apparently) if other people are just jealous of you. Makes them feel better.

  • Ronaldo don’t take steroids?!?!? Get out of here…
    many steroids are fore to performance like definition not to grow the muscles!

  • just go down to Mexico if you want actual steroids. Get enough for a good cycle (which really won’t be a lot) and find a way to get it across the border. Get a tube of toothpaste for example and try sliding the vials into it. There are other ways, needless to say, whatever your method is be solid. Get it back home and you’re on your way to Gainsville.

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  • I have acne and the shortest temper anyone saw (usually keep that out of the gym)…. I hope people at my gym aren’t thinking I’m using something ��

  • The only Roid that’s causes Roid rage is tren that being said tren also brings out what ever your temperament is so if your a lover you more loving etc

  • It’s a lie I been off lgd for 4 months I just lost the water in the muscle and the weight I went from 206 to 185 and kept all my gains matter fact I kept my gains and gain more muscle and got ripped after sarms

  • A friend and my mom thought I was on steroids, when I literally went from a stick to a “normal” person within 3 months while training hard. Just because I have the willpower to turn my habits upside down, doesnt mean I’m cheating.

  • That FFMI thing is funny, I have FFMI around 25.5-26 (185 lbs, 5’7). I don’t take steroids and I don’t even look big:-D
    Two years ago my college PE teacher laughed at me, because I don’t even float on the water…

  • I have to give you major props here.

    You didn’t advertise your own supplement here, nor did you say that yours was better (even though i so far believe yours would have to be better).

    Thank you for existing for reasons other than just to sell products.
    thank you for being true to yourself, and truely believing what you say.

    I just hope that people listen. theres no way I’d pay $75 for that, and i don’t believe anyone else should either, assuming everything you say is true.

  • No offense but it is hard to take the word of another supplement manufacture. Anything made with “natural” or “”not banned substances” just won’t work as well as the real deal.

  • “2020 = more gains”
    guys you can put on a ton of muscle fast with: urlah.com/MaxGains?v4
    �� working nice for me!!

    Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

  • Lol this is stupid. Super untrue. Aggression is rare if your just using test or even stacked also you can increase the amount of ar in your body with supplements. There really is no actual way to tell. Just a video for the clout

  • What’s gonna happen in 10 years from now? I personally took testosterone for 2 years n I gotta say I’ve been clean for 3 years and my life is a lot better! Never going back, this guy doesn’t realize that until too late. Best of luck

  • With all those vitamins you’re taking, I’m sure with a drop of your blood we could find a vaccine and cure people with coronavirus. Lol ��

  • If you have lower than normal testosterone levels products like crazy bulk, nugenix and d pol will have some effect on you and your test levels and you will see gains and changes, if you look like this guy and have normal or above average Testosterone levels you won’t see any effects or benefits

  • I don’t know why but I was always strong ( not like strong strong but stronger than peers) never understood why, a friend told me that i have a lot of testosterone and I’ll probably grow a lot of body hair, didn’t really believe or understand wtf he was saying. Now 19 looking like a fucking gorilla witg this forest of hair on my front, have a terrible shoulder acne and nipples bit popping and soft. Worried about myself. I am considering working out to solve this shit plus gaiiiiins

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  • You dont get how the body works. Eat enough protein per day and you wont have to worry about losing your muscles. Even if you stop working out.

  • And there sweat is stinky. Only weak people are cheating. Outside blink blink inside damage. Arnold have 4 Heart operations. Machoman kills his wife when he get a heartattack and drive on the highway. User have 40 times higher heartattack risk. The Balls can stop there natural testosterone building and you need medications the rest of your life. The heart grows asymmetric. Your organs get damage and you can get inside bleeding and die on it. Be a Shaolin. Ginseng, Basil and Maca can push your testosterone level the natural way. Stay healthy don’t following criminal fake Idols. Don’t be a criminal. And don’t look every day in the Mirror. Be healthy and have a good life.

  • bought some good hormones some couple of weeks ago, was’t sure at first and after a long 8 days of waitng it reached my door step and have being using them for some time now and am satisfied with it, works well having great results, get to him via +1 361 888 1381, you won’t regret it and he has very good rate

  • suck shit, dont waste ur money on fake testosterone. I never used anything but creatine and amino acids and people try to suspect me for steroids or testo.. just work out everyday, eat right, get mentally connected to your muscles and ull see u wont need nothing more than consistency

  • This just feels like two guys talking about something they don’t know anything about? What’s the point of this video? Seemed like fear mongering tbh.

    Essentially “I don’t know about this but I heard it’s bad, so it must be bad”

  • fuck thid i dont want tho lose mi hair people dont take steroids just eate a lot of meate but workout or you will beacome fat and rule number 1 i now a lot wont believe me but drink allot of milk

  • What do you think of Prestige Labs products?? I think they are a scam. I even tried to return the products before they got to my home and they refuse to give me my money back. They say that they have a money back warranty but is not true. They don’t even have a return address. Most of their reviews are fake or controlled by giving the reviewers discounts. This Blows!

  • Supplements other than protein and multi vitamins and minerals and few herbs are a money scam..PERIOD..WANNA GET HUGE YOU EAT FOR SIZE AND TRAIN UR ASS OFF..DO IT NATURALLY FOLKS..ITS NOT WORTH DYING OVER..

  • I have done steroids for about 15 years on and off. My natural testosterone was basically shut down for amost 18months after my last cycle. I didn’t have any side effects from anabolics for 10 years. But then they started coming. Im 38years old now and im not going to do steroids anymore. Sarms were something i was considering but due to the massive harm steroids have done to my body and now being healthy, i decided not to try them. I would say that ay first steroids were harmless and fun for me and i was addicted to them, but if i could start over with the information i now have i wouldn’t start. Kids, steroids are fun and amazing at the beginning when muscles grow insanely fast, but there are consequences. Remember that.

  • Love the honesty.

    I never understood why people still do bulk and cutting phase. That is ould school and not so much a thing now days. You can do both,as the same time. You can bulk up in size. Make super fast gains in muscle. And, can cut down in body fat at the same time. Getting more cut.

    Seems most body builders do something along those lines to where they dont get too far off their competition weight. So, they can keep their energy up. Though once your energy is up at a good level, there is no need to keep putting on body fat unless you really love the food. Even then I had found with the right knowledge of working out, you can burn that body fat off faster than you can put it on. It the body builders who had not learned that way of working out that need to put diet at such a very high level percent to work their magic in cutting body fat for competition.

    I will also be honest. The before and after pic. I honestly could not see a difference between the two. But, that is not a bad thing. It says to me that your gains are very balanced throughout and, not just at once body part.

    Finally. I,dont just have a great Exercise Science background, but also a great Art background. Who ever did that sleave tat on you is a damn good artist. With tattoo artest, many seem to not do faces well,,or understand the finer points of shading. Though I would had used more contrast throughout. Though, that is an awesome art piece.

    Most people seem to just have anyone who has an ink equipment, but not really they art training, practice and experience.

    Again, great video.

    I was really hoping to hear how your energy may have changed since your cycle. Though it sounds like you have that covered in your next video of pros and cons.

    Great videom changed up the view here and there. Nice mix. Though the old personal trainer in me wanted to tell at you for dropping those weights to the ground. If you can pick them up, you,can put them down nicely as well. LOL. After all the padding on the floor can only do so much. And, equipment can break. Not to mention the floor underneath.

  • My Lazer eyes given to me by god let me know what someone’s been doing how they train and eat, but I build traps and shoulders pretty hard and have a thick back, I look like I’m on roids because I’m only 17 and I’m benching 250, over head press 135, and squat 500, leg press 654, I can do 10 pull ups with a 45 between my legs and 15 dips with a 35

  • WRONG…. not even 4 minutes in… tsk tsk tsk… androgens dont cause “man boobs” more commonly known as gyno… estrogen and progesterone cause it, estrogen directly affects it and progesterone makes u produce prolactin which makes females lactate… so, yeah… i dont like when ppl do a load of research for a couple days and present “facts”… stick to what u know inside and out…

  • Milk will cause that bro, bodybuilders back in the day drank a gallon or more of whole fat milk. Many medications cuase gynecomastia. Eating a lot of soy chicken and estrogen elevated foods. You can grow more without steroids, eat a lot. It’s simple bro. Learn insulin sensitivity to grow muscle and not fat. What you eat and when.

  • Im been on TRT for the past 2 years myself and your numbers look good and im hitting ur test levels just on daily 20iu’s of HCG alone. Lower your estrogen levels by taking half a mg of anastrozole every other day and you’ll see that number drop down to the 20s.

  • jeff selling books on body recomposition for 50 bucks. why in the world WOULDNT he spend 500 on some SARMS to sell his self image??? guys jacked af on broccoli and chicken riiiight..

  • You’re a fucking joke. PCT isnt just for bangin your girl man. This shit will shut you down and completely FUCK UP your natural test production system, even sometimes to the point where you’ll need test therapy for the rest of your life. Stop recommending this shit to kids without PROPERLY explaining the downsides.

  • Agreed on no supplements for beginners…..except one.


    Every beginner should take it, just the swelling of the muscle alone gives beginners a massive motivational boost.

    Nutrition should not be a deciding factor, if someone does not know they need plenty of protein etc then they have no business being in a gym to begin with.

  • I bought the Crazy Bulk “Bulk Cycle”..it did Absolutely nothing! Wasted $189 on that Bullshit!.Its an Over priced Natural test Booster..tried to get my money back and they refused…Save Some time and money and Get some Sarms or just hop on the real Shit and hit the Gym..stop being a lazy Bastard

  • I was caught, ordered the product on the 13th of April and it still hasnt arrived.I just keep on getting emails saying your order will be dispatched as soon as it come into our whare house etc. rubbish!

  • so me and my friends take crazy bulk products and they work for us, you really can not review supplements if you have not used them and i mean use them for about 2-3 months

  • Well wtf should I get then??? Im 6’2 152 and I need to build some muscle. It’s hard for me to eat a lot. Someone please help. I need a straight answer.

  • Can you do one on DXN code strike as well?
    Or does anyone up on this thread knows anything about it? They claim alot of things too,stating their supplement is not a steroid but gives more benefits than steroids.

  • You wont be able to fuck on and off that stuff. Its fake testosterone. I would only recommend that shit if your taking testosterone with it. Some of those prohormones are as strong if not stronger then oral steroids. They are just less predictable. But if your just looking to put on muscle and are on testosterone already give them a try. Its not going to be as harsh as lets say an anadrol or Halotestine….maybe. our bodies all respond differently. Also take clomid and hcg as your pct. Not that herbal shit. You can buy clomid and hcg from alot of peptide stites. Go to bostin Loyds. Im sure you all know that guy. Hes got pretty much every peptide and pct you need i sure

  • Hey I wanted to thank you for saving me 60 bucks my parents talked me out of buying it and than I found your video and your video was perfect thank you for having this video on your channel to everybody that sees this comment don’t buy this crap he ain’t lying he saved me 60 dallors I know this video is old but there still trying to sell it and i am now a fan of your channel thank you sir

  • speaking honestly i fucking hate steroids,,,,,,, they being promoted after company bribing the food authorities,,,,,,, being a doctor i will say love ur life,,,,,,, go to gym for exercise not for weight gain,,,,,, as v can see many r dying young of steroids abuse,,, never ever use them

  • I’m curious to try a Laxogenin supplement, but I’m concerned about this report from the USADA. Any idea how Core synthesizes their 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin?


  • When I was doing I stayed around a ffmi of 30 and I def wasn’t using steroids as we had to pass drug tests to get into competition and my gym did drug tests anyways I just ate well took natural supplements had my protein shakes in the morning exercised 6 days a week in the morning and did my gymnastics training in the evening. Of course now I no longer do gymnastics. And don’t exercise nearly as hard as I use to only doing 5 days a week with obviously no evening training just some fun messing around after my students finish practice. But now a days im usually about 21 ffmi. And I do still follow a similar diet just a little less caloric intake because I don’t burn nearly what I did during my competitive days. Gotta be able to keep the young aspiring gymnasts motivated after all though so I can’t just be a lazy slouch

  • He bashes crazy bulk only to sell his supplements? Weird… I’m going to try it before I knock it. If it is a scam, oh well. It was $100 for 3 bottles. Big deal..

  • I would decimate this man on stage and I’ve never touched a drug in my life. Shame this is what people congregate to. Apparently hardwork is a thing of the past. You look like shit taking drugs and promote this nonsense on YouTube to kids and all sorts of people. PSA ANNOUNCEMENT DO NOT DO WHAT THIS GUY DOES! He gets paid to promote supplements, another PSA get complete protein at as cheap of a price as you can get( even post expired as it’s still good for some time) and save yourself money. I’m a professional Natural bodybuilder and do not adhere to any single company. Steroids are something that should only be considered if youve been training at least 8 to 10 years and can actually say you see you have fairly good genetics to build muscle, elsewise save your wallet and lots of other things and stay natural and possibly look like me or even better like some of the elite natural pros.

  • 3:45 7% bodyfat? First: That is not 7% bodyfat. Either the information about him is wrong, or if he actually said that himself he is lying.
    Second: The fact that you believe 7% can be achieved naturally is absurd and proves to me that the rest of this video is biased and not an accurate analysis of what is and isnt possible.

  • I know a guy that takes sarms and tbh he may be a lot stronger and a bit bigger than he was but he’s still putting in the grind just like me and I respect it. Think I’ll stay away for many reasons but I understand people wanting to take it.

  • All supplements are scams, unless you have a genuine deficiency that can’t be solved by changing diet or other environmental factors

  • Awesome!! so sick of these fuckers tellin me to “ eat a cup of blueberrys” to put on 80 pounds of muscle. This guys legit, respect

  • So the ingredient label that you reviewed is completely 100% different than the label shown on the current bottle for sale off of CrazyBulk website, is this a different supplement than the one you’re reviewing or has the product been changed?

  • I know this is a subject that is still very taboo and I know that many of you disagree with my decision to start TRT. Either way, I want to thank you for watching the video! I’ll be down in the comments, answering questions and keeping it real.

  • By the way, I’m not a spokesman for the company, not affiliated in any way whatsoever, just a customer. I’m so infuriated by this video. It’s crap. Nothing out there works but Crazy Bulk.

  • this guy started out trying to show first physic and training then found out how much money you can make so now his channel is all ads for useless supplements. just send your money and real food. all that other shit will help you out.01%

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  • I am a legit supplier of high quality anabolic steroids,HGH,weight loss supplement. And cycle available /products available in both tablets and injectable.
    Wickr…. (bliss123)

  • If you take steroids you’re one of 4 things:
    1. A professional body builder/ athlete
    2. Extremely lazy
    3. 65 or older
    4. A self conscious man-child with a low self esteem

  • What the the hell is wrong with our culture where perfectly health men and, increasingly, women feel the need to inject themselves with synthetic male hormones?

  • Great video Brian. But, dang bro. All of those supplements and pills. That’s a lot. Some good stuff there. But a lot to pills. Keep up the amazing work JP

  • Hells yeah I just started TRT loving it, how many mg per week they got you on to get to that 1200 level? Ooh yeah nice bike I built me 1 that does over 50 mph.

  • I have cycled with blackstone labs PH supps for 3 months with a one month break before doing another 3 month cycle. Nothing has impressed me as far as gains or either i don’t have good genetic respone. And i train pretty heavy 5-6 days a week sometimes twice a day. I personally don’t feel it’s all worth it. Save your money you can get just as good at Walmart. P.S. male ehancement and test booster supps are better for me. They all pretty much have the same ingredients. Seriously. Save your money and focus on nutrition and training. DHEA is good with Maca and zinc supements. Libo-max is good to! I like muscletech’s alpha male as well together. The best you’ll get legally with hard work.

  • Honestly I’m on the fence about using supplements or not, I kind of just want to reach a happy point with myself a little bit faster than by staying natural.

  • OK if I’m 40 and already prescribed androgel for low T and I’ve been lifting weights extremely intensely alil over a year now but I want to go deeper and really get nice.. OK if I take this highly reviewed Rpn havoc with epistane for 6 weeks.. If I’m on testosterone already I won’t need the pct huh? I’d just keep taking the androgel as usual right? I was thinking I would take liver kidney health supplements as well but LMK if I wouldn’t need the pct since I’m on testosterone that way with androgel.. Please get back fast.. Thanx

  • Hey I am here to really get tips and advice to improve on my life and become a better person and hope you guys can help along this journey thanks

  • Make your own Sarms at home with raw powders.

  • Salve. I have a question about the the reason you take de testosteron. In all your previous videos you speak about a Good life, how to have a good morning, good health and everything between. Stylish life, stylish morning, healthy evening and the pretty girl at night. In all your previous videos you speak about how to have the best life and the best day. And after all of that, you tell me that at your age, so Young and with such a Good Life, you need testosterone?

  • That is not right over 2 months testo injection even 2 months after that when you stop testo you must do a post cycle therapy because your body will not make anymore natural testo

  • I’m 100% going to take some any advice for a beginner? I’m waiting until 6months of consistent lifting. I’m having trouble showing up every day I’m so skinny it’s not easy at all. Im almost at 2 months every other day I lift, swapping bench and triceps exercise on my bowflex I call push downs. And curls and squats on the swap days. Any advance would be awesome! Thanks

  • If you wanna gain some pounds take mass gainer, shits totally safe although you’ll be gaining body fat not losing I gained about 5 pounds in a little over 3 weeks but put on about 1.3% body fat but that’s nothing if you can put the work in and train correctly to lower it at the same time.

  • the one consistent thing this guy does is cram the screen full of his studies endlessly which prove nothing at all except that this guy can cherry pick his studies. he does little else than this.

  • The Best Thing is Being Able to Get Up Early in the Morning without Coffee or As Much………And It Does Help a Little……….Makes Your Muscles feel Warm.

  • Awsome review bro thanks, I’m in Canada not sure if we got those here in gnc or popeyes, I’m craving to put on extra 10lbs I don’t Carr if it won’t be all solid I love the water and mass lol