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Creatine Banned? New York Legislature Proposes New Law | Tiger Fitness

Video taken from the channel: Tiger Fitness

Creatine Banned? New York Legislature Proposes New Law | Tiger Fitness Tiger Fitness Marc Lobliner and Steve Shaw discuss Democrat Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s proposal to ban creatine. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the New York state legislature has introduced a bill that would essentially ban the sale of creatine to any person under 18 years of age. As if that’s not enough, the bill also stipulates that any retailer who does not check for ID from anyone who “looks under the age of 25” will receive a substantial fine.

An industry association has expressed concern over the introduction of bill to prohibit the sale or distribution of creatine to minors in New York State. In this photo made from video provided by the office of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Gov. Cuomo, center, reacts after signing into law, Friday, June 12, 2020, in New York, a sweeping package of police accountability measures that received new backing following protests of George Floyd’s killing. Enacts the “marihuana regulation and taxation act”; relates to the description of cannabis, and the growing of and use of cannabis by persons twenty-one years of age or older; makes technical changes regarding the definition of cannabis; relates to removing certain references to marijuana relating to forfeiture actions; relates to the qualification of certain. New York’s legislature moved swiftly Monday to pass a first wave of police reform legislation, including a ban on chokeholds, a prohibition on race-based profiling, and a measure requiring police.

One measure will criminalize the use of Chokeholds and other forms of restraint. City Hall – The New York City Council on Thursday will vote on an historic package of legislation aimed at addressing police misconduct and enacting substantial police reforms.Included in the package is a bill to ban chokeholds and other methods of restraint, such as kneeling on a person’s neck, by. New Law Would Put in Place Three-Year Ban for Repeat and High-Risk Sexual Offenders from MTA Subway, Bus and Rail Systems Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the 33rd proposal of his 2020 State of the State agenda banning repeat and high-risk sexual offenders from accessing the MTA subway, bus and rail systems.

New York lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban gun raffles. “No alcoholic beverage or firearm, as defined in section 265.00 of the penal law, shall be offered or given as a prize in any. New York lawmakers back proposed ban on youth football old appears to be gathering steam in the Assembly but its fate in the state Senate remains unknown. make no law.

List of related literature:

prohormone supplements, passed without objection, also gave the Drug Enforcement Administration more authority to ban new or novel steroids, with one exemption, DHEA.

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Emboldened by the conservative and anti-government forces impelling American politics, and in response to Commissioner David Kessler’s new rulemaking initiative in 1993, supplement makers saw their wishes realized in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

“Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA” by Daniel Carpenter
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The new law added 26 new steroid compounds to the list of controlled substances, and also removed the legal requirement that a compound be proven anabolic in humans before it can be added.

“Anabolics” by William Llewellyn
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Now that the GNC holds legislative authority and a new constitution yet to be drafted may alter institutional designs, this law and the electoral structure it provides may be amended or scrapped entirely in favor of a new law.

“The Middle East, 13th Edition” by Ellen Lust, Congressional Quarterly, inc
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After two years of hearings and more research revealing alarming steroid use in high schools and colleges, Yesalis said, “Virtually every state in the union passed a law about the non-prescription use of anabolic steroids.”

“Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports” by Mark Johnson
from Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports
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“The Attorney General’s reforms,” the official press release said, “address three key issues: misuse of anabolic steroids and human growth hormones, improper prescription of these substances by physicians, and increased health care costs linked to such conduct.”

“Dopers in Uniform: The Hidden World of Police on Steroids” by John Hoberman
from Dopers in Uniform: The Hidden World of Police on Steroids
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In addition, U.S. senators Joseph Biden and Orrin Hatch introduced the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2003, which would ban THG, as well as another controversial substance, androstenedione, a building block for the creation of testosterone.

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Anabolic steroid legislation: the wrong prescription?

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I approve also the provisions in Section 508 requiring all drug manufacturers to obtain Federal licenses and tightening the controls of Federal licenses.

“Drug Industry Antitrust Act, 87-1&2” by United States. Congress. Senate. Judiciary
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Legislation to amend the controlled substance act to make the anabolic steroid methandrostenolone a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

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  • this is a lot like NY’s attempt to ban sodas over 16 oz. its not within their authority. creatine is not a controlled substance and cannot be regulated as such. I don’t understand how these propositions even make it past the brain storming phase. I want to propose a law allowing us to slap people who say stupid shit.

  • this is tyrannical madness. Im 19 and have taken creatine on a regular basis for four years. Its just liberal assclowns who are trying to take rights from minors for “the greater good”. I hope this doesnt pass. Thank god im not in NY at least.

  • Is it a man or woman lawyer trying to pass this? That’s my first question 2nd clearly we have too many in law eating away tax dollars American is not much of the developing country it once was, we don’t need this many ppl in government anymore bc their eating away tax dollars & running out of decent laws to make so they’ll make petty ones

  • They want to ban creatine when the real enemy would something like foods high in sodium and I don’t just mean high as in 500mg I mean 700mg and over that can really do some damage to young teens. Obviously if you balance it out with potassium the cons reduce but who really takes the recommended daily amount of potassium a day…

  • I agree with Steve if creatine is going to be controlled with an age limit than will beef be carded too? that’s like saying protein and amino acids aren’t natural or good for you. I think it’s their way of trying to create a new tax category similar to tobacco and and alcohol.

  • 10g of creatine daily for more than 8-10 weeks can cause permanent bone damage… over eating beef can not do that damage in that time period.. As for kidneys, those studies were done on healthy adults, under 18 is pretty under developed.

  • so a highschool boy tries to buy creatine, can’t do it. But if he wanted to buy makeup and switch genders that’s perfectly fine… wtf

  • Do you think the government is just trying to have a firmer”under 18″ rule on all supplements? Because creatine is found in so many products, and most pre workouts and such have a recommended use for people 18 and older. So maybe the ban isn’t against creatine necessarily, but all performance enhancing supplements in general

  • I culd use that stuff I don’t have a lot of money and M trying to make gains. I’m always trying to find the best prices and I am not sure if I’m getting the right stuff. my first experience with creatine I did get etremly dehydrated.

  • The fact that they are targeting creatine show how little they know of nutrition and fitness. This seem like more of a control factor that we have seen in the past from NY. But you must ask the question if they can ban creatine whats next protein powder, vitamin C use your imagination.

  • I think just generally the government should stop controlling what people can or cannot consume based on their “beliefs.” Instead why not focus on educating people, validating research or, I don’t know, worry about other more important issues. If this law passes it would just make people dumber because they’ll think the government is right

  • Just another way for the GOVERMENT to ban another item then take money when people purchase it. I bet they will ban BCCA next ��. So much for capitalism!

  • It won’t be long before the nanny country of the universe, Australia follows suit. It’s unreal how they allow the worst of the worst foods for people to buy at a young age, but anything actually healthy is banned.

  • I’ve been taking creatine for years, and like it. But that being said I’m an adult over 18, maybe children under 18 shouldn’t buy supplements? If I was a supplement manufacturer I’m not sure if I would sell to children. Creatine is safe, but what about preworkouts? Maybe the law shouldn’t be about creatine but supplements overall.

  • NY overreaches in so many areas, I don’t think I could ever live in that state. It is ridiculous to make it illegal for minors to buy creatine. I personally don’t think they need to be taking a bunch of supplements, but that doesn’t mean it should be illegal.

  • If the government had creatine manufacturers in their back pockets there would be no way that this bill would even make the floor.

  • enough of this socialist b.s. just lawmakers trying to gain more control into your personal lives. If this law go’s through someone is making money from it.

  • Of all things to be banned, this is ridiculous! I actually started using creatine when I was 16! Back in the day of phosphagen and cell-tech, ha! Never once an issue with creatine! To me, it’s all about agenda with these politicians, the FDA and other government entities! Immature and childish is all it is. One thing I truly appreciate about the supplement industry, is how innovative it’s always been! I see supplement manufacturers being more innovative with their R&D, than most medical facilities! Lessons to be learned for sure! Long Live the supplement industry…long live innovation! -James

  • Thank you guys, as always great information!! Excellent vid! Still can’t believe they want to ban and focus on creatine in NY while they’re so many drugs out here… that’s what they should focus on..

  • The fact that this law is even being put forward is outrageous how many more things will the government decide we can and can’t intake… ridiculous

  • The fact that this law is even being put forward is outrageous how many more things will the government decide we can and can’t intake… ridiculous

  • I’ve been an avid user of both creatine and krealkalyn since 2011. No cycling. Just taking pre and post. Prior to 2011 anytime I would train the strength was their but not the edge..creatine gives us that extra push. No harm on kidneys, no dehydration, Great the elderly, of course it should be sold minors.. btw love the Machine Greens and Vasky Pump!

  • maybe they need ppl to be weak so it’s easier for cops to crack your skull open, like china frowning on certain martial arts. police state don’t need ppl fighting back.

  • The update on I-130 became 15.5 months. Yesterday processing time was June now again it went back to May again. What is going on,why is it keep going back to May?. does anyone know why this keeps happening.!

  • Marc, just ordered drop factor and mts whey for myself and fitburn for my wife from tiger fitness, over $100, got a free gift and order came in less than 24 hours! can’t wait to try your products. thanks for all the free info…..

  • You rightly took an important topic to talk about. It would be a bad decision on the part of New York.
    Btw.. I will pay for my shipping charges 😉

  • Funny enough banning creatine automatically bans let’s say any preworkout that contains the product. Also in the same line of thought, let’s ban caffeine as it’s an actual stimulant and has proven negative effects on certain groups of people. That’s just completely random. With that said should you pick my comment ladies and gents from TF, I have a work address in continental USA (I live in the UK but work for a US investment bank) so no issue sending me that Machine Whey and hey… that Clash containing creatine at a my NY address! Ironic huh?

  • Well its on the banned list for high school athletes, so it is already a no no to use for them. Yes they do not test high school athletes. I can see banning pre workouts due to many different ingredients in them which is a whole other topic in itself. But creatine I am ok with. But only for juniors and seniors in high school. I see way to many middle school and freshman coming into stores buying it and preworkout for there kid. They should not be anywhere near it. Nobody wants to do the work now a days, they only want the quick fix. If your going to ban it, look at a different age say 16. But my question to the NYC law makers is this, shouldnt they be more worried about all these kids on real and fake “gear” then creatine? Seems like a more legit issue to tackle in my eyes.

  • They are going too far! if you want creatine you should be able to get it!Aspirin is probably more dangerous that creatine! Im just saying!

  • They need to outlaw soda before creatine. So much more evidence about the negative effects of soda and high fructose corn syrup compared to creatine

  • Creatine is not going to kill anybody, or cause any side effects, so what’s wrong with it? I think you should be at least 16 to buy it, but 25 that is a little insane.

  • I would like to see what’s the research they’re going based on to make this decision. And if they’re “researching” supplements why not start looking into all supplements and let it be regulated by the FDA?

  • I think creatine ban is bs am trying to get my goal in my life to be a bodybuilder and been working on it for 8 years and I been taking and it helps with muscle building stranth performance and recovery

  • I don’t see Anything wrong with kids under the age of 18 to have to be carded for any sort of supplement. I’m not against the taking of the supplements. But anyone under the age of 18 or even some 18 year olds are still child minded. so there parents should definitely be aware of what they are putting into there bodies. but is it logical to i.d. minors for supplements probably not because there are so many resources to obtain it. N.Y. needs to stop it already AND THAT’S NOT A GAME. @MTSNUTRITION @MARCLOBLINER.

  • in Tennessee and Virginia you have to be 18 years or older to purchase it and that’s been a lot for at least 10 years. Apparently a bunch of hospitals we’re reporting kidney and liver damage do over usage in teens.

  • do you think the shipping cost to Hawaii and Alaska cancels out the potential sales from the millions of residents in the 2 states?

  • This is just another way of the government wanting control. Its crazy. Who in the hell are they to tell me what supplements I can use. The same with testosterone. I bet there’s not even one government official who has ever even used creatine much less their dam free gym memberships they get handed. Its time to LOAD UP on CREATINE. by the pallets. lol

  • I think this is a very interesting topic. I’m 19 and live in NY so this won’t necessarily affect me, but my brother who is 17 takes creatine. So I wonder if he will be affected should this proposal pass.

  • this is ridiculous. why not ban genetically modified food instead? or anything else that is actually bad for your body? What is the reason behind this law?

  • I think that’s pretty unnecessary. Someone that is trying to supplement creatine isn’t the type of person that is trying to harm their bodies usually. They are trying to get better in and out the gym. So yeah #ThatsNotAGame

  • We fear what we do not understand, it seems to be the case alot for NY and the government. So they just want to ban it and not have to deal with it. I have used creatine and have had athletes that I’ve coached use it, that are younger than 18, and have only seen positive results. Now what doesn’t make sense at all in this law is that they want to not allow 18 and under to use creatine because their body is maturing, and not wanting to “affect” it by using creatine and if I am not mistaken most of our bodies are not fully done with this process until later into our twenties. So if this were to be a legitimate ban would it not have to be somewhere around 24,25 and under? Either way this ban is ludicrous and I think it is just a way to waste time so they do not have to deal with actual issues that matter.

  • Odd that we would put something that aids in the body’s ability to create its energy currency in ATP. But I’m sure if we (FDA) continues allowing pumping meats and vegetables full of hormones that we’ll be fine lol Next on the list we’re limiting the ability to purchase toothpaste because fluoride is “too detrimental” to oral health. Guess we’ll just have to trust the people who created a heroin epidemic in the Midwest with our health and supplement needs ��

  • Hello….I know this didn’t fall under the categories mentioned in the video but how at risk, in your opinion would you say is a person who has applied for immigration benefits which are now pending..?

  • hahahaha. you guys would be interested to know that New York also passed a law in NYC that you can be fined for and even go to jail for not calling someone by the “correct” pronouns. they also identified something like 27 pronouns so if someone wants to be called ze and you call him he you can technically go to jail lmao. so it’s not surprising this creatine law proposal comes from the same state.

  • Saw an article and Boom theres a Tigerfitness video explaining it! great explanation, always like when Steve gets involved! people in NY are going to be slinging dime bags of Creatine soon. lol Clash and Whey?? Hell yeah, does it matter the flavor choice, all are legit!

  • Libertarians need to run the government. How can we allow the government to have this much control over what we consume or use. This is insane!

    Marc you are al-wheys on point!

  • The reasons I left for Texas continue to grow. The same people telling you the “Science is proven” telling you the most researched supplement is “unsafe”.

  • Once again the government wasting time on something that actually works. Creatine is one of the few products that have been around for over 10 years and works. Why is it that when people want to better their lives and get in shape have to deal with this. Yet, as a nation we can continue to be the #1 in the Obese category. Come on now.

  • Ny state sucks at everything. Everything good or fun is banned here. It’s a joke. Tobacco kills literally millions. Creatine kills no one. Ever.
    Tobacco is legal because they tax it. Money over people.

  • It’s possible they are just trying to protect kids from creatine shits…. In reality though this kind of thing is so amazingly frustrating.

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  • I just had a friend leave on her back to Mexico and now she is trying to come back and get a visa to usa. Never got into no trouble or anything. Talk to sum immigration lawyer can not get any help with getting a visa. What kind of service could u provide to help

  • Creatine is naturally produced in the body. New York can’t tell me how to live my life! In all seriousness if New York passes this LUDICROUS bill into law, I might have to start selling creatine out of my garage in Jersey.

  • Hello madam, I am from Bangladesh. Mam, I have received the Approval letter on may,22 2019. Now I am awaiting to submit the follow up documents paper. However the NVC doesn’t inform me about further details. What should I do? May I get your advice and guidance. Lot’s of respect for you from Bangladesh. Thank you

  • So according to the 13th amendment African American, Black, Hispanic, Latino etc & people/property/ cattle are subject to Jurisdiction can be considered stateless people or dead under maritime law.
    It’s imperative that you no your United States of America constitution and have your status in order. Remember race isn’t a Nationality.
    Your Nationality ties you to the soil of your Nation that of being born.
    Race does not connect you to your Ethnicity, bloodline or family lineage, tribe etc.
    American’s let’s educate ourselves on history, civics and the Constitution.
    Hold your leaders accountable for not being transparent with the truth and properly disseminating it correctly without propagating a false notion of racism digused as Nationality when race is a classification status according to 2020 censors website.
    Self determination
    so now is the time to self educate yourself family and relatives.
    Many of us are from this great continent from before the modern reconstruction of history and can trace our linage back to the indigenous people as described in Noah Webster dictionary of 1828 before the doctrine of discovery or the arrival of Christopher Columbus.
    Also understand that being a United States of America citizen,
    you should no the laws and language pertaining to this subject matter.
    Unfortunately our previous leaders have swept this nightmare senario down the line to far and Donald Trump is simply enforcing the laws of the constitution however let’s contact our local politicians and city council and start tackling immigration also from the colonist that have nationality for from America and are truly of European decent.
    If you’re a American,
    simply state so and leave the black, brown and other false adjective, descriptions to the past tricksters.
    It’s time to innerstand that consiuosness is about not being unconscious but more importantly overstanding the many Con-sciences, Political, Religion, Civil rights, Climate change, Abortion, Same sex marriage, Human trafficking, Oil, Tarifs, Fiat currency, Mortgage deeds, Allodary title, promesary notes, birth certificate, middle east, mental illnesses, prisoner of war, veteran and PTSD, aliens and many many more. Go Beneath the service and study the root and seed of the subject.
    The foundation of lies modern history has been built on will reer it’s ugly truth sooner then later. Get informed and don’t be afraid. The truth will set you free..
    God Bless America and all Humanity throughout the world.��

  • Creatine always sparks controversy anytime I bring it up; however, it’s always from those who are completely ignorant to studies and just rely on what they heard someone else say. The bigger problem here is that the government is completely overstepping their bounds and infringing on even more of our rights. If this bill passes, I will be worried to see what the ripple effects are not only on the industry but on us as citizens.

  • Please study well before posting videos like this.. Only monohydrate banned hai not the micronized.. Monohydrate is not as filtered as micronized.. Wake up guys!!