Could Cocktails be Drowning How Well You’re Progressing


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Could Cocktails be Drowning Your Progress? by Elizabeth Millard. August 23, 2017. 6 Comments.

Share it: Barbecues, happy hours, weddings, birthdays, the upcoming holidays — occasions for drinking never seem to end. While alcohol in moderation seems to be OK, there’s a point when it could be getting in the way of results — and that point. Fun holiday cocktails for drowning your 2016 sorrows Even if I wanted to write about that thing that happened on November 8, I don’t think I could.

I am burned out to my very soul. I start gagging when I see the color orange, that’s how little of me is left after the thing that happened happened. 6 Ways To Get Your Drink On Without Drowning Your Diet.

65 shares just to check the ingredients and at the end of the day your taste buds as well as your health will be gleaming with cocktail. Being 21 is a joy. Your alcohol tolerance isn’t that high, so it only costs you $5 to get a buzz.

Your hangovers can be cured with a greasy breakfast sandwich, and everything in the drinking world is new and exciting.Chances are you haven’t had your first Negroni, and ultra-fancy cocktails seem like something from outer space. So if you’re looking to get a leg up on other people your. Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for years, so ginger beer is a natural ingredient for a great day drinking cocktail.

The classic Moscow Mule will help you get motivated with a spicy kick that comes from the ginger beer, boosted by a hearty shot of vodka. If you serve your Moscow Mule the traditional way (in a copper mug), the chill of the icy-cold metal rim will enhance your. Too much ice in a drink waters it down.

Get the Drown the Drink neck gaiter and mug. 3. Ice is the second most important ingredient. Do not even think about throwing a cocktail party unless the contents of your freezer could sink the Titanic. The need to satisfy your craving led the way to transforming the low ABV Americano into the paradigmatic Negroni.

Hands down my favorite classic drink. Balancing sweet, bitter and strong to create the perfect cocktail.”—Laboy. From the 1989 documentary “The Price of a Ticket,” Baldwin challenges the idea that racial progress needs to “take time.” On the future of the black American In another clip from his 1963 interview with scholar Dr.

Kenneth Clar, Baldwin speaks whether he is pessimistic or optimistic about race in America. Here are a few tips for ordering cocktails like an expert, even though you (we) are a novice. As a bonus, I’ve added a beginner list of types of cocktails to elevate you to the upper echelon of cocktail ordering. Tip #1: Name Your Liquor, FIRST.

This is THE rule of thumb. When you order a mixed drink, you say the type of liquor before the chaser.

List of related literature:

It seems unlikely that cocktails are at risk of falling out of fashion again for a long while.

“The Classic Guide to Cocktails” by Jerry Thomas, Giuseppe Gallo
from The Classic Guide to Cocktails
by Jerry Thomas, Giuseppe Gallo
Amberley Publishing, 2015

It’s either that or add a few more drinks to my ever-growing number of drinks at cocktail hour, as I’ve been doing over the past few years.

“The Intimacy Solution: Life Lessons in Sex and Love” by Dr. Erika Schwartz MD
from The Intimacy Solution: Life Lessons in Sex and Love
by Dr. Erika Schwartz MD
Post Hill Press, 2018

This development led to a mind-numbing explosion of inventiveness: bartenders’ manuals now list hundreds of different named cocktails.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
from On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
by Harold McGee
Scribner, 2007

To a certain extent, you will find that drink recipes are like fashions: Everything old is, eventually, new again.

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
from The Bar and Beverage Book
by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
Wiley, 2012

The sugar concentration is typically so high (often above 35Brix) that fermentation occurs very slowly and stops prematurely, leaving the wine with a high residual sugar content.

“Wine Science: Principles, Practice, Perception” by Ronald S. Jackson
from Wine Science: Principles, Practice, Perception
by Ronald S. Jackson
Elsevier Science, 2000

I have seen wines spoiled as a result of the sweat diminishing with time and sulphides becoming more evident.

“The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass” by Jamie Goode
from The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass
by Jamie Goode
University of California Press, 2005

Some peripheral aspects of the cocktail renaissance are doomed to pass, and in some places already have: speak-easy chic, bartenders in affected period costumes, an overwrought reverence that smacks of wine snobbery.

“The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails” by Steve Reddicliffe
from The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails
by Steve Reddicliffe
Cider Mill Press, 2015

They certainly become less attractive to drink, for the lack of clarity suggests they are tainted or have something wrong with them.

“The Taste of Wine: The Art Science of Wine Appreciation” by Emile Peynaud, Jacques Blouin, Michael Schuster
from The Taste of Wine: The Art Science of Wine Appreciation
by Emile Peynaud, Jacques Blouin, Michael Schuster
Wiley, 1996

Drinking it may bring you right back to Florence, Italy, when Count Negroni decided to add gin to his cocktail instead of soda water.

“The Bone Broth Secret” by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
from The Bone Broth Secret
by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
Hay House, 2016

Yes, it helps to keep the alcoholic away from the alcohol and to stay out of the bars or wherever the drinking was done, but unless there is inner change that is then reflected in lifestyle changes, the behavioral changes will not last.

“The Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment” by Clifford Penner, Joyce J. Penner
from The Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment
by Clifford Penner, Joyce J. Penner
Thomas Nelson, 2003

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Shop the custom, “I’m right, you’re wrong, shutup!” tee that Eugene hand-made for all of you guys! SHOP: Straight from his hands to your chest, cheers y’all! ����

  • i just love how he just tosses the ingredients in there spilling some and what not. Next ting you know he is tossing the ice from behind the back

  • They may be easy at home, but you try getting half of the ingredients that you use in The Philippines, they are like hens teeth, getting the berries and and a descent piece of good mint is impossible, plus the brands of the liquor is not going to be easy,.

  • First one seems like an old tyme-y cold cure… sort of the chicken soup and ginger ale all mixed into one tonic that’ll make sure the kids never stay home from school

  • Damn, seen a bunch of his videos but I this is the first time I’ve heard him swear. Although I think anyone would if they were drinking something that smells like dogfood.

  • I don’t get why bartenders always use soooo much ice is it so you have to drink your cocktail really quickly before it’s watered down by all that ice?

  • To hell with this, if I’m drinking in the day it’s to get drunk, I don’t want to spend all day sipping. No I want some dangerously high proof booze garnished with a olive stuffed with quaaludes.

  • Great video. I did found a website where you can find over 600 cocktails. I would recommend checking it out who knows you can find something new to try (

  • People make fun of my ahringe, too. My accent is mostly gone, but it certainly clings desperately whenever I mention the Flahridah citrus.

  • I once drank a whole bottle of sangria by myself in a camper with my friends. My parents had like 20 bottles of it so we each took one and at the end of the night I was drunk af and oh boy that hangover

    Also before y’all say anything yes you can buy sangria I didn’t realize ppl didn’t know this

  • Hey Greg! Just in case you weren’t aware,, the ‘pétillant’ in Kir Pétillant just means sparkling. So there’s nothing pejorative about the adjective. Cheers!:)

  • Maybe like a bone broth and ginger beer? Or unsweetened gingerale, possibly? I just kind of feel like if it was less salty and unsweet it might be a thing.

  • Nice to see Finlandia vodka since I’m your long time fan from Finland!

    How do you like it? Probably not getting answered bc you’ve got sooo many new subs, well earned and congrats ��

  • I’ve had one mixed drink in my 12 years of drinking. A friend of a friend mixed me vanilla spiced rum with vanilla coke, it was great.

    I attempted to have an appletini on my 21st birthday, they forgot to do anything to it. I just had a martini glass of vodka.

  • why did i only see this just now?! better late than never haha. this is super helpful for a wannabe like me; will definitely try them soon.

  • How did I just find your channel? And when I have so much homework to do after work! Oh well… not sure I can do chem calculations after a few Trinidads anyway lol

  • Made the dirty banana �� was very delicious. Used plantation pineapple rum Copa de Oro coffee liqueur and drillaud banana liqueur.

  • You gave me a start when you mentioned Kir Royale, I read a manga years back called Jing: King of Bandits that had names taken from alcohol related terms. Jing’s partner was Kir, who’s special attack was Kir Royale.
    That said, I really like sweet stuff, so maybe this could be a neat one for me? Then again I’m also fond of daiquiris floated with sprite (used to know the name of it as a proper cocktail, related to the Paloma,) so maybe the lack of tart is a problem. Either way, looking forward to a lot of these in the future!

  • Only darkness awaits you…
    Bruce Bar Talk & Cocktails:
    Barfly Mixology Gear (affiliate):

  • Here’s a cursed cocktail for you…born out of desperation, failure, and blind experimentation. It’s called “Big Oops”.
    It is:
    1 Part Malibu Coconut Rum
    1 Part Orange Juice
    1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream
    About a tsp of vegetable oil
    about half an ounce of soy sauce

    Here’s the context. A bunch of my friends lived together in a shared house when I went to Berkeley. One of them really liked to try and make his own cocktails, syrups, and the like. This particular drink started as just an attempt to make the Malibu he had bought and couldn’t stand more palatable. He started with just orange juice…which made it vaguely almost drinkable, but he wanted to do more. So, he added some Bailey’s to try and make it like a tropical creamsicle with booze…only the milk in the Bailey’s immediately curdled. He figured that since cream doesn’t curdle as easily as milk, that adding fat would fix the curdle…the only oil he had was vegetable oil, so he tried. It didn’t work. Then he thought that maybe some of his homemade molasses syrup (basically, he would get cheap black strap molasses and cut it with simple syrup to make it sweeter and less overpowering in flavor…he liked it on waffles) would help…only he liked to reuse bottles, including keeping molasses syrup in a repurposed soy sauce bottle (a disaster in the making). When he did the big pour because molasses syrup is a bit slow to pour, he’d poured a decent bit of soy before he realized. The end result was something that when he took a sip out of pure curiosity, he immediately rushed to the big basin sink and practically deepthroated the faucet to get the taste and texture out of his mouth. Me, being the very adventurous sort, had to see just how bad it was…and I was dared to since I had the habit of telling people that I’d “try anything”. Well…let me put it this way: have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink something that is sickeningly sweet, oily, briney, lumpy, sour, and savory all at the same time…with a flavor that is somewhere between rotten sawmill gravy, skunk, old liver, and sunscreen smell all at the same time? No? Okay…I guess you must be SANE.

  • I’m quite surprised with the clear colour of the sherry you used for the Bamboo. Isn’t sherry supposed to be somewhat amber due to the ageing? Just wondering!

  • This episode was wonderful! One note: my wife and I had Kir in southern France. Ingredients matter here… 1) use a Bourgogne Aligoté, it has a bit of a dryness and herbal quality which balances with 2) the Creme de Cassis… we use no more than 1 TBS or to taste, and use a good cassis like Mathilde

  • you know im confused if you are starting the countries alphabetically. what happened to australia? this video is supposed to be AROUND THE WORLD.

  • Thanks for sharing this cocktail recipe. Best ever summer cocktail recipes. Perfect summer drinks that everyone need to try. Also sharing here some of the best ever summer cocktail reicpe. Check out the recipe here:

  • Here is one I made. I call it the Creamed Irishman. 60mL of Tullamore Dew, 30mL of Bailey’s, and 15mL of Vanilla coffee creamer.

  • The quality and professionalism of a bartender is one of those things that really can make or break the whole experience. It’s not simply a price thing, you see cheap bars with great bartenders, and expensive bars with poor ones. Jeff seems top notch.

  • good LORD, if i ever were to DISLIKE a video, this would be it.
    Not you, i love this channel, but those drinks took months away from my soul, just watching them manifest

  • Regarding the White Russian, I’ve tried Thickened Cream, Normal Cream and even Coconut Cream, as those are the only types of cream they sell locally other than Whipped Cream and light stuff. All of which have curdled as soon as they are added to the glass. Could you maybe say the exact cream you used?

  • In my current town in Pennsylvania there is a rite of passage drink called the Sweaty White Boi. It is a shot of eaqual parts Beefeater gin and Old Grandad bourbon, topped with as much tabasco as you can possibly fit in the glass. It is cursed, it burns your chest and upsets your stomach for at least 10-20 minutes, and people here love ordering it for their friends. If you get a free one you gotta take it, you know?

  • Sir, love the show, but I have to admit I love your editors work. What I would do to just fly out there and watch her do her magic. And of course have a few drinks. Keep up the high spirits! Ha… pun.

  • Question: for the Toblerone, you stated 30 mil (1 oz.) for the liqueurs, then 60 mil (1 oz.) for the cream. Did you mean 2 oz. or 30 mil? Thank you. Love your videos.

  • I like to shake a white russian when making it with milk gives a nice froth. When going with heavy cream stirring in the glass

  • So what do y’all think they do with the drinks? It’d be a sin to pour them out… do you think they just have one person getting absolutely plastered behind the camera?

  • Metal straws don’t help the environment they actually are worse than plastic straws just drink your streak without a straw is that simple

  • Just one tip when preparing Caipirinha: remove that white part from the lemon because it makes the drink too bitter. Great video, made me want to try different variations at home:)

  • I remember my grandpa had a black or white Russian every night after work, so hearing them say “oh this will get you turnt” made me laugh so hard.

  • I Cracked at “oh there’s a bug in it” then “the backstroke” pops up. I’m having trouble watching the rest of the video. Laughing too hard.

  • Nice. “masterclass”, it isn’t overfilled glasses, part of drinks left in the mixing equipment, fruit& icehandling with bare hands…Just no.

  • These look delicious! Definitely gonna try out the Mudslide because I really enjoy Baileys:) I’ve done the White Russian quite a few times now (always with cream because it’s more rich in my opinion than milk), mainly because of the movie “The Big Lebowski”.:D Anyway, great video! Greetings from Germany:)

  • Love your videos please can you also subscribe to my channel would appreciate it and support as opened my own channel now thank you so much lots of love and respect to you

  • I would’ve liked to have the right amounts of all the ingredients mentioned. Anyone have a list?

    Other than that i absolutely love this!!!!!

  • Damn where is an updated list? I can’t believe there is no mojito, margarita, Paloma, Tom colins or mule on this summer drink list like wtf. ��.?

  • So for the banana schnapps I made this drink a while ago, I believe it’s called the peach princess. It’s got the banana schnapps, triple sec, vodka (regular or orange) and peach orange juice. I can’t remember the exact ratios, but it was super tasty.

  • That was interesting. I laughted until I hurt, and hurt. But I doubt I hurt as much as you. Was fun, but I really don’t want to see you in so much pain so don’t do it again.:-)

  • Raki it’s a Greek drink(especially from Crete) and it’s strong and amazing, there is also rakomelo that is like Sweet raki with honey and others ingredients ������

  • anyone else pissed that scotland wasn’t a seperate drink? cos I am really sick of people thinking the UK is a country, and it is all just england. Scotland and england are very different!

  • banana liqueur = sweet seduction
    Bahama Breeze
    Banana forster cocktail
    Banana snowman
    Yellow submarine
    Banana cream pie
    Talking monkey

  • My bfs brother makes a version of this at home for holidays, he uses grapefruit soda sometimes and adds a tamarind straw dipped in chili powder! Drink and a snack, my favorite drink at holidays at their house

  • I think if you put the measurements on the screen it would be an awesome video. Like when you show the final drink have the list in the top right or left. Also if to said all the measurements because I cant tell if you’re doing a 1 oz. or 1 1/2 oz.

  • 24:30 24:36

    For people who want the full ranking of Rhea Litre and Arizce Wanzer:

    Rhea Litre From Most Favorite To Least Favorite:
    ��1. Pina Colada����
    ��2. Singapore Sling����
    ��3. Caipirinha����
    4. Paloma����
    5. Black Russian����
    6. Kir Royale����
    7. Sangria����
    8. Rum Swizzle����
    9. Lion’s Milk����
    10. Mojito����
    11. Pimm’s Cup����
    12. Manhattan����
    13. Pisco Sour����
    14. Caesar����
    15. Irish Coffee����
    16. Negroni����

    Arizce Wanzer From Most Favorite To Least Favorite:
    ��1. Sangria����
    ��2. Mojito����
    ��3. Paloma����
    4. Singapore Sling����
    5. Pimm’s Cup����
    6. Black Russian����
    7. Kir Royale����
    8. Pina Colada����
    9. Caipirinha����
    10. Pisco Sour����
    11. Rum Swizzle����
    12. Manhattan����
    13. Lion’s Milk����
    14. Negroni����
    15. Irish Coffee����
    16. Caesar����

  • “so lonely” awwwww. Right there with you. I live with an amateur (but licensed) bartender who has inherited personal bars from 3 group houses. So we have a really random mix of things, and waaay too much wierd liqueur. Your videos inspire me to experiment. I thought I made up a thing, and was loving it, so refreshing on a warm day…turns out they were Americanos. Tonight I made a thing: cachaca, grenadine, galliano, bitters, and an ahrange twist. It was tasty. Is it a thing? Who knows.

  • Just out of curiousity, does The Ol’ Bamboo from Chittychitty Bangbang have something to do with this drink? haven’t seen the movie in a while, but the bamboo reminded me of it.

  • I used to drink lots of Kir/Kir Royale. Its a good “pitcher” drink that you can pour over ice and not feel like you are trashy (because of putting ice in wine/bubbly). I’m pretty sure I went alot lighter with the Cassis though its way too sweet to go heavy with. This makes me want to make it again though…

  • Oh man.. I’m from Canada, and I completely agree. The Ceaser is absolutely horrid… everyone else in my family for some reason just LOVE it, but. Whenever I even get a WHIFF of Clamato juice, I wanna barf..

  • Hi Steve. Here is a slight riff on the Mudslide that I think works really well:

    Choc Orange Mudslide

    50ml Vodka
    50ml Kahlua
    25ml Baileys
    25ml Cointreau

    Shake with ice and serve over a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or, even better, 4/5 small balls of ice cream made with a melon baller).

    It is less rich than the cream version (and so easier to drink), less Baileys-forward (again, I think this makes it an easier drink) and develops as the ice cream melts and integrates.

    Gloriously dangerous:)

  • You asked for cocktails with banana liqueur, well here are some Tiki ones for you:

    Tahitian Rum Punch is ½ oz fresh lime juice, 1 oz grapefruit juice, 1 oz orange juice, 1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice, 1 oz dry white wine, 1 oz gold jamaican rum, 1½ oz light rum, 1 tsp crème de banana, 1 tsp brown sugar syrup, 2 drops vanilla extract. Shake with ice cubes. Strain into a pilsner glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig. Original drink by Don The Beachcomber, circa 1940s, courtesy of Jeff Berry. Beachbum Berryʼs Intoxica. San Jose: SLG Publishing. 2002. p. 85.

    Sweet Dream is ½ oz light rum, ½ oz white crème de cacao, ¼ oz crème de banana, ½ oz unsweetened pineapple juice, ½ oz cream, 1 pinch of grated nutmeg. Put rum, liqueurs, pineapple juice and cream into a shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously. Strain into a cocktail glass. Dust with nutmeg. Original drink by Hank Riddle 1970. (Hank was Donn Beach’s personal assistant in Hawaii, later becoming GM of the Don The Beachcomber’s restaurant in Palm Springs.) courtesy of Jeff Berry. Beachbum Berryʼs Sippin’ Safari. San Jose: SLG Publishing. 2007. p. 59.

    Rum Runner is 1½ oz fresh lime juice, ⅞ oz blackberry brandy, ⅞ oz crème de banana, ⅞ oz grenadine, ¾ oz 151-proof puerto rican rum. Fill your blender half full with ice cubes. Add above ingredients. Blend until smooth. Pour into a pint glass or Tiki mug. Original drink by “Tiki John” Ebert of the Holiday Isle Resort, Islamorada, Florida Keys, 1972. (Customers used to mix their own drinks from bottles left out on the Holiday Isle bar; Ebert improvised the Rum Runner from leftover ingredients.) Courtesy of Jeff Berry & Annene Kaye. Beachbum Berryʼs Grog Log. San Jose: SLG Publishing. 1998. p. 73

    Planet Of The Apes is ½ oz fresh lime juice, 1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice, 1 oz orange juice, ¾ oz crème de banana, 1 oz dark jamaican rum, ½ oz 151-proof puerto rican rum. Shake well with plenty of ice. Pour unstrained into a tall glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh banana speared to a cocktail cherry. If available, top with a purple orchid. Adapted in 1995 by Beachbum Berry from the West Indian Punch. Courtesy of Jeff Berry & Annene Kaye. Beachbum Berryʼs Grog Log. San Jose: SLG Publishing. 1998. p. 62.

    Yellow Submarine is 1½ oz unsweetened pineapple juice, ¾ oz fresh lemon juice, ¼ oz crème de banana, ¼ oz white crème de cacao, ¼ oz sugar syrup, 1½ oz gold virgin islands rum. Shake with ice cubes. Pour unstrained into a glass. Add more ice to fill. Garnish with a pineapple chunk speared to a green cocktail cherry. Courtesy of Jeff “Beachbum” Berry who said he created it “in 2002, I think… the turn of the century is kind of a blur to me now. Come to think of it, now is also kind of a blur to me now.” It comes from ‘Beachbum Berry Remixed: A Gallery of Tiki Drinks’. San Jose: SLG Publishing. 2010. p. 188.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I would take 0 ice on the first glass. I feel like that would hinder the flavors and dull it. I want it strong and rough. Like how I do my vodka and or any whiskey. Dull no ice. 3 shots plain. Then make a few drinks mixed with what I want.

  • Wait a minute, The flag of the Philippines is on the thumbnail but no drink from that country was featured.. or did I miss that part??

  • The thing with kir/kir royale I’ve found is you can use creme de cassis in this way to make bad wine drinkable. So if your wine has oxidised and gone bad or even sour you can still drink it

  • Wine, vermouth, and bitters. These sound like the cocktails you make when you’re out of real booze and getting creative by necessity

  • Condensed Beef Broth use it to boil potatoes (at full strength), then add chives (cheese/sour cream) to the potatoes. Covers the salt.
    Gelatin and a pound of vegetables (with bacon) can make the remaining liquid palatable.

  • I love this channel. what a charming sweet host too. an episode including spritzers, railers, kalimotxo and similar drinks would be cool:^)

  • Who is watching this so then you can create your own cocktails for your high school parties so you can be popular?.. just me? Ok I’ll see myself out…

  • I’m not sure if this was discussed below, but the history of the term “session” in reference to a session beer (at least how it’s been taught to me) is that during the Industrial Revolution factory workers would go to the pub during their lunch session and would get drunk due to higher ABV beers and would be a danger at work. So factory owners asked brewers to make a lower alcohol beer so that workers could have it during their lunch session. Now this could be completely fabricated, but I like the story of it and it’s what I’m sticking to! Cheers!

  • I’m kinda proud he’s using Topo Chico water, since it originated in my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, in the area of Topo Chico (a small inactive volcano).
    On the other hand, I hated how he played with the pronunciation of Tequila and the hint of racism when explaining the “Mexican Firing Squad Special”. Me dieron ganas de patearlo en los Uncle Sams. Did not finish watching.

  • I have never heard about “dirty banana” until an us passenger requested me….then it’s a good one…please more cocktail with banana liqueur…thanks keep going that way Steven!!!

  • Title is “Cursed Cocktails”
    Me: Can’t be too bad, it’s clearly hyperbole
    There’s a tin of soup in the intro sequence
    Me: Yep, there’s some messed up things in here begins excorcising laptop

  • You need to make a B-52. It’s equal parts (I do 3/4 oz) Kailua, Bailey’s & Cointreau in coffee topped with whipped cream and orange zest. So delicious! ����

  • I’m from Brazil!

    Eugene when caipirinha appeared on the table: ��
    My mind: wwwwooooooooowwww

    Eugene in the end of the video: Caipirinha is in 12th place
    My mind:….. the fuk just happened?

  • The red wine and coca cola mix is very known in Czech Republic and it is called “houba” shroom. Don’t know why it is called like that, don’t ask me

  • I’ll bet the Kir with Prosecco is not a Kir Petulant but a Kir Pétillant, which simply means ‘sparkling’ or ‘bubbly’ so it would also work for your Kir with Cava.

  • I’m so glad Eugene moved the pisco sour up the list. The only place I’ve managed to go outside of the US so far has been Peru and it was amazing and so were their pisco sours!

  • White Russian with cream because it stands up to the liquor better. I’m not a fan of the taste of liquor so �� i might try my hand at a mudslide too. I remember there was a lady at the bar I went to. She used to make spiked milkshakes. Those were awesome.

  • Friends?
    I’ve probably seen all your videos on this platform.
    Oh ‘friends’, yeah sometimes I pretend your camera person is making fun of me spilling stuff. That’s what you mean, right?

  • This episode was wonderful! One note: my wife and I had Kir in southern France. Ingredients matter here… 1) use a Bourgogne Aligoté, it has a bit of a dryness and herbal quality which balances with 2) the Creme de Cassis… we use no more than 1 TBS or to taste, and use a good cassis like Mathilde

  • I like the small ‘new’ text-highlights in your videos. But I’d much more like to see you thinking, doing “hmmm” or whatever (maybe messing up something) than your video editor glitching you in the video. It’s irritating me every cut. Also it makes you more personal and charming to not see the perfect robot. I guess’ that’s also what makes you more successfull than others: You. 😉

  • They look good, but honestly seeing the Kahlua and the baileys just reminds of a Xmas party I went to. Open bar, Xmas themes drinks. I learned the next day about sugary hangovers.

  • I can’t believe I am this late on this one. This is one of my faves. The intro was everything!! And I love the guests! I wanna see more of them! LGBTQ+ squad represent!!

  • You’re Young*: All the sweet drinks are ranked first! ��
    You’re Old**: All the harsh, gritty tasting drinks have made it to the top-and stay there! ��

    *The World is a shining, beautiful, sweet, sweet place to be! ��☮️❤️
    **The World is a mind numbing, soul sucking, life crushing place to be! ��

  • Personal note: When we where doing cold weather training the mess guys brought out beef broth to drink. First time ever had it by itself, in the cold with the Marines it was the best thing ever.
    I think you messed up with the condensed part. I don’t think they could condense as good as Campbell’s and who knows what Campbell’s added a that salt.

    I need to bring up smokers cough cocktail at smoking cessation classes.

    ****Not real any cursed cocktails, more like cocktails you curse over. Haunted cocktails was what I was expecting. Maybe that should be a thing.

  • “session” for beers just means it’s not filling, low ABV, and not overly hoppy, malty, or bitter. Effectively, it’s light beer but instead of tasting like urine it tastes good.

  • I love these. I can’t do heavy stuff as a type one diabetic and try to drink savory stuff that’s less sweet often to. Thanks for making this. You’re not alone my man,we are all with you in spirit day drinking to pass the Covid lol.

  • honestly i know it isnt cream but pina colada is my fave dessert drink and its kinda creamy… shout out for tha colada club. also banana liqueur, why not make a boozey banana split with some boozey fruit and a liquery icecream syrup? not a cocktail but could be fun

  • Hi, Steve. Hope you’re all good. I have a drink of mine which utilises banana liqueur, which I’m sure you’d love! It’s a super simple riff on a Rum Old Fashioned. It’s called Kae, as a tribute to the British poet Kae Tempest, who I studied a lot whilst at university. It is 60ml of a Jamaican Rum (I normally use Smith & Cross but it is variable. Navy strength ISN’T essential); 1tsp of Banana Liqueur; 1tsp of Mr. Black; 2 dashes of Chocolate Bitters and a dash of Regans. Serve it in a Rocks Glass over ice, with an Orange twist. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  • Links! All day and all night it’s links links links!
    Sherry Cobbler:

  • The Americano coffee is making fun of Americans (by the stories I’ve heard). Americans would order coffee, and be disappointed when they got an espresso as they didn’t really understand Italian coffee, so the Italians just poured espresso over hot water, diluting it, and nicknamed it the americano

  • In Sweden me use bandana liqeur in a drink called The wasp. Mix and serve in a highballglass filled With ice.
    5 cl vodka
    2,5 cl banana liqeur.
    Fill up With Ginger ale.
    Garnish With a twist or zest of any citrusfruit.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Old Forester 100 proof!!!! That is my nightly shot or two (maybe more��) and I have been wanting to find a good, creamy mixed drink to make with it!!!! Gotta try this one!!! Thanks Steve!!!!!

  • I think the only with a name that could make sense is the smoker cough. After you drink it you are supposed to cough really hard similar to a smoker’s cough/wheeze.

  • Anyone else think thats so cute how he named it after his wife? Old white men tend to love the nasty “hate my wife” jokes and its sorta refreshing.

  • In the early 2000s my friends and I would get cement mixers for each other on birthdays. also 151 and Tabasco sauce. maybe not cursed, but vile indeed.

  • I get the feeling that the second drink was meant to have Bailey’s Irish creme instead of milk and it just got lost in translation along the way.

  • I love the addition of the ingredients box on the screen. Very helpful! Dirty Banana brings me back to our honeymoon in St. Lucia. Love it. The bourbon and cream drink intrigues me. I’ll try that one for sure!

  • Kir is traditionally made with a wine called Aligoté which is very dry and you just put a hint of cassis in it, like half an ounce into a glass of wine. It’s nice made this way. Not fantastic but definitely pleasant enough.

  • with the banana liqueur, if you haven’t made a Plátanos En Mole Old Fashioned yet definitely give it a go. out of the PDT book. The recipe calls for chili powder but i recommend using a pinch of chili flakes!

  • Leandro uses Banana Liquer in the Fight Milk which I made the other night. Rum, milk, egg, banana liquer, chocolate bitters, simple.

  • as much as i hate to make them for every single karen and susan that walks into the bar i work at, national drink for the uk is surely the pornstar martini not the pimm’s cup

  • Banana Liquor I’ve found it quite nice as a substitute in an espresso martini, pina colada or a mai tai (instead of the cointreau).

  • The reason italians call a longer, more diluted coffee “americano” is because the way americans make coffee is by making it longer and more diluted, it has nothing do to with “amaro”, because the way italians make coffee, with a mocha, makes a shorter, stronger coffee.

  • You can use a vanilla (or non) almond or oat milk just fine. I make my white russians that way and theyre delightful. Also try making one or a mudslide with vanilla vodka and vanilla almond/oat milk and its so much better

  • I did the Brandy Alexander on my show a few weeks back. I loved it. I garnished with shaved chocolate. i did the White Russian with H&H. It was fantastic! i enjoyed my Dirty Banana as well. i have not made the other two as of your video. Cheers!

  • As a Peruvian I can say that Pisco is 100% Peruvian XDD, and for the same reason I can say that Pisco Sour does not do justice to our drink, it does not even look like. LOL

  • You should remake all of these with good ingredients.
    Like I’d be willing to bet there’s a way to do the beef fizz right if you dont use ridiculously salty canned broth

  • Hi Steve. Could you change the background to something darker. The white shelf makes it a morningy feel opposite of what your preparing �� make the background a lil cluby feel please.

  • Nick from Cocktail Chemistry did a cool vid about pouring cocktails through coffee. You can try that last cocktail he made with your banana liqueur 😉

  • New drink Idea. 2 ounce of light rum, 1.5 ounces of lemon juice, 1 bar spoon of white sugar, and fill the rest of the glass with water. stir and enjoy

  • Hey! Jeff the bartender here. FYI, Dutch Kills has opened a cocktails-to-go window in NYC during the shutdown. If you’re in the area, swing by for a drink! Your support means the world. Hope everyone’s staying safe. ❤️ All your comments are hilarious btw. As for how many drinks were consumed and by whom I’m taking the Fifth.

  • You missed my favorite drink, racing fuel: shot of vodka, everclear, gin and 5 hour energy. If you are feeling brave try jet fuel, exactly the same but 2 shots of each plus 2 shots of absinthe

  • I got one of the most cursed ads on this video: Right after the Horse Jizz, I got an add for thick, creamy yogurt
    This whole upload is fucking haunted, I swear.

  • That mudslide was made completely wrong, didn’t use any chocolate syrup. A proper mudslide is supposed to be like a chocolate milkshake

  • Devastated at what you did to the caesar. Where is the hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish (AT MINIMUM)? Is there celery salt? Why are your garnishes so minimal? The disrespect.

  • I made a low-proof cocktail that I’d love to see what you think. Idk if it’s already been done, but i call it the “Citrus Sunrise.”

    In a 10oz rocks glass:
    Crushed ice 3/4 of way
    1oz Triple Sec
    0.5oz Lime Juice
    Top with Lemon LaCroix
    Stir and serve

  • yoo I’m lactose intolerant and you can still make some of these!! I substitute oat cream. Obviously it’s not the same but it has very little taste so it’s good for not adding an extra nutty flavour to a cocktail that doesn’t need/want it. It’s also…. healthier… but who cares about that

  • Yeah… About the white russians; go with the cream version but shake the ingredients along with fibe ive cubes. Just don’t get addicted.

  • Thanks for continuing to create content for the last few months. As an out-of-work bartender, being able to watch your videos and learn about and explore new cocktails has given my life a little bit of normalcy through these difficult times. Never stop saying ahrange.

  • I want to drink with Eugene. I think we have agreeable palettes. I mean, im not into bloody marys or tequila, but im not necessarily against clamato juice. Basically what im saying is i want to drink whiskey with Eugene…. Straight or in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

  • Aww buddy i love the vid but no more cursed cocktails, yoy looked ready to vomit and your poor tummy must be screaming at you to never ever do this again lol

  • We make a Banana Liquer version of a pornstar at Clubhouse in Manchester, England.

    Vanilla vodka
    Banana liquer, equal parts
    Lime juice
    Tropical Juice

    Shake it up and strain.

    But another twist! Our garnish is a banana condom floating ontop!

    Check out our Instagram @clubhousemcr1 and you’ll see!

    Love your videos man keep it up ��

  • Damn, I wouldn’t like any of those. Mai Tai, Rum Runner, Hurricane or Planters Punch would be my top 4 choices for summer time drinks here on the Central Florida Gulf Coast.

  • Session beer supposedly comes from the west coast where the surfer dudes and dudettes wanted to drink beer while surfing, so without getting drunk but not loosing any flavour. Thusly the in between “session”s beer was born

  • I just noticed that for some audience, the thumbnail is different and there is a flag but its not in the video, its some sort of clickbait i guess for the countries viewers

  • Ahrange… you’re killing me with this. There’s also the extra alcohol I consume during and after watching your videos.. But it’s OK, really, it’s cool

  • This video was amazing I definitely will be going by this video when I get my bar and making all of these amazing cocktails definitely wish I was there to try all of these wonderful cocktails you made����

  • If you used better, home-made beef broth, added some garlic, thin sliced cabbage and noodles it sounds like the first one could be a decent soup.

  • you should try a nitro its a shot of vodka shot of Tequila shot of jager and a shot of red bull. and you shoot the whole thing suggest sitting down when you shoot it lol. now if you want what we call Jet fuel remove the Tequila and replace it with a shot of 151 rum lol

  • I prefer my White Russians with cream, however, I have started making them with the small coffee creamers like you get in restaurants as they do not need refrigeration. They sit on the bar and I use two for each drink.