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brekki is made with nothing but the best ingredients, including ancient grains, almonds, oats, almond milk and organic coconut nectar. INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup Coconut Yoghurt 15g Vanilla Protein Powder 2 large Bananas 4 tbsp Quinoa Flakes 3 1/2 tsp Natural Cashew Butter 1 cup Blueberries. INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup Coconut Yoghurt 15g Vanilla Protein Powder 2 large Bananas 4 tbsp Quinoa Flakes 3 1/2 tsp Natural Cashew Butter 1 cup Blueberries.

Mix the coconut milk and coconut yogurt in a quart sized jar. Add a loose fitting lid and ferment at room temperature overnight. Stir the yogurt well and refrigerate the jar for at least 24 hours. Tangy, sweet and oh-SO-creamy, our coconutmilk yogurt alternative is crafted for goodness.

Made with organic coconut, every spoonful contains live and active cultures and is dairy-free, Certified Vegan and. Stir the probiotic into the coconut milk using a plastic, ceramic, or wooden spoon. Cover the jar with cheesecloth or a piece of paper towel and secure it with an elastic band. Set the jar aside in a warm. Turn your can of coconut milk upside down and place it in the fridge to chill.

This allows the cream to separate from the water and solidify at the top. When you’re ready to make your coconut yogurt spoon off the coconut cream. Product Title Chobani Flip Low-fat Greek Yogurt, Apple Crisp Twist Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings. Current Price. Out of stock.

Product Title Yoplait Greek 100 Whips Yogurt Coconut. Just 2 simple ingredients required! All you need is coconut milk and probiotic capsules, which (if you’re like me) you probably have in your pantry right now. Score!

This is a 3-step process: 1) Empty coconut milk. You’ll need: 2 14-ounce cans of coconut milk, 2 teaspoon agar agar flakes (or 2 tablespoon tapioca starch), 4 probiotic capsules (or 4 tablespoons store-bought coconut yogurt), 2.

List of related literature:

For the yogurt, the So Delicious brand makes a plain coconut “unsweetened” that also works well.

“The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less” by Brandi Doming
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Coconut cream is the creamy liquid extracted from the first squeeze of the grated coconut flesh with little or no water added, while coconut milk is from the second and third extractions after the cream is obtained, with the addition of water.

“Singapore Hawker Classics Unveiled: Decoding 25 Favourite Dishes” by Temasek Polytechnic, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
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Coconut yoghurt is made with coconut milk and is dairy free.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine” by Leah Hechtman
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So I was ecstatic when this coconut yogurt turned out to be just as good as my favorite store-bought Greek yogurt.

“Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out” by Cristina Curp
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Coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut water are products derived from the separated endosperm (kernel) of the coconut palm (Cocus nucifera L.).

“Microorganisms in Foods 8: Use of Data for Assessing Process Control and Product Acceptance” by International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF)
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It consists of three layers; the exocarp, which we don’t often see in the shops or markets and which is the outermost layer, inside that is the brown coir husk (the mesocarp) that we are familiar with and contains the white coconut flesh that we know and love (or hate), and inside that is the coconut milk.

“A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food” by Rachel Patterson
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You can sub in coconut milk for regular milk any time, and you can find commercially packaged coconut creamer and coconut yogurt.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
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Try this with Creamy Coconut Kefir (page 44) or on top of Oat Groats Cereal (page 48).

“The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen: Finding Harmony Through Food” by Talya Lutzker
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Whisk about ½ cup of the hot coconut milk mixture into the yolks, then return this mixture to the remaining coconut milk mixture in the saucepan.

“Payard Desserts” by François Payard, Rogério Voltan, Tish Boyle
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Instead of using regular dairy yogurt, this recipe calls for coconut or almond yogurt, which you can find in the dairy aisle of your grocery store.

“The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet” by Karen Frazier
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  • Hey hey friends!! Hope you’re all well:) Hopefully now you’re stoked to make some EPIC oatmeal! Tell me your FAV combo down below! Let others take some inspo from your creations! Much love xxx
    ⭐️SHOP ➤ MY COOKBOOK! 100+ RECIPES: ⭐️
    ���� MORE OAT INSPO:

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha! Your cooking result is just how I WOULD like mine if I had ever thought to try a different method! I just had some and it was just OK again. So I decided to look for other ideas and now I can try a DIFFERENT method to get it actually creamy. Since you are making a meal, I would sprout some seeds and add sprouts on top of that finished bowl, too.

  • I woul appreciate how to solve problem of bloating, I never ever have flat belly although I have well trained abs and after such a breakfast (even only half of the portion) I would fligh off like a balloon

  • when you take your tin of coconut out of the frig. turn the tin over and open from the bottom and you can then just pour off the liquid and you are left with the cream. regards from Australia.

  • Stored in metal cans of over refined coconut can of death yup doesn’t everyone say don’t use metal spoons hmm yup definitely not listening to u.

  • Is it necessary to add probiotics to make the yoghurt everytime or can we just add coconut cream to a small portion of coconut yoghurt?

  • I also eat my oatmeal pretty plain, I add cinnamon, honey, and almonds. I can’t handle a bunch of fruits in my oats, makes me queasy ��

  • I clicked on your video at 5:30am(Hubby just left for work) told myself yesterday that I would start getting up before my kids do, eat some breakfast, work out a little, and clean before they wake up and start acting crazy, especially during this quarantine ��
    I didn’t plan on making oatmeal this morning because I don’t have all the toppings I want just yet, but you morivated me to go ahead and just use what I have. Oats, milk, water, cinnamon, yogurt and banana.
    Starting the day off right!
    Thank you so much for this video.
    Subscribed! ��

  • I toss everything in the electric pressure cooker, turn on the timer and walk away. I read somewhere that pressure cooking is better at reducing phytates? So win-win.

  • I wanted to come back to this video and say thanks! so much for this. Literally for the past several months, oatmeal has become a staple in my diet. I generally eat it with lunch, dinner, or even both. I have totally fallen in love with making it look “gross” (adding yogurt, etc) and the looks people give me when I’m eating it are hilarious. Their loss. Thanks:D

  • I want to go to Canada just to buy those crazy Big size plant-based mylk, and organic. Crazy, in Spain, they are much smaller like 1L, that’s the normal size.

  • you cant get coconut yogurt here in HK without paying like 20 dollars canadian for a small pot!

    is your coconut yogurt base unsweetened?

  • This is a really weird compliment but your face is really pretty. Idk you have freckles and a nice tan and u also have such a positive personality ��

  • I make my own yogurt from fresh whole goats’ milk. I usually eat it plain, but when I need a little extra flavor I add unsweetened berries and then add a little real maple syrup or stevia.

  • I loveeeee oats but all of that would be 450 cal or even more and i can eat only 1300 ������ i hate my healthy eating/loosing weight diet xx

  • I’ve been experimenting with oatmeal for the past 2 months and I’m so excited to try it with plant milk. I’ve been trying to eat more plant based and wow I’m in love with your channel!

  • Yogurt is too little food for the calories. You could eat a giant salad with less calories. Heck, Blue Bell (full fat version) ice cream only has 10 more calories per ounce. Yogurt will not satisfy you for long. Hunger will come raging back. The only time anyone should be eating yogurt is for dessert.

  • When she said “Plus my daughter is obsessed with bananas”‘, I was like mouth open and couldn’t talk, like WOW you’re mom. From head to toe this woman looks perfect, couldn’t stop looking at her hair, like is it extentions or natural.

  • Oh my goodness the Dorkiness…love it. Typical family like mine. Thank you for sharing time with your lovely Mama and Sister <3

  • I like the lifegenerators yogurt better, They don’t use lemon and he uses Puradyme products, They tested the strains and it’s it’s great

  • Thank you so much!!! I used to love oat but I used to eat them plain or with a banana. Thanks for such awesome inspo!! I’m going to start doing your workout videos and following your meal ideas. Thank sis!!! ����

  • I stopped eating all dairy. I recently had pain in my foot and the podiatrist is thinking i have a major vitamin D deficiency. I know the other options but i dont think they have as much D, i eat salmon and nuts. Ect. I do eat plain Greek yogert now and cottage cheese. Good point on the fat!��

  • For those who want a low calorie breakfast but still high in volume: add cacao powder, 50g oats, 1 shredded carrot, cinammon, 120 ml almond milk, 170 ml water and heat it up. Then top it With half a banana and 20 gram peanut butter. About 400 Calories and the volume of her oats.

  • I thought Kristina didn’t consume salt. She mentioned it in a video that she made on top 5 foods she doesn’t eat and salt was one of them

  • I love Greek yogurt. I used to eat the yogurt that had all the junk in it, but I finally got used to eating a better kind. I add fruit, walnuts, & honey to it. It really does hit the spot without all the preservatives in.

  • Every morning I eat 2 bananas with 2 Cotton Candy flavor GO-GURT Yogurt. I mix all those ingredients and make a delicious Smoothie to start off my day.
    2 bananas + 2 Go-Gurts = 320 calories

  • If you like the taste of plain 0% fat greek yogurt more than plain greek yogurt couldn’t you just add some healthy nuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter to get the same benefits as the yogurt that contains the fat? I think that I am one of those strange people who rather eat the Fage plain 0% fat greek yogurt than the 2% kind haha. As a side note/question; is plain greek yogurt glycemically low (I know that their is no added sugar in it so I am assuming that this is the case). Also, do you think a lean meat (i.e. fish) would be a better protein option for fat loss or are both options basically the same. Thanks!

  • lol I gave you a thumbs up �� and a like even before video ended…actually at the 10sec mark I ⏸ed then typed this ��…cant go wrong with that title and me since I am lactose intolerant.

  • Greek yoghurt creates chemical waste known as sour whey. They struggle to get rid of it all. Almonds take thousands of litres of water to grow in southern California where they have recently had major droughts year on year.

  • Okay I’m just going to say….. your hair is amazing! I just tuned to your channel cause it was recommended. The food looks great too.

  • Gosh wot did bianca have for breakfast?? herbal yogurt!! shes feeling herself way tooo much!!ahaah anyways always happy to see happy people! and this was in abundance

  • I like Greek yogurt. Not always plain but I do take note of the sugar content. I use it in smoothies and I’ll make a snack of Greek yogurt and trail mix. Its surprisingly satisfying.

  • You crazy ladies…..such good energy emanating from the 3! I enjoyed watching the chemistry among the 3 of you! Thanks for a great recipe.

  • In an effort to cool the coconut cream more quickly than in the fridge I put it in the freezer but then forgot about it:(
    Do you think any of the properties have been changes? E.G. when you freeze yogurt it will never go back to how it was, or do you think I can let melt and then put in fridge and then start from zero and it won’t make a difference?? Also, I’m not sure how much probiotics to put in… I have a yogurt-starter powder version, should I just guess? A teaspoon?

  • Google how to make homemade Greek yogurt. I make it, it’s easy and just use organic full fat milk. After you make it, put some in yur bowl and add in some fruit, granola and a little local honey. Delicious! healthy!

  • For breakfast is usually just have an Up and Go drink cause I don’t rlly have anything that I like to eat for breakfast but I’m going to try to make oatmeal so thanks for this vid �� (omg oatmeal is soo good IMAO!)

  • I know only from watching YouTube videos on how to make yogurt, but most use a temperature controlled machine like yogurt machine.
    You just put yours in an oven that’s turned off.
    How can you be certain that your bacteria has fermented?
    And what kind of probiotic bacteria strain are you making and why that particular strain?

  • Do you wonder how they get coconuts?
    Watch “Are You Paying Monkey Kidnappers and Abusers When You Buy Coconut Oil?” on YouTube

  • Joy, you are an ANGEL! I was looking for something to use as a yogurt starter, but what I found is expensive! The probiotics are a perfect solution and I will happily try it to make my very first vegan (btw are bacteria vegan? ��) yoghurt!!! Thank you so much ��

  • Please find a probiotic with plastic free, biodegradeable packaging and use an alternative to plastic wrap to cover the bowl, then your process would tick all the boxes. We need to care for the environment’s health as much as we care for our own health.

  • Isn’t this making porridge? Oatmeal is (at least in the shops round my way) a milled oat which looks like coarse flour, from which, of course, one can make porridge but it’s not as nice as porridge made from coarser versions (see Maddie’s second or third jar).

  • Can you please provide the brand of coconut milk that you use I noticed that the cans are pretty large and the ones that I see in the store are pretty small. Thank you so much

  • Hi Joy, Thank you for sharing. I’m sure coconut cream will also work well. Please share dairy free icing, biscuits, cakes & cookies. Many thanks.

  • We Holistic nutritionists are the best and most passionate… it’s important we stick together. Great video, i make mine the same way❤️

  • Kristina I am new to your channel and I just subscribed.  I am so excited to have found your channel. Can you recommend a vegan probiotic?  I have been searching for so long and I can’t find a good quality probiotic.

  • Can this yoghurt be frozen and thawed and keep its consistency? I imagine it does…I ask because I had purchased a bunch of coconut yoghurt from the store and froze them and when I thawed them it was like watery cottage cheese. I imagine this is because of the other ingredients they put in it.

  • Can someone tell me if I can make what they might call regular yogurt and while I’m making it can I add coconut milk would somebody drop a line I will give my Gmail if you will try and send me that answer somebody
    ([email protected] GMAIL.COM

  • Does the coconut milk you use contain guar gum? I use Native Forest’s Organic Coconut Milk Simple. Ingredients are organic coconut and filtered water. Wondering if that would work.

  • Thanks for the recipe. You’d better use a wooden spoon as probiotics could react at the touch of metal. The same goes for dairy yogurt, you can easily see it when the left over yogurt gets watery.

  • I am going to have to watch this more than once missed the recipe the first time coz you guys are so funny and cute together…love your work!

  • Going to try this, i didn’t quite understand the use of plastic to cover, we are supposed to be trying to get rid of plastics, would a plate be a better option.?

  • I don’t believe this recipe! I used to make my own dairy milk yoghurt, and getting the temperature right always got me off-centre. This doesn’t feature using a thermometer at all! Thank you so much!

  • If you think those strawberries are great, you should taste and see the ones we get here in Norway. They are much darker red all the way through and the flavor is soooooo much stronger. Appearantly strawberries get sweeter and more flavorful in colder climates… Only downside is that the season is short… We really enjoy it though (and use imported ones the rest of the year)… ��

  • Omggg the smiles and grins are so psychotic!! Are they mental? What the frick were they doing? Also they put the fat one in the middle hahah to balance out they really do look like they’re from a weird cult with freaky smiles

  • Decided to comment recipe because I wrote it for myself anyway!

    Coconut yogurt

    -Meat from two young coconuts.
    Add about 1 1 1/2 cups of water, less for thicker yogurt and more for thinner yogurt
    -Juice from 1 lemon
    -Add 1-2 capsules of probiotics
    -Blend until smooth
    -Cover with plate and then towel in a glass container, let it sit for 24hrs on counter. ����

    Comment if I missed anything!

  • Hey Kristina, Earlier today I purchased a four ounce coconut yogurt from my local health food store for $3.25, that had numerous thickers and additives. I will NEVER do that again. Thanks for such an easy and lovely looking recipe.

  • Wow! I didn’t know all that about yorgart! This will help me with my weight loss goals because I love yorgart! Now I know how to choose wisely. Thanks for sharing!

  • I absolutely love this. I’m so going to try this since I love love lovvvvvvveeee yogurt and coconut and I’m lactose intolerant this is perfect. I spent so much money on coconut non dairy yogurt so delicious brand I love it but they’re too expensive… I’m so going to try this. My husband is a vegan so this is just perfect for the both of us… thank you for sharing. I just liked������ and subscribed to your channel… pls keep them coming…

  • Thank you so much Joy for finding and sharing amazing healthy video. ��
    Although I am still in search of finding a natural way of converting homemade coconut milk into yogurt

  • Hello, do I just leave it open in the oven just like how you did it or can I cover it with a towel?

    Oh, and the coconut milk is cold right? And you added the probiotic? I thought it needs to be warm?

  • Canned food is bad. Better to take desicsted coconut and blend it with water in blender. Then let it sit in fridge overnight. Next day Just swipe up the real coconut cream from the surface and enjoy ��❤️