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Butter naturally contains small amounts of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, as well as a touch of iodine, potassium and calcium. But it’s still a fat and therefore highly caloric. “I don’t believe we should eat foods only because of their nutrition,” says Siu-Chan. “Food should also taste good and satisfy the soul. Clarified butter is a product which is composed almostcompletely of fat utilizing a process which separates the water and milk solidsfrom the butter fat.

The butter needs to be heated so that the components canbe separated by density. The heat makes the water evaporate and the solids sinkto the bottom. SATURATED FAT. Examples: butter, lard, bacon grease, dairy fat Because saturated fats contain straight chains of carbon, the molecules are able to pack closely together and cling tightly to one another. This makes them very effective for energy storage (i.e.

0 grams fiber. 15 mg cholesterol. 3 grams saturated fat. 0 mg sodium.

0 grams sugar. 0 grams trans fat. grams tsp oz. Nutrition Facts. For a Serving Size of 1 tsp ( 5 g).

Butter is a popular dairy product made from cow’s milk. Composed of milk fat that has been separated from other milk components, it has a rich flavor and is widely used as a spread, as well as for. A teaspoon of ghee contains 45 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat; notably, it contains no trans fat, now largely blamed as the culprit for bad cholesterol readings and heart disease.

1  Butter, by comparison, contains a small amount of trans fat. 2 . Clarified butter is anhydrous milk fat rendered from butter to separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat.Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in South Asia and is commonly used in South Asian (Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani), North African (Egyptian and Berber) and Horn African cuisine. Butter is mostly fat but also includes milk solids, which can smoke, scorch, brown, and burn at high temps.

Separate and remove those solids, and you have a clear, golden-yellow fat with a higher smoking point than regular butter. With clarified butter (also known as “drawn butter”), you can saute or fry at a high temperature without burning the butter. Clarified butter is shelf-stable butter with the milk solids and water removed, leaving just the milk fat behind.

When slowly heated, the melted butter forms three layers: white foamy whey at the top, pure butterfat (aka liquid gold) in the middle, and white milk solids (casein) at the bottom, allowing you to easily separate out the fat. Clarified butter, or ghee, is pure butterfat–butter with the milk solids and water removed. It can be used as a sauce by itself, a base for other sauces or as a cooking agent.

Make this delicious and versatile staple at home!

List of related literature:

I don’t think you could point out any place where that has been urged, where a butter substitute has been urged; we are talking about the amount of fat which is necessary.

“National Defense Migration: Hearings Before the Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration, House of Representatives, Seventy-seventh Congress, First[-second] Session, Pursuant to H. Res. 113, a Resolution to Inquire Further Into the Interstate Migration of Citizens, Emphasizing the Present and Potential Consequences of the Migration Caused by the National Defense Program. Pt. 11-[34]” by United States. Congress. House. Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration
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One tablespoon of stick margarine contains about 100 calories per tablespoon, 11 to 12 grams of total fat, 2 to 3 grams of saturated fat, 3 to 4 grams of polyunsaturated fat, 5 to 6 grams of monounsaturated fat and no cholesterol.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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It was also true then that margarine was deficient in vitamin A, as compared With butter.

“A Legislative History of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and Its Amendments” by United States. Food and Drug Administration
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He said: “Margarine has nothing to do with the falsification of butter.”

“Fats and Oils Handbook (Nahrungsfette und Öle)” by Michael Bockisch
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Then, decades later, the truth about margarine came out: this synthetic fat is actually a “trans fat” (we will talk more about trans fats in

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
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The original question that the lipid hypothesis set out to answer—what was causing the dramatic rise in coronary heart disease—is more accurately answered by the replacement of traditional animal fats such as butter and lard with hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margarine and shortening.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements” by Sandor Ellix Katz
from The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements
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(4) In specifying the nutrients, the claim may include the term ‘‘total fat’’ in addition to the terms ‘‘saturated fat’’ and ‘‘cholesterol.’’

“Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)” by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
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This was true regardless of dietary fat intake or any other subgrouping assessed to date.

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Nutritionally, butter is a fat; one tablespoon contains 12 grams total fat, 7 grams saturated fatty acids, 31 milligrams cholesterol, and 100 calories.

“Essentials of Food Science” by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian
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There is insufficient evidence specific to using monounsaturated fats • instead There was of saturated no statistical fat.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing EBook: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Di Brown, Helen Edwards, Thomas Buckley, Robyn L. Aitken
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  • Real ghee lasts forever. Who is this joke?! It takes 16 to 18 mins to make real ghee. You have to boil it fir the whole time. The water boils off and milk solids stick to the bottom. What he made is no true clarified butter. That is why he says only 7 months. Real Gjee will never go rancid! Do it right or go home.


  • How come is this the correct way? There are more ways than one to come to a result. If you want a lot more flavour to your clarified butter you can crank the heat up until the sediment burns a little, this will add a lovely nutty flavour to the clarified butter.


  • Once a week I cook a pound of brown rice.
    When it’s done and still super hot I put a stick of butter on top. 10 minutes later It’s all melted and I mix it around.
    It gives me 4-5 plates of food per week

  • The product arrived in my search box as I was looking for Garlic.
    I had no idea what it was so I bought a 200 ml jar for £11..
    I now know it has nothing to do with Garlic, but a great advertising pitch on eBay..
    I will be using it in place of oil, when cooking..

  • Desi ghee has very intense aroma…and it is the best Butter we use here in India from thousands of years..we make it in our Completely changes the flavor of food..may be western countries cant find it that useful bcz their cuisine is using completely different type of Oils

  • You can get the grass feed Irish butter mentioned by Dr.Berg at Costco for cheap, comparing to regular grocery store, in bulk. But if you just want to buy one block at the time, then you won’t be able to find it at Costco, except in bulk.

  • yes butter is good-even better is when we milk our cow and make but 12 hours later and eat it fresh-fresh butter is at least 25% better then butter from our freezer that we made and conserved

  • Thomas you need to boil the butter for a few minutes to remove all the water. It also brings to the top any added ingredietns, like salt, that can be skimmed off. Boiling also allows you to store ghee outside the refrigerator without worry. Remember, this is an Ayurveeic method of treating butter which comes from India where not everyone, especially before technology, has a fridge. So, boil your butter for about 10 minutes at least, a nice soft boil, not too low.

  • The whole POINT of lard is the animal fat so substituting it with a plant source completely misses the point, it’s not “cheating” it is something that is completely different.

  • This is a good vid. The skimmed butter can be used for mashed potatoes, etc., not throwing it away don’t waste anything or don’t make anything waste. Many times when I melt butter, I hold the pan above the flame after the butter starts to melt. Placing the pan of unmelted butter atop a pot of boiling water, is also a good way to melt butter, but time consuming unless water is boiling for pasta, etc.

  • When you get ready to use butter for frying, just put the butter into the pan and wait for the foam. Blot the foam with a paper towel what’s left is clarified.

  • I’m retired Oilfield, got an idea, have a very very tiny diameter siphon tube and put butter pot 12 inches in height above the bowl you’re pouring to. Then stick the tiny siphon tube on the very surface of butter on pot, suck on it and fill tube, put thumb over the end and then lower the tube down into collection bowl and release thumb on end of tube and let it suck/siphon off the top layer of clarified butter… you’ll get every last drop off the top of milk fats on the bottom better than pouring and wasting some good butter with that pout method…..

  • That very nice..i only use clarified butter or Olive oil for years!
    I so like clarified butter inside Mash Potato,or mixed up with some honey that i put on top of Sugar pie
    Thumb up

  • Why have I seen so many vids that show the butter boiling and boiling for many minutes. I’ve seen more that showing the butter boiling as opposed to not boiling.

    Many Indian heritage people making the vids too.

    I saw this was affiliated with Martha Stewart so I thought I’d take a look.

    I’m just not sure about boiling it or not.

  • Just call it Ghee! This video is based on a technique that’s 5,000 years old. What is this need for people to Americanize everything & rename it? ITS GHEE, and there are so many more benefits.

  • Desi ghee khao daily ek spoon… instead of blaming ghee for your fat body look at your other bad habits too. Eat and work hard, clean diet and exercise.

  • Good tutorial, Matt. I always save those milk solids when I clarify butter, too. I just can’t bring myself to toss it. I’m the same way with bacon grease, too. My conscience won’t let me toss that good stuff, either.

  • Lithuanians used it for centuries before fridges has been made to preserve and keep home made butter.We call it ‘melted butter’. In modern times,when everyone has his own fridge, people does not using this kind of butter because we all are using fresh butter instead.Only God knows which one is better and gives you more benefits,but clarified or melted butter is much better for frying / cooking,because it has no liquid inside.
    Do not be afraid of words ‘saturated fat’ and dont use margarine instead of butter.Your body can recognize natural fats only.Margarine is not recognized by your body and your cells cant deal with it.A plastic and margarine is different by one chem.element and margarine is made using hydrogenation process as most oils as well. Saturated fat (‘good’) makes up about 50 percent of the membrane material contained in our body cells, gives them stiffness and strengthens: strengthens the immune system and helps the bones absorb calcium.Some saturated fats have antimicrobial properties that protect us from harmful microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Be aware! Clarified butter and Ghee is just like “ apple and pineapple “ Totally Different product. Ghee is 100% nutritious and clarified butter is 100% time bomb of cholesterol. Due to marketing and ease of production of clarified butter the definition of Ghee was high jack. Ghee made of fermented cream or cow milk fat. Procedure
    Of fermentation cause the enzymes and chemical reactions. Just like grape juice to wine or milk to yogurt. After that it becomes Ghee. Louder lie can’t be truth. Don’t be misguided.

  • Butter. Mmmm. I eat about a 4 pack a month. Have been stronger fitter and able to fight off flu and colds like no other. It’s the only thing I’ve added and I see a huge difference

  • Why would you not strain it? Pouring it like that just seems so inefficient and you wasted so much of the clarified butter left in the bottom of the pan. ��

  • In keeping with Martha Stewart standards, the recipe and procedures are incomplete. You’d think she would have learned by now! (See her first ever “cook book”)

  • Are hazlenuts not available in the US? I never here them mentioned! They taste sooo good when soaked, roasted at low heat (dried) then made into butter! Tastes like Nutella if you know what that is.

  • I have been using a lot of coconut oil. But it’s high in saturated fats. Is it true that saturated fats can cause heart issues?? The only reason I started keto was to avoid heart issues. My dad had a heart attack last year.

  • You’re right about losing weight from eating butter. I ate buttered toast every morning while on vacation for a week and my waist got smaller, with no exercise!!!

  • Almost comparable with kale? The bioavailability of vitamin A is very low compared to the animal source of A because it needs to be converted. The conversation rate varies from person to person and about 35 percent of population can not even convert Beta carotene into vitamin A. Whilst the vitamin A in butter is 100 percent bio available.

  • Find the best heavy cream and a large Mason jar in your area and make your own butter. It’s not hard and there’s even a YouTube video on this!!

  • My doctor and nutrition class discouraged eating butter. They urged me to eat margarine! This was information to lower cholesterol. I just couldn’t follow that advice.

  • Below Kevin makes a good suggestion and here’s another..pour into tall glasses, it’s much easier to remove the butter without a lot of wastage..

  • With all due respect, I honestly believe ghee is not for everyday use. I will explain why with an example. Rub coconut oil in ur palms and wash it off with soap. You will have clean palms with no grease. Next rub some ghee and wash ur palms just like before. It will need 3 to 4 times of washing with soap to completely remove the grease off ur palms. This explains a lot. SO when we consume Ghee daily, the fat builds up in our body because the fat in ghee is very greasy and thick and thus it will be very difficult to pass the fat out of our bodies. SO do not consume it daily or I’d say weekly. I’d say twice a month is safe. Otherwise consume coconut oil.

  • Ghee can’t be s butter substitute; it IS butter. And all the nutritional benefits and vitamins the video assigns to ghee must also be in butter, because ghee IS BUTTER. the main benefits of using ghee over butter are its high smoke point and lack of lactose for those who are intolerant. It’s also insanely simple to make at home, and it does have a long, long shelf life.

  • Doctor Eric, i have been wanting to know about palmoil, any research on that pls and does it matter if it is palm kennel oil? I think there are 2 sources of palm oil. Is it like butter/coconut oil or is it bad for u. Thanks

  • Clarified butter can also be stored in the cupboard if done correctly as the do it in India. Now what do you do with the stuff that is leftover? Can that be used as a start for browned butter?

  • I just watched about 6 videos about making clarified and NO ONE used a cheesecloth to make it easier. I’m going to use your method. Thanks so much.

  • Butter has helped my migraines tenfold. I avoided butter my whole life like the plague but butter helps me sleep better, it has made my face look smoother and healthy. My skin is softer. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and my face rapidly got scary skinny as I got older. And working on my feet was tough. Butter and meat helped me re gain my energy and repair my body.

  • If you poured it into a taller, narrow container before separation, you may be able to skim the top more efficiently AND not waste so much as you pour it off in the end.

  • 1 minute in microwave and clarified butter is separated from milk.
    Ghee however has to be made on low temperatures to leave vitamins in.

  • i cook the butter until it loses its pop sound and the casein starts to coegulate clump and sink to the bottom. this way you dont have to skim off the white foam.

  • I do the exact same thing as the video, but I slowly/gently pour mine through a folded cheese cloth that I stuff into a small funnel that I’ve placed over a glass container. It works great. Mine comes out clear.

  • My family does not believe me, they think Ghee is harmful you know “it is just fat!” They say…
    Well Yes! It is fat, but no all fats are the same!

  • Love ur videos i’m from a farmer country where we love a healthy Style of life, i mean Dominican Republic, we also got Nice farmers products such as healthy grass fed butter and so on,so thanks to Dr. Berg Ive got learn a lot. I love Dr. Berg.

  • I have taken ghee for almost 2 months now on the recommendation of my 70-year-old yoga guru. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and apply it on my navel and to my nostrils before going to bed.
    Let me tell you the effects:
    1. Bloated abdomen is gone.
    2. Floaters (due to aging) have reduced.
    3. Joints are less creaky. I can run now with feeling pain in my joints.

    It has, and will continue to, become part of my diet for,the,rest of my life. I am 63.

    Best to buy ghee made from milk of grass-fed cows, is stored in a glass container (No plastic or aluminum container). Good ghee has no expiry date.

  • Thank you Thomas Joseph for helping me to understand how to clarify butter!!! Is a more expensive butter better for this, or will any solid butter do?????
    Second question, I just have to know-are you married????

  • I never knew that butter could eat grass! 😉 Cows eat the grass and make cream in their milk that is turned into butter. But then, you all knew this. Love your videos. Seeing results from the common sense and physiological/nutritional knowledge presented in these videos.

  • Thank you Matt for that informative video now could you please do a video on how to make butter or would you say it’s cheaper to buy it? Thanks

  • Hey just to say I really appreciate your videos they’re really educating me on how to do Keto correctly, in terms of oil for cooking how does avacado oil compare to extra virgin olive oil or regular olive oil? Thanks.

  • ya you can use that for everything but to toast bread I will always prefer butter cause using ghee (Clarified Butter) will not make it toasty it will make it more soggy.

  • Useful video but it doesn’t say how long any of it should take, and it also doesn’t say that if you don’t want to save the milk solids, you can just pour it through cheesecloth. Surely there’s no point spending 45 minutes spooning off milk solids (yes, that’s how long it’s gonna take) if you don’t want to keep them?

  • What exactly did the rats eat other than Ghee? HFCS? One can’t expect good results if healthy food is mixed with significant amounts of unhealthy junk food.

  • Dr. Berg, my gallbladder is gone. Should I limit my fat intake? I’ve always eaten the fat on my steak, pork chops and especially lamb, delicious. People have always thought I was a “caveman”! And looked at me in disgust! Incidentally I do have 2.5% neanderthal DNA! So, should I limit the fat intake? I believe that my intake of fat has prevented my condition from getting worst? BTW, A1C down to 5.2 from 6.4. My weight is 171lbs down from 209lbs and BS are down to the low 90s from the 150s!

  • I would love to see a #2 of this, with different animal/meats’ fats… Bacons, pork chops (side fat vs marbling), beef cuts, tallow/lards, cooking with bacon/duck/etc fats, a whole world of confusion and challenges in this section of the food market.

  • I’ve been using it and didn’t know all 8 benefits. I have really noticed some improvement in my daily constitution. I wonder if it cost less at a Indian market?

  • This is so idiotic. People from the Middle East and India who consume this live longer on average than whites of any nation. Conversation over.

  • New Zealand is for all intents and purposed an organic food nation. Is Anchor butter on the grass-fed list? I don’t find it on the label.

  • What I like to do is cook cartoned egg whites in olive oil on 3.5,

    heat ghee to add in mic for 30 sec, put a tsp of NoSalt for 2.56g of K, and eat it.

  • I dont know about avocado oil, but I’ve tried olive oil when making oven-baked chicken at 375 degrees, and the oil burns to the aluminum foil I line the pan with. So now I marinate the chicken overnight in a mixture of Zesty Italian salad dressing, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, then bake it at 375 degrees for 80 minutes without any oils or sprays on the pan…. and it never burns or sticks to the pan.

  • Good stuff, however, I want to note that for oils the choice is only one: extra virgin olive oil. I know it’s pricey but its the absolute best. Extremely versatile (salads, frying and cooking) and healthy. I recommend buying in bulk from a reputable source. Also for nut butter, tahini (sesame butter) is a good solid choice however it needs a bit sweetening (I use honey) so no the best for keto but this combo provides lots of callories and energy.

  • This is clarified butter, not ghee…and ghee is different than drown butter. Now that is all cleared up maybe y’all will shut up.

  • I’m from South Asia and my mum would cook with ghee. But limit the use of it, as we always considered it to be unhealthy.

    Its absolutely delicious, thanks for the video.

  • Ok. Ima buy more butter and avocados. One reason why I’m increasing my fat intake. It satisfy my appetite. Unlike sugar and carbs where I can over eat high glycemic food. Butter is low on the GI scale.

  • No, no, nooooo, keep it bubbling on low medium heat until it it clear, take about 20 minutes, poor it thru a cheesecloth filter and you butter should be clear, I SAID CLEAR,

  • Hello Dr. Berg. I was wondering, have you ever heard of a butter claiming to be 100% butter, but it doesn’t melt in this heat, and feels waxy like margarine? I bought a butter like this recently. I cannot stand margarine, I have always preferred butter. If olive oil is often fake, could butters be fake, and how can we protect ourselves? Much obliged, bless you.

  • And the authorities are still saying Butter is bad for and it has saturated fats (LDL) bad fat and to use margarine, what does one believe?

  • Just pour the butter into a coffee filter inserted into a can and that will filter all the solids out and you wont waste any butter like you just did.

  • I love your videos, but everything you promote is so costly that most people can’t afford to eat like that (meats, Ghee, salmon, etc) all free range and organic. I wish!

  • There’s more than one method to clarify butter. The process as shown in this video (I guess you can call it the French method) does not cook the milk solids, which gives it a cleaner, sweeter flavor. Ghee, which is the Indian clarified butter, cooks the butter until the milk solids brown and caramelize, leaving it with a richer and nuttier flavor profile. Also, as another commenter pointed out, his end result is way too cloudy, which suggests that it still contains plenty of moisture and/or milk solids. Check out French Cooking Academy’s video on clarifying butter which is done using an oven, and you’ll see that the end product should be much much clearer.

  • Reading comments is essential. “The little bit of water surrounding the CLARIFIED butter will cause food to fry or saute unevenly and cracked.” REPLY TO COMMENT MADE OF,
    “Pouring melted butter into cold water will separate the butter.”
    THIS changes the chemical composition of the molecules in the clarified butter. “The little bit of water around it will
    saute/fry unevenly and cracked.”

  • So, that is how they serve the drawn butter for fish, lobster, crab, and etc in the seafood restaurants? that just gave me an AHA moment. When I do it at home, it goes back to solid because I was just using regular butter. No wonder! Thank you!

  • This is not clarified butter. Clarified means clear. This is just opaque, melted butter with a little froth and a few milk solids removed. This isn’t ghee and it will not tolerate high heat. Bad vid and wrong information. Go to Madras Samayal and watch Angela Steffi’s video. Her instructions are in Tamil, but you will have no difficulty following her. This guy does not know what he is is talking about and his instructions are straight up misinformation

  • ghee vs butter? which one do you recomend as a healthier option? i have lost about 11 kgs in 3 months doing Intemittent fasting,, while watching your videos,, very informative, kept me motivated��

  • Why not buy store bought clarified butter? Is that not sold in the US? It is also saturated fat making it best for really high cooking (such as searing steaks) as it is safer than oils since it does not produce poisonous / cancerous aldehydes

  • … I just microwave the butter and put the melted butter into the fridge. When it’s chilled, the liquids, clarified butter, and white foam will all be separated, pop out the butter from the small bowl, then you just wipe it down with some paper towel and you’re done. No need to melt over a stove (chance of burning) or filter it over the stove…

  • 3:37 “I don’t know where your going to find breast milk”… Is that a challenge Dr Berg?

    �� thanks again for another great short vid!����

  • Find a medical doc & get a referral to an nutritionist educated in diets, which are varied to augment the health of people who must eat (or avoid) certain foods to attain healthful bodies. Get Keto diet information based on the knowledge of people who know how to guide you to weight loss. There are people (on Keto diets!)
    who invent wonderful recipes that every Keto dieter loves. Look on line for them. Best of luck to all of you.

  • What a terrible video, you dont even say how long to melt the butter for… lol this isnt how you clarify butter, you just made melted butter, you cant even see through the butter like you should be able too

  • i still cant find anywhere why separating the water from the butter is advantagious, i get straining it after fr the milk solids which cause butter to burn at high temp

  • Mega tipuse a nice strainer:) also..that is not clarified butter. It should have a much richer golden color and should be clearer.

  • I eat that almost every day. It feels weird when someone makes an tutorial about something that you take for granted ������
    we call it ghee
    and the amount of ghee you made is what i use in a week

  • My problem is not making clarified butter.

    I use a lot of butter much of it I melt for grilled cheese, waffle, whatever.

    I just toss remnants from baking and other uses into a pyrx measuring cup and microwave as necessary.

    The challenge is to remember to stir it before I dip my brush in it, or I eventually end up with half a cup of milk fat.

    If I was really going to make clarified butter on purpose, I’d use lab glass to properly separate the butter fat from the rest.

    The vessels used in this video are grossly inappropriate for the task.

    What I’d expect when it’s someone else paying the butter bill and doing the cleanup.

    What do people do with the solids?

    I just toss mine when they’ve built up enough to be in the way.

  • Another blessing from our sacred mother cow��������…..remember all the Devas including Lords Vishnu,Brahma and Shiva are residing in her body,so only good can come from her

  • nice job Berg…you left out the Stearic acid content which is Butters amazing secret to melting fat I recommend to all my clients

  • I like Kerrygold because it tastes YUMMMMMMMMY. I have a strong feeling that BUtter CURES DEPRESSION. It’s like a happiness drug!

  • I like your videos and your channel but I feel like SES is completely lost. Not everyone can afford a 8-10 dollar jar of Ghee when grass fed butter is $3-4. I’ve lost 130 lbs on keto and I’ve never been able to afford Macadamia nuts or Ghee. Sometimes people just have to go with what they can afford. Obviously I’d never buy Crisco but butter can replace a lot of cooking oils and from research I’ve done on my own as well as what has been presented on other channels, grass fed butter isn’t as useless as this video claims it is.

  • Any animal fat is harmful because of high amount of artery clogging cholesterol. Use coconut oil for good fats benefit and no cholesterol

  • For this recipe, cheddar cheese and cream cheese combined together are the best, but you may actually use any kind of cheese you like.

  • What this video has least mentioned is the abundance of choline a precursor of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter.The absence of which is seen in Alzheimer’s, Myasthenia Gravis etc. India is a country which insisted on ghee for pregnant women and hence had produced intellectuals

  • i ate eggs prepared with ghee for three days until I became violently ill. Yes it was desi ghee. I will never touch that stuff again.

  • Hi, great content. Could you go deeper into why you think that canola is bad? Is it the case also with organic and coldpressed? In Europe, canola / rapeseed is ”known” to be as good for heart health as olive oil. Are the industries different, or is canola inherently bad regardless of origin and production method? Thanks!

  • I can’t forget the book I just read about stopping the pain of arthritis. It seems that organic and raw is the way to go. I am afraid of all chemicals now that are changing the enzyme levels of our energy bodies. After reading a whole lot about the depopulation agenda, it seems to me that these chemicals are being dumped on us on purpose.
    Dr. Berg, why don’t you use organic butter?

  • It feel good that after 2 decades we are reliazing importance of ghee.Even doctors now recommend to add ghee in your diet.Cow ghee is more beneficial.Thumb rule is every diet which is in our digestibility pattern is good.Cow milk and products are good as it is very similar to our mother milk and easy digestible.

    Only problem is where to source.In a country which is dealing with the most food adulteration cases,it is even more difficult.I m into Dairy rearing cows cross as well as Desi like Sahiwal n Gir.I prepare around 100 kg of ghee in a month and the costing comes to 900-1000 RS.I m selling for 1200+ courier.This is a simple business case.How can anyone prepare in less than this.This is the country dealing with Species Adulteration where I don’t know which mammal milk u are utilising and than soda,synthetic,shampoo…….

    I would request everoney to EAT LESS but EAT PURE

  • Do you know that you can exercise control over your molecular processes by your individual will? Of course, this requires training of your mind. Kabbalah, Zohar, Tenauch and the vast Vedic literature have specific training sessions for different parts of the body. This is how a yogi maintains his disease-free material body to pursue concentration of the mind. It takes a pure mind and an altruistic heart to start this training. The more altruistic you are, quicker the results that follow. This is all a part of Ayurvedic medicine, now forgotten and ignored in our present materalism-focused outlook on life. For more go to: @t and read and redread the fundamentals to free your mind and take charge of your health. Good luck = higher probability for happiness in quantum terms.

  • Hey Doc..Plzz tell us about Pure Organic Ghee..also called Desi Ghee in Pakistan.Also which one is the best Cows, Buffalo or Goats etc..Thanks so much..

  • BS: It’s saturated fat. You are damaging your endothelium by regular use. South Asians have some of the highest endothelial damage on par with coconut oil users

  • I’ve seen videos on clarifying butter that had a bunch of complicated steps so I said, “Not for Me”.
    Your way is so easy that even an Old Geezer like me can do it. I’m down to 1 stick so I’ll wait until I go to the store but I’ll definitely give it a try.
    A suggestion for a video How to make Chicken Broth! Stores only sell that 99% Flavor Free…. I mean….fat free garbage. I tried several recipes but it never tasted right. I know you can show us the “RIGHT WAY”!

  • the two meals i eat have meat in them, so i cant use butter for cooking, since i dont eat meat with dairy products. so i will have to stick with coconut oil

  • It’s true. Watch Butter Bob Briggs videos too for more great info. Butter has always been delicious, and adding more of it to my diet deliberately has been life-changing for me. Try it. You’ll see!:)

  • I make it in the microwave a little at a time about half a stick in a small bowl 30 secs pour off the good stuff leave behind the solids I don’t need much I just use it when I make lobster tails

  • 4-5 tablespoons of almond butter??!!! That’s so much!! Surely that kind of calculation depends on how big a frame one is to begin with? (You’re a bulky guy Thomas!!!! )

    Don’t get me wrong I could happily consume a jar of any nut butter but one mustn’t…….

  • I am so happy to know that.. because I love butter sooo much.. and everytime I was eating butter I feel guilty and I take a very small amount.. now I can consume it with alot of happiness��

  • Another question for you buddy, if I don’t have a cheesecloth for straining out the ghee butter, can I instead of that just use coffee filters?

  • Avocados give me extreme stomach cramps and other digestive issues no one wants to hear about, but it’s touted as one of the best “good” fats. Are there any alternatives to this fruit & its oil that provide similar nutritional benefits?

  • I LOVE your videos and watch you constantly but you’re speaking so fast that I had to turn this one off. I usually take notes when I watch you. I had to pause and rewind too many times. I just want to say (for the comment critics out there) this isn’t a negative comment… just constructive criticism. You’re my current number one keto and overall health guru. Just take a chill pill when you speak about the scientific stuff. I’m really listening and don’t want to feel like you’re “talking over my head” and just talking fast. It’s like you’re assuming people won’t get it so you talk over it… but I really am trying to learn. So please.:: slow it down a bit.

  • Thank you for your videos. What do you think about the extra virgin olive oil? Here in Italy we like it lot. It is easy to buy a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Thank you.

  • What about the oxidation once you open the avocado oil bottle and air seeps into the bottle and creates oxidation? I’m just curious what are your thoughts on that

  • growing up in Egypt and finding out that ghee is not everyone’s go to at 21 is a trip… it’s just so much more tasty than butter… 10/10 would recommend.

  • I’ve never made ghee before but lately I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian and recipes call for ghee. To make my own ghee would I use salted or unsalted butter?

  • Its literally concentrated butter, how is it healthy. As long as its consumed in moderation and with a balanced diet then it is fine.

  • I have seen quite a few of these clarified butter videos and it’s always the same type of butter used,,advice,,get some irish kerrygold butter melt it in a pot and simply pour out your clarified butter into whatever container you want leaving the milk solids in the pot,,the better quality the butter the easier it will will be to clarify it and kerry gold is the skimming or straining.

  • It’s a lot easier and more economical to pour into a bowl and then refrigerate it to solidify the fat. Remove solidified butter puck and all the water and solids are left at the bottom of the bowl wasting NO butter.

  • So I just discovered the wonderful world of pumpkin seeds, and it’s not something that I have heard you talk about before!? I was wondering if you had any opinions on them either way?