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Since cauliflower is a non-starchy vegetable — one cup contains just 5 grams of carbs, compared to 45 grams of carbs in one cup of rice — you can save 160 calories each time you make the swap. “Cauliflower has more nutritional mileage than rice,” says Chen. Cauliflower rice is essentially nothing more than a low-carb, paleo-friendly substitute for traditional rice. In its most basic form, cauliflower rice is simply cauliflower that has been grated.

As Amanda Meixner (@meowmeix on Instagram) showed in a post, both cauliflower rice and white rice are healthy options — it all just depends on your health and fitness goals. Cauliflower is not rice, or potatoes, or pizza crust, and it never be. In fact, I feel a little bad for cauliflower—it does not deserve to be maligned in this way. Cauliflower is a perfectly great vegetable, especially when roasted with a little lemon and oil, smothered in. Cauliflower Rice Benefits Of course, there are quite a few cauliflower rice benefits, but the most important is that cauliflower is extremely rich in health-promoting phytochemicals, phenolic compounds, vitamin C, and other minerals.

This is true for any member of the Brassica species (aka broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc.). That’s the beauty of using cauliflower instead of rice. Not only is it healthy but you don’t have to wait that 20 or 30 minutes for your rice to cook through. Sun-Dried Tomato and Bacon Cauliflower Rice.

Recommended method: Stovetop. Instructions: Add 1/2 of a chopped red onion to the skillet when you add the cauliflower. Halfway through cooking, add 1/2 cup chopped oil-pack sun-dried tomatoes and 2 chopped garlic cloves.

When the rice is finished, stir in 5-6 slices of chopped crispy bacon. Low-carb and Paleo diet fans are absolutely nuts about cauliflower rice, the grain look-alike that can be swapped into many traditional rice recipes, cutting the cooking time by half. Making cauliflower rice is simple, here’s a quick and easy guide on 4 tools you. While cauliflower is an extremely versatile recipe ingredient, it also has a whole host of health benefits. It’s high in vitamin C, potassium, fiber and folic acid, and, for those watching their weight, it’s also extremely low in calories – one cup only has about 27 calories (compare that to 204 calories in a cup of regular white rice!).

Cauliflower rice is light and fluffy like rice, but a healthy alternative. It’s super easy to make using a food processor or even a box grater. Pretty much any rice dish can be substituted with this low carb vegetable that’s packed with vitamins and flavor.


List of related literature:

Neither enriched nor parboiled rice is a good fiber source.

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It is considered to be herbal and healthier than white rice.

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Rice has little fat and sodium and no cholesterol or gluten.

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It is superbly rich in minerals and vitamins and has three times the fiber of white rice.

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This is generally true, but in this case, the rice is mixed with so many other ingredients that we feel it is all right.

“The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook: 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings, and More, from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker” by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
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It is healthy; there is no doubt about that, but when Shilpa and I decided to break it down in detail and compare it with the Indian diet, we began to believe, and are now completely convinced, that the Indian diet is as healthy, or might we say, even healthier than the Mediterranean diet.

“The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH” by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Luke Coutinho
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Rice-dependent poor societies are vitamin A-deficient because rice is their major source of calories, but does not contain any pro-vitamin A. Hundreds of millions in the developing world, therefore, do not reach the 50% level of the recommended nutrient intake (RNI) for vitamin A, required to live a healthy live.

“Plant Biotechnology and Genetics: Principles, Techniques and Applications” by C. Neal Stewart, Jr.
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Like other true grains, rice is rich in B vitamins and contains complex carbohydrates (starch and fiber).11 The key to rice’s nutrition and characteristics as a food, however, is its processing and cooking.

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And there are yet other health benefits from the coating of brown rice.

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It’s just not nearly as high in fiber or nutrients as its less-processed counterparts such as wild rice.

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  • Laura, you did just fine, please do not pay attention to negative comments, by the way, your rice was awesome, keep posting, please.

  • Thanks you Laura, been looking for a good cauliflower rice recipe. You are the best! If you could, I would love to see some AIP recipes:)

  • I am bored with the acid reflux and gerd
    Is it good to have rice pr not?
    I dont know what to eat no rice no i dont have food to eat….

  • Awesome video. Such great options. Bought my first head of cauliflower a couple days ago to do this. What a great find. Metal spoon on teflon pan tho?

  • This reminds me of the study that said coconut oil increased the risk of heart disease, but there was no mention of what else they were eating? Are they on a standard American diet high in carbs? Need more info.

  • Thanks for the info, I was desperate so watched it to the end.. this ladies over acting is so nauseating! She spoilt a good video, I’d rather be ass raped in prison than go through this ordeal again, should be a warning ⚠️ before watching this video���� peace out ✌️

  • God wills you live you should grind your rice in a mill to get flour. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

  • Not being negative, but was the c-rice already prepared from scratch? Or was it pre-made from the store. My apologies… I didn’t catch that part. If made from scratch, she did an excellent job. It really looks like rice. I’ve never heard of c-rice until I started researching Keto.

  • For me, Maize(corn) rice is the better substitute. It only contains 86 cal per 100 grams. While white rice contains 130.
    I know its effective for losing weight coz I eat maize rice for 2 years living in the province. That’s the fittest I have ever been. Lol im back to my chubby figure now that im back here in the city eating white rice. ��

  • Tried cauliflower rice because of your how to make video but didn’t watch how to cook �� still turned out good. Inexpensive and healthy

  • I will go buy frozen cauliflower, great video�� you other people quit being negative Nancy’s. Not easy putting together a video. She just got to excited and carried away

  • Sheet, someone’s gonna tell me that white rice is better than brown rice. I give up. Maybe I’ll just do what my grand father did, and he lived to 88; and died very nicely in his sleep; or at least it was quick, according to my grandmother; a few laboured breaths then gone.

  • Thank you ���� was just looking for something like this…a self imposed diet or way of living never needs to taste dull! ����������‍♀️Mia

  • What’s your favourite item from this list? Is there a substitute that you have for white rice that we mat have missed? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • Is all about portian size, those Muricans eat to much pig slop ��
    Packed with oil, salt, sugar only the cheap king like palm oil, dirty salt, and high fructose corn syrup as a subtitute for sugar.
    Also a wide variaty of plants and veggies don’t like to be munched on and will make you get a upset stomach.

  • The photo of kale looks like cabbage to me. Buckwheat is very good, so is amaranth the latter grows in poor soil and needs less rain. I have grown it an the heads or grain yield a great deal.

  • I’ve never had it; I’ve never heard of it; but it sure sounds and looks good!
    Do you think avocado oil would work instead of coconut oil?

  • Drop them? So you gonna drop all your asian friends? I’ve been eating rice “a lot” per meal from the moment i was born.. And im skinny af

  • Bulgur is the best among all and very tasty in many different recipes. If it is done right, it is even more delitious than white rice. The right spelling and pronounciation from its origin the Arabic language is “Burghul”.

  • I don’t understand the emphasis that this is for a side dish only? Main dish will still be pasta? Doesn’t that eliminate the benefits of low carb from disease and obesity?

  • Rice is life! When is the last time you see a fat Asians lol. All this fat out of shape American eat noting but fast foods and you telling us that rice is bad for you SMH!!

  • LOVE the three dishes! I would love as MANY as you can, recipes using cauliflower rice! I LOVE the Cauliflower rice. I food process my own and freeze it. You’re right! You save a bundle! THANK-YOU SO MUCH! I’m a NEW SUB as of today ;-)….Diana in Milwaukee, WI, USA……{{{{HUGS!}}}}….Yay for Keto! Lost 61 pounds so far!….ANY KETO RECIPES WOULD BE GREAT! NO RECIPES WITH NON-KETO FOODS, PLEASE???…..You’re Sweet! Glad I found you 😉

  • Talking about Bolger I thought you would be talking about eat booger’s lol �� but I honestly do understand now but anyway all the veggies that were brought up in the video that I loved so much since I was a little kid but a couple of this that I really haven’t of before but I honestly do would like to try sometime

  • So, you were talking for 6 min & end up just showing how to prepare cauliflower & than just eat raw & no spices? I was expecting to see done product.

  • OMG! I have been on LCIF diet for almost 3 months now and I miss rice so much! Where have you been all my 3 months? �� Thankyousomuch! Subscribing the moment I saw this vid ❤️

  • Sooo if i want to kill someone just feed him until death lool,my grandpa was a rice farmer and he wod not go to store,he will eat what nature give him he diet at 94 and did not had any heart problems or things like it #eating rice whole life

  • too many cry babies in the comment section! Geeeez!
    I actually have never heard of this(the rice) before, I will have to try it now, thanks!

  • 2:30 use a cheese grater on raw cauliflower,
    cook like a normal cauliflower [pan fried or steam]
    Thanks for cheese grating attachment was virgin!! Worked great!!
    That was helpful. Thank you! ♡

  • 2:30 use a cheese grater on raw cauliflower,
    cook like a normal cauliflower [pan fried or steam]
    I actually have never heard of this(the rice) before, I will have to try it now, thanks!
    Really long intro!!

  • You said you can freeze the cauliflower. Do you just rice it and freeze it. Then do you defrost it to cook or cook from frozen state. Thanks for the recipes.

  • Well what is wrong with people? Why u call this as “rice”. What is this thing related to rice? This is just a chopped or minced cauliflower. Can I call it as cauliflower noodle cause it looks like a noodle as well.

  • First time here… Here to learn about cauliflower rice. I CAN LEARN ALOT FROM YOU. My personal taste is that you prepare the video’s script, then throw it away (you’re da bom and you’ve got this!). Above all else, NO ACTING! You are naturally engaging and attractive of your audience without the over-acted enthusiasm; more real, please. Don’t edit out all the mistakes. Your gorgeousness is distracting, too (don’t know if that’s a bad thing)!

  • Oh my gosh LOL I made cauliflower for the first time last night and I was like there has to be an easier way to get the bottom half off with all the green stuff I was pulling it off Leaf by leaf and it was hard to pull off then I watch your video and you sliced it right down the middle and it was so much easier to cut it off why didn’t I think of that that was brilliant I was really frustrated last night I haven’t even got halfway through your video and I’m already thankful for this video ��

  • Came here looking for a better option than manual grating, which left my kitchen in a big mess. I like the food processor methods and never thought to do it that way. I think I”ll do the first one and then take the bigger pieces and run them with the shredder blade like your last method. Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura, I love your videos. Don’t pay attention to the haters. Just one thing. Try to keep the videos short and to the point. Unfortunately most people these days have the attention span of a gold fish so they can’t keep up with your explanations and detailsm as important as they can be, so i would advice to just show how it’s done step by step and boom done deal!

  • I have a dumb question you guys. After you shred the raw cauliflower florets, can you proceed to eating it right away (is it safe to do that?) Or do you steam it first the way you would cauliflowers if you didn’t shred them (which I assume would make the cauliflower rice somewhat wet and soggy)? Thank you.

  • I think you’re doing a good job with your videos. But, It has a very commercial feel. If you could make it more concise and less commercial, it would be perfect. But, your lighting, audio and video are spot on. I love your kitchen.

  • I have an 8 cup cuisinart food processor and it only came with 2 shredding discs, is it possible to get a cheese grater attachment?

  • Great job! You are a very good presenter and communicator! I just started cooking and switching to Keto so I’m ignorant of even the simplest things. Thanks

  • I swear every time I want to try a new recipe I always go to Laura first! And of course she has 3 recipes for the exact thing I wanna make! Thanks for all the time you put into these video I love them all

  • Have you guys made mashed cauliflower I just started buying frozen from my local store and I think it would be better if I made it myself

  • Using cauliflower instead of rice is my favorite new happy in 2019. Thank you for your video, I loved that you got right to it and saved us from all the talking before hand I love that!:)

  • TL;DS version of this: Cook literally anything else that actually taste good, and just add cauliflower rice into it, because by itself cauliflower rice sucks ass.

    Thanks Tasty.

  • I agree with the comments below….it is best not to pulse the Cauliflower so much….and then cook it separately.with. a bit of oil…….THEN add it in to the stir fry once

  • I’m a diabetic and I must try this because Chinese food with all that Rice shoots my blood up so high so anything that is an alternate for rice I will try I don’t care if it’s mushy

  • Not sure why there are so many negative comments, I think the video is very helpful. She may be a little too enthusiastic, but I would rather that than someone who is monotonous and dull. Thanks for the info, off to make some now!

  • mucked up mess…hot mess… not appetizing. Would be so much better to mix the meat, veggies and seasoning and then serve on TOP of the cauliflower rice…and skip the egg.

  • None of them looked very appetizing. The cauliflower is very mushy. When i rice my cauliflower i do not make the grains so small. I use a food processor but only use half the amount. Pulse a couple of times, empty, and refill n pulse again. The grains come out larger and taste better too.

  • Yes! Please create more low carb dishes. I just started a keto diet and I’m not sure how creative I can get. Your videos are always so helpful in getting me to decide what to make for dinner. You are the best. Thank you.

  • You really have the skills. Your recipes are easy to make and that’s what most people are looking for these days. I would like to give you one suggestion. You need to interact more with your viewers and subscribers. Maybe some more of your voice and lill bit of you in the videos will make you reach millions soon. It’s just a small tip from me as a viewer. Hope to see few more good and quality videos from you. Lots of love from India

  • This was awesome! Trying to figure out how to make cauliflower pizza crust to dry out so it’s not sooooo floppy! your video, here, was awesome! Thank you so much!

  • I don’t see how people are complaining she’s talking too much when she’s literally giving an explanation. If you don’t like people talking to watch Tastey videos

  • I watched this video for it’s uniqueness. at the end, when I saw the wooden trivet, did I pay attention to who made it. gourmet vegetarian kitchen you never cease to amaze me with your culinary skills. in my opinion, you are the Vincent Van Gogh of fruit and vegetables.

  • I love cauliflower rice…the taste is different and i love to add some broad beans or another vegetable and cocomilk:-) always a pleasure to look your video Jeem /\

  • Thanks for the video! I’m trying cauliflower for the first time tonight. I’ve been looking for different ways to incorporate it into our diet. These are all great recipes to start with.

  • I mean why wouldnt sprouted brown rice not be better? Seems like it has the best benefits from everything you said. So am i fine with rice everyday as long as I choose organic? Id hate to start doing it and possibly get diabetes from it.

  • I love your pot. It is so big and beautiful. And your recipes are easy and great, thank you. You do talk alot but your voice is nice and i don’t mind it lol. Great instructions because I’m just starting keto.

  • Non Organic Whole Brown Rice Contains Pesticide Residue and the Phytic Acid is in the husk…not in the hulled white rice.. All Rice is very Poor in Minerals and should be eaten with a vegetable salad…Unlike brown rice, white rice doesn’t come with negative drawbacks of gastrointestinal (GI) issues, allergy symptoms, and blocking the ability to absorb micro-nutrients. Brown rice and other whole grains contain phytic acid (phytate)…. The milling process used to change brown rice to white rice removes the phytate.

  • Great video, thank you… Can you care & share a yummy pizza crust out of cauliflower please? C ya l8er �������������������������� ☘️

    “Love, Hope, Peace, Dream, Inspire, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live”

  • White rice doesn’t cause diabetes. This guy also didn’t explain the scientific data in detail. If White rice is so bad for your health, Asian people must be more sicky and have more diabetes patients but the truth isn’t. White rice is also easy to digest and clean energy for your brain.

    Brown rice tends to include more pesticides inside of the rice brown and germ, so I agree with soaking for a long time until they will be sprouted is a good idea to remove toxins and increase nutrition levels. Anyway, I want to know people white rice is healthy food and many Japanese people keep their health because their staple diet is white rice (not brown rice) and also sprouted rice is popular in Japan.

    White rice also includes some proteins (4-6 g per one bowl of Japanese white rice) and well-balanced vitamins and minerals, so rice is a healthy meal if you eat rice 
    with some side dishes which include various vegetables and fresh fish(fish oil and proteins are good for your brain!).

    Commercial bread might be unhealthy because they tend to include many preservatives and additives, salt, and oil. On the other hand, you can steam rice only with water(⌒∇⌒) So I recommend you to try to bake healthy bread at home or buy bread from the classic bakery who don’t add unnecessary preservatives and too much sodium for preservation.

    Thank you for your reading my comments꒰(๑´•.̫ • `๑)꒱

    Rice is good for you. I explain here.

    About Japanese rice nutrient.

  • How is it that a 1/3 of the world eats rice on a daily basis, yet they are healthy, and obesity is not epidemic?
    Perhaps the problem isn’t what we eat, but how much we eat, and how little we move?

  • It might be less mushy if you use the cheese grater blade on your food processor instead of the bowl. It will keep you from getting too tiny of pieces, but this still works.

  • Solutions for brown rice con. We normally wash and presoak brown rice overnight before cooking with a pinch of salt (not salting it��). 2nd, we CHEW REAL GOOD before swallowing. Brown rice is not an eat and go grain. Will this help? No science-based BUT our own experience.

  • I haven’t watch for a while cuz of the camera shenanigans. Thought I would give another try…still not watchable. Camera is moving around too much plus not enough camera o the pan…Too much on Laura’s pretty face. Bye bye ��

  • I ain’t go lie since baby talk I been eating white rice every single day without any health issue. I clean out the starch off rice three to four times or when see water clear. Sometimes I eat brown rice as well. At the end of day, we all not go eat the same way. Longest we consume veggies and drink plenty of water. Interesting topic white vs brown rice.

  • You just opened up a whole new world—I keep hearing about it, now I can at least make it. Now I need a video on how to cook it lol!! Thank you!!!!

  • Tom what about arsenic being present in brown and to a lesser extent white rice. Doesn’t that fact alone nagate the benefits of sprouted rice. Would love to hear your response. I’m surprised you didn’t bring it up as you’re very thorough in your research. Thanks

  • White rice is healthier! Asian country eats white rice and they don’t get fat and don’t get cancer so I am follow them now and I am so much healthier than ever, I eat white rice everyday now for 2 years

  • Rice doesn’t go well with keto diet…. so naturally there will be a study saying eating white rice doubles your chances for diabetes! Kinda funny that Asian people eat white rice all the time yet have the LEAST amount of diabetes!!!

  • Any suggestions for reducing the amount of moisture? I use a magic bullet, and the rice comes out really “wet”. I even tried roasting it for five minutes prior to “ricing” it, and it was still really moist. I don’t mind the moisture when using it right away, but I feel like it goes bad faster if it’s in the fridge for just a day or two. (I’ve used a hand grater and there is less moisture, but it’s time consuming and I manage to get it everywhere. Just hoping you have some sort of hack to reduce the moisture when using the Magic Bullet.)

  • Good thing to know! My favorite channel by far! I listen to your channel instead of music now while I’m working. ���� Keep it up Thomas!

  • The best rice to eat is basmati brown rice it’s healthy and have lots of fiber I was eating this rice for years and I love it I will recommend anyone who wants to gave it a try will like it.��

  • I’d rather just stop eating rice all together, to much work, no time to do this, think I’ll just eat more broccoli and dump the rice AGAIN

  • I’ve spoken to several MDs in the field of spirts medicines, and they say white rice is better if consumed not too often. Even a few on Youtube say the same. I just watched a video from Dr Sam about white rice. See what he says, if you like.

  • Thomas what are your thoughts on the Brown Rice Myth?
    The Myth is basically that Brown Rice contains higher amounts of arsenic and Can wreck havoc on your immune system.
    Also the phytic acid content is higher in Brown Rice and Therefor your mineral absorbtion should be worse than with White Rice.

    The Myth also states that the government purposely are advertising for the Brown Rice to be “more healthy” than White Rice just so that people Will buy Brown Rice instead and Therefor weaken the individuals immune system further.

    You can go find the original video on YouTube just type “the Brown Rice Myth”

    I would really love to see you making a video responding to this because i am in doubt of what to think but i hope you’d might have some Science to break down for us All ����

    Much love ❤️

  • Great ideas thanks for sharing. I personally prefer to use the grater for the cauliflower rice as it gives a different texture and doesn’t take that much longer.

  • Hello! Can you recreate whole foods portabella culiflower rice?? I’ve looked all over and cant find the recipe☹ I think it has sun dried tomatoes too.

  • Look so good, but only one thing the mexican spanish rice doesn’t have any cilantro!!! Never heard such a thing! Though I love the way you do the recipes!��������

  • If you didn’t come here to see cauliflower getting cooked in place of rice, then gtfo with your “add real rice!” comments and go watch a how-to about recipes with rice in it since that would clearly serve you better. Have a nice day.

  • They all look delicious. You just have to want to be in the kitchen and cook.. Most of us don’t have the time. But I’m guessing that we could make this and freeze it. Thank you. As usual, I love your shows.

  • Your video came at the perfect time as I have two cauliflower and wanted to make something different than pizza crust. Thank you so very much, all the dishes look delicious! I am so happy this video popped up.

  • I made cauliflower rice today. It was super easy to make which was awesome but I only added salt and soy sauce and some garlic and pre cooked chicken and it kinda sucked I mean tasted bad. So looking forward to checking these recipes out.

  • i made the stir fry version and it was DELICIOUS!! egh!! so good! i added rotisserie chicken to it as well and skipped the scallions but it was still so delicious!!! THANKS SO MUCH:D!!!!!

  • How ’bout wild rice (long, dark, slender grains that burst when you cook them and are nicely chewy) or Chinese black (“forbidden”) rice? These are good, have nutrients, and have a lower glycemic index. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • All white rice is hybrid GM pure starch hence why Asia have bone deficiency ONLY wild organic black rice is natural. Barley is hybrid grain zero nutrient replace with rye or spelt. Bulga is hybrid and zero protein. Beans are hybrid created in a laboratory created by man called wenlock. Quinoa is natural so got that one spot on. Cauliflower is the worst vegetable it strips body of iron being hybrid GM genetically modified along with. Broccoli…..butternut squash is the only squash that’s natural.
    Sprouts are hybrid GM zero vitamin pure starch that’s why you produce toxic gas.
    Replace broccoli with kale, zero nutrients.
    Pomegranate is hybrid, replace with sage for Alzheimer’s….
    Please do your research for truth. God bless with love & light <3 <3 <3

  • So you are saying that those chemicals sitting on you counter are better than rice which is natural? What about the steroid you are using before going to GYM? Is it better?

  • Thanks just started keto love mashing them so tasty didn’t expect it now with your recipes I believe we will do this Fein now.on thanks

  • So, the 10 second version, use the grater blade that came with your food processor you got as a wedding gift 30 yrs ago. Cool, good with that.

  • Damn everybody roasting this young lady for mo logical reason iam not even a people person and iam not patient neither but this lady was super cool to me and for the people who said she didnt give any recipes she actually did when she said add mixed vegetables to the rice never in my life have I seen so much under deserving comments in my life everybody I’m the comments saying she talks too much but how can a person talk too much In a 4:30 minute video that makes no sense neither I found the video very helpful

  • I have a question, maybe you already did a vid about it, what is the amount of carbs you can eat in a day on keto? is it a range or a determined number of grams? Will I get out of keto if I eat more than strictly the amount suggested?

  • This was great! I absolutely loved the different kinds of flavor you can make the nice guy dish. Look very flavorful pretty tasty and something that people on keto diet can have. Thank you very much wonderful

  • Hello Laura, I think I missed how long do you cook the rice with the lid on and then how long do you cook it after removing the lid of the frying pan? Also can it be cooked like Spanish rice with tomato sauce or does it not absorb it like regular rice? Keep up the good work and don’t let viewer’s negative comments bother you.

  • Please don’t let commenters discourage you from making more vids. I liked it and will definitely give cauliflower rice a go now. Thanks

  • OMG!!! This made me salivate! It’s such a good alternative for vegetarians/vegans as well! I mean rice is also for vegetarians, but I mean that it’s a healthier version & gives us more variety of things to eat! I’m so glad I found this video! Please make more recipes with cauliflower rice! I didn’t even know that existed until now! Great idea! Can’t wait to make my own soon!