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Broccoli Raab “Chips”. High-heat baking cooks away much of broccoli raab’s famously bitter edge. It also turns the leaves and skinny stalks into chip-like treats and adds a crispy edge to the small florets and thicker stalks. Chop broccoli rabe leaves and florets into 1” pieces and spread them on a baking sheet.

3. With your hands, massage oil and lemon juice into broccoli rabe. 4. Top broccoli rabe with pepper. 5. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

6. Remove tray from oven to flip the chips. The high heat renders the stems and florets tender while the leaves crisp around the edges, like kale chips but with a spicy broccoli bite. Make sure not to. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook broccoli rabe for 1 minute, then place into a bowl of ice water.

Drain and pat dry. In a medium skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Add garlic and cook. Roasted Broccoli Chips Roast those cuts of broccoli for longer than you may be used to, and find that you’ve just made a healthy crunchy snack even your kids won’t stop eating!

Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 25 mins. Ingredients. 2 cups broccoli leaves, torn from stems into bite-size (can substitute with any other dark greens) 1 teaspoon olive oil. 1 pinch of sea salt. 1 pinch brown sugar.

1 pinch of wasabi powder (optional) Tags: Broccoli. Vegetable. Don’t worry about any leftover leaves either, they’ll crisp up nicely, like broccoli-flavored kale chips. Broccolini is often referred to as baby broccoli, but it’s actually a natural hybrid between broccoli and Chinese broccoli. Meanwhile, trim off the ends of the broccoli rabe.

Sever all the stems from the crowns. Wash in abundant cold water. Use bagged broccoli rabe as is.

Add the kosher salt to the boiling water and 3 tablespoons olive oil, followed by the broccoli rabe. Return the water to a boil and cook over high heat until the greens are tender, 7–9 minutes. Tear broccoli leaves into chip sized pieces. Toss with a splash of olive oil, a sprinkling of salt & a generous sprinkling of granulated or powdered garlic. Spread seasoned leaves in single layers on dehydrator trays.

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Add the broccoli raab, season with salt and pepper, and cook, tossing, until crisp­tender, about 3 minutes.

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These chips, made with sunflower oil, are a tasty snack.

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We found there were three key steps to getting kale chips with the perfect crisp texture.

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The oxidative stability of tortilla chips fried in different oils (canola, corn, partially hydrogenated soy [(PHS]), partially hydrogenated canola (PHCAN), and LLCAN was determined by Hawrysh and others (1995) using sensory and chemical techniques.

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Add 2 cups diced mixed RED, ORANGE and YELLOW BELL PEPPERS, 1 cup coarsely crushed TORTILLA CHIPS, 11, cup shredded CHEDDAR CHEESE, and 1/2 cup minced GREEN ONION.

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Serve them with Spinach­Artichoke Dip (here) or Healthy Hummus (here).

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If you give the chips room for the air to circulate easily, they crisp up with dark brown edges and have a delicious crunchy texture.

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Fry them as chips and you have Fritos.

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Stir in melted 2 tablespoons butter, ³∕ teaspoon salt, 1 cup cheese, scallions, sour cream, half­and­half, mustard, and pepper to taste until well combined, then stir in broccoli.

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What about “regular” chips?

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  • Não conhecia esse tipo de brócolis. Deve ser delicioso. E dá para começar a colher rápido. Vou testar essa receita com rúcula. Abraços Siloé.

  • So, I’ve never had luck with this, starting early or not. It grows about 4″ tall and 1/8″ thick and starts to bolt. I recall pruning in the past (I think??) much like you would do with Basil, and got better results after but it’s never been anywhere close to thickness. I’m in Connecticut in Zone 5 Please help!!!

  • I notice you made no mention of thinning, which sounds good to me. Honestly when I thinned the carrots……I replanted some of them since I can’t stand the waste. It’s unfortunate YouTube won’t let me post a picture of the awesome carrot success from using the cornstarch goo you demonstrated. They are delicious!

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  • The sound quality if really low. Just letting you know. I can barely hear you with moderate household noise. Just letting you know to be helpful.

  • Those leaves look so much bigger than what I get at the grocery store. I’d love to try something other than Andy Boy and see if there is a noticeable difference in taste.

  • Thank you Laura! I just made the broccoli rabe the way you described along with barbeque hot sauage and Italian bread. My wife and daughter(who is a student at a culinary college) loved it. You are a joy to watch and learn from.Frank

  • That k you so much Laura. I love, love, love broccoli rib, but wanted to learn how to prepare it myself. You made it so simple and easy������

  • It Looks yummy-trying it tonight-Good Friday….I also have to remark on her wedding/engagement ring! OMG! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT AND THE COST???CURIOUS!

  • It is delicious. I grew some for the first time this year. I started seeds indoors early and put them outside in May. One week of warmer weather caused them to bolt. I ate them anyways. The tough stalks went to our chickesn and I cooked the washed and torn leaves in hot olive oil, chopped garlic, a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes. Added salt and pepper, squeezed lemon juice over it and added a tab of butter, to create a sauce. Toasted a few pine nuts to add in and added a few dashes of parmasian cheese. The leftovers I plan to add t cooked sweet italian sausage and cooked shell pasta. Devine

  • My nonna used to make me this as a kid. When I lived in italy I found the cime di rapa seeds and this is my first time growing it!