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The title in this article speaks for itself: genetics are everything. If you are someone who wishes to take your bodybuilding journey to the next level, this one is for you. Every single pro bodybuilder out there, whether you want to hear it or not, is a genetic elite. Bodybuilding takes alot of work.

Truly, if your genetics will allow it, you can become an IFBB pro with an incredible amount of dedication and perseverance (stress the incredible). I live in Canada and I’ve seen tons of huge Indian guys at my gym. Now, that said, most of these guys on the forum won’t become IFBB pro even though they have dedication to building their body.

He has the kind of genetic gifts and dedication to the craft that will take him far on his journey. Regan Grimes is a young man with limitless potential to achieve greatness. As was said before, the role of genetics can’t be denied in bodybuilding. You either have them or you don’t. In order to become an IFBB Pro, a bodybuilder must earn an IFBB Pro card.

In order to get the card, a bodybuilder has to win a regional contest weight class. This will earn them an invite into a national championship. Depending on the federation, if you win overall champion at the contest you will earn an IFBB Pro card. I think I can still gain 2 lbs of muscle a month Highly unlikely, even with the best genetics past the first few months. @jasmincar [quote=“jasmincar, post:38, topic:223023, full:true”] Instead of just starting to go to the gym and see where it takes him this guy asks an internet forum if he has the ‘‘genetics’’ to be an IFBB PRO or whatever the fuck is, that no ones give a shit. First of all the muscle mass necessary to become an IFBB pro is impossible to acquire because as naturals we simply don’t have the required amount of testosterone in our bodies.

Do I Have What It Takes to be an IFBB Pro? level in the first place, won’t even come near looking like Arnold. Sometimes you just get that perfect storm of everything you need: Genetics, Training and Nutrition, Posing, “Supplements”, the “right” line-up of competitors, even the fake tan but if you obsess about it all, even if. IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO® and the IFBB Professional League logo are registered trademarks owned by the IFBB Professional League. The IFBB Professional League logo cannot be altered in any way, shape or form without the expressed written approval of the IFBB Professional League. Now, if you have the genetics, you have done well in the local competitions, and you are prepared to do all it takes to become a pro, you have another struggle to face: How do you make a name for yourself, so that you get the all-important face time you need to get the callouts in the serious competitions?

Connections, connections, connections. Here’s EXACTLY, word for word, what it takes for anyone to turn pro: 1. Genetics 2. Busting your ass in the gym 3. Knowing how to eat alot of good food 4. Knowing what it means to “rest” 5. 12-15 YEARS of being consistant, and never missing a scheduled workout (*note: you are allowed to miss 2-3 workouts in that 12-15 years for funerals, family.

List of related literature:

But along with hard training and a good mental attitude, nutritional knowledge and excellence is the third factor that most determines success in bodybuilding.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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There’s no guarantee that anyone can become a world class bodybuilding or figure champion because not everyone has the same genetic potential.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
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The natural organizations have professional divisions within their organizations as well, so it is possible to be a professional natural bodybuilder and compete for prize money.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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One thing to keep in mind about genetics and bodybuilding is the power and influence of the mind.

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First and foremost, pro bodybuilders (or athletes in general) have better genetics than the rest of us.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
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Nor could everything be attributed to genetics, there were too many exceptions, too many bodybuilders like Franco Columbu who had succeeded despite enormous handicaps.

“Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder” by Samuel Wilson Fussell
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Having great genetics for a particular endeavour has a 2 step process for success.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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Jim Manion argued that “the NPC/IFBB graduation system… offers the competitor the logical progression of his or her bodybuilding career,” from NPC national championships to IFBB amateur universe to IFBB pro status.

“Mr. America: The Tragic History of a Bodybuilding Icon” by John D. Fair
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Along with environmental factors (training and diet), it is possible that elite athletes possess a ‘blueprint’ of genetic variants that permit them to succeed at the highest levels of competition.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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While competitors can win prize money in a professional bodybuilding competition, it is typically not enough to quit a day job, aside from a few top bodybuilders in the IFBB.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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  • Thanks for the video!!! first show I was 16 and weighed 175 lbs… thats from the pictures…. the footage is when I was 17, 185 lbs… started training at 15 and competed a year after! im grateful that I am still doing the same thing now as then… the more things change yet they stay the same!!! 2020 TIME TO WIN A PRO SHOW! Let’s Go!

  • there is more to muscular development then science has yet to reveal. A persons mindset transfers to his muscle growth in ways we do not understand.

  • They wouldn’t look like that without steroids that’s the point. Besides the outliers when bodybuilders stop using steroidsfor whatever reasons they all shrink and they look like average looking men who are fit.

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear most people lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Thanks for sharing your story I just got back into fitness training and was thinking of getting serious about body building…. Keeping Holding it Down for Texas!!! #Htown

  • 3:40 so true. And they don’t do it right. I mean their approach isn’t so advanced as it should be.
    And these guys lifted weights like long before 16 and did experiment with different approaches long before I guess. It doesn’t look like they started at 16. Genetics and right knowledge I think is a huge factor. And they’ve been consistent and had an adequate diet to look like that for sure.

  • His genetics set aside, his flexibility and athleticism is insane!! I would argue it’s more impressive than what his body looks like.

  • If you have to ask if you have those genetics after lifting for 2 years solid and you already done a cycle than you dont have those genetics.

  • Hey guy, I’m turning 17 and I’m 5’6. Doctor told me I’ll be 5’8 as an adult. I gained 20 pounds 5 months after lifting and bulking a bit. Any way in knowing if I got it if I’m moderately stacked and good insertions but not huge? Many thanks

  • In his early years, Antoine had a fantastic classic physique, like you might see in the old school guys like Steve Reeves, John Grimek and others. Thick, rugged and still limber and athletic. That he got this at 16 or 17 is verging on ridiculous. He was body goals at 17, WTF.

  • I have a friend that is really muscular and has tons of acne so im pretty shur acne and has nothing to do with how much muscle you can build

  • I’ve heard that myostatin story about Flex Wheeler being tested by Balco labs back before the big bust. Jerry My question that I believe blows that theory out of the water is why would Flex needed to have been on all the gear “steroids etc” that he admittedly used? If someone didn’t have any myostatin, they should be able to remain drug free and continue to pack on muscle!

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan program?

  • Swawn stomach big af in that pic. And only people with good genetics cab be a pro bb. plus classic not picking the best guys to win. Physique guys getting huge. 212 looking like best right now

  • Will it be okay to stack LGD with MK 677&2866 and GW?

    The cycle will be like this:
    MK677 10MG x 3
    MK2866 10MG x 2
    GW501516 10MG x 2
    LGD-4033 10MG x 2

  • Am I the only person who thinks Marc’s genetics really are nothing to really ride home about?…. everything about his physique screams he blasted trenbalone hard and now just maintains with a VERY generous HRT program….just a odd shape not appealing to the eye…. yet he always touts as if he is a extreme genetic specimen… idk man…

  • I am Natty Gymoholic and I am life time Natty and guess what I doing my own videos. Let me know what you think guys…… Stay Natty…

  • So many jealous haters here, WOW!!! Go get yourselves in the gym and put in half the time he has, then talk some smack!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was about to say he had just “good” genetics (and not “great” or Phil Heath/Ronnie Coleman/Flex Wheeler “amazing”) but then I saw the full-bellied calves and the legs that actually responded to training ok, you’ve made your point. On a side note, that’s what often separates good from great genetics severely lagging body parts. No racist, but straight facts most black guys have a good looking upper body by virtue of a few long muscle bellies (namely the combination of long biceps, full pecs, and an upper body that packs on muscle easily in response to training) but then you look downstairs and there’s just absolutely nothing going on. No matter how sculpture or comic book hero esque their muscle bellies look upstairs and no matter how much they develop them, they still only have “good” genetics because they just didn’t roll a high enough number when it came to wheels. Antoine won both dice rolls, and that, statistically speaking, is very rare; guys with good genes may be a dime a dozen, but guys with great genes are literally one in a million.

  • You wanna stay anabolic??? Do what fat people do who are 600lbs 800lbs eat all day staying in an anabolic growth do this you to will grow as fuk especially if u lift

  • The way Antoine speaks very openly and honestly about his drug problems without dwelling on them is also very interesting; he is an example of how you can beat your addictions if you want to, even if it takes a few failures along the way.

  • hi jerry iam 48 and been in the gym 3years now put on 4 st got shoulders for the first time in my life but I still have a loose bit of fat around my belly can you help many thanks Dave

  • I feel like I’m doing something wrong, i started training at 15, and by time i was 17 i looked very similar to Antoine when he was 17 I weighed 175, at 5’10, around 8-10% bf, but now at 24, I’m not much more impressive. I am natty and always have been and I know Antoine isn’t. But damn.

  • DUDE YOU HAVE SHORT MUSCLEBELLY in your bicep. Keep your arm and 4arm at 90 degrees and do the finger test. Anyone who makes their forearm touch their bicep will only be able to fit one finger dude.

  • Jerry your videos are great, but I think you should add some pictures as examples of what you’re speaking about. You have a pretty face and all, but I dont want to stare at it for the entire time you’re talking about highly visual topics. Thanks for taking the time to make well informed videos!

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  • If steroids never existed, they pros would still be pros, but just a little smaller. Genetics plays a HUGE role. Only morons chalk it up to steroid use. Ecto-mesomorph here.

  • Best genetics I don’t think so he has no legs and he’s on the drugs for nothing if he’s not going to prove himself on stage plenty of guys look like that

  • Got a burning question. Why isn’t it common practice to start pct before the end of a cycle? Wouldn’t your body be more saturated with the drug and therefore once the gear is out of your system you will recover quicker? I get that it won’t work until the excess androgens are out of your system, but your body will at least be saturated with pct drugs and therefore you cut out the loading phase?

  • Awesome video content, I’d be very interested if this became a series, tracking genetic freak progress from their teens to their adulthood is super interesting and riveting content

  • Im a pure mesomorph.. & i can tell you theres not many pure mesomorphs around… theres alot of ecto-meso & endo-meso but not pure meso… but regardless you still can look good..

  • Read this old man:::
    absolutely changes you permanently. AAS hormones bind to receptors and act on cells DNA. thats why steroids bring you beyond your “Genetic” capability, your altering your genetics. Thats a permanent change. 
    Also why guys like kevin levrone can quit training for 10 years and drop down to a 170 pound chub, and then come back at 250lbs on the olympia stage within 9 months. His genetics had been altered over years of AAS use.

    even the compounds themselves have a ‘genetic’ look to them that can happen. look at a guy that only runs testosterone cycles mainly over the years, he has a distinct look compared to the guy that runs mainly DHT based compounds or runs Tren primarily over the years.
    add in lots of HGH and Slin to this, and you got a whole other ‘look’ and genetic changes that can happen

  • Going through comments looks like found a bunch of morons who doesn’t know what bodybuilding is
    & talking about roids they were ruling from beginning from Olympic to football & other sports
    So stop talking shit & get a life

  • This is when you know you have great genetics..people tell you that u pack on muscle quickly.. Or it don’t matter how you choose to train coz you will still get results.& people in the gym screw there face at you distance themselves from u avoid eye contact coz you excel at a faster rate…now in body terms: packin muscle on without looking blocky & carrying mass with shape =bone structure.small joints insertion points & muscle Shape.

  • arnold when was 17 was not so like lee priest. its not only genetics. U need to work hard as Arnold did. More you work better you look. IF people got genetics than they do not need to train… like cow in youtube video changed genes.. lol

  • I want to know when he got on the sauce, like what age, cause im 5 months in and have alot of similarities to him when he was 16, im 19.

  • a couple more points is that some people don’t respond as well as others to steroids. Two people could take the same cycle of drugs, train the same way, eat the same way, yet one of them might gain 15-20 pounds, and the other might only gain 5-10 pounds. plus, some people can take whatever compounds they want, and have zero estrogenic side effects, others may have severe estrogenic side effects no matter what. Great points though!, I can’t stand when people say “oh that’s just steroids”, or “oh I could look like that if I did steroids” when that’s usually not the case.

  • 1.a good height
    2.short,ish torso with fairly long legs and arms, think coleman, dorian, haney, arnold, sergio…
    3.big ribcage
    4.wide clavicles
    5.narrow waist and hips
    6.small wrists, ankles, knees
    7. long muscle bellies aka more potential for size
    8. thin skin, think dorian yates metabolsim

  • Ur natural ability vs how to react to enhanced are two different worlds.. and the ladder is the determining factor
    .. I agree people that have god given great genetics enhanced or not have a huge edge and are amoungst the elite but the truly blessed in the sport are those who have prime genetics as far as how they react to the drugs and simply muscle insertions.. I’d go as far to say that insertions are the most influencing of all these attributes.. aka dex, flex, kev, phil.. biggest example of someone like this would be a Kevin or a flex

  • I was hoping you could do a video on prolactin and cabergoline. High prolactin symptoms, lab ranges, caber dosages etc…thanks. My blood level just came back at 35.

  • Genetics and bodybuilding is the biggest load of horse shit there is. The real issue is how much dope is a guy willing to take. Anybody at all, who takes enough of the right kinds of man dope, and other shit, and works out a little, will build a body like a huge competitive bodybuilder. The idea of genetics is bullshit. Look at what happens to these circus side show freak bags of blot clots and scar tissue, when they go off their shit. Every time they take a dump, they crap away muscle mass, and within months they either look all bloated, and effeminate, or like they are a person who never worked out. If genetics plays any role at all, it is the genetic propensity, to take as much dangerous shit as necessary to achieve a look. Many big bodybuilders were kids who got their ass cheeks duct taped, and were stuffed into a locker in the school gym locker room, when they wuz kids. Then they go get some shit, swell up, oil up, and run around in their skivies, telling everybody who will listen that they are genetically superior. They are genetically superior beta males.

  • My Q to Lee: my balls are hanging much lower than my dick. Could it be my balls got better genetics than my dick? I used to be a football player, but i quit cause my balls where too big to fit in my footballdress.

  • Hey Sam could you ask Lee how important Flexibility and stretching was for him when it came to building muscle and recovery. Cheers

  • didnt coleman do powerlifting and college football before bodybuilding…. he definitely lifted weights before the owner of that texas gym saw him and gave him a free membership if he competed just because he did look like a champ already.

  • Ive heard this myostatin theory about flex several times…and i really dont see where its coming from. flex has never been the biggest guy on stage. In my opinion he never topped his physique from before his horrible car accident after the arnold. And as for the part of the theory that states muscle is packed on fast,i didnt see that happening for him during his comeback. I know he is in his fifties now,but i think that much of a gene-mutation or lack of certain gene would still be showing regardless of age. of course im talking out of my ass here. but this is just my logic.

  • Been following him forever I’m just glad he came back and is making really good content. Seems like a real bro kinda guy, chill, smartass, down to earth and real. Hope he makes it, I really really do!

  • This is a far better article. With none of the brosience.

  • Derrick? Antoine I follow him and he Gains about 50lb. From his contest and he still fucken look insane with abs most guys they look like shit! Myself included!! Lol

  • Awesome video and great Content as usual. Keep it up!
    We should do a Colab when you come to South Africa. Check out my content:

  • I gain fat easy, struggle to lose it. Struggle to gain muscle, always keep losing it when I try to lose weight. I have crap abs. I get so many stretch marks and spots. My muscle bellies are very short, so I don’t have that 3D illusion. My waist gone big. I’d say my genetics are crap

  • but why he got addicted? its doesn’t make sense? he was good i mean he could’ve done a lot of good things if he didn’t get addicted to drinking or whatever it was! i hope he win pro shows and good stuff

  • No he didnt larry scot took roids to push him beyond his genetic potential!! Old idiot you ever see larry and sergio before they took steroids! They looked like shitttttttt just like kevin balone

  • I’m metabolism is fast as well thankfully as i can lose weight quick if I don’t eat well for two consecutive days ���� which is not good but many struggle to lose weight so yeah

  • I have verry good genetics. Everything on the list means i have good genetics. And when I workout for 3 weeks I put on 10 LBS of muscle
    And I can gain fat easily and get rit of it faster then putting it on.

  • I’m only a little over a year and I’ve absolutely blown up now as long as I don’t respond terrible to a cycle I’m more confident to go on the road to the Mr O

  • Arnold injected them with fake steroids!! You dork! That’s why they looked like shit… Colman was in good steroids… no fakes ������

  • I just see alot of people going into these videos to badmouth via comments the person on there about how they use other equipment to work out that’s generally meant for another body part/etc. (shoot, if it there and can be safely used for lifting, what’s the problem?)…or make fun of their physique. Grow up. He’s right about mostly everything he said and never said he had the best physique. For the skin comments… lookthere is such a thing as bad genetics for skin. Now, how it affects the appearance of the muscles and definition… wasn’t addressed enoughI grant you. For instance, tanning or having a darker complexion usually helps. In this instance, being very fair skinned may not work as well (can’t tan easily)… or too many freckles, depending on circumstances, it can sometimes diminish or enhance the appearance. Are those necessarily bad traits in general? no. For the purpose of body building or showing definition? sure, it can be. My opinion, it was somewhat correct in some areas, but a bit bro-science because not enough explanation/biology, that’s all. So the 1,2,3 finger test for the bicep was a nice touch and accurate, but you need to explain further and show how it affects the tricep connection at or behind the delt or how it affects the legs. explain it more in the reasoning as to the tendon connections and how it affects the peak vs a long head appearance, which could be good or bad depending on what the person wants. For the Body types, explain how they can differ the appearance in general.

  • Bullshit. Remove the drugs and these guys are half the size. You’re not going on the stage shredded to the bone at 225 pounds + without the sauce. To get vascular, to get dry, and shredded naturally, you’re exceptional if you can compete over 185. The simple fact that the size wouldn’t be there, and there are guys 5’5 walking on stage at 250 like a lee priest, let you know it’s all the drugs.

  • Steroids do not make a Bodybuilding Champion, but there are no Bodybuilding Champions without Steroids. This guy is so full of sh*t, Flex, Ronnie and all the bodybuilders take large amounts of Steroids, HGH and a multitude of other drugs to compete as a Pro Bodybuilder.

  • Alright, I knew that some people would comment “broscience” and that some people would dislike the video without explaining the reason behind the dislike. If you don’t meet any of the criteria’s above that means that you haven’t unleashed your real potential yet. 8 years ago when I started bodybuilding I was only meeting one of those criteria’s (lose fat easy). So please, do not comment “broscience” without backing up your comment and do not dislike the video without giving real reasons. Every week I am trying to improve my content so if you don’t like something just comment below and I will appreciate it a lot. For those who support me every single week, thank you! Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you’re new for weekly new videos and add me on snapchat for questions and to see my meals @XeniosC

  • I would say genetics only plays a small part in so far as the muscle shape and insertion
    But most of it comes to will of you look at arnold or samir when they were young or louie they looked like nerds keep in mind most of then lifted at the age of 13 so doing weight from that age with a strong will would create a champion

  • @ 2:01 Hmm… The general rule about proportions and symmetry and all things-esthetics is that your calves should be the same size as your arms. Those aren’t 21″ calves. MAYBE 14″.

  • i wonder what celebrity would come to immokalee gym sports complex lol but u only get 1hr allowed at the gym cuz of damn covid mann… u gotta book.. a reservation online though… shit got bitchy..

  • He cudnt stand on stage with Phil heath, big ramy ect he just hasn’t got enough size, he doesn’t have that mass monster look!!people like Phil heath, big ramy, ronnie coleman, Jay cutler, Dorian Yates, Markus ruhl were far superior and had much better genetics then this guy, he just hasn’t got the huge size like the other guys have

  • Why always black people? No hate i just wonder why all bodybuilders are black. Last good white Bodybuilder was jay cutler 10 years ago

  • I gave up on bodybuilding yrs ago. My arms always look great, they grow just “looking” at a set of dumbells, my back is good too. Everything else looks like shit.

  • Your channel has some of the greatest gold of bodybuilding resources. I know you said to look up to the gifted ones for inspiration and motivation, but personally this doesn’t motivate me at all. The fact that I will never reach half of these guys even with twice their effort just puts me down more. Maybe it’s just my common sense telling me to look for a better investment of my time or I’m just petty. But really, wanting to do something and being told by the universe that I’m better off doing something else just sucks.

  • I’m really surprised he only eats 2300 cals a day during his prep. Wonder how many calories he consumes in the off season? The refeeds are absolutely essential when calories are that low with that amount or tissue. Great genetics. I’m excited for his future and to see how far he goes.

  • Hi Lee, do I have good genetics? I weigh 66lbs, I have 66 inch biceps and a 66 inch waist. I’m also at 5% bodyfat. But my left quad is 35cm smaller than my right one. Can I send you picture of my penis and balls and maybe you can rectify the problem? Cheers big Lee

  • Why would you even bother drinking a diet coke?? You spend all this energy trying to build this physique and then dump garbage in to it?? Aspartame is poison.

  • not genetics,steroids.all you steroid users are so addicted,you can never stop on your own.the sickest people on you tube are all these steroid users in denial

  • I’ve always thought no one could compete with Simeon panda when it comes down to classic muscular physique.. well frankly, Patrick Moore is there, but he needs a little bit of work to compete with Simeon, cus panda is well conditioned.

  • Just compare the physiques of IFBB pros versus a natural competition and you will see how much of a difference the drugs make. They are all dedicated and work hard, eat good and take supplements, but look at the end result.

  • Why the hell you use wide angle lend and shove it up to subjects face a bit lower angle why don’t you hold it like news reporters hold

  • This explains exactly what is meant about alien genetics! These idiots that think anyone can take lots of steroids, train and eat and anyone can look like these genetic freaks are totally clueless!!

  • Also add in the calories, it take to walk, drive, concentrate, smile, talk, going to the bath room, wiping your arse and personal hygiene

  • Not going to lie I assumed this Outright bar would be like all the other protein bars on the market. Anyway I tried it and was really blown away. It was more like a cookie than a bar.

  • The only thing that didn’t make sense here was the skin part lol, like sometimes if you benching on sweaty bench you can get like rashs

  • As for genetics I believe I have good ones I’ve not touch steroids in 3-4 years and I haven’t trained for over a year due to family problems yet I’m still rather solid not in great shape but like I say still solid in places my triceps are still in good shape as soon as I start lifting weights its noticable

  • While I do believe genetics are crazy. I think it’s more for his work ethic. If everyone in the sport actually got educated with substances, with the physiology, science, diet, and they implemented an insanely hard working program that used every possible perfect outcome then we’d have a hell of a lot more guys like Antoine. He’s a badass dude and his genetics are nuts. I don’t believe is 0.00001 though. I guarantee it’s a lot higher if people actually knew what the fuck they were doing rather than blasting all day and using synthol and eating shit, garbage and being idiots.

  • It takes steroids, zero strength and a whole lotta pointless flexing! Bodybuilding and Crossfit are different sides of the same coin…They both give a bad name to fitness and make people forget that the point of exercising is to look good and healthy. Not just about the shows, the money and the drugs, but for the sake of being strong and athletic! But unfortunately these days is all about the money and the industrial success…They don’t care about looking strong and actually being strong. And that’s why I prefer calisthenics, gymnastics and powerlifting. Because they require effort, physical and mental strength and above all, discipline! Just taking drugs and posing won’t make up for the lack of actual strength. Compare a bodybuilder to a gymnast and you’ll see which one is actually strong.

  • Maaaaan fuck this bullshit youdo t know nothing about your genetics unless you are at least 95kg and 4% bodyfat for fuck sake the amount of hard work you should put in to make genetics work is insane i mean the only place genetics are most important are the 1st place of mr olympia and 2nd place if you know what i mean for fuck sake this guy is dumb as fuck who thinks he has a point hard work crazy good diet to look ripped dry as fuck and a really good cycle enough mass this is what matters not genetics only i mean look at the gift phil heath shitty back

  • “and you may not” lol
    Any suggestions for someone looking a supplement that’s more overall health/endurance thats not gonna hit the wallet to hard on a monthly basis?

  • OMFG like every pro athlete uses anabolics, all this roid talk for bodybuilders is pointless, just because it’s more obvious on bodybuilders doesn’t mean they are the only ones taking them….olympic athletes, soccer players, even cyclists who look skinny as hell, they all do roids. check lance armstrong lol, he didnt look like a roided up freak, right? We either convince people from all sport to stop doing steroids, or at least do them openly if that’s the standard./////

  • Disagree to a point..I feel drugs are 85% of it..some guys are drug build..and it’s kinda true if u take same guys without drugs the same guy would win..I dont kniw maybe..but as a guy who’s used gear I can tell u dont listen to they not that way bc of drugs bc its bs and it’s not true..drugs is everything..I ate like shit trained 2 maybe 3 times a week and not hard I tell u..and I got huge hard and jacked..went from 130 to 175lbs in 10 weeks..and I used 500mg test..400mg deca…and I missed taking shots when I should have at times lol..its drugs trust me..tge reason they tell u it’s not is bc thst dint think anyone has used them and I have

  • I hate when these guys try to downplay steroids first of all an ectomorph could eat a truck load of food and they have trouble gaining muscle mass that’s first of all second of all you take any championship bodybuilder and you minus the steroids I don’t care how great the genetics is they will never ever be in that spot without the drugs so even if they have the greatest genetics Let me see any naturally genetically gifted bodybuilder get up in the ranks and even get close to any Champion without the use of steroids it will never happen yes genetics is a factor but you minus the steroid part you won’t get far at all, Arnold would not be Arnold without steroids he would just be another bodybuilder without any great features his waist was thick his legs lack the size even with steroids…

  • Genetics in BB mainly mean response to AAS, the other stuff also matters depending in what division you compete
    but remember iffb pros run gear upto 10g per week and maybe even more

  • He didn’t touch on the fact that all those guys, Ronnie, Jay, Flex, Kai etc… (apart from when he talked about small biceps length!)… are all short arses and have smaller/shorter limbs than average height guys lol…. that is obviously a factor!

  • I’ve worked hard and lost 175lbs but now I’m not giving up. I was doing keto to lose the weight with a mix of cardio and weights. Now I’m trying to put on some gains but have been having trouble building up the muscle….. Motivation to get a better plan and stick to it.

  • I don’t work out and I’m bigger than most. I’m 5’9 and 210. Oh and I’m half Italian and American. I’ve always been muscular even as a child.

  • SAD when PEOPLE who never really trained dont know the difference between The LOYAL N UNLOYAL gaines in the industry of bodybuilding SMFH STAY typing my friends lolol

  • Decided to buy pre-work out and some protein shake instead of getting a new pc monitor. First thing I bought that isn’t tech in a while but I’m tired of looking like a stick

  • We need more Francis in these vids mate. I reckon this bloke is a huge cult figure in the making.

    Sam, get this young bodybuilder in front of the camera!!

  • I was with you till you said larry scott had bad genetics! His arms and shoulder to waist ratios were crazy!! I have sort of the same type of build to some degree and i have great genetics!

  • Dude your genetics are 100 times better then me you have nothing to complain about imagine working out for 5 years and dieting your ass off just to look the same I don’t remember the last time I got to eat something I enjoyed because if I do I wake up the next day bloated

  • I’m 18 and wanna be a personal trainer maybe physical therapist but I realized that I love bodybuilding and what it’s brought me but there’s no way in hell im gonna win a contest at pro level hell no that’s why I want to train these guys because that’s what I could do you can also have the heart but you might not have he body

  • I know a guy who just loves to train. He doesnt compete and wont. He’s 27 inches wide his back is freaky details lines just crazy. He is 25 now and weighs 270 ans BF idk lean I don’t believe in the numbers people say like “5%” give me break not even close to 7 or 6

  • So I was born an ectomorph type, lean and thin my whole life. Then at 16 years old (58kg), 6ft tall I started training 5 days a week and eating 3-4000 calories a day. 2 years later I hit 83kg. Still relatively lean. Obviously I had gained some fat as that’s part of the game. But I mostly had made muscle gains. I have naturally narrow waist with a medium shoulder frame size, short bicep tendons, but long calvs, huge pectoral insertions, and low lat insertions. Based off this information, and the fact that I will keep training as long as I can. Would I make a good bodybuilder one day? Or should i focus on other endeavours. At the moment it’s just a passion and a hobby. But I always think in the back of my mind whether I should eventually when I’m in my mid 20s step up and start competing.

  • Jerry Brainum? You’re absolutely knowledgeable and phenomenal. Thank you for the valuable information in regards to genetics and use of steroids. Generation Iron, thank you for the great content. EDIT: Jerry, if you’re reading this, please get  more active on your YouTube channel if that’s not too much to ask for. So much knowledge in one channel, it’s overwhelming.

  • I’ve seen some genetics freaks… In my case a 13 year old classmate at school… His back was so wide twice as mine and his midsection was very small…. Talk about genetics… He was twice the size of the entire school at such an age and he didn’t do any sports he was a geeky guy… If he trained early and peaked at 20-25 then introduced steroids he would be Mr Olympia material… Totally agree to genetics topic making a champion

  • Marc is 100% right. Go stand next to the pros and you’ll realize very quickly you are extremely naive about your own genetics. Ive met Ronnie,Jay,Dex,Phil,the list goes on and they are in another world,truly.

  • I can’t agree with statement about Ronnie Coleman super genetics. I’ve just watched 97 Germany grand prix where he placed 5 and he didn’t look that great. Next year however after super cocktail of drugs he won Mr olympia. i suppose you can say that his genetic was superior in regards to response to high amount of drugs. But there again in later years his mid section was absolutely awful and he should not win as many olympia titles.
    I’m not anti steroids by the way.

  • This is bullshit there is nothing impressive he is on roids he better look like this wack is all I can say where the real natural body builders like me subscribe to a real person who trains

  • What a load of shit, genetics go so far, as does training, genetics+ training+growth hormone… And then training intellectuality.

  • Ahem, genetics don’t matter just love your body sure you might have to work harder but there’s no video that’s gonna give you a super great exercise that helps you lose 20 pounds a week nah the only way to get what you want is to actually push yourself.

  • Without the right genetics, even with the most potent chemicals, one’s body will never achieve that symmetry and size and the roundness.

    Those who think that steroid alone can do miracle are talking crap! Whose who think that without steroid one can become a Mr. Universe are silly!

    Genetics is the most important factor in physical building. Steroid comes second.

  • What the fuck, last time I clicked your channel was a few years ago when SARMs first blew up on the internet and now you’re like 3x the size you were then.

  • I’m sorry but this is an exaggeration of fact. The amount of food and time needed in the gym there’s no way that illegal supplements aren’t a factor. I know anatomy and different terms as shown. The common sense is easy to determine.

  • In my experience I found that a lot of novice lifters and even people who have been lifting for years and haven’t made much progress don’t like to accept the fact that genetics play a huge role in their shape and physique. They still want to hold on to the hope that if they keep training long enough that they will eventually look like the guys that they look up to or aspire to look like. In the end I feel like these types of lifters are only hurting themselves because they would be better off accepting that they may not have the genetics to look the way they want and working with their body type and the genetics they have been given to build the best physique possible for themselves instead of looking at the freaks out there and believing in time they can reach that if they keep doing what they are doing. I have a buddy that has been cycling for years now and runs a good amount of Test and Tren and does not look like he has ever touched a steroid and he is always telling me he can’t wait till his body responds to the steroids the way he wants them too and he can finally have the physique he wants. It’s so sad because no matter how much I explain to him that he just doesn’t have the genetics or structure to look like the guys he is trying to emulate, he just can’t accept it. Years of gear and lifting and he still looks like crap and still believes someday he will look like a legit bodybuilder. I guess staying in denial gives him a reason to keep working out and taking steroids which I think is the case for a lot of guys out there.

  • keyword testosterone high levels and trenbolone estrogen blocker and gyno blockers. Out of curiosity why do people think just cause have a skinny build doesn’t mean you are natural cyclist also use steroids

  • Interesting. Re genetics: Our muscle types just like the rest of our body are governed by the rule of 3 (Short, long, short), grid of 9 (Round, squared & pointed). This is how many Human Archetype breeds of the Human Race there were originally before we all became hybrids with different percentages of the archetypes. As such, to reach your full potential you must eat & train to your dominant breed type/s. This has been forgotten / suppressed in favour of BS ‘race theory’. Simple example. If you’re trying to get triangle / pointed traps & you are Equatorial (Short or long round) or Middle Earth (short or long square) Archetype dominant then you ain’t going to get them as pointed features are distinctly from the Northern Archetype breeds (Short & long pointed). This reality is the same from your head to your toes. Dave N. Human Archetype Breed Specialist Australia.

  • hey my dad was a professional wrestler does that mean i have good genetic i am 6 foot 6 and weight 215-220 lbs this is the best photo i have we are not aloud cameras were im at

  • Another thing to consider is how an individual responds to drugs.  Look at Kevin Levrone.  He could go from average looking guy to top Olympia competitor in record time.

  • If you don’t think every single IFBB pro isn’t taking steroids than your lost in the sauce lol of course genetics is what separates the regular from the best but from top to bottom men and women every single IFBB pro is INDEED using steroids

  • Y’all stop hating on homies legs. His quads could still squat you, your girl, and your dog so stop picking apart this one video and actually listen and learn

  • Losing fat easily would be a terrible gene if we lived back when humans were still in savanahs of africa,this is bad because fat is a good thing it actually saves food for later and times you wouldn’t have anything to eat so by losing it easily you lose a advantage in survival.

  • Thanks for the video, good job and good content. I wonder if he’s also dabbling in a little cite enhancement as well, his delts look a little over the top and smooth when looking at his other body parts

  • Yeah look at pics of Kevin Leverone when wasn’t on gear, doesn’t look like he has genetics to even compete in a natural bodybuilding contest in the50’s lol, put him on gear and boom top Olympia competitor. Tired of steroid users always saying it’s not the gear it’s genetics, or it’s the food. Bull shit, they can’t just say it’s the steroids. They live in denial. Well if you’re genetics are so great and can get shredded on 5000 calories why aren’t you a top contender in the Olympia? If your genetics are so great then do it natural, if your genetics are so great then why use TRT? Oh got problems getting it up stud? ������

  • i dont believe that that guy weights 104kg with 16%bf and 5’10 height. that means his contest weight is about 90kg and if he really were 90kg contest weight at 18 he wouldnt ask such dumb questions. people just dont achieve 90kg contest weight when theyre 18 with that height if they have no knowledge.

  • Bro let me break to you. Back in those days all the kids walked into GNC and got legal prohormones. Antoine vaillant was using since day 1

  • trust me if you are not “geneticly” it doesn’t matter as long as u have good genetic that make u born with both hands legs and other bodypart and organs also normal mental then you can take steroid. then steroid will change ur genetic with that fucking chemical to mutant. that’s what genetic is for my opinion.

  • This guy has a great build, but like so many other top pros and amateurs…… he’s fucking up his physique with Synthol. It’s so obvious that he’s site-injecting his delts and arms, and quite possibly his forearms. His biceps look odd when he’s doing dumbbell curls.

  • Wow, Antoine was also one of the top guys I grew up with.. along with Rocky, Rambo and the terminator:D In all honesty he was and still is a huge inspiration.

  • You have it all wrong, people don’t mean these guys are all drugs, they mean the size obtained by them is mainly from the drugs

    Yes the top guys naturally might get pretty big, but there’s a difference from being 220lbs a bit soft vs 300lbs with abs

  • I’ve always been told I look like a football player and that I have a solid set of genetics for muscle build, without ever working out.
    I think it’s time to become consistent and see what happens.
    I Quickly build muscle. I can gain and lose fat within days.
    So let’s see. ��

  • Your delts were looking flat for a few days of vids (compared to prior), they are now rebounding. Was it diet, cycle, different focus,or just a break related?

    Great channel and perspectives

  • Im 15 I dont train and my bicep is 35cm big I also have acne but just a few I got a pretty clear skin and I got a 2-3 finger biceps and im a metomorph so do I have good genes

  • I have most of the markers for good genetics even my my calves go down to my ankles and my biceps to the elbow. The problem i have is holding on to the muscle being natural is hard as you will lose muscle as cutting is easy on steroids.

  • Thats the state our sport is in where guys want to be 260lbs at 15% bodyfat instead of 230 at 5-8% bodyfat. Bloated bellys and blocky structures is all I see, and my last show I came on stage with a 31″waist and some guys where around 35″waists and they placed higher even though my arms and legs where comparible in size to them. I finished 6th and was told I had to come in heavier next time. So demoralizing

  • Dude your 5-8” ish with tiny legs. You weren’t that gifted,, and if you think you have great genetics then start competing for state then nationals

  • Every bodybuilder pumping iron in the gym looks freaking awesome when not being compared to other athletes or in a bodybuilding lineup….also I noticed his quads didn’t get as much camera time as his upper…calves also underdeveloped…in another few years he may win an amateur show to turn pro with some hard lower body work

  • I see your point with larry scott, but in modern bodybuilding that would not fly, no way he would win top competitions. But I do admit he has amazing arms wow.

  • I literally have the worst genetics ever for working out I cannot lose fat easy I cannot build muscle easy even though I work out 5/6 days a week. I also cannot gain a lot of weight. only good genetics I have are my calves those are kind of big

  • When I started lifting at 135lbs. My diet was vegan based at the time. So I decided to switch things up and start eating meat again, and after 2 3 years I put on 20lbs of muscle. All natural too. So does that mean I have good genetics?

  • Honestly bro, you may use Supplements or roids. Doesn’t matter. But just gotta work hard its no magic…
    You got my sport bro…

  • hes got zero upper pecs..skinny forrarms….flat lats…no mid ttraps…no back….no great quads or hams or calves and hes not that wide…..apart from that….grrat

  • @Sam’s Fitness Gym Equipment

    Sam, I think this is a good question for Lee. Firstly, I’ll pay my due respects to the legend. Big fan always have been, fucked his face up with the tats but eh, each to their own! doesn’t change who you are and I think your a Boss! Alwyas have been a guy who likes to cut the crap just like the Priest!

    I noticed in the Good Genetics for bodybuilding video posted here that Lee says “thats why your not making gains, because you’re overtraining” however the likes of CT fletcher and Mike Rashid quash that ideology, they train arms multiple times a week and, as you may have seen, they have some awesome arms. whats you’re opinion on this and despite the genetics arguement whhy would you suppose, despite your opinion, they are such advocates for “overtraining” and the such like “penitentiary workouts”and the results have followed?

    Or a shorter question

    Why do penitentiary workouts that involve “overtraining” so effective for the guys that go in as string beans and come out huge as hell? despite the crappy canteen nutrition.

     much love from the UK!


  • You can say you have the greatest genetic all you want, and yeah that’s probly true, but guess what you didn’t do anything with it and that’s what separates the chumps from the champs, you never competed in an Arnold classic, never competed in a Mr.O and you never won and IFBB pro show. So as far as I’m concerned your just another gym goer with a bit more muscle.

  • Hey old fool! The reason phil wins because his genetic stack of pharma steroids! Are better than the rest of the other bodybuilders genetic stack of shitty vet steroids dip shit

  • aesome natty man,congrats.Takes alot of hard work…EDIT…..calves mate,cmon….im 6,3 30 inch waiste massive shoulders,poorest calve genetics possible..

  • He seems a little cranky but it’s true. Send a pic. However, you should know if you have great genetics. You grow every time you train. I don’t need to ask Lee if I have good genes. I know I have a gene cesspool, but I love to lift. That’s what matters.

  • Ask Lee if m’lord Janoy Cresnovia has genetics to be semi-pro at least soon…he’s almost given up bodybuilding and going to powerlift. Need to stop this nonsense and give him hope to continue his semi-pro bodybuilding journey.

  • How come some idiots like CT say overtraining is a myth when Lee tell this guy he overtrains his arms. Lee tell the truths even when it sucks!!

  • What a bunch of bs, gear is like magic,, puts muscle on anything, just doesnt change muscle insertions,, these pros would look like shit if it werent for juice

  • Then there was me at 20. Didn’t even have to shave. Our drill sgts made fun of us but I tell you what we may have had it easier than the Bushmen.

  • Im 16 weighing about 160 pounds, i dont have much muscel but i think my strenght is pretty good i trained randomly for 2 years and my max deadlift rn is 185kg or sum around 410 pounds which i think is pretty ok for traning randomly

  • Had to pause the video real quick.
    Looking forward to snagging a picture with you at the Arnold Classic again Marc.
    Hustling those Outright bars while we stand in line haha.