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The title in this article speaks for itself: genetics are everything. If you are someone who wishes to take your bodybuilding journey to the next level, this one is for you. Every single pro bodybuilder out there, whether you want to hear it or not, is a genetic elite. Bodybuilding takes alot of work.

Truly, if your genetics will allow it, you can become an IFBB pro with an incredible amount of dedication and perseverance (stress the incredible). I live in Canada and I’ve seen tons of huge Indian guys at my gym. Now, that said, most of these guys on the forum won’t become IFBB pro even though they have dedication to building their body.

He has the kind of genetic gifts and dedication to the craft that will take him far on his journey. Regan Grimes is a young man with limitless potential to achieve greatness. As was said before, the role of genetics can’t be denied in bodybuilding. You either have them or you don’t. In order to become an IFBB Pro, a bodybuilder must earn an IFBB Pro card.

In order to get the card, a bodybuilder has to win a regional contest weight class. This will earn them an invite into a national championship. Depending on the federation, if you win overall champion at the contest you will earn an IFBB Pro card. I think I can still gain 2 lbs of muscle a month Highly unlikely, even with the best genetics past the first few months. @jasmincar [quote=“jasmincar, post:38, topic:223023, full:true”] Instead of just starting to go to the gym and see where it takes him this guy asks an internet forum if he has the ‘‘genetics’’ to be an IFBB PRO or whatever the fuck is, that no ones give a shit. First of all the muscle mass necessary to become an IFBB pro is impossible to acquire because as naturals we simply don’t have the required amount of testosterone in our bodies.

Do I Have What It Takes to be an IFBB Pro? level in the first place, won’t even come near looking like Arnold. Sometimes you just get that perfect storm of everything you need: Genetics, Training and Nutrition, Posing, “Supplements”, the “right” line-up of competitors, even the fake tan but if you obsess about it all, even if. IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO® and the IFBB Professional League logo are registered trademarks owned by the IFBB Professional League. The IFBB Professional League logo cannot be altered in any way, shape or form without the expressed written approval of the IFBB Professional League. Now, if you have the genetics, you have done well in the local competitions, and you are prepared to do all it takes to become a pro, you have another struggle to face: How do you make a name for yourself, so that you get the all-important face time you need to get the callouts in the serious competitions?

Connections, connections, connections. Here’s EXACTLY, word for word, what it takes for anyone to turn pro: 1. Genetics 2. Busting your ass in the gym 3. Knowing how to eat alot of good food 4. Knowing what it means to “rest” 5. 12-15 YEARS of being consistant, and never missing a scheduled workout (*note: you are allowed to miss 2-3 workouts in that 12-15 years for funerals, family.

List of related literature:

But along with hard training and a good mental attitude, nutritional knowledge and excellence is the third factor that most determines success in bodybuilding.

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There’s no guarantee that anyone can become a world class bodybuilding or figure champion because not everyone has the same genetic potential.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
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The natural organizations have professional divisions within their organizations as well, so it is possible to be a professional natural bodybuilder and compete for prize money.

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One thing to keep in mind about genetics and bodybuilding is the power and influence of the mind.

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First and foremost, pro bodybuilders (or athletes in general) have better genetics than the rest of us.

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Nor could everything be attributed to genetics, there were too many exceptions, too many bodybuilders like Franco Columbu who had succeeded despite enormous handicaps.

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Having great genetics for a particular endeavour has a 2 step process for success.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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Jim Manion argued that “the NPC/IFBB graduation system… offers the competitor the logical progression of his or her bodybuilding career,” from NPC national championships to IFBB amateur universe to IFBB pro status.

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Along with environmental factors (training and diet), it is possible that elite athletes possess a ‘blueprint’ of genetic variants that permit them to succeed at the highest levels of competition.

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While competitors can win prize money in a professional bodybuilding competition, it is typically not enough to quit a day job, aside from a few top bodybuilders in the IFBB.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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  • Thanks for the video!!! first show I was 16 and weighed 175 lbs… thats from the pictures…. the footage is when I was 17, 185 lbs… started training at 15 and competed a year after! im grateful that I am still doing the same thing now as then… the more things change yet they stay the same!!! 2020 TIME TO WIN A PRO SHOW! Let’s Go!

  • there is more to muscular development then science has yet to reveal. A persons mindset transfers to his muscle growth in ways we do not understand.

  • They wouldn’t look like that without steroids that’s the point. Besides the outliers when bodybuilders stop using steroidsfor whatever reasons they all shrink and they look like average looking men who are fit.

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear most people lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Thanks for sharing your story I just got back into fitness training and was thinking of getting serious about body building…. Keeping Holding it Down for Texas!!! #Htown

  • 3:40 so true. And they don’t do it right. I mean their approach isn’t so advanced as it should be.
    And these guys lifted weights like long before 16 and did experiment with different approaches long before I guess. It doesn’t look like they started at 16. Genetics and right knowledge I think is a huge factor. And they’ve been consistent and had an adequate diet to look like that for sure.

  • His genetics set aside, his flexibility and athleticism is insane!! I would argue it’s more impressive than what his body looks like.

  • If you have to ask if you have those genetics after lifting for 2 years solid and you already done a cycle than you dont have those genetics.

  • Hey guy, I’m turning 17 and I’m 5’6. Doctor told me I’ll be 5’8 as an adult. I gained 20 pounds 5 months after lifting and bulking a bit. Any way in knowing if I got it if I’m moderately stacked and good insertions but not huge? Many thanks

  • In his early years, Antoine had a fantastic classic physique, like you might see in the old school guys like Steve Reeves, John Grimek and others. Thick, rugged and still limber and athletic. That he got this at 16 or 17 is verging on ridiculous. He was body goals at 17, WTF.

  • I have a friend that is really muscular and has tons of acne so im pretty shur acne and has nothing to do with how much muscle you can build

  • I’ve heard that myostatin story about Flex Wheeler being tested by Balco labs back before the big bust. Jerry My question that I believe blows that theory out of the water is why would Flex needed to have been on all the gear “steroids etc” that he admittedly used? If someone didn’t have any myostatin, they should be able to remain drug free and continue to pack on muscle!

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan program?

  • Swawn stomach big af in that pic. And only people with good genetics cab be a pro bb. plus classic not picking the best guys to win. Physique guys getting huge. 212 looking like best right now

  • Will it be okay to stack LGD with MK 677&2866 and GW?

    The cycle will be like this:
    MK677 10MG x 3
    MK2866 10MG x 2
    GW501516 10MG x 2
    LGD-4033 10MG x 2

  • Am I the only person who thinks Marc’s genetics really are nothing to really ride home about?…. everything about his physique screams he blasted trenbalone hard and now just maintains with a VERY generous HRT program….just a odd shape not appealing to the eye…. yet he always touts as if he is a extreme genetic specimen… idk man…

  • I am Natty Gymoholic and I am life time Natty and guess what I doing my own videos. Let me know what you think guys…… Stay Natty…

  • So many jealous haters here, WOW!!! Go get yourselves in the gym and put in half the time he has, then talk some smack!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was about to say he had just “good” genetics (and not “great” or Phil Heath/Ronnie Coleman/Flex Wheeler “amazing”) but then I saw the full-bellied calves and the legs that actually responded to training ok, you’ve made your point. On a side note, that’s what often separates good from great genetics severely lagging body parts. No racist, but straight facts most black guys have a good looking upper body by virtue of a few long muscle bellies (namely the combination of long biceps, full pecs, and an upper body that packs on muscle easily in response to training) but then you look downstairs and there’s just absolutely nothing going on. No matter how sculpture or comic book hero esque their muscle bellies look upstairs and no matter how much they develop them, they still only have “good” genetics because they just didn’t roll a high enough number when it came to wheels. Antoine won both dice rolls, and that, statistically speaking, is very rare; guys with good genes may be a dime a dozen, but guys with great genes are literally one in a million.

  • You wanna stay anabolic??? Do what fat people do who are 600lbs 800lbs eat all day staying in an anabolic growth do this you to will grow as fuk especially if u lift

  • The way Antoine speaks very openly and honestly about his drug problems without dwelling on them is also very interesting; he is an example of how you can beat your addictions if you want to, even if it takes a few failures along the way.

  • hi jerry iam 48 and been in the gym 3years now put on 4 st got shoulders for the first time in my life but I still have a loose bit of fat around my belly can you help many thanks Dave

  • I feel like I’m doing something wrong, i started training at 15, and by time i was 17 i looked very similar to Antoine when he was 17 I weighed 175, at 5’10, around 8-10% bf, but now at 24, I’m not much more impressive. I am natty and always have been and I know Antoine isn’t. But damn.

  • DUDE YOU HAVE SHORT MUSCLEBELLY in your bicep. Keep your arm and 4arm at 90 degrees and do the finger test. Anyone who makes their forearm touch their bicep will only be able to fit one finger dude.

  • Jerry your videos are great, but I think you should add some pictures as examples of what you’re speaking about. You have a pretty face and all, but I dont want to stare at it for the entire time you’re talking about highly visual topics. Thanks for taking the time to make well informed videos!

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  • If steroids never existed, they pros would still be pros, but just a little smaller. Genetics plays a HUGE role. Only morons chalk it up to steroid use. Ecto-mesomorph here.

  • Best genetics I don’t think so he has no legs and he’s on the drugs for nothing if he’s not going to prove himself on stage plenty of guys look like that

  • Got a burning question. Why isn’t it common practice to start pct before the end of a cycle? Wouldn’t your body be more saturated with the drug and therefore once the gear is out of your system you will recover quicker? I get that it won’t work until the excess androgens are out of your system, but your body will at least be saturated with pct drugs and therefore you cut out the loading phase?

  • Awesome video content, I’d be very interested if this became a series, tracking genetic freak progress from their teens to their adulthood is super interesting and riveting content

  • Im a pure mesomorph.. & i can tell you theres not many pure mesomorphs around… theres alot of ecto-meso & endo-meso but not pure meso… but regardless you still can look good..

  • Read this old man:::
    absolutely changes you permanently. AAS hormones bind to receptors and act on cells DNA. thats why steroids bring you beyond your “Genetic” capability, your altering your genetics. Thats a permanent change. 
    Also why guys like kevin levrone can quit training for 10 years and drop down to a 170 pound chub, and then come back at 250lbs on the olympia stage within 9 months. His genetics had been altered over years of AAS use.

    even the compounds themselves have a ‘genetic’ look to them that can happen. look at a guy that only runs testosterone cycles mainly over the years, he has a distinct look compared to the guy that runs mainly DHT based compounds or runs Tren primarily over the years.
    add in lots of HGH and Slin to this, and you got a whole other ‘look’ and genetic changes that can happen

  • Going through comments looks like found a bunch of morons who doesn’t know what bodybuilding is
    & talking about roids they were ruling from beginning from Olympic to football & other sports
    So stop talking shit & get a life

  • This is when you know you have great genetics..people tell you that u pack on muscle quickly.. Or it don’t matter how you choose to train coz you will still get results.& people in the gym screw there face at you distance themselves from u avoid eye contact coz you excel at a faster rate…now in body terms: packin muscle on without looking blocky & carrying mass with shape =bone structure.small joints insertion points & muscle Shape.

  • arnold when was 17 was not so like lee priest. its not only genetics. U need to work hard as Arnold did. More you work better you look. IF people got genetics than they do not need to train… like cow in youtube video changed genes.. lol

  • I want to know when he got on the sauce, like what age, cause im 5 months in and have alot of similarities to him when he was 16, im 19.

  • a couple more points is that some people don’t respond as well as others to steroids. Two people could take the same cycle of drugs, train the same way, eat the same way, yet one of them might gain 15-20 pounds, and the other might only gain 5-10 pounds. plus, some people can take whatever compounds they want, and have zero estrogenic side effects, others may have severe estrogenic side effects no matter what. Great points though!, I can’t stand when people say “oh that’s just steroids”, or “oh I could look like that if I did steroids” when that’s usually not the case.

  • 1.a good height
    2.short,ish torso with fairly long legs and arms, think coleman, dorian, haney, arnold, sergio…
    3.big ribcage
    4.wide clavicles
    5.narrow waist and hips
    6.small wrists, ankles, knees
    7. long muscle bellies aka more potential for size
    8. thin skin, think dorian yates metabolsim

  • Ur natural ability vs how to react to enhanced are two different worlds.. and the ladder is the determining factor
    .. I agree people that have god given great genetics enhanced or not have a huge edge and are amoungst the elite but the truly blessed in the sport are those who have prime genetics as far as how they react to the drugs and simply muscle insertions.. I’d go as far to say that insertions are the most influencing of all these attributes.. aka dex, flex, kev, phil.. biggest example of someone like this would be a Kevin or a flex

  • I was hoping you could do a video on prolactin and cabergoline. High prolactin symptoms, lab ranges, caber dosages etc…thanks. My blood level just came back at 35.

  • Genetics and bodybuilding is the biggest load of horse shit there is. The real issue is how much dope is a guy willing to take. Anybody at all, who takes enough of the right kinds of man dope, and other shit, and works out a little, will build a body like a huge competitive bodybuilder. The idea of genetics is bullshit. Look at what happens to these circus side show freak bags of blot clots and scar tissue, when they go off their shit. Every time they take a dump, they crap away muscle mass, and within months they either look all bloated, and effeminate, or like they are a person who never worked out. If genetics plays any role at all, it is the genetic propensity, to take as much dangerous shit as necessary to achieve a look. Many big bodybuilders were kids who got their ass cheeks duct taped, and were stuffed into a locker in the school gym locker room, when they wuz kids. Then they go get some shit, swell up, oil up, and run around in their skivies, telling everybody who will listen that they are genetically superior. They are genetically superior beta males.

  • My Q to Lee: my balls are hanging much lower than my dick. Could it be my balls got better genetics than my dick? I used to be a football player, but i quit cause my balls where too big to fit in my footballdress.

  • Hey Sam could you ask Lee how important Flexibility and stretching was for him when it came to building muscle and recovery. Cheers

  • didnt coleman do powerlifting and college football before bodybuilding…. he definitely lifted weights before the owner of that texas gym saw him and gave him a free membership if he competed just because he did look like a champ already.

  • Ive heard this myostatin theory about flex several times…and i really dont see where its coming from. flex has never been the biggest guy on stage. In my opinion he never topped his physique from before his horrible car accident after the arnold. And as for the part of the theory that states muscle is packed on fast,i didnt see that happening for him during his comeback. I know he is in his fifties now,but i think that much of a gene-mutation or lack of certain gene would still be showing regardless of age. of course im talking out of my ass here. but this is just my logic.

  • Been following him forever I’m just glad he came back and is making really good content. Seems like a real bro kinda guy, chill, smartass, down to earth and real. Hope he makes it, I really really do!

  • This is a far better article. With none of the brosience.

  • Derrick? Antoine I follow him and he Gains about 50lb. From his contest and he still fucken look insane with abs most guys they look like shit! Myself included!! Lol

  • Awesome video and great Content as usual. Keep it up!
    We should do a Colab when you come to South Africa. Check out my content:

  • I gain fat easy, struggle to lose it. Struggle to gain muscle, always keep losing it when I try to lose weight. I have crap abs. I get so many stretch marks and spots. My muscle bellies are very short, so I don’t have that 3D illusion. My waist gone big. I’d say my genetics are crap

  • but why he got addicted? its doesn’t make sense? he was good i mean he could’ve done a lot of good things if he didn’t get addicted to drinking or whatever it was! i hope he win pro shows and good stuff

  • No he didnt larry scot took roids to push him beyond his genetic potential!! Old idiot you ever see larry and sergio before they took steroids! They looked like shitttttttt just like kevin balone

  • I’m metabolism is fast as well thankfully as i can lose weight quick if I don’t eat well for two consecutive days ���� which is not good but many struggle to lose weight so yeah

  • I have verry good genetics. Everything on the list means i have good genetics. And when I workout for 3 weeks I put on 10 LBS of muscle
    And I can gain fat easily and get rit of it faster then putting it on.

  • I’m only a little over a year and I’ve absolutely blown up now as long as I don’t respond terrible to a cycle I’m more confident to go on the road to the Mr O