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Banana flour is gluten-free, making it a good choice for those with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. It’s also high in potassium, fiber and resistant starch and low on the glycemic index, meaning it won’t spike blood sugar levels. If you’ve been curious about banana flour, here’s what you need to know. 1. Banana flour, the newest flour alternative to gain popularity this year, might just be the light, fluffy solution to your baking woes.

It’s made from just one ingredient: ground, dried bananas. That means that it’s not only gluten-free but also paleo, Whole30-approved, and vegan. How Banana Flour Became My New Favorite Gluten-Free Alternative How Banana Flour Became My New Favorite Gluten-Free Alternative.

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. I’m pleased to say, and if I can master a banana flour-based roux, you’ll be the first to know. I’m well aware that it would just be hubris to attempt biscuits, yeast breads.

Banana Flour is Gluten-Free. Banana flour doesn’t contain gluten, so most of us with intolerance (or even Celiac disease) can consume it without any issues. This is huge news. Many of us grew up eating gluten without ever realizing we had an intolerance.

Breads, baked goods and pastas will get a healthy makeover from flour made from fruit, veggies, legumes and seeds—think banana, beets, cauliflower, cassava, fava beans, and chia seeds. No grains or gluten means no worries for. “Another plus for banana flour is that it’s an alternative that’s both glutenand nut-free,” Perdomo says, name-checking two big food allergies that prevent many people from being able to enjoy. Banana flour is sometimes called green banana flour and is a grain-free alternative flour.

Its main benefits are that it contains no gluten but is full of resistant starch. Resistant starch is starch that your body cannot digest, which means that it. Matookes are large, green cooking bananas transformed into a gluten-free flour for to enhance global export.

The International Agriculture Group shares that converting the green bananas into flour has helped reduce on waste when the banana is not meeting the size and shape standards for the shelf. It’s naturally gluten-free & grain-free. Banana is mostly non-allergenic. It’s friendly for paleo dieters, people who follow healing diets like the autoimmune protocol, vegan and vegetarian eaters, and most average folks without a banana allergy.

When it comes to gluten-free and grain-free flour alternatives, it’s a really solid choice. Banana flour has been imported or produced by American and Australian firms, International Agriculture Group, and Natural Evolution. These flours are marketed as a gluten-free alternative to wheat-based flours for those suffering from celiac disease and those who choose a.

List of related literature:

Alternative flours and sweeteners are increasingly available at regular grocery stores, often in the gluten-free or natural foods aisles.

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This is the only gluten-free banana bread recipe you’ll ever need—it’s a one-bowl wonder with great banana flavor and texture!

“The Everything Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cookbook: 300 simple and satisfying recipes without gluten or dairy” by Audrey Roberts
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Answer: I had a gluten-free slice of banana bread recently and it tasted great.

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These would also be great with raspberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, or plums instead of figs, and you can make them gluten-free by substituting our gluten-free flour mix (see page 55) for the wheat germ, whole-wheat, and all-purpose flours.

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There are dozens of gluten-free flours available to US. consumers now, with more ease every day.

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It often strengthens other low-gluten flours.

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It is a good alternative to wheat flour, as it is gluten-free and good for people who cannot take gluten in their diet.

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If you are gluten intolerant, of course you will want to find a gluten-free alternative, but be sure it does not have any form of sugar or flour listed in the first three ingredients.

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There are currently numerous wheat-free and gluten-free products made from these flours as well.

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In high-fat recipes, such as cookies or cakes, simply replacing the wheat flour with an equal amount of gluten-free flour doesn’t work.

“The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes.” by America's Test Kitchen
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  • HA! I stumbled on this video and just realized it’s my friend Feasting on Fruit! lol I’m just sitting here nodding and thinking to myself I have all these ingredients and I’m going to try this. Well duh because it’s you!

  • Hi, thank you i just tried this….tastes good:)….the banana flour taste is still very strong though…is there anything i can do. i didnt add choco chips.

  • So happy to see you hit 20K subscribers, you deserve so many more though. Still some of my absolute favourite vegan youtuber recipes because they actually always taste good:))

  • I agree with writer below. Using the skin seems like a good idea…avoiding waste. However the skin is very likely to have high levels of pesticides unless from reliable organic source.

  • I love that you use honey in many (or is it all? new here so working my way thru your vids) of your recipes. I’ve made the switch as you metabolize it slower than refined sugar and my buying supports local bee keepers.

  • I am always impressed by whole foods plant based nutrition, but im wondering when bananas are Rs 40 a dozen (more than a kg ) why is the flour 8 times that cost? i guess it maybe because a ripe banana is mostly water weight.

  • yes found and bought banana flour yesterday….now, hope fully I can use something like vegan butter and vinegar or coconut oil instead of the apple sauce and the cashew butter….don’t have them….help!

  • Unless they are organic, I wouldn’t suggest using the peel of any fruit for anything. And this video states nothing about resistant starches in the various stages of ripeness. Green banana starches pass more easily into the large intestine where they do not so greatly affect insulin responses but rather feed gut flora. As a banana ripens it creates more and more simple sugar to the point that bananas and accompanying yeasts will start to naturally make ethanol.

  • Mmm..yummy looking cake. I’ve been curious about banana flour after seeing it at the store. Does it have a subtle banana taste? Would you use less (like coconut flour) compared to ap flour?

  • Looks amazing. | Now, I have a challenge for you (if you take it, of course lol): I’ve tried millions of recipes to get cookies like this: Super duper crunchy and extra large size, but for some reason I can’t get one like this. I tried and search for vegan crunchy cookie recipe and then instead of making a lot of cookies and I would use all the batter to make just one big size cookie but nothing worked. I’m not looking for a “special flavour”, just for the “special crunchy texture and big size”. I’m obssessed about it for no reason to be honest. I just woke up some months ago craving cookies like this and here I am… lol I would describe the cookie but I just can’t find the right words in english since it’s not my native language, but I think you can understand from the picture what I’m looking for. Extra large, giant size, super mega crunchy, sweet and most important: vegan. Hope you can accept the challenge because I’m feeling really frustrated for not being able to accomplish my desire. Thanks in advance. And sorry if it looks weird lol

  • Robin! I made your bread last night and it’s INCREDIBLE! One question for ya though…the bottom and sides of my bread were a little more dark (but not burnt) more than I would of liked! I noticed before putting the mixture into the pan that mine was much more runny looking and not as thick as yours?? I found it took a little longer to cook than yours to come out completely clean on the toothpick! Could it be that I didn’t have enough flour?? When measuring two cups are they heaping cups?? Thank you!

  • I wonder if this pancake is good. I noticed it only had 3 stars. Before buying the ingredients at Whole Foods I would really like to know.

  • Hey,thanks so much Robin‼️ I knew I was all set when searching for a gluten free banana bread recipe & found you! ( I’ve tried an Almond flour one I didn’t care for) Yours is perfect! My dough seemed dry & I even put an extra egg by accident, tasted wonderfully, not too dry, but it was falling apart a little. Was that because of the extra egg? I thought eggs made things more moist, you’re the expert. I used the same flour, but brown sugar instead of white. Some people add a bit of almond flour to that flour even though it has Xanthan Gum. Maybe I’ll try that, with a little less gluten free flour. Any suggestions??? This will certainly be my go to banana bread recipe!! Thanks again sooo much❤️

  • Recette intéressante, bien expliqué, et ton gâteau à la fin a l’air d’être très délicieux. Ça nous donne envie de le manger tout de suite!
    Bravo, Vanessa!

  • This is the best banana bread I’ve ever tasted! I make a loaf every week its that good. Thank you Robin for sharing this recipe with us.

  • Hi Robin! I didn’t order the bananas from Florida, but will check ’em out online because now I’m curious! I made a double recipe of the banana bread; one was gluten-free and the other using regular flour. Both came out beautifully and are delicious! I’m making another double recipe of the gluten-free tomorrow for a neighbor who sometimes needs some help in coming up with gluten-free snacks and treats when her grandchildren visit. I’m sure they will love this! Thanks for the recipe and for another video!

  • Bobs 1-1 flour mix is my go to for gluten free baking. I make gluten free banana,oatmeal, chocolate chip mini loaves! They are so good! I have a video on my channel. 😉

  • Hi (from South Africa) Robin. I am so glad I found your channel today. I made the banana bread this afternoon and absolutely loved it! Definitely going to make it again. I also love cinnamon so I added a bit more, and I used my favorite nuts, cashews. The loaf was much denser than yours seemed to be, but I guess we get slightly different flour gluten free flower here. Any ideas if I hone in on a particular gluten free flour that could come out less dense? Thanks again…

  • my sister and i baked this and it turned out perfect!!! the flavor was BEAUTIFUL and the perfect amount of banana. there were some errors on our part, like undercooking it by just a smidge and leaving it in the pan for too long so the crust got a bit soggy. but the recipe is perfect. i’d bake it again 100%.

  • Just wanted to say that I love your videos and all the super easy recipes. Thanks for always inspiring me! Keep up the great work!:)

  • Your a great cook.. I am new to your channel. Do you have a video on any more breads? I love zucchini bread. I did see your mayonnaise video, & I can’t make it.

    Can you make Long John’s donuts?

  • Great recipe: I make Banana bread all the time, but have never used honey. I can’t wait to try it with the honey. Many thanks for the video’s.

  • I just happen to have 3 ripe bananas. My home is going to smell lovely this evening:-). Thank you. Oh, I don’t have gluten free flour, have all purpose, coconut and almond flour.

  • Ok, Robin, I am going to save this to my list, I have a gluten-free friend that I can share this with! Thank you so much. This came at the perfect time.