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Biohacking breakfast | Avocado toast for your best performance. Fat for Breakfast? The brain is comprised of 60% fat. After eating things like corn flakes, your blood sugar will spike and then crash.

This leads to varying degrees of energy, mental function and performance. Eating both fat and protein at breakfast keeps our blood sugar under control and helps to avoid cravings and energy crashes. Let’s say you wake up and have a cup coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, a bowl of oatmeal, and a glass of orange juice. This breakfast gives your body caffeine, glucose, soluble fiber, fructose and some vitamins. A Berkley filter: This is a great option, especially if you’re traveling around.

You can enjoy water that’s filtered of 99.99% of anything harmful, and the filter lasts 6000 gallons. You can enjoy water that’s filtered of 99.99% of anything harmful, and the filter lasts 6000 gallons. This is a great portable, protein-packed breakfast option. “All you need is a whole-grain English muffin, eggs, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and maybe some oregano,” Jones says. One way to have a great, stress-free morning is to prep your breakfast ahead of time. These hearty breakfast wraps are freezer-friendly and protein-rich, providing about 25 grams of protein.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and do dinner like a pauper this old saying is at least partially backed by science. A study published in 2013 in “Obesity” found that eating a large breakfast and a smaller dinner helped overweight and obese women manage their weight 1.**However, just because a breakfast is high in calories for satiety doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be full of. With a need for convenient breakfast options that can grab on the go, do not forget that your favourite wrap can be quickly turned into a high protein, breakie sandwich.

Smoked salmon with avo or cream cheese, ham or turkey with salad or cottage cheese with. Making good breakfast choices. You might think that a muffin and a cup of coffee ought to do the trick, but experts advise being more careful about what you choose to start your day. Here are some suggestions for those on the go: High-fiber cereal with fresh fruit and low-fat.

Here are 10 yummy 300-500 calorie quick breakfast ideas that are loaded with protein, healthy fats, and good carbs. Take a look. Before we jump to the recipes, here’s how many calories to consume to gain weight.

This is why intermittent fasting is good for people targeting belly fat. Remember, we’re biohacking here! We’re finding a way to get the most out of our bodies.

The 16/8 method is a good starting point that will help you get the ball rolling and allow you to optimize the rest and fasting/fat burning zones while getting all of the benfits.

List of related literature:

You will benefit most froma breakfast that includes protein and plenty of fiber, along with alittlebit of healthy fat, since this combination helps satisfy hunger, fuels thethought processes, keeps metabolism onan even keel, and helps you feel full until lunchtime.

“The Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Over 100 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes to Look and Feel Amazing” by Mendocino Press
from The Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Over 100 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes to Look and Feel Amazing
by Mendocino Press
Callisto Media Incorporated, 2013

These two ingredients are mixed together and taken especially along with the breakfast like Chapati, Dosa, Idly etc.

“Easy Ayurveda Home Remedies: Based On Authentic, Traditional Ayurveda Practice” by M.S. Krishnamurthy, JV Hebbar
from Easy Ayurveda Home Remedies: Based On Authentic, Traditional Ayurveda Practice
by M.S. Krishnamurthy, JV Hebbar
Notion Press, 2019

Foods that are easy to digest (laghu ahara), such as fatfree or low-fat milk and fat-free cereals or fruits, take far less time to digest than heavier foods (guru ahara), such as fried substances, which are rich in fat.

“Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies” by Lakshmi C. Mishra
from Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies
by Lakshmi C. Mishra
Taylor & Francis, 2003

The authors concluded that consuming psyllium-enriched cereal as part of a low-fat diet improves the blood lipid profile of hypercholesterolemic adults over that which can be achieved with a low-fat diet alone [72].

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
by Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2014

A diabetic who is taking orinase (tolbutamide) at breakfast should have moderate calories at breakfast and snack time but higher calories intake at lunch and dinner.

“Nutrition & Dietetics 3E” by Joshi
from Nutrition & Dietetics 3E
by Joshi
McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt Limited, 2010

It is an ideal breakfast for someone who is trying to slim down or is diabetic.

“The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
New Leaf Distributing Company, 2009

Phytosterols are of current interest because they reduce intestinal absorption of cholesterol and are used as a cholesterol-lowering food ingredient in certain vegetable oil spreads.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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As fantastic for breakfast as it is for dessert, this licuado isn’t super thick and sugary, like a milk shake.

“Tacos, Tortas, and Tamales: Flavors from the Griddles, Pots, and Streetside Kitchens of Mexico” by Roberto Santibanez, JJ Goode, Todd Coleman
from Tacos, Tortas, and Tamales: Flavors from the Griddles, Pots, and Streetside Kitchens of Mexico
by Roberto Santibanez, JJ Goode, Todd Coleman
HMH Books, 2012

For breakfast, I always enjoy a half liter of organic, fair-trade, bulletproof coffee (I use a ghee, coconut oil, and yak butter blend instead of MCT oil), which keeps me in ketosis until I break my intermittent fast.

“Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents” by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
from Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents
by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
MIT Press, 2019

In this respect, this author notes the beneficial impact of low­glycaemic foods on long­term glycaemic control in diabetes patients appears greater among consumers of moderate­ (35–40%) rather than low­fat (25%) diets.

“Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology” by Kay O'Donnell, Malcolm Kearsley
from Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology
by Kay O’Donnell, Malcolm Kearsley
Wiley, 2012

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Please Mr D your videos are very valuable to me especially the keto ones which I am very dedicated to achieving a measure of health in spite of bully medical community including Medicare. I’m off ALL medications via keto going it alone (my decision, my headstrong desire for true life and being alive). Thanks to God above who furnishes wisdom to those who ask in prayer…your videos and Dr Ken Berry have given me knowledge and boldness to keep going again in spite of an uphill battle with bully medical community. You truly have made a difference in my health and attitude. I make my own informed decisions and with keto I get to eat whole food, nothing processed. I was looking for better health by cleaning my gut, then my blood, liver, etc. it’s all working. Thank you for what this has done for so many of us. You’re a good man with a heart for truth. You can’t imagine my gratitude! Not into exercise like yours, but I greatly encourage you to continue. You really have no idea how much this form of education is making a difference. Don’t care how “geeky” or scientific… it’s education. Again I thank you greatly for your contribution to my health, my life! Please don’t stop! Vicky in Gilbert, AZ.

  • So, you have a guy who shaved off like 0.3 seconds giving directions, a guy who didn’t know how to use maps properly and drilled a box into his chest, and a guy who decided to do biological self-experimentation in the country with the most expensive and worst healthcare in the world.

    Yeah, hard pass, thanks.

  • he’ll have a ton of wrinkles in 5 years. white guys don’t age well.
    If you really want to stay young, find out the secret gene in asian and black people.

  • Good vid as usual Thomas Thank You. I think a vid on how to do Keto on shift work might be helpful for many. Circadian rhythms and so on…: )

  • This is very confusing for me. Trying to stay focus with Keto and IF, then get all this conflicting info. I’m a T2D, on my journey to be healthy. So far I’m close to my ideal weight, but struggling with BS numbers being avg of 120. Unless o do a block fast of 5 days and drops toan average of 80s, but 5 days is as long I’ve done. Thoughts???

  • Genetically increase bone density, genetically increase muscle strength + mass, implant a few metal plates in the forearms and shins, and then train in all forms of combat. Boom, supersoldier.

    Don’t @ me government.

  • Camera person gets an F. I would like to also say that Keto is not for everyone just like fasting is not for everyone. I don’t do well with too much fat. I don’t do well with MCT/coconut oil (or coconut anything). I hope that Stephanie is considering her own advice how everyone is different when teaching her clients about LCHF.

  • Hey Thomas! I have been religiously following your Keto clips starting from Jan of 2019 and so far I had lost close to 40 pounds. I have been trying to cut 10-15 pounds more but I have been in this 2 plateau for 1-2 mouths now. Only way I see to to over come is to cut down on calorie intake and exercise more. I overcame the first plateau a few months ago adapting on intermediate fasting (Still on it) 16 hours no food other than water, tea and black coffee, total 2 meals a day. (Generally no snacking, other than 2-3 spoons of 100% peanut butter, or something in that nature). I know some people are going to recommend going on 1 meal but I honestly don’t think I want to be doing that. My problem is when I am getting out of IF, I think it would be too hard to do it properly and DO NOT want a rebound on weight.
    I have very consistent meal but recently been adding cottage cheese + sour cream to my lunch meal to increase my fat intake. And being frugal with costs, I buy both from Costco from Canada. (Both Island Farms branded). After seeing this video I may need to go get different sour cream as it has carrageenan but I am puzzled with Cottage Cheese. Can you look into the ingredient and let me know if it is ok? I know its not going to be 5/5 but a 3/5 would work for me.
    I know this is like an email but I hope you have time to read it and respond!
    Thanks and Great Work!

  • I’m blood type �� O + & your bone broth bar was my best friend until recently. Your bone broth bar contains cashews & they are like poison ☠ for type O + blood type groups. I have always been sensitive to anything that’s artificial since a child. About 2 years ago i was also contacted by the A.C.I.O �� it’s an alien contact planetary �� agency & they told me that i am a Super Soldier. I’m the only Super Soldier female & it was because of my unique D.N.A. Could you please create a new blood type O bar that contains either one of these that are like healing medicine for my blood type. Highly beneficial are Walnuts, Chestnuts, Chinese & also seeds like Pumpkin, Hempseeds, & Flaxseeds linseed & Carob.
    This other group is neutral for my ancient blood type groupAlmonds, Chia seeds, Filbert-hazelnut, Hickory, Macadamia nuts, Pecans, Pine nutspignoli, Safflower seeds, Sesame seeds & Watermelon seed.
    My O+ Blood type needs to avoid ☠ these because they are poison to us. Beechnut, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Chestnuts European, Peanuts, Pistachios, Poppy seeds & Sunflowers.
    Thanks for all you do & for being so fantastic! ��������✨⚡️��

  • Great Video, thank you very much Dave!

    I think point 6. would be „spend time in nature“ I made a vlog in the forest, maybe you like it ☺️:

  • This doesn’t mean a thing! They are basically implanting some kind of NFC chips into their body. I still don’t understand the reason to do the implant.

  • Anyone born in 90’s/2000’s might see the start of nano technology and genetic therapy to increase your lifespan but I kinda doubt it seeing how slow medical science is creeping along right now. Also thought I should point out that immortality is impossible unless you can stop the genetic decay of our cells

  • It’s somewhat ironic that if you’re eating super-clean, that Trader Joes is really not the best place to shop. Though their prices for avocados are usually half the price of my other local grocers.

  • too busy trying look younger than living… then you die? we only live once. correction: we live well over 1000 days and die once.

  • Dave, I hope you know you’re my hero I am a certified health coach. Please tell me how many days should the cold water treatment carry-on for? You said a few days. Then what? Many thanks super-man

  • is a night light that’s a dim white as good as what he suggested because it makes sense what he said about disturbed sleep as some mornings I wake up feeling like I’ve only had 3 hours sleep even though I went to bed early enough to get 7 hours. (Those nights I went to toilet 1-2 times)

  • Does cows are still considered grass fed if they eat most of the time grass and then have a supplement of non gmo grains with beets?

  • A1 or A2 casein only depends on black or brown cow, has nothing to do with grass fed or not. Whats wrong with iodine, if i dont take other iodine supplement, Morton salt is probably better than other fancy salts. And also whats wrong with whey, isn’t it the best thing to boost glutathione?

  • I actually have been following the cold showers and the intermittent fasting using Bullet Proof coffee since July. Went from 243 to 213. ��

  • interesting for sure. The study should be to see how his body has handled all those bottled vitamins and minerals over the years to come.
    Super human!

  • steph usually do not argue much with science. you care a lot of science. and now it got very interesting when these two things coming together. one side the practical approach and on the other side the knowledge from science. that at the end creates sometimes controversial things that give detailed knowledge where to put the knowledge and the priorities. coffee is a very good example. when people only bring up the benefits of coffee also backed up with science then you might think that is always a good thing to drink coffee. so we desperately need that controversial discussions to also bring in the dark side of certain thinks like coffee and fasting. for me i love keto but my weight loss journey sadly stopped and my weight is creeping up slowly again. this is why i have to look into the cortisol and thyroid problems that coffee can cause when using it too much and at the wrong time. like in the morning where cortisol is already cranked up. i think i also will get a freestyle libre to measure my blood sugar continuously to find out things about me that might be wrong. also HRV measurement might be an interesting thing. maybe i find out some interesting correlations between HRV and blood sugar level.
    thanks for that discussion with steph. i sometimes get snippets of information from her and she sometimes has strong opinions about certain things. but there is a reason for that. please do a follow up with her every year!!!

  • Everyone is different. In my opinion, some people who are completely obsessed with fitness and bodybuilding use it addictively to deal with other mental problems. Anything can be a destructive addiction. I don’t just assume these people are happy and all together. Some are and some aren’t.

  • Agreed. Purity is essential. I get cottage cheese from Mennonites. Pure, simple, clean ingredients. Delicious no matter when or how you consume it. Btw, carrageenan is a type of red seaweed. Conflicting studies. Some say it’s cancer-causing. FDA claims it’s safe. Yeah, apparently DDT was once safe. We all know how that turned out. ��

  • Awesome interview love you both. Thank you so much for the education you both share with us. It’s true it’s ultimately up to us to figure out what works best for our individual bodies. Balance is key to success. Thank you Mike and Stephanie for your hard work we totally appreciate it.

  • Please don’t downgrade biohackers with comparing with this un expert persons.biohackers change the genomes and play with serious stuffs not some supplements ��

  • Personally I broke the barrier: I’m on the verge of learning to flight, I already have all the super powers of superman.
    What i really need is a shaver: I can’t cut my hairs/beard anymore…

  • Fasting just messed me up! Adrenals were a mess. Having hashimotos, I could never get a straightforward answer about fasting and thyroid. Stephanie is the only person that could clearly answer my question! Fasting is terrible, it blocks kept in, which intern messes up your t3 production, which it the mojo to your thyroid. I’m so thankful for Stephanie and all of her help!

  • Actually Mike you always tell us that context is everything, you never tell us what to do and just follow the gurus! And Mike your science focused education is everything for us, it is what I personally love about your channel and your whole message for us is to become educated therfore you don’t assume we won’t understand, and you explain science so well that even we who are without a medical background can understand, great talent you got there don’t change anything.

  • Carrageenan: Here are lists of product with and without carrageenan

  • Publix and Kroger has a brand called Daisy with 3 ingredients:
    Cultured skim milk
    Daisy at 16oz it is a great deal compared to Good Culture in 4oz.

  • Just for curious and for confuse more XD, it’s about metabolism, I mean eating the macronutrient ratio better for your body. Roger Haeske is in 80% carbohidrate fruit diet for 16 years here (but he was tired because lack of sleep for days and traveling, so he looks better than that but in this video is 51:

  • The good culture cottage cheese uses organic skim milk. That confuses me I thought we wanted organic whole milk? Can someone clear this up for me?

  • WITHOUT LEGAL WRITING ✍️ CONSENT! I never signed anything and was murdered and turned into AI!!!!! I declare war on American soil!

  • I’m blind in one eye, deaf in the other, have a peg-leg, suffer from E.D. and just tested positive for corona.
    Will this really help me?

  • Love your knowledge and videos, is there such a thing as a partial keto diet? I am 66 yr old male, I am working out 3 times a week and eating less. I hear you should eat more to help with muscle growth but others say not. I am confused  any help would be appreciated

  • Yeah, this guy definitely looks and sounds like someone I would trust! His body language just exudes confidence and trust, and in no way do his mannerisms resemble those of Buffalo Bill. What’s that, Dave? You have a product to sell? Sign me up, please!

  • I would worry that the chip would leech metals into the body, as well as disrupting the body’s own electrical nervous system possibly. I vote No on insertable chips.

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  • Lol the grass fed narrative again….exactly same meat/casein. The great collapse is there but people take the exploited cow that deforest the most…

  • He looks like the average white male at age 28 would. So i guess he looks 3 years less? Which tbh he looks normal. Nothing special compared to other races of his age range. But i do like how he takes care of his health. I envy that!

  • I am on a low carb diet but i still take all your tips and it’s working great so far
    I hit a wall 4 weeks ago and i came across this great Chanel since then i dropped
    5 lbs and kicked that wall down

    I am starting the 20/4 fasting on Monday since i am over 40 wish me luck..

  • Loved it. I do weight loss coaching too and people are always saying I want to be/look like you. I loved Stephanie’s response! I’ll use it “you’re not going to be or look like me because I’m disciplined af!”

  • I have purchased whole cow from a farmer but the slaughter house would not let me keep any organ meat because of fda. Now I know why. I pay for it and they use it to sell.

  • I’ve heard that while whey protein does spike your insulin… it’s not bad? I am curious about whey protein because I have a lot I wouldn’t mind consuming just for the sake of the benefits plus having to eat less protein from other sources.

    I am mostly curious why some people call the whey protein insulin spike being a bad thing a “myth” and if it is true or not.

  • Most grass fed/finished cows here in the US are NOT A2 cows! That is a misleading statement. Even in Europe, not all cows and their products are A2. Case in point: Kerrygold Dairy.

  • Thank you very much for this video. Cottage cheese has been THE goto for me since I started keto and I have never been quite sure if this has been good or bad. Unfortunately, the cottage cheese that tastes the best, surprisingly it is the store brand of 4%, also has carrageenan in it. Luckily, there is a sprouts very near me that I already shop at, so I’ll be checking out the “good” brand very soon. BTW, given your recommendation, the “Daisy” brand conforms quite well and is very affordable comparatively speaking.

  • So dumb… ask this guy to visit a Nursing Home… plenty of people that reached their 80s and 90s… some if lucky in their 100s… in my opinion… not worth living to be that old.

  • I enjoyed this interview….. it’s such a journey only 8 months in with keto always tweaking, I know coffee is a problem for me but hey one thing at a time……She looks great for 50❤️

  • I heard Australians can feel directions because they don’t use right/left they use north south east west instead. Idk if it’s true or not but it’s a bit easier than putting titanium bars in ur chest

  • Everything he just quoted as far as optimizing his reading and typing skills is easily done with practice. Nothing more he is not extraordinary in those numbers for people that seriously practice. My son reads at fast and he’s in Middle School

  • Thomas, Could You Please Make A Video On “QUARK?” Thank You.. What Are The Good Cottage Cheese Companies In Canada? What About Liberty? Is Liberty A Good Cottage Cheese?

  • I watched a live video of hers the other night that just sank my heart. She is a bit negative and condensending to us peons trying to reach good health. She makes good health seem unattainable. I mean, SHE has good health. So there’s that at least.

  • I have question about cholesterol rise with intermittent fasting?

    I tried intermittent fasting using a noon to 8pm window with sometimes stopping around 6pm with dinner.

    I had a cholesterol test recently, my levels went up about 10%. For the last few years my cholesterol levels where at the high end of the range they show on the normal test results.

    Well because I started eating at noon, I stopped eating my morning Oatmeal. I feel the Oatmeal helped with the cholesterol.

    I went back to 3 meals a day, no snacks in between but but larger time in between. 6:45am, noon, 5:30pm.

    I changed my Oatmeal from just Oatmeal to 25% Oat Branl & 75% Large flake Oatmeal. Will see in a couple of months with 5he difference in cholesterol levels. Try and eat less cheese. I lived plain bread with a slice of real cheese in the toaster oven.

  • Everybody’s talking about how these microchips are going to get hacked and nobody realizes the fact that they can’t be read from except for close proximity there’s a reason it’s called NFC it stands for near field communication no somebody cannot kill you with an NFC chip it’s the same technology in your credit cards your phone your damn car keys

  • I’m 50, I look 30 I feel 18 and I can still bust a one square foot 2 inch thick paver stone with a punch and kick a baseball bat in half with my shin… That’s Muay Thai extreme body hacking for you right there

  • Hey, Thomas, paneer or curd is quickly and easily made at home during meal prep:whole, organic milk curdled with lemon juice, curds scooped into cheese cloth and pressed. Traditionally fried in ghee, absorbs flavors, insanely delicious with veggies, used universally in Indian cooking. Sounds like a go, right! As easy to make as your mayo. Good Culture cottage cheese is the bomb though!

  • i am not buying into this dude’s talk about him being the “godfather of biohacking whatever”!
    I obviously need to do more research on the matter but am not convinced by whatever he says about biohacking nor interested to buy his books..
    all the “hacking” info he said noting new about it..
    not hating, nut not liking either..
    i know my opinion not gonna change anything and am not looking or it, just sharing..
    wish for everyone to find their peace.. live gracefully:)

  • People can look ygr than their chronological age with other natural foods n activities like yoga tai chi etc…n most important a positive mindset..eating only supplements seems artificial if taken to extreme.. still not sure wat biohacking means!! I thought its something to do with inserting microchips in the body.. a la bill Gates vaccines �� which will be d end of the soul of humans as far as I see ��

  • This s my goal too, in 1995 my spirit told me I would live to be 1000 in this body I now am in, at the time I thought my spirit was nuts, now I see how that will be possible, I am IN!!!

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  • Please please please address substitutions for avocado. My husband and I are just starting the keto diet this week and so many recipes call for avocado and we cannot stand it! Please help us.

  • You are lovely. The way you received such bold criticism is admirable. I have always loved your gentle way of speaking and humble delivery of information; this just highlights once again how uniquely real and considerate you are. Longtime viewer, Sharon:)

    ***I came here to figure out if I should fast I heard you were doing this interview with Stephanie, and she says it causes adrenal dysfunction and insulin dysregulation…everyone else says it’s awesome and gets you into ketosis. I have been intermittent fasting for over ten years (low carb and then keto during that time), but the reason I am questioning it suddenly is that I have reached my 40’s and with that I have experienced perimenopausal weight gain around the middle. Stephanie says you can fast, show ketones, but not actually be in ketosis (/using the ketones)…that it just jacks up cortisol -> blood sugar -> insulin -> and then can cause insulin resistance. I REALLY hope this is not the case! I feel great fasting and have always been lean. I would appreciate your thoughts so much.

  • I just got back from Trader Joe’s in Concord, California. I read the labels of all the cottage cheeses. There was nothing about carrageenan on any of them. This is disturbing. Are you just trying to promote one of your sponsors? I hope you find a way to correct this, or provide evidence that TJs cottage cheeses available at other locations have carrageenan.

  • My initial impression was he was in his 40’s, I’m not impressed. Something about his skin tone, his posture and skin fat (not at all shredded). It’s just what I see.

  • Does he even think about how all those supplements are taxing his liver and kidneys? How they interact with one another to cause unintended consequences?

  • You guys should really try blending cottage cheese with protein powder, half and half/or milk (optional for consistency), and ice. You end up with a killer dessert which you can also add other toppings. For those of you not doing keto, an alternative to protein powder could be fat free sugar free pudding mix. Regardless, keep on keepin’ on, my dudes.

  • Not good…

    Whole Food plant-based diet is the only thing that has evidence to improve your health longevity and vitality. It also will help your mental health. These are all scientifically studied and for the most part been 100% proven. Take some time and look it up. Dr. Greger, T Colin Campbell MD, a million other doctors that have been following these types of Whole Food plant-based studies.

  • Another great video. I would love to see a video about Keto approved ( Thomas approved) dairy alternatives that world be perfect non dairy options. Thank you

  • Just a fun fact I wanted to add, I live with other people and work overnights. I have gotten in the habit of keeping my sunglasses by my bed so if I need to get up in the middle of my sleep cycle and the other people in the house have every single light on Im still able to block out most light.

  • Great video. Interesting note on the fat bombs. I have modified and played with mine to be a plant protein /collagen /fat bomb with different healthy fats and omega 3’s & 9’s. Sort of makes up for it being a fat bomb? Haha

  • Blech. That urban legend about carrageenan. Not everyone has a problem with it. It is naturally occurring, it’s a seaweed. So, that’s why it’s organic. There are numerous articles that explain that carrageenan is not harmful to humans. It has been consumed by native cultures for hundreds of years. My thought is that if you don’t react to it it’s fine to consume and should be eaten on a case by case basis.

    Here is my example. I have on child who cannot consume red dye. I have another child who is allergic to onions and cannot consume them in any form. I am allergic to choclolate. We all have very bad reactions to these foods. Should no one eat chocolate or onions? No. Case by case basis. No, I will not avoid Carrageenan “at all costs” because it does not make me sick or inflame me.

    Quoted from the article (this is where we get junk food science).

    “It’s also claimed that feeding carrageenan to lab animals induces severe intestinal inflammation and ulcers. However, an independent review of these studies found that the substance used was not food-grade Carrageenan *****but a degraded form that is known to be toxic. ** (This is JUNK SCIENCE)

    For every seemingly irrefutable point, there seems to be an equally valid counterpoint.

    Yes, say the proponents of a ban, but food-grade carrageenan is degraded into this more harmful form in the human digestive tract! However, studies have failed to confirm this effect. “

    Instead of warning people away from a perfectly acceptable and natural plant, tell them to proceed with caution.

  • I already follow four out of five. Except for blue light throughtout a day.. good to know from someone that it is good.. i just did it for experimental purpose without knowing the benefits..

  • get lost bio hackers and go live in a moon of your own,dont fill the world with your electronic rubbish,you are creating a sub human race not a super human one

  • Any chip in the body can be damage by emp, leaking dangerous toxins, emp can be from solar flares, nukes, and yes comet impact, which would burn all kinds of electronic chips world wide in less then one hour and drive civilization back to the Stone age. So any large comet impact will wipe all chips world wide, that is why old vehicles with no chips are desirable, and crisp bio hacking is wrong, God created man in his image why not be part of that, and most crisp dna swap are from animal DNA. my question is that altered person really human, in horses it’s highly value a pure bred why wouldnt a human olso be valuable, once a blood line is tainted, it’s value decreases.

  • You’re right about intermittent fasting but wrong about the breakfast. It’s called break-fast because you’re breaking the fast of not eating over night. You actually should be skipping dinner. You should have your heaviest meal be lunch. We all know it’s not good to eat right before you go to sleep, so a good time to stop eating is 7pm (if you go to sleep at 10)

  • Intriguing video, loved it. I agree with Stephanie, context is absent in many food / health / fitness videos, and it’s arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when you look at the individuals that actually have to do something with the information presented. There’s almost allways a catch to successfully implementing what is scientifically sound in these regards.

  • I stopped cottage cheese due to the carragean. Now I use whole milk Greek yogurt no carragean in that for my salad dressing. I learned yogurt is awesome in savoury dishes.

  • 9:56 And that Ladies is why you should always wear shorts under my skirts or dresses. You won’t see me having a wardrop malfunction

  • I have to say biohacking can work, I take an nrf2 activator which has been proven to help reduce oxidative stress, I am 60 years and I feel amazing as if I were 30 again.

  • OUR HUMAN LAWS, there no laws on hybrids and no legal protection, so do a person looses his rights because it’s no longer 100% human but a hybrid humanoid. Even in some cultures, religion are to respect humans life, but many folks may not see hybrids as humans or animal or as not part of creation so why would other cultures respect life that is not human or animal, they might but that a big if, but let be real most country have religions but none of them include respect for cloning of hybrids. It hard to change peoples beliefs on what’s considered human or animal but at least both are part of creation, where hybrid equation come in. Unless it’s not part of creation and that is a Dangerous precedent, where folks world wide would have less respect for hybrid life or non at all, they may or may not feel guilt, because their is verry fine line, what determine a human life, human soul, and other. How would our creator feel about his creation bein tainted by the few. I don’t know for certainty a hybrid has a soul, do you know, if so prove it. And that is DAUGHT folks world wide will have concerning a soul and hybrids.

  • Yes! So far the brand good CULTURE CC seems like the real stuff. I’m liking all the ingredients in there. LIVE and ACTIVE CULTURES too. ������

  • What’s kind of a shame is that this is how people SHOULD look (maybe not near as built, but at least as youthful) at 50. It’s frustrating when I hear people say “he looks good for his age” and I always think… no, that’s how he SHOULD look for his age. I think people are looking too old for 520 because they’re not taking care of themselves. This shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be the norm. I’m glad you make these videos and I hope you keep making more and getting the message out! Cheers!

    (this is a comment I loved of Philip Chandler
    in the comment section of

  • Did I misinterpret her, or is she saying that people should be deadlifting less? It is one of the best exercises you can do.. Also, hating on fasting because it does not align with people who have eating disorders is insane! I get where she’s coming from, but it doesn’t make sense to discourage people from doing something great for their body, just because of the link with a few disorders. Those are problems of their own, that need addressing. Fasting is, for most people, an amazing way to become healthier.

  • I just don’t know what is all this about collagen recently etc. Almost like some people missed they first lessons from biology….Collagen is a protein (made of amino acid) and eating collagen doesn’t make you get more collagen in your blood. It all gets broken down to different amino acids in the gut during digestion then absorbed as amino acids and then with that amino acid pool in your system your body body does whith them what ever it needs. The only time human can absorb protein as such, is in the first few days after birth, so that a newborn can get his first anybodies (which are proteins) form your mothers milk (colostrum). That is crucial for a baby so it can stay protected for a while after birth until his immune system start functioning properly.

    On the other hand and luckily we can’t absorb collagen and the rest of proteins in food via our gut into our blood stream direly. Imagine the extent of anaphylaxis one would get when his immune system would be presented with some wired animal protein, if that would be the case. To be perfectly honest there is history of prions (infectious proteins) that were able to cross gut intact…what you then get is CJD. This happened first to cows, as they were feeding them under processed (with to low temperature ) meat and bone food, made of other dead cows, sheep etc. This all happened as they were trying to save $$ and they dropped sterilizing temperature to below temperature that denaturants prions and making them inactive…

    I agree with blue light and sleep. Blue light will mess with your melatonin levels and give you poor sleep performance. Set up your phone and laptop to filter the blue light for a start.

  • For anyone who thinks that this guy is scamming, this is a real thing all you have to do is study human biology. Study what high intensity workouts on a ketogenic diet will do for you.

  • Epic fail, guy looks to be in his late thirties and obviously aging well. I can read and type twice as fast as him in my mid forties. scam.

  • When you do that cold shower, raise your arm and blast the ice into your armpit,each one and down your back. 5 mins. Very refreshing start to the day.

  • Personally, I can’t stand this woman. She is so pro Keto, and it makes me ill to listen to her voice too. She has exactly zero scientific proof that keto eating is better for health, yet still to her keto is the key to health and longevity. The only thing that science has found that gives us longevity is time restricted feeding, which at it’s essense means eating less. There is a ton more science to back up fasting that there is backing keto for health. She is so one track minded, it’s nauseating.

  • What perecentage of people attain ketosis on a Keto diet? It took me 4 days of water fasting before registering anything using keto urine test strips? Maybe a lot of people are on a Keto diet but are not really in Ketosis?


  • I agree with you Thomas, Good Culture is a top quality brand, also check out Maple Hill(.com) 100% grass fed and organic whole milk unsweetened yogurt with minimal ingredients from NY state. Their label reads: “NO CORN, NO GRAIN, JUST GRASS!” Thank you for your videos!

  • Holy cow dude, you missed the best point. I just tried this tonight and found out it actually tastes good. Most other cottage cheese is too, slimy, but all of it taste like I’m a deer at a salt lick. This stuff actually tastes like cheese (imagine that). So yes, but this stuff because it’s healthy in its simplicity. And because it actually is enjoyable to eat too!

  • Turns out the yellow goggles regulate his androgen levels. Dave if you can see this put your goggles back on we’re worried about you

  • I just discovered you & I the no you’re AMAZING!!! I am so impressed! I’m on the same wave length. I’ve got a lot of respect for you. THANK YOU 4 saying how dangerous “fasting” can be really dangerous, & now it’s ultra risky. The whole body-focused diet culture is out of control. I have an eating disorder so I understand & it’s hard to deflect these days w/ how much the media pushes it. My reason for what watching is cuz I’m a,nerd & into the science & health benefits. My body has been thru hell! Lot of damage from many years of an ED so I need a good nutritionist & nutrient dense diet.

  • I am a survivor of famous biohacker josiah zaynors stemm cells experiments on human subjects. He gets people pn the government watchlist so they can be gangstalked. When they commit suicide from stress he sells their stem cells for synesthesia fanatics he is evil do not follow him

  • This would require money to burn…. so is not practical for the average person for one thing….and for another it is really questionable how much absorbability by the body is occurring with these so called laboratory nutrients many ingredients are synthetic and bio means life so when something is created synthetically in a laboratory then the naturally occurring life giving elements like raw enzymes are not there many vitamins don’t remain viable during processing This young man had he said he was 50 I might have been somewhat impressed but in my opinion you can’t improve on God…. people like Paul Bragg and Lorraine Day have a better understanding of longevity and natural law

  • So take away. People have no responsibility for their actions. A person sharing health info online has all the responsibility. Don’t share your helpful info because some people could misunderstand or not do their own research and do it wrong. Never forget we must be aware at all times of being sensitive to the lowest common denominator. ��

  • If coffee causes stress, make sure to take it with or after food. However, with that another problem comes; I’ve seen people drinking coffee to EVERY meal, who shows typical symptoms of thiamine deficiency. I’ve noticed it in myself as well. And with B vitamin deficiency it seems like tolerance to gracefully use carbohydrates diminishes. That is interesting because many people today think they don’t tolerate carbohydrates due to overconsumption earlier in life, then it could be due to a deficiency caused by highly processed food. And drinking coffee ALL the time. Deficiency of these B vitamins is linked to lack of energy, digestion issues, strange nerve pain, etc.

  • And father of scaming people and being gay. Dont get me wrong im gay too. He promote his books and his merch. I hate people like him, i cant watch this 1min. I already cringing

  • Hej från Sverige! Then I saw Stephanie’s channel first a couple of years ago, I remember that I guessed her age to be 28. But I can see she has aged now, looks like 30, at least:)

  • So biohacking is taking a lot of supplements (most of which do nothing), typing fast and making awkward jumps on the carpet. Excellent.

  • I’m struggling in life for sure and need to control my life and definitely gonna try each and everything and will share Experience with others too������

  • End of the day, focus on “Why you do what you do” is more important than how (procedures). With youtube, I seek your channel because I am looking at your research for answers. I don’t just follow anyone to mimick them, I know people are different. Even mimick you I won’t get the same results.

  • I personally appreciate the science aspect of this channel and it’s why I subscribe to it. I do work in the medical field so I’m probably able to understand the science more than most lay people. But because of this channel and other channels with science and data research, I’m able to understand how and why this way of eating and living works and is healthy. I’m then able to explain to my family, friends, and patients that want to know more in lay terms that they can understand. I’m able to address the objections that they hear from the news media against this WOE or wherever they get their bad information. I will subscribe to Stephanie’s channel (I’d never heard of her before), but she should understand that there are us science nerds who need to critically examine the scientific evidence and that we are the type who don’t just go along with the latest trends or on her word. Please don’t change, Mike! But I do appreciate that you are open minded.

  • I’m not one for negative comments ever. But…I dont feel like she was respectful at all to you Mike or the concepts you teach us based on sound research. Everyone can fast. I too try to have a beginner’s mind but most of all her comments begin with “I”. Sorry to be negative.

  • I appreciate how you respect her and received her constructive criticism. It was humbling! Something about this chick deserves respect. Her less “sciency” and more caring approach is a breath of fresh air. She’s put in the work and certainly deserves a spot in the keto light. The Keto community is lucky to have her! Good Job both of you �� I was a student of hers when I was doing keto and she really is fun to be around and knows what she’s talking about!

  • Do have a question or comment? Post below. I drop in from time-to-time to help where I can. 😉

    And, if you want to become unstoppable in your own life, join The 13-Weeks to Unstoppable Challenge so you can reduce stress, supercharge your energy & get into the healthiest shape of your life.

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  • You both bring so much to the table and handle this interview with so much respect. A lot of growth comes forward from these open and receptive conversations.

  • As an Indian, I am so relieved cottage cheese is good. It is part of my keto diet almost every day

    Also, add the word “paneer” in your title which is the Indian name for cottage cheese, it will substantially increase your views.

  • Thank you. I have learned to IF and now and then EF (only if my body wants to go) I don’t stress for fasting, I just basically have an eating window and fasting window, BUT I am not a slave to it. Been Keto for 3 years now, so there is a difference of cravings, hunger, etc and when my body says feed me, I do! I 100% agree that IF and EF is not for everyone. Since I am trying to improve my adrenal health and mitrochondria health.

  • he needed a chip to tell him this is north. here is what they taught us in school Say it is two o’clock, draw an imaginary line between the hour hand and twelve o’clock to create the north-south line. You know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so this will tell you which way is North and which way south If you are in the Southern Hemisphere then it will be the other way round and I’m a millennial so don’t think I’m a old guy that learned that before the compass was invited lmao chip is a cool idea but what’s to stop hackers from getting your info they can clone your phone information so imagine this takes off and you have a heart pacer to help your heart you piss the wrong hacker off they fry your heart and of you want your kid liveing a long and health life

  • Dude thank you so much I am going to try it I recently just went on Keto last Monday and lost 14 and a 1/2 pounds in one week I’m going to do for 6 weeks and then I’m also going to add the things you spoke about like the coffee the cold showers and lifting up the edge of my bed which I think I’m just gonna make a wedge to lift that up I think that will work but thanks, Im gonna look at your other videos, prosper on my brother

  • What about your phone? Aren’t you not supposed to put magnets on the screen of electronics? So you have a magnet in your finger while using your phone screen constantly.

  • Good work giving this guy some free advertising. Eric Matzner sells pseudo-scientific rubbish for only $50 a month! Maybe fact check this guy before giving him a platform.

  • so a magnet ring or a phone app that reminds me where north is via vibrations is enough to be just like you? im sitting here thinking why this fool isnt smart enough to to set different vibrations for north and south. easy enough and no scalpel needed.

  • Is it just me, or was his explanation of mitochondrial cardiolipin (end of #1: cold showers) totally scatter-brained & incoherent? I replayed it 3x and still have no idea what the hell he tried to explain….

  • Although its good to know some of these quality products are out there, its too bad none of these products ever exist in canada(except ontario sometimes) or require large shipping fees.

  • Could also teach yourself to read a map. I mean, I really hope the NFC protocol is around for a while and that these people have considered what Cambridge Analytica was able to accomplish with people’s data they put online (Trump elected and Brexit referendum passed). Are these connections encrypted? are the keys local or in the cloud? I used to be gung-ho to give Google everything about me in the hopes of building my personal preferences and customizations. Not any more. Now I’m trying to scrub myself from the global network.

    “Supposably it’s really good for your brain.” (o_O)

  • I love seeing how good she looks, keto is the best diet for skin, regenerates skin cells when the the fat in the skin tissue is used for fuel.
    I’m beggining keto with a Stephanie’s meal plan.

  • I ����❤ to watch your videos because even though I don’t eat cottage cheese and I’m not doing the Keto diet
    ��I knew you were gonna give me something about no neurochemicals or hormones that could be useful to everyone���� that’s why this is the best channel on YouTube and I watch it daily�� Appreciate your team’s work

  • Seeing new colors, smelling new odors and hearing voices from further distances will be possible in the future. Also brain implanted computers will allow the telepathy possible.

  • If you want to clear your criminal record, upgrade your credit score, change your grades such as institute and universities kindly contact hackerarena44 @, you can also text him on 3304069347… He’s good at what he does.

  • GOD!! you talk fast. Hard to absorb that much info in a few minutes; by the way i was just about start making cottage cheese for the very first time, then i see the word “silent killer” and i go:Whaaaa? any ways the last 5 minutes the sound cut off and i couldn’t hear the rest. I don’t know if it had to do with my old tablet or was your video’s audio. Still i couldn’t read your lips. too fast moving. Lol. Good information tho. Thanks!

  • Intermittent fasting is real. Try it. I only eat meat and no carbs. What a difference in quality of life, weight loss, energy and attention span. Being hungry is a bio stimulant. Makes you focus on what your doing. When you only eat 8 hours a day, you realize you only want a midnight snack because of conditioning. Food is fuel not a comfort.

  • It’s interesting to learn how cottage cheese is made. I wonder if you could cover how pea protein isolate powder (or other protein isolates) is made? Pros and cons of the processing

  • >father of biohacking
    ok guy.
    cold showers in the morning to boost metabolism has been a common practice for the body building community for 10+ years.
    those glasses are nothing but placebo. youre convinced that since it looks like daylight your body will produce more energy. while placebo is a legitimate form of biohacking the reasons you explained are ridiculous. cutting out blue light does nothing but reduce eye strain, it has nothing to do with stress. the blue light spectrum is the hardest for our eyes to focus on, thats all.
    intermittent fasting is a legitimate thing. i dont know enough about your coffee to comment on it but nearly any coffee, even cheap stuff, is fine as long as its drank without sugars and if youre using cream use double cream instead of whole milk as it has less carbs.
    sleeping tilted is legitimate. also sleep on your back when possible. technically the best way to sleep is face down but lets be real thats not gonna happen. soft light is also true. harsh lights will wake you up and ruin your sleep cycle. dim warm lights are best. get a little wall plug light so you dont trip and die.
    the last one is just a weird way for him to sound like some perfect person and tug your emotional strings. hes basically just saying have a positive attitude and reinforce other peoples positive emotions. this is a good thing, but i highly doubt he actually sits his kids down and does that. you can do this same thing by just saying “goodnight i love you” and giving them a hug.

  • LOVE the concept of leveraging biological knowledge to feel great in your body and mind. This is precisely what led me to microbiome research and how I became a science-based health coach. I do think there is a gap in the “biohacking” space however: women are still largely left out. Female bodies respond differently to fasting, carb cycling, etc. and I am on a mission to bring biohacking to the ladies as well!!!!! Thanks Ben, enjoyed your book. xx Robin

  • Funny how everyone needs this meal thing… Just boiling or roasting meat solely… and eating it… is it just me doing that?:O On the note of… cooking liver

  • I mostly agree on the brain function and motor skills performance, but not as much in his physical age appearance.

    However, I am mostly concern about his liver processing all those pills.

  • I think the biohacking is having some effect on your masculinity and your body movements. I haven’t watched a video of you in probably about five years. Something strange is happening.

  • Now here’s a pair to draw to. Love these two goofs.
    Started keto in 2013 now HFLC. IF for 5+ years.
    Now I need to FAST dammit… for optimal health and longevity.

  • How long of a fast is she referring too? I love to IF everyday. Love coffee and normally work out twice before I eat. No energy issue. Listen to your body everyone is different.

  • BS 140 is NOT a spike. Its not ideal either. She should get her data and facts right. Her talk is mostly anecdotal without any scientific research.

  • Thank you Dave! I tried the cold shower and you do feel great after a while. It’s exactly as you say. Strange thing happened that after a couple of weeks I started to dislike hot showers. Most of my showers are either cold or tepid now. I love not eating breakfast but I’ll take note of your advise that especially women should IF every other day. I’ve been doing IF for a couple of years now every day. I don’t feel the benefit from it like in the beginning but it’s become a real habit. It more of the same sort of deal.

  • So if you would be pounding the butter, or better yet the ghee, and not getting any reactions… You might know you dont have a serious histamine issue?

  • I want to do what the magnet guy did but what about those ear implants? I mean, what does he do if (heaven forbid) he finds himself needing to put his head into an MRI machine?

  • Thanks for the great info! I live on the Oregon coast so don’t have lots of quick access to the kinds of products you mention BUT today I went to our local grocer and while looking at the cottage cheese I found a brand that has the same ingredients as the one you mentioned! It’s called Green Valley creamery organic cottage cheese: made with organic skim and whole mills and organic cream, lactase enzyme, Celtic sea salt and live and active cultures!!! 7.00 but it tastes great! 6 g fat, 3 g carbs in a half cup!!!! Yay!!!��

  • thanks for the interview!!!!! I don’t know anything about keto. I want to try keto and decided to begin now with Stephanie keto web site. She is been 12 years on keto with her own research and he looks fantastic and also her actitude look doesn’t look the average 52 year woman, she have energy. I’m 30 and I look very good but I want to feel and look the best the rest of my life. I impressed by her facial skin. Looking the scientific perspective, Keto is the best for skin, regenerate skin.

  • I love cottage cheese. I’ll use it instead of ricotta for Italian dishes and for sour cream in dishes like taco salad. It’s also great blended and frozen in an ice cream machine.

  • I have to agree with Stephanie on the fasting issue, at least for me personally and anecdotally. I come from an amateur ‘fitness’ background (female, natural), and have used intermittent fasting, conventional high carb, low fat diets and my body’s hormones are completely out of whack because of the stress of it all. I’ve recently started keto and naturally moving into keto-carnivore in order to heal and eventually improve my physical composition. I tried a few days of IF but my body is saying NO, it wants to heal first. I think this is really important and Stephanie seems to be the only one to be talking about it. However, I will have my coffee!:-O I have one coffee in the morning purely because I love the taste, not for energy purposes.

  • You could always just do what we did before phones: look up the address on a map, figure out where you need to go & memorize or make notes. No phone required! Sigh. Tbh, I miss those days.

  • If you live in Texas, request that H-E-B carry the Good Culture double cream cottage cheese. I have been trying even before this video; & I feel as if I am trying to communicate with people in a different dimension. H-E-B carries the Good Culture low fat version for $2.88/16 oz tub…in my area anyway. Whole Foods has the whole milk version for $5+. Hook’em �� ��

  • People have to eat a healthy diet (clean keto or carnivore) for a while FIRST before start doing fasting. You can’t stop eating when you have been depriving yourself of necessary nutrients from the crappy American diet and then further robbing yourself of any remaining nutrients there are. You have to prep your body to “endure” fasting. Losing weight alone is not necessarily a healthy symptom. Though not greatly articulated, she has a point. Mike did ask her to give a frank opinion. Maybe a quick disclaimer before each pro-fasting video would suffice.

  • I don’t only put cold water on my front head, but I do take cold showers, I also have a nightlight on my washroom, since it will bather me to turn the lights on at night I also have heavy courtines on my bedroom. I will try the glasses, the fasting and the thankful every night

  • New sub! Just noticed my heavy cream has carrageenan…ugh. Costco has deal on Horizon brand, but has Gellan gum. What is your opinion on this additive? Thx!

  • The amazing thing is not that she looks good, the amazing thing it’s the fact that 99% of the people looks deteriorated and old at 52.

  • The first emporer of China tried “achieving immortality” the same way as this guy is. He consumed so many different concoctions, many mixed with mercury, went insane (because mercury goes straight to your brain) and died.

  • Mike I can understand that you delete negative comments about your guest in interview but I don’t consider a negative thing to say that somebody may have a problem with orthorexia. Sometimes people simply aren’t aware about some psychological issues they might have until somebody else point out that and than they can start to think about that and try to make some changes. Thanks for video, cheers!

  • i am so into the implant stuff. anybody need a subject to experiment on? i volunteer if i get to keep the finished product installed as payment. hey, I am offering my body for your cause, consider it a thank you gift lol

  • LOL… Mike don’t make Stephanie show you the business!
    Dr Naiman just gave me an Rx for a Freestyle Libre. Why would that need a prescription?
    I started keto in 2013 and still eat HFLC. Nice to see Steph again.

  • I’m a big fan of Stephanie.
    And for years too.
    She’s an inspirational person.
    But, on this particular subject, I simply don’t agree!
    There is endless scientific research supporting fasting and historical records going back millenia to boot.
    It seems everyone is wrong about fasting except her, or are there actually other gurus that feel this way?
    I’ve not seen anyone else support her position, that’s for sure..

  • Nothing contraversial here. People just dont understand the basic so when someone is not a punch line trainer they think its wrong. Fasting is not easy on the body and lean people with other stress in there lives will have a hard time doing it.

  • I know it’s not grass fed or whatnot, but the Daisy 4% is great tasting cottage cheese. Only 3 ingredients, cultured skim milk, cream, and salt. Hard to beat that!

    I’ve never tried the double cream Good Culture, but the 2% is…. not tasty. I’d be reluctant to spend the extra on it again for another try.

  • What I appreciate most about Mike is that he doesn’t work his content around whatever sponsorship he has for the day. It’s real, legit science as opposed to a 10 minute video about Butcher Box. ��

  • This woman chats a load of shit! So does she recommend we wake up in the middle of the night so we don’t fast for too long. Jog on love ��

  • Her perspective on coffee cracks me up, she’s right in her approach for figuring out peoples energy levels, but as a man in my 30s who loves coffee I respectfully decline to give it up haha!

  • Finding north? Lol in the morning the sun is in the east and in the afternoon the sun is in the west. From there, do some complex math to figure out where is north. Id rather have an omnitool I can take off at the end of the day and not be worried I messed up my own body

  • Ive been doing all these things for a couple years. Always in a better mood than everyone with high stress tolerance but HAVING A REAL HARD TIME GAINING WEIGHT BUT FEELING GREAT OH WELL

  • i go low BCAA now. 5 cappuccinos even on keto made me fat again. 5 times insulin per day with some insulin resistance is a very bad combination.
    hemp protein does the trick, it has low leucine and increases the RMR

  • Wonder how long before the cancers show up and if they will be talking about it as well.
    Have seen a video wear they had some blow up because they had lithium battery in them that over charged and caught fire and left a horrible hole in them.

  • Self-proclaimed “father of biohacking”. We can read research also. Intermittent fasting is good, but not every day, because you have to buy and drink his coffee, so do it every other day. Oh and get his glasses too you will have 2 TIMES more energy, and the book of course

  • This is definitely very controversial. I think high fat only works for diabetics and people with high blood sugar issues. I my self do better on higher protein with some carbs. Everytime i eat fat my energy drops and i get hypoglycemic. I eat carbs and high protein and my skin is perfect in my 40s no wrinkles. I don’t think carbs are the problem.

  • She had some great feedback and she delivers it in such a great way. I loved her feedback on intermittent fasting. ��

    I only fast when it comes naturally, and I have to keep it really in check with myself.

  • I think that people who dig into science should have in the mind that not always to except the things they hear without doing your own research.

  • There is no comparing black peoples age with health regimes. They have been blessed with thicker skin with more collagen. I have seen many a black person not eating healthy at all with great skin. It’s genetics 1st and foremost. Each race has it’s benefits which great.

  • She’s spot on about nuts, dairy and caffeine. They cause issues with the gut and therefore autoimmune conditions like Hashimotos thyroiditis etc. She’s brilliant. A wealth of experience! ����

  • Screwed in Canada, everything dairy has caarageenan. Just gotta ignore it and have your HWC anyways. Yes, not a whole lot of farmers selling HWC to people.

  • If you drink anything but water when you first awake you trigger enzymes that aid in digestion so your not fasting unless you drink only water.. from my understanding. I believe i heard dr Rhonda Byrnes talk Bout it.

  • Wait a second. So who should not fast? What specific person should not fast? Under what conditions? “Some people should not fast” provides absolutely no value.

  • Sir, I have been having cold shower my whole life, even during the cold. I want to ask if that is helpful or not. Also, should I start taking hot shower before cold?

  • He looks spun and like he is tweaking because the bio hacking pills most likely. Adderall is amphetamine, I’m sure Modafinil and others have close to the same affect hence the energy and focus coming from the pills. a lot of people take em to study long hours and stay sharp I’m sure they look close to the same after munching a few

  • Mike handled that low-key bashing like a pro. Everyone is different and different approaches work, Mike’s channel is amazing because he doesn’t judge but just provides the info & studies that work for him, his family, and his tribe. Love you guys so much and great interview!!

  • I find it very Ironic that he doesnt sleep in like a water coffin. I mean at the end of the day we’re water and water evaporates. Our cells fall out in a similar principle. I forgot in what movie or who, but I’m pretty sure sleeping in water, having a cool room and moist air is one of the top ways to stay aesthetically young. For someone who’s obsessed and takes 90 pills a day to stay young; I’m surprised he doesnt do the simple sleep-in-water thing.

  • Greetings from Palo Alto, CA! CC is indeed a sketchy world, just like many other foods. Believe it or not I can’t recall the last time I bought CC. I wanted to try it again so went to TJ to buy some. I ended up buying the fat free non organic and focusing on the nutritional facts, not the ingredients, Big, BiG, mistake! I’m usually very very cautious about ingredients in foods. When i got home I enjoyed with my salad, the very next day I looked at the ingredients. Only to find out it’s so processed! Its got tapioca starch in it! And a bunch of other unhealthy ingredients. Yuck! I threw it away. Can’t wait to get the Real Deal tomorrow. I’m so glad I found your viddy. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m eating pork fat, bacon, meat fried, cooked, baked. I drink lot of alchohol. I do not do any excercise. Every day is sedentary. I’m 40+ and I look younger than this guy.

  • I hate criticising anyone but I found Stephanie very condescending, over opinionated and quite rude at times in her manner. Im just being honest but I found it uncomfortable watching at times due to her subconscious veiled mimicking of terms you use in your videos for eg “friends”, she was almost baiting, teasing how you perform your videos. She was over bearing even though she was conscious of her personality projecting she was constantly trying to subdue herself so that she didnt come across too negatively. I had a chuckle when she criticised the fact your videos were too science based lol. Yeah maybe for her because she finds the data hard to understand…. very self centred. Most people want to know facts, why something works the way it does, and if you want to understand something at a deep level you need a basic understanding of the best current science. Stephanie you are too “all about you”. Not a criticism just an observation. You may have a decent understanding because you spent years making mistakes and finding a decent path on the keto trail through trial and error but some of us want to minimise that trial and error by knowing the science…. “friend”!

  • Don’t change a thing Mike, I understand everything you say and you always put the studies in perspective as to how significant the results are. I’ve only got a high school education. People aren’t as dumb as Steph thinks they are

  • Can you stop putting the word MEET in your ONLINE posts. I have not met the people IN PERSON, that is what I class as meet. It’s better to use the word INTRODUCING for such online posts. Lazy ass journalists

  • 150 is not so unrealistic. There have been multiple centenarians in my Family and among people I know… and these were all people born over 100 years ago when Health Care and Nutrition were not optimal, to say the least. Will the man in the Video live that Long? Somehow I have my doubts. He seems to worry and worry is deadly.

    He uses the same Collagen that I use and it’s available on Amazon, so I don’t know why he said it’s not available on the Internet.

  • Steph is awesome! We’re the same age and she looks way younger than me and has way more energy than me. So she’s definitely doing something right. I love her energy! Thanks for having her on!