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Pre-Workout Ingredients for Pumps and Vascularity #1 Agmatine Sulfate Agmatine sulfate is one of the most popular ingredients used in pre-workout and some intra-workout formulas because it’s downright effective in increasing pumps and vascularity. This heavy-hitting compound is derived from the amino acid L-arginine, a once popular ingredient in pre-workouts. The Power Blend in Trail works together with other ingredients to provide a pump and increase blood flow during the workouts.

These ingredients include whey protein isolate alongside vitamins B6, B5, C, and E for reduced tiredness and fatigue during workouts, improved immune system. Above and beyond the nitrogen boosters themselves, glutathione seems to be one of the most important and impressive ingredients for a pump and vascularity supplement. If you’re trying to make your veins pop out, a better pump is one of the key factors.

L-citrulline is a surefire bet which increases your muscle pumps, and then some. L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid which one can find in watermelon, arugula, beets, onions, garlic, cucumbers, spinach, walnuts, and pomegranates. Ingredients Komodo Vaskular is a pre-workout supplement that has a potent muscle pump effect.

It includes a massive 3 grams of L-Citrulline, 1 gram of Agmatine Sulfate and 2.5 grams of glycerol to provide a massive amount of hydration and nutrient uptake to engorge the muscle cell. MusclePharm Assault is a high-dose, low-cost pre workout supplement that’s effective all by itself. First of all, you get 30 servings per bottle, which doesn’t seem like much until you realize MP has a large serving size. One scoop contains 250 mg of caffeine.

Half a scoop is good enough for most people!What Ingredient in Pre Workout Gives the Best Pump There are tons of pump ingredients on the market like L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, Agmatine and so on. These do the job, but come with a few issues And who wants issues? However, there is one that stands out from the rest. Specifically, this pre-workout powder ensures that you can build your muscles and burn your fats in a very efficient way.

The formula contains a synergy of different tested-and-proven components. Such of these are the beta alanine, theanine, L-citrulline, and betaine anhydrous. BioPerine® or Black Pepper Extract is a common ingredient found in many pre-workouts due to its improved absorption rate and overall thermogenesis properties to help with energy and increased internal temperature. I Increased metabolism rate has also been linked to BioPerine® to help regulate body weight. Which Pre Workout Supplement is the Best?

The best pre workout will vary depending on your needs. The best pre workout for energy, for example, would be Gorilla Mode or Stim Lord, due to their high caffeine content. The best pre workout for men overall would be Nitraflex, due to the testosterone boosting ingredients.

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  • I agree 100%. It definitely works. I get a pump from hell. But it absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt taste like straight shit.

  • Idk if it goes for everyone, but I have been working out for the past 4 weeks, no speacil diet to achieve vascularity and veins are coming in good, and they say watch ur diet and what u eat, cause it won’t work? But I’m getting bigger muscles and more veins without a special diet. So I’m confused

  • I literally just saw a vein on my shoulder that I’ve never seen before minutes before I clicked on this video……the planets are now aligned

  • I love psychotic.. but if you looking for a lighter pre workout they just released one called Manson.. not strong as psychotic but still good

  • You commented on my old dip video 2 years ago and never knew you you did. Just giving you an over due thanks! I fell off the wagon for a year and am getting back at it again. Will be using your vids for inspiration.

  • I had been feeling atrocious for weeks and didn’t put it together until I added more salt to my diet. This really works before or during a workout like Lee says.

  • After I take a hot bath, I can see lots of veins on the forearms and one running the length of each bicep, but they aren’t huge like this dude’s shoulders here. However, note that I have pretty low body fat also. My waist size is 30.5 inches. It is dropping. I think I would never see any veins without low body fat. The navy bodyweight formula estimates by body fat at about 12%. I do not have big muscles: I am skinny, but I am training.

  • It actually works… I’m able to lift heavy than normal and my muscle doesn’t fatigue or burn… I can increase the reps and work out for longer.

  • Jeff: It would take a long time to get into the process of vascularity.
    Indian fitness youtubers: Guaranteed vascularity in a week.

  • Hmm I’m gonna try some called no salt that is potassium. I’m gonna try it before i go to bed and see if it helps my legs from cramping and try it pre workout.

  • Celtic sea salt has the minerals and is healthier. That white table salt is stripped from it’s natural minerals maybe that’s why you look bloated sir.

  • I have a feel this is going to be a life changer for me. I do keto because of IBS, and my sodium is real low. I saw keto channels talking about high sodium, but ignored it because of having the sodium is bad approach, similar to the fat gets you fat approach. I can’t wait to try this, and thank you for opening my eyes to the sodium micro.

  • trying to bulk up done with my cut. just hopped back on creatine mono 4 days ago. gonna eat pickles. how much sodium tho a day do you recommend? work out like an animal so i gotta lose a lot and i usually eat 2 pickles before workout and wow it works. just trying to get that nice fluffy look again tho

  • years ago as a skateboarder I was ripped & vascular without even trying, I ate crap & drank beer. now I have stopped skating I’m no longer ripped or vascular, someone should do a test to see just how many calories a skater burns when going hard all day skating?

  • March 5, 2020; I went to a CLIMATE Group, HeLd at a Methodist Church!!!
    They Showed us a VID that RePunkLiarCons are the Sweetest of PeoPle!
    I waLked Out, on this Pervert Gang!!!
    [email protected]; Eugene, DnTn 97401, Oregon

  • Not sure of my body fat %still have a gut 38 yr old, 5’9.5″180lbs changed my diet higher protein, very little sugar and lots of vegtables, working out, and a pre workout everyday before work. I am a concrete finisher. My veins are starting to pop everywhere and i got to be over 20%for sure yet but getting leaner and more muscular all the time

  • I get very vascular when I have a decent amount of sodium, drinking a lot of water, and get high potassium especially when my body gets hot my arms get so vascular ASF.

  • a spoonful of salt hmn how appetizing, think I’ll pass like most ppl would?!! what’s next bacon sandwiches lol cup of coffee will do me just fine

  • I started adding salt to my workout drink such as gatorade or what ever you use. I learned from my lesson. Few days ago my right side lower part of my abs locked on me and felt as if I was stabbed to death. The only thing available was little packs of mustard.
    I will never go to the gym without salt on hand in case I run low on sodium.

  • I just want to say Thank you. I was suffering a lot because the heat here in Japan. Lost appetite, dizziness and no strength at all. Tried for a couple of days and I feel much better now.

  • two days in a row and i feel better at the gym. talked to a doctor i workout with. he said its actually a good idea and effective. so once again, Lee has good info. and no, its not pleasant but it works. thanks Pal

  • The Carnivore Diet worked wonders for me, more strength, stamina, recovery, mass, and vascularity. All while eating 3 pounds of beef a day, so I’m never hungry.

  • I do this with a product called NO SALT (670mg pottasium per serving) and a pinch of table salt. Best way for me is to get a little water in my mouth then drop the salt in and swoosh it around.

  • These veins popping out are gross as fuck man. I don’t see the appeal of them. My fiance told me if I get them she will be grossed out by them and I would to. I hope that mine don’t pop out like that. I really don’t want my veins to pop out but if they do I guess I will just have to deal with them.

  • Man, crazy thing is my diet and training is on point. I have veins in my abs and the bottom of my stomach and my bicep and forearms, yet they only pop when I’m working out and when I’m outside in the hot weather. I know for a straight fact I’m positively under 10% body fat because when i workout i have crazy veins everywhere. That’s bullshit ����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️

  • hi nice video..a question
    avoiding sweets and cakes totally..can increase faster vascularity?

    and a Important question how much grams of carbs you suggest for having for day..?

  • i have been gyming for a year. put on 20 kgs but not gaining a lot of size on my arms and legs? im vegetarian. what should be my diet? i dont do deadlifts and abs

  • Hope you found that useful… had a few requests for this vid!
    Drop a comment here or on insta: @j_o_fitness

  • Thanks for this! I had a few licks of sea salt before a workout the other day and found I had really great pumps, especially in the arms. I often find it hard to contract the biceps properly. Found this video after I did that, great to see I was on to something right!

  • im 26% body fat and im very vascular around my arms if i dropped down to 12% do you think i would be even more vascular or would it be the same

  • Thanks for the advice, Lee. I’ll give it a shot. I heard sodium can also help with headaches if it’s due to dehydration. Of course, drinking a lot of water helps.

  • For people that want to be more vascular when I eat these foods my muscle look more vascular Spinach,Potatoes,Carrots,Cabbage,red beets, Romaine Lettuce ��,Watermelon. Also try to lower your body fat. I also try to keep Sodium levels low.

  • ROFL perfect bodybuilders intro LOL You telling the truth and not mincing words….genetics will play a part in it. It’s the same with being competitive on stage, some people will be & some won’t…doesn’t mean you are any lesser of a person, and doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compete, because nothing beats the experience & the respect you will earn, even from those gifted athletes that do win the shows. That goes a long distance in creating that respect necessary for sometimes long lasting friendships. I’m sure you’ve met some guys that you know won’t be the best on stage ever, but are good guys & become your friends, and you share that common bond of being on the stage & your struggle is their struggle. And on the other handJames have you you’ve probably met guys that are gifted but total dicks too, and you’d rather not know outside of being on stage together at a comp. James, have you covered which forms of cardio you do during prep & during your off-season, and how they could be different? Is there any time during your off-season you forgo cardio altogether & why? Thanks I hope you read this!!!

  • I am also one of many inspired by Stallone. I use him as an example when talking to older folks about getting in great shape. No excuses! Age is nothing but a number!

  • Try stacking it with their product Pennywise or OJ. By mixing it it’ll help with taste. Also they don’t put a lot of the formula on their products to keep from people stealing the recipe.

  • You hit everything I was going to say before I watched the video. The most important are definitely you have to get lean, and then genetics. Great work fellas

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  • youre playing us, you are vascular so you are saying that youre diet made you this way????? nope im bigger stronger bulkier than you and have no viens and i look far better then you some people are vascular some aint i think if youre skinny like you the viens and muscles have no room to hide in, viens make dudes look ugly ask a woman they dont like cuts and viens why would they

  • I am starting to show long veins at 30% body fat. Been loosing lots of weight and working very hard. I am still confused…seem like to early to be seeing that.

  • Great tips and yes I am guilty of curling in my basement and hitting some tricep movements before going out with my buds to look bigger and more cut than usual as well lol

  • Good points and totally agree. Your vascularity on your caps are sick as fuck Kyle. A lot people ask me for my arms and forearms I usually tell them the same thing.

  • If I had a dollar for every time I was asked how to become more vascular, well I wouldn’t even know what to do with that money… Here is your answer guys! ⬇️⬇️
    ➢Get your free vascularity cheat sheet:

    Time Stamps:
    Long Term Vascularity
    1. ( 0:38)Genetics
    2. ( 0:58)Lower body fat
    3. ( 1:23)Increase muscle mass
    Short Term Vascularity
    1. ( 2:03)Heat/sunlight
    2. ( 2:33)Supplements that contain citrulline/nitric oxide
    3. ( 3:24)Do pump workouts
    4. ( 3:56)Food/water manipulation

  • Jeff is the vein of my existence ;-).

    I’m not sure what my % fat is…but definitely not where Jeff is saying one should be at for it. I already have veins popping though so if I get to that 10% or whatever I’m going to look like a busy highway system of veins:D.

  • Does anybody know if this pre workout gives you the itchy face and shit like that? I just ordered it and hoping that’s what it does cause I love that in my pre workouts

  • I wish my hero would recognize me lol It would be like Jeff Loomis telling me I’m a good guitarist!

    Stallone is still a beast. He could outrun me and I’m 28

  • why are some fat people vascular? My dad is obese but his arm is veiny as hell (is it because he works carpentry and lifts heavy things everyday?)

    Also My forearm veins show, and you can feel them, but they don’t pop. Why is that? You can even see the vein in my bicepts

  • I am currently at 12 percent body fat and I can see some veins, but not as much as I would like. I watched this whole video, but I dont really know what to do from here like step by step. Any advice would be helpful because I really want to get more vascular.

  • heres my challenge to you since youre telling us all this stuff in youre videos, get big, you try get big pal get to 100 kg you cant do it or you would of done it long ago, you can always get smaller once youre big but you cant always get big when youre small, i think youre just making the most of what you are, i went from 67 kg up to 97 kg i know how to do it it wasnt easy

  • Do you have any advise for a single dad, career firefighter that doesn’t have anytime for the gym. Sleep/rest is a rare commodity for a 24 hr on 48 off shift. I’ve dropped about 44 lbs in the past 6 months with calisthenics at home and the station and with the 1 hour of PT I have at the gym on duty. Any further advise would be great tho

  • Got to this video late but had a question. How do you guys feel about sauerkraut? I love the way it tastes and Was thinking about adding it my diet for volume (30g has 5 calories and 1 carb)

  • Why,its looks so gross, veins all around,i have a lot of them them,and I don’t like them,just muscle mass is good enough
    Just point to me the advantages of veins showing all over your body
    The first video from him that i disliked in all these years

  • I felt like like you were talking in circles. At about 15%, it took me long time from 20to 15. Looking for something informative. Something new you have gone over.

  • lol i have that little bone poking out a little bit my friend does as well one time he was on that decline curl thing and it looked gross lol

  • I think genetics are involved too. I’ve always had veins popping out of both my arms whether I’m at 10, 15, or even 20% bodyfat. My dad is the same way. But I’ve met real skinny dudes with absolutely no veins at all. Kind of crazy. Wonder why.

  • I don’t recommend table salt because it’s processed and dead sea salt has something that can give you cancer and poison and a few other things, try sea salt, kosher, real something like that

  • Why not make videos to help women gain muscle? I heard there are supplements that hinder the chemical that women have putting a cap on their muscle growth. Ceylon cinnamon helps with muscle growth too. I heard that women can have shorter rest times between reps & need more fats in their diet than men.
    So, women have a harder time getting sculped & strong? What can we do different than men to get ripped & strong naturally & as fast as possible?

  • My metabolism rate is at 1700 3 percent body fat & 156.9 lbs but I have a natural vascularity skinny build so sometimes it’s hard for me to gain weight but in that same episode I’m building muscle. Any recommendations?

  • Sir. I’ve been following u for a LONG time. But I’ve been eating 3,800 cals bc I’m bulking. I’m below 6% body fat and super vascular. Apart from that. Every other word I am w u on! Ur AWESOME!

  • Cool UnderArmor sweater from Kyle looks pretty sick, Really great tips, I’d say BFP is a big thing I’ve seen many buff dudes dudes that look big but have to high of a BFP that it doesn’t show any vascularity.

  • I remember as a kid watching Sly when Rocky III first came out and was amazed how cut he was from 2-3. Then he raised the bar even higher in Rocky IV. Insane super hero looking vascularity! You would walk out of the theater all pumped up and ready to punch somebody lol

  • New sub…I drank some broth before bed, got up and trained chest and was pleasantly surprised at the difference! Thanks, new sub!

  • ive been doing this every ” push ” workout and its been working out great! my strength has lasted longer durring workouts and its actually helped me increase my bench the last few times……great tip Lee!

  • Hey man how many times a week should I have salt before my workouts also i mixed a tea spoon of creatine with a teaspoon of salt and like 2 spoon fulls of protein powder as my pre workout is that suitable?

  • When ever I hear Eye of the Tiger I think of Sly….it STILL GIVES me Goose bumps, NO MAN can say some how Sly has not gotten you stoked when he is on that screen! I do eat like you say, I am not fond of peanuts but I LOVE Salmon, any fish, I eat spinach, sweet potatoes, lots of rice and at 155 5ft. 11 I want that hella crazy vascular look….

  • Eat a lot of cinnamon and raw cacao powder if you want to get next level vascular to where random strangers comment on your arms lmao.

  • Dude yours vascularity looks like a sand doom.

    Fucking goals.
    Either way I have just started doing push ups about 3 days ago and I’m doing at least 100 a day to build a bigger chest cause my bench is broken. Any tips or other exercises to build a chest cause I do have weights laying around.

  • Endurance athletes use what they regard as the “baking soda” trick.
    They will take a ridiculous amount of baking soda to the likes of 30 grams before a major event and swear by the longevity of performance they experience on it.
    All I know is plenty of salt and water, beyond the salt of someone who slaps it on bland foods regularly, and I can put in the same insane workout everyday.
    The problem is I start worrying about salt, trying to manage it with extra water or through reduction and my performance suffers.

    Odds are a well salted daily diet with intense activity is perfectly healthy and mainstream health scares promoted by the media scare us away from it.
    Lee is just the guy.
    You have questions and he can provide some information that pretty much helps everyone coming from totally different angles and goals.

  • Keep up the good work I enjoyed this, check out my workout videos I posted this week also I’ll be posting another tomorrow, Sub squad ����

  • This is the post from Facebook and Instagram referred to in the video.

    @officialslystallone If you want to get Really cut and defined try this high protein diet! Kidding of course, but the truth is I believe in a very high protein diet with low carbohydrates and an abundance of natural fats really give you serious energy. But no matter what you eat you cannot do it without proper supplementation, pre-workout supplements, and post workout supplements are incredibly important. For years I worked out basically on an empty stomach thinking that I would eat after the workout. But I struggled with maintaining enough energy to throw weights around for an hour and a half. Back in those days everything was experimentation that usually was ill conceived in the gym.. insanely, What I was trying to do by not eating normally, for example 3500 cal a day, I would eat 1500 calories and my body, requiring a lot of energy would cannibalize all the fat I had stored up over the years and my muscles became very defined, not so large, and the skin thinned out which showed vascularity… Afterwhile I look like one large walking vein, I think I even had veins in my hair!!! I am exaggerating,of course, But it was a foolish way to train. That’s why so many bodybuilders from that era are walking around with a multitude of injuries and internal health problems…The truth is, everyone had their own theory, and some were truly insane and quite often life-threatening.… Now The guy the probably knows more about it than anybody ON THE PLANET is Jeff Cavaliere @athleanx an amazing trainer with an extraordinary amount of knowledge and videos on YouTube,to learn from. He is truly the real deal also makes the BEST supplements on the market… I do his workouts and my body burns for a week! It’s a good pain because you know things are growing THE RIGHT WAY … @athleanx #bodybuilding

  • i stopped taking Psychotic…. to much of a crash…. but Insane Veinz is awesome….. i went back to Mesomorph the shit is strong but without the crash… Anyhow Insane labz is coming out with a new pre called Redrum Halloween

  • First time trying salt before a work out. Changed my life I always get light headed while lifting or feel like I’m about to pass out today nothing at all

  • So now the purpose of exersize and good nutrition is not to be healthy but to get bigger veins? And since when having big veins on your hands or chest looks nice for your appearance? Guys invest on long term good health, not muscles. Most bodybuilders are dead by the age of 60.

  • As someone who’s at like 12-15% body fat and already really vascular I’m pretty curious how strange I would look at like 10% or less.

  • I guess i should consider myself lucky, I’ve always had vascular arms i even have veins in my legs and hips flexors and i’m not a big leg guy. lol and i have 2 gross ones that run along my temples.

  • I just saw this videos today and without really a plan I am doing this for the past weeks and I started noticing my vascularity since I am not ripped at all but I am at 86 kg with the same vascularity I had a few months ag owith 81.5 kg. Doing some progress I hope keep going.