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A late-night snack can actually help you sleep, balancing out digestion and hormones to help your body relax and rest. When it comes to late-night snacking, moderation is. By now, you can probably guess why eggs are a healthy midnight snack: They’re protein-rich and full of tryptophan. The American Sleep Association says they might make you. Capsaicin, which makes food spicy, can cause indigestion and discomfort, which wrecks your sleep.

And foods with a lot of oil or fat (like deep-fried anything) will also take forever to digest. Here are the best things to eat for a healthy midnight snack: Frozen blueberries – frozen blueberries are a great source of fiber, folate, vitamin C, potassium as well as a group of. Opt for a slice or two of whole grain bread (with sliced fruit and natural peanut butter), or whole grain cereal and milk.

2. BANANAS. Either on toast with peanut butter (the added protein will keep you full), or on their own, bananas. It turns out that eating a nighttime snack may not be as evil as everyone thinks, as long as your midnight snack doesn’t turn into a midnight buffet. See what science has to say, or if you’re super hungry, go ahead and check out our round up of the 17 best healthy late-night snacks!30: Egg-Sausage Fry-up Broil 4 breakfast sausages and 2 halved tomatoes, cut-side up, in an ovenproof skillet until golden.

Add one 16-ounce can baked beans and crack in 2 eggs. Here are the 15 best late-night snacks that may even help you sleep better. When hunger attacks at night, you may wonder which foods are a healthy option.

Subscribe. A good rule of thumb when choosing midnight snacks is to search for something that is rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. A snack of whole-grain bread and peanut butter. Do eat a small snack if you wake up hungry, but don’t get into the habit of eating too much, as you may gain weight.

Do avoid eating a lot of protein, but a small piece of cheese or a dab of.

List of related literature:

Before you settle down for the night, snuggle up with a snack that’s high in both protein and carbs, such as a fruit bar and milk, a handful of nuts and raisins, yogurt and bread sticks or a toasted cheese sandwich.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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A light snack at bedtime (especially carbohydrates)

“General Principles and Empirically Supported Techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy” by William T. O'Donohue, Jane E. Fisher
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A small, healthy snack just before bedtime can be helpful.

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Good sleepy-time snacks include a carb-protein combo: crackers and cheese, yogurt and sliced banana, a graham cracker and a cup of milk.

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
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Healthy snacks can also taste great—try an apple or celery sticks with peanut butter, low-fat cheese with whole-grain crackers, raisins, whole-grain toast with low-sugar jam, or a bowl of whole-grain cereal.

“Healing the Addicted Brain: The Revolutionary, Science-Based Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Program” by Harold Urschel
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If it’s been a few hours since lunch and you’re really hungry, a light snack can be a good choice.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Enjoying peanut butter on crackers, an english muffin pizza, cereal with milk, a fruit smoothie, or a sandwich is preferable to the standard routine of munching on candy bars, cookies, and chips.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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If, instead, you are planning to go out to an early lunch with friends, you might want to choose something lighter in the morning, such as some fruit or cereal.

“Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationship with Food Through Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling” by Anita Johnston, Ph.D.
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A large bedtime snack of at least 25 g of complex carbohydrate with some protein or fat is recommended to help prevent hypoglycemia and starvation ketosis during the night (Moore et al., 2014).

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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Then to pace your body and energy level, you’ll need some sort of “snack” before dinner (three meals), even just a few nuts (and i really mean a few as in three to five); for me, a good choice is always a mix of plain yogurt with fruit.

“The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook” by Mireille Guiliano
from The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook
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  • I ate chicken 100g 2hard boiled eggs and a stick of asparagus at 3:14 am going to bed at 4 but workout is at 2am to 3 am am I doing it right?

  • Sleeping is food too,serve stomach that meal at midnight hunger alerts is the best way to keep waight control body collects fats faster during sleeping eveything you may eat would add extra waight.

  • Tbh I was just hoping to see some chips but idk anymore lol
    Sometimes I just feel like having some late night snacks so I just eat like 10 chips drink some smoothie or eat some nuts
    And then go straight upstairs and not gain any weight cause I won’t be as hungry the next morning.

  • Bake for twelve minutes, or LEAVE FOR 1 MONTH.I love getting my full nine month sleep, but you know it’s nice when you can wake up to cookies 1 month in the night.

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  • I usually have a glass of cold milk and some nuts (ex. Almonds, walnuts, cashews) and some fruit (ex. strawberries, blueberries, cherries)…..what would you recommend I change???

  • This vedoe was helpful to me. But BringSide would mind doinga vedoe on if late snacks. I work the third shift and I looking for late night snacks that want put me to sleep but tie over til it time for to home. In the past I to eat healthy I sometime snack baby carries with dressing. Or a small bag of chips 2 cookies but I still hungry so after watching this vedoe I trying snacks on some yogurt or hummus and fruit or vegetables.

  • @Simeon Panda, I know you like cinnamon, Try to put some on your sweet snack! (some chopped up dark chocolade is also very tasty) Let me know!

  • Cottage cheese is my new passion. It’s awesome in its nutrient content.
    Thanks for the video, you’re knowledgable in just the right way! ������������

  • I’m about 20 lb down, not too much but it’s a start, but that tip of just not having the kind of food you know that you are going to binge eat around in the house has been a life saver.

  • why does he sound like he’s rapping at 5:51 “healthy, give it that give it that title”. Sounds like a proper rap with the music behind

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  • Doesn’t matter what time of the day you eat in terms of weight. However, you should avoid eating late in order to sleep better. The myth that eating at night causes weight gain is mostly due to the fact that these “meals” tend to be snacking that goes above and beyond what people actually need.

  • Say if your a skinnier guy and you want to gain more when working out do you want to have more than 3 meals a day or just the 3 meals and higher calorie snacks?

  • Man love everything about Rice Cakes, never thought to eat it this way CC and Tuna!!!!! Also, ate PBJ Rice Cake today. With tSP of honey.

  • Drink warm milk and it’ll help u sleep or eat banana’s before sleeping cause it has magnesium and it helps u sleep better! Also dont eat chocolate or drink coffee at night! Cause it fades aways in 8 hours or less but the thing i realised when i was eating chocolate at night it makes me hype

  • Yeah those ‘pea crisps’ are just corn starch with a little bit of dried pea and green coloring. They’re just green cheetos, not good for you at all. Real veggie chips are sold in the Whole Foods bulk section and they look exactly like veggies (beans, green beans, carrot slices etc.).

  • When you eat is sooo key! Circadian Rhythms are really acting on our hormones and metabolic states..That’s why eTRF is soo compelling…. Also late night meals hurt our deep sleep, and impact our “brain wash” time via the glymphatic system….. and as you said, over time, all this adds up and can impact Longevity in a BIG way!

  • I made 2 peanut butter and bananas, and halfway through I was starting to get full. I couldn’t even eat the 2nd one! Thanks Simeon!! I added a little spiced apple spread to the top of the bananas and it was a nice “icing” touch (2 Tbsp for 30 cals).

  • People say late night snacks are bad for you bur just let me eat my pasta after not sleeping 2 nights in a row I just want to eat my leftover pasta.

  • to anybody in the comment felt. I would def recomend Kiwi, great snack, super healthy, contains melatonin (whick makes you sleep better, which is super important for the gains), high protein (when considering how good they taste).

  • Thank you for the information. I have 30 grams of dry oatmeal and a teaspoon of raw honey before bed. I sleep really well. In the morning my muscles feel full and with lots of energy.

  • Thank you for the information. I am 38 years old and I’m tire of the things that use to work for me now doesn’t because of my hormones. Thank you….

  • Those burgers and tacos are making me starve even more,so no health or weight for me,I am going to order KFC and after if i am still hunger then tacos

  • Ok wait why not just heat up the tortillas on the stove in the microwave they get hard but not crispy and on the stove you can make them soft or crunchy

  • ME: WHOWWWW that’s really bad for health. welllll… i wont eat at late night anymore….



  • For the microwave mac and cheese, ya’ll did me dirty XD I wasn’t told that I had to get a certain sized mug for this because..

    Water spilled in my poor microwave ;-;

  • Me: Mom I’m hungry, can I make a midnight snack?
    Mom: Ok, but remember it’s just a snack, not a meal.
    Me: Ok.

    Also me: Makes the BBQ nacho recipe times 3.

  • Does this apply if my late night snack is a salad? Because Im one of the wierd ones that actually does that. I know it cant be good for my stomach but how about the congintive deficites?

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  • If you have ice cream, chocolate, chips, whipped cream, and other normal snacks then why beat around the bush and just eat those instead of waking up the whole family lmao ��

  • I don’t think it when your on a normal eating schedule getting average calorie intake guy. Your info seems pretty lul, I have salads at 10pm..

  • Yo NO ONE, I repeat NO FKN ONE make the cookie and cream recipe. I just threw up 4 times in a span of 4 mins. Thank you tasty for cleaning my bowel.

  • What if a person suffers from insomnia that means theres a lack of melatonin produce could that decrease the ammount of sugar in the body since theres insulin running from the pancreas? (Sorry im not a health professional im just a random person who has no clue but has a question if it even made any sense? Also english not my first language) Thanks and hopefully someone could provide me with an answear.

  • I dont think anyone has time to do this LATE AT NIGHT because it takes so much time, and dishes��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ but good idea for the afternoon snack tho. Thanks

  • 2:14 Red wine
    2:41 Ice cream
    3:00 Popcorn and pop-tarts

    Healthy, high fiber, high protein, low sugar, low (saturated and trans) fat, low sodium snacks
    9:11 Healthy snacks (avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, gummy candy, trail mix, cookies, green pea snack)
    16:16 Rice cake snacks (almond butter banana, tuna cottage cheese avocado black pepper hot sauce)

  • Tasty: Sooooo….. Wanna put rosemary and milk in a waffle mix todayyyy???

  • Just ate a banana with nut butter right before I watching this video but I’m about to go running I guess I won’t be eating that combo anymore luckily it wasn’t a ripe banana was kind of green

  • Oh its okay im finee he said late night ‘snacks’ not a meal, tgats cool lemme just have mh dinner now and get ready for bed at 7 am like usual

  • Just saw the title. I wanna let you know that eating at night doesn’t make you gain wait. It’s what you eat and being in caloric surplus what make you gain weight.

  • The average person WILL sometimes eat before bed or late at night. Fact, it’s won’t kill you to treat yourself. Some people act like it will with these messages. But it’s a a habit we should try to avoid. Especially for older people who have slower metabolism or have a family history of diabetes. Then again, just because your family has a history of diabetes doesn’t necessary mean YOU will get it if you USUALLY eat and exercise and live healthy.

  • When I searched “midnight snacks recipes” I didn’t expect full course meals recipes I just need something quick & not that complicated ��

  • tasty thinks im here in my bed at 1am in the morning lazy to get food and get out of bed and expects me to do such big meals WOW TASTY ‘ just nice’

  • Its 3am and I am starving… soo tempted to eat a massive bowl of porridge…. but fiiiine ill wait till morning and just starve during my sleep and dream about food

  • Me: I’m REALLY tired and craving some food right now. Order some late-night grub??
    Also me: NAH let’s spend 40+ mins cooking and then another 30+mins after that cleaning up the kitchen at 12am. That’ll do it!! ✔️ ����

  • Praise Jesus. Thank you for the advice. I am 180 and trying to get over the fact, I love eating ceral and sweets, but I need to do it less. I do like the options and avoid food with salts. My EMT/Firefighter friends told me the heartache victims are always super super high sodium levels, from chips, and obviously fast food.

    Thanks, Mike

  • Me: * only one still awake at a sleepover * hmm… I’m hungry
    Normal people: I’ll grab a bag of crisps
    Me: let me make some spinach and motzarella sticks….

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  • i made the wedges they were so good thanks to you guys my parents built a pantry for me and let me buy every supply i need to cook ty you so much

  • Macaroni one turned out to be a total fail, took several tries to make the pasta soft, made an entire mess of water in the microwave (started to boil and overflowed) followed the following steps and turned out nothing like the video ��

  • Ok so it’s 3 am rn and I know no one is gonna read this comment but I just wanted to say that it’s 3 am and I’m starving but we have no snacks and if I wake my mum up then she gonna yell at me so i needed to write this down cause I’m bored since there’s not many YT vids to watch

  • My sleeping pills make me binge on the regular. I feel full and fine then after taking ambien I get the mental urge to go binge. This is slowly killing me.

  • Heres something way more easier
    Grab a plate
    Grab a slice of bread and put it on the plate
    Cut up cheese then put on toast about covering the whole toast put in microwave until melting and bubbleing the add some ketchup on top cut it up and enjoy

  • You are right, i dont want a salad at night unless I had a taste for spaghetti and wanted it to go with it. I was debating on eating avocado, salsa and horchata but i dont need it. Ive been feeling full lately and hoping this fasting will help and not eating past 7pm.

  • I guess that all the people watching this with some sense will know that they meant to make them in advance and bake or fry at night☺️☺️

  • I have a banana and 2 tbls of all natural peanut butter for a mid morning snack almost every day. I understand you are saying this is not a good combo?

  • I’m typing this while on my 3rd box of pizza for the night and i still have 1 more to go. Its okay though, this is going to be my final cheat day for 6 months. I currently weigh 480 and by the start of 2021 i want to get down to 250. ��������

  • me: craves for something late at night.
    me: searches “how to stop night cravings”
    me: found this video and started watching it.
    me: ow yeah i can cook this.

    my mind: nah, you’re broke and don’t know how to cook, remember? and besides you are lazy.

  • Robber: What are you doing it’s 3 AM
    Me: What does it look like, I’m making a late night snack, duh
    Proceeds to whip out deep fryer and waffle iron

  • wow thank you, it”s 12:10 pm now and I am considering if I should eat a cake, lucky that I watch your video, I think I should go to bed now, with an empty stomach but good for my health <3

  • Me and my mom chilling and watching TV in the living room at 2am

    Mom: I’m a bit hungry, can you make us a snack?

    Me: K

    My mom: What is taking so long, it’s been 45 minutes?!

    Me: Chill, I’m waiting for the garlic parmesan potato wedges to cool

  • Let’s be honest all ppl we all just gonna grab a pack of doritos

    We’re all just here coz we bored in quarantine no one would actually make these

  • 6:09
    mom:honey why do you have 5 sticks of butter at 4 am?

  • Me: walks to kitchen

    My mom:What are you doing

    Me:well I was trying to make mini calzones but we don’t only have half the ingredients so I’m going to chick-fale

    My mom:Clean up this freakin mess