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Breakfast Wraps: Same concept as the sandwiches, but wrap the fillings (try black beans, eggs, potatoes and salsa) in a whole-grain tortilla and freeze. Overnight Oats: This can easily be made in a large batch for a healthy whole-grain meal to grab each morning. Made with gluten-free oats plus quinoa, amaranth and flax, they’re an easy way to get in a healthy, filling breakfast packed with carbs, protein, fiber and a hefty dose of iron. You can make the oatmeal in three minutes either using boiling water or the microwave.

7 egg whites 1 whole egg 1 cup zucchini, grated 1 cup yellow squash, grated 1⁄2 cup sweet potato, grated 2 tbsp chopped chives Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper Olive oil spray. When it comes to athletes, a decent breakfast should contain 500-750 calories, consisting of roughly 50% carbs, 30% from protein and 20% from healthy fats. Ideal carb sources are fiber-loaded fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals and whole grain breads; to meet the protein and healthy fat requirements, opt for nuts, seeds, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and lean meats. 24 Healthy Breakfasts Fit For Athletes Oatmeals.

When I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts drift to food. First, I stumble my way to the kitchen Eggs ‘N Things. As a nutrition science major at University of Connecticut, I eat this healthy breakfast every morning to Protein. Oatmeal has been proven to curb hunger cravings longer, which for growing athletes is helpful in getting them to their next meal. Plain steel cut, rolled and instant oats generally have the same nutritional value but watch out for flavored oats as they may.

You can pre-make homemade breakfast burritos by simply scrambling eggs with onions, cooked/diced potatoes, peppers, meat and cheese and then roll up in tortillas. Wrap in parchment paper and then stick in freezer safe bags and freeze. On a busy morning, just grab one out of the freezer and reheat in the microwave.

Mini egg cups (with veggies, sausage, bacon, etc) Slice of frittata or breakfast tart (warmed up or served cold/room temp) Breakfast casserole/baked omelets. Pancake sandwiches (with peanut butter, cream cheese and jam, Nutella, etc.) Waffles or waffle sandwiches. Make your frittata in a muffin pan instead of a cast iron skillet, and you’ll have grab-and-go eggs for days. Heatherfills these with vegetables and. 8 Avocado Toast with Hard-Boiled Egg.

Solmaz Chandler. Avocado toast is already pretty perfect, but when you add peas, fresh herbs, and a boiled egg, you.

List of related literature:

Prepare Grab-and-Go Breakfasts Because many athletes struggle with the need for grab-and-go breakfasts, coming up with a list of options and posting them on the refrigerator or in the notes on your smart phone is a big help.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
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At Wisconsin, the athletic department upgraded athletes’ breakfast options and provided an enhanced training table and refueling stations for its athletes.

“Financial Management in the Sport Industry” by Brown T Matthew
from Financial Management in the Sport Industry
by Brown T Matthew
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A refillable cup or mug with a tight-fitting lid and a box of zipper sandwich bags can help athletes make a portable breakfast.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
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Frozen fruits work well on top of hot cereals, pancakes, and waffles, and they are perfect for smoothies, which are great recovery drinks for endurance athletes.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
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It turns out to be an incredibly simple dish for any athlete who does not want to spend much time thinking about breakfast.

“The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” by Biju K. Thomas, Allen Lim, PhD
from The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes
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  • Yes more easy breakfasts please. I do 1/3 cup oats, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 2/3 cup cashew milk. It’s a great base-then you can add Pb, fruit, etc.

  • The oats look good and making it the night before always helps in those hard choices in the morning as to weather cook or grab a quick meal thanks for sharing

  • this is a great video, but girl please invest in a proper large vegetable knife, it will make your life so much easier and is an acquisition for a life time.

  • No matter the time, always feel a bit happier after watching; get so excited to potentially try out all your suggestions! Thankyou so so much Mina ��

  • i’m not a chocolate lover, at all… but, i seriously might have to make the oatmeal brownies! thank you for these easy, yummy looking recipes!:)

  • As far as gelatinizing goes, blending in a little chia seed powder might help. Whenever I make chia pudding, I blend the ingredients because I hate the texture of the whole seeds, but you can actually buy chia seed powder online. I don’t know the best ratio, I usually just eyeball these things.

  • For someone who doesn’t eat eggs unless it’s in the form of a cake what could I replace the eggs with in the first dish? (The one with the potatoes)

  • I really love your videos, you are very good as a YouTuber and always show us really good recipes, I include lots of them in my meals. Love from Portugal!
    Keep going with this channel, you deserve lots of success.

  • Ah, these look great! I’ve challenged myself to take on a 7 day vegan challenge (for some reason. I’m not sure, I guess I’m that bored.) And I’ve been surfing the web for simple recipes that I can make.

  • This is so well planned. You’ve taken care that Hailey has a good breakfast and a mid-morning snack daily. And all of this is prepped and stored quickly!
    You are one thoughtful lady.

  • I definitely gonna make these baked oatmeal �� and where do I get this vegan chili mayo u used for the bread with tofu spread? (I guess it is the Mayo)

  • Vielleicht hat jemand Lust mir zu helfen: gibt es beim Thema Tofu Unterschiede was Marken angeht? Schmecken die unterschiedlich? Hab schon ein, zwei mal versucht Tofu zuzubereiten aber das hat mir bisher nie so 100% geschmeckt. Will aber nicht aufgeben! Hat jemand Tips, bzw eine Marke zu empfehlen oder ein Rezept? Ich bin nicht unbedingt daran interessiert dass es Fleisch ersetzt, hauptsache es schmeckt nach irgendwas:P

  • I tried to make the chocolatey oatmeal by memory and may have ground up the oats instead of keeping them whole. lol. It turned out good! I left out the oil and drizzled some peanut butter on top. Really enjoyed it:) Thanks for the idea! I love your channel <3

  • I love your recipies:3 do you have an alternative to coconut oil/cream…? I’d love to incorporate more vegan recipies into my life but I’m allergic to coconut:( so its vegetarian for me

  • For the feta cheese I haven’t made any vegan options myself, but I come from a Mediterranean family, so I used to eat feta cheese a lot. If you want it to resemble feta cheese, I think you must use yogurt bacteria for it to give it the “cheese development flavor” at least a bit. Those bacterias are in some soy yogurts so you can add a tbsp or sth like that. You should also add a lot of oil to it! Feta is greesy, even if you don’t taste it that way but good feta cheese has 40-60% fat to it. After firming up, you need to put it into a salt solution and let it develop its flavor. It was done for preserving, because it’s hot down there and there were no refrigerators. I hope I could help you:)

  • Have you been to Barcomis? it’s a cafe in berlin with loads of vegan options, if I remember correctly. I was there a few years ago, so it’d be great to hear your thoughts on the place��

  • I love your videos. I’m not a mom yet, but I use a lot of your recipes for my family and they love all of them:) Thanks for sharing this. You are blessing so many people and families with your knowledge!

  • I try to make the cookies, and they were a mess… I had to thrown away all the mix because it was impossible to hold them together ��

  • You could try using Palmin Kokosfett, which you can find at Rewe, Edeka,… it’s basically coconut oil with a neutral flavor but with the same melting/hardening properties

  • Have someone ever told you that your voice sounds like Vanessa hudgens? so sweet and nice. also I LOVE these recipies well done have to try that tofu-creamcheese. looks lush! x

  • About the egg muffin mixture, where is the recipe from? You mentioned there being a recipe but didn’t reference where to find it. Please help, how much hash browns, cheese, eggs, bacon?

  • I think draining the tofu would be the best idea since there’s so much water in the tofu and the consistency of the cheeze was basically cream cheeze because of the water content so yeah.. just an idea XD

  • Nur mal so aus Interesse.. ich hab gelesen, dass Sojaprodukte die Eisenaufnahme hemmen.. und du verwendest ja sehr oft Sojaprodukte.. Ich persönlich versuche immer Sojaprodukte aus oben genanntem Grund zu vermeiden^^ Ist das jetzt unnötig oder achtest du gar nicht aus sowas?^^

  • To the get vengan feta solid what I do is that instead of blending it, I cut it into cubes and then I marinade it with de oil, the vinegar, the lemon juice, some caper liquid and some nutritional yeast, salt and garlic powder, and maybe some dryed herbs

  • Wie wärs mit agaragar für den Feta Käse? Einige Rezepte für cashew Käse sind damit also klappt Tofu Feta Käse damit bestimmt auch:)

  • for your feta recipe you can use unscented coconut oil! you can find it at Bio company or Alnatura:) Love you! Cheers from P-Berg:)

  • Hey! Question: are the dates you used for the last recipe fresh or dried? And do you have tips when buying dates? Something I should keep in mind? (I have never bought or used dates before lol)

  • Ich fände es cool, wenn du mal ein Video machst, in dem du alle Zutaten von Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist an einem Tag benutzt!

  • How do you make the muffins from the Kodiak Cake pancake mix? I have some in the pantry that’s been sitting there for a while because I’m not a huge make pancake person lol

  • Tay! If you were to recommend only one Level 1 1stPhorm flavor which one would it be? I am wanting to use it to make the brownie batter and the shakes you used to always post on your instagram stories ��������

  • Loved it! But alsoo… i dont think anyone out there puts the banana with the peel on in the freezer haha, we all peel it and cut it in half and froze it in a small container, at least thats me since I can remember lol

  • When you first tried spinach did you like it and were you like popeye where he squeezed the can and he shot the entire thing in his mouth it took me weeks to get used to it now I eat it daily I didn’t like it at first is it possible to do a full hour or 30 minute grocery store haul at the store for vegetarian & healthy

  • Lol I have that dress but its sleeveless! So light & beautiful. I’m so excited about the 1phorm challenge! I messaged you on my dashboard but never got a response.

  • I like to beat my eggs in a bowl then pour into muffin tin into sprayed tin liners then add toppings then bake them freeze. Sometimes tin liners fall off but that’s ok, still easy clean up!

  • I just love watching you cook and putting together all these meals without complaining that it is hard or anything. You just do what seems right and it always turns out at least just fine!
    Keep making all the awesome content:-)

  • Hvala Miha za super video.:D Bom vesel še kakšnega takega z nasveti za zdravo, poceni in hitro pripravljeno (ali pa tudi počasi) hrano za športnike in vse, ki se radi rekreiramo.

  • Lazy? Not! You are always on the go, I can’t believe how much you get done❤. Thank you for all the wonderful meal tips.
    I do have suggestions for quick breakfasts, because like you I am always on the go to various Drs appts with my kiddos. So snacks, to go meals that are healthy and homemade are always the way to go. Some of the breakfasts we have are bagels with cream cheese and jelly or another topping of choice. Breakfast burittos, tacos, inside out biscuits and gravy (which happens to be one of my kiddos absolute favs) or just plain whole grain toast with peanut butter and bannas.❤

  • The egg muffins are alot better if u add a little butter n milk and use a mixer of your choosing. It just makes them more fluffy and light instead of dense. Also if u do it this way u dont need liners cause the butter helps them come out clean.

  • The tomato and bean paste/dip thing got me really excited for some reason. It just seemed like an interesting item that is both seemingly quite nutritious and not something you see on every other vegan eat in a day video. Can’t wait to try it, sounds delicious.

  • I went pescatarian for two weeks, and after that, vegan for two weeks. Now I cannot eat the same amount of meat that I used to. I’m mostly eating fish because eating meat makes me feel weird. It does not feel pleasant and my stomach feels as if I digested literal fat, lol. It’s so odd. I actually followed many of your recipes and I ate tofu for the first time! I LOVED IT. I did some spinach tortillas and had them with fried tofu, baba ganoush and Mexican salsa. Oh, and vegan cheddar cheese. Thank you for your amazing videos!

  • Can i just say, as a semi-new mother of two (i have a 3yo and a 9m old) I LOVE watching your videos! not only are you hilarious and fun to watch, but ive learned a lot about saving money, shopping and cooking smart just from watching your videos! which was much needed as we’ve picked up a car payment and have had to really put a budget in place. THANK YOU for being you and for sharing part of your life on the internet!!

  • Anyone interested I love my silicone muffin liners. I put them on cookie sheet to cook them. Then I pop muffins out of them before I put the muffins in a storage container. I have also made meatloaf cups in them. Only issue is I cook everything below 400 degrees F.

  • I just made some of the egg muffins but added chorizo and spinach. They came out so good and are the perfect grab and go breakfast for my husband.

  • Shes gone 14 hrs a day every schoolday? Wow that is crazy, you only have 3 more years with her and you only see her an hour a day? Or maybe 2 hrs. I could never ever do that, I would really miss my kids to much, it’s why i homeschool, i cant send them to be raised by others for 10 to 15 hrs a day, we only have time with them for such a short period, they can do all the other stuff when they are in college.

  • I used to watch that show when it aired! So interesting! Got so many tips and tricks from it, including the cash jars totally worked for us

  • This is great! Not that I never tried these ideas, but thanks for putting this back on my radar �� This time around I only focused on dinners, but since I believe we’ll need to be careful all year, I will incorporate these ideas for my next round. It will be nice to work on these slowly so that we can have egg breakfasts in the future, and not constant oatmeal and carbs������ You are awesome!

  • Great recipes!! I wanted tti share every week I make egg cups for our breakfasts.. is similar to the ones you made but I put 1 slice of deli meat or 2 pepperoni in a muffin pan, crack up 18 eggs add heavy cream, onion powder and pepper mix in my kitchenaid mixer pour 1/4 way on top of meat top with cheese bake 425′ for 15-20 minutes!! I’ve tried it with sausage too Delish!!!

  • Easier to put ham slices in the bottom for it with an egg in it for removal. For future reference Christine. Also adds more flavor.

  • I’m lazy…NOT…you’re not lazy you’re busy and amazing thx for all the info and recipes love your channel cheers from Canada

  • A breakfast muffin that I like is made by lining the muffin tin with 1 or 2 strips of bacon and then filling the cup with scrambled eggs, green onion, and cheese.

  • I like to make muffins too, but hate the papers. I found a jar lid that fit the bottom of my tins and used it to trace circles on parchment paper, which I cut out at odd moments, during tv or something. It’s a good compromise for me, grease the sides, parchment circle on the bottom. Good for your busy daughter learning solutions to ease her schedule. You’re a thoughtful Mom. I call that kitchen gadget the kerchunka.

  • I make French toast and freeze or just keep in frig, easy to pop in toaster. I do this a lot with old bread that I want to use up.

  • Once she gets her license, you should do about Oh… about 50 to 100 hours of night driving with her! (Maybe about an hour or two at a time per night?)

    Before she drives herself at night, FOR THE FIRST TIME… ALONE AT NIGHT(!) she NEEDS to practice driving at night WITH you in the front seat of the car with her!!

    Considerate extra training. Especially if it rains! Or is foggy!

  • Either instead of whole wheat if you are out, or you can even add it with it it’s also add some oatmeal to it. Definitely cinnamon, and Nuts if you have them and are not allergic to them. And maybe a little bit of shredded coconut? And bananas. Or a can of pumpkin pie filling!

  • Some people say “why spray the liners?” but I say:

    It is an absolute MUST!!!! ��❤️❤️❤️❤️����������

    If you have ever eaten a muffin or a cupcake where is the paper really really stuck to the food and you couldn’t even peel it off, you’ll understand why it is T—H—E best idea to spray your paper liners with cooking oil BEFORE filling them with the food! (No matter what kind of food it is you’re pulling into them!!) Spray those paper liners! ����❤️❤️❤️❤️��������������

  • Yeah.the “lady who comes to fix em” rings a bell to me!! I love that show where the lady who gives financial advice on person advice. ��I forgot the name of the show.

  • Have you seen Korean Egg breads? It’s essentially pancake batter, topped with a raw egg and a slice of cheese or bacon then baked in an oven. It’s so good and a perfect breakfast on the go, it’ll work in a muffin pan vs the special plans they have in korea

  • Love your videos, I enjoy the no-nonsense pragmatic approach to home cooking and having a busy household! You leverage the importance of doing large quantities because if you are going to make a mess, make a big mess all at once and make a lot more with it.

  • You can also put all the breakfast bowl ingredients into ziplock bags and just hear them in there and eat if you dont want the bulk tupperware in the freezer. The omelette muffins are good, but I prefer the breakfast bowls, food separated lol

  • Oh my God I love till death do us part! I wish that show was still going and to bring back some of the couples to see if they’re still together.

  • Du kannst statt Kokosöl Kokosfett verwenden, hat den gleichen Effekt ist aber geschmacksneutral:) Wir hatten das gleiche “Problem”, als wir versucht haben veganes Schmalz zu machen und Kokosöl mit Kokosfett zu ersetzen war die Lösung 😉

  • Other options instead of cupcake liners: wonton shells or deli meat! They both pop out super easily (after spraying of course). Great ideas!

  • I do basically what you do for breakfast bowls in my breakfast burritos! Potatoes, eggs, sausage, cheese and salsa. I butter a tortilla and wrap it up. Then I heat it on the George Foreman �� my kids are mostly grown up and moved out, but athletic kids eat a LOT! They burn so many calories, it’s hard to keep them full!

  • If you spray the inside of the paper cups before baking you egg cups they don’t stick to the paper. Love your channel. Lots of love from Canada!

  • Yay! Hooray for Gail Vaz Oxlade. I’m obsessed with Til Debt do us Part! If you see the “physician, heal thyself” one, that couple is in my ward! They filmed it like 10 years ago and I don’t have the nerve to ask her how their finances are doing now. But every time I see her, I want to!! Hahahaha!

  • When it comes to vegan feta cheese made from tofu I’ve heard a recepie that was about cutting the tofu into cubes and putting it into the jar with leftover sour pickle water for 1-2 days and then it should be taste like proper feta. BUT I’ve never tried it yet as I don’t eat sour pickles and still waiting for my flatmate to finish one!

  • Congrats Hailey for starting drivers ed!!!! Love this video and will definitely be trying the omelet in a tin recipe and the muffin recipe. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I just clicked on this video to find some on the run recipes and when I tell you, I am on the floor laughing at the daughter taking driver’s ed part of the video…..LOL!!!!!! You are HILARIOUS!…and your recipe ideas are really great too, I look forward to trying them. Thank you kindly for taking the time to not only share your wonderful tips, but also for adding some comedy to my day. Wishing you continued blessings.

  • I find there’s a drawback with the egg muffins no matter how you do it, so you gotta pick your poison, lol. Without liners, hard to clean muffin pan. With paper liners, they stick to the liner so you waste food! With silicone liners, some still sticks to those and then you have to clean them and they can be tricky to clean too. Paper is easiest but of course more wasteful. Ya can’t win 100%! Hahaha.

  • You’re such a good momma! �� My daughter got her license 2 weeks ago ��. Her schedule is similar to Hailey’s. I don’t know how they do it!!!

  • I wish drivers ed was part of school here in Ireland, 31 and learning is a decade long saga between anxiety and medication stopping me from driving. Insurance is finally affordable for me (less than €3000) so that’s a positive.

  • She is one busy girl. Good job mama. I think she might like Baked Oatmeal with fruit…peaches, apples, cranberries, blueberries nuts,  raisins…bake and cut into squares a very good on the go breakfast. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • We love egg muffin cups!☺ I chop peppers, onions, pepperoni, then add shredded cheese, salt & pepper. I fill the greased muffin tins with the mixture then scramble eggs and pour over the filling. It works great. ��Thanks for all of your great videos! ��

  • I spray first. Then lay in a big pinch of taters or 1 tater tot or some diced up left over FF. I put in any diced veggies or meat, pour in the eggs, pinch of cheese. Bake 25 minutes. Only sticks when I forget to spray.

  • I make breakfast sandwiches for myself for work at least two weeks at a time and freeze them. As long as they’re in the fridge by the night before, one minute in the microwave and they’re good to go! I use the two-ingredient dough bagels, a piece of cheese, a piece or two of Canadian bacon or ham lunch meat, and 1/12 of a pan of baked scrambled eggs. So good!

  • Lately we’ve been all about egg/ham/salsa breakfast burritos since we have laying chickens and plenty of tomatoes and peppers still coming from the garden. Wrapped in Saran they heat in a minute. ��������

  • Tell me about it! My son turned 16 last month and he eats SO MUCH. I made pumpkin spice muffins today with the last of my pumpkin from last October. I love cold weather! input gif of spongebob I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! ❤��

  • We do a lot of breakfast burritos. Take everything you put in your breakfast bowls and just wrap it all up in a tortilla. They freeze great and are easy to eat in the car.