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The Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite Clay Benefits Bentonite’s clay ability to absorb and decrease the toxic effects of aflatoxins has the largest body of clinical support compared to its other purported benefits. Aflatoxins are toxic byproducts produced by certain fungi in and of foods consumed by humans and feeds consumed by livestock. I. Bentonite clay is now used in a variety of homemade skin care products. Some are made into products such as hair and face masks, homemade re-mineralization clay toothpastes and tooth powders, baths for drawing heavy metals away from the body, skin calming lotions, deodorants, soaps, and even makeup.

Bentonite clay may be beneficial because it can aid the body in eliminating toxins, which can, in turn, help reduce inflammation. Bentonite clay is made from volcanic ash, and is harvested mostly in the U.S., France, and Italy. The largest source of bentonite clay is found in Fort Benton in Wyoming (hence the name).

Studies show bentonite clay may help with: Allergic reactions to poison ivy and poison oak. Hand dermatitis. Diaper rash. Skin infections or ulcers.

Sunscreen protection. Continued. Test a little. Throughout history, bentonite clay was used by medical doctors because they claimed it had many healing properties.

They would use the clay for all types of ailments, treating issues inside and outside of the body. Some people think of bentonite clay as the all-purpose answer to many common health issues. Bentonite clay has a range of health benefits, mainly due to its detoxifying abilities.

It can is capable of attracting substances that are toxic. The average person is exposed to all sorts of toxins. Cleaning supplies, paint, and other frequently used products all exude toxins. It also absorbs and removes toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

Because of this, bentonite clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. Common external uses include poultices, mud packs, detox baths, and skin care recipes. Some (including myself) even use it internally. The Benefits of Clay.

It is also important to weigh the benefits of bentonite clay when determining if it is safe to use. I’ve written in depth about the scientifically backed benefits of bentonite clay, but to summarize: Bentonite carries a strong negative charge which allows it to bond to chemicals and heavy metals within the body and. Bentonite clay’s composition makes it a useful supplement in its own right—even if you overlook the other health benefits. The regularly consumption of Bentonite clay can help you get the nutrients that so many people lack.

It’s a rich source of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, copper, iron, silica, and potassium (15). Bentonite clay supports normal digestion, bacterial balance, the immune system, the liver, the body’s natural detoxification abilities, and more. Let’s look at the science behind the health benefits of bentonite clay.

1. Detoxes the Digestive Tract.

List of related literature:

The overlapping of the two terms is particularly evident where both bentonite and nonbentonite fuller’s earth are used for the same purposes or products, such as in drilling muds, bleaching or clarifying fats and oils, and carriers for insecticides and fertilizers.

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Importance of bentonite constituents:

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Bentonite has a wide variety of uses including foundry, animal feed, drilling mud, absorbent, industrial, and specialty uses.

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All used bentonite as the base for their fluids and tinkered with the additives, improving their effectiveness over time.

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Bentonite is the only commercial clay now used in significant amounts in fresh water muds.

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Part 1: bentonite properties and speck control efficiency.

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The name bentonite is popularly used for a range of natural clay minerals of the smectite group, principally potassium, calcium and sodium montmorillonites derived from the weathering of feldspars.

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For management honey, soaps, mineral waters and baths, often containing sulphur, were applied in the ancient Roman Empire for cleaning and drying out the skin, as mentioned by Celsus (first century ad) in his “De Medicina”, a major source of Greco-Roman medicine.

“Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea” by Christos C. Zouboulis, Andreas D. Katsambas, Albert M. Kligman
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In the last two decades, clay minerals have been extensively tested for adsorbing and detoxifying aflatoxins, harmful by-products of mold growth (Jaynes et al., 2007), and used as additives in animal feeds (Phillips, 1999).

“Handbook of Clay Science” by Faïza Bergaya, G. Lagaly
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It does not have extensive use in the United States, because of the abundance of the more active sodiumbentonite, but is commonly used in Europe where sodium bentonite is not widely available.

“Practical Handbook of Grouting: Soil, Rock, and Structures” by James Warner
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  • Look up The Dirt toothpaste. It’s a bentonite clay tooth powder. After 3 months of using it, I’ve already naturally removed plaque from my teeth!

  • In your MTHFR video you claim heavy metals are super hard for mthfr people and we are best to avoid heavy metals because we suffer from bad detox. So my question is: is it still safe for mthfr people because it’s full of lead and other metals? Is it still safe us, is the lead and heavy metals absorbed if the person has leaky gut?

  • That’s why I almost never use makeup. The only makeup I use is vegan, cruelty free and based on clays, minerals and plants with no artificial ingredients in them. I make my own face creams.

  • I saw Perry A interview  by Adam Abraham where she mentioned that the minerals in Calcium Bentonite clay are not absorbed by the body.

  • I bought the Aztec bentonite clay for my face and hair….will I need to buy a food grade type for toothpaste and to drink??? If so, where can I find food grade?

  • Love the video. I took some recommended dosages and after two days I had the most comforting #2. I suffer from constipation and what a relief it is to have normal well formed eliminations.

  • I have sodium bentonite clay. Is It ok to use as toothpaste or is that considered internal use?? Or do I have to get calcium bentonite for toothpaste?

  • This helped my keto rash. I applied it as a mask to the back of my neck. No more itching/inflammation. I’m also drinking it to see if that helps my rash too.

  • Do you know how long one should stay on a detox with BC? I’ve been drinking a glass once a day for about a month & have some good & bad results. My blood pressure has dropped about 20 pts which is what I wanted it to do, great. But the toxins are coming out on my skin in the form of red bumps similar looking to mosquitoes bites that itch like crazy.

  • Hey everyone, I have been drinking it now for a full week and I wonder if I should drink every single day? Does it have any side effects ingesting it daily? So far I feel wonderful. Also I fast all day till 6 pm and try to limit my eating by one portion to not disturb my gut much. It gives me such clarity that I can’t get enough of. Thank you!

  • What is the life of the Bentonite if taken orally? I ask because I hear it activates with water but once you take it and it absorbs metals I’m sure if the activation dies out after a certain time then it drops the metals?
    I just meant to know how often?
    I know the ALA should be taken every 3-4 hours but I rather use Bentonite.
    Please help!

  • Good information. Although hard to concentrate on when I can hear 1 of my favorite songs from Earth, Wind & Fire. ������”You will find peace of mind…”�������� (that is if I remember the lyrics correctly ) LOL

  • Holy smokes! Thank you I see you haven’t done a video on diatomaceous earth, I would really like to know your take on it in comparison to bentonite clay.

  • great vid…. quick question tho…. I just bought some today from whole foods….. it says calcium bentonite clay… can I still use it externally as a face and hair mask? and still great results? or do I need to return it and look for sodium clay?

  • I was watching a nature programme tonight and every animal including the apes were going down to the mud to eat for the minerals and for and for the bacteria killing properties. Its no joke! great video

  • Great video and chanell I just started bentonite clay I hope to get healthy rated up and subbed from beautiful New Zealand.What an amazing decoritive house you have.

  • I always take it before and after I have any kind of CAT scan or x-ray of any type to get rid of the radiation.

    And it’s also good for remineralizing your teeth and needed nutrients for your hair growth

  • I love your channel! I am so amazed at your wealth of knowledge and love learning from you. I am learning soooo much! I stumbled on your channel and I am hooked. I have many health issues that I am overcoming naturally. Intestinal issues and immunity issues. I know the good Lord told me that He would heal me, but I also felt that He impressed on me that I would need to do some changes too. I have searched for many years for answers that I have found right here on your channel. You are amazing and a gift to all of us. Truly I feel that God lead me to go as natural as possible. My husband and I bought a 2 acre farm five years ago, and we have not started our homestead as we intended. Life got in the way. We have started! I am planting our garden and my daughter bought chickens and ducks. I began those changes, and was looking for more, and I found it here at Rain Country! Thank you! Thank God for you as well!

  • Hi Heidi! I love all your videos and I always learn something new! I just had a question about the Starwest Bentonite clay. It says on the front of the package that it contains an ingredient known to cause cancer and birth defects. �� Why would that be if it’s safe to ingest?

  • As far as my research has shown, all clays have aluminum and should never be consumed orally! Including Zeolytes! We now know aluminum is a major contributor to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Major metal detoxification must be adhered to if you consumed or are consuming these products. As far as I know, no company that supplies these products for human consumption, ( grade) they do not extract any of the aluminum. Do your own research.

  • Oh my face turns red to you but I’m pretty sure it’s just because how do you ride it gets and then if you move at all like if you smile it kind of pulls your skin and it’s like in the winter time when your face gets really dry I kind of like hurts if you leave it on too long and it dries too much but once I rinsed it With cool water and moisturized…. it disappears within 15/20 min maybe. I just wanted to let you know I’m pretty sure it’s just from the drying effect and pulling on your skin when you move or just from drying that is making your face red. It does shrink a lot and pulls on your skin but oh my God it is truly magical I just got it and I’ve had this pimple on my cheek for four years and I used it for three days and I think it came out I’m still watching it to see what happens and if it’s truly gone. Thank you for making this!!I wish I knew about this so much sooner geez!! Love this stuff

  • Not only does going thru your link help you, it gives us a discount, too. I have some bentonite clay but its been sitting for two years…why? Because a rat got in and tore up stuff in the cabinet and he tore into a corner of it and some spilled. I am afraid he may have touched some that is still in the bag and so I won’t use it…but keeping thinking there must be a way I could still use it, just not on my body. Any ideas?

  • Is the toxins that the clay removed in your poop and urine? I took some for the first time today and my stools look really dark and kind of small and broken up, is this a good thing. Thanks for any information.

  • So I looked at my frontier bentonite clay today to see which kind it is and it says DO NOT USE INTERNALLY OR FOR TOOTH POWDER oops, too late �� wonder why?????

  • Fun fact: food grade bentonite is found in incredible places. The most popular being soft-serve ice cream in most fast food locations, as well as many gravies i.e. KFC’s gravy. Unfortunately it’s substituting instead of supplementing in these situations.

  • I would think that people who takes medecines…might be better not to take it at least two hours either before or after..medecines absorption…��������❤️

  • Easy homemade bentonite clay toothpaste
    Please like my Facebook page Much Love!!

  • I’ve been to 2 nature stores looking for bentonite clay and they both had 6% aluminum in them. Is this ok to eat since it adsorbs so much? What do you think about the liquid bentonite?

  • You don’t want calcium bentonite. Natural bentonite is sodium bentonite. Calcium bentonite is just sodium bentonite with a lot of industrially processed calcium added to it. This no good for you whatsoever. The injuns didn’t consume this garbage. Neither should you.

  • Hi, in 1982 I was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Dr.was baffled & not encouraging. Older local cattleman (In Cody, Wyoming) gave me bentonite clay. Said he used it on cattle. I know that’s what saved me. Doctor was beyond impressed. Blessings to you.

  • Oh goodness Heidi you make me so much smarter ��. Love the video! I also put bentonite clay in some of my soaps and tooth powder but didn’t realize just how good it is for our health thank you so much for sharing��. Love and blessings ❤️

  • I use it with activated charcoal and aloe Vera gel mixed into a paste for stings, spider bites and tick bites. My family will come to me immediately with a sting or bite and ask me to mix it up for them. Works almost immediately for the pain and left on for a little while, the whelp will go away.

  • I have a couple of bags of bentonite clay powder from Starwest Botanicals and the packaging says it could cause cancer because of the exposure to lead, according to California standards……but then again I have no faith in Cali standards. I made the tooth powder you recommended and it’s wonderful, what’s your thoughts on Cali standards?

  • I heard that we shouldn’t allow bentonite to dry on the skin as it can damage it. If I use it on my face and allow it to completely dry my face burns and turns strawberry red. Don’t allow it to completely dry. Mixing with honey can help keep it moist. Just FYI. Thank you! ��

  • I use it in my tooth powder and a face mask, but my main use is medicinal. It is a key ingredient in my spider bite treatment and shallow wound treatment.

  • We used bentonite clay mixed with myrrh, comfrey root, goldenseal, bayberry root and slippery elm (all powders) on a deep wound (from abscess surgery), and it worked great. Then we found organic papaya and mixed blended papaya (with a skin) with the same herbal powder mix, and that worked, we felt, even faster. Don’t get scared when you see yellowish coloring dispersed in healing deep wounds as that is the new layers of skin building. Doctor said wound was healing beautifully.

  • Hello, Great information and I learn some things that I did not know about. I do have a question. Since the clay hardens when used as a clay mask, would it harden up when taken internally in a drink? I would really like to use it as a detox drink but nervous that it would harden somewhere in the digestive system. I am going to look at all the links right after this. Thank you for sharing, God bless, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • I now use this clay internally,and it helps me with the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Thanks for bringing this clay to my attention,Dr Berg…

  • You are such a wealth of information. I am so glad I found your channel, you have really helped me in so many ways. Thank you for all you do.

  • Heidi,
    do you get the Bentonite Clay that is food grade? I was told that it had to be food grade to ingest Wow what good information Heidi! We have been using the foot powder Heidi, and it has helped with Rick, as the doctors are not sure what type of rash he get, they are thinking he has ecaema, and it itchy and he scratches so hard that it bleeds. Well since using the foot powder with tea tree it has been very good. We have had many test done on him to see what the problems is and we thought it was dairy, and they said he did not have a dairy allergy ; but when he eat ice cream, half and half, whipping cream, cream cheese, sour cream, that is when it get very bad.

  • I’m new to this bentonite clay stuff. was looking on how to make toothpaste out of it. I will have to ask my nutritionist at dialysis if it’s ok for me to drink due to my kidney failure. Anyhow, thanks for the video and wow, you’re very handsome. Blessings, Love & Light to all and to all a good night lol. night

  • I am taking green clay in a glass of water, every morning. But some say to take the water next day leaving the clay at the bottom, on the contrary, others recommend to stir up the mixture and drink it all. As I am afraid to get constipated, I am drinking the water, only. Anyone could advise me on this point? Thanks.

  • I heard that you can use it,to detox your scalp too,which may very well aid in a healthy scalp,and hair growth.Is there any truth to this claim.

  • Any recommendations where to buy and what brand! I know about the 2 brands not to buy as they are associated with lead ( Bentonite Me Baby by Alikay Naturals and Best Bentonite Clay by Best Bentonite)