Ballerina Misty Copeland’s Method of Eating Healthily


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For breakfast, she suggests pairing her signature bran muffins with high-fiber blender jam, 6 ounces of Greek yogurt and coffee or tea. For lunch, Copeland’s basic formula of Act 1 foods with Act 2 vegetables means a salad like her colorful shrimp. Although the ballerina is a devoted Seamless fan (because it’s fast, easy, and allows her to choose from plenty of healthy options), Copeland loves to cook—and not only because it’s actually a ton of fun. “It’s nice to know what’s in your food. You know what you’re eating,” she shared in a recent interview. So roll up your sleeves and get.

As a professional ballerina and dancer myself, I sincerely appreciate Misty Copeland in many regards to her as performer, woman, activist, Under Armour model, and groundbreaking author. And now her guide to eating and dancing to one’s ideal body is not only for. Misty shared that she likes to “carry [my] own small bites so [I] don’t wind up grabbing whatever’s available — and often not so healthy — when hunger pangs hit.” Misty loves nuts and fruits, as they’re easy to tuck into a bag and are tasty enough to satisfy cravings for salty or sweet.

As Copeland demonstrates, yes, ballerinas eat. But what’s important to note is that a ballerina like Copeland eats to live, not lives to eat. As she told People, she “never looked at food as nutrition” until she discovered ballet at age 13.

Misty Copeland’s fit figure Listening to what your body need is the key for this Ballerina. When her body needs proteins, she has them and when her body needs proper hydration, she drinks a lot of water. A good diet is all about listening to your body and responding to that.

Copeland—who partnered up with Naked to launch Naked Fruit, Nut & Veggie Bars, the company’s first product beyond smoothies and juices—follows a pescetarian diet, but aside from cutting out. Eating good fats in foods like avocados and nuts can actually improve your performance and help give you a strong, lean ballerina body. Misty used to eat a box of doughnuts when she was feeling anxious only to wake up feeling sluggish, bloated and zapped of energy. She was gaining weight and had pressure from the ballet company to slim down. Copeland is also a published author (her book, Ballerina Body, came out last year) and an accomplished fashionista (her Inspired By Misty collaboration with.

At lunchtime, Copeland tucks into a spinach salad, which she tops with dried cranberries, a light vinaigrette, and three more sources of healthy fat: goat cheese, pecans, and avocado.

List of related literature:

She also reminded dancers that ballet was not a very aerobic exercise and that each class might burn only 200–300 calories, so it was important they balance exercising with a healthy diet.

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Like her approach to physical activity, Kirsten has always made an effort to eat as naturally as possible.

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Last year, Charice Thomson, program director at LFSA, contacted Johanna Smith, dean of the school of health sciences at the local university, to see if the students in the nutrition science department would be willing to offer some nutrition classes for her clients.

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After seeing her website listed on one of my favorite blogs in April 2016, I started adding more healthy fats to my diet, cut way back on sugar and simple carbs, and amped up my intake of whole foods.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
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She is also the founder of Nourish Snacks, a monthly columnist for Woman’s Day magazine, and the official nutritionist for the New York City Ballet.

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She led a successful Nutritional Sciences at Surrey application for the 2017/2018 Queen’s Anniversary Prize (QAP) for Further & Higher Education.

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She calls the Iroquois diet “varied, nutritious, and dependable”; the Bemba diet “monotonous, marginal,” and “interrupted by near-famine periods” (Tiffany, ed., 62–3).

“Mothers and Daughters of Invention: Notes for a Revised History of Technology” by Autumn Stanley
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Now, in the middle of her second semester, Kaitlyn is maintaining her weight and using the principles of variety, balance, and moderation to choose a nutrient-dense diet that minimizes her risks of developing heart disease and high blood pressure.

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In contrast, as we moved through rehearsal in this adaptation of TO, performers used Boal’s techniques to shape ideas into specific scenes about beauty pageants, diet plans, and food cravings.

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  • Medications for me I had bi polar and schizoid effective disorder sustained me then my hard work after 30 years my doctor approved me to completely get off of psychological medications. Eric Williams

  • if someone had told me id be watchin an ad for a ballerina course and actually considering signing up i’d be like “get the fuck outta here “

  • She makes a good point about anorexia, how can a person have the strength to perform some of the indicate steps if a dancer is anorexic.

  • She is a Beautiful and talented girl. it shouldn’t matter weather she’s Black and Hispanic but that she’s a human
    with talent who decided to do something with her life. as far as i am concerned there is only one race on this planet and that’s the human race. so i wish everyone would stop making these distinctions.
    Congratulations Misty!

  • Shes not perfect because shes a BAD dancer, she has made the US a laughing stock for pushing her up the ladder for political correctness, please.

  • People who don’t know ballet might be fooled by this but everyone else knows she’s a mediocre dancer who’s been promoted because of her skin colour and a backstory that was appealing to a sponsor and the media. If it wasn’t for the fact that American arts is dominated by private/corporate money, she wouldn’t fare well let her fight for a position at the ROH, ENB, Bolshoi, The Netherlands etc. She wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • I never really cared about politics, I mean I’m not even in high school, and I didn’t agree with everything Obama did.

    But when I saw his face on the video I was like I MISSSSS YOUUUUUU

  • Me: How do ballerinas walk on their tippy toes?
    Me: attempts to walk on tippy toes
    cracks a toe knuckle in the process
    Me: This was a bad idea….

  • Please! Where is the superhuman flexibility? For a ballet dancer this is the routine…Take a look inside Vaganova academy of russian ballet and then we can talk about extreme flexibility.

  • My dream is to become a principle dancer at ABT. Misty Copeland is my idol, and though I may not be someone of color, she is an inspiring person and I look up to her.

  • What a great interview. Misty Copeland is amazing and shows her healthy body and is true role model. President Obama I miss you. It was great when we had a president who was smart, kind and a role model to the world!

  • Can we please just respect Misty? No one ever said Misty was the one who made the title to this video.. I am a dancer and yes, these stretches are the standard of all dancers, it is not standard to an average person. Even the slightest lunge is hard to do for most people. Let Misty breathe golly!

  • Got dammit I fucking miss him and Michelle. I wish there was a way they could come back into the White House. And if any of you maga hat Don’t like it, that’s too bad don’t read anything else I write,

  • “Superhuman”? Hahaha? The propaganda machine doesn’t know what to do or say to make this woman look like an ultimate ballet star anymore…

  • Tbh I was also the only darker girl in my ballet class, everyone always looked down on me because of it. But I’m glad I didn’t gave up

  • Acting dignified is not enough for me to forgive Obama for FUCKING UP on Syria. He has a major role in the refugee crisis that we deal with today. Its a fact

  • Misty is a big inspiration to me. I do take ballet and sometimes it doesn’t meet my expectations I look at her on the poster in my room and say, well Misty probably hates warm up too?

  • WARNING: You cannot cancel auto-renewal without canceling your subscription entirely. MasterClass says that it will email you 1 month before it auto-renews you for another year. The problem is that MasterClass will spam you with at least one email per day! So if you unsubscribe from their mailing list than you will not get their autorenewal reminder. It’s just annoying that I have to set a reminder to cancel my subscription simply because MasterClass chooses to prevent me from canceling auto-renewal.

  • Sometimes, I feel insulted because Misty got onto pointe in THREE MONTHS!!!!! Some Dancer/Ballerinas have been working to get onto pointe WAYYYYYYYY longer than that.

  • this is well done by glamours creative team and ms. copeland. however, the shot of her bourreing on point is ugly. i hate her brown pointe shoes. id love to see her in some pink freeds on her gorgeous feet. it would of been softer, prettier, and in alignment with the soft pink theme that threads throughout this segment.

  • If more ballerinas looked like her more men would be interested in ballet… ballerinas nowadays are extremely thin, in my opinion Misty’s artistry, perfect technique and incredible talent proofs that excluding people who stand out from the crowd is not a winning mentality. In other words a dancer with beautiful lines, perfect and with curves deserves a chance too.

  • Toes forward don’t bulk the quads (fact). The arms are not heavy enough to build the shoulders (fact). Simply because this particular dancer is genetically built the way she is does not mean that a sub-maximal mean of training (ballet) can create a body like this for all!

    This type of generalisations stigmatise strength training for ballet dancers, an athletic art form that believes can go against physiology simply because “it was done like this many years ago”.

  • I waited to the end, suspicious, and yep. Confirmed. Oh so this is about racism, not ballet or work ethic to overcome lack of skill. “You’re not good enough = racism” (i.e. other people’s problems, not your own)

  • It’s weird seeing the most racist fucks on this Earth ask people to “drop racism” LMAO. Is it because you hate people recognizing and calling you out as racists? People will start dropping racism when you stop being racists.  I truly do understand why most of the world detests White Americans.  You’re so entitled and are a disgrace to the human race.  

  • All Ms,Copeland is saying is that it was difficult for her because in the ballet world, the idea is white, no breasts, butt, or curves, ; nothing to take away from the lines of the dance. Also you must start at an very early age and the training is brutal. She has proven them wrong because she overcame all of that and has shown them that it is possible to have excellency despite what the stereotype is. The same thing is going on in the world of modeling bone thin models versus “real” size models. Ms. Copeland is African-American, only one of 2 who has made it to this elite position. Her message is for all the little girls out there, black and white, but espescially black, to ignore the status quo and pursue your dream. She has certainly done that. I love ballet and have watch most of the principal dancers and this woman is magnificent.

  • I am not a professional ballet dancer. I am a 46 year old woman who takes ballet classes for fun, and dances all the time, every chance I get, because I love dancing. I used to study ballet as a teenager in hopes of becoming a professional dancer but that did not materialize. I quit for a long time and fell into anorexia nervosa for many years. I still exercised up to 3 hours per day (in addition to working full time) but the combination of exercising so much and eating too little really damaged my body. I now suffer with osteoporosis. I fought my way out of anorexia with lots of help and regained to a healthy weight four years ago, and when I began to recover mentally, my love of dancing resurfaced. Only a year ago did I find the courage to sign up for adult ballet classes. It has been a blessing in so many ways. It has improved my posture (which is crucial when you have low bone density), given me more confidence in my body, helped me appreciate my body and take care of it because ballet is hard work and I need energy and stamina so I can concentrate and be the best dancer I can be. I love that now I can dance for the sheer joy of it and not worry about making the next class level or whether I will ever be accepted by some company. I still get to perform with the school I go to (which is attached to a company). Dancing as an older adult is more freeing and is very beneficial to the body. I also support local talent and ballet/dance companies where I can. I often struggle with communicating feelings, but dancing gives me an outlet, a way of expressing myself when words just won’t do. It truly is an awesome endeavor and very much underappreciated.

  • Once we get completely rid of those we were born before 1970’s then yes, racism will leave. BLACK women have it the hardest and thats the truth we are only good for demeaning things and nothing good. It’s sad to say but we are not at the top of anything major which is why it is a fight for us…we have to always prove we are the best in anything we do. Regardless of what it may be. Its easy to say can we just let it go when its not you who are in the struggle.

  • One of my friends actually did have to go onstage to do a Kitri variation with wet nails. We were literally side stage before hand fanning her fingers relentlessly.

  • I think we should all ask Michaela Prince if race relations in America are holding her back. Or if there are other factors than inform violence against Black people and Black women in particular, especially in all-Black countries in Africa. I bet you, coming from Sierra Leone, where all her attackers were the same color as her, gave her a perspective lacking in today’s BLM/BAMN/Antifa hysteria. THis is a woman who GETS it. She gets the tragedy and I bet, with her wonderful adoptive mother, I bet she’s just not on that ‘hate all white people’ bandwagon like so many others. Or? I could be wrong. Maybe she’s being held back too since she came to America. But see, the difference is, Michaela knows REAL violence against women, REAL street violence, REAL bigotry and hatred. So she has perspective so desperately needed in today’s America. NARRATIVE.DISRUPTED.

  • i think these are some standard streches for ballet, gymnastics etc. and im not impressed because i am a gymnast. Im not that flexible but alot of my teammates are.

  • Such total bull that you don’t have the right skin color. Such BS. So much of an excuse for every aspect of life. I could think of a million excuses for myself also!

  • I’m sorry I never heard of her before until today. She is so amazing and humorous and inspiring and talented. I also came across one of her other videos after this. She was on the Jimmy Kimmel show teaching him ballet. It was hysterical and it shows another side of her personality. Savage sense of humor. I love it.

  • Oh my god! Look at her legs. These are the most ugly ballet dancer’s legs in the world. Please, please don’t show them like that!

  • You people gave this up, for a bunch of deranged sociopathic racists, and don’t even try, to get it back. A hole country has become a danger to it self, and others.

  • Good luck guys! Maybe if you take her masterclass, you would also be able to perform 16 travelling fouettes and then some flailing-limb pique turns during the Act III Black Swan Coda!

  • People dodging the racial aspect of things must be blind. You cannot deny that in many avenues of the art world, there is a certain ideal of beauty that seems to be the “obvious” choice, the natural choice, the expected choice, a choice the audience is expected to relate most to despite us all being people. And it’s an ideal that’s antiquated, an ideal that’s based on stereotyping others, an ideal that still very much exists in modern media despite how far our society has progressed. It’s the ideal that ultimate poise, grace, charm, elegance, intellect, beauty, perfection is porcelain. 

  • I love Misty but that shot of her in the leg hold when the vid came up in my feed looks like she’s lost flexibility. She’s sunk into her hips, hunched over and the camera angle is trying to hide her bent standing leg.
    This isn’t a hate comment, as I said I adore her, and with age these things happen:( but the pics could have shown her off in a better light.

  • I love Misty Copeland because she gives me hope; she started dance at thirteen. I’ve loved ballet since I was super little, but i could never afford it until I learned that my local studio does scholarships, that was this year. I’m 14, a year older than when she started ballet, but how late she started while having other obstacles as well shows me that it’s POSSIBLE for me. Possible is all I need to make it happen.

  • Signnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnñnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me a paper

  • I don’t fundamentally want to know what idiots invested the majority of your marketing budget into Youtube…… but there is a saturation point (marketing basics) where hits reach annoyance value, there have been literally hundreds of ads in the pre and post Christmas period….. I don’t care at this point if you have God in your Masterclass series because at this stage its the Master Ass series……. I have never seen digital ad space so saturated by so little in my life time…… @ @ @ @ @ @ @

  • to misty Copland I even did a class report about the assignment was to right a essay with poster board and was about think of the most inspirational person I could think of and that person was u������

  • Just saw her in Swan Lake at the Met.  She and her male lead were just stunning, it was very very beautiful.  A performance to treasure, and the matinee was FULL.  Full of beautiful little ballet loving girls of all sizes shapes and colors, and their loving parents, friends and families.  It was a sight to behold.  A wonderful wonderful production, a very special day.  I will never forget it!

  • read the great story of misty’s life in the new yorker. she admits they had a good life and then they had a bad life…

    you never know what is said in a video interview because of how it is edited.

  • Trumps
    the worst president in history i wish we could impeach him again before he kills us all with the second wave coming were in big trouble and running out of time and the worst is yet to come japan tried reopening twice already and failed misrerably and wishes they didnt open now in there new documentary saying they should have listened to there cdc not the government and now there watching us about to make the worst mistake in history again with the worst president in history who cares more about the stockmarket than the health and survival of the american people

  • Iʻm a dancer, iʻm i have been dance 4 hours a day at least for the last 4 years and i DONʻT have a dancers body. This kinda makes me feel shit like if she is dancing everyday and being lean and perfect that i must just be fat and thats never going to change

  • Loved it! I’ve been practicing dancing and ballet for15 years, and I agree it’s the best way to grow a strong and lean musculature! I’m also into fitness, but can’t stnd squats: grand plies are much better for thighs! Squats will bulk them up and make them extremely heavy, so much better to work “en dehors” (rotating legs)!

  • can I use someone’s workbook for free? belonged to a friend for example? I have this moral doubt, can someone answer me? thank you

  • so inspiring Misty Copeland! Love you so much!���� & I hope Barack Obama is again the President of the United States he’s the best!

  • I wanna be like her cause I’m crazy for ballet although I don’t learn it.i use my school shoes as pointe shoes and dance on the tip of my toes literally!��

  • My mom always told me you don’t know what you had until you loose it when I lost her I felt and always feel my emptiness, I also felt when doing Obama 8 yrs I can’t wait to how the new president would look like I wish I never hope that I miss him so bad

  • I read: Misty Copeland’s Ballet Hacks and I was soooo ready for it. Yes Misty, help me become a better dancer!! But I guess beauty hacks are good too

  • ok but noone ever mentions her gift which is the ability to repeat choreo as she sees it.any dancer/performer understands the sheer economic value of a girl with beautiful lines and the correct body type (vogue skinny) regardless of her race or of people ‘believing ‘ in her.Shes literally gifted but that shows how many gifted children have been missed by a loving,invested coach

  • They Discourage All NonEuropean to NOT do ballet…Even says ohhh no Your but will get to big or its very expensive..etc when you do the history you’ll be surprised at who taught the European ballet

  • Many classical ballet dancers are Asian as well… not just white…. but congrats to Misty, she is beautiful and I hope the modern style of directing ballet does not meet her career, since it is horrible.

  • Great example of excellent hard work and class in a woman. So nice to see all those little girls looking up to her with so much admiration.

  • Although I agree, she does not have superhuman ballerina flexibility, she is still almost that much to the average eye. A normal person who doesn’t work in careers like ballet, gymnastics, contortion, or figure skating may as well see her having it since they’re comparing her to themselves when they can’t simply do a split.

  • I think Misty is amazing but like we get it she’s a black ballerina the first Principal with ABT. Misty you know all the evils of ballet, unfortunately. The evils of Hollywood which I see you are breaking into make the evils of ballet look like a two year olds dress up tea party. Please keep your awareness level high because being successful in in Hollywood involve things 100 times scarier than your worst nightmares. You’ll be manipulated so easily that you won’t even realize you were manipulated and it is terrifying. I say this only from love and care and genuine concern. Please your an amazing beautiful soul, get out before it’s too late. You’re in my prayers. May God Bless you now more than ever☆

  • it’s so funny that you think is more the best human… because that’s what “super” means. Super = best… So you implicate that this being is best human in the world… I have to disagree… She is JUST a ballerina… she is earning money by her body… I think there are better people than her… for example scientists, doctors, teachers… She is paid just because she is beautifule doll on a stage… that is not a definition of the best human for me…

  • I knew a ballet teacher that taught a body sculpting class at the ymca. I loved taking her class. 2x a week. Id work out 2.5 hrs just to stick around to take it. It worked no weights.

  • They act like the american ballet community is racist, but yet they had no problem seeing misty’s talent. I don’t think racism is the real reason there are almost no black ballerinas that reach the top. I think that there are just a lot fewer African Americans who are interested in ballet in the first place and because there are so few of them, it makes it even harder for them to break through the barriers that do exist. Misty has proven that if you are talented enough and driven enough, there is no place you can’t go.

  • Was there a bigger disappointment in the oval office in our era? Michael Moore was right. The history books will say ‘first black president’. And that’s it. But that is how disingenuous liars roll right?

  • I miss Obama. Its not that I wish Obama was president forever but he should be able to speak clearly coherently and with thoughtfulness

  • I always was get you have amazing legs, and today a guy told me you have great muscles for a girl what do you do lift weights? and I said no “No sir’ I dance”��

  • She is simply beautiful. It’s really sad when you walk by a car and inside a family of three are living in it. A single Mom, and two children. I’ts -23 outside in the dead of winter, and they call that car home. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, the simple truth is this, they are homeless. So unless you have been where they are you cannot understand their demise because everyone’s demise is different, said no one ever.

  • So there aren’t a lot of black ballerinas? Are there millions of little girls who have their dreams crushed because they can’t be an elite dancer? You don’t have to be white to be a good ballerina but you also don’t have to be black.

  • Oh…oh…oh…how wonderful! It makes my colorful black man’s heart leap for joy to see you Ms.Copeland progressing in the way you have been despite all the arrows directed against you by the evil ones! You are an inspiration of the highest quality and a shining light in the still very racist world at large and ballet in particular. Kudos to you my beautiful young sister!

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    Then, Barack, you proceeded to corrupt the laws and the Constitution of the USA by spying on the incoming president, attacking his supporters, undermining the new president’s efforts to improve the welfare and wellbeing of its Citizens.

    As of today aug 14/20 “Obamagate” is OFFICIALLY a crime as by Judicial Watch with Tom Fitton on YouTube.
    Second topic: 

    comedienne Joan Rivers said many times to cnn and other media how Michelle Obama is really biologically a man; some months later Joan [email protected]##@????$#@????#@!!  during a routine hospital surgery in September 2014…like clinton like obama.

    Joan also said how Trump would make a great President. 
    Rest in Peace Joan.

  • The Minute Obama takes the Podium, he is able to put words into sentences that are not only convincingly true, but tantalise us to depict a vivid picture of a hopeful future..and as the saying goes ” ” “pictures speak louder than words”..even when envisioned in our mind.
    The second when misty copeland footsteps onto the stage, her feathery way of executing complicated movements, makes you easily mesmerised and you feel the cadence of the notes, soothing that hidden part of our soul that is voiceless.

  • My mom works at the metropolitan opera, she’s met Misty. I haven’t yet but I’ve met Isabella Boilsten. Misty really inspires me, when I grow up I want to be a professional ballerina just like her. Shes SO amazing!!! (from a 10 year old:p)

  • Misty Copeland is sooooo beautiful! God light is shining on her for sure. And they wont admit it but there’s a whooooole lotta folks thats missing (The Big Chief) Barack Obama right about now…lol. There’s nobody glide’n with the smooth “never let’em see you sweat” stroll across the Whitehouse grounds any more thats for dang sure!✊��✌

  • I just love that she brings color and vibrancy as well as talent and bravado to any company. The American Ballet should be so privileged to experience such beauty in classical ballet. I’m glad that Copeland is putting the spotlight on other talent that is different than the norm. America is evolving and so should the American Ballet. ♡

  • It’s interesting to me that the interviewer introduces them as African Americans when neither is a migrant from Africa. Additionally, they’re presented primarily as black when they’re actually black and white. Obama wasn’t the first black President, he was the first half-black/half-white President. Oh well, I guess you have to present it in such a way so as to suit your narrative.

  • Look Ma’… it’s that Nobel Peace Prize winning constitutional law professor who broke all his campaign promises…

    Well, no, he didn’t break all of them…

    Only promise Obama ever kept….
    (No, not Obamacare, because that started falling apart long before he even left the White House! )…
    Only promise Obama ever kept was….
    you guessed it… closing Guantanamo!!!!

    Oh, wait, no, no… he didn’t even fulfill that one, did he?

    Liberals hate Trump for keeping his campaign promises:

    Tax Deal
    Nix TPP
    Renegotiating NAFTA
    Clean coal
    Bring back manufacturing
    More employment for minorities
    Started building the wall
    Slashing illegal immigration
    Nix decrepit Iran Deal
    and coming soon….
    Bringing N.K. to heal!


  • Oh yes, l miss you so, so very much, Eminent Obama! The lying to get legislation passed (“You can keep your doctor AAAAND your plan!”), your disastrous gun running programs that got Americans and Mexicans murdered (Fast and Furious), your foreign policy catastrophes that we’re still under threat for (Arab Spring, N.K. ICBMs, Benghazi), using IRS against Americans you disagree with, covering up for Iran to get a ludicrous deal approved, looking the other way while both Hillary and the Russians interfered in the elections, being a wuss with ISIS, keeping a Nobel peace prize you never did anything to earn,…man, I’m not even half-way thru my list! Oh yes, Barry, we all miss you so, so, SOOOooo very much!!!

  • He is still the first “gay” president. He did much for the gay community…its too bad he did absolutely NOTHING for the black community.

  • I’m not an American. But I can’t deny I miss you Mr. President. The way he speaks is and has been an inspiration for me in those other parts of the world. Hope the world someday could stand up to your ideals

  • this young woman is so talented, and really a very good role model for any young girl in our country. watch a ballerina’s tale. i think it is still on net flix. oh, i see it is on here at you tube.

  • Wow peopl ereally need to be quiet. It is not easy to be a minority in any field. I hear white people complain when they go to college and see the math department filled with Asians. Just get over yourselves and resepect the struggle this woman had to go through. There are people who don’t even know ballet world exists because they live in areas where art is a luxury and people struggle with bare necessities. She is not complaining about being black but simply acknowledging the reality of her world. Stop pretending that there is no race issue. There may be none for you but there may be some for others!

  • People think that if a leader is outrageously loud flashy and outspoken that he is taking action. Does anyone realize that in the eight years Obama was in office there were no scandals? I can’t remember a time when we haven’t had some kind of scandal during a presidency. What he accomplished was the ability to steady a flailing ship. He always carried himself with dignity and he knew as the first multiracial president he had to represent like no other. I think he could have done so much more if he didn’t encounter so much resistance. We are in the state we are in now because the racist portion of this country could t stand to see a black man or his people in power or progress within society. Just a sad statement for America aka the melting pot.


  • Such bull that you don’t have the right skin color. If anything, you do have the right skin color. Did you get a scholarship? I tried. My mom worked 3 jobs, had 6 Kids, husband died at 42. We could not get a red cent to send us to school. I worked 2 jobs and held down a family stand to make ends meet. I want to know what scholarships you received to go to dance school. Sorry I’m white, I’m the wrong skin color to get a freebie…. And you are the WRONG color…..??? You are like Elizabeth Warren and lying about her “persecution”!

  • Misty has risen above all obstacles… When she said that “being African American has been a huge obstacle,…” it is an incredible feat for anyone to reach less than what she has reached regardless of race or background… Her stamina and humility is an inspiration to all… What a sweet heart!!

  • Why doesn’t every street corner hip hop artist have a million dollar contract?  So when the flood gates are opened, directed talent efforts like Misty’s, will no longer be worth the bother, I mean how many guys make it into the NBA?  Do you think if they lowered the average height in the NBA to 5′ 6″ that people would pay to watch it?  I would not have bothered to become a top scientist/engineer, if everyone else had been doing it.  Just saying.

  • I usually skip ads right away but for some reason MasterClass ads it’s kinda interesting to watch even if it’s 2 minutes long, good marketing you got there that doesn’t feel too corporate.

  • Obama got Trump electedbecause Obummer didn’t do anything that mattered and continued the false narrative and America knew it was all BS he let the banks run sh!t

  • I am actually reading Misty Copelands’ book life in motion. She has such an amazing perspective and strives to let people know that they can push past negativity.

  • I accidentally walked into a professional dancer group after weeks of practice and asked to take a class in the moment. In Minnesota then the teacher took it easy but within minutes they did their choreography plan and I follow and improvised in the moment. Next time I got kicked out because I asked why they practice instead be more interesting to just show up at shows and spacial dances will rhythmically come to life. my first love was dancing but never too any formal class.. Eric Williams

  • I am conflicted because they said Trump the Pu**y-grabber-in-Chief has been chosen by God. I am confused being a Christian. is this the best that could be found?

  • Its all isometrics, aggressive stretching, controlled diet and fucking hard work to get this good… she works harder than any bodybuilder

  • Dear TIME,
    Ever wonder where “the time” went? Lol. Periodicals give us tangible source of rememberance should we forget. Just a thought.
    When it comes to Presidents of the United States, I am amazed at the amount of negativity and at the lack of support in that recognizing these dedicated men, are men. Falliable, dedicated, fearless, assertive, men who have ability to remain steadfast while subjected to public never happy.
    Barack Obama and his birth certificate. Was that ever put to rest? A man served two terms in the White House reduced to others maybe lied. If his birth certificate is not true, how it affected a man to find out in the middle of things, because, did anyone stop to consider, he didn’t know either?
    The Clinton’s also, dedicated to the better if the USA, reduced to a scandal that frankly is beneath us all and begs the question, is time so unimportant as to not allow any when personal powerful and private matters, address the personal public president and his family?
    It’s too bad the President doesn’t delegate more when such times of stress might be better if time was taken to heal themselves and in the process show the rest of us, how matters personal, can be addressed and find closure.
    Without closure, honorable terms served by honorable men and their families, risk being overshadowed by events should be forgotten.
    Our President Trump is the most hard working man who gets beat up so terrible I get embarrassed and angry. Even while I sometimes agree and disagree with his politics, I always respect the President of the United States of America. Melania is beautiful, worldly, accomplished in her own arena of excellence, and I never see enough of her gracing say your TIME.
    I’d like to invite you down an avenue of thought, a playlist called Adam and Eve is a love story ask God. The description preceeds it, explains the list supporting it.
    There is a second one same invite, same with description before it.
    For Misty Copeland, God bless you. You are simply a state of Grace tangible beauty untouchable!
    God first amen

    Thank you to travel, it’s your TIME well spent! ��

    If President Donald Trump and the inexauhstable Lady Hillary Clinton combined
    Themselves in team USA, America’s enemies would run for the closest rock to crawl under. Lips forever closed shut.
    Americans forget, imitation sincerest form of flattery, propaganda the most underestimated form of battery.

  • I’m sorry but she is not black…..she’s biracial, or maybe even triracial but shes not a true black woman……she’s mixed race, let’s call it for what it is…..if a real black woman tried, she wouldn’t even get close to where she’s s at, these stars need to stop using the same old line, “I was dirt poor and African American” so they could try to sell a book. Stop that. The girl is clear as ice yet she tries to say she’s African American. Smh

  • I cannot understand Why Misty complains so much about her skin colour, having to paint her Skin white….if you want to be embraced, embrace yourself! What if you are black? The dancing matters! I wouldn’t have worried about that. I don’t know in US, but here Skin tone is simply a body feature that you Carry along, like big/small eyes, nose, curvy/skinny body etc. We don’t make much of a deal about that and don’t pretend to ignore IT. You can’t ignore smth that is obvious (for example, I can’t ignore my breasts), it’s how you approach it. This is smth I think afro Americans do wrong, feeling offended because they are called “black”. In essence, black should not be an offense, and they should act like it. But I guess I haven’t been raised in the same environment, with that terrible (and so recent!) history. God bless America and all its people. May we all learn from our mistakes.

  • I’m a dancer and I can say that you not only get a dancer body dancing 6-8 hours a day, you can also try a daily training of yoga and pilates and with 2 hours/day might be enough. Plus a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and oil seeds.

  • WHOA alternate View of Reality here or is that a bubble in case toy didn’t notice it Got POPPED If Most of these Posts are a Lame attempt at AI HA HA HA If you Supposed thinking People your world as as Messed up as you views are Done Gone and Changed.

  • If any of you want to know more about how to get a ballet dancer’s body, check out “Ballet beautiful”, it’s a channel run by a ballerina and it’s all about this type of things

  • OH look it’s all about race. Worst race baiter ever. Before eight years of “no word on whether this _ was racially motivated”, the various race groups didn’t give it much thought. This is so sad. I love Misty, but I hate Obama and I voted for him twice.

  • I have a question for the racists; what does the colour of your skin have to do with your intelligence, talent or willingness to apply yourself to a chosen field? The answer is: Nothing. Racists have to evolve. The rest of us are leaving you in the dirt, where you belong.

  • President & Mrs. Obama, and children; & Misty Copeland, and others who are taking on or have taken on demanding leadership roles: As the mother of 3 biracial children, I sincerely thank all four of you for what you have done for our country, society, culture! Thank you from my deepest heart of hearts for being extra role models for my children, showing them that race is NOT A NEGATIVE determinate for their potential! Thank you for sharing, and showing this cruel world just what can be accomplished, and more and done so w class & elegance!