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Avoid These 5 Farmers Market Mistakes. Go ahead and pile your plate with fresh strawberries, melons, tomatoes, peppers and other just-picked produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are low in calories, chock full of nutrients like fiber, vitamins A and C, folate and potassium — so it’s no surprise eating a quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been linked to a reduced risk of heart.

Avoid these five critical marketing errors to successfully turn crops into cash. Failure to Merchandise Produce. At the market, shoppers see the produce before they taste it. You might have the market’s best tasting fruits and vegetables, or the freshest eggs, but a poor display will hurt sales. Jun 9, 2018 Before you go to the farmers market, make sure you’re maximizing the experience.

Go ahead and pile your plate with fresh just-picked produce. Outside the Box Opinion: There is more to picking a place to retire than low taxes — avoid these 5 expensive mistakes Published: Aug. 15, 2020 at 3:16 p.m. ET. Avoid these amateur mistakes before you sink all your money into the market.

Avoid these amateur mistakes before you sink all your money into the market. Produce mistakes to avoid. (Here are the healthiest vegetables you can buy at the farmers’ market.) Also, make sure you avoid these frozen foods at all costs. Avoid these 5 mistakes as you get ready to retire Published: Feb.

27, 2017 at 11:56 a.m. ET They pull out that old maxim that older people don’t have as long to ride out the lows in the market. Moving into an international market is a huge step for any entrepreneur. Avoid these five common mistakes to make the process as easy as possible.

Moving into an international market is a huge step for any entrepreneur. Avoid these five common mistakes to. NEA Money Market Account; NEA Certificate of Deposit; PLUS: An exclusive bonus for NEA members for each new account type opened each year. A little savings can add up in a big way over time. The earlier you start, the better.

With a 6% return compounded annually Age 22: $4,000/yr saved Can yield up to $656,272 over time; Age 32: $4,000/yr saved. These are nine of the worst mistakes you can make when shopping for produce. Learn how to check if fruit is ripe, tomatoes are good and more. your local farmers market is always a great bet So check always check your cauliflower for the telltale brown spots to avoid disappointment.

Check out all these wonderful cauliflower recipes right.

List of related literature:

The problems the farmers were facing became more obvious to me as I trained them on the product requirements for my business.

“Digital Kenya: An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making” by Bitange Ndemo, Tim Weiss
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Remember that not all farmers will be able to sell to all of these markets.

“FCS Agri-business L2” by Karen Morrison
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Wildly fluctuating prices made it impossible for farmers to make rational decisions on how to farm.

“It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own: A New History of the American West” by Richard White
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Every single supplier in the industry totally ignored the real needs of these farmers, and the only thing anyone ever talked about was price.

“Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them” by Malcolm McDonald, Hugh Wilson
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Small fresh market farmers are less likely to withstand sharp drops in crop value and increases in operational expenses (manual labor, fertilizers, and fuel) because they have fewer cash reserves available than large farms.

“Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems” by Neal K. Van Alfen
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Small farmers still need to find reliable buyers, be able to meet volume and quality requirements, and find affordable and timely transportation to avoid spoilage.

“The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development” by Patrice M. Franko
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When farmers’ crops finally go to market, many of those in emerging economies do not know whether they are getting the best prices.

“World Development Report 2019: The Changing Nature of Work” by World Bank
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Farmers could not simply hold the crop at home if they knew that prices had been low at nearby markets.

“The Cigarette: A Political History” by Sarah Milov
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Farm magazines were read with extreme skepticism.”4 Even when farmers accepted improvements, they were often aware that increasing production might lower prices and help the city more than the countryside.

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The farmers who made large errors in their corn price prediction also tended to make large errors for sorghum.

“Food Price Volatility and Its Implications for Food Security and Policy” by Matthias Kalkuhl, Joachim von Braun, Maximo Torero
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I have a koi fish pond… anyway I can scoop out the poop and add lets say H202 hydrogen peroxide 3% mixed with water to make oxygenated water to put the poop in to break it down into minerals or would it be better to use mykos with the poop to break down the poop?

  • This video is HANDS DOWN the most informative aquaponics videos I’ve ever seen. Ken’s wealth of knowledge in this field is so impressive and refreshing at the same time; exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for making this video!

  • In hot or cold climates, couldn’t you bury your lines and let the earth cool/warm the water? Of course, you’ll need to be deep enough that you’ll be below the frost or heat line. You’ll also need to run the lines far enough to allow the earth time to cool/heat the water.

    Great video:)

  • Question Need help. I believe you said at higher densities aggressive fish like Tilapia become more docile which is what I need. Tilapia at 3 -5 gallons per fish are fighting territorial. How dense can we make them? Have multiple smaller 10-20 gallon tanks. Was thinking of putting more together more dense to see if that helps. Thoughts?

  • Scammers go to the big food distribution terminal, buy in bulk, then sell as if they farmed it. I call out their b.s. every time. They make home grown farmers look bad.

  • I absolutely Can’t believe the goodness in people. You somehow runs a successful farm AND make the time to put HOURS of insanely helpful videos online FOR FREE. Thank you so much!

  • Hello.. Regarding the Correlation…
    Also the strongly negatively coorelatted pairs are not recommend to be traded at the same time.


  • Greetings from India. This is a brilliant video, made more attractive by the endearing and modest qualities of Ken. I truly learnt a lot and enjoyed John’s cheerful presentation. Keep it up.

  • Aw, I loved your work until you did this philosophy-I’m a good person rant. You make all of these videos to grow your market for your products.

  • looking through your old videos. I really needed this I have a lot of anxiety around food shopping, especially the farmers market because it’s so frigging overwhelming and I don’t have a lot of money! I really want to put the dollars I do have into good places though and having these questions to ask helps me feel a lot more confident. Next step is to actually go to the market and talk to someone XD
    Thank you

  • Here’s what I find funny…some people get into small farming because they have bought into “Think globally and act locally”…but that is a socialist/totalitarian mantra disguised as moral concern for the planet…and what is the #1 concern that Curtis identifies? Be a good capitalist and mind the money. I would get into small farming… and I would be good steward of the land and water…but I reject globalism completely. Do it because it’s business that you enjoy doing and for no other reason.

  • As a guy with a great running aquaponics system… I will say that this video was a great one for a starting point. Thank you for sharing!

    There is indeed a LOT of things that were not covered though.

    Proper design can make the difference between continually having to work on the system… and only having to add water occasionally and fish feed to auto feeders once a week.

    My system is currently over an hour from where I live. I moved a few months ago and it is neglected. I just show up once a week to check it out… checking PH every few weeks and adding water. Topping off the auto fish feeders. I knew the move was coming before hand though and have large perennials in there to keep it going for the moment. 4 Lemon tree clones, several types of herbs (also cloned), and strawberries. I made clones to bring with me once I move the system down to the new house in a few months. I have to build a new space for it.

    I am using high quality goldfish that look like little Koi. Not pulling out/changing fish keeps things much more stable. I plan to get a large 10 x 12 greenhouse and make a much larger system than I currently have. Aquaponics for me as a homeowner… is a great tool to have in the tool belt!!! I focus on lettuce and cloning perennial plants. in a 3’x4′ bed you can clone 100 trees. Great for homesteading!

    I designed my system on wheels! I just put the fish into drum when it is time to move… drain the water… place the gravel beds into the tank… and wheel it into my trailer! I can be on the road with it in just an hour or two. Downside is I currently have to wait for rain to re-fill the rain barrel system I am building at the new house…. and still have to build a paver patio for the system since it weights around 2,000 lbs once filled with water.

  • Great video, but you should have mentioned that things go wrong, often. A fox or neighbours dog can get in and destroy half your chickens, or a hail storm can destroy your whole crop in an hour. I have a vegetable seed farm and last summer wiped out half of my crops because it was sudden and I wasn’t ready with the irrigation because I didn’t check the soil moisture within a couple of days. These sort of one-off things can easily make you give up.

  • you want to change the world,……….start by cleaning up your room!
    if you can’t even do that, who are you, to tell me what to do!

  • Emotions are the worst enemy of people who want to become traders. Some traders try to see trading as a game where they try to beat the market, and then when they start losing, they feel overcome with disappointment.

  • This is absolutely fantastic information that couldn’t have come at a better time for our business. Although as a hobbyist aquaponic grower I knew some of these mistakes because I’ve made them, this interview however, goes into great detail about identifying the mistakes, explaining the root-cause(s), and then providing a solution to the problem. Absolutely wonderful interview John, and thank you Ken for sharing your expertise in this exciting form of agriculture.

    I will definitely be returning to this video in the future as we startup Green Diamond Farm in Washington.

  • Hey Curtis, Was wondering if you know where to find facts on water needs for different veggies and herbs? I have city water, but I would rather use rain catch system or something like that. So if I want to attempt to grow year round, how much water do I need?

  • Greetings from ���� Switzerland, I did watch your first video with Larry, I did the curse and now I making my business. It took longer because here are strict norms to follow, laboratory test to do, sanitary installations, etc. but finally start seriously. Thank you both��

  • 1:27 Hey man, just subscribed and love the content but I must disagree with you right there. On small surfaces we’re growing high profit vegetables. Humans live on cereals, potatoes/cassava grown on much larger surfaces. We’re not replacing that. If large scale agriculture is “dying” it’s most probably because it requires less and less humans per ha to produce (how about a fully automated 500 ha farm? It’s coming up). While producing intensive on small surfaces requires much more manual labour. I understand from your latest posts that you’re interested in collapse, and I guess it makes a lot of sense because to me the shortage of tech and energy is probably the only reason for local small farming to become globally our main food source. That’s what it is, but when everyone starts to grow its own acre to survive, that’s middle age pretty much. I don’t necessarily see that as an immediate push forward. Maybe there’s a in-between way.
    Anyway, thanks alot for your content, it’s really inspiring.

  • Wow this guy really knows his stuff! It’s great to listen to an Aquaponics Professional who is so fluent and willing to share their knowledge and most importantly mistakes!

  • Hi Curtis I am 61 years of age and very active, I have been following you a lot and am impressed with what I have seen, because of my age am I too late to jump on the band wagon

  • He only puts one tray on a shelf.. It seems like other growers turn the tray the other direction so they can fit four 10×20 trays per shelf.

  • Thank you so much for the video. I havnt gotten all the way through it but when you talked about everybody being able to walk from when youre a baby that was great haha thank you.

  • Read the book Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Part 1) by Vladimir Megre for the importance of small farms! Among other reality-disrupting things ��

  • “Although about 90 percent of scientists believe G.M.O.s are safe — a view endorsed by the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the World Health Organization — only slightly more than a third of consumers share this belief.”

    NY Times

  • I want a small house (like 4 rooms small or something), a yard with chicken, a dog and a part time job. Is that possible or will this be better material for a fantasy book?
    There is a tool to sprinkle seeds? Cool! I need that for my farm! Or my balcony first XD

  • I wonder why I can’t produce peaches, plums or apricots. I have different trees. Worms, and they grow to a certain size and stop. I have black gumbo soil. Apples are hard too but pears are eazy.

  • In the bible it was almost impossible to lose your land under the Mosaic Law. They had even beyond allodial title. The government never owned/stole your land. Further more the earth isn’t what it used to be as far as production goes. If no one can take your land under any reason, then you can spend your time ‘learning the land’ and have some one else in your family making money, under a traditional system. But this evil devil worshiping nazi/commi the united states of america hates the fact of individuals having absolute title to the land. They need slaves, and slaves never really have such a permanent title to anything. I won’t explain why this situation exists, it would take to long, nor would every believe in the source material for my arguments (Bible). So I won’t explain it. But killing this evil government along with all other ‘standing in way’ elements of Satan’s system, with direct divine rule will allow ‘the righteous one to blossom’.

  • Since the advent of Commission Free Trading, you should track your Stop loss as the Price moves up because you can always jump back in,,,,,FOR FREE……..I just eyeball the stop order as I move it up, giving price a little wiggle room. If the price STALLS, I move the stop up much closer in the event of a reversal. A lot of this is intuition and feel, and is something that you learn after a few years of trading.. Before with 10 20$ commissions, this was impossible

  • Jump to the following parts of this episode:
    02:30 Ken Armstrong Introduction
    03:26 How did you learn about aquaponics
    05:11 Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Fish
    08:16 Mistake #2: Not Following Government Regulations in Your Area
    10:13 Mistake #3: Not Having Proper Filtration
    16:03 Mistake #4: Not Having Proper Flow Rate
    20:19 Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Plants
    23:56 Mistake #6: Improper Aeration in Plant Troughs
    26:52 Mistake #7: Improper Cycling/Harvesting of Plants
    30:35 Mistake #8: Improper Management of Pests and Diseases
    34:42 Mistake #9: Not having the Proper Nutrient Profile for growing crops
    38:42 Mistake #10: Improper Management of Ph
    42:23 Mistake #11: Not focused on the Business of Aquaponics
    51:51 Mistake #12: Not Balancing Your Systems Properly
    55:37 How to Avoid having Aquaponics Problems from Happening
    56:37 Classes at ouroboros farms
    1:00:56 How to get ContactOurosboros Farms

  • I’m on a limited budget and would love to start a microgreens business with my partner. We have a dream to be self sufficient and own our own farm. Ty guys. I wish I could meet Larry and pick his brain!! Blessings to both of you.

  • Please check my first aquaponics system setup..I’m a rookie in this hobby, hope i’m in the right path.������


  • Indie rock musician? Seems so familiar with me. Me too come from the art field. And in the farming world everything seems to be in the pragmatic world. And art is a world of idealism. It is kinda a great transition from art to farming world for me. Me too agree that we have to treat farming as a business not just a hobby. Good vid sir!

  • If you shipped to Canada I would gladly buy everything you sell… so hard to find this kind of quality trays, pads, etc. I’m very fussy too, I had to special order my trays (high quality, food grade plastic, and solid too) from a restaurant supply store. Would be great to be able to get all my supplies from one place. Love Larry’s video’s on YouTube as well, I learn so much from them.

  • Thanks��Larry & JK��we’re trying to adapt Larry’s system for handicapped youth home job����pray for us! Larry’s gear makes it super easy, thanks��

  • The TLDR version:
    1.   Has your produce been to other markets.
    2.   What type of sprays do you use.
    3.   How do you feed your plants.
    4.   Can I visit your farm.
    5.   Do you grow everything you sell.

  • Such great questions to ask for sure! I have had the intention to ask, but haven’t. Next time I go I will ask a few questions for sure. ��

  • Thanks, I keep rewatching this from time to time. I find a lot of it very useful, but this must be written on a note on the door. Reminded every day… only way

  • Love the networking part.
    Kinda hard to have a standing order when you just started. Especially if your growing to give out samples to try to get the standing order
    So what do you do? Give out samples in hope you get restaurant order or grow and sell at framers market while trying to standing orders?
    Crazy business.

  • Today, 4/11/2020, Vermont state has closed all the business that purchase my frozen blueberries until may 31, I am going to juice $4000 dollars worth of fruit, even though I can not market juice, I will need the freezers for this year’s crop, if I am allowed to sell it…

  • I’m not a farmer; but, have gone to our local farmers’ market which sets up shop from about 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday from the first Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October. There might be a few exceptions since the Labor Day parade is held downtown where the market usually would be on the Saturday before Labor Day. Our market has rules that the vendors must follow in order to participate. I know of at least one vendor who was expelled from the market for trying to sell produce which he had purchased at the supermarket. The market rules do not allow that.

  • Wow. Thanks for the tips. PHOENIX CHILLI will definitely take a leaf out your book. I’ll give you a mention on my channel to my subscribers. All the best guys

  • most of what you say in this video boils down to sound planning and sound business management. my opinion is if you want to be successful in any business take some business management courses first, don’t go to the University of LBYOM ( learn by your own mistakes) it’s can be a very expensive way to learn.

  • Thanks Diego. I’ve heard you speak in videos and podcasts. You always provide valuable information. This one may be the most important for me and many others. May the creator continue to bless you, your family, and your farm.

  • Aquaponics does NOT need to be as difficult as this video suggests. I’d just like to say that aquaponics or “natural hydroponics (AKA “fishless aquaponics) can be self-regulating as well. That is really the appeal. I’ve had a lot of success with these systems and I don’t go crazy with all this monitoring and buffering and tweaking. Maybe that is necessary in commercial setups, but it’s overkill on a personal level.

  • Wow man I agree
    5. I always think to save this world but never bothered about a small sapling dying in front of me.
    4. I started big and could not continue it.
    3. Spend all my cash for unnecessary thing and fell into debt.
    2. Multitasking and all my task failed.
    1. I never had a clear destination and struggled, almost dead.
    Finally only my interest kept me alive in farming and I have restarted again. thank you for this video.

  • These days its hard to find a genuine trader,i lost huge money trading with rigid traders i almost didn’t believe i could earn till i got my first profit through erin,Thanks Erin

  • Do farmers markets preclude a farmers cooperative from bulking and selling through a single point of distribution? Just wondering if there might be the occasional “middle man” who is legit re: questions 4 and 5.

  • You’ve got my subscription just based on the expression of your philosophy at the beginning of this video. Thank you for helping others and I look forward to all that I can absorb through your video series.

  • Thank you soooo much! Per #5, yes, sadly I experienced that by a local female urban farmer, shared vocal knowledge not hands on, was possessive of market garden areas….��. My middle son who also worked with me said that team was ‘virtue signaling.’ Your advice, to me sounds like common sense. Since I’m over 40 ��, I have only had experience in community gardens and small market gardens…..I am now planning a home garden and meeting at farmer’s markets, AFTER my family’s needs have been met. I’m also watching the Thriving Farmer’s summit!! My family has 121 acres….left to us by my abuelo, need to start working on again. Take care to you and your family. You ARE making a difference!! ������✌️����

  • Thank you for this video. I needed advice on how to start off properly. I recently grew cucumbers and they sold sufficiently and I only put in 100 dollars to start with. Made 728 dollars.

  • I can always tell at my local markets, they have everything pre packaged in plastic or in bags and all the veg fruit are the same size and have every single fruit and veg you can buy at a store. I Love supporting the little old farmers that just have a couple of crops on their stalls.

  • What type of fish would you use in a high desert climate where it is really cold in the winter and at night but really hot in the summer?

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  • I don’t want to have a commercial farm. I want a small farm community. With full or beyond allodial title. With Oaklahoma land rush giving, away stolen native american land back to the general population of the United States.

  • At 5:22 you are using the wrong period in your indicator if you had a Bollinger bands you could tell a mile a way the trend is up after breakout. The bottom indicators must match what’s happening in the main price action or else you are doing it wrong and you will fail. At 10:00 stop losses are good but based on the banks that day if you actually traded your stop would not have been triggered until the bottom becouse of the liquidity shift I made 15k that day on the sell.

  • Execllent show John! Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. I’m litterly just getting started growing Microgreens and Larry you have been invaluable! I’m so excited. ��I’ll be watching all your videos, both of yours. ��������
    I’m so happy if found you two, you are special souls. ❤️������✌️��

  • Great info! I’m not looking to become a commercial farmer, but my great grandparents owned a farm, and I have always wanted to have a mini farm. Not so much to make my income, but enough to sustain family, and if I am growing enough, sell at farmers markets. My question is, because I never knew my great grandparents to ask them, where would be the best place for me to start for learning the ropes?

  • I’m just a back yard gardener but I gave a couple of cabbages to a neighbor and she asked if I used GMO seeds. I told her absolutely not. She said no frakenfood in her house. LOL �� Me too. ��

  • Great freaking channel man! & if there is a craft to put time & energy into this is definitely up on the top of the list. The importance of agriculture is vital. I can go all day about this, but i kept it short lol. Keep doing what u do man, cuz more ppl need this in there lives & u seem pretty good at it lol

  • Brother I blow up my accounts but I blv I’ll get there following you. I entered scalping ND took high risks with gamblers mentality but I’ll get there.

  • Hi John, Great Video! Will you be doing a video on Fogponics which seems like it would use much less water than hydroponics? Best wishes…

  • He adds air also to the water because when the lights are off / it becomes night. Plants take in oxygen and expel Carbon dioxide while during the daytime they take on Carbon Dioxide and expel Oxygen.

  • i guess 1 good point when trying to find customers (if u have multiple to choose from) is checking them out thoroughly u really dont wanna have business for many years with ppl that u think r scum

  • Character building Attrition and Discipline is missing in our modern youth. Subsistence gardening and hunting/fishing can help that.

  • Hi Curtis, Im from the Philippines. Your input is really remarkable. Im into farming now and we are promoting the concept of looking at the farm as a business. We are an agricultural country and we really have to push for farmers to start looking at the spreadsheet.

  • Social justice farmers XD what stupid cunts. SJWism doesnt have a serious cause btw. Its just totalitarianism pretending to be manners. FUCK them.

  • I am a small farmer and grow for a farmers market. I’ve had bad experiences with random people stopping over and overstepping boundaries so I would say no to a visit on the farm. Besides working full time and not being home during the day, it becomes a safety issue to my home and farm. This is good info for buyers

  • Great video! Not to give it away, but for those with the ADHD…

    1) Treat your farm like a business
    2) Don’t spread yourself to thin
    3) Use the proper equipment
    4) Don’t waste time on low profit margin activities
    5) Leave your ideology in your back pocket

  • HELP. i try with microgreens time and time again… but how do you keep them dirt free? other than washing, is there a technique to picking

  • Brilliant by Ken, thank you so much. Honest, humble, knowledgeable etc etc. The other guy, the classic american quacker, thanks for arranging it, but you talk too much.

  • dude buy a few soaker hoses some seeds and get free mulch from your city or state mine gives us all the mulch we want for free! And hell my dad has a tiller ill till once then itll be no till from here on out.
    This area used to be farmland but people got dumb and lazy and many would rather live off of big brothers handouts rather than earn and contribute, people like that sicken me.

  • This is BS… military and over priced Government grants paid for the ssshhyyytttt. Fish in space was and still is a huge fauck up. Three papers on this place say it crashed twice and the fish farm side is always in a cut off shut done mode. Fish farming and Kratky Hydroponics worked great… but Auqaupnics is a starvation pandemic… it fauck’s up way too often. Separate the two…Fish and plant growth… Good lord fish farmers wish great ponds have learned this… until it is fully insurable.. or one of them cracks the code..Nope… the pump costs never work out and what did all of that building infrastructure costs… ow don’t ask about that…that’s always free…… Like the air between my fist and your head until I make contact… that costs

  • Went to a local organic farm this year to buy blueberries for jam and bought a flat but when I got home I realized that there was a sticker saying product of Mexico on it and was so mad I paid 50$ for a flat of blueberries not local and idk if they were really organic ��

  • 5 great questions to see what exactly is happening to the food your buying at the Farmers market. Food is so different from place to place and the quality as you state can be really different. Great information here Kevin for those buying food from these outlets over growing their own. Brilliant

  • I would like to know whether there are any successful forex traders here who could share their stories or basic steps i need to take to be a successful trader for income. Does anyone trade full time and generates monthly income as this is my goal and i need to know if it is achievable before i start working on it more seriously. thanks

  • Any business, Learn and study Taxes! Accountants only process the information you give them. They are not going to research where you are going to get the most credits and return on expenses. Even choosing the right form can open up options for you. It is the only way to remain viable.

  • Hi, I am a fan from China, I want to share your video on China video website https://www.bilibili.com so that a lot of Chinese aquaponics fans can learn from your video. Can I have your authorization to do that?

  • I ask the same questions, but I start by telling them that I have a small garden and that I’m experiencing issues with the produce that I’m purchasing from them. I compliment them on their yield, then I ask what they use to keep pests at bay that are in our area. That is when they share what they use. I’ve had some farmers invite me to see their production.

  • Thank you Mario….This is probably the Best Channel that makes short & sweet videos…And put very High quality content within 15 minutes( max.)… This quality is unmatchable…. And you are doing a great social service through your channel….
    All the best….Brother.

    God Bless!

  • For poor people who don’t make $40-120 a tray, PVC is great for doing the aeration technique described in the beginning. Used it for all kinds of plants, should work on microgreens.

  • I was wondering if nitrogen fixing plants may be grown in an aquaponic system, to gradually distribute nitrogen to the surrounding plants? I also heard that raising rabbits in the aquaponics cycle for their manure, as a substitute for fish manure can work, but I don’t know if this is true?

  • this is a good lesson for new traders from an experienced trader, thank you sir, looking for some more great and informative ones

  • Sage Microgreens Are AWESOME around this time of year, grow like parsley https://www.trueleafmarket.com/pages/search-results-page?q=sage+broad+leaf

  • Someone with $5000, deep desire to market garden/farm, and 3/4 acre to do so on in southeast mi. My Biggest fear that’s holding me back is.. not being able to sell my produce in a timely fashion. Anyone have advice or have experienced this??

  • Great questions to ask!! ��
    My CONCERN: Unfortunately, anyone certified that are growing & selling are REQUIRED to water w/ Fluoridated, Chlorinated water…..as opposed to pure spring water, rich in minerals!! That is why I do NOT sell my veggies!! I grew 100% ORGANIC, including the Water!! Best to you! # GrowYourOwn ��

  • Absolutely incredible video John!!! I have always had this vision of a farm like that, except on the next level, where the fish holding tanks are custom built to mimic rivers and small ponds, maybe even a waterfall or two, like in nature and designing the plant area around it with paths going through everything. Basically a fully functional eco-system like he has but designed and promoted to draw people in on tours to educate them and show people we can recreate a tranquil environment built around a sustainable eco-system that can feed a community and double as a park or place to relax in, sort of a stress release…heck, you could even put in a sound system with nature sounds…just sayin’ 😉 Problem is, I don’t have an extra 10 million laying around hahaha!!

  • Try to shorten your videos by cutting out the parts where the interview guest isn’t talking, just too long only watch half of these hour videos, just let the guest talk

  • Good content I’ve been learning a lot from your video’s. I’ve been working on a chop and flip myself, i put a few videos of my progress. Keep making video’s:).

  • India in an attempt to take over Kashmir has revealed to the world it’s fascist, oppressive and terrorist mindset.
    The world must sit up and force India to abide by UN resolutions that guarantee the sanctity and security of the lives of the Kashmiris.
    What kind of fallacious democracy is India proving to be with this action of theirs?
    The fight for freedom will never be quelched no matter what they resort to.

  • Now the real question, how to afford how to get a system of decent size without millions of dollars? And, how to market your food you are growing and how to sell it and market it?

  • Namaste John and Larry. Loving this video and a few others I have seen. I am trying to find the link to the other video which John mentions in the beginning, an interview done a few years ago. Please could you share the link to that one? Many thanks

  • John Is a god sent in the time of monsato and forced commercialism, in Mexico people can still sell their crops without getting the gov involved. But it is changing in major cities but people throw produce at the officials who go looking for non permit people.

  • Great passion, yes, and yes also to the remark of the farmers being older generation, but… by Biblical standards, to preserve the soil and honor the Creator, let the land REST in the seventh year! We cannot keep TAKING without GIVING BACK to the earth. Please include some of that in your educational presentations. All this plastic on the face of the earth is now finding its way into the Pacific O, a massive great trash heap the size of TEXAS! Mankind MUST LEARN to live without PLASTIC! How to garden with ALL ORGANIC, DECOMPOSITIONAL materials, and preserve the earth, or 100 years from now, THIS GENERATION will be blamed for its destruction, no matter what YOU say in your videos. Respectfully.

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  • My biggest dream is to have a small farm!! I plan and prepare a lot even thou I am only 18, but I don’t come from a farmer family so I have to build up everything myself. But I am optimistic and I will fullfill my life goal!!

  • I have been studying Aquaponic for some time now, and I think you have the best video so far.

    Simple, to the point and easy to understand.

    But I need more info 1) I don’t live in the state. 2) they raise a lot of tilapia and shrimp here. 3) the temperature veried from 75 in the winter to 90 in the summer.

    There is not big wind and the humidity go from 50 to 77%.

    The reining water is almost yellow., there is very little regulations for business and it is a flat 12% of your gross sale.. electricity is fairly stable (some time interruption for 2 to 3 hours) but not to often.

    The water come directly from the mountain or available to purchases.

    Ahead of lettuce go for $0.6, cherry tomatoes $3 for 300gr straw berry $3 for 300 gr.

    I run a spread sheet to see the viability and it would be just what my wife would need to survive me.

    At this time we live comfortably on my SS, but I am 30 years older and may have an other possible 7 years to go.

    Whit your experience, do you think this could be feasible?

  • You’re working with logic through the existence of Satan’s corrupt system vs they way it would be under a Divine System. Satan’s way is full of traps and failure. He does not want you to succeed.

  • I ran into a new one this week at market, the person selling wasn’t a farmer but had been hired by a group of farmers to sell for them, sort of a cooperative set up to get things to the market. I would say number four is a top question to ask, especially if considering joining a C.S.A. If they refuse a visit without further explanation should be ringing a warning bell and waving a red flag.

  • Good idea to read the book ‘Organic’, by a journalist who decided to follow the supply chains of two fav breakfast items, to the actual farm of origin. Including overseas, lots of case reports. Made me feel good

  • Hoping to do something like this when I get some free time….or space to get all the materials but on a smaller scale until then traditional gardening has some cool advantages too:) good share John

  • I am trading with them for 6 months now but with that short span of time using their services,I can vouch for their efficiency. Broker have very good market analysis and are providing accurate signals all the time. Withdrawal is always easy and fast plus a great customer service eager to assist 24 hours a day on trading days.

  • Kind of deceiving he is making a lot just selling equipment and teaching, not just microgreens. He said he only makes $60,000 on the microgreens. His supplies are super expensive! Plus, the fact that he sells restaurant kits for growing which cuts out the little guy’s income selling directly to the restaurants.

  • In EUR/CHF crash the crash was so violent that even if you had a stop order it wouldn’t be triggered before way below where you had it, as there were as good as no buyers in the market below the “plug” that kept it from going downward.

  • I noticed Larry looks younger than 2 yrs ago and his skin is also a lot smoother must be the Microgreens that he has been eating. Good work Larry and John. Keep it up.

  • Thank you. My husband and I are getting ready to start a small farm in Hawaii. I used to have an urban farm in Colorado and can’t wait to get in the garden again. I appreciate your realistic approach.

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  • These are great, Kevin. I feel it would be useful for each stand to have a sheet of paper answering some of these questions. (Regarding inputs, at least.) Farmers markets are great, but I think often people simply assume the produce is super-healthy (compared to non-organic supermarket produce, at least), when that’s not necessarily the case.

  • We can save the world by sharing info, not try to grow every vegetable, you can use 2nd hand stuff, u can start with raised bed by creating a oath between rows by piling soil on top of the rows, go small to create local everything

  • $50 for a food safe tray? How much plastic off gassing (if that’s what it’s called) would happen in the week the seeds are there? I bet it is even less a problem is you use soil.. but I really like the clean coconut coir idea. I’d love to take the online course but I’m afraid to ask how much that is.

  • This was such a good video! Got my vitamix for Mother’s Day and our baby is 4 months old now. I didn’t even think about making baby food in it! Yay! Loved everything you said in this, so gracious and endearing. ��

  • Great video I am currently on 1 1/2 acres of land in Florida, and it’s hard to find farmer videos for my region I live within an hour of the University of Florida so I plan to do some soil tests and see what I need to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to grow in North Central Florida that can withstand the hot months? Our local crops around here that I see commercial farms do is peanuts corn and watermelon, so I am trying to stay away from those.

  • I emailed some questions to Larry and he answered every question even though I had not bought anything from him. Gr8 customer service.

  • I was in much the same boat as you when I bought my family farm from my uncle. I knew enough to know that I needed help to make my farm the best it could be.
    My best resource was my vet. He was awesome with good sound advice for raising my animals, and working with my land to improve my pastures, hay fields, and animal living spaces.
    Folks in the area made fun of me ” the dumb school teacher” farmer, until my stuff took off and prospered way above most of the others.
    Then, they started wanting my advice……….You can learn a lot from books and videos, but a trusted vet can help you do a great job………
    One example: I knew that I did not know anything about the nutritional needs of ruminant animals, so I asked the vet to visit. He helped me do soil samples, sent them to the state ag department, then helped me map my farm, and gave me goals and ideas of how to build up the land so it would make my animals prosper.
    The local farm store didn’t even stock several minerals that I needed. Had to drive almost 100 miles to get them. The year I started, no difference. The second year, huge difference, and by the third year, my worn out farm looked like something in a magazine, and my animals gained almost double what the other folks got….
    Second example: I put up hay on a bunch of other people’s farms, and wanted to be sure the hay was quality. I bought a moisture meter, and was almost laughed out of the coffee shop……….Until the horse people started paying me more than double the going rate for hay……………………