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You’re Probably Eating it Anyway. by Elle Penner, MPH, RD. July 11, 2014. 19 Comments. A survey of more than 11,000 U.S. consumers last year shows we’re paying more attention to how much sugar is in foods than they type of sugar—whether it comes from sucrose or high fructose corn syrup.

Most of us find it easier to avoid sugar when we’re full and satisfied. Eating a well-balanced diet helps drown out our need for sugar. Eat a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables.

Focus on getting in the recommended daily minimum of five servings, and focus on deeply colored options like kale, broccoli, berries, and apples. Vegans believe forgoing animal products is best, while keto enthusiasts just want to eat all the fat. But there’s one food people of nearly every dietary preference aim to avoid: sugar. Giving up. Eat lots of sugar -> Increase blood glucose -> Insulin produced in large amounts ->blood glucose levels fall -> Crave more sugar _> Eat lots of sugar etc.

Instead of snacking on sugar-laden sweets, eat low-sugar foods such as raw vegetables, nuts and seeds, boiled. That you can eat anything and lose weight as long as you’re “under your calories.” Thankfully, I’ve been cleansed. If you’re having trouble sticking to your diet, staying under your calories, or just getting motivated to lose weight I know the problem. It’s sugar. Added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. The easiest way to avoid sugar is when it’s not in your kitchen to begin with.

Toss obvious sources like bread, pasta, and other packaged foods, but also we wary of hidden sugar sources. Things like store bought salad dressings, sauces, condiments, juices, frozen meals, dried fruits, and flavored yogurts all contain sugar. Refined white sugar damages your health from head to toe, negatively affecting your brain, your digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems, and even your skin as it contributes to eczema. Sugar also causes water retention, kidney stones, and liver disease.

The bad news about sugar just keeps on coming: A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study linked taking in too much of the sweet stuff. For consumers—especially if you’re actually trying to stop eating so much sugar —it’s a different story. “American’s over consumption of sweeteners has been linked to an array of health issues, including an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke,” says David Zinczenko, author of the bestselling book Zero Belly. Seriously, you can eat so many foods on a sugar free diet, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, animal protein, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, avocados. Check out this article about a No Sugar Diet.

How do you cut sugar out of your diet? It’s up to you.

List of related literature:

The truth is that sugar is very difficult to avoid.

“The Potbelly Syndrome: How Common Germs Cause Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease” by Russell Farris, Per Marin, Richard Huemer
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• Sugar should be avoided if you have a bacterial infection.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by Sherry Torkos
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Even if you eat the “wrong” thing, you will still, eventually, get sugar into your body relatively quickly.

“Training Essentials for Ultrarunning: How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultramarathon Performance” by Jason Koop, Jim Rutberg
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But I do think that once you give your body the time it needs to get over sugar, you won’t feel nearly as attached to it, anyway.

“The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health” by Steven Lin
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I could never stay away from sugar for very long.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
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Although I can’t say that I completely avoid sugar (a task that would be Herculean, if not Sisyphean, in this food system), I try not to eat too much of it, and I don’t use it in my own cooking.

“Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection” by Jessica Prentice, Deborah Madison
from Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection
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Needless to say, I’m avoiding all sugar.”

“The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners” by Bruce Fife
from The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

That’s why I’m so down on processed foods; sugar is frequently hidden in them without our knowing it.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
by Franco Columbu
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My father learned about the dangers of these “sugar-free” foods the hard way.

“Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health” by Vani Hari
from Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health
by Vani Hari
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I hate to eat straight sugar, but I guess it won’t hurt me.

“Long March to Freedom: The True Story of a Colombian Kidnapping” by Tom Hargrove
from Long March to Freedom: The True Story of a Colombian Kidnapping
by Tom Hargrove
Texas A&M University Press, 2007

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  • According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women. In calories It means 150 calories for men and 100 calories for women. No vitamins, no minerals, no proteins, no heathy fats… just 150 calories with no other nutrient than “pure, white and deadly” refined sugar: they can’t be right!
    There is no need for added sugars in food, just eat real food.

  • hi, i have been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis ( severe dandruff, which is a major skin disease ) since 15 yrs. i’m looking forward to heal my leaky gut ( as they say if you have leaky gut you have skin disease ). i have watched many videos to heal leaky gut and every one said grains and legumes should be avoided as sugar wheat and dairy. as i am vegetarian, i’m finding it very very hard to find foods for my body. kindly help if you can.

  • I glad I stayed to the end of his talk. His accent irritates me to no end but the information he had accumulated from his practice is very useful for people like me. Excellent presentation.

  • The one unhealthy thing ive never really been able to remove from my diet (comfortably) is Skippy Creamy Peanutbutter. So much processed stuff in the ingredients with different oils, hydrogenated oils, and added sugar. THE TEXTURE AND TASTE IS JUST TOO GOOD. All other raw peanut butters that aren’t hydrogenated just don’t have a texture that I like. Any good alternatives to match a skippy or jif?

  • I have been KETO/IF/OMAD for 2 years. I reversed kidney failure, came off BP meds, cured insomnia and migraines. I also consume copious amounts of Redmond’s sea salt every day. Never felt better!
    Great presentation! Bravo!

  • I love this presentation. I compared this to my old tests and took action with keto, IF (16:8, OMAD, and 24-72 hr periodic fasting). 65lbs down, triglycerides in half.

  • This is an AMAZING lecture! I wish I had known this about insulin years ago. Dr. Mason really covers the major parts of the body affected by insulin resistance. He also discusses HOW they are affected by insulin, and WHY people get each of the components that make up metabolic symdrome. I never realized the role TRIGLYCERIDES play in the damage done by insulin. Triglycerides definitely play a large part in pushing metabolic symdrome along! Thank you, Low Carb Down Under for sharing this eye opening information!

  • I did have one question, when you make these changes by incorporating more of these foods into my diet, how long will it take ( approximately) for me to start to feel the effects?

  • What a beautiful video by a beautiful girl. Loved the presentation throughout. Never thought I would want to try sauerkraut but you made it look good and interesting. But I will definitely take the chocolate and red wine any day:)

  • Honey can only be beneficial at one gram (a pinch) per use. Once you start taking a tablespoon, you probably should just think of it as regular sugar. (That’s my own experience with honey and exercise.) Half a fruit can do wonders for exercise fatigue.

  • Lower??? Nobody is the same. Many many need to STOP now. certain people getting in certain conditions drinking soda can/will/have gone down.

  • Thanks Paul, excellent discussion and points for further research, bio-chemical pathways are a need to know. MetS SynX is what we are resolving… and currently know 5X what my doctors does, since have read all of Reavens work… Doctor essentially worthless and refuses to listen and “Food is Chemical Information” for the body Each molecule of food has the potential to be a building block, an antagonist, and directly interact with DNA, mitochondrial RNA, and all metabolic pathways.” the Centenarian Diet, or maybe 128, the Hayflick limit, … or if a Ray Kurzweil fan then this is a Moot Point …

  • Hi, I’ve been eating a plant based diet for 6.5 months now but am experiencing a lot of bloating, discomfort, wind and at times acid reflux. I know chickpeas and too many raw vegetables definitely exasperate the problem but I love them both so find it hard to eliminate them. I wonder if these probiotics could help and what your thoughts are? Thanks for any advice you can offer ��

  • Sugar, wheat and dairy, i have cut out most of sugar and dairy, i need to do wheat because i know wheat causes inflammation but its so hard when someone so busy and don’t have enough time to cook all time, wonder why wheat and sugar is in everything,unbelievable and there excuse to be able to feed the mass population

  • What he said about Dexa scans and visceral fat mirrors my experience. I did a set of three last year. I wasn’t losing much in the way of kilos, but my visceral fat melted away.

  • These so called…. Experts.. There so ignorant about rice..??. Brown or white.. White rice is polished rice.. They take the thin brown cover off.. This makes the rice.. Look.. White but the polishing process removes all the best nutrients.. White rice causes BERI BERI DISEASE.. Very nasty disease.
    .. Brown rice has the nutrients in it.. And has been the cure for BERI BERI

  • Once again… I repeat.. THE MAKERS OF THESE PRODUCTS… JUST WANT.. YOUR MONEY… $$$..
    ..they could care less about your health..
    ..Just.. Give me Your MONEY..

  • Have you ever tried L Glutamine? I was vegan 5 years, have leaky gut now. I was having daily stomach pain, lots of food bothered me. Within a few days the pain started to go away, I’m experimenting with a higher dose now and cutting out gluten and dairy. Hoping I can heal this, gut issues suck:/

  • Scientists had a study they created lab rats addicted to cocaine..
    .. Another study lab rats addicted to heroine.. Both studies they put cocaine in one..
    ..heroine in the other along with sugar..
    . In the same room.. Everytime. The lab rats by-passed all the drugs.. And started consuming sugar.. In every study.. Sugar cane..
    .. Sugar was more addictive than the drugs

  • It’s now 5 years later….where’s the new updates?? I don’t see anything of relevance on the website. More stevia /monk fruit studies, alcohol/sugar mix study sited by your panel in 2015….

  • Fruit juices of any kind are just as bad, not just fruit drinks. Anyone who insulin resistant should even avoid most fruit, starches, grains as they just turn into sugar in the body.

  • I lost 60 pounds in 6 months and have kept it off for 1 year now. I stopped eating white bread, white rice, sugar, soda, high fructose corn syrup, all bagged snacks, all food from packages, ketchup, candy, all FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS, all fried foods, all processed food, fruit drinks, and more; I ate plain greek yogurt, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, WHOLE WHEAT bread, cottage cheese, all kinds of NUTS, avocados, nutrition bars with all natural ingredients, BLACK TEA, coffee, ALL KINDS OF BEANS, overnight oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, dark chocolate, cocoa powder on yogurt, small salads with a tbsp of dressing, OATMEAL, all bran cereal, and more healthy foods. I did not exercise. YOU CAN TOO. IF YOU KEEP HEALTHY FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE YOU’LL EAT HEALTHY FOOD and IF IT CAME FROM A PLANT EAT IT; IF IT WAS MADE IN A PLANT DON’T EAT IT. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient don’t eat that item.

  • I am sick hearing lies that reducing sugar a bit will help. Consume sugar in moderation reminds me consume alkohol in moderation. Just two drinks a day. Or reduce smoking from 20 to 18 cigarettes a day and you will be OK. They think that we cannot handle the truth. The message should be STOP EATING SUGAR.

  • Absolutely excellent presentation. Demonstrating with evidence how the whole nutrition story hangs together to produce metabolic syndrome.

  • Fructose is poison. Stop it. Every time they say sugar substitute the word crack. How much crack is too much? “Small changes/crackshift” Oh, just smoke crack once or twice day. They seem critcal of sugar yet continue the generally safe myth. Where is Lustig?

  • Excellent and well rounded presentation. Definitely encourages one to learn as much as possible about health effects of sugar. Thank you!

  • Lady eating like that in front of the panel has no manners, rude, and im sure making chewing noise with her mouth open. Go on the side, finish your meal, you are not starving for heavan’s sake.

  • if you had a ratio of 2.0 of risk of dying from any case… what would that mean? you have a 2 in ‘X’ chance of dying, what would ‘X’ be?

  • SUGAR IS HELATHY. JUST KEEP IT IN LINE AND WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT. and so sugar is important. dont eat sugar and fat at the same time, this is how you eat to much zugar, i know somehow you eat this together but then just get some sugar on top, ehm i meant water, drink water after this, lol lmfao.

  • Listening to these folks will kill you with diabetes first then heart disease and maybe even cancer. If you want to avoid these things look up Dr. Stephen Phinney, a MD and PhD in nutrition in Australia.

  • The first ingredient listed on Gatorade’s list of ingredients is SUGAR. As a dental student, I learned that every oral sugar exposure (EACH SIP of a Coke or sports drink) counts as a 30-minute exposure to acid in the mouth. This is ORAL risk; it seems the systemic risk is greater and more directly life-threatening.
    W Bryon Satterfield, DDS

  • Oh: There’s no way that these scientists will make me increase my sugar consumption to a whopping 9 teaspoons per day!! Not even if I count in non-added sugar.

  • I cut my sugar addiction five years ago. Took only three days of withdrawal symptoms. I firmly believe that the optimal sugar consumption is zero (0) and given that I can have all the butter & bacon I care to eat, staying off sugar is easy. The temptation is gone, simply.

  • Off added sugar about 8 months, still eat non starchy veg (starch is concentrated sugar)… lost about 50lbs, cravings for sweets, crisps etc 95% gone, feel healthier, eating nutrition dense, non-processed foods!

  • So what you are saying we are eating TOXIC food. My God Lord Jesus Allah Krishna and Virgin Mary or do they have diabetes too. Houston we have a problem Humanity Myth Gods need insulin.

  • by now there is a lot of information out on the internet about the perils of sugar. these three people don’t add anything interesting. lots of “fluff” talk. figures………….you told us that you get paid by our taxes. what a waste. you giggle about how cool you are that you created an instagram acount??? are you kidding? Only tells me the inferior quality of service we taxpayers get, when government wants to do anything. Pathetic

  • Why don’t people understand the MAIN POINT which is that sugar is addictive? Therefore asking to reduce it is like asking a heroin addict to reduce quantities. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. The only way is a ketogenic diet.
    Once you ELIMINATE sugar your cravings dissapear. If you continue having the substance you continue wanting it. It is very simple. Ask Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Research shows.. Products with the highest amount of sugar. OUT SELLS EVERY OTHER PRODUCT.. and the makers of these products know this sugar is highly addictive and toxic but. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT OUR “HEALTH”

  • What a WONDERFUL discussion! And such great speakers. The lady at the podium did a fantastic job, too. This was really a joy to watch.
    Four years later, what HAS been determined about Stevia? Yay or nay? Good for metabolic health, or just another artificial sweetener?

  • He’s so good at explaining/teaching without any attitude and straight away stating parameters of metabolic syndrome if everyone knew those instead of the food pyramid…… He’s great at spreading the knowledge and has a great way of doing it…

  • Yes, manufactured sugar and sweeteners are highly addictive. Pure poison to the patient; pure profit to doctors, hospitals, and drug-companies. When we feast on real foods, whole foods, a plant-strong diet, we feel great, get high quality from less quantity, and do not feel hungry as often. Then, it becomes impossible to become obese, diabetic, arthritic, hypertensive, etc.

  • WRONG we consume 84 lbs per year an average person weighting 168 lbs. is eating half their weight in sugar each year in 1880, the average person consumed 5 lbs of sugar a year today we are suffering from a mountain of sicknesses you name it  its connected / tied to sugar so eat up kids see you at St. Jude’s oh, those carrying your cell phone in your back pocket  they are going to cut / sew your ass hole out. LO LOL

  • I drink water and black coffee and don’t eat fast food on a regular basis. We actually make our own food from as close to scratch as possible. It is a little deeper than that.

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  • MOST sauerkrauts and pickles sold in USA and in some countries are NOT probiotic. They are pasteurized by law….which means that all probiotics are dead.
    To be safe…make your own. Easy and cheap. Or make sure they’re labeled “raw”, “uncooked”, or “unpasteurized”

  • My grandparents ate white rice 6-10 cups/day and they died of old age, 91 and no disease. My mom in her 60s and no diabetes, hypertension or whatever.
    I got NAFLD from drinking 1-2 can of soda/day + ice cream. I reduced my soda to 1-2 cans/month and still eat 3-6 cups rice a day and no more NAFLD.

  • This was a wonderful summary, Nisha very well done! And happy birthday! Nice to know you’ll be getting some extra pre-biotics with that wine and chocolate this weekend:P

  • Great video! I though olives have probiotics is they are not pasteurized, and the latter go bad very fast so they are not commercial

  • I never got keto flu. I’m not sure I would have even noticed anyway. After feeling crappy for years, a little flu-like thing doesn’t even register. lol

  • 25:46 couldn’t help but react to this graph. About 23 years for insulin resistance to develop, which corresponds well to when I, and for that matter most people I know whom are overweight started to pack on the kilos.

  • I used to think I was eating healthy, and recorded everything in MyFitnessPal and now looking back through those records (which after the last update, they only allow you to keep 2 years of records, boooo) I’m horrified at how much added sugar I was consuming.
    No junk food, plenty of Whole Foods but prepackaged yogurts, “healthy” juices, etc made my daily intake around 80 grams a day. Some days were 120 grams. Damn

    I don’t eat added sugars anymore and my non-added sugar is around 15 grams a day…a real, whole food diet is the only way to go. If you can afford organic, great, but if you can’t afford it, just eat whole fruits and vegetables. I only buy berries/grapes, apples and grains (for my family, I don’t eat them) in organic. Things with thick skins or skins you don’t eat don’t necessarily have to be organic; spend money wisely

  • I am suffering with diggestive isssues for the last 4 years now. It started when I ate too much of sweet stuff… boom, after few months I had started getting bloating, it was so sudden for me… and after this incidence it got so much worse as the time passed by, now I am 21, have extreme hair loss, worse skin condition, always sick, can’t eat anything without getting bloating,it’s the gas that I can’t even hold back��… it’s like hell, I can’t sit next to other people in class or even in the tram, if i do… I feel like they can smell it, which probably they do tho… after i told this the doctors, they did endoscopy, found nothing… so they gave me anti biotica for atleast 3 years… I stopped it since 1 year… now I found something on the internet, how to heal the gut, but I don’t know if this is the right path and I also don’t know whom to consult, bec here I Germany the homeopathic doctors are pretty expensive& I am only student & I can’t ask my parents for money Bec they invested already so much without result.. and job in this condition is impossible, even class is hell, they open the Windows even tho is cold and I feel like its Bec of me….
    But I can’t stop now, bec if i do it would a waste for all the days I fought…

    If u could give me ur email, I could write u the plan, and if it’s alright?
    Cause I am tired of fighting, embarrassment, and feeling like this

  • Enjoy that wine and chocolate….and I already include these in my diet so nice to know I am getting both the preand pro-biotics.

  • I’m investigating reducing leaky gut naturally and discovered an awesome resource at Richala Remedy System (look it up on google)

  • Your IBS video in conjunction with this video is great! My daughter had great results with low fodmaps.�� She could not do probiotics or sauerkraut instead she did low spice kinship. Which was wrrird because capsaicin was a trigger food��. Thanks a bunch for these veggi videos!��.

  • Dr Richard Johnson out of the University of Colorado says that fructose is the cause of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, and he proves it in his video “The Origins of Obesity and the Fattening of Man. Dr Johnson, using clinical trials with animals and humans shows that glucose alone does not cause insulin resistance, but if you feed animals or people just fructose or sucrose, they get metabolic syndrome independent of weight gain and glucose levels.
    He even proved that if you eat high amounts of fructose, and even on a diet where you reduce calories and don’t gain weight, his subjects STILL got insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
    In another study he did in Menorca Spain, he gave young men metabolic syndrome IN TWO WEEKS by having them ingest over 100 ounces a day of sugar laden drinks.
    This is something most doctors don’t understand that fructose is the real cause of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
    Just gaining weight is not necessarily a cause of metabolic syndrome.

  • Hi, I’m your new subbie.
    Spent last night in a hospital ER due to side effects of fluoroquinolones i.e. cipro for diverticulitis.
    Now, Bactrim (and Flagyl).
    Feeling much, much better at home.
    What are your thoughts about refrigerated probiotics?
    Also, recently decided that keto won’t work out for me, animals and their byproducts do my gut wrong and this is coming from a woman who ate meat as a child and had a healthy body weight after three sons.
    Food Inc. which I also call ‘Big Food’ corrupted the food supply and for the life of me I cannot understand why.
    I feel sorry for the animals too, their diets have been corrupted as well and their habitats.
    Earth is ridding itself of its human parasite and it won’t be long now.

  • How about sourdough bread? From my understanding not all sourdough bread are made equally. If I remember correctly company’s add vinegar.
    Quality sourdough breads are now only found in small bakery like mama and papa who spend the time to let it ferment.

  • Don’t blame governments. Blame the corporations who OWN the governments.

    There are good people in the government who know what’s going on and are trying to change things but the tidal wave on influence peddling via campaign funding has hijacked government regulations. The foxes are now running the henhouse.

  • For the first time in 5 years, my heart rate has gone below 95. My last Heart rate check after mild exertion was 79 BPM. Before Carno/lacto after simply getting up to get a glass of water my BPM would jump to 100+ Ever while sitting and relaxing it never went below 90. I am now a carno/lacto adherent. I have not weighed myself in a few months. I am not yet worried about my weight. But the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure alone has concreted this WOE in my mind. The ONLY carbohydrate in my diet, is the minuscule amount I get in extra sharp cheddar and cream cheese.
    I have to force myself to eat. I am never hungry anymore.

  • Kimchi,
    Olives (soaked in water and salt)
    Pickles in salt water Not vinegar (usually says active culture on it)
    Onion, Garlic, Artichoke, Legumes, Sweet Potatoes
    Cacao Powder

  • very nice!! i like it, you are beautiful and your voice is so nice makes this useful video very pleasant…
    very short and accurate, very informative…like i said i like it very much
    i would add some more information on what to avoid maybe there is some food that is less good to consume….(because thats what im looking right now after seeing your video:)

  • Be careful of this information. Do your research and decide. Your body makes and needs glucose to survive. Eat less, use fasting and with meals of about 25% Protein, 25% Fat and 50% Vegetables and Salad. KETO is a good way to eat.

  • Gut health is very important! And this video is very informative about having good gut health and also improving it! Thanks Nisha for sharing your wisdom ��

  • Hi there. I can’t digest any fresh food. No fruit or salad without extreme upper gut pain within 20-30 minutes. It can also then travel through my whole digestive track. I am vegan. What would you suggest i concentrate on and it gut flora why I can’t digest this fresh fruit and veg x

  • Great video. Although, I had one question, the probiotic supplement you’re seen taking in the video contains milk so isn’t vegan. Is this one exception you allow to ensure full range of important probiotics?

  • Iam carnivore and in law carb diet and no sugar for about 3 months. I am suffering from IBS, I lost about 3 kg, but for the first time my bp raised up and iam now in BP medication!!!!

  • I make my own condiments and I make own bread out of almond flour because I want to know what I am eating. Although, I still have leaky gut and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

  • Love your video! It is full of information that is great for beginners! I have been seeing a lot of leaky gut supplements lately such as these, I was wondering what your thoughts were on them or if you had any other suggestions??

  • “Fat is a potent cause of elevated blood pressure” in 1960’s Look on any death certificate it will state “hypertension” as a secondary cause. Did you know if you drop fat content in diet from 40% to 25% blood pressure (diastolic and systolic) drops 10%? @

  • There’s animal product in Kimchi unfortunately, you mayhaps want to cut that out of your diet.

    It contains Jeotgal

  • Conclusion.. Best thing… LIVE WITHOUT SUGAR
    … I use a blend of Date Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar… I use honey.. To sweeten my tea.. I use half the amounts. As I used to.. Since I stopped using Cane.. Sugar.. Everything is sweeter now.. Cane sugar also seams to NUMB my nerve sensory.
    ..also,.cane sugar DAMAGES the nervous system.. Overall Cane Sugar is Highly Addictive and..

  • Excellent video, lot of information on fibers, probiotics especially natural sources of probiotics. I did not know many of the info you mentioned. I am sure that this will help lot of people suffering from bowel problems.

  • Unrelated food question but what type of mic do you use? Seeing your got me thinking if I should invest in something like that for my channel.

  • Very informative video! I would love to see a meal plan to heal the gut. I’ve had gut issues since I was very young and as of recently I am learning of all the health benefits to healing the gut. It can be very confusing though! Again, great video and I am now subscribed

  • Dizzy keto flu symptoms can be prevented by
    Salt 4-6g is best

    Liver can only hold 100g of sugar if you put in more you get high triglycerides and fatty liver

    HDL is good but prevented with triglycerides

    Elevated blood sugar levels insulin resistance increases fasting glucose level

    Fat high in indigioni

    Blood pressure goes down salt effect in kidneys

    Causes of insulin resistancevisceral fat
    Body mass index
    Fatty liver
    Fructose leads to fat accumulation
    Eliminate carbs

    Fat you lose first is the visceral fat
    Liver gets healthier on low carb diet

    Height of insulin predictive of diabetes

    Reactive hypoglycaemia makes you hungry �� when you eat carbs increasing cravings

    We can fix this in 3 months

  • A great and informative video. You are very pleasant. And most importantly that you are promoting a compassionate, plant based diet! <3 I am just not sure about the red wine... Recently I watched many videos from the hero of plant based doctors, Dr. Klaper and he mentioned that alcohol is super bad for the gut it is a sterilization agent that kills all the good bacteria. I am confused. (He mentioned that they wash their medical equipments in alcohol to disinfect it.)

  • Sugar is a legal drug. It’s administered to our family and friends via supermarket packaged foods, marketing and even nutritional confusion. Like any other drug, “using” or consuming too much of it is bad for you. Sugar isn’t bad, too much sugar is.

  • This is really confusing.. You have oniions and garlic with prebiotics, but those foods are super high in FODMAPS….. How can this be healing to IBS bellies?

  • I don’t understand why this knowledge hasn’t become the mainstream all over the world. I see people eating whole grains bread with “low fat” margarine and then wondering why their diet never works. I’ve been fasting in periods of 24h and 72h and the results has being impressive

  • Love this video, just found your channel now! But one question… isn’t the alcohol in the red wine hard on the guts and other body systems?

  • Been mostly carnivore (maybe 5g carbs per day maximum) for 10 months and still have high blood pressure. I exercise. I jog. Do I need more salt? How much? How many teaspoons per kg of body weight? I am 63, 5ft 1, 97 lbs. Any advice?

  • Saying sugar is bad by comparing people who eat processed foods, ice creams, sodas is just horrifying. They don’t say eating the foods which have uncontrolled amount of sugar is bad for you other than the couple of foods in the start. THey completely turn against sugar as it is a food we take for breakfast.

    Understanding and limiting sugar is great by the way. But there is no detail on calorie intake making this somewhat biased and blaming the sugar. Also people who comment on going zero sugar diet is because they stopped the company processed foods that comes with them.

    Can anyone at home eat 60g of sugar a day RAW? Did anyone know your brain needs sugar?

  • at start Dr Mason asked ‘what is good health?’… then he started to list…. I would like to add 1 more to list….. ‘No over excercise injuries’…. why?… cause many believe a calorie is a calorie and fall into ‘over excercise syndrome’ trying to fix metabolic diseases.

  • What about the fructose in fruit? I eat around 4 bananas a day as well as an apple plus up to 1kg of vegetables such as peas, beans cabbage broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagas, cauliflour, spinach and mushrooms daily.

  • Physicians in the United States get a few hours of Nutrition in the entirety of their educations. This Video SHOULD be REQUIRED continuing education curriculum for our Physicians!

  • Guys, if you crave sugar (a coke, a frappe, an ice cream etc.), just eat some fresh fruits and see if you’ll still be craving that coke after. That’s what I did and it works like a charm.

  • I want to do some kind of nutrition education course but I feel I’m just going to be taught mainstream high carb nonsense — where can I go to learn some real foodie scientific truths?! X

  • Good health is NOT the absence of bad health. Numbers are indicators only. Real bad health is indicated by symptoms. The big abdomen, lack of energy, low libido or inability to perform, angina, infections and muscle spasms are REAL signs of bad health, and good health is high energy, great skin and hair, good sleeping habits, memory and mood. Otherwise, he’s great.

  • What about the people who are NOT using a low carb approach to treat it?
    As in low glycemic diet, the Kempner rice diet, the vegan diets
    all have great success reducing beta cell function.

    Weight loss, resistance exercise, HIIT all will contribute to getting somtheing healthy.
    Another key aspect is simply eating less. regardless of macro split.
    Its not low carb, its not high carb or whartever. It’s likely mitochondrial dysfunction from excess energy aka too much food.
    Also some evidence showing that elevated FFA can induce IR which is a feature of Met-S.

    Sure, low carb is an option.
    Doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY option.

  • Once a person is so metabolically damaged can they really handle even small amounts of sugar. If I take in any thing higher than 5 7 carbohydrate my blood sugar goes way up. Artificial sweeteners some people supposedly have a hyper cephalic (probably didn’t spell right lol) response. Do you know anything about that? What I have studied is all carbohydrate and starchy foods convert to sugar. The diabetes doctors and dietitians are still promoting way too much sugar in the diet. People are way overfed and sugar logged. Also how fasting can help glucose problems. As far as electrolytes I use filtered water with Redmans sea salt, nu salt ( potassium), drinkable food grade magnesium. This keeps me from cramping up. They put out salt licks for farm animals and deer. You have to have these minerals. I also take iodine with selenium and zinc.

  • Doctors know a lot about diabetes, ironically many people continue dying due to diabetes complications, I think we’ve been doing things wrongly. Hospitals are full with people dealing with that illness, cemeteries are also full with people who died due to the same problem. We’ve been losing the battle against the killer, I wonder if soda companies think about that, maybe not, perhaps all they care for is money.

  • What about monk fruit, erythritol, glycerin, yacon, allulose? (Low carb)

    Also what about date sugar and coconut sugar (high carb) are these any better than sugar?

  • I have 3 of those conditions that Dr. Mason mentioned but I do NOT have insulin resistance nor do I have a fatty liver. I just watched a video by Robert Lustig who said studies show that it doesn’t matter if you have abdominal obesity or not. Studies have shown even people who do NOT have big guts still get metabolic syndrome. Perhaps these two guys need to have a conversation. Also, Harvard Health stated that they believed that Abdominal Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome may be the cause of Insulin Resistance. Maybe all 3 should get together.

  • can you come up with a alternative home made food to get rid of the process stuff? like the granola? I make my own sauce and apple sauce with out added sugar and I never eat or drink fake drinks. Thank you T

  • Fantastic video. Why did so few people see it? I have been avoiding any added sugar and started a whole food plant based diet to reach that goal.

  • I actually clapped at the end of this presentation it was so good lol! What a wonderful gift to pass on this information & educate us. Thanks Paul!

  • For those with Metabolic Syndrome, consider researching the effect of Berberine vs Metformin. Obviously used in conjunction with eliminating sugar and carbs.

  • His focus target is NOT keto diet(s) but value of reduced (“low”) carbohydrate diet reminds me of Dr. Bernsteins’ 20 grams max per day and it is effective for weight loss….

  • But the problem is when people try to lose weight with this syndrome, the weight will not budge. Is it caused by gaining weight? Or is gaining weight simply a symptom? I personally think so. My body use to lose weight when I’d exercise. Eventually it stopped. My waist especially started to expand even when dieting. It was like my body stopped working and functioning the way it use to. I would exercise intensely and only lose a tiny unnoticeable amount. This all occured after suffering from leaky gut. Thats when my problem all started.

  • Sugar too 5:59 will go into every cell to form potential energy and holds fluids. Up at night a number of times for the bathroom…?

  • The Salt/Sodium chart at 8:22 reads, “<4g salt associated with increase Mortality". Then on the left margin, one of the bullet statements reads, "Lowest mortality between 4-6 grams of sodium/day". Salt is only about 40% Sodium. So, is this study referring to 4-6 grams of Sodium or 4-6 grams of salt?

    Edit: After looking at the study myself, I discovered that the study is referring to just Sodium. Three and a half grams to six grams of Sodium is 8-10 grams of Sodium Chloride (table salt).

  • What people MUST understand is that fat and skinny people are eating these so called “healthy” foods. Dont think for one second as long as your thin your healthy! WRONG!

  • without treating the symptoms of insulin resistance. why cant you treat the insulin resistance. We all know the key function of insulin is to let the glucose enter into the cell, as Dr.Neal Bernard says if you can make the insulin work again, there will be no insulin resistance. for that you need to get rid of the fat from your cells. but how, just follow a diet which does not have no fat, no dairy, no simple carbs only complex carbs and lots of veggies and fruits.

  • Your encouragement to test insulin levels with the tolerance test has given every one
    a sobering percentage of their future.
    We were all given a glucose reading by our doctors thinking all good.
    We all looked at the results of the tests thinking “ALL IS OK “
    Why are they not testing for insulin????
    Thanks for saving me for even more damage

  • Amazing video thank you so much,��❤️������ many products I’m really shocked about, hidden sugar is the worst thing we must avoid it.

  • I love to eat sweets but my Doctor advice me to lessen my weight I’m 77 years old I maintain my 120 lbs.but my blood pressure is high.. I m taking my tablets for my maintenance. Actually I don’t crave for to eat fruit snacks. The discussions are important Thanks..

  • My uncle was a Professor in gynaecology he used to take a lot of salt in his food., he died at the age of 97 years. Thanks for this good presentation. Watching from the Uganda.

  • High Salt causes High blood pressure?
    Salt controls the blood pressure in the first place…. Salt or Na? They are not the same…..

    Would like to challenge the studies of Dr. James DiNicolantonio

  • Test your blood glucose 45 minutes or so after eating your fruit. I have found my level spikes. Fruit is not necessarily safe to eat.

  • One question on the correlation between urinary sodium excretion, salt intake, and all-cause mortality. Might the cause of both reduced sodium excretion and increased mortality on the left hand side of the chart be high levels of insulin? Perhaps these people were consuming more sodium than they were excreting? And dieing more, due to metabolic disease?

  • This is amazing! I have learned so much watching your videos. So many of our health problems are diet related! The high carb + low fat mantra I have accepted most of my life is a myth. And we wonder why we have so many health and weight problems in the United States. The Keto diet is based upon science and facts! And more importantly it works!! For me it has become a lifestyle that is full of positive benefits!
    Why doesn’t our government shout this out with a huge megaphone ��? It’s because so many corporations benefit from our sugar/ carb addiction; from food to pharmaceuticals!

  • This is the best lecture I have ever heard that describes what is going on with at least 50% of the world population from our poor food environment. Wow this is actually better than Robert Lustigs lecture that got 6 million views. Very easy to understand.

  • I actually released a lecture about six months ago that goes into a couple of these mechanisms in more detail:

  • Wow! I’ve realized I don’t like most of the foods with probiotics. I don’t like the taste of tempeh, chocolate, kombucha, olives, most yogurts, sauerkraut nor kimchi! ���� Guess I’ll just take a probiotic supplement ☹️

  • Sugar and HFCS is Deuterium Poisoning:

    Synopsis: The Deadly Deceit of Omissions for Health.

    The US has great problems with the Western Diet and its high sugars and carbs, and what this does to the liver’s health and functions.

    Today, the problem is made worse as the Medical System cannot detect the early damage to the liver and only picks up when the liver cells are rupturing and enzymes show elevated. Dr’s have no billing code for proper diet advice to avoid these problems, and they don’t say anything until the liver’s cells are rupturing. Very serious oversights that harm their patients..

    The liver is the heart for the sugar and carb regulation from the gut to the blood and it is very overloaded by the SAD, “Standard American Diet” (Western Diets). The liver is the very first organ hit with the sugars and carbs absorbed by the gut into the vein that takes it direct to the liver. The liver is then supposed to buffer these carbs and sugars and release them slowly and regulated into the blood. Dr’s totally ignore this early liver malfunctions by overloading. Failure of the liver’s power to control sugar in the blood sets off insulin spikes and fat building in other cells.

    The medical system totally ignores the pairing of sugars, carbs, and alcohol with high deuterium that sets off high inflammation levels into areas that handle sugars and carbs and these problems begin first in the liver. The liver’s cells are the first to get high fats, inflammation and insulin resistance due to their liver’s sugar and carb overloading and the damage to the liver function has become large.

    When the liver gets into this mode of not being able to buffer the deuterium loaded sugars and carbs, the triglyceride levels rise and then these dangerous deuterium loaded carbs and sugars get forced out of the blood and into the white fats of the middle torso. These are the deuterium loaded inflammatory white fats, and then even other organs get coated with visceral fats. At these points the damages of the deuterium to DNA signatures can set up autoimmune flare ups that has the bodies on immune system fire on the disrupted DNA signatures of the cells.

    The holistic health folks can recognize the systemic health effects due to the liver’s rise in malfunctions, which the AMA’s MDs are totally oblivious to being able to recognize or even offer nutritional advice to avoid. The American Diet is loaded with processed grains that turn to sugars almost instantly. Making matters worse lots of foods are loaded with sugars and HFCS to cause addiction methods to their foods. These are issues that cause food addition issues that the masses find hard to recognize and avoid, and soon well over 1/3 of the American People have early liver damages that then rapidly leads to high levels of depression and obesity.

    Unfortunately, the Functional Medicine types, the Chiropractors, and Nutritional Medicine types do the very same things as both omit the terrible damages done to the body when too much deuterium loaded foods are in their diets. Even the few that have discovered depleted deuterium water fail to track deuterium issues back into the food chain and observe that various foods like polyphenols, Omega III oils, and deep green plants all have a lower Deuterium/Hydrogen ratio that helps prevent metabolic diseases in those that know the correct diet methods and foods.. This is seriously bad, as it allows the deuterium issues to be covered up, when they should be the top line on all food nutrition labeling.

    The major problem of this liver being overcome by sugars and carbs is the liver’s cells become loaded with deuterium loaded lactic acid and a low cell pH that invites infections of various virus, bacteria, and fungus that can then take root in other areas of the body. Progressing, as insulin spikes occur and do the same to other organs and cells and then depending on the EBV, CMV, Hepatitis virus and a dozen others take over the cells you get problems like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and even cancers. It all starts in the liver’s loss of the power to buffer the sugar and carb load from the gut due to much too high deuterium loaded foods in the diets. There is zero information from the AMA and Big Pharma to help folks avoid this Liver and Gut based issues as the Codes for charges do not allow treatment to avoid this massive health problem that generally affects every person as they age, or much earlier with poor deuterium loaded sugar and carb diets.

    It gets down to sugars are basically poisons that screw up the “ATP Synthase” metabolic energy functions in the liver cells and makes the liver into a Petri Dish of parasitic virus, bacteria, and fungus zone and by that time the decline of liver function is extreme. The AMA and Big Pharma don’t even detect or do proper advice to keep this level of extreme liver damage to its buffer functions to be detected or the function protected and restored.

    So, the reason American are so sick are multiple issues from the failure to recognize that deuterium is an anti-hydrogenation and wrecks the mitochondria’s ATP Synthase functions in the liver, then goes to the entire body as the liver’s buffer control for sugars is lost. The levels of glutathione from the liver is reduced and the problems with toxic metals accumulate to add to the autoimmune problems of various organs.

    While all this is in the research reports there is zero response by the medical system to end the early damages largely because they cannot detect the liver’s early damages. Nor even can they understand the etiology of the liver’s diet overloading in the same way the visceral fats and dangerous white fats form from continuation of ignoring the liver’s extreme functional damage. The fix is lower deuterium diets and lower sugar and carb diets to keep down the liver’s loss of function to regulate blood sugar levels. By the time the liver enzymes show up the liver is at extreme damage, loss of functions, loss of glutathione levels, and so on.

    Some of the problems are the nuke business wants to hide deuterium related heath effects as these risks acknowledged can have the public go against nuke power, nuke testing, nuke weapons productions, and even population reduction games. The nuke business like to hide the nuclear explosive deuterium using that it is not a radioactive isotope that gets tracked and reported. Inside the nuke projects the deuterium dangers for health have been known for decades and even the link between cancers and deuterium overloading known since 1934. The Warburg Effect combined with deuterium’s ATP synthase damage issues are the root cause for many cancers.

    The American culture for health and wellness protection is broken and harms everyone in the US by hiding these relationships or illness etiology. Even the Religious Establishments that know the “Forbidden Fruit” warning and the low deuterium ways of the First Temple’s rituals are forgotten and not connected to this obvious problem. It was so important in times past that it became the “Lord’s Supper” ministry to all for teaching correct diets for health and longevity.

    SO, now the National Security issues for the American People needs to be full disclosure of deuterium linked health issues and the pairing of high deuterium overloading with sugars and carbs being exceeding high in diets.

    Thus, the Magnum Opus synopsis is there are deadly omissions that damage America’s health and highly exploit them for a racketeering level of profits by suppression of certain details that damage liver function involving sinister deuterium cover up issues..

  • Hidden sugars in our food is the WORST! I hope this video helps shed light onto all the sneaky sugar in common foods that you might not have noticed before. Share if I missed any other annoying products as well!

  • this was an awesome presentation. not only the standard diet in your country, but mine as well causes this. i believe in the US the diet could be even worse considering the state of additives put into our foods. thanks so much for posting this info
    blessings to you

  • This information will not be readily acceptable because cutting down and/or eliminating sugar affects big industriesfood, medical, and pharmaceutical. And anyone being sponsored by these same companies will not promote this information and may actually suppress it or lie outright in their marketing. Anyone who is not ready to listen to this information, won’t. I love scientific backed, neutral information from scientists and doctors who have integrity and have experience through practice and thorough research. Thank you! Keep up the good fight! You’re saving lives and every life matters!

  • I have so many severe digestive issues along with an autoimmune disorder, I’ve been dealing with this for years. The Paleo diet helped me the most, but I still felt so heavy and worn down, and disgusted by eating all the meat. I’m pregnant with my 2nd and trying to eat plant-based with some fish a few times a week. This is a great video, very happy I found your channel ��

  • You’re videos are by far the best more educational videos I’ve found. Are you able to share which names mean sugar: like other words? Example.. glucose.. high fructose… that we can look for to NOT get in ingredients

  • I love your videos I’m so happy I found this! I have been lookin for a video but I can’t find anything on this maybe you can help…. but sneaky “healthy” drinks they sell at the stores.
    Or another video requesthow to read good labels /what to not go over in a day.

    Pleaseeeeeeeereeeee help! ����

  • This video is great, very informative and complete, I will recommend it with my friends. I recommend looking in google for panlarko gut cure planner. also perform searches on healing foods for the gut. all those who want to report a much more in depth on this subject.

  • Is the sugar in an apple the same as sugar in a soft drink? I always thought that ‘sugar is sugar’ but I’m wondering if the body will notice the difference in the sugar and maybe not store I as fat.

  • my mom’s T2D and my dad has high blood pressure, so they’re both likely caused by high insulin?

    edit: dr. Jason Fung says that insulin resistance is caused by an overabundance of energy in cells, and requires more insulin to keep jamming energy into cells to the point that no more can fit, which is why it overflows and insulin can’t keep it in. Is this still correct or is it simply a massive oversimplification?

  • I’m always amazed by my own investigative study before I walk into a large food store. To my amazement I realize that all the food in the food store will come out someone’s asshole.

  • This also explains Salted Beef and Salted Ham/ Pork. How those old timers could get away with actually packing these meat products in salt, as a preservative.

  • Great video. For peanut butter I was a little surprised you did not mention Laura Scudder’s brand. 2 of their varieties have only peanuts and salt, nutty and smooth and one more has no added salt, only peanuts! My mom was a cooking teacher and very dietary/additive conscious and we only had Laura Scudders growing up and so I have also only had that brand.
    Love your videos!