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Will Fruit Make You FAT? How Much Fruit is TOO Much Fruit? SCIENCE EXPLAINED

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There’s no need to worry about eating too much fruit as long as it’s whole and included as part of a balanced diet that also focuses on lean proteins, whole grains and lots of veggies. Eating too much fruit can also raise your serum triglycerides, which can increase cardiovascular risk. The high glycemic load of some forms of fruit can provoke insulin resistance and worsen metabolic syndrome. People with this problem are advised to eat only whole fruits and limit servings of dried fruits to one-quarter cup per day. How Much Fruit Is Too Much?

Taub-Dix: “The amount of fruit you should eat each day depends on your weight and your blood sugar levels. If you’re aiming for nine servings of fruit and vegetables per day and making half your plate produce, I always think it’s better to have a greater ratio of vegetables to fruit. Larry’s Response: I really have no way to accurately describe how much is healthy or unhealthy.

The motivation for my article is to caution people that too much of a good thing can be unhealthy. This applies to fruit because fruit contains fructose. Too much fructose can be harmful. One banana contains 100 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates. One apple can contain as much as 115 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

Limiting carbohydrate intake to 100 grams per day is a common target for people using a moderately carbohydrate-restricted approach to weight loss. Such a man will seek, yearn, ask, that he should bear much fruit. This prayer will be heard, and in this sublime synthesis between Christ and his disciples, says Christ, was my Father glorified. “In the fruitfulness of the vine is the glory of the husbandman,” and in the answer of your prayers, and the regulation of all your desires, so ye.

When drinking juice, it may be a good idea to pair it with a meal that contains protein and fat. A combination of food and juice will digest more slowly and may not raise your blood sugar as quickly or as much as the juice alone. Possible Solutions. Eating whole fruit instead of fruit juice offers you better nutrition and blood sugar management.

Too much and too little water are the two main causes of fruit tree failure. Fruit trees should be watered only when the soil is on the verge of becoming dry. Irrigation frequency during the growing season depends on rainfall, temperatures, soil type and mulch as well as how fast the trees are growing: vigorously growing trees use up. tell me what you want original video: original creator:

July 14, 2003 A sugar that’s naturally found in many fruits and is the main ingredient in a commonly used sweetener may be responsible for “unexplained” flatulence, bloating, pain, and other.

List of related literature:

The World Health Organization currently recommends that people eat at least 400 grams of fruit a day.

“Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D” by Jan Chozen Bays
from Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D
by Jan Chozen Bays
Shambhala, 2009

On the recommendation to eat 2–4 servings of fruit per day, only 16% complied, and on the recommendation to eat 3–5 servings of vegetables per day, only 29% complied.

“The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging” by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
from The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging
by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
Springer Netherlands, 2011

But too much fruit sugar can spike your insulin, so I do recommend as a general rule limiting fruit to two pieces per day.

“It's Not You, It's Your Hormones!” by Nicki Williams
from It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones!
by Nicki Williams
Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2017

The World Health Organization (1990; WHO) therefore recommends a daily intake of more than 400 g of vegetables and fruits per person.

“Genetic Modification of Plants: Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry” by Frank Kempken, Christian Jung
from Genetic Modification of Plants: Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
by Frank Kempken, Christian Jung
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009

Too much sliew is not so much better than none at all, as an ill fruit is worse than pone at all,

“The Christian remembrancer; or, The Churchman's Biblical, ecclesiastical & literary miscellany”
from The Christian remembrancer; or, The Churchman’s Biblical, ecclesiastical & literary miscellany
, 1824

Four or five servings of fruit a day is plenty; more than thatand you’re getting a lot of fructose, which is just another form of sugar.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

In fact, one study found that people who ate at least 3 servings of fruit a day had a 12 percent decline in diabetes risk.

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
from The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love
by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
Rodale Books, 2013

Children should have five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and only 10 to 12 ounces of fruit drink per day, as discussed previously.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
from Swanson’s Family Medicine Review
by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

Since the 1990s, the US Government has been working toward convincing people to consume three to four portions or two cups of fruit a day, but still the average fruit consumption is only about half this recommendation (Pollack and Perez 2008; Wells and Buzby 2008).

“Fruit Breeding” by Maria Luisa Badenes, David H. Byrne
from Fruit Breeding
by Maria Luisa Badenes, David H. Byrne
Springer New York, 2012

Vitamin-packed, fiber-rich fruits are important components of a well-balanced diet: The USDA recommends two to four servings per day.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2004

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  • Thank you again for a very interesting video, and for your dedication to teach us more and more RAW things. I live in Europ, and I was wondering how many grammes or pounds you will consider to be a “portion” ( of fruit of course ☺ ). Greetings from Paris!

  • Do you think you can provide a sample meal plan of what you eat daily or throughout the week. Along with the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis.

  • Great video…kudos! Love fruit and many fruits make wonderful fruit smoothies as well. I’m on a Paleo/Ketogenic type eating plan i.e. the Wahl Protocol to reverse my MS. That allows 2 servings of fruit a day. I probably eat more, but I’ve lost some good weight anyways and feel healthy and my skin is glowing at age 68 which I also rub with virgin coconut oil…the best for skin! I found that organic strawberries and blueberries are the sweetest and all organic foods taste better because spraying them with all those toxic chemicals which are terrible for human consumption must kill the taste in so many fruits and veggies. Strawberries and celery are two of the heaviest sprayed crops so go organic people, as much as you can. Costs more, but one’s health should be worth it…cheaper than hospital bills and potentially lethal prescription drugs which often times do nothing to heal a person! “Let food be thy medicine and medicine they food”…Hippocrates! Too bad so many allopathic doctors these days don’t really follow the Hippocratic oath….hypocrites!

  • Just to make sure, does it matter if the fruit consumed are non berries like bananas/grapes (which tend to get knocked the most due to their glycemic index), oranges, etc?

    Also to make sure, are there any adverse effects on the liver by the consumption of a lot of fruit?

  • I wish they used honey for this! 82g of sugar per 100g is the highest amount of natural raw sugar out of any food on the planet! Would love to see how it affects the body eaten in large amounts!

  • Omg, suger don’t cause diabetes, fat dose:))) I’m death.
    Suger or carbs in general is the cause of diabetes. 2k likes i bet they are all raw vegans

  • Could you do a video talking about nut based foods such as cashew butter and cashew milk. You could talk about how they stand as a substitute or just the general benefits. I enhoy both but haven’t found much talking about them. Love your videos!

  • So why does someone take an insulin shot lower there blood sugar? If the fat is blocking the receptor site, does it matter where the insulin is coming from? My neighbor is diabetic, has to take insulin.

  • So funny I am doing a fruit challenge this week with my students (9-10 year old): they have to eat at least 5 fruit portions per day… And there will be a winner (to keep them motivated) 😉 Fruits are the best!! (they are the trick plants develop to disseminate their seeds… how cool is that??)

  • One side-effect from a 20+ servings a day of fruit, and 44+ servings a day of vegetables:  


    And I bet they felt GREAT!

  • Experimenters: We fed participants 20 servings of fruit a day.
    Low carb nutjobs: Oh no! What happened to them?!
    Experimenters: They had gigantic bowel movements. Otherwise unaffected.

  • I have 0 added sugar but usually get 200+ grams of sugar from fruit a day. A few mangos, bananas, apple, kiwis, blueberries and a large sweet potato are usually apart of my daily diet. MyFitnessPal lumps fruit sugar in with all sugar and seeing 200 grams at the end of the day is kinda unnerving.

  • So many misinformed people in this comment sections, omg.. Both Raw Vegan (80/10/10) and Keto is two perfectly sustainable diets. Both of them are good for us humans. Both are highly anti-inflammatory since the body runs either on pure carbs or fat. No, not the shitty carbs like refined bread and sugars etc. Fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes. These sort of carbs. It’s not the same sugar WHITE sugar. It’s natural. So stop judging and do your own research before spouting your bullshit. As i said on the start, both Keto And a Raw Vegan diet is both good. It just depends on how YOUR body reacts, and what you feel the best on.

  • How would you like to be the researcher who documented the record bowel movements ever recorded in a dietary study? You’d take crap (pun intended) for the rest of your life.

  • Fructose in fruit doesn’t seem to be the problem as long as you eat the whole fruit including antioxidants, fiber etc. Seems logic to me.

  • I just love Dr. Greger and the way he ends his videos!! lo that’s great!! The largest reported bowel movements ever documented.

  • 1. Antioxidant theory is simply wrong: There is ZERO evidence that antioxidants promote health in humans (in fact, the strongest antioxidants such as vitamin E have been shown to have deleterious effects).
    2. According to the Institute of health Metrics: Eating MORE fruit is the number one thing to do for health.
    3. Agree that fruits are healthy, period, in any amount. It is the phytochemicals (highest in the skins), that make fruits healthy. Fruit JUICES that exclude the skins are NOT healthy.

  • We’re there any blood sugar tests done after eating he fruit? I know for me eating just a couple of pieces of watermelon will drive my blood sugar over 160. That is not healthy for me obviously. Recommendations like this should be checked with a blood monitoring because we all have different levels of insulin resistance. This is a very important point I believe especially if you are older.

  • You two are the most adorable, charming, delightful people to watch. Never get tired of your vid’s! Always useful vegan recipes and cooking tips. Thanks so much!!! <3 <3 <3

  • I am not, and probably never will be, like you two. However, I do love watching your videos, and I love that you are not pushing your lifestyle down anyone’s throat. You just accept that you are who you are, and don’t have any expectations of anyone else. That attitude alone is freeing and attractive. Keep loving life, and keep being you. Peace, friends.

  • This is old from Mar 2018 & it’s now Nov 2019. I truly hope you two are still together bc you’re totally adorable. I literally lol watching this. Have been binge watching out of order bc your vlogs are showing up in my YT feed that way. You went to London recently w/Crystal tho didn’t you? Must find that one & watch. Be well. And keep laughing with us!

  • But there is so much Sugar in Fruit?!? I know it’s natural and not “added” but it still counts and adds up toward the danger of Diabetes…

  • Connor! Handyman bananas! I remember meeting you shortly at the WFF 2013 while you were doing a handstand by the lifting area. It’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown since then, then again I didn’t get to know you all that well but I do remember you had a long beard. Haha anyway thank you for the inspiration brother!

  • I’ve been told my whole life that you shouldn’t eat fruit after 1 PM in the afternoon writing this even sounds ridiculous, but is there any truth behind it thanks

  • Dang! You too are the cutest couple ever! So glad you were able to find each!
    And I’ve gotta say Crystal is just adorable! The more she talks the more adorable she is!! Keep up the great work you two!

  • Glad I came across your video. I’m following “mastering diabetes” and the info is so opposite what we learned!!!! I’m transitioning to plant based only diet and it’s making a huge different in my fasting numbers and weight

  • I ate about 800g of fruit the past few days.. Is that bad? The only thing I noticed is the bloating on the second day.. But that may also be from the excess water. I alsays drink about 2-2.5L of water a day

  • You are brainwashed. Check out all the vegan’s horror stories from Sverige’s channel. You look way too thin and tired also as a male. Eat some eggs, get some muscles and become healthy again sugar boy.

  • So, I’ve got a question for you guys: I’m living at home with my parents for various reasons (college grad, heading into my 30’s) and I’ve been going back and forth from Ovo-Lacto vegetarian to strict vegan for at least a year now, and I want to transition to strict vegan for good. I make my own breakfasts (only eat breakfast a couple days out of the week) and lunches, but except for one or two days a week, I eat with my parents who are omnivores. I honestly don’t know how to go about talking to my mom about doing all my own meals. Her solution is basically “well, just don’t eat meat if we’re having it” which is obviously not a solution/sustainable.

  • OUR ANCESTORS ATE MEAT WITHOUT OIL AND NO DIABETES, MAYBE IT’S THE OIL??? Show us a study of Roasted/Oven baked/ Barbeque VS oil cooked meats. Don’t jump to conclusions knowing full well we had eaten meat without diabetes in the past. We can’t forget history

  • I get an absurd amount of sugar in my diet from the date fruit I eat. I love em. Although I do like other fruit like blueberries and strawberries, the GMO garbage they sell at Target tastes bad so I only get good berries from places like Trader Joe’s or a proper grocery market. Seriously, I am not against GMO foods out of principle, but the berries nowadays seem to be engineered for mass production instead of quality. Driscoll’s is the worst brand ever.

  • Fructose is metabolised similarly to ethanol almost exclusively in the liver, go and get a liver function test, you will develop non-alcohol fatty liver disease if you continue to eat this amount of Fructose. You talk about sugar metabolism, however you are referring to glucose metabolism.

  • Since apparently these people on this intervention we’re also eating a lot of vegetables, we really don’t know if it was the vegetables that we’re reducing the glucose and not so much the fruit itself?

  • On an unrelated note, I love the new haircut. On the fruit side, my struggle is usually with being able to shop enough and feeling hungry…

  • Fruit has really helped my compulsions with food. It got me over my sugar addiction. I’ve went from 282 lbs to now 161 lbs, and most importantly increased my health, and that has been because I’ve been eating a plant-based, and primarily fruit based diet.

  • complete misinformation is not the FAT is the Carbohydrates that create the problem, I am diabetic type II and I demonstrated that to myself many times, He (I mean the guy of this video) is Young so the way his body can manage the glucose is completed differently than a GUY that is 58 (like me) so the fans are Type to diabetes he is not good reference, you can test your self eat a banana and check your glucose 1 hour later (The PEAK Glucose) compare with for example two eggs you will notice a BIG different the two eggs will be much much lower.

  • been feeling a sudden urge to purge all the crap out of my life, house, head and body. you guys are really inspiring me right now and you both are adorbs!

  • You didn’t answer the question put forth in your title. What was “almost” in the study? Considering you’ve NEVER answered ANY of my questions, I won’t expect an answer to this one either.

  • I stumbled on your videos by accident, now I’m watching so many, and I’m def subscribed. Always gives me things to think about and watch at work. You’ve both inspired me more than you could know, and heres thanks to your channel! �� beautiful, healthy, happy and clean

  • I love eating lots of fruit! I have just recently stopped eating so much cooked foods and switching to more fruit. I think it has to do with the season changes for me.

  • Hi guys. Do you spend any time in cold climates? I’m just wondering how you find the availability of fruit/ price and also if you stay comfortably warm without more traditional hot food and starchy carbs ������

  • I am on a plant based, low fat, high carb diet (Mc Dougall style) and I feel so good on it. I am so energized and my immune system got extremly strong (no cold, flu etc for over 1,5 years). I choosed starch (potatoes, Rice, oatmeal, pasta, beans, lengumes,…) as my main source of calories because with starch my energy level is pretty constant all day long and it is easy to get no matter where I am. Also warm food feels more comfortable to me in the winter (i live in Germany right now). But fruit and veggies are always a part of my meals. And I like snacking on them. Much love to you <3

  • Dr. Please read this!!!!!!!!! I just cured my hypoglycemias by eating 12 bananas a day for 4 months and of course, I had to quit all animal product including raw honey.

  • I just love melons especially water melon and cannot find a good one, they just dont sellthe good ones around here like they used to and the seedless are not sweet at all. I read that bananas have amino acids, so that is protein aint it? I love fruit.

  • I was told my my elder you need to eat half of the bananas I arewhich was 15 bananas because diabetes run in the family. I was really diabetes doesn’t run in anybody family unless they all eat the same thing animal products. I dislike when non-vegan try to give health advice and all of a sudden they becomes doctor’s, when all they do is parrot a doctor who is only good at pushing aka pedaling drugs. Doctor’s do know anything about proper nutrition yet people blindly following they advice just because they wear white coat.

  • i have insulin resistance and my mom thought i shouldn’t eat many fruits because they have too much sugar… which i knew was ridiculous but thanks to this video i can keep eating fruits normally haha

  • My father’s diet consists of mainly fruits, and has been eating like this for most his life. He has type two diabetes.

    I had type two diabetes, but when I recently went on a ketogenic a few months ago, I am no longer diabetic.

    Eating too much fruit is definitely bad. But so is eating too much meat.

    There’s a misconception when it comes to diets. Ever wonder why a vegan based diet works as well as a proper ketogenic diet? Both diets include lots amount of vegetables. But once you combine both high carbs and or sugar WITH meat, this will in fact make you fat, unless you have a super high metabolism, or exercise religiously.

    I know how vegans feel about eating animals, and I can’t blame them for feeling like this. But the truth is, not everyone’s body functions the same way, and regardless of what diet we choose, we should all definitely lean on only organic based foods.

  • I think one (of the many) reason why I love you guys so much is that I can relate to you both! I too feel like my whole life I have been on a healthy living journey. I was a vegetarian for many years until two years ago when my daughter introduced me to raw veganism and BINGO-it was just what I was looking for, only I did not know it existed before then! And the more fruit I eat, the more I crave it! My eating is similar to yours: smoothie for breakfast, fruit most of the day and a huge salad for dinner. And for about 8 years I have had a string of letters spelling ‘SIMPLIFY’ above my kitchen sink, and that has been hanging even before I knew about ‘minimalism’. I also love the way you are not pushing raw vegan, but instead just telling us your positive experiences of this lifestyle. And if I am correct, it looks like you are still at Zilker Park! Thanks for your inspirational well articulated videos; I always get so much out of them! P.S. It was so great to meet you both in person.

  • It has to do with the blood types! There is no magical diet that can be applied to everybody. I know pepole who almost killed them self with veganism.

  • I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Took Metformin off and on for 6 months then twice a day because Doctor said i have to. I changed everything about my life. NO PROCESS FOOD, NO COLA, NO LATE EATING, NO WHITE SUGAR, EAT ONLY WHEN YOU HUNGRY, ALWAYS STAY LITTLE BIT HUNGRY. EXERCISE whatever you can. I have no diabetes now

  • Fruit and fructose should be limited. Gundry, MD says this. Also, ie Happy for you guys!

  • May god bless you mate. You need it because you have a long way to go in life. Way way too early to come into conclusion about your health!

  • when it’s cold outside, try a warm smoothie… just blend in a vitamix until warm. I just learned about it it’s actually really good. I still prefer cold smoothies but it’s a really good alternative.

  • How absolutely beautiful the forest is! Your inspiring me to try vegan! And hiking! ���� emotional here but thank you for these videos they are much needed inspiration and kick in the butt for me to start eating a lot better for my health was a wake up call and blessing to me to find your channel! I hope I can be on way to becoming diabetes free and get my health back! Doctor says in on road for heart problems so your videos are making me realize how much I need to become a vegan now!

  • I really respect your choices and have also became a vegetarian in recent years. Can you honestly say that you don’t crave pizza, cheese or wine from time to time? I couldn’t give that stuff up! But props to you guys!

  • Ppl have been completely brainwashed, it’s been proven scientifically the insulin resistance is caused by high sugar and high insulin.

  • You are both GORGEoouus, btw.
    I have bisexual superpowers, btw. So I know what I am talking about. You’re hot. Glad you found each other.

  • I’d like a recommendation like
    1 banana
    1 kiwi fruit
    10 blue berries
    10 raspberries
    5 strawberries
    Or something more specific like that

  • Thank you for your videos Conor and Brittany.:)

    I have a question: I’ve been on a health journey for several years. At the moment, I’m eating a 50% raw vegan diet. I’ve been getting stuck/trapped in my sugar consumption. I also feel like I would love to eat a mostly fruit based diet (I feel amazing that way!) but half way through the day I start to lose my footing, eat a cooked meal, and then my energy just depletes. Any advice? Thank you again!

  • Overeating Bananas for women will give you pcos and a hairy face girl, I didn’t believe it when my aunty told me I just thought she doesn’t want me to get full on fruits

  • Just as you said “what you are eating is awesome” I took a bite of my cold quinoa and pineapple and bell pepper salad, and damn, you are right!

  • I remember when I first watched this I thought “Only melon for breakfast? How boring.” Now it’s my favourite thing for breakfast!:) I’d have it for lunch and dinner too if it had enough calories:L

  • Yeah but if I want to lose weight I can’t eat 2 bananas and 2 apples every day there are too many carbs in these fruits,Banana only has 27 grams of carbs,he didn’t mention about how fructose metabolizes in the liver and what consequences does this have like fatty liver disease for example

  • If he eats that much fruit he will get the shits so he will lose lots of water salts and sugars out of his body because he’s putting in too much. For healthy bowel movements you would not eat that much fruit

  • Oh my goodness what’s the fruit that was in the thumbnail that’s small and red and look like some sort of berries? I know they come from bushes, i used to pick them in Belgium.

  • See DiRECT medical trial in the U.K. Dr Jason Fung on Utube.. Insulin resistance is prob caused much more by too much sugar & simple carbs in the diet. (Low carb & intermittent fasting can put T2 diabetes into remission). Though debated, fruit sugar can also contribute to fatty liver & insulin resistance.. Thus eat only v small amount of berries per day

  • I love you guys, u guys inspire me so much, I’m so far a vegeterian,and I moved and left practically everything behind so I could be more of a minimalist but I still have a long way to go I still have way too much clothes LOL

  • Bro you don’t have any evidence of this you’re just talking out of your ass literally you don’t have any sources in the description so like what are you trying to prove here I don’t understand

  • Hey fruity people:)
    I really need the help of the world travelers you are
    I am very often travelling and I am looking for a good protection for my macbook (same one as Brittany).
    Do you recommend a rubberized hard cover? A hard plastic case? Or just a slipcover?
    What is the best way to keep it away from scratch and knocking?
    Thank You very much

  • Lol. Listening to breakfast description, I tell people all the time that I eat the oddest combinations of food since going vegan. It’s so true!

  • Hey You know guys, it is so great to hear your story. I feel like you should demonstrate some twisting exercises. I know you say this might not benefit everyone but really if someone had some common-sense then if it was hurting or this felt off then twisting exercises are not for them. I think there’s ever emerging evidence that exercises in multiple planes of movement should be incorporated. Love what you guys do!

  • Jesus is real and loves us all! Believe in him and repent before it’s too late! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, where there will be eternal joy! Please be prepared to make it! This is your sign! Message me with questions!

  • Just go to a dietician and get the straight info….you must find out what the GYCEMIC LOAD is for all foods….then work a program what is RIGHT for your condition…

  • I love how positive and caring you BOTH are. And I love your energy together! Very charismatic! This was a fun video! �� PS: I loved having the female perspective.

  • I am total agree with you, bro.
    Whole fruits n veggie are very healthy for our body.
    Our body need postasium n others, we can get from fruits n veggie.

  • What research are you quoting. It says no such thing. You are irresponsible to say too many charbs do not impact blood sugar negatively. Good grief.

  • I love fruit and I can’t get enough of them. But unfortunately, since I got pregnant my digestion system seems to dislike fruits. I can’t stand a lot of them now and apples make me bloat a lot.

  • Iv been questioning this cuz of your teeth and insulin. My lil niece from a baby has loved eating lots of different fruit now shes 6 and had to have alot of fillings mum was confused but dentist said all that sugar from fruit has rotted them from the inside making it’s way out same thing for ppl who drink alot of fizzy drinks

  • It’s probably due to the fact that fruits require a certain amount of time to digest, so the more fruit you force through your digestive tract in a single day, the less digested it gets before being excreted.

  • Poor misguided Crystal. When she is 40 and looks 80, how is she going to feel about this manipulative, controlling, steroid junkie?

  • I’m just curious about the amounts of natural sugar you eat on regular basis. When my friend was pregnant, she had cravings for fruit and her doctor told her she had to slow down on the fruit as she was going to develop diabetes. Any thoughts?

  • You two complete one another! You guys should definitley make a combined channel I love your energy! I can relate w crystal on the annoying things hahahah but I think that’s just something almost every guy does xD I cam to Simnett for pancakes but I’m discovering all this other great content! Thank you guys keep on being amazing!

  • Sometimes I feel meat just weighs me down and I feel full and tired.I’ve been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and have been doing fairly well. It’s just hard since I live in the Midwest:/

  • You’re one lucky guy, Crystal seems like an awesome woman! BTW, your videos are helping me eat a healthier Vegan diet. Managing my weight has been a challenge because I’m almost 50 yrs old and have a thyroid problem that makes weight loss a challenge. So thank you very much and please keep up the excellent content. Also, more Crystal… ; ) lol

  • How much money are you spending on food a day? How does this compare with winter when in the U.S.? I tried all fruit apx 2.5yrs ago. Moved to cooked at night to save money. Other than world travel do you have tips on how to save money eating fruit?

  • “We only live a couple of hours away from each other”. Wow, I wish people in the States were that optimistic. In SoCal, if you live 30 mins away, you’re too far.

  • Do yall think anyone can find inspiration and joy in the slaughtered animals. Do yall think that slaughtered animals can find inspiration and joy. Pls promote Veganism.


    I wish you luck bud. You are horribly misinformed if you think the body doesn’t need saturated fats and cholesterol. The video above explains it.

  • Im an athlete and I perform my very best with just raw fruit and veggies. I supplement a little bit of meat when I’m feeling weak. Besides that, I do better being plant based

  • So cool to be able to eat awesome fruit and be where you want to be just for the fact that the fruit you want to eat is there! Wow! I’ve never even seen or heard of some of the fruits you eat. I’m still in the midwest and it’s summer here and I planted my first garden ever in my life and am sooo enjoying the harvest! I will never go without a garden if I can help it. I don’t plan on staying put though, so if things go as planned I can reap the benefits of traveling the warmer climates and having access to the better fruits and veggies! Thanks guys! Tammie

  • I have always been a big fruit lover and at times have worried I eat too much of it, but watching videos like yours has helped me get over that and I enjoy it much more.

  • The moment when you both went “meh!” at the exact same time ☺️☺️☺️ You guys are just the best, you make me so happy seeing how much love there is between you!

  • Thanks for the videoI love how both you and Brittany always start by saying how anything you’re into is cool, this is just how you guys do stuff. The “go for it” vibe is so positive and inspiring:)

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  • Thank you so much for this video. I have been transitioning to a similar style diet/lifestyle for the past 2-1/2 years. While I get excited about it and want to share it with family and friends, I find that I always manage to come off either judgmental toward alternatives or I sound like I’m proselytising. Neither are my intent. Thank you for sharing your views so simply and without charge. You continue to inspire me. ��

  • Probably the only way to consume a lot of calories of whole fruit would be eating dried fruit. It’s easy to eat a lot more raisins than grapes. A regular apple has about 100 calories. One date has about 70 calories. An apple will make me feel full quickly, but it’s easy to eat several dates since they’re dried, small, so sweet and tasty.
    But both are way better than a fried apple fritter packing about 300 calories. Since 100 of those calories from fat, and most of the rest is from sugar and flour, that can easily make someone fat!

  • it’s an amazing freaking beautiful blessing to eat fruit! Such an embarkment on abundance that just keeps giving going and growing! love you guys and all you share!! hehe cute ending:)

  • I did raw vegan for 11 days and I was becoming so bloated and eating way too much sugar it was making me sick, after 11 days the leafy green salads were grossing me out, If I eat Atkins style of eating of just meats and low carb vegetables I have a good feeling and become energetic, I absolutely hate meat it grosses me out so I just don’t know what to do, I like yogurt and cheese, Eggs gross me out too. I see people like you and Brit who eat fruit and who are vegans I wish I could too


  • How did you learn what fruit is at its very best? I love Avocados but it’s so frustrating and costly to guess. I bet the Avocados are giving you the fat and protein you need.

  • Fruits for diabetics? Yes, maybe things with low sugar content like strawberries and lemons or fruits like avocado, which contains tons of fiber and healthy fats and almost 0 carbs. But bananas or other fruits with little to zero fiber and tons of carbs? FOR DIABETICS? Please, this is a nonsense. Diabetics should eat low GI foods and most of fruits don’t fit into this category.

  • Wow.. your extensive medical education and clinical practice and also the extensive reseach in the field must have come handy when you did this video.. Kudos to you brother!

  • Omg he sounds exactly the way I imagined his voice to be like when reading his books lolol especially the emphasis of words and pauses

  • sitting eating strawberries blueberries and soya ice cream, feeling very good about myself whilst watching a video about eating a fruit based diet haha!

  • I love your genuine interactions through your vlogs:)I also appreciate that you are not dogmatic in your beliefs.My nutrition mantra is:  high-quality whole foods!The world needs your voices:)

  • [Group A: No more than 2 pieces of fruit] ; [Group B: No less than 2 pieces of fruit]
    …..So both groups might just eat 2 pieces of fruit making no difference? Honestly I want to slap the people who create these piss weak control measures in studies

  • My fasting blood sugar level normally was 95-105. I do not think I had an issue with it. However, after just a few weeks on a keto diet and some fasting, my levels have dropped to the 70’s. Not sure how it causes diabetes when my blood sugar is lower overall on the keto diet. Sounds like a bunch of crap from my experience.

  • Thank you for sharing what you eat. I have been struggling with my weight on and off throughout my adult life. I remember that when I was a kid, I would eat a lot of whole foods, mainly because my mom and grandma cooked every single day and my weight was what you would call normal. Processed food is killing us! I am currently trying to stay away from dairy and incorporating more vegetables and lower sugar fruits. I love when I see your instagram posts with the gorgeous, fresh, colorful bowls of yummy vegetables! You guys inspire me. Much love to you both. <3

  • Thank you for the awesome video! Been eating a lot more fruit thanks to finding your videos awhile back buddy! Hope you are well! And let me know if you bring Winney up to New Mexico!

  • Anyone who thinks a ketogenic diet causes insulin resistance is an absolute idiot. Just ask Dr Tim Noakes the world’s leading sports nutritionist and inventor of the sports gel. He also ran 71 ultra marathons and still ended up diabetic. He’s now ketogenic. Or ask Dave Scott one of the world’s most famous ironman triathletes of all time damaged his heart with all the sugar and is now ketogenic. Saturated animal fat does not correlate to metabolic disease. Even the infamous Ancel Keys Seven Countries study that initially did correlate saturated fat with metabolic disease was proven to be fraudulent. he simply eliminated the countries that showed the complete opposite to his hypothesis.

  • Thriving, since you’ve been eating what grows out of the ground, have you noticed weight loss, clearing skin, etc? What do you drink much of the time?

  • Where did early man get all this fruit or even carbs?

  • You should have probably mentioned that the sugar found in fruit is okay because of the high fiber content. Fiber slows digestion and stops blood glucose from reaching dangerous levels. People need to know that the sugars in their soft drinks, candy bars, and many other processed foods are killing them and indeed causing insulin resistance. The demonization of fat is advocated for by large sugar companies, and you should question the motive of these studies that say fat is bad for people. You know what happened when we started removing fat from our foods in America and started pumping them full of refined sugar? That’s right, obesity and diabetes rates skyrocketed. Just some knowledge I would like to pass along to people.

  • I’m type 2 and one banana skyrocket my blood sugar, people think that you can eat all the fruits you want because it’s natural and low in calories. It’s not all about calories in and calories out, hormones matter too.

  • You really don’t know how this works do you?
    Sugar or liquid sugar is absorbed into the stomach and goes directly to the liver-and into the blood stream.
    If you eat fruit it contains fiber and takes time to process and must be digested before sugar can be absorbed.
    Fruit sugar is better than processed sugar because processed sugar goes straight to your liver, causes fatty liver and shocks your system and causes insulin resisitance. People with fatty liver have the same damage as an alcoholic. Why? Alcohol (beer and most alochols) break down to sugar and go right into the blood stream from your stomach (liquid).

  • I wonder how many diabetics you have created in the four years since u made this video. You don’t have diabetes, because you don’t have insulin resistance. You don’t have insulin resistance because you’re not obese…yet. this has nothing to dietary intake of fat. Namely animal fat… although I see how it fits Ur agenda being a plant based libtard. Maybe educate yourself on nutrition before you espouse such nonsense to the masses.

  • Great video! I get ridiculed for eating a lot of fruits (and by a lot I mean 3-4 different fruits) a day! But I think it’s pretty healthy!

  • so glad I found your channel I have been a frutarian for 5 months and now I am preparing my campervan to live on the road…I feel the same way….. keep making these videos..thanks…

  • Great video. So, for example I love bananas (lots of natural sugar), and avocados (lots of natural oil). If I have 20 bananas and 5 avocados a day, you’re saying that it’s completely healthy? And what If I have a goal of loosing weight. Is this still healthy and will it still help me loose weight? Thanks.

  • Hi there! I luv u guys! But my question is I started about 2 months ago eating only fruit and veggies. Mostly just fruit cuz I really like it and veggies, not so much. But I do make a smoothie everyday and put spinach or something green in the smoothie. And I’m drinking tons of water but I’m retaining so much water that I have no more ankles and my feet are like lil puffer fish! I’m actually holding water from my stomach down. But let me tell u something I have never weighed more than 115 at my highest weight. So now I’m eating fruit and veggies and water and I now weigh a whopping 140!! I’ve gained about 30-35 lbs in about 6 months!! My grandbaby asked me the other day if I had a baby in my tummy!!!!!!!!! I think I lam traumatized for life’s?? So any advice???

  • Thanks for always saying that you respect the lifestyles of others. I very much enjoy watching your video, you are informative, and not preachy. In my opinion, this is more persuasive for me to make lifestyle changes than when people tell me “this is what to do. this is how to do it. if you don’t do it, you will fail.” Thanks Conor & Brittany!

  • When I was young, I ate all kind the junks without gain any weight, once you got older you will know the differences. Keep eat the those sugar and see what happen.

  • Hi, I’m new to your channel since becoming vegan. Crystal talked about yoga helping her spine. I can attest to that. I had a ruptured disc and a bulging disc. I was able to put both back into place with yoga. It hurt for quite a while, but no surgery ��

  • Monkey is full of self love now lol!!! I loved the video! Fruit is the best thing in the world!! It always makes me feel my best. And Brittany you look so beautiful with your new haircut <3 Much love!

  • as soon as you stop eating fruit only you will realise that you’re addicted to sugar, I was a fruitarian for over a year and I stopped once I stared to lose the substance around my cervical spine, I got a rigid spine and after one bowl of bone broth I was cured

  • You should notice a total fruit diet for a while could be good, but what happens if you mix it with other foods because you need omega 3, or what happens in the long term? even people who consume only meat for few weeks report health improvements

  • Fruit makes my blood sugar go high. Green vegetables bring it down. People just test yourselves. I don’t need other people’s results.

  • The sugar in a banana and the sugar in a soda aren’t the same thing. As in, not remotely the same thing. Also, eating that much bananas is literally stupid, as it will result in serious constipation. It is also not healthy to eat too much of one single thing and your body will have a terrible time trying to digest those bananas. In reality we need a varied diet and yes this includes meat. Cutting down on meat is fine, but pretending we can switch to vegetables only is literally just an ignorant idea. We’re not cows, our stomachs have a hard time trying to digest everything. And most people get sick after a year or 4-5.

  • Hey man great video! The only thing I would add is that not all fruit is created equal, especially with a lot of the modern GMO fruit. Some fruits like most apples and grapes are incredibly high in sugar with almost no fiber at all. They also have almost no vitamins. Most apples have less vitamins and the same fiber as 1 large strawberry. To me those are just wasted calories! Also, some studies have show that these high sugar/low nutrient fruits can have some negative effects, but not necessarily insulin related. Keep up the great work!

  • I was snacking on some fruit and nuts while watching this, and it really felt like we were just hanging out together:) Thanks for soothing my lunch break!

  • LOL m Yea I’d totally listen to this plant-obsessed guy over Dr Jason Fung or Dr. Sarah Hallberg who participated in a TED Talk. Fat does not clog up your insulin resistors if you are not taking in fats like a madman. However your blood glucose from eating all those bananas will keep your pancreas working overtime all the time to pump out insulin, your pancreas will wear out and eventually your blood glucose will stop coming down as fast. Where are your research articles to back your claim? Insulin resistance is when your body take in too much glucose all the time and there is excess glucose in your blood that has no where to go which become stored as fat. Even if what you say about the insulin receptors is true, insulin also stores glucose as fat.

    You are a quack with a quack ebook sir, your bullshit will kill people who couldn’t think better.

  • Time Stamps
    1:37 How did we meet?
    3:27 Who went vegan first?
    4:28 Is too much fruit bad for girls?
    6:05 What does Crystal eat in a day?
    7:43 Will Crystal start a channel?
    8:59 Crystals workout program?
    10:27 Does Crystal workout fasted?
    11:49 Yoga for correcting spine?
    14:11 Does Derek have weird quirks?
    17:29 Does Crystal worry about me?

  • This might have been the most pleasant presentation of a plant based diet I have ever seen. I appreciate your kind, thoughtful approach discussing dietary choices!

  • I was vegetarian(no eggs) for 11 years when I met my wife a few years ago. I’m vegan now partly because of her encouragement and it’s been 3 years almost. Much love to you both!

  • I heard of the cooked smoothie in some ayurveda suggestions. They called it a “soupee”. My kids absolutely LOVE it in the winter. They think I’m so amazing when I make it. It’s the only breakfast they will actually finish before they leave for school.

  • Ha, I only just met you guys tonight & this is the 5th video i’ve watched in a row. You are both a great looking couple, fit as ****, so happy together which I hope lasts a lifetime. It’s true, you guys do bring a smile to my face also. All the best from Australia.. Queensland Ay…

  • My step-father was diagnosed a full blown diabetic and someone told him a diet of primarily beef chilly. and so he ate mostly chilly for over a year and when he went back to the doctor, the doc thought he made a mistake because my step-father no longer was a diabetic.

  • Be cautious. For 3 months I decided to eat raw vegetables only and in very large portions including a lot of probiotics into my diet. I got hospitalized for SIBO and Was a herenden’s experience and took me a very long time to admit something as healthy as the diet I was on was the ultimate cause

  • There’s a lot of wanna be BS on this!
    Around your age I could live on “chocolate mousse” and not have diabetes, or anything else wrong, to be honest… By then totally careless about my diet, BUT no high blood pressure, no type 2 diabetes, no cholesterol… Healthy as hell!
    Put some decades on top, white hair, etc. and just thinking about food make the blood sugar spike!
    Come on, get real! 😉

  • Those studies were done based on a sugar and fat diet, and not just a fat diet alone. Therefore the results don’t mean that the fat alone is increasing insulin and blood glucose levels, but that a combination of sugar and fat and sugar and protein are the problem.

  • Keep going & we’ll truly see how your health ends up ��‍♀️. Omg someone please stop ✋�� �� all these LIES… I’m a T1 juvenile diabetic (29yrs) & I never have a problem with blood sugar on a Animal based diet. Only diet that caused my blood sugar to raise was when I ate PLANTs. Sugar is a plant. Fruit is a GMO plant loaded with sugar. Grains turn into sugar. Wheat, Bread all turn into sugar in the blood. That dude still takes insulin as a T1 too.. The only thing that doesn’t require the hormone insulin is animal products that don’t have any carbohydrates over 15g. His diet high in fruits means he’s probably still taking lots of insulin to cover all that GMO fruit which is 10times sweeter than the original plant ever was.

  • I think they way to settle down this argument is to observe what native countries third world countries see what food they eat and study which diseases they have or not

  • This info is outdated it has been proven that a high fat diet including animal fat (bacon and steaks) do not raise blood sugar which helps the body to achieve ketosis faster.

  • Oh come on, y’all both are walking stereotypes. Nobody has ever asked, seriously, why do you eat so much fruit?
    Your whole gig is to go around to lost souls and pretend you’ve got some kind of answers, which is cool. We all have are masks to wear. Though let me make one little suggestion, the pony tail has to go. It’s a little bit too on the nose.

  • I agree that fruit is awesome…if you can get consistent quality (unfortunately it’s not that way in Australia and it is expensive). However, what I think is far more awesome is that you’re not exploiting animals. Could you please talk about that and how it makes you feel? I think veganism is an incredibly important topic for so many reasons.

  • Yea right blame meat but when you have diabetes you can’t eat fruits how ironical is that bananas are the worst possible food men made trash 25 grams of sugar is enough to make your liver full with glycogen and everything else must come from carbs like grains for ex just sugar,sugar is just as worst as alcohol

  • Dude misleading people with the title DIABETES is very immoral behavior. You don’t have diabetes so trying to lead people to believe that somehow you did something with diabetetes after a year of high fruit is clickbait. Keto people claim they also cured their diabetes. All I can say is don’t mislead people when you don’t even have the disease yourself

  • Most researcher will state they don’t fully understand insulin resistance at the cellular level despite what dr greger says…. The definition of insulin resistance is deceptively simple (a condition in which cells are no longer responding appropriately to circulating insulin). Although the molecular mechanism is not fully understood, at the cellular level the strength of insulin signaling from its receptor to its final action is attenuated. It is also suspected that continous high level of glucose and insulin can damage insulin receptors over time and even damage the pancreatic cell that produce insulin by overworking them. This person is young but time will tell as he ages. Plus. Insulin resistance can lead to inflammation which can lead to arterial damage, plaque and calification. This person might want to get a creactive protein test to keep track of potential inflammation. We have an epidemic of obesity in this country that some attribute to low fat high carbs diets especially in the form of refined flour and processed foods. Add in individual genetics and microbiota and you have a time bomb waiting to go off for some people. If you want to see what different food items do to blood sugar go to the beat diabetes YouTube channel. He eats different foods then test his blood sugar. 2 bananas raised his blood sugar as much as two candy bars whereas eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner barely more his blood sugar at all.

  • You can test, stop eating fruits or vegetables or berries including herbs for the rest of your life, see what happens which is diseases, poisoning and dying painfully and very fast, there weren’t even really much of years before you would die.

  • Crystal, I think this video in particular just made my MONTH!!! We’re only pescatarian, but I avoid the fowl more than the rest of my family. I eat fruit like a mad wait man tho, and you helped ease the stress it’s giving me!

  • I’ve started kind of leaning towards a mostly raw plant based diet and lately all I’ve been eating is watermelon and it’s fantastic

  • It really bothers me this current trend to mention something that’s known or obviously  very destructive then go on to say (more or less) ” Oh.. but that’s ok ” It’s just not the way I do it,etc,etc)  Those things are not “ok” and sometimes “stepping on toes” is necessary. I do think tons of fruit is way too much… you guessed it… sugar. Better than “table” sugar? would seem so…I must say.

  • Do you juice? I love to start my day with a big glass of carrot, kale and apple juice. When I drink that I find my skin especially regenerates quickly.

  • WOW ��. 500 Grams of Sugar in Bananas. Must be them GMOs causing Diabetes right?????? Any Nutritional Experts around looking ������

  • I LOVE this idea, but I’m concerned about how much sugar I’d be shocking my system with! Do you have concerns about developing insulin resistance?

  • Lol i love fruit and my dad said that “you shouldnt eat too much, its bad for you” but im pretty sure he just doesnt want me eating all the fruit lol

  • I love this! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been eating so much fruit lately and I feel so energized and happy and vibrant. It’s a great feeling. I live in the midwest, so it’s hard to get ripe fruit in the winter, but I’ve been going absolutely fruit crazy this summer. I love it. <3

  • Another aspect we can all relate to is the fact that we have a build in threshold when it comes to eating fruits, I love mangoes and bananas but could not eat more than 3-4 pieces a day. Same with a watermelon in summer there comes a point your own body feels satiated and I believe this is true with all whole foods, be it the fiber, phytonutrients, calories or all of the above combined.

  • Great video… Regarding over eating I eat raw and only fruits and nuts… I have been puting a pound every weak of lean mass same bodyfat at 5400 calories a day… 11 pounds overs 2 months and still no visible bodyfat gain… I believe that the body stores more fat if you eat process food…