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No longer just the secret to reverse-aging and disappearing wrinkles, collagen is now being consumed to improve joint pain, prevent bone loss, expedite post-injury recovery, promote hair and nail growth, boost muscle mass and even improve heart health. You can think of collagen as an essential protein or “building block” of the body. If you are someone who struggles to meet your general protein needs, a collagen supplement may be a helpful tool. Collagen supplements are often flavorless, dissolve easily and therefore easy to add to coffee or other foods and beverages for extra protein. Some studies show that taking collagen supplements for several months can improve skin elasticity, (i.e., wrinkles and roughness) as well.

The new trend of collagen supplements suggests that ingesting collagen can aid in overall tissue health by improving bone health, aiding in muscle repair, and supporting hair and skin strength. Yes, collagen peptide supplements contain amino acids that are needed for everyday functions. What’s more, there is some scientific evidence that collagen supplementation improves wound healing, skin aging and arthritic stiffness and pain. The research on collagen supplements is still preliminary and study sizes are small.

While it’s possible to consume collagen directly, either in the form of a supplement or in the form of foods containing collagen, doing so isn’t necessary to support production of collagen in the body, Farris says. According to the Therapeutic Research Center Natural Medicines database, collagen type II—a major structural protein responsible for tensile strength and toughness in the cartilage—taken orally is possibly safe in doses up to 2.5 mg/day for no more than 24 weeks.5 Other collagen products, including bovine collagen, have caused allergic reactions. As is the case with any supplement, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not monitor collagen powders for safety or efficacy unless a manufacturer claims its supplement can cure disease. As you can see, hydrolyzed collagen should never be used as a protein supplement.

To make matters worse, hydrolyzed collagen can actually decrease the efficiency of high-quality proteins. Meaning that if you combine hydrolyzed collagen with a whey protein, it will actually cause the whey protein to be less efficient. The recommended dosage for UC-II collagen is 20 to 40 milligrams per day, and this supplement provides 40 milligrams per capsule.

The Vitamin Shoppe says that its products go through rigorous testing and meet the FDA’s guidelines for GMPs. The company also offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

List of related literature:

One must understand that collagen bonds are remodeled from mobilization or exercise.

“Cooper's Fundamentals of Hand Therapy E-Book: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity” by Christine M. Wietlisbach
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Both collagen (figure 3.7) and resilin meet our requirements well.

“Comparative Biomechanics: Life's Physical World Second Edition” by Steven Vogel
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Nonpermanent fillers such as collagen, fat transfer, dextran, hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm), and poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra) usually are biodegraded over several months to years.

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It is suggested that training should be consistent, and that only a few minutes of appropriate exercises, performed once or twice per week, is sufficient for collagen remodeling.

“Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body E-Book: The science and clinical applications in manual and movement therapy” by Robert Schleip, Thomas W. Findley, Leon Chaitow, Peter Huijing
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Note that most collagen supplements are a combination of type 1 and type 3 collagen, which provide the amino acids needed to repair collagen throughout the body.

“The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome” by Rebecca Fett
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Type V collagen co-distributes and assembles into fibrils with both types I and III collagen in which it is suggested to assist in regulating fibril diameter.

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The crosslinks form strong; mature collagen type I fibre that provides bone with tensile strength [119].

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Collagen thickness may vary dramatically from site to site in individual patients and should be evaluated only in well-oriented sections.

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Collagen provides the oriented template or scaffold upon which these mineral crystals are deposited.

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Studies have shown that Type III collagen is essential for fibrillogenesis of Type I collagen in normal development [17–20].

“Asthma and COPD: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management” by Peter J. Barnes, Jeffrey M. Drazen, Stephen I. Rennard, Neil C. Thomson
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  • Yes it works for clearing up eczema. I have been taking type 1 and 3 and my eczema has gone away and my skin looks much better.

  • I suffer from nail breakage, to the point of them being super thin and painful. Taking collagen has helped tremendously. When I stopped taking collagen I noticed my nails started to break again. I began taking supplements again and they improved once again. I eat a very clean diet with lots of fruit and veg and barely anything processed. For me it works!

  • Hi Nadine. Have you heard of the supplement called ceramiracle? I would really, really appreciate your opinion on it. Thank you. xxx

  • My Ex told me to take Collagen to help my severe cystic acne. We broke up I wasn’t taking care of myself as much didn’t take it and I began to get Ice pick scars. There are many other factors that could have caused them but I really think it was the supplement.

  • Ever since I started seeing an alternative medicine Dr I’m not quick to believe alot of these supplements trends. Its all a big scam to keep women feeling insecure & buying stuff to try to better looking & younger for men who sit at home and get happily get fat and old

  • Hi, what ingesting collagen for rebuilding a busted/herniated/ bulging disc? Would it reach the spine before hair skin and nails?

  • Do you still recommend these same products Nadine. I’m really thinking these could help me, with anxiety, general health, & also IBS.

  • Really great info. What are some of the things you should look for right away in a third party tested company? Do you only think that longitudinal studies are enough to prove the benefits of collagen, and in terms of study size how big is big enough?

  • Thank you so much for this video. As someone with a faulty collagen gene (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) I’ve always wondered about collagen supplements. I’ll stick to a fresh diet and skin care.

  • Hello Dr. Abraham, I am a pharmacy student in California who loves your videos! Do you have any American pharmacist friends to film a video with comparing pharmacy practice in America vs in the UK? I think it would be super interesting to see the differences in OTC products, controls, handling insurance, etc. Thanks, you’re awesome:)

  • I just love to listen to you. Seriously you’re so funny. Your accent is the best. You say things and have so many expressions that remind me of myself and my sisters. Your personality is fabulous. As a farmer’s daughter, Midwest USA, now a Nurse, I’ve become somewhat of a Diva who loves health and beauty. Totally enjoying all your videos. Couldn’t agree more with you so many of your recommendations

  • I feel like I wasted so much money over such stuff, thankyou for explaining it so Cutely and not irritating any pharmaceutical company genius ��☺

  • I imagine most of the collagen gets digested by pepsin in the stomach, especially if the supplements are being taken with food/meals. I think your basic “hair skin and nails” multivitamins would be more beneficial but that’s just my hot take.

  • Oh no missed the early squad. Wonderful video. I love how AbrahamThePharmacist integrates evidence into his recommendation. #evidencebasedmedicine.

  • Hello from Bangladesh…. excellent video with useful information….loved it…I would like to know how to become a pharmacist in abroad!? Can you make a video on that topic?! Thanks ��

  • Hi, thank you for doing all of this research and translating it in laywoman’s terms. I am vegan and have been seeing ads for plant based collagen boosters. I’d like to learn your thoughts on this.

  • Finally I know the story behind the angry looking cat, thank you Abraham:) I think the cat will be there for a very long time ��

  • Another point I’d mention is that I’ve seen a LOT of Bovine collagen supplements available in the uk are formed of Amazon farmed cattle. And we all know cattle farming in South America is responsible for the decimation of the Amazon eco system. Save the planet ��

  • I have been watching your videos like them for a while but this is my first time to subscribe, thanks a lot your videos are just amazing {Maria from Uganda}

  • i love your videos they are so straight to point….can you tell me what are the best resources to refresh the informations of a new pharmacy grad?

  • for the vegan video it would be great if you can touch on the actual health benefits or disadvantages of a vegan diet. eg regarding the essential amino acids that are only found in meat as well as their significance

  • I have a training question. What type of training is best for a sprinter? I am a sprinter and can put down 1700w power but can’t hold on to be there till the end (40-60 miles). Which part of training would be best to focus on? Z2? SS? Threshold? Thanks in advance and the Vids are great, keep them coming.

  • Also amino acids absolutely do get absorbed in the gut and travel in the bloodstream. It is the protein that needs to be hydrolyzed. If you break down amino acids any further they will no longer be amino acids.

  • Sorry gents this one is gross. I’ll get my aminos from food and let my body build up all collagen it needs. Eating Rocky Mountain oysters ain’t gonna make you a bigger bull.

  • I have difficulty getting my head around this one. Presumably anything ingested will be broken down through digestion so all you are getting is the constituent amnio acids rather than collagen absorbed through the gut. Assuming that this is true then if you eat a healthy diet with lots of complete protein (a complete protein is one that contains all the essential amino acids) then your body can synthesize what ever amino acid it needs anyway, i.e. your diet should contain all the raw material it needs to make collagen without extra collagen supplements. Therefore I can’t really see how ingesting a collagen supplement (basically containing a few specific amono acids, most of which are none essential and can be synthesised by the human body) helps in any way or form. This sounds more like a myth taken from Chinese folklore. Just don’t mention rhino horns (also a source of collagen) and its reputed effects!

    Have anyone seen any study on the ingestion of collagen? I am a bit out of date on my biochemistry but I dont things has changed that much. Hit me up with the research (even by projects sponsored by companies with a commercial interest) and I will gladly read up and reconsider my opinion. I am open minded to good science.

  • FYI, this is the correct TrainerRoad Forum link for this podcast.

  • I haven’t been able to find one study not done by the supplement industry that proves topical or oral collagen supplementation enhances collagen production!

  • Huge help. I just got some collagen in France and will now take it 1 hour before my workouts. Thank you for your helps guys.

    My father also just started taking glucosamine. Should he switch?

  • I started a few weeks ago… i have major issues with inflammation and my skin is insanely dry due to 365 day use of antihistamines for 10 years now and chicago weather. I also love that i can get a protein boost in my tea! Haven’t noticed any changes yet, but i am still plugging along!

  • Dr Dray, can you explain more which one is better between marine collagen and bone broth collagen?
    Thanks in advance. I am one of your subcriber from Indonesia��

  • What is the names of the actual products used as oral suppliments which had the best results in the specific trials mentioned? Or the name of any brand suppliments with 3 atoms of collagen?

  • I was just wondering if i can have more collagen than the scoop I’ve had today. I usually have a full scoop in my morning coffee. Thanks!

  • Thanks for making this Nadine… I’ve ordered the Vitamin A (with Vit D) and Fish Oil you recommended. I’m absolutely rubbish at taking supplements but am determined this time! I also like D-drops (from Boots), which come in coconut oil and are taken directly like the spray you mentioned, minus any clogging. Even my kids will take these, bonus.

  • Absolutely love you Dr Dray. You always brighten my day�� Thank you for all the time you put into this, it’s very interesting. Stay Safe & Well ❤️��

  • Hi Dr. Dray! Thank you for beings such a great resource to the world of YouTube. I’m a medical student myself, so I appreciate your scientific perspective. I’ve been interested in taking collagen for hair and skin benefits (vs B7 biotin supplements that will just end up in my urine). Have you been able to find any good articles comparing plant-based collagen vs animal/peptide collagen? I haven’t been able to find a reliable, unbiased answer. Most articles are provided by vegan supplement companies, and they seem to just promote their own product.

  • I started taking a collagen supplement earlier this year because I had thinning hair from acute adrenal fatigue last year. I recently purchased your collagen and have noticed even faster hair and nails growth than with the old collagen supplement I was using.

  • just found you on YouTube and WOW! You put a ton of time and effort into this FREE content and that’s simply amazing. Thanks so much, I am SO GLAD I found your channel!!

  • I had chemotherapy and steroids when I was younger for leukemia and the treatment ate away at my cartilage in my knees. I had horrible knee pain from walking due to loss of knee cartilage. After taking collagen supplements religiously for months because I read that collagen helps with knee pain. I didn’t expect it to work over night so I took it for quite a while, I noticed that the pain finally went away after almost a decade of knee pain.

  • very interested in the spray products. shipping to the US is more than the product cost though. do you know/trust any other brands?

  • I used to suffer from IBS years ago and was hospitalised with severe constipation.  A surgeon explained to me that a bowel has a rhythm similar to a pulse and that if the rhythm changes and becomes too slow you will suffer from constipation and if the rhythm becomes too fast you will suffer from diarrhea. He said IBS is usually caused by a typical westernised diet of too much processed food. So to treat the root cause and get the bowel back to its natural rhythm he told me to have 2 tablespoons of medium oatmeal (Holland and Barrett for example sell it) every day for 6 weeks and it will get the bowel back to its natural rhythm.  I used to sprinkle over breakfast cereal in the morning. It worked. I know GPs are often prescribing Fybogel to patients, but that only treats the symptom and not the root cause.  Hope this advice helps, it worked for me.

  • Oh good. I’ve been averaging 2 scoops of your collagen peptides a day…. I need to start buying two tubs because I go through this quickly.:) Thank you for another video!

  • A helpful tip for anyone who wants to listen to the whole video, but not commit to 25 mins watching a video about collagen supplements. Dr. Dray’s pace is still very understandable at 1.5x speed. I was able to handle 2x with no problems.

  • Watching before I start a collagen powder to hopefully help my hair from falling pro as much but nervous because I don’t want an adverse reaction like acne since I’m prone to breakouts. Anyone have experience with hair growth and impact on acne?

  • I took NativePath Collagen and it was great for my hair, it grew so much in one month that my hair colorist asked me if I was under a lot stress because I had so much grown out grays. lol It was because it grew so much. Anyway I had very good muscle tone and I was very happy, but it did change my digestive system, I got constipated and have never been constipated before. I also started to get acne like pimples on my right side of my cheek. After about a year I switched to Physicians Choice collagen peptides, well that helped so much with my digestive system, I was regular again, but only about two months into it, my right elbow joint started hurting and within a month I could no longer lift things, it hurt like it was dislocated. I stopped using it and within a week after my elbow no longer hurt. I no longer use Collagen supplements.

  • Dr. Dray, how is it that you dive deep into the research of the benefits of collagen supplements, but you don’t recognize that Accutane and Finasteride can absolutely destroy the body (and the skin, as well)? Are you selective about the topics you research? I don’t understand why you can’t go into such depth for mechanistic research on isotretinoin you would find that it is absolutely devastating and can cause downregulation of collagen, elastin, hyalnuronic acid, telomerase, and induces extreme pro-aging effects.

  • Both my Rheumatologist and Orthopedist both told me to use collagen powder and one said to avoid marine collagen, because unless they specify which type of fish all their collagen is made of, you run the risk of too much mercury in your system, which is detrimental to your health.

  • You did a long study but I am interested in conclusions, more than follow all the studies. I don’t have a chemistry or bio background and considering this info kind of boring. Conclusions.

  • Forget Dr Google, you are my doctor full stop, and I say that as a doctor’s daughter and granddaughter.
    I already take what you take because you told me to, and I obey you in all things, but v intrigued by what you say about morning exhaustion and low bloody pressure.
    I could sleep at any time during the day until 10pm, when I get my first and only wind and have been this way my entire life. The morning is a particular challenge. I’ve tried everything (including magnesium, which is the only thing that helps the dropping off aspect, and light therapies of a morn), but wonder if there’s something in the blood pressure aspect?
    Dr Baggers strikes again…

  • Hi Nadine love your channel. How do you feel about taking Hyaluronic acid in tablet form, one a day? As opposed to, or in addition to a topical application e.g. Hyaluronic acid serum

  • Hi Dr Dray, got a quick question. Does Vitamin D help with eczema? I’ve been reading about how Vitamin D supplements help with the management of inflammation.

  • I tried fish collagen for a month dont know.about moisture or elasticity of skin…bt it did help in pigmenation which i was suffering from for past 5years no sunscream a month of collagen an pigmentation did a lot..and my pigmentation are almost little so im going to go for it..

  • There are many components to solving rosacea pain quickly. One place I found that succeeds in merging these is the Natural remedy blueprint (check it out on google) definately the most helpful resource that I’ve seen. Check out all the amazing info.

  • I know sun light cN BE Harmful for skin.
    But her unhealthy skin color let me wonder if she is acting well for her skin.
    Bu the other way, if if I should stay with a “ghost look”like hers in my younger age to look better at 70, who cares!? Enjoy your life and try to look better!

  • Forget about the short answer, listen to entire video and learn the science behind collagen.. most people have no idea what collagen is, what it does and how it works. Dr Dray explains it really well.

  • Ok, I’m going to nerd police this….the collagen protien is too large for the body to obsorb and is broken down in the intestines. Collagen is not reused in the body when ingested. Collagen injection is the only was to get collagen into the body….100 % truth! Don’t waste your money.

  • this product changed my travelling life!! I have had runners knee for a couple of years already because i used to do a lot of running uphill, spin classes and walking. I developed runners knee when I got myself injured in 4 occasions. it never healed up completely after the 4th. when I travel, i usually walk around everywhere and it comes to a point at 20k that I just couldnt walk anymore without excruciating pain. I tried this collagen peptides because it supposedly helps joints. I drank a serving of this for 2 weeks straight and I have improved tremendously!! I also hiked downtown sf with the uphills for an entire day and no runners knee! amaaazingg ��

    that being said, can I substitute collagen peptides with my whey protein?

  • i think I am working backwards on your videos Nadine, but another great one! I just did a massive vitamin order today but am definitely going to looking into the better you sprays I have seen them before but didnt think much of them before! The magnesium and probiotics seem a definite too!

  • You are such an inspiration! Currently writing a college paper on this topic. I’m happy to know that I’ve actually been looking at some of the same studies as you have:) Thank you for all your videos and helping me treat my skin better!

  • Have you become aware of patches that employ Light to signal cells to create new stem cells and copper peptids? Proven and employs serious science. This is like Star Trek medicine!

  • Hello Nadine, I appreciate a lot all the informations I get from you! My dermatologist recommended vitamin C daily (tablets), for the antioxidant role, but vitamin C overdose causes diarrhea, so generally 2 tablets daily are enough to get rid of constipation…

  • There are 30 types of collegen in the body. I have yet to see any company offer a supplement containing all 30. Are all 30 not necessary?

  • Dr. dray, I was wondering what you may think of Silica as a skin and nail improving supplement. I saw one from Now brand which is silica and horsetail, and then there also is diatomaceous earth?? I think it is. Thanks for your educational and honest videos, I appreciate it and respect your insights.

  • Hi there. Just watched this and it was great thank you! I have a question I was hoping you could answer. I noticed and was surprised to see you don’t take omega 3. Is there a reason for this given how often you see mentioned how great it is for the skin! Thank you!

  • I would think supplements have been studied like crazy due to the beauty industry and all of us looking for help without needles or surgery…

  • OMG!! I am so glad that you did this video. I have been having terrible hair and nail problems recently and ironically I saw this study posted probably on Instagram and FB about the best brands of these collagen peptides, so of course I ordered the number one brand (probably the goal of the advertisement). I haven’t quite finished the first canister and the 2nd one is already here. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but wondered if this whole thing is a scam that I have fallen for. I will give it at least 6 months to see if I notice any difference in hair skin and nails. Thank you so much for the education on this!

  • Hi Christine is it safe/ok to take full scoop of collagen and 1.5 scoop of whey protein powder in same day? I’m on the budget shred meal #3 and breakfast receipt calls for.5 scoop of whey protein powder and I also had a full scoop of collagen in my coffee. After my evening workout I also took an additional scoop of whey protein.

  • It is funny that this negative video about collagen comes from a DERMATOLOGIST! They don’t want us to spend money with collagen but with THEM….

  • tl;dr

    Do collagen supplements work? Maybe, still mostly hypothetical at this point
    But my granny has been taking them and she looks younger than me now. Can you explain that? You should stay off of meth. It’s hard on your body. JK. but for real, it’s anecdotal evidence
    Will they help my ‘X’ problem? Maybe
    Will they hurt me? Most likely not but uncertain
    Should ‘I’ take them? If you want
    What kind should ‘I’ take? We don’t know
    How much should I take? We don’t know
    Which animal source? We don’t know
    How long should I take them? We don’t know
    Don’t some studies show their effectiveness? Yes, but there are too many unknowns still
    Such as? Watch the video

    My uneducated opinion is that you should not take collagen supplements unless you have plenty of money and just want to do it for fun. The science isn’t there yet to support most claims as to collagens usefulness. Plus, most supplements in the US are awful. Every time any third party does testing of supplements they always find issues whether it’s not the right amount of active ingredient, non listed active ingredients, products containing lead, bacteria, or any other number of issues. Furthermore, every year more research is coming out questioning the benefits that supplements provide. Some even indicating potential harm supplements are causing.

    Does my statement make you curious or does it make you defensive/argumentative? If it’s the latter then no amount of anyone explaining is going to change your mind since you mind is already made.

  • Hello Nadine enjoying your videos and wanted to ask about broken veins on my cheeks. Can never really go out
    Without a good concealer but was wondering if you know best treatment for me. Live in Edinburgh and unsure how
    to find the right kind of treatment. I’ve tried two beauty salons in the past, but was a waste of time and money.
    Would be grateful for any advice. Thank you ��

  • Hi Nadine, i found your channel recently and i would love to know what supplements are you taking currently? I love you nails and hair and skin! Do you take something for that? Thanks!!

  • If I were going to go for any it would be the fish. Pig DNA is far too close to human DNA. It’s almost like cannibalism. I am not overly fond of monkeys either.

  • Hi. What about menopause skin/health care; how about a dedicated video dealing with this? Soooooooo strange this topic has been avoided!

  • Youtubers of the world, fitness, culinary, make up, pranks, finacial, etc. You need to understand, unless its podcast, NObody has time to waste on a long ass vid like this.

    Get to the point FASTER

  • Only discovered you and your channel after a friends recommendation and I am now addicted. Love it. With regard to supplements, can you recommend anything for arthritis? Thanks.

  • I am a pharmacy student in my 5/6 year in the US and just found your channel and it is absolutely fabulous. Love what you are doing to promote the pharmacy profession and making pharmacists accessible to people even online. I almost never see pharmacists post on YouTube and I am so happy I found your channel!!

  • Doctor, realistically, how contagious is Scarlot Fever? My son has it and keeps hugging me and giving me kisses. He is starting his antibiotics today after being diagnosed but didnt think to ask just how contagious it actually can be. Also I have athsma, could it make it worse?

  • Anyone who wonders what the answer is YES oral supplementation of collagen actually works for skin elasticity by inhibiting Trans Epidermal Water Loss based on all studies that dr. Dray had already provided in desc box. And adding vitamin C to collagen supplementation has no difference, by that means only consuming oral collagen supplements is enough for getting supple skin and decreasing crow’s feet earlier in your outer eyes.
    But dr. Dray herself didn’t reccommend collagen supplementation for two reasons. The first one is personal matter that she being a vegan so animal consumption in any form will not be her cup of tea. And second reason is due to arbitrary regulation on dose of each products that is not standard. By that means, one product could contain different grams that is not in reccomendation of daily intake. Besides, there is no study yet that observes daily intake a person should consume to show maximal effects.
    Hope this helps for everyone who gets bored easily to watch long video and make self conclusion

  • Good stuff I take it all and more krill oil curcumen liprinol green lipped muscle caps coq10 300milgrams Korean royal red ginseng. Now iv started my acetel l carnitine powder for megga energy and great weight loss such a good fat cutter

  • Hi I have genetic problem but donno what kind of issue it is but my skin is very dry and I can see I am ageing fast..please help if u can tell if steam cell therapy can help to get good helath I don’t like my dry skin I feel like I am in 40s when I am just 40

  • Thank you for this! Just ordered the sprays and probiotics…would love to hear if you have any suggestions of brands of multivitamins for 3year olds? Or if you know anyone who would know?

  • Hey Nadine, have you tried the Lypo Spheric vitamin c, I think it is called Altrient C in the U.K. It is in a gel form and is amazing for your inside and keeping your skin firm and looking great. I take one a day and after a few months really noticed an improvement in my skin. Just a thought, all the way from New Zealand��

  • Just found u and have immediately become a huge fan! I love the fact based info and the soft delivery! I have taken your advice and grateful! I am vegan for the last few years, I am in cosmetic sales in a retail environment and try to stay informed and up to date…you have REALLY helped…thank you. Glad you do not recommend lots of vitamins -I totally agree with the ones you use and am going to add magnesium for a bit to test. Thanks again!

  • Love this video. It’s such great information. I want to find the supplements in oral sprays, & hoping they are available in the USA. I take handfuls of huge pills, & HATE it. Thank you so much for sharing your boundless knowledge!:)

  • great video nadine!I love supplementing And have tried Milk thistle And a probiotic for scalp psoriasis-is there anything else you can know of that’s good for this? xx

  • Hi ladies! I have been taking hydrolized collagen for almost 4 weeks now (I am from Europe) and I can REALLY say my skin already improved. Looks more healthy, a glow, less dry, more fresh!!
    Also it decreased my backpain… I had Lower backpain for years ��
    So I am positive.

    I take hydrolized collagen. The company says your body can only ‘absorb’ 2,5 gram a day.
    Is this true??

  • I fully agree with the probiotics, it helped my IBS, and I also take Magnesium and Vit D but was not aware that Vit D in tablet form is not water soluble. I would love to know your thoughts on taking Calcium as there is so much controversy about which type to take or whether it even makes a difference on it’s own for our bones. I would also be interested in your thoughts about taking collagen tablets (or even gelatin) for skin, bone and joint health). Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I enjoy all your videos!

  • Wow this is interesting. I stumbled upon magnesium supplements as I suffer a lot lot from migraines and tense aching shoulders and read somewhere that magnesium supplements can help. Within days of starting to take two per day my headaches vanished and I rarely get achy shoulders also. I always take mine in the morning and but I’m going to try them in the evening now as I also find it difficult to wind down and relax.
    I have recently started taking ceramides (1 per day with plenty of water as I’ve heard that they can really help with skin dryness and plumping the skin from the inside). Not sure if they are working as yet as its only been a week. And I have also been diagnosed with a vitamin B deficiency on a routine health check at the doctors. I was offered vitamin b injections but decided to try and up my vitamin b intake myself for 6 months as apparently once you start with the injections, it’s forever. They do make you feel less tired and can help with weight management so I’m told so I’m not ruling them out. I’m going to order the spray now though and the vitamin d one also as everything else you’ve recommended seems to be working for me. Thanks again ��

  • @diolindateixeira I hope that you see this ok for thinning hair you need to go to your GP and get a blood test to measure you stored Iron levels called ferritin and also it’s worth having your thyroid levels checked as these are the two leading causes of thinning hair in pre menopausal women. (Post menopausal it can be androgen caused). So I would suggest you start taking the SpaTone sachets right away to get your iron levels up. I have friends who swear by Viviskal for fine hair but I have not taken it so cannot recommend it personally XXX

  • Love this been taking collagen peptides since my mva. Could u do a video on birth control pills and if it affects women who want to build muscle? Does it make it even harder?����

  • divine sparkles::::->>>> I go for urban tribal. I like to put shimmery white or pure gold (re: paint pots) on the inner corner of my eyes, and pull the shimmer out over my top and bottom lashes. I don’t wear feline flix because I like to enhance my lips. then i strobe.

  • Loves this! Thanks so much, information about supplements are very clouded and depends on who you ask, but I trust you 😉 been watching for some
    Months now, and I didn’t mention it in other comments, but credits to Sam and nic, who I’ve been watching for years who introduced me to you!!! ❤️

  • Also, are you familiar with JJ Virgin? I take her ” Sleep Candy” at night. It has melatonin in it and have read so many conflicting opinions about how much and how often to take. Your thoughts?

  • Really enjoying all of your videos so far! I haven’t seen any mention of his yet, but what is your workout like in a typical week?

  • Dear Nadine ❤ thanks so much for your channel! I have a question: do you think Biotin is needed all year round? It because I shed a lot of hair in the spring and autum. Thanks ����

  • Hi Nadine I just stumbled across you a few days ago and my god I’m hooked. I’ve been back to back watching your YouTube Videos or blogs when do they become vlogs ha I don’t know. I digress just wanted to say thank you for solid invaluable beauty advice. So nice to see someone not caked in makeup masking there true beauty. P.s your nails are lovely what’s your secret. Also I exfoliate every day but when I put products on they sit in my pores and I can see them at the end of the day there blocked again, is there a product to close them before I add my other products? Thank you so much again. Xxxx

  • Excellent advice, thank you, Nadine. I would add that, even though you are vegetarian, after menopause it is less likely that you would suffer from anemia, so probably don’t need to take iron. In fact, because iron is not water soluble, some studies have shown that an excess of iron in your system can have an association with higher incidence of heart attacks.

  • HI Nadine. I am anemic and am supposed to take iron supplement daily. It is so constipation that I often skip it. Honestly, I didn’t know what constipation really was until I started taking iron…you briefly mentioned a spray iron? How does that go for you?

  • Just a few suggestions for you because I’m a new subscriber to your very informative & well researched videos. Because I’m new here, maybe you have covered some of this in the past. You have quickly become my No. 1 beauty resource on YouTube because of your knowledge and willingness to share info. I would suggest you look into the need for adding vitamin K2 when taking vit D; there are several brands that have this combo built in. Also, ReMag solution is a liquid magnesium that has a lot of research behind it. Then, if you have any spare time:) you can check out for interesting info on vitamins and which ones are the top ten recs.

  • Hi Nadine, how many milligrams of Magnesium do you take per day? I have taken it for years, suggested by my doctor to help prevent headaches in addition to everything you mentioned in your video. I do find that if I take more than 400 mg per day, it causes quite the upset stomach ��…I love the idea of the Vitamin sprays and will give them a try when my supplements are out. Thanks!

  • Hi Nadine, I’m relatively new to watching your channel and I’m hooked. You have so much knowledge in the beauty industry that I would love to get your feedback on some recommendations for a mildly red sensitive face. I am in my early 20s and have yet to get into a routine of cleaning and moisturising my skin. Can you recommend some products for the whole process (cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc). Also student friendly prices would help.
    Thank you Nadine!! Also I love your reading glasses x

  • Hello Nardine
    Please can you tell me where you can get the vit D and also magnesium
    You REALY are a wonder so lovely
    Sorry when I wrote to you before I don’t think I made myself very clear so PLEASE COULD you Let me know
    Thank you sooo much

  • Hi, I would like to ask if there are actually negative effects if I happen to take too much collagen orally. There really isn’t much information about that. Thank you ��

  • I’m catching up on lots of your older vids, quality advice! I’m getting on the magnesium band wagon! Have a great day! No need to reply, I imagine you can’t get to answer all posts anymore, a downside to your great youtube success no doubt! DemX

  • I recently started taking diatamacious earth (food grade) tsp. daily in water to improve my skin, hair and nails. Do you have any experience with it?

  • I just came back to look at the vitamin A you recommended but it’s gone. Do you think it would help with skin roughness? Thanks xx

  • Collagen drink works amazing for skin has became very hydrated and my friends even said tht my skin looks like a baby skin since it looks very soft. Yes it works better than skincare in my opinion but this supplement is very expensive and a very costly maintenance for the pocket

  • Oh my God!!!! My friends and I were talking about this topic. What vitamins to take, etc. You just made our day. Wonderful advice.

  • I just found your channel a few days ago… I’ve been binge watching… Your AWESOME ♥️
    I’m struggle with systemic lupus diagnosed a year ago, but has gotten worse these past 6 months… UGH
    And I’m researching natural remedies! I started probiotics, I’ve been taking Vitamin D & K2, and a liquid C, and DHEA…. If you have any ideas I’m open to suggestions ��

  • Very thorough review. Thank you! My conclusion, it’s not worth trying. One is better off looking after their skin and just eating well and exercising.

  • I have just subscribe especially…..I can’t believe I didn’t know about your channel earlier thank you soooo much for the advise on the probiaotics supplements I am 32 and have been suffering from ibs for quite some time and it seems to be getting worse over time. Thank you again nadine you have a supporter in me x

  • Wondered if you can tell me what supplements to take as I dont have constipation because I have ulcerated colitis plus IBS would really value your advice

  • I just found your channel randomly and all of this supplement info is amazing! I live in the States and I’ve not heard any talk on oral delivery system of supplements. OMG…this is awesome as I’ve been really bad at taking anything because the pills are just hard to get down like you mentioned. I’m now going to go on a hunt for oral sprays here in the US (or do you know of any?). Finding your channel has been like a complete eureka moment for me regarding so many things. I’m now binge watching so many of your video’s. thank you!

  • Thanks for share your beauty “hits” with us. I love that woman with our age are in youtube. Thanks and excuse me for my englishkisses from barcelona

  • hi Nadine this is so helpful for me as i have suffered from digestive issues for years! The magnesium capsules are so big but ill stick with them! ive also started taking vitamin d 1000u capsules so ive started taking 2 a day. would you recommend i take more? Ive read that we should be taking up to 5000 a day. Im trying for a baby so is this level safe to take? Also do you know if its ok to take at the same time as all my other tablets (general multivit plus omega 3 high strength) thanks!

  • hi Nadine, thank you for this video! any suggestions for hair loss? I’m 28 and I noticed that in the last year or so I have lost a lot of hair. I read that bamboo extract is good, do you have any suggestions? thank you! xx

  • Dr Dray, I continue to be amazed at the time and amount of work you put into these educational videos. I so appreciate your generosity in making these….at no cost to the beneficiaries. THANK YOU for this wonderful information and for your clear and thorough explanations.

  • Hello again I went to Victoria Health but it said it was out of action
    and go to instagram well I am not on this channel so where can I get the vit D you were talking about
    and also probiotics please help
    Thank you so much
    Barbra x

  • Never thought about the enhanced benefit of taking vitamin D as a spray, even though I take the Better You D12 that way! thank’s Nadine. Love that you have a science degree-it shows in your evidence based approach to recommending oroducts so you have a new subscriber:)

  • Nadine, have you ever tried colonic hydrotherapy? Health guru Andrea Cox raves about them. I admit that I have tried one and felt great after. It’s not for the faint hearted but we have to be little troopers in the name of beauty!

    Great after Christmas and before the bikini. Probiotics are so important to take after. Shelley x

  • Suggestions for future videos, please please lol. Retin A, Perioral Dermatitis, over sensitised skin. Can you tell my 49 year old face is having issues! Meanwhile I’ll go back to basics x

  • Hi Nadine! I’m 49 and have started my changes. And several people have recommended to me Evening Primrose oil. What are your thoughts on the “extra” supplements geared towards those of us who are menopausal?

  • Hi I take a multivitamin, a probiotic and glucosamine in the morning and evening primrose/cod liver oil at night. I’m perimenopausal with severe osteoarthritis in spine/hips. I can’t take HRT due to endometriosis and haven’t found any of the recommended natural dong quai etc to work apart from high strength EPO. I do eat red meat and have dairy in my diet as well as fruit/veg etc. When I had problems with low iron in my twenties my consultant told me that red meat was the best source of iron for my body to prevent the need for iron injections. I found what you were saying about the sprays really interesting so will have to investigate that. Many thanks.

  • Thank you, I wondered about taking a probiotics. I suffer from constipation and have my whole life. On top of that I have to take a pain pill twice a day, for an injury to my back and legs. I will add the 2 things you mentioned and see how they work.

  • Nadine,I live with anxiety,and also fatigue.i find the latter harder to there any supplement that can help to manage it? I love my sleep,who doesn’t!,but I could sleep for 12 hours quite easily.thank you.xx

  • I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I cannot thank you enough for your content. BTW, I am also a vegan and I take BioSil collagen (not from animals) for what it’s worth.

  • I totally agree with the magnesium. I don’t know why I started on it but when i did, I found that any digestive issues were relieved and I slept better at night. I do suffer from anxiety so every little bit helps! Agree with B12 too, I had to see a dermatologist due to thinning hair and he recommended a course of B12 injections along with a top up every so often and I found I had more energy and it helped a bit with the thinning due to creatine levels or something. Must get started with the vitamin D though, I tend to avoid sun when I can!