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In addition to containing fewer pesticides, any food labeled as organic — even processed ones like boxed crackers and mac and cheese — contains fewer preservatives, thickeners, artificial colors and flavors, artificial sweeteners and refined flours than non-organic counterparts. Some foods are more processed than others. A registered dietitian explains what you need to know about ultra-processed foods and how they might be harmful to your health. Just because a product says it’s organic or contains organic ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthier alternative. Some organic products may still be high in sugar, salt, fat or calories.

Wash and scrub fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. Plus, a 2016 meta-analysis found organic milk has a much healthier fatty acid composition compared to conventional milk. Even more compelling? While all of the mentioned studies looked at the composition of foods, one French study with nearly 70,000 participants found that eating organic food more often was associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

When examining the value of organic foods, it’s important to understand the definition of organic. In the United States, organic is a labeling term defined by the USDA. To be considered organic, a product must meet federal standards for production, processing, and certification under the Organic Food.

The nutritional content of foods also varies greatly according to when the food was harvested and how it has been stored or processed. Unless they are fresher, there is also no evidence that organic, natural, or health foods taste better than regular foods. Medically Reviewed by: Kelly Kennedy, RD In today’s era of “clean eating,” many health-conscious eaters view processed foods with fear and disgust. But not all packaged foods are evil. Health of organic vs non-organic dried beans.

Asked February 16, 2017, 5:25 PM EST I am writing you today because I am a RD (registered dietitian) and have received many consumer questions about the safety of eating dried beans that are NOT organically grown. Meat, eggs and dairy products that are certified organic, pasture-raised and/or grass-fed are generally the least environmentally damaging. Overal. Just because a product is labeled “organic,” it doesn’t mean that it is healthy.

Some of these products are still processed foods high in calories, sugar, salt and added fats.

List of related literature:

Based on a comprehensive review comparing the health effects of organic and conventional food, Smith-Spangler et al. (2012) concluded that the published literature lacks strong evidence that organic foods are significantly safer than conventional foods.

“Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems” by Neal K. Van Alfen
from Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems
by Neal K. Van Alfen
Elsevier Science, 2014

In July 1999, General Mills received no objection for a claim linking whole grain foods to reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, based on statements from the National Academy of Sciences.

“Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Ramesh C. Chandan, Stephanie Clark, Nanna A. Cross, Joannie C. Dobbs, W. Jeffrey Hurst, Leo M. L. Nollet, Eyal Shimoni, Nirmal Sinha, Erika B. Smith, Somjit Surapat, Fidel Toldrá, Alan Titchenal
from Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set
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What it shows is that there is little, if any, nutritional difference between organic and conventionally produced food and that there is no evidence of additional health benefits from eating organic food,” said Gill Fine, FSA’s Director of Consumer Choice and Dietary Health

“26 Years CAT Topic-wise Solved Papers (2019-1994) with 6 Online Practice Sets 13th edition” by Disha Experts
from 26 Years CAT Topic-wise Solved Papers (2019-1994) with 6 Online Practice Sets 13th edition
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Disha Publications, 2020

Their philosophy is: Aarstiderne delivers organic food products directly to the kitchen door of the customer, who values quality, variety and taste and thereby creates economic freedom for the development of the company and its employees.

“Grocery E-commerce: Consumer Behaviour and Business Strategies” by Niels Kornum, Mogens Bjerre
from Grocery E-commerce: Consumer Behaviour and Business Strategies
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Whenever possible, organic foods are definitely a better choice, both for their superior nutritional content and because they are less apt to be contaminated with pesticides that can trigger an immune system attack.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
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Making the switch to whole, organic foods is a monumental step toward getting well.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
from The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity
by Rashid A. Buttar
GMEC Publishing, 2010

They find the possible health risks unacceptable, especially since the presence of organic products.

“Sustainable Agriculture Reviews” by Eric Lichtfouse
from Sustainable Agriculture Reviews
by Eric Lichtfouse
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Whole Foods has been one of the pioneers in organic foods, and gives a promise to customers that all products in their stores are ‘free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats’.

“The Retail Value Chain: How to Gain Competitive Advantage through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Strategies” by Sami Finne, Hanna Sivonen
from The Retail Value Chain: How to Gain Competitive Advantage through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Strategies
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There have been few reliable studies in this area but preliminary tests indicate that organic food has substantially more minerals—as much as 90% more compared with commercial foods.”

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
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Are organic foods safer or healthier than conventional alternatives?: A systematic review.

“Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
from Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach
by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
SAGE Publications, 2014

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Nice video informs about organic food is much healthier. You may also like the website (Harvestorder) where you buy fresh organic fruits and veggies for you.

  • Meditation and emotional well-being

    When you meditate, you may clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.

    The emotional benefits of meditation can include:

    -Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

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  • I appreciate the intention behind this video, which is to help people not feel guilty if they are doing the best they can for their health and think they can’t afford to eat 100% organic. However, I wish there was more emphasis on the concept that we are all on a journey and that we would be helping our health by making small baby steps toward eating an ideal diet of organic, seasonal, local food. Stating that organic food is not more healthy or nutritious is problematic. In the studies that are done where organic is compared to conventional growing practices, the organic growing process is using the bare minimum requirements to be called organic. On the other hand, I would argue that buying local produce from a source where the soil is really nurtured to maximum soil fertility IS more nutritious AND more tasty. Why do you think a garden tomato tastes so much better than any tomato you’d buy in a store? There is something called a brix level which measures the minerals in the fruit/vegetables. A vegetable cannot be high in minerals if there are not plentiful minerals in the soil. Most conventional farming practices, such as tilling and pesticide use, do harm to the fertility of the soil and unhealthy soil leads to less nutritious produce. My suggestion to people is, yes, we should be kind to ourselves and give ourselves credit for all the wonderful things we do for ourhealth now. However, we would be wise to be open to exploring and improving our food choices even further. I belong to a wonderful biodynamic CSA that truely cares for the things I mentioned in this post and lovingly cares for the soil. The cost of the CSA comes to about $30 per week spread out over an 11 month period. I pay for everything up front but they have more flexible payment options. Another option is growing some of your own veggies! There are community gardens springing up in many places or you can grow things in containers. I grew many veggies on my deck in self-watering containers, some of which I made myself very cheaply. I did not use any pesticides. I found the container gardening to be very fulfilling and a form of stress relief! There are tons of youtube videos on making self-watering containers so that you don’t have to do so much work in watering so much. There are so many creative ways to eat an ideal diet. You need to be open to it, and look for opportunities, and be patient with yourself for where you are in your journey.

  • I’m ordered your book and downloaded the app yesterday I’m 6 months so it of surgery and your advice is just the best out there I was so sad because I’m at an stall for a couple of months now but understanding the set point and maintaining the healthy habits have been effective evento tho I’m not at my dreamed weight I’m look great and feel great and with your help I’m looking forward the long term results thanks so much for what you do

  • Fell asleep while listening to this last night and had one of the most restful nights of sleep ever. I woke up this morning with more energy than I know what to do with. Thanks for posting. This channel is a godsend!

  • Being fat will kill me with lifestyle diseases
    Taking Artificial Sweetener keeps me in a caloric deficit.
    If I had to attribute my weight loss to anything; it was to using splenda in my coffee n all my sauces and drinking diet soda

  • Thanks Dr. Matthew, no one never explained this cycle on the after math. But thanks for a well detailed, outlined, detailed in such a motivated way.

  • We most change our mind, changing bad habits I did bariatric surgery 2016 was 255 -158 Then weight my self on Nov 19:218 Icant believe J was 175 This same day I start creating a new habits low sugar diet and been almost 4 months Iam 145 pounds my goal now is 130 I promise to my self never go back it’s was painful..neveragain������

  • Friend:”I bought healthy oreos!” *shows me gluten free Oreos”
    Me:”Those… are not especially healthy… just gluten free”
    Friend:”Oh… Wait… What is gluten?”.

    It took me 17 minutes to explain this to her lol

  • 17 years out and * suggest H2O distilled with B4 each meal and apples and pears. And iron supplements and exercise, weight and stretching. Multi vitamins constipated me if I ate with them go figure.

  • My dietician advised sticking to small portions and my surgeon said beware of snacking. I followed it and 2.5 yrs out I’ve kept my weight off. I also love salad and veggies but did so before my surgery also. I always keep a bowl of yummy salad or low carb vege dish for my snacks in fridge. I think this surgery isn’t good for binge eaters as they restretch stomach quickly. Obviously that is not everyone as some are able to change habits.

  • Wow!!!! This video just gave me life!!!! Thank you for having the compassion to help people like me who are struggling. I’ve never been educated in this manner.

  • I’m 6 weeks post op RNY. I have an appetite and food cravings. I choose not to eat those cravings as I will get major pain. Im using that memory to keep the crap food out of my life.

  • Dont be afraid. You can let go and fall asleep. Dont worry, tomorrow will be a good day. God provides for us. Sending much love. ��♥️������

    I live alone. And telling everybody good night in the comments, helps me feel less lonely. I’m not alone. ♥️
    You’re not alone.
    I love you stranger. ☀️You can do anything. I believe in you. ��

  • Dr.Weiner you are amazing! Thank you for posting and answering all our questions. I would like to know, if some soft foods with in the 14 liquid pre-op VGS is okay? I seem to crave food but I have been doing well. I’m just afraid if this is a bad idea for the VSG…

  • To whomever needs this.. Hakuna Matata �� What a wonderful phrase.. Hakuna Matata for the rest of our dayssssssss, its a problem freeee philosophyyyyy Hakuna Matataaaaa ������ love from a FL Reiki Master ������

  • great video I’m glad that you mentioned protein shakes because as soon as I drink one I’m starving so definitely will be focusing on fruits and veggies
    thank you

  • I’m 2 years out and I’m regaining after having my baby. I wish I saw his videos right after surgery or before. I got pregnant too soon and didn’t think I’d regain so quick after having a baby. i thought I’d lose quickly. I lost the weight the 2nd week and the 2nd month postpartum, I started gaining. Now, I’m about 15 lbs up. I don’t eat well, I’ve started eating processed food (I was doing it in month 6 after WLS being dumb), I have the food cravings and head hunger so bad, I’m not as mobile as I was. I hate it. I’ve been watching his videos at work instead of snacking and I’m sipping on tea. I’ll have to watch these viedos for the whole 12 hour shift to make it and get back on track.

  • I’m curious if Layne has ever read and/or addressed the book “Wheat Belly” regarding today’s modern GMO’d wheat and its DNA structure vs old wheat. I’m don’t have celiacs but I do notice bloating from modern wheat vs let’s say sprouted grains.


    What’s you’re thoughts on this??? This would be a good episode for you. A challenge or just you’re research based info one the subject.

  • Dr.Weiner, I am confused about grains. Basically I stopped eating pasta, all types of bread/pastries and have drastically limited starchy veggies like potatoes/sweet potatoes….i make homemade crackers using hummus & oat flour for example. I use honey in the place of sugar. In your videos you say that grains are bad or unsuitable for weight loss? why? I eat Freekeh, brown rice or quinoa in place of refined white rice & only 1/2 a cup (uncooked). I do not understand why corn flour and oats should be avoided? I also have a salad with every single meal/snack to force veggies every time i can. I eat light feta in place of regular high fat. I use olive oil instead of any other kind of fat. My dessert is mainly fruit now. I do body weight exercises for 10-30 mins a day (as much as i can) + i actually like walking long distances (1.5 hours)…i am 6 yrs out of the gastric sleeve surgery. I had a slight regain and that’s why i’m opting to load up on the fruits/veggies vs meat/chicken & have cut out refined sugars/carbs. But i depend heavily on oats…why is that an issue? I’m rather confused now…mainly i follow the Mediterranean diet but without rice,potatoes & bread…..will this work for losing 10-15 lbs?

  • I am 63 years old and weigh 250 I want the surgery because my weight is out of control and I cannot take it off no matter how hard i have tried. I take medications that cause weight gain and I will have to talk to my specialist about getting off of at least some of them. My real concern is that I have senosis of the spine and cannot do much in the way of exercise even walking is painful I have tried aqua fit but it triggers the pain in my spine something terrible., Any comments or advice would be welcome.

  • So I was bought into the sound and I was bought into the comments…..I put this on my phone and went to sleep……..3 hours later I wake up with a disturbing dream that I was in a large supermarket arguing with staff and it’s security guys; the store was closing and someone had stolen my left shoe.

  • I am not a fan of vegetables and I cannot change that.  I know several people who have kept the weight off by eating Lean Cuisines.  We have busy lives and cannot be constantly making meals to eat during the week.  I’m an advocate of increasing your exercise which could be something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day and trying to eat as healthy as you can.  I also cannot stress enough that counseling is important.  Also Dr. Weiner is not factoring in that many of us have arthritic joints.  I cannot do high intensity workouts and things like squats?  My Doctor has told me absolutely not.  These recommendations by Dr. Weiner are not different than for those who haven’t had bariatric surgery.

  • You are loved You are of infinite value You are part of the awakening Trust the process, follow the light, and love in return ��

  • Finally someone talks about it!
    I’ll put an example: my grandpa plan a peaches tree. This is the second year it has given peaches and anyone has eaten them! There is a fly that put her eggs on the peaches and every single one is full of worms. None could eat those peaches without pesticides! I don’t know what kind of pesticide he will use next year (organic approved or not) but it is necessary. Imagine that in bigger scale! You loose all the plantation! And if some peaches are save they will be crazy expensive.

  • Dr. Weiner
    I am so glad to have found you. I had RNY in 2009 and lost 100lbs. I was at 173. I was so happy. Then I found I was pregnant, which my husband I went to extreme measure not do again. Today I am 239. I was depressed about it but recently I have decided I can get it off. I had went up to 256 after pregnancy. If I can lose 23lbs I can lose the rest one day at a time. Your videos are saving my life

  • Dr., will you address what people who have some physical disabilities should do? I have spinal injuries, and I live with daily pain. I work actively with Pain Management procedures, and minimum pain drugs, but I have them when really needed. I am hoping my weight loss will reduce foot pain, hip pain, and my doctor is delighted and encouraging, knowing this will help. Still would like your input. Thank you! Your videos are very clear!

  • Dr. Weiner, I am so glad I found you on You Tube! My sleeve surgery will be on 4/19/17 and you are the only person who is talking about healthy food choices for life and how to make this work over the long term. I have pointed several of my co-workers who have had surgery to your videos also and purchased your book. Thank you so much for talking about this in a real and meaningful way!

  • I am 1 year and a half out from having vsg went from 284 to 170. I have hit a point where My weight won’t move and I would like to lose 25 more pounds. I workout 6 days a week lifting heavy weights working difficult muscle groups and also cardio. What should my calorie intake be or my macros? I would love to be a bikini competitor. Advice please! Thank you

  • For the record, 80% of the land that is use for agriculture produce 20% of the food, that is industrial production so actually is less productive and over explodes natural resources like water and hydrocarbons.

  • Local over organic is better, I agree. However, there are a lot more studies than she claims related to nutritional deficiencies in non-organic vs organic crops. Also, it’s important to note that organic processed foods don’t have GMOs and their ingredients will have far less pesticides. “Organic farming isn’t as productive” is a load of crap. Their soil is so much better at producing huge amounts of produce. There are reports all over the internet about it. This is the same lie that Monsanto wants us to believe so we will support their GMOs. Buyer beware.

  • I’m 3 years out VSG, only lost 50 pounds and gained some back…..mostly my fault cause I stopped doing what I was supposed to do… I think I stretched my sleeve cause I can eat almost a full plate again….I also suffer from low blood sugar after surgery and I have to eat to keep my sugar up, which is not helping either….. Could I get a revision? Should I get my pouch checked? Go on a 5 day pouch test? Not sure what to do….:(

  • I truly feel blessed on hearing this video. Thank you for taking the time in making your very important educational videos as im going to start applying them now. This really clarified lots of unanswered questions ive had for years. Its been 10 years after bariatric surgery and regained about 100 lbs and discouraged on how to gain control. Unfortunately my surgeon has not been as invested in my well being as you are with your patients. Thank you again your very appreciated. 8/5/2018

  • Excellent video, very informative. Dr Weiner, what kind of nuts would be a great choice to keep weight off. Almond, cashew and peanuts are a good choice? Will it be too much of a problem if they are roasted or salted?

  • Love your Funny Yet Awesome Information & the Fact you are HONEST! On my way to BUY SOME OF YOUR…! Love&Light! xoxo Sheri Morgan

  • Hi Dr.Weiner.  I have been listening to you and everything makes sense.  However, as you know, the WLS community preaches protein first.  I have done well.  I have lost 160 total and 130 pounds in 9 months.  I have been eating very low carb, basically no fruits or vegetables.  This goes against everything I know.  I was vegan in the past but because it is a higher carb lifestyle I wonder if this would work after RNY.  I find it a delicious and easy lifestyle and would have no trouble switching but I’m afraid of weight gain.  My weight loss is slowing down so I’m thinking I need to change things up.  Can you speak to carbs? Should I track. I’m currently eating 700 cal, 60 g protein, under 30 carbs.  Just starting to incorporate exercise.  Thanks for this great information.

  • Thank you for this video. It is a great re-motivator. I’m far away from any support and several years out, (Dec 2008). I would consider myself to be a success because I’ve done things in my life the last 5 years that I’ve never imagined possible. Amazing adventures, hiking hundreds of miles on scenic trails, half marathons, you name it. I did it all! It is very challenging to stick with things when you are far away from your safe zone of people and situations though and I have experienced some weight gain. I’m grateful for your videos and feel a renewed ZING to hunker down and avoid the toxic food world we live in. Take care and thanks again.

  • Hi I am 8 years out from bypass surgery I have gained weight over the past 3 years at my lowest I was 157 that truly as not a good healthy weight for me for lack of a better word I looked like a sucked up loose skinned zombie I was a size 6/7 but looked sick. My husband begged me to gain some weight and the doctor told me I needed to eat some more and he did not out right tell me to gain some weight but implied it. So I tried and no gaining then I had a soda! Bad idea now I am hooked agin I did gain 35 pounds and I am now a 12/14 I look much better but I have been trying to loose again and after my 35 lb gain I was at 192 now I am back down to 187 but I feel like If I do not have a Pepsi (flat) I will be flat on my butt by 2pm. I want to get back to 165 to 170 that was a good fit for me. But how can I get the boost naturally with out drinking that soda…. I now consume 1-20oz Pepsi in 2 ice filled cups through out the day and I am an ice chewer” another bad habit. Any ideas?

  • I definitely agree with the fact that people mistake organic and healthy!! However, meats/eggs I will only buy/eat organic or pasture raised (for eggsyou can realllllyyyy tell a difference with the nutrition in the yolk, simply by looking at the color difference!) To me conditions of the animals/what they eat are soooo important to me!
    If I do buy packaged food (healthy packaged foods** I try to stay non-GMO!) Also, I try to follow the dirty dozen as close to possible (as you mentioned!) The only exception to my list is bananas, yes I will buy non-organic bananas, but the organic bananas from whole foods (for some reason,) are the MOST delicious bananas ever ahah!!
    Love your videos! <3

  • I had gastric bypass surgery in 2010 at the time I was 350 in 6 months after that I was 185 I kept it off until 2012 where I started developing pica (eating cornstarch ) and regained the weight back to 280 I seen my Dr but he told me that my stomach didn’t stretch from what he seen in xray so now what do I do Im still gaining the weight and no longer eating the cornstarch so I was thinking to get a second opinion and if it did stretch to get another surgery I just want to be comfortable and right now I’m not..what should I do oh I have been walking and exercising but the weight stays around the 280 when I do so

  • I had gastric sleeve and I have always had food cravings and appetite…Is there some hormone that my body produces that makes me hungry. The only time I never wanted to eat was when I was pregnant. i would forget to eat because food didn’t interest me. 

  • Dr. Weiner I had rny with ds on august 12, 2014. I have lost 50 lbs-this is 9-12-14. is that about right? I haven’t lost any this week. is this nml? I,m still weak but having difficulty getting all protein in. thanks  robin

  • Thanks for the video, it was very interesting, useful. I order organic veggies, as I thought they may be better for you, I wasn’t convinced, but since they’re not at all expensive (the ones I buy) I don’t mind. I will keep doing this though as I’m supporting local farmers as opposed to chains which is important for me.
    thanks for sharing!:)

  • And God said: I am not afraid, if “I” is not made the centre.
    “I” is only remembered through the mind, therefore be mindless in Me.

  • This video is perfect timing for me as I’m going to have GVS July 15, 2014. I will purchase: “A Pound of Cure” from Amazon.

    Thank you so much! Most people that have WLS don’t realize beyond year one. 

  • I like the last part about developing a healthy relationship with food & your body.  I see so many in the WLS community rush out and get plastic surgery because they’re not happy with what’s left after surgery.  Most haven’t put in the work in the gym nor have they really made the healthy changes to fruits & veggies you talk about.  So many have the plastics & are still unhappy.  I truly believe it comes down to self acceptance and learning to love yourself your body included.  I’ve favorited this video for future viewing when I feel the need.

  • Hi Dr. Weineri have been struggling with losing weight ever since u had the bag surgery on April 2013. As off today I’ve only lost a little over 50lbs which is quite disturbing and depressing to say the least. I am an emotional eater which causes me to eat things I shouldn’t eat. At this point I don’t know what to do to get the pounds to come off. I am losing inches still but I would also like to see the numbers drop. What can suggest I work 2jobs so it’s hard for me to get a good workout done I really need help and I don’t want to rehab what I’ve already lost. PLEASE help!

  • you just summed up my entire website in 18 minutes!  thank you for this!  i am going to share it with my readers! you must be a fan of😀

  • Beans make me gassy and make me gain weight too. They make me retain water, they are also high carb food. Almost like brown rice. I still drink my mios and crystal lights stuff.

  • This video has provided me with the mindset to be successful post bariatric surgery. I was a little concerned about having the surgery but the goal is to remember that surgery is only one of many tools I will need to use to be successful with sustaining a healthy lifestyle at a reasonable weight. Awesome, thank you Dr. Weiner for sharing this invaluable information. 

  • Fan freaking tastic! 5 years out RNY 240 lbs lbs! Totally changed EVERYTHING that enters my mouth!
    Can’t mention how important THERAPY is needed……

  • What a remedy reading the comments! The music is so heartfelt, I cry the tears of joy. Be happy be peaceful! Sending good vibes to everyone! ✨��⭐✨������⚡✨⭐


  • We bought regular romaine lettuce before while someone else bought organic lettuce a few days later and theirs rotted first. Also I ate organic raspberries and they tasted like dirt.

  • Interesting and informative video! Don’t know if it is just my mind playing tricks on me or if this is true. However, a few weeks ago, I needed celery for something I wanted to make. The prices were exorbitant, but being me, I needed the celery so, I bit the bullet and decided to pay the price. Organic celery was the exact same price as the regular celery (admittedly, I didn’t check for certification or some of the other things you mentioned in this video) so, I opted to buy the organic. I was quite amazed that the organic celery seemed to last a bit longer than has been my experience with regular celery in the past and I didn’t store it any differently. Am I nuts?

  • A local study at my local university, universtity of newcastle if you would like to know:) they showed that organic fruit and veg has more nutrients, I found this in a booklet from neals yard organics, they might have a PDF on their website:3

  • You’re missing the biggest points of consuming organic foods. I think this is where you went wrong. Well informed consumers don’t expect more nutrients or health out of each thing they consume, they just expect for harmful chemicals, including harmful pesticides and sludge NOT to be in their food. This includes the #1 pesiticide used in foods sold in the United States (organophosphates) that was actually developed during World War II to be a neurotoxin against allied enemies of the Nazis. Not always, but most often, the synthetic form of vitamins are also exlcuded from the ingredients list. Also, the most dangerous alternative sweeteners contributing to diabetes in the US are found in about 75% of the ingredients of everything you buy at the grocery store, i.e. dextrose, maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Organic has NOTHING to do with what extra ingredients is IN your food, it has more to do with what is NOT in your food!! Just like what is NOT present in your drinking water. A friend of mine works with a water filteration company that did a test that proves that all the chorine in tap water used to boil vegetables ends up with NO chlorine left in the water and ALL of it ends up absorbed inside of the vegetables/pasta you eat after having them in this water. Plants naturally absorb their nutrients from the available soil. Do you think they won’t absorb chemicals from the surrounding soil as well?
    Choose natural ingredients for natural development… just as muscles are consumed for muscle development (protein).

  • Snacks that are organic usually have a different ingredients list than their conventional alternatives. For example, the “Oreo’s” alternatives have a handful of ingredients compared to all the synthetic additives in regular Oreo’s. People value that.

    And funny enough, at this point in time, many organic snacks are actually cheaper or at least the same price as conventional products as they reach high production volume and create competition and demand.

    That being said, I would advise against sugary snacks, but one is significantly better than the other.

  • Organic will eventually destroy your health because they use very dangerous pesticides…..copper sulfate is probably the deadliest…..arsenic based pesticides are used as well……never buy organic…..plant your own garden instead. Organic is a scam

  • Most organic is treated with copper sulfate…organic but deadly..destroys water supply..kills the bees… scam..don’t buy organic….

  • Organic is labeled. GMO isnt. It’s simple, GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS is that. It’s been modified genetically to resist certain pesticides so the plant doesn’t die, but the bugs do. Organic is simply that. The natural organic way to grow food. The food that started since before we got here. The food God has intended for us to eat. The system is all deceiving you to think there is no difference one is simply more expensive, so you can only buy the GMO filled shit. That in the long run is horrible for your body and causes cancer. Honestly just eat fruits and veggies raw. It’s all meant to go in our bodies.

  • If you are reading this.. feeling lonely, sad, lost..know that you are loved….by me…. I love you my sweet & deserving soul warrior!! Drink water & sleep well darlings ��✨��✌��

  • From what I’ve read, organic produce can contain more antioxidants due to the fact that they are forced to produce their own natural pesticides (which are antioxidants to us) because there are no chemical pesticides being sprayed on them. Also, they may contain a little more micro nutrients due to the fact that the soil is being nourished in organic farming and not in conventional farming. Fruits and vegetables get their nutrients from the soil, so if the soil is not being nourished properly, the plant will not be nourished, and then we won’t be nourished as well!

  • I wholly agree that keeping one’s environment clean, organized, clutter-free, and aesthetic is JUST as important for our well-being. Have long been on this wondrous journey!

  • Read this when it was published, and still recommend it:

  • There are many vegans that think a diet of mostly vegan junkfood is healthier than a diet that is mostly plant-based whole food with some animal products. These people are delusional.

  • I do good to get my fluid in anyway

    I have to drink my water with the no sugar flavor packets

    Water has a weird taste to it plain… even purification water tastes bad

  • Absolutely agree with you! I always knew that organic processed foods are still way bad for us, but we are programmed to see Organic and say Yeah! Healthy! It fools us, and we let it, but no more haha. It’s all crap. I love it. I’m making a grocery list right now and am running to your videos to watch for some inspiration because I want to buy that pint of ice cream so bad or that bag of cookies, and I love how down to earth you are and realistic about your diet.

  • Can you do a video on GMOs? I feel that there is a large stigma around GMOS in the same manner than eating non-organic has a stigma.

  • So grateful for you and your videos Dr. Weiner! I just ordered your book and am determined to make a LIFELONG change. Only three days post op here but am determined to never go back!

  • I had organic carrots that tasted bad and I’ve had wild blueberries and raspberries from out in the wilds and they tasted far better than the organic ones. Wild food like plants etc are much better than organic food. Wild food is free too.

  • Is instant oats considered as processed food? (I assume it is since it says instant?) The reason I’m asking is because I recently purchased organic oats which is less pricey than the non-organic one:P (And I was excited for it LOL)

  • What about pestizides etc. in processed food? The processing often doesn’t remove them. So in my opinion organic processed food is still healthier(in the sense of toxins involved, not calories etc.).
    But maybe this is just my sickness-induced lower detoxication speaking.

  • hi there Alyssia, I would like to know where to buy chicken and fish and does organic matter in that case, i am really scared because i will be cooking those for my kids so i want to get it from somewhere which is not imported from china, i dont know if you heard the news they will get chicken packed in china, ridiculous stuff but dont know if it started happening yet. let me know your thoughts please.

  • Interesting! I read that fruit and veg are/can be frozen for up to Two Years! before reaching the supermarket shelves. I wonder if this includes organic also. The only reason I’m curious is sometimes tomatoes from a supermarket literally taste of nothing, just water. But! they seem to taste better when bought on the vine….But again, if you buy from a local market they taste sooo… Tomatoey!.. that’s not a word but I’m using it. Anyway would be good to find out if organic are frozen also.

  • Just to add to my comment below, and in response to some of the comments about organic being more expensive, the Wegmans near me only sells organic carrots because they have found that they are just as cost effective as the conventional carrots.

  • Hi doc, matthew.i m 110 questions is, is there will be any side effects after the bariatric surgery.n how abouth the hangging skin. Is there any medicine for that. Pls reply me.thsnks

  • what about gmos? and u made a healthier poptart at one point should we allow regular ones every once in a while or does that not matter so much? thanks, love the tips!

  • I have enjoyed the vast majority of your channel, I think you’re great. I used your channel to try to help a coworker w/health issues to try to get healthier w/the No Sugar Challenge. However, I was disappointed in you with this “Organic” video and even some of your comments that followed. I detected a lot of judgment, which I’m sure wasn’t your intent. I hope you’re more careful with future “controversial” topics. If this had been the first video of yours I’d seen I may not have tuned back in.

  • Thank you..I have been experimenting with this to help me sleep at Really has surprised me. I sleep better and wake more refreshed..very exited to learn more.

  • Woooo… love me some Thomas Sowell too. He’s a no bullshit economist. I’ve followed him for years. I love the story about how he got a job with the city straight out of school and it completely changed his way of thinking. He found that “they didn’t care about facts.” how can you fix problems if you don’t acknowledge facts?

  • You video are all so informative and the information makes sense. I’d be interested in knowing your background. Are self taught about nutrition or are you a nutritionist?

  • Great video! I’m like you, I buy organic produce because I can taste a difference in some of it, mostly berries, pineapples and bananas. I don’t mind paying a little extra, if it taste a lot better, that just means I’m gonna eat it, and enjoy it a lot more. I also buy organic dairy and eggs, but that is for animal concerns, and a whole other subject.

  • I live in Northern Spain and I’ve always lived around food. When I was little, I would help my family in the vegetable garden and see them prepare stuff. I often check labels, but I’m not too obsessed with it. Also, Ilove having a fruit+veg store two steps away from my house, especially because everything they have is from my region and their prices are just unbeatable. Sometimes supermarkets have very good offers too. For example, I just got 2 kg of ripe bananas from the Canary Islands for A EURO. Perfect for that banana icecream haha
    EU and US regulations must differ quite a bit, but I’m definitely out of touch with that hahaha

  • I like us videos a lot, I would like to see more informative videos like that, like what is the difference between sweet potato and regular, or regular white sugar and brown sugar

  • The only foods I try to eat organic is my fruits, vegetables & meats… I love farmers markets for that!! This is a very informative video. Ya’ll did a great job!

  • Brilliant, much needed video that was to the point. Thanks so much for this information. I think your amazing. Much love from over here in the UK x

  • just found you. watched all the em. of  course I ate an 11oz bag of M&M’s while watching…so Monday I start the no sugar challenge. i’m excited. side question…do you provide bail money if I go off on someone…lol jk

  • I can tell a difference between organic and conventional animals products especially. It’s become more noticeable the longer we eat organic. I make a pot roast two to three days a month. A few months back I looked at 4 stores and couldn’t find an organic roast so I just bought the best quality conventional one I could get. About 30mins after my husband and I ate it our stomachs began to hurt and both had diarrhea through the night and following morning. It’s crazy how your body changes after it adjusts to healthier habits.

  • Haven’t you ever heard of rabbit starvation? If you eat only rabbit meat, no matter how much, you will still loose weight and starve eventually. This is because the calories from protein via gluconeogenesis requires fat burning to make atp for the conversion. When the process is done you are left with less atp from the glucose than used to make it. So you need actual pure energy calories like carbs or fat to either supply glucose (carbs) or support gluconeogenesis when carbs are low (fats).

  • Thank you for the video! At first I disagreed with the “jogging only once a week”, but once you explained, not only made sense, but actually it is exactly what I do. I’m over 2 years out and lost 127 pounds. I’ve never gained any weight back. I fluctuate between 148-150 lb. I work out 4 times per week, something different each day.I do Pilates, Zumba, run (5-6 miles), and weightlifting.

  • Hello I’m Korean girl
    I love this vedio
    Thank you for sharing this ♥
    These days I’ve been preparing for important test so I need some good energy �� Good luck everyone ��

  • Thanks for presenting the facts the way you did. Pretty straightforward.
    Another part of the argument in the organic foods debate is the price difference in organic foods and non-organic. Food is obviously priced differently everywhere, but the reality is that in most cases, the price of any product’s organic counterpart can be the deciding factor when grocery shopping, especially for singles, college students, and people on tight budgets. The biggest questions I always seem to hear are “in which cases is it worth the extra money?” and “how much shorter of a shelf life does the organic product have over the regular?”.

  • So look at your cell phone now turn it sideways now look at your television now turn your head sideways now look at your window now turn it sideways, can you see where I’m going with this? Everything is a box that you are inside of and my apologies for not proof reading this I really don’t feel like doing all that right now, I just want to focus on one thing. That everything I just described is an obstacle, with the goal of keeping you distracted. A very powerful elder who took the form of a woman told me that there are obstacles that must be mastered in order for humans to cross into the higher dimensions and out of the realm of illusions. There are a million supernatural experiences that I could break down and it would take years to to explain but the bottom line is that it is very difficult to be spiritual also it is very difficult to walk a spiritual path in the realm of illusions. You most likely hold a device the majority of the day on and off that your glued to, then you put down the device and you go to another device which could be a TV, tablet, laptop, game whether it be work a job whatever it is you stay integrated into that chamber. This is the crazy part once you finally have time for yourself you leave that chamber and now you’re in the chamber of the world (w h i r l). This happens to be the largest obstacle because once you are able to regain your focus and shift it from the external to the internal and block out everything that you have been force-fed, then you will come to realize all that has been seen has also been projected from The unseen. All of the books all of the movies all of the pictures all of the photos all of the manuscripts top secret documents everything that kept your whirl in motion is coming from what is unseen. That’s why I say it’s difficult to be spiritual because for a person caught up in everything I had just listed once they close their eyes for 10-15 minutes and don’t see nothing they call it quits, yep nothing’s happening here just what I figured just darkness I don’t see anything nothing’s happening blah blah blah right? So this is the whole point it’s recognizing that the obstacle that you have to overcome is the illusion of life, and that obstacle is Mastered once you reclaim your awareness, because with your awareness goal’s, energy flows. So in the mist of this shift my awareness is being directed far outside of the holographic simulation. There are higher dimensional beings that are existing in peace that are not even concerned about the human species! That’s how deep it is but when we reclaim our power and we are able to harness our energy collectively and project inwardly to these higher dimensional realms we are welcomed and embraced because we have Mastered the illusion of the WHIRL. Much love and blessings to all! ASE.

  • This helps my anus relax so much when i meditate and defecate thank you for this wonderful experience i no longer have violent rectal spasms when i go to the bathroom. Amazing

  • 4:30 4:38 Dropping truth bombs while being cheeky. Connecting to the lil’ inner sass goddess in us all. Exactly the aura that exudes from oneself when at the supermarket

  • I just woke up at 5am, sweating like crazy, waking from a scary between-trippy-dimension dream. Great detox, really bings out the ugly.

  • I was very disappointed when I’ve learned that organic farming uses pesticides that are harmful for the environment as long as they are “non-synthetic”, they can use it. Like that organic farms spray liberally with neem oil, that is toxic to bumblebees:(. And because neem oil is a pretty inefficient pesticide, they spray A LOT.

  • The only reason I often buy organic processed foods is because they are, more often than not in my experience, vegan. Whereas the non-organic is often not vegan. And, well, since I’m vegan that’s important to me, lol.

  • Thanks for this video, Doc. I had the procedure on Dec. 20, 2013. I started out at 365 and now I am 254. In the past 2 months, I have fallen back into the trap of eating all of the foods I had pre-op with no negative consequences, other than slowed weight loss. I do the Insanity and other Beachbody programs. However, I feel that I need to start eating healthier. I know the protein shakes and artificial sweeteners are terrible for you, so I plan on giving them all up. I need to get a grasp of this before year 2.

    Thanks again for the video. It is awesome!

  • I beg to differ about not being hungry the first year. Maybe that’s true for some patients, but it wasn’t the case for me. I was hungry very early on and was baffled by that because I was under the impression that I wasn’t going to be hungry. That’s one of the reasons I had the surgery because my appetite was insatiable! However, I do think that there’s a change in brain chemistry because I no longer crave the foods that did me in and even if I do, I distract myself or prepare a really healthy meal.

    I am also afraid of eating out. Is this common? I mostly eat at home and I don’t go out to eat with my immediate family unless it’s a special occasion. Eating out causes me to face to many variables that I am unwilling to face. Here’s my weight loss from April 9, 2015April 11, 2016.
    Month 1: -25.8 lbs.;
    Month 2: -21.1 lbs.;
    Month 3: -12.2 lbs.;
    Month 4: -9.9 lbs.;
    Month 5: -7.1 lbs.;
    Month 6: -2.0 lbs.;
    Month 7: -5.8 lbs.;
    Month 8: -8.9 lbs.;
    Month 9: -4.2 lbs.;
    Month 10:.2 lbs.;
    Month 11: -5 lbs.;
    Month 12 + 1.1 lbs.;
    Total Weight Loss = 101.2 lbs.

    BMI: 45.45 to 29 = 16.45 points lost
    BMI 45.45-24.9 (goal BMI)= 4.1 BMI points to be lost
    16.45/20.55= 80% BMI loss

    276-101.2= 174.8
    276-154 (goal weight) = 22 lbs. to goal weight
    101.2/122 = 83% body fat loss

    I am a 55 year old female, about 5’6″. No longer takingshort or long lasting Insulin, 1000 mg of Metformin twice a day, 50 mg of Losartin, 20 mg of Pravastatin. Had VSG surgery and my surgeon said that weight loss with this procedure generates an average of 55% weight loss and that my weight loss of about 80% is well above average. My goal is 100% or 22 more lbs. for the next year. It’s not going to be easy!

    I agree with everything else you talked about in your video and I eat a lot of food but the quality of my food is what’s changed. I try to exercise every other day for about 2 hours each session and rest the following day but I still move by cleaning and cooking and doing chores that are never ending. The advantages of doing it yourself outweigh the cost spent for housekeepers and eating out.

    I am afraid to go back to the way that I was and have put my health as my number one priority. Guess what? That takes so much time, energy and focus that I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

    I am still getting my period which makes it difficult because I do have a fair amount of pain. But, I try to work through it as best I can.

    Love your videos and I look forward to watching them all again and again!

  • Thank you for providing such great information.  I get tired of those that say this is how you should do eat exactly how I eat. It is nice to know that it is different for everyone.

  • This was wonderful Girl! thank you very informative and it really makes sense. I hate Myths. I must admit that I do taste the difference with organic oats and raw honey thats for sure.

  • I’ve always found the topic of GMO food to very frustrating. As someone who studies biology at university level I do have a fair understanding of what GMO crops are and most crops we have are GMO and it’s only for the progression of our race and it essentially gives our crops more chances to survive the year, produce more food etc. Why do people think it’s so bad

  • Wow so you shouldn’t drink crystal light or Protein shakes…wow �� those were my go to’s ������ what should we do if we start getting bored with water? How should we sweeten teas? Or coffee?

  • I think you should buy organic because what’s more important your phone or your health people. Spend your money wisely, if you can’t afford it get a link card! There are many things you can do to afford organic.

  • What about person walking with crutches.
    What type of exercise will you recommend.
    I am through with sleeve gastrectomy.

    Nearly one month about to over..

  • God Sovereign Free… Love you all so much. I choose to stay and heal. Now I innerstand what holding space means. Pure Gratefulness. Continue, Continue, Continue

  • Constructive criticism: I know 90% of the world and all scientists use metric, and it’s really not hard to multiply by 2.2 in your head. Still, for the US audience, saying 22 pounds of celery communicates your point more clearly. Besides, if it’s too much trouble for you to give units in pounds and kilos, then it’s probably too much to expect your audience to do the mental math.

  • WTF so your tell us that oils like corn and soya that are polyunsaturated are better for you than coconut and avocado oils, I think your talking a load of fucking shit mate

  • I had gastric bypass in 2012 and went from 301 the day of surgery down to 210.  I am now at 222, gaining 12 lbs in the past two months.  I’m interested in having the lap band revision (band over bypass), but would be interested in learning if you perform that surgery?  I’ve been watching your videos and as much as I love my current surgeon, you seem to have a much wider knowledge base on the nutritional and mental issues I’m dealing with.  I have the letter of medical necessity and the letter stating I have sleep apnea for insurance purposes (Medicare).  I would appreciate learning more about my options.  Thanks

    (This is the message I sent to your office via your website too…my name is Jennifer, by the way)

  • No hate here! Just love from a fellow health nut. Thank you so much for putting together a well informed video. I can’t tell you how much I love your channel!!

  • Hi Dr. Weiner I love ur videos!!….. I am nearly 3 months out since gastic sleeve surgery and I’m 101 ibs down since my pre op which I’m very happy with so far but this is 1 of my big worries the long term maintainance

  • Wise words and great examples Layne. Love the artificial sweeteners example particularly. One topic I have to fight on the daily it seems.

  • It dawned on me as I was watching this that it is a blessing in disguise that I am on low income and can’t afford a lot of the “health” foods that I see in the supermarket. I get a lot of exercise in my apartment by following workout videos and not paying for a gym membership, either it’s dismaying how they prey upon people who are trying to do something good for themselves. And now the science herd in me will have to figure out exactly how many packages of celery it would take to make 500 calories, and how much it would cost.

  • Good vid Doc Norton…..Keep them coming, I would love to see you in a live debate with someone who doesn’t agree with you. Because I think most of your followers do agree with you. #Truth over Trolls

  • I’m 9 years out of vsg. I’ve never seen a nutritionist and my Dr told me only to eat 3 oz of protein for the first six months. No veggies or anything but protein. About 6 months in I started adding veggies although only after I had eaten my protein. My question is am I miss informed because it’s 9 years after my sleeve and I still only eat meat and veggies, no carbs, no fruits.

  • Excellent breakdown. Well said. Always considering the ‘trade off’ from one food to another.
    This is almost always overlooked.
    NOSUPERFOOD/Calorie Negative Food!
    May this echo across the world.

  • I think a study is like a double sword, it goes both ways, experience in our unique individual genetics would be a fair measure������

  • “They couldn’t answer that”. Sounds like some health expo I went to and when I asked them to provide evidence for their insane claims they just gave me a glazed over look and didn’t know what to say

  • Thank you for making this video, Dr. Weiner.  I had my bypass done at Barix Clinics in March 2012.  I have lost over 100 lbs, but the weight is coming back fast.  It’s my fault and I accept the blame for it; I never changed my eating habits and my daily diet is fast food, frozen cokes and sugar/carbs.  I was not aware that surgery wasn’t forever…that I would lose my restriction or that my body would start absorbing all the calories/fat again. I’m able and often do eat well over 2000 calories a day now (although I also just walked a 5K last weekend so…I do the “dreaded” cardio like crazy). Food addiction is a beast and I’m going to start seeing an eating disorder specialist next week.  I’m looking forward to dealing with this food problem that I have; I wish it were just as simple as just choosing the right thing.  I appreciate you giving more information to those who are 2+ years post op.  I have never eaten fruits or vegetables in my life so some of your information is daunting and stressful to even hear, but I do know “the rules” and I do know what my options are and what the consequences are for those different options.  It’s scary, for sure.  Thanks again

  • I think people need to understand the difference between MACRONUTRIENTS and MICRONUTRIENTS, and realize that it’s called “macro” because it should be addressed first.

    People don’t realize that bodyweight it’s going to be the #1 driver of health markers, when you have that in check (or you’re working on it) then you should address micros.

  • Man I wish that was the case for me I had gastric sleeve 3 weeks ago and I’m always hungry and my cravings is still the same or maybe even worse don’t know why this is happening to me this is why I went this route because I couldn’t loose weight and I’m not only lost 18 pounds

  • 9 plus hours of detox is that safe? if a poorly person was detoxed for 9 hours they could die. I over detoxed once almost ended up in hospital I feared for my life.

  • Rest now warriors of light…..every star we see in the sky represents one of us…..we are light….our bodies are light….our load we carry is light… we have gotten through so much to be here…. in the present….existing and breathing..having this human experience….we are here to self heal…because we know we are capable….because we know We Exist beyond this 3rd dimensional realm…let go of all anxiety…worries….and thoughts…simply breathe now everything is taken care of……you are worth all of the effort the universe loves you so much ❤️ I love you universal message from my beautiful spirit guides to whoever is reading this ����

  • Your video quality has gotten really good. I’ve been following your channel for a while and I’ve seen a really big improvement, and they are really entertaining now. Keep up the great videos!

  • Oh dear.  The dieticians and doctors in my little town want me eating unhealthy zero calorie foods.  For the rest of my life!  I’ve never even eaten those products EVER in my lifetime, not even as a baby! I’ll just eat what you suggest in your videos  for right after surgery.  I get sick EATING meat two days in a row pre op, (always been that way.)  I’m  a lac-to-vegetarian, who occasionally may eat some chicken or pork. Not one of the two dietitians/nutritionist could tell me what kind of diet to eat.  Beans are limited, (they show canned baked beans as an example of beans in their literature!) They just recommended I follow their hand outs.  Artificial sugars make me ill, and Nutra sweet total pain and hampered fine motor skills.  I feel so much better listening to your video.  Bought the book.  And really, should someone who has NO idea what quinoa is be giving me dietary advice?  All the processed foods they want me to eat.  And nuts are a no-no. (No, I’m not buying the canned prepared nuts, I buy raw ones, dehydrate them after soaking them 24 hours) I’ve been silently crying inside since March..   And I’m only allowed such a wee bit of veggies because they are “carbs.”  Luckily  I found some very good organic protein, both veg based and whey based, (grass fed cows, etc).  But, they are not on the recommended list!  Surgery in 11 days.  Thank-you for your YouTube videos.  Thank-you for recognizing how all those chemical food sweeteners and additives are bad for our bodies.  I can feel it when I eat and taste them.  And, yes, despite good eating habits, for the most part, I did gain weight. Yes!  I’ll give up sweets forever just give me back my veggies!

  • I’m not one of those people who believes that organic automatically equals healthy, but I definitely didn’t put 2 and 2 together about local and organic produce… I also didn’t know what organic farmers could still use pesticides! That’s disappointing… but it makes sense. You have to keep the bugs away somehow. I could try to buy locally, but the closest farm is fifty miles away. It’s more convenient for me to buy organic. I tend to stick to buying things in which I’m going to consume the peel/outer layer, not necessarily by the dirty dozen, or clean fifteen. I never buy potatoes organic for instance. Also is it necessary to get rid of processed foods completely? Even when I’m eating a plant-based diet, I still crave a bag of chips from time to time. (Non organic haha.) Great video! Very thought-provoking.

  • I feel so much better after sleeping with this last night, I didn’t wake up feeling irritable or tired… It kept me focus and awake next morning.

  • I can’t understad why this video has such a little views, I think it is really important for people to know this information! I’m so glad you made this, good job!

  • I wish I had someone who I could give all my love to just to give it to them I just love love and I love the feeling tho it’s sad humans make things so complicated sometimes there’s so much love and light everywhere in all of us I really think all of us are hurting and I’m here to tell you it’s okay love, feel safe feel peace feel release feeling that love is real that you are very real and very beautiful we are imperfectly perfect and that’s perfect bless all of you ��

  • One stupid question for anyone out there and please, pardon my ignorance.. Does anyone know if all scientists take into account osmosis and diffusion when exposing on a Petri dish any type of cell to a high amount of solute? Is that also one of many reasons why high amounts of anything are toxic for cells? I’m sure all scientists take that into account; however, I just wanted to make sure..
    Thanks a lot…
    Peace ✌️

  • I loved this video. It is pretty good and a lot of good information. However i disagree a little bit. Organic farming can be as productive and profitable as non-organic farming. There are many studies that showed it. And i totally can tell when a tomato is organic just as you said it. Blessings!

  • I did gain weight back. How can i fix this? I need help. Gained most of my weight after mom passed. I didnt realize I am an emotional eater

  • Hello Dr. I am only 6months out from RNY and I have major cravings still. Very frustrated with that! Going to my nutritionist tomorrow & really just need to prep food every week I guess.

  • This is very interesting, because your laws and rules regarding food and especially the ones regarding organic (and fairtrade and so on) labels are apparently very different from the ones we have, where ours are a lot stricter. I am gonna have to start researching imported foods, and whether or not they have to adhere to OUR laws or theirs, a lot more thoroughly than I thought. Thank you for the thought provoking video!:D

  • Got my appetite back about month 2. After that, went keto. Have done amazing on it. Combining keto and GB has been a great experience for me. It is month 7 and lost 125lbs. And i have not cheated since i started the keto. Not once.

  • Oh wow. I feel like a spirit sitting in a golden forest, feeling the calming yet powerful energy around me. Glowing orbs of light, flickering softly, surround me, the atmosphere pulsates with a deep ethereal beat. As I breath in, my senses intensify, and I feel myself become lighter with every breath I release. My consciousness reaches far and wide, the corners of my lips lift up in a slight smile as I feel myself deeply rooted in the in the very core of the universe. I am one with all that is around me. Grounded in the vibrations of love. Peace ✨

  • Organic or not, I wash and soak my fruits and vegetables with activated charcoal to remove SOME of the parasites and pesticides on/in them:)

  • July 2020… As much as they try to rule and divide us… know they have no real power over us.. We rise together as one because we are one…

  • Repeat after me: “We feel loved today. We feel at home in our own bodies and minds. We take good care of our souls and listen to what our cute little hearts wants us to do. We were put on this earth for a reason. We all deserve to be here. We are good. We deserve to forgive ourselves. We deserve to be forgiven. We deserve to forgive others, knowing that forgiveness means letting go of what no longer serves us and breaking free. We see all the good things the universe is giving us every single day and we are feeling greatful and with that so, so, so happy! We are whole. We are wonderful little miracles. We are all just cute little humans. We’re still learning about life. Mother earth is a beautiful, beautiful place and she loves us so, so much, wishing us the best in the world. The universe is trying its best to help us by guiding and protecting our inner beautiful lights. This life is beautiful. Everything around us is beautiful. We see every little beautiful thing that was given to us with great love. We see the miracles happening all over the world every single day. We are so, so, sooo greatful for everything we are receiving every single day. We feel so happy and loved and careless and free.
    I love this life so, so much. I’m so happy I’m still alive and I was given another day, another beautiful chance to live. My life is the greatest gift of all time and I feel forever greatful for it. Thank you, for I will not take my beautiful, beautiful little life for granted. I am so happy. I am so greatful. I am so happy. I am so greatful. I am so happy. I am so greatful.”
    Thank you. I love you. Have an amazing day & take care of yourself, our dear nature and everyone or everything around you. You are loved. This life is beautiful. Mama earth loves you. You are never alone. You are guided. Believe in yourself. You’ve got this. ❤️

  • I need to say,this to you – some of us (likely a higher percentage of those of us who are obese) have a genome that makes us taste bitter substances more strongly. It has a real impact on what we eat and how we eat. I only discovered this recently about myself. It didn’t surprise me however since I found water to be bitter. But when you exclude the artificial sweeteners for people like me, you can impede the progress. They enabled me to lose 100 and keep it off for more than 6 years (with just saccharin, due to bitterness, I could not lose weight), You have to be flexible for real issues with certain people.

  • Dr. Weiner, I’m under the care of a great surgeon as I get ready for RNY but since I’m here I wanted to ask if lowing weight preoperatively through a mix of nutrition changes and calorie reduction is harmful from the set point standpoint. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and I’m hoping to lose 25 more before surgery… am I doing any weird/bad things to my internal thermostat by doing this?

  • Everyone reading this: Everything will be okay, even if things are a little dark. Your sun will return. Don’t let any negativity disturb the universe inside of you. Much love. ❤️☀️

  • Wherever, whenever you are reading this know that you are loved. You are a unique infinite being of love, light, peace, and strength. You are beautiful. You are enough. You choose your emotional reality and have the ability to change it. Many blessings of love, light, healing and peace to you ������☮����

  • Since finding your channel a little over a year ago, I’m overcome anxiety, alcoholism and paranoia. Your music inspired me to focus on healthy choices only. Anyone who’s reading this, it will get better! You have all the tools you need to create any reality of your desire. Be gentle with yourself and allow the change to happen. When emotions come up, look at them for an outsiders point of view. You must go through it to get through it! Peace, love and many blessings!

  • i can also tell the difference with all those fruits and vegetables you mentioned and i can also tell a difference between one country’s organic produce and another country’s organic produce because of climate change 😉

  • I am so blessed and grateful for your existence. You are important. Sending hugs to all the people around the globe tonight. If you’re reading this you were meant to see it. The universe has you in mind. Breathe slow and deep. Sweet dreams.:)

  • I’ve listened to this for the past three nights. Absolutely love it.
    Why is there a massive amount of ads today? I got woken up by some ridiculously loud ads.

  • Thank you goodnight �� from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania best relaxing music after having a mini stroke from migraines headaches caused it best sleep ever much blessing and hugs much love and light and prayer �� s for more ty.

  • Tomorrow will be my 4th day on this Herbalife diet I’m detoxing my body from all these toxins I feel really bad both physically and spiritually this type of music helps both ways once I’m fully detoxed i will be more sensitive to life i will vibrate at a higher frequency every one here is very supportive much love every one!

  • The statue looks like a trans gender transvestite we wanna call it it’s got a man’s body I don’t know if this is supposed to be in there for training this is a woman definitely not a woman’s body

  • What is this word becoming this is so sad if people just stop meditate and look at the word and really see whats going even me i look at myself and say wow i never would have thought my family would have put in a depression so bad i wanna slit my own throat and i start cutting myself to release the pain its crazy this word is to much for no reason

  • The world is truly finding a new culmination of awareness. Thank you to those of you who truly understand this, and are currently blazing a path of love in the world for us that are still learning. Please continue to bring that love into the world, and know that every moment of life is an absolute gift. Go with peace and deep love, from Utah, USA.

  • Just love. Simply, purely and without label love.

    It’s funny because as I am about to listen to this for the first time and I truly believe in my above comment; inside me, I am sad, confused, constantly searching, overwhelmed, screaming for help and because I do not want those around me to feel these things I keep them hidden, pushed away. I know it’s not healthy or what is to be done. So I’m quiet often, I still love and do my best daily to love and teach love. But all that’s inside me I haven’t been able to release, let go of and I WANT to not just because I need to but because those around me need me to also so I can shine my light as it was meant to be. I believe I CAN and WILL release it all, at the right moment and with the help from what comes from this comment. Thank you in advance. �� Love you all.��

  • Thank you for this beautiful music and thank you all who left beautiful comments. Your positive vibes amplify this music and help spread the love and light we so much need right now. May all souls be happy ��������

  • Gracias por su excelente video, me sentí muy bien soy enfermo del corazón con su música hizo reaccionar el fuerte dolor qué tenía llegue sano al hospital. Saludos y gracias. ������