Ask the RD How Do I Convey More Energy but still Eat Low-Carb


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Heart-healthy fats like nuts, seeds, nut butter, fatty fish, olive oil, avocados and whole eggs are a major source of energy for the body and help you absorb essential fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. They’re key for satiety, too, so you if you’re not getting enough healthy fats you may be hungrier and more likely to have low energy levels. It’s important to pay attention to hunger signals regardless of the type of diet you follow. If you’re following a low-carb diet and find you are constantly hungry or suffer from low energy levels, there could be several explanations. Here, a look at four common culprits and how to solve them.

1. YOU’RE STILL. Ask the RD: How Can I Have More Energy and Still Eat Low If you’re new to low-carb, you may need to give it more time. Shifting gears dramatically in your eating patterns is a big adjustment to your whole system, and it can take a toll on your energy levels. Your body is working overtime to adjust from its “normal state” of metabolizing a.

Bell peppers. As an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, veggies should be one of the cornerstones of a low-carb diet. They’re a low-calorie way to fill up your plate, and there.

Although some low carb diets are less stringent and allow for more carbs, you should only eat very small portions of quinoa on low carb or keto diets — if at all. For instance, you could sprinkle. Low-carb diet plans often involve a lot of meat. However, there are plenty of low-carb options for vegetarian and vegan people. Learn more here.

Dark chocolate is a perfect low-carb snack when you crave something sweet. One ounce (28 grams) of at least 70% dark chocolate provides 12 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fiber. Try pairing 1 ounce. Because the ketogenic diet is very carb restrictive, many people wonder whether high carb foods like sweet potatoes can still be included. This article explores whether you can eat.

Here’s the way we define different levels of low carb at Diet Doctor: Ketogenic low carb <20 gram carbs per day. This is a ketogenic diet. 2 This level is defined as below 4 percent energy from carbs in our recipes, where we also keep the protein level moderate. 3 4 5; Moderate low carb 20-50 grams of carbs per day. When you're trying to lower LDL on your low-carb diet, replace those fats with plant-based, low-carb, cholesterol-lowering foods, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds.

While oils are naturally carb-free, nuts, seeds, avocados and olives aren’t, but the amount is small.

List of related literature:

What recommendations can you make to decrease Brian’s energy intake and make it more consistent with MyPlate recommendations?

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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To avoid the high energy and fatigue cycle (ups and downs) of unregulated blood sugar levels from eating sugar, try eating a diet high in complex carbohydrates that avoids all refined, processed foods and all forms of sugar.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
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Many people think they get their energy solely from the carbohydrates they consume.

“Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet” by Jimmy Moore, Christine Moore, Maria Emmerich, Gray Graham
from Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet
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Are you eating enough of the more energy-dense whole grains or starchy vegetables to meet your energy needs?

“The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness” by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
from The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness
by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
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The problem is that you can’t live your life eating quick-fix carbohydrates every time you feel your energy waning.

“The Rainbow Diet: A Holistic Approach to Radiant Health Through Foods and Supplements” by Deanna Minich
from The Rainbow Diet: A Holistic Approach to Radiant Health Through Foods and Supplements
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Many people report that they feel better and have more energy when they increase the ratio of protein to carbohydrates in their diets.

“The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne
from The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
by Edmund J. Bourne
New Harbinger Publications, 2011

A lot of people ask us what differentiates keto from other low-carb diets, such as Atkins.

“Keto Made Easy” by Megha Barot, Matt Gaedke
from Keto Made Easy
by Megha Barot, Matt Gaedke
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

If you’ve got really sluggish energy, and especially if you’ve got a weight problem, you can probably get by with far fewer carb-based calories, and you should focus, of course, on complex carbs.

“The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom” by Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz
from The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom
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Carbohydrates provide the majority of energy intake.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
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Most usual energy needs are met by carbohydrate and fat in the diet.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
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  • Guy the guy doing the interview has no idea! He keeps saying that a ketogenic diet is just a low-carb diet or comparing it to a low-carb diet. Low-carb diet’s are not ketogenic! Not to mention Jeff already stated that half of all Americans are insulin resistant…Yet he asks why we need to lower blood sugar… It’s lowering insulin is what we need to do. He should’ve done his research before the interview!

  • It seems like the interviewer kind of wants to avoid the ketogenic diet and just call it or just talk about a “low carb” diet but dr. Volek is making it clear that if you’re going to do a low carb diet you have to increase your level of fat consumption if you want to have energy because a high protein diet with low carbs isn’t healthy. Nor will you have much energy.

  • Of course they going to come up with low carb diets cause mortality, especially after keto is on a major rise. I have been on keto for two weeks and I feel like a teenager and I’m 50 years old, I have dropped nearly 1 stone just eating natural fats, butter, fatty steak, eggs, and most important very low carb no sugar.

  • when i think of it,low carb diet definetely helps to manage type 2 diabetes,coronary heart diseaae and obesity,but a low carb diet is not biological sustainable,not because of the carbs intake but certain vitamins and minerals,antioxidants and polyphenols and trace minerals are only found in plant based foods and completely absent in animal foods or fat,thank you.

  • what do you think about flexitarian diet. At first, I want to start this diet because I have allergic to mainly dairy product, and sometimes I got rashes or fever too after eating meats/chickens especially parts that have a lot of fat and skins. But then I also learn that there are a lot of substance been injected or given to the livestocks that are probably not healthy for us. So, that makes me more determined to eat less meat. Is it okay if we human eat meat once a week? Also, since my allergic reaction seemed to accelerate or become worse when I consumed it together with sweet or oily stuff, so I’m thinking to reduce processed food. Which means, my food intake would be mostly fresh vegetables and fruit in the future. and herbs. Although I have concern too about veg and fruit, such as the pesticide and parasite but it think it willl overweight the negative effects that I will get from the processed food?

  • When I cheat on carbs my arthritis/gout returns with a vengeance. No blood tests needed. I am not overweight and I am very active t 69. Under 20 grams carbs and I am well.but when I fall off the wagon one day it’s big time. Maybe 200 grams…pasta and bread!!!!

  • They wanna tax meat, we’ll put a tax on sugar and wheat. A bloody lot of tax. It uses an awful of land that should be feeding animals green grass.

  • Confusing rushed presentation.  Too much to comprehend without transcription print out with diagrams.  A very distracting presentation, but all credit for giving it a go. Thanks. I will watch it a few times I think.

  • please do jaclyn forbes!! she’s a gret vegan make up influencer who does a lot of “what i eat in a day” videos and believes in intuitive eating, i’d love to hear your opinions on her

  • What these speakers should do is stop sounding like an academy awards acceptance speech. No autobiography. Get right to the data, in measured statements.

  • The problem with the high fat diet is that when you look at the blood work of heart disease patients suffering AMI (one month prior) their blood work is similar to keto diet ie (poor TC/HDL ratios). You don’t see people with low cholesterol >160mg/dl in the cohort (2000+ people) Where as if you went on the low cholesterol/low triglyceride diet you don’t suffer more events and even regression. These MD’s are confusing the public, the data is all there.

  • A fantastic talk. An eye opening perspective on how misuse of epidemiological data is used to promote biased opinions by the media.

  • WTH did this guy just say? I’m not sure who’s paying this guy but it sounds like a bunch of hogwash trying to gear people into well I’m just not sure. What a waste of time

  • 14:29 ‘We may have largely lost lot the ability to be effective at carbohydrate metabolism. Perhaps in our ancestral genetic makeup we should be able to better handle carbohydrates better…’??? Seriously? Anyone who thinks that ancestral humans evolved eating a diet high in carbohydrates should go to their nearest State park or similar area nearby and find fruit, grains, and starchy tubers in sufficient quantity to sustain them on a high carb diet.

    Dr. Gary Fettke covers the fruit portion of this topic in ‘Is Fruit Good or Bad for You’

    The selection and availability of starchy tubers is even more limited. Consider that only three of these comprise most of the starchy tubers consumed worldwide: potatoes,

  • Something I not unterstand, he says fat make ldl go down. So why on the carb diet they not go up but down more than when eat fat???

  • 1:20 ‘Do you remember last year when there was a.. buzz going around about low-carb diets were going to shorten your life? Everybody and their cat jumped in on this thing…” Excuse me, cats have NEVER promoted the consumption of carbs. We advocate meat as the premier food, Preferably freshly caught and raw. Of course, we advocate the ‘nose to tail’ approach to dining, too.

    On the fairly rare occasion when we cats ingest plant matter, we are usually trying to self medicate. Which is why members of our staff sometimes find a ball of grass hacked up on the floor. It can help settle an upset tummy, or bring up a hairball, etc. But plants are not really food, not for us.

    Best of all is food you can play with first. Fun AND food. A feline happy meal! Otherwise, it is nice to be served pieces of those giant birds. Or those huge beasts that the humans call ‘beef’. Prrrrrrrr >^.^<

  • Well, people eating the mediterranean diet live longer than inuit people. I’m thinking it would be a better way to live AS LONG AS you can keep a healthy weight! I’m obese, and I just lost 21 lbs in ten days on a water fast. I’m now eating OMAD + keto, with lowish calorie content (perhaps 1200 or so). I’ll do that for a week or so, then fast for a week (ten days was a bit much for me). Keto is POSITIVELY the ideal weight loss pathway (which includes fasting). But, I’m not sure that keto is actually the most healthy diet long-term. Of course, in many ways it seems like one of the best ways to stay slim and that’s an incredibly important factor in deciding on a permanent diet. Personally, I think the mediterranean diet plus some regular fasting might be the best health promoting scenario. I’d be interested in hearing the opinions of others.

  • Today I decided to get serious about my strength training. My hip has degenerated a bit since I stopped dancing but my therapist tells me it is all muscle based. Sooo I can improve and get past this pain with some focused exercises.

    So silly me, I go to Pinterest to find beginner work outs and holy cow the diet culture workouts covered with skinny girls all over them are just a lot. Like a lot a lot.

    I don’t want to be thin. I just want to make my aging body stronger so I can avoid pain. Ugh. It’s gonna be a bit harder to wade through the crap.

  • One of this last points is a great take away. If we don’t start standing up and supporting ancestral eating we’re going to have big problems. Every Vegan I know looks like a wet cheeto. I certainly don’t want to live like that.

  • Don’t waste your time on ever changing science sturdy on diet’s outcome!!!! Expert’s don’t know everything but Guess the outcome they want,,, rig��

  • Cow meat has just been banned in the oldest University in Portugal (University of Coimbra, established in 1290) under the pretext of sustainability and carbon emissions. The meat will be replaced by “other nutrients” as they called it. Please help us.

  • Maybe the vegans think they have the political power and will to force their view, but wait until Burger King, McDonalds, Arbys, Wendys, Long John Silvers, KFC, Popeyes, Chick-fil-lay, Churches Chicken, Papa Johns, Papa Murphys, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Taco John, Runza, King Kong, Bob’s Big Boy, Hardees, Subway, Quisnos, Chipotles, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Aldis, Piggly Wiggly, and others like them get a hold of them. Knowing Piggly Wiggly people, they will probably bring their guns to that knife fight.����

  • 8:35pm I watched this while drinking a cup of hot chocolate made with unsweetened almond milk, a tbsp of butter, tsp dark cocoa, and a squirt of liquid stevia. Thought you would know that. I only do this within 2 hrs of my OMAD because I didn’t want to interfere with my 20-23 hr fast. I’m fine, 70 years old and finally losing my body fat. Thank you very much.

  • Psychobabble. Dude, I am a humble provincial pettifogger but you have the greatest ‘big word’ BS that I have ever heard. “Nutritional Interaction within our bodies between a gut microbiome or whatnot [!] or our hormonal state is arguably orders of magnitude more complex than the totality of our genetics.”

    If you can’t state it simply you do not understand it. A public audience may not call you out but I do. The example of big word psychobabble I gave is not the only one in your ‘speech’.

    (Who am I? just a free thinker a couple of uni degrees. Chess, bridge and backgammon titles to my resume.) I am interested in nutrition and I have learned NOTHING from you.

  • If you lot are telling me that factory farming is the way then you are wrong. Do your research. If you think grass fed is the you are wrong. We don’t have the land to do it and will not in the future as populations grow.
    Fact. I agree sugar or carbs isn’t the way, neither is animal meat / protein neither. Yes, Arnold ate herds of cows and now drinks almond milk and small amounts of meat. Vegans, if they don’t plan what they eat correctly get ill, as do meat eaters. Yes, meat eaters get ill too. I get to see enough of them in the back of my ambulance efore going to hospital. Few are veggie or vegan I’m afraid. Do the science on that one. 8 medications are the norm for most travellers. May be more than 8 for some. Veggies and vegans are lighter to carry down stairs as well. Answer that one. I’ve never in 25 years taken a veggie or vegan to a cancer centre either. Answers please. I’m interested. Really……

  • Unless by accident or terminal disease your body has a life clock and when it runs out you are dead…nothing you can do about it… matter what you eat take do or voo doo dance… when you’re clock stops you are gone.

  • I can’t recall ever having someone tell me that they have a bad diet. Even when obese and diabetic with heart disease they will tell you about how good their diet is. Dietary surveys are very doubtful in my opinion.

  • I have lost 238 pounds on Keto and I have kept it off. I have wanted to make sure that I keep all my minerals and vitamins in check when I was having some odd symptoms. I felt like I may be low in magnesium so I started eating a lot of spinach. I ate 85-170 grams of it a day. After about a year of that, I got terrible kidney stones and the dr said I need a low oxalate diet for the rest of my life after the surgery. My muscles symptoms never cleared up when eating all the spinach anyway but how can you get magnesium when you can not eat the green leafy veggies as they recommend?

  • Coffee (whether ingested or even applied to the skin) is POISON to me. I get nauseous… one time I did not realize why I felt so sick until I went to the bathroom sink and saw a small coffee stain on my shirt from leaning against a counter…. washed out my shirt and wahed my skin… 30 minutes later I was fine. Tea on the other hand… no issue.

  • The ketogenic diet saved my life. The powers that be want us all sick, fat, poor, dependent, and distracted. That’s why veganism is now the “politically correct” diet, and the keto and carnivore diets are demonized even though they’re healing the most people.

  • Will lots of meat shorten your life? Easy answer, yes. That is what mice studies show. Just look at longevity studies by University of Sydney Charles Perkins Center.

  • Seriously you guys had to waste so much time on dumb alcohol questions?:/ If you are so concerned whether you can drink wine, you should go to rehab before the keto diet.

  • Before the Keto graze years ago, I went on 100% Vegan diet for one year and did loose 30 lbs but hit the wall and could not loose that last 20 lbs. On a Vegan program I actually felt pretty good (also being a blood type A). I then switched over to full Keto for 2 years, lost that additional 20 lbs but didn’t feel as good even though I was a total of 50 lbs lighter. I later learned that Blood Type A’s do better with higher healthy carbs in their diet regiment where as Blood Type O’s do quite well on Keto and many even better on a nose to tail Carnivore Diet. Blood type’s A’s have poor stomach acid (produce a lot of cortisol and prone to acid reflux), where as Blood type O’s have strong stomach acid. I can’t help but agree with Dr. D’Adamo’s book ” Eat Right 4 Your (blood) Type”.

  • As so many people have done before Mr. Wolf (Dr. David Diamond, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, etc.), this presentation illustrates how abysmal nutritional research methodology is and how steeped it is in ideological bias. Along with all the other things that our kids learn in science class, teachers in high school should be required to teach about how nutritional research is done, so as to present students with a good example of what is NOT good science. Such an important lesson would be so useful to students in the future, not only so as to prevent them from being duped by the latest contradictory finding that comes out of the nutrition world, but it would be useful in other areas, such as politics, where they could be manipulated by statistical chicanery.

  • That ridiculous epidemiological study to suggest that eating low carbs leads to early death is probably including 95% of cohorts that have been eating high carb all their prior life and are essentially “insulin damaged lab rats”. The data is so bogus that those actually dying from attribution to “low carb” could in fact be dying from NOT EATING ANYTHING WHATSOEVER crb or fats or protein starvation (due to being sick from carb poisoning all their lives)Sick of the fake science.

  • To all of you with a low-carb phobia, you will save yourselves a lot of time and neurosis by also watching all 100 or so presentations of Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes University series here on YouTube and reading, in full, his book Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. And, Robb Wolf, if you’re as young as you look, Bernstein’s been on a less than 30g-carb-a-day since before you were even conceived. And you ask “Who is there, out there, who’s been on a low carb diet for that long?”?

  • It would be interesting to narrow down the role of exercise in some of this. I would say even the middle ground of fat and carbs could probably do OK if they exercised more (at least better). That’s probably why humans did eat more carbs in the past with fewer problems. One of the best indicators of longevity is VO2max. A study of 5000, found the highest five percent range of VO2max lived about five years longer than those in the bottom five percent. You can’t tell me those top 5% were all low carb eaters, yet they still got an extra five years over the less fit people. The issue is multifaceted, that’s for sure.

  • 45 to 65% carbs in type 1 diabetes???

    I had no idea. I thought LCHF was standard practice for type 1 diabetes. But I guess I should have known. Fat fear and carb love is standard practice in the medical world. Plus the farmaceutical industry will push doctors to keep telling their patients to eat lots of carbs.

  • Hi Abbey! I am wondering if you could please review Adrienne Bailon’s what I eat in a Day. Im pretty sure it should be discussed it is crazy how little she eats and how she copes with food telling her viewers that you eat to live, not for pleasure etc. That is a very unhealthy approach and I feel like your videos help your followers understand what it really means to have a cool relationship with food.
    This video in particular is what pushed me to ask you ��
    Take care!

  • is retarded to even belive it after all all this shit carbs are not exentials and we live millions of years with out it and not only that is man made foods is garbage promoted by fake studied vegans bias

  • Nonsense presentation..stop playing with people’s lives with false information…you obviously are a paid nobody to promote an agenda of those who have financially paid you to spew this garbage….THE PUBLIC MUST TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES TO READ ALL SCIENTIFIC DATA THAT IS PROPERLY CONDUCTED AND IS NOT BASED ON SUPERFICIAL DATA OR PROPAGANDA…. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON KNOWING PROPER KNOWLEDGE AND SHOULD NOT BE AN EXPERIMENT OF SOME IDIOTS HOLDING SEMINARS….

  • You bet the marketing machine knows shitloads more than almost everyone, that is why they are so good at what they do.
    In Australia the two big chain supermarkets spend billions on marketing, they have experts from all backgrounds.
    The Big Food Corps are no different.
    I love how so many skip this part and go straight to Big Pharma as the devil, yet don’t educate themselves how Big Food work…

  • So let me get this straight, not eating something that is not essential for a human being to live, will cause you to die earlier.
    No bias in those studies, clearly, right?

  • What absolute nonsense. Everyone I know who has gone Keto or LCHF, feels and looks not only better but much better. Their weight is steady, their energy and mental sharpness incredible.No one goes back to a high carb diet, do they?

  • With the new vegan film, “Game Changers,” being promoted by the well financed, morally corrupt Hollywood establishment it appears the culture war is doomed to perpetuate the diet war. The absurdity of the vegan position is revealed when the narrative is flipped with rise of the carnivore diet, it is very unlikely that those in that peer circle would be aghast if a salad was introduced during a meal. However, the reverse would lead to immediate excommunication.

  • These programs are boring and always attacking the science. Now granted, a lot of the science is BS but these speeches are the same thing over and over. I am done with this channel.

  • In my experience longevity seems to be linked to eating in moderation, there is also research on this. I think this favours a lower carb diet in general because it satiates appetite far more effectively, as was indicated in this talk. Most who do a low carb diet and increase fat consumption, will tell you they have a dramatically reduced appetite.

  • Why are speakers always rushed with such little time? They have such awesome info. I’d rather sit through 3 hours listening to this guy and gain a lot more knowledge

  • That study seems to lack a backbone in my view because there are almost NO CARBS in meat, so what were they trying to prove? Basic BS from high paid BS’ers! If they did real studies on real people, I’ll bet their findings would knock their socks off…but I doubt they’d ever admit they were wrong!!!

  • My grandfather’s and uncles all lived into their 70s but grandmother mother lived to their 90s so far but it was always a mistery how george burns lived past his 100s. i think its in the genes

  • For me, a restrictive diet is intuitive eating if one believes that intuitive eating is eating what makes you feel good, satieted and happy. I don’t have a gallbladder, and my body never adjusted to digesting fat, so I find myself with insane heart burn and indigestion to the point where I’m in tears on my bathroom floor when I eat it. So, intuitively, I just restrict fat as much as I can. Why would I choose ice cream and then throw away the rest of my day because I can’t do anything due to pain, when I can just track my macros and choose an apple instead? It’s not that I don’t want the ice cream, I still have cravings, it’s that I know self control is the best way to love my body by not subjecting it to having to digest a food group it literally can’t.

    I’m sure there are others with allergies, intolerances or health conditions who understand what I mean.

  • I had type 1 25 years before I found out carbs were the enemy. I am now on an insulin pump and my A1c went from 10.5 to 7 in five weeks. Tools are important.

  • Brilliant lecture. Going to try it. Type 1 for 41 years. Two amazing sons. Normal births. So grateful for my amazing life. Recently become insulin resistant and overweight and blood glucose control has changed. Also post menopause to add into the mix. GP keeps saying improve control or you risk complicatIons. Like I haven’t been terrified of those since I saw people without their legs back in 1979 and tried my best to avoid! Why don’t the docs say you’re doing great so far but you could try this? Thanks for some hope. I have some very old diet sheets if you want a copy emailed?I’m in the UK.

  • This was so informative! Thank you, Dr Phinney, so much for educating us and supplying the support we need to continue on this life style because God knows that there is very little support in the vast medical community. I am a big believer in consuming bone broth and have been making it for years. Never thought to put lite salt in my broth, but sure will now. This low carb healthy fat plan has changed my life!

  • i wont be waiting for studies, my Hba1c dropped from 95 UK to 55 UK and my average sugars hit highs of 9. Thats on under 30g per day. never felt better and i only struggle with sugar’s during exercise but I’m getting there with that.

  • As a Type 1 for 33 years, THANK YOU for studying this and putting helpful info out for us! It is such an endlessly hard disease, and low-carb diets make it a little more manageable. Still not easy or predictable— since fats and proteins also affect my blood sugar—but better ������

  • I have been T1 (for 21 years) on Bernstein diet (last 4 years), recently got a CGM, and do an analysis daily on the data, follow the guidelines by Dr Bernstein daily. It has reduced my average BG levels to a A1c of about 5.4% (average 5.8 mmol), virtually eliminated hypos (partly due to the CGM) and maximum postprandial excursions of typically less than 6.5 mmol. If you need any data logs of CGM data on a low carb diet, let me know!

    Keep up the good work, I only wish I learnt that carbs where not essential 20 years ago, instead of the standard (and what I consider blatantly wrong) dietary advise normally given to T1’s. (also my weight has reduced to a steady optimum level, and energy, health, skin, etc all improved dramatically as a result of this dietary change)

  • Being a type 1 Diabetic, eating low carb for me has definitely helped a lot! I would recommend this diet but eating too much protein can have a negative impact on B.S levels so keep that in mind! But in general I feel this is great and it is about finding your own balance as we are all unique!

    DIABETES IS A DIET DISEASE People Addicted to the JOYS of Coles,Woollies,IGA etc DO NOT LISTEN TO DIETRY ADVICE The Pretty Pictures on the Boxes ALWAYS WIN.

    You Qualifications are Miniscule compared to the VAST ARRAY OF SCIENTIFIC DATA EVEN ON YouTube. Look at PAM POPPA IF YOU WANT TO BE MADE AWARE OF A COMMON SENSE APPROACH. there are many MORE

  • I was wondering if you are going to address how your “dietitian reviews” videos are harmful to your viewers? I understand calling people out maybe for preaching fad diets….but analyzing what people eat not only publicly shamed people’s diet choices but also, as a viewer, can foster unhealthy relationships with food. As a teenager I used to look up to these videos…but as I got older I realized how toxic it made me look at and over analyze what I ate therefore causing me to not eat intuitively (as you so preach). There has to be a better way for you, a dietitian, who knows that many people are triggered by the type of discourse you put out there to spread your valuable information in a safe way.

  • Saw a cookbook for diabetes published in 1916. Type I. No: macaroni, bread,pie,cakes, potatoes,sugar. Seems like we took a giant step back to finally take a step forward. Ol timey docs had the anecdotal evidence but not the scientific evidence

  • Type 1 on a zerocarb (meat-only), ketogenic diet for 6 years now. It has really been a life changer. Having said that, it is only part of the problem having the discipline to eat the same meals every day, as well as the same exercise is also part of the solution.

  • Can you review Chloe Ting’s diet? She is a trend right now with all this workout plan situation, a lot of people (including me!) are following her. She’s an exemple of lifestyle but idk….Thankss!!

  • I gained 6 kg over two years eating intuitively, I didn’t binge or eat tons of high calorie foods, took another year with a calorie counting app to get rid of it again. If you’re a regular person, IE might work, my body however only burns 1.800 cals a day with moderate daily exercise but it feels hungry unless it gets 2000. Essentially my body wants to be overweight (I’d be fine as a hunter gatherer moving all day but I have a desk job). My advice would be to check for this before you eat intuitively or you’re in for a boring ass year of counting calories.

  • What an amazing lecture spot on it makes all the sense. This is the most important piece of information in the management of Diabetes…

  • Unfortunately, the nine studies all had tiny sample sizes (seven studies had less than ten participants, and the other two had only 48 and 49 respectively) and defined “low-carb” differently so it’s really like comparing apples to oranges. However, it does highlight the pressing need for a proper study on the topic!

  • Thanks for superp lecture. It is a very good practice for the speaker to repeat and to explain the question before attempting to provide an answer..

  • I find that the Keto diet is definitely working for me! My blood sugar levels remain very constant now. I was found to be insulin deficient a few months ago. I love low carb! ❤

  • Only a plant based diet reverses heart disease, this is the problem. Why can’t a high meat diet reverse it? Look at your blood under a microscope after eating high fat and meat. Animal protein maybe good but a certain amount is too much and will thin your bones, increase cancer risk, cause insulin resistance. Low carb diets increase the chance of scurvy and teeth falling. Stay on a low carb diet and see, have fun! Lose weight but you’ll regain it and pay the price. Vegans are the other extreme. Most people have to add some more carbs after one year, just to feel more energetic. You have to mess your body up to find out the truth. Your the guinea pig.

  • The social life around me now is that people go mad with losing weight and some of them even refuse to eat just because they want to be skinny. I suffered from emotional eating too and after that I felt Guilty, but now I know how important it is to make friends with food and every food is valuable, and what determines your health is how you going to choose the food you ACTUALLY need. This intuitive eating helped alot and I just want to express my appreciation here. It’s a long journey but I will stick to it ��

  • How can black coffee increase Trigs?? Regular black coffee with no cream or any sugar makes no sense increasing Trigs. There has to be another factor.

  • TG/HDL is not very useful to draw conclusions from. For you to be at high risk using that metric you need to have high cholesterol at baseline > 200mg/dl. If you have low cholesterol TG/HDL does not imply high risk! I suspect there is a threshold at which triglycerides starts ramping up artery disease some where over 150 mg/dl

    I lost 70 pounds, doing great, took said “break”, and got back into old habits!
    30 pounds and 9 months later, back on the downtrend.

  • Thank you very much for uploading this talk. I got more valuable information in one hour here than I got in 6 months of watching the ketosis hacks on other YouTube videos.

  • So, I guess I’m a hyper responder? After going on the diet and losing 45lbs my cholesterol (ldl mostly) spiked a lot. HDL low and triglycerides low. I’m confused. My dr wanted to put me on meds and I said no way. I’m improving in every other aspect so there’s no way I’m stopping now. I feel TONS better. Headache migraine improving (rare now), arthritis (cut my meds by 2/3), fibromyalgia pretty much gone, GERD improved 80%, anxiety lessened 80%, panic attacks pretty much stopped. Stopped many of the medications I was on before.

  • Can taking a blood test 2 hours after a workout alter results in a bad way?

    For example:

    total cholesterol: 270

    LDL: 194

    HDL: 49

    TG: 128

  • With respect to the drop off in ketones for long term ketogenic nutrition in TD2 I see this in myself. I was pre DB2 (reversed). My fasting glucose has elevated in morning from prior context of about 75-90 mg/dL to often now 101-106 mg/dL with decent ketone generation (.7-1.1 mmol/L). I interpret this phenomena as more efficient use of ketones and also a reset of basil glucose levels to higher a new normal. I am also higher levels of protein since I do heavy gym workouts and focusing on LBM simultaneous with body fat loss.

  • I’m a bit confused. At the beginning he said the consumption of fat causes the liver to decrease LDL. In fact he said this in a number of his talks. Near the end he said in order to lower LDL, swap (yes I heard it��) the carb for the fat. Can someone ‘unconfuse’ me?

  • And if you thoroughly control your blood sugar then anything cholesterol probably doesn’t matter in any case.. It is mostly inflammation that causes artery walls to be permeable to plaque. Keep BS under tight control, and keep your K2 levels up (protects artery elastin) and you pretty much protect yourself from most lifestyle self inflicted diseases.

  • Hi! The observation about sudden lowering of hdl being an indicator to cancer could also correlate to acute health affections? I had a drop from 71 to 52 and I was literally sick from toxoplasmosis when I took the last blood test. It seemed prety intense to me. Could it have happened due to being sick? There was christmas in between… ��‍♀️

  • What a great presentation, you have Q and A included as well.
    Inflammation was my enemy for well over 3 decades, most because of my lifestyle.
    I am slowly weening off carbs and have never felt better, inflammation fell faster than you can count.
    Now it is my beer I need to tackle, my last vice.
    Glad to hear wine is ok here and there as I love a red or white as well.
    I know, I have a drinking obsession like most Aussie men do. ��

  • It is funny. Not too long ago, I will question a non-professional delving into matters unrelated to his field of expertise. After watching Dave and Ivor, I realized there are things an outsider can see which the professionals cannot relate to because they are held by their pre-conceived education and training.

  • You released this video the same day I came to the realization I prefer low carb/ high fat. I’m making breast milk which is mostly composed of fat. This is why I crave so much of it. If I eat too many carbs I crash so hard at the end of the day.

  • One of the best talks to help me put my own bloodwork in context. High fasting glucose but very low fasting insulin, high HDL but very low trigs and moderate to high LDL. Distance runner and weightlifter.

  • Dave, I think you hit on something very important at 28:28. “Too much of an energy surplus” is probably a big issue for most people trying to get Triglycerides lower, or keep them low. Excessive energy intake can only increase Triglycerides. Even excessive low GI foods can cause a high GL. Most people I know do not bother to track calories, or don’t do it accurately, so by the time they find out they are gaining weight, they have been over consuming consistently for a long time, and they wonder why their healthier diet is not working for their weight or their cholesterol numbers. They also don’t have any idea what their maintenance calories are, so calories are likely excessive on average, by default. I’ve found the on-line BMR calculators to be mostly useless because they are far too generic. Maybe they get you within +/-300 calories per day, but that is not close enough. Plus, the maintenance number is a moving target.

  • Suggest a review of Dr. Paul Mason’s video clarifying the LDL, Pattern A vs Pattern B. I believe your test and qualifier indicators should include a determination of Pattern A and Pattern B, LDL charts.

  • I do not understand and I have been looking for months for this answer but I am no finding it. My pink salt says that it is 1/4 TSP is 1.1 grams of salt. It says it has 420 mg of sodium. But if sodium is not salt then where do I get up to 5 grams of sodium from? So if I was to take in pink salt to hit the 5 grams of sodium a day I would need to have 2.5 teaspoons of pink salt a day?

  • I just read the following RE carotid artery…

    In the U.S. and all industrialized countries, more deaths result from heart attack and stroke than from any other cause. Increasingly it is proposed that many cardiac events occur following the rupture of minor, non-hemodynamically significant atherosclerotic plaque. Indeed many policy makers and some physicians have questioned the importance of traditional screening and treatment strategies for hemodynamically significant coronary artery lesions. As an alternative, it has been suggested that screening and treatment approaches should be guided by emerging data that support the predictive value of measures of inflammation, such as high sensitivity C-reactive protein, or of genetic markers. Our goal is review the biology of acute coronary events and the results of population-based studies and, in this light, consider the usefulness of the current “state-of-the-art” methods for diagnosing coronary heart disease.

  • Hey Abbey, do you have any experience with intuitive eating when it comes to autism? Being autistic comes with a lot of self-imposed restrictions and rituals surrounding eating, but it doesn’t come from the place of dieting, it sort of puts the mind at ease. Would you consider filming a video about it?

  • I have a seizure disorder that. I was born with and this keto diet has helped me to heel and. I feel good about watching theses videos on YouTube

  • What about eating raw meats and no vegetables or fruits at all? Sv3rige says all plant foods are toxic and are unnatural for humans. He says organic raw organ meats are the most nutritious such as sweetbreads, brains, kidneys, hearts, liver, tripe, blood, eggs, and raw milk. For my first time I tried eating a slice of raw liver and one raw egg and had a euphoric sensation for about half an hour.

  • Hi Dave,
    To be honest I still can’t make out what the heck you are talking about. I am concerned about cholesterol because I underwent triple bypass surgery.
    I started on KETO / IF eight months ago, lost 23kg, 7ins of my waist, reversed my BP and diabetes. Now I have graduated to OMAD my BP and diabetes is better controlled.
    Now what I understand is that once you are on LCHF your body has switched from glucose to fat as source of energy, every single cell in your body needs triglyceride. Can’t understand why even bother about cholesterol as far as my bird brain reasons it is a non issue why so much fuss about cholesterol?

  • Can you review Jenn Im what I eat in a week/day videos she has a great diet (in my perspective) and I would like to know your opinion:D

  • When I feel lonely and unworthy, I like to wrap my hands around me and give myself a long hug. Then I tell myself that I love myself and that I am worthy because I am great person. I also like to thank myself for giving my body a great meal and how good it tasted. And while I eat, I often close my eyes to just feel all the flavours and enjoy them.

  • Do you think any dieticians work with psychologists? I feel like I need something like that because I have a hard time not finishing food that’s on my plate because of emotional issues, but I’m really not sure how to face that.

  • This helped me identify the reason behind my relapse. Gonna put on some good ol’ Michael Sealey tonight and hopefully wake up motivated to face my struggles head on in the morning

  • I’m definitely in the “I hate food” group and sometimes eat till in pain. I’ve been trying to eat without a diet for many years but still struggle with intuitive eating

  • I’d love a video on how to deal with the social or family preassure to eat (or not) certain foods?
    Throw out my life its been a common problem for me to be able to deny to eat foods my parents made or bought for me even tho I don’t really want to eat it in my family they’re specialist in making you feel bad about your food choices.

  • Dave, what do you suppose happens to hyper responders if they are on a statin? Do they run in to an energy shortage?
    I’ll bet their basal insulin go up significantly to deal with the gluconeogenesis statins seem to cause “autophagy process” (ie muscle wasting).
    I wonder this for diabetics that may be on metformin and a statin. It would seem this would be a really bad combination.

  • You will count calories and consider activity level on ANY diet, including zero and low carb.
    What was attempt at condescension about?

  • I used food to help with ADD for a long time. I’d eat until I was nauseous. Then wait until the nausea subsided and then keep eating. It was the only way to focus.

    I am so grateful to medicine for doing that for me now and I am slowly dealing with my old habits of constantly needing something to chew.

  • Hi Abbey, I’ve found that your video volume tends to be low (this has something I’ve noticed for awhile, not just this video). I was wondering if there was a way your editor could fix this?

  • When I was already on the thinner side and about to start Vyvanse for ADHD, my doctor told me to drop the carbs because you need to keep the weight on. So many protein shakes. And sad burgers without a bun. If it wasn’t calorically and nutrient dense, I wasn’t allowed it, because the meds annihilated my appetite and they didn’t want me to drop too much weight. I can confirm the intense cravings for fruit.

    Then I got a bad concussion, had to go off those meds so I could be more relaxed during recovery, gained 80 pounds, and was allowed carbs/low calorie foods again. Sweet, sweet watermelon! It was almost worth it, just to be allowed a more relaxed diet.

  • Thank you so much for this video! �� Could you talk about why some people lose their appetite when stressed, and how to deal with it? How to facilitate exercise recovery in this situation?

  • I found this channel kind of recently and I looove your approach:) eating intuitively is something I would really like to adopt and also loosing the food shaming.
    A question I’ve had while watching the videos or just during the day is… How ‘hungry’ must you be for it to be ‘good to eat’? I found the ‘levels of satiety’ very helpful as little questions to ask yourself when you’re eating. So is there hunger levels? And, when should you eat?

    The question comes from here; I can not feel hungry for 8 hours (I’m inventing a number but I mean ‘a long time’) like I’m fine if I don’t eat but ‘I can eat’ and maybe I have this thing I already prepared so I eat, but I reaally wasn’t ‘needing’ the food. I also think I probably shouldn’t let 8 hours pass without eating, it must not be ‘a good thing’…. so maybe I should have waited longer to eat until that ‘feed me anything’ feeling? ��‍♀️��‍♀️��

  • Out of all the Low Carb people I think Dave Feldman has the most open mind. Most of the other MD’s I see just selling information (or books) or just adding to the echo chamber with anecdotes.

  • I have 2 questions regarding intuitive eating: 1. I have quite bad reflux and some other digestive issues, this causes a hollow/rumbly feeling that often feels like hunger, I find it very difficult to have to ignore these feelings and it doesn’t feel very intuitive, but sometimes I feel very “hungry” right after eating and i feel even more stomach pain after eating something. So I’m not sure what to do. 2. I sometimes goes through periods where I’m very ill the the past I’ve lost a lot of weight in a short period of time (without wanting to) so often i had to force myself to eat just to maintain weight even though I didn’t feel any hunger, this also doesn’t feel very intuitive but I sort of have to do it. Overall I love the intuitive eating method and I’ve been trying it for a while but struggle with these 2 things 😉 thank you for making these videos!

  • Glad he mentioned the possible glucose sparing in Lean Mass Hyper Responders. I fit the profile and my GP freaked out, afraid I’ll keel over any minute.

  • Hey Abbey! I’ve been getting a lot of ads for a product that’s supposed to “stop sugar cravings” but making sweet things taste bad. They not only seem like a giant scam but a very unhealthy way to think about food. Just thought that might be something you might think about talking about!

  • I‘ve never known so much about food as I do now with your help! I am constantly learning, yet I feel more and more at peace with what I put in my mouth! You are truly needed as a spokesperson for treating our bodies with love and acceptance!

  • Thank you for sharing this!! Do you have any suggestions for someone that does intuitive eating and also want to exercise to lose fat? of course to get the most of my exercise, that would require eating low carbs but it’s really hard with the intuitive mindset! It would be helpful if you can provide some ideas/suggestions with this. Thank you! <3

  • I have also had wonderful results. I have been Keto for seven months. BGs between 4.5 and 6.7. A1c 5.7. No rapid insulin. Halved Lantis. Great not to be riding the roller coaster anymore.

  • Can you review Arbonne? It’s a MLM in the US, idk where else. But all these girls on my IG just started selling that crap. It’s 100% a diet and the company says it’s not lol

  • Amazing!! Thank you for this!! It’s been taking me years to develop a good relationship with food. My only challenges is when I’m menstruating. It’s the devil lol

  • Would you be able to do a video on eating healthy while be on corticosteroids since they tend to make you gain weight, also fluid retention. I don’t know if I worded that right but I struggle with eating healthy while being on a bunch of medications. Thank you for your videos, they are very helpful and you are awesome!:)

  • I cannot believe how moved I am by a video about eating habits. Your funny and compassionate way of educating about intuitive eating has changed my life and makes me want to be a dietician. Thank you so much!

  • A lot of the differences in how people feel on different macro-nutrient ratios has to do with where their ancestors lived during the time when hunter-gatherers lived. Some of these populations were high fat, some high protein and most higher carb. For example, people in the far north did not/ do not have access naturally to a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables due to short growing seasons.

  • 11:12 So let me see if I understandTelling people to restrict carbs and avoid processed foods “may promote eating disorders”, but telling them to track every calorie eaten and balance it against exercise somehow won’t? rolls eyes

    Denial; it’s not just a river in Egypt any more.

  • I am having the damnedest time getting my fat up over 50%. Carbs I have no problem with I can stick under 20 30g, protein though that’s always about 50-70g. I just don’t see how people can eat so much fat without the protein.

  • Hey Abbey thanks for making this video. sorry if the next bit is triggering for anyone.

    I struggle with binge eating tendencies and secret eating (mainly if I have loose change in my purse or I get FOMO). Are there any online resources that you can recommend? I’m trying to combat these issues on my own. I’m based in the UK x

  • Can you please film a reaction to Grimes What I eat in a day pregnant video? The one that Harper’s Bazaar posted on their channel. Would be quite interesting to see a dietitians view on the way she eats �� Love your videos ❤️

  • I’ve been struggling so much with trying to get healthier and not gorge my feelings away. This is so helpful and much needed (almost cried to be honest…) No binge cycling. No guilty feelings. Just fueling my body and enjoying the journey.

  • To be honest, I’ve been doing ‘lazy keto’ for few weeks and I allow myself carbs if i crave something so bad (e.g. having ice cream twice a week ). So far, It worked wonders on me as my intuitive eating really showes itself. I feel my insulin levels balanced, because I don’t get that hungry feeling every two minutes.

  • I am so hormonal today and I feel so fat and ugly and it’s absolutely horrible… I don’t know what to do about it either ��
    Edit: Thank you Abbey. I needed this. I cried during half of the video ��✌��

  • Literally when she said to ask yourself “why am I eating this right now?” I’m polishing off a slice of triple chocolate cheesecake �� So I told myself it’s from my birthday this week, Aunt Flo is in town, and work sucks today so I DESERVE this!

  • Hi Abby I have a question: My stomach tends not to growl even if I am ravenously hungry. What other hunger cues can I use to determine how hungry I am on the hunger scale?

    Loving these videos, and you’re looking so beautiful!

  • Hi Abbey, I want to thank you for this series. I’m someone who was skeptical of the idea of intuitive eating, but I’ve realized that’s because it was always presented to me as “just listen to your body!” Listening to my body was really hard since I was an overeater as a child, then plummeted into restricting, binging, purging, and over exercising as a teen and young adult. I felt that at my default I was naturally an overeater and that my hunger cues were permanently messed up. You’ve shown me there is a lot more to learning intuitive eating than I thought, and I’ve been able to pull lots of useful info from this series. Thank you!

  • I’d love to see your data on those with familial hypercholesterolemia to see what keto does for them. I think this may be an unethical experiment since these patients have LDLs in the 300’s. Maybe a disclaimer would be appropriate so those who are taking your word are increasing his or her risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Love this! Perfect timing during quarantine �� would you consider doing a video on the sirtfood diet? I’ve been hearing about Adele using the diet to lose weight, but when I looked it up it was advertised as “turning on your skinny gene” which is just….so problematic?? Thanks for the great content!

  • Can you do a video or many more on alcohol? On a Friday or Saturday night, I often cannot stop at a cocktail and it is the biggest barrier to my fitness goals. Alcohol obviously has nothing to do with hunger cues. Yeah, I use it to relax after a long week. Oh and in socializing with other moms, wine is big…

  • Abbey I can’t thank you enough. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food my entire life and I never even considered making peace with it until I started watching your videos. I really thought the only two approaches someone could have towards food were either starving or overeating. I’m trying really hard to get out of those toxic mindset that brought me so much guilt and unhappiness. You made me want to be kinder to myself and I never thought that could have been possible until I started watching your videos. My goal now is to reach a point when food doesn’t control my life anymore and doesn’t occupy so much of my thoughts, and I can’t wait to get there.

  • What about the type of emotional eating that involves almost complete cessation of eating because some emotions or circumstances make some people lose their appetite? For example, the “heartbreak diet”, or losing a job and only thinking about paying your bills/regaining employment rather than noticing hunger? Or when depression, mania, or anxiety in general causes a lack of appetite?

  • Living on vegetables alone is NOT sustainable. People need certain types of meat that contain B vitamins that are not found in vegetables.

  • My problem is that when I’m out with friends and we have food in front of us, I can’t think of anything else but the food (even though I’m not hungry and I don’t really want to eat it). I can’t stop thinking about it until I either eat it all or the waiter comes to take it away. I can’t focus on what my friends are talking about because I keep waiting for someone to finish the plates so that I don’t have to. What can I do about this?:(

  • abbey can you talk about Phytoestrogen foods? how does this work? does this actually work? and what to have and what to avoid? and when? if you want to raise your estrogen levels, for examle. would love to hear more about foods that can potentially influence your hormones in a positive or negative way. i think this would make a great topic for a video and very informative.

  • He is not exaggerating about the movement to make it illegal to raise our own food ESPECIALLY animal-source food.

    The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund ‘Protects and defends the Rights of independent farmers and artisan food producers and their customers’. If you want to have the right to raise or buy whatever foods you choose from whomever you wish consider a donation, or joining:

    In addition to regulations that may be appropriate for the industrial production and manufacture of foods which are needlessly burdensome on small farmers, and sjkyrocketing costs for land, property taxes (farmland and other rural land uses very little in the way of public services, but the taxes on these lands pay for services to surban and urban areas. Is this fair?), and the cost of equipment that runs about 4,000% to 10,000% higher than in the 1970s… independent farms are increasingly being harassed by gov’t officials and police. It is becoming common for the smaller farms, usually run by families who are usually also working off the farm to support the farm. Unlike large corporate factory farms and CAFOs, when police, even SWAT teams, show up on farms which are usually also the homes of farming families they do not have teams of lawyers to defend them.

    One example that is becoming typical:

    He eventually won his case, and his animals were returned. But not before Rockwood and his family went through hell, plus a lot of expense for lawyers, and lost income. Thankfully he had help. Word is a nearby hobby farm with horses kept calling and insisting that police ‘do something’ because the pasture-based eco-farming practices did not look like a flipping petting zoo fake farm.

    Not just farm that produce food for sale, but also families with a little land who want to raise some of their own food are being targeted. Though not as common, even people simply growing vegetables and/or fruit have been subjected to baseless police raids.

    Animals are commonly seized without due process which is unconstitutional. Police often give the farmers or homesteaders or people who just keep a few animals to mow the fields or just for the love of it the ‘choice’ to either sign over all rights to their animals or they are threatened with criminal charges. Yes, this fits the legal definition of extortion.

    Though this speaker mostly refers to unprocessed milk and milk products, the issue is not limited to that animal-source food alone but extends to everyone who owns animals, and especially those raising animals for food:
    ‘How to Help Your Farmer During a Raid’

  • I swear to God Abbey, you’re actually amazing. Completing my postgraduate degree in nutrition right now and your content is such an antithesis to the lectures, which can be dull AF and almost drown my passion for the subject. You have such an engaging manner about you and your knowledge shines! Wish I had lecturers like you.

    It’s so refreshing to hear a dietitian speak about food as nourishment for the mind, body, and soul and the importance of not dichotomising foods, leading to all sorts of guilt and disordered eating when people think they’ve ‘failed’.

  • As a mom, how do you protect your boy from diet culture?? Specially around family, when they make comments such as: “agh I’m so fat!” Or “I think I deserve this because I worked out!” Etc.

  • Thank you Abbey for this video. I needed it so badly. This crazy times are making me cope with food and I am not feeling my best. I was able to manage my ED in the past thanks to therapy and I haven’t felt the need to purge in a long time, but I am binging a lot through quarantine and it scares me to trigger my ED again. So I needed this a lot. Thank you so much

  • Well,we already know a high carbohydrate diet has a early mortality,because about every 30 seconds someone gets diabetes,and that’s one of the leading causes of early death,through Heart Disease,kidney failure,and other issues.

  • Big Pharma + Food Industry will never get a plus income when they promote a material such as this. That’s simply why being a diabetic to them is something it has to do with your genes! Healthy bread my ass.

  • I want to intuitively eat these foods that I used to emotionally eat like crisps and other snacks and be able to just stop when I’m full but they honestly don’t fill me up much and I end up eating the whole bag anyway to get full. How do you balance this? If I eat the whole bag because I wasn’t full only eating the serving size or half of the bag then I’ll still feel like I ‘failed’ at intuitive eating even tho I just ate what I was craving when I was hungry. I find it difficult to fit these very high calorie foods into my life and eat them intuitively without eating ‘too many’ because they just don’t fill me up but they’re still really tasty and I do want to eat them sometimes lol.

  • This video came in right when i really needed it I’ve been emotionally eating to the point where I feel numb everyday bcz I didn’t want to face the reality of my problems so thank you

  • Hi Abbey!! I’m wondering if you’d be interested in doing a vid on Jason Fung’s work with intermittent fasting, as well as the clinical work he’s done to help T2D patients. Thanks!

  • The typical doctor, who subscribes to the conventional wisdom, when confronted by the breadth and cogency of the work that Dave Feldman has done, should be embarrassed. Despite not being a medical professional, Dave Feldman, as a software engineer, brings more clarity to the issue of lipidology than most doctors bring to the public concerning that topic. Thank you Mr. Feldman for all the great work you do. You are proof positive that some of the most substantive changes take place when outsiders to a particular issue get involved in the conversation. I would rather listen to you, and another engineer, Ivor Cummins, more than most of the doctors that surround me men and women who still seem intent on adhering to the same old dogma that they were indoctrinated with decades ago.

  • Hi Abbey! Thank you so much for all the amazing content you put out on your channel. You’ve made a very positive influence on my eating habits:) I was wondering if you might be interested in discussing the correlation between poor gut or micro-biome health and obesity/ weight gain (especially with respect to a highly processed diet). Maybe you could also discuss ways to promote gut health for weight loss? There seems to be a lot of compelling but pre-mature research on the topic that I would love to hear your thoughts on:)

  • soo BS go watch dr neal bernard and dr mcdougle they cure diabeates with sugar and carbs and this diabetes 1 and 2 i causes from fat!

  • At 4:00 you measure LDL-C. The C means cholesterol in LDL (not fats) but then say that VLDLs containing fats NOT cholesterol and spike your LDL. Before it was chylomicrons with fat AND cholesterol. But then the LDL-C will be low not high because its measuring fat and not cholesterol. So the LDL will be high but the LDL-C will be low.

  • In my experience, the most effective and direct way to get in tune with your emotions is meditation. By slowing down thoughts and creating the necessary space in your mind, the repressed emotions can come to the surface and you can fully experience them. Negative emotions only go away when we allow ourselves to feel them wholly and completely. Otherwise, they just become repressed deeper within us, which is usually when we try to find outside sources (food, alcohol, drugs, etc) to either numb or distract.

  • Since we come from a carnivore lineage then wwhy is diet research pertaining to humans done on animals that are vegan and or vegetarian?
    Their gut system is different to human. So the research must be useless?

  • I have Dystonia in all of my back muscles that I have Botox injections for every 90 days, Graves’ disease, Hashimotos, Thyroid Eye Disease, pain in the Iliac Crest on both hips. Should the Keto diet be able to help lessen my inflammation?

  • Hello Doc, I am Keto adapted, was doing it for last 80 odd days. Now I decided to stop it, because it is difficult to maintain it. But I can do it again for two daysa week, is there any merit in it?

  • Dr Phinney is arguably THE Authority ( especially when it comes to answering questions which are not directly answered by research published thus far.) If you are interested in a 1 hr professional development investment you will not do better than this. This is ketosis 401 not 101. Kind Regards Dr John Stewart BVSc

  • This series is so informative! I used to think intuitive eating was “eating whatever I want in that moment” so I didn’t think it would work, and I feel like a lot of people have this oversimplification stuck in their heads. I think that even though it’s called “intuitive” eating, it’s important to understand that it’s a mindset, a lifestyle even, that you learn and practice every day ❤️

  • I believe the good Dr./Ph.d. Addressed much of this, yet I want to present my questions. My mother, 74 years old, has emphysema related COPD with hypertension and congestive heart failure, is over weight by at least 60#, chronically low potassium, inflammation, and is on a host of pills to mitigate all this. Would the ketogenic diet help her and in what was?

  • Complex carbs are a primary source of prebiotic fiber, with as many books and videos and research on this, showing its importance….where do the prebiotics come from in the keto diet?

  • 26:30 Thyroid Function The average person on a low carb or keto diet is not aware that the Thyroid is affected.
    Guys here’s a link to what they are talking about.

  • shame on you Phinney, you’re telling people to heay up the olive oil and cook with it?………… since when is that a good idea?

  • Either my T3 isn’t working or the fact that my gllbladder having been removed was the culprit. I had to go on meds to lose weight, even on strict keto.

  • Hi dr Steve, can i please ask you about the uric acid on keto. Mine is very high although i don’t have gout or kidney stones. My dr wants me on Allopurinol. Please advise me

  • How do you know that you have been on Ketosis for to long? Is there a sign of some kind? Then do you just go back to a higher level of good Carbs?

  • On ‘lite’ salt we have not been able to find potasium chloride or a blend of sodium chloride with potassium chloride that did not have added chemicals. Instead, bone broth is a good source of minerals, and is ridiculously easy to make. This is what used to be called simply broth, or clear soup. A splash of organic apple cider vinegar in a slow cooker with the bones and scraps from whatever meat you have available helps the minerals to be released from the bones. Simmering the broth for 2-3 days also helps. In the not long ago past, everyone used to keep a pot of broth simmering over the fire, woodstove, or on the back burner.

    Adding a good measure of unprocessed salt (Himalayan,Redmonds, etc) enhances the flavor, and also helps provide the salt we need. Other herbs can be added to taste.

    Of course, 100% grassfed beef or lamb or other herbivore, or pastured poultry or pork that have been raised without chemicals or chemically contaminated feed is ideal.

  • The biggest push we are seeing is targeting MEAT EATERS with lab-grown and false multi-ingredient substances that emulate meat (many vegans wouldn’t touch this stuff). To achieve this goal real meat needs to be outlawed and large organisations who are promoting veganism AND those that see a new way to make a lot of money are making huge inroads here. The millionaire investors will then be able to sell this cheap substance to the populace and make a huge profit. Nutrition comes nowhere on their radar. Profit is everything. A future where only the rich can access real meat (and strength, health and longevity) and everyone else is fed artificial substances, remaining weak and generally malnourished but still functional.

  • Today I happened to read that Lancet article online, and just minutes later YouTube suggested this video to me. Big Brother is truly watching everything we do online. In this instance I didn’t mind, even if it is disturbing, because I liked the content very much.
    Thank you for an interesting talk!
    I’m not big on eating a lot of meat and fish, I just go for small amounts with high quality, as in organic or wild caught. The main thing is to cut all processed food, and eat a lot of different greens and they sure are tastier with a bit of fat and salt:-)
    Intermittent fasting is a good idea as well, that is rarey mentioned if a study is done.

  • Interesting, I came back with high Hdl, low ldl, and fairly high triglycerides (although I wasn’t fasted, ate lunch 2 hours prior).

  • Most people are saying that protein will not effect Ketones but seems like he is saying it really does. So hard to know what to believe. I am 190 pounds and I hear I should have 58 grams a day all they way to about 200 grams a day. I don’t want to be to low.

  • Great piece, Dave. Had a heated argument with my GP who was very strident that I should go on a statin. I repeatedly mentioned my HDL/Trig ratio and he told me to “put Triglycerides aside for one moment because the ‘bad’ cholesterol….” at which point point I lost my rag and told him that his advice was always welcomed but the decision is, ultimately, mine. Sometimes it’s just such a struggle to resist being pidgeon-holed.
    Keep up the great work.

  • I’m definitely the “numbing” type. Sometimes I binge so bad, I blink and see wrappers everywhere, I don’t even remember eating. And then it’s like I don’t feel anything. Thanks for the video.

  • Question, A friend of ine had hospital visit. he is almost 60 years old. He had eaten what he thinks has been healthy all his life. Anyway he has been trying to eat keto this week. and after three days we tested his ketones in his urine and has has none, is there any reason this will happen?

  • Jesus Christ! This talk has so much gold in it… not the least of which is regarding alcohol and salt (from the 40 minute mark through the next 10 minutes or so)… two things people like, and two things a keto diet permits (and for salt, encourages). Those two things could be leveraged to gain adherence (and adherents) to the diet, but would also cause a huge scandal. lol!

  • When I ended my 6 year relationship I used to not eat whole day and then eat enormous amount of fast food at night and right after I finish my food I started crying (because i was feeling so guilty about eating that much food and because I tough im going to completely ruin my health because of that way of eating).
    And I couldn’t do anything about it for a year. Basically until i got over that break up. So my advice would be go to therapy deal with your emotions don’t wait for emotions to just go away. Now I cannot imagine eating that much food it makes me sick even thinking about it especially fast greasy food.

  • He never goes into ketosis’ affect on cancer. I guess that’s because there don’t seem to be definitive studies, but I wish he would look in to this.

  • Nothing wrong with carbs and an insulin spike, as long as it’s LOW FREQUENCY. Like, once every 24h max. Fast for the other 23 hours or eat a small keto meal. Also, carbs should not be processed and man made.

  • Dr phinney, I have an awful feeling that because of the low fat eating that most women have been eating for the past three decades, especially while pregnant has given rise to all of these children with auto immune disease, I feel guilty but not culpable! I have three sons in their twenties, one with Crohn’s disease and all with varying degrees of depression and poor immune systems! SAD stupid American diet!

  • In the US, NoSalt by the French’s company (the yellow mustard people) is all potassium salts, but it tastes horrid. I either mix what I want for the day with one egg, cook it and choke it down, or dissolve it in warm water and toss it back like a shot. The egg is less traumatic-lol.

  • re the salt/potassium excretion studies….i understand that increased excretion is correlated with reduced mortality. Can’t this also be interpreted as reducing levels of both in the body (by excretion) is correlated with reduced mortality?
    Just wondering…i’m not a scientist.

  • I now go for walks early in the morning and I can’t wait to listen to talks like these on my phone while I walk. I’ve listened to this one a few times and I’m still not bored. I look forward to getting up now. I’ve being doing keto for some time now now. It’s helped me lose weight, get rid of anxiety and depression, improve mental clarity, focus and concentration, memory, arthritis and nerve pain. I’m not obsessed with food anymore. So many benefits. It’s just a shame I can’t get my family to listen or believe me when I try to tell them about what I’ve learnt over the years with low carb/keto eating.

  • Awesome, I’m a type one I’ve been doing ketocarnivore and Intermittent fasting for over 15months and my A1C is 5.1 % I feel good. No hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia events.

  • I thought alcohol is prioritized in your liver to be broken down, above glucose and fats, which would temporarily stop ketone production, kicking you out of ketosis. Keotsis could then resume once the alcohol had been processed into fat.

  • Dr. Stephen Phinney is right, in Carnivore diet most people tend to eat 2 pounds a day; so by increasing the protein you get enough potassium. But make sure as he mentioned to get real food, eat 2 pounds of rare steak rather than processed food if you want to become carnivore for longer. Otherwise you will need bone broth or other source to get the minerals for long term run.

  • Dr. Phinney (and Volek too!) is the best! His explanation on tachycardia was very interesting and I’ve never heard it explained this way before (and I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of lectures on keto). Thanks LCDU for consistently bringing quality keto information to the public.

  • I did the short pre-physical protocol plus giving up coffee. Either my doctor did not order the conventional lied panel with all of the other tests, or the lab simply failed to do them! What a total waste,

  • Carnivore keto variants can simply add extra potassium using popular salt-substitutes like “Nu Salt” which is Potassium. I had generous amounts of extra potassium and sea salt. My resting heart rate is idling now at around 44 BPM and my BP is in very healthy range too (106/64).

  • As a type one, my blood glucose drives the ketoacidosis and it has to be quite high. Eating low carb protects against it. When I get sick, however, bg will rise even if I eat nothing so must be closely monitored and leveled with insulin.

  • Or no salt which is all sodium chloride. 530mg potassium chloride per gram or 1/4 teaspoon. I dose 5 grams a day in water on a carnivore eating protocol

  • Wow, That was one of the most informative talks on Keto I’ve heard. Learned a whole lot of things not mentioned elsewhere when discussing this topic

  • Australian nutrition labels all list fibre separately carbs ie the ‘carbohydrate’ listed is net carbs. To calculate total carbs (if that’s what you’re tracking) you’d have to add darbs and fibre together.

  • Type 1 diabetic and 20g of carbs and 70g of protein keto diet here. I sometimes run up to 4.0-5.0mmol/L of ketones, but always with a decent blood glucose of between 3.5-5.5mmol/L. I feel fine when ketones go high like that, always hydrated and I have sodium in the form of salt with my water, and insulin always at hand. Dr Bernstein says high ketones do not matter if blood glucose is at the optimum range. Should I still be concerned?

  • Alcohol is very addictive for a lot of people, moderation is not the key but mere abstinence is. Therefore, it is very dangerous to recommend having alcohol.. bottom line there’s no good in drinking alcohol whatsoever and it should be avoided by most people. So there’s no point talking about alcohol here…


  • The slide on sodium was mind blowing! I have had problems with muscle twitches and spasms since childhood. I also developed intractable a-fib in my 30’s. Not once did a doctor talk to me about electrolytes, even though when I ended up in the ER back in 2008 in a-fib with a BPM close too 200, they found my potassium was dangerously low. I had to be given intravenous potassium.

    I grew up in a household where eating salt was discouraged. So, when I went on a low carb diet the first time I was eating little salt. Now I know that low salt throws off your magnesium and potassium. After supplementing mag pot, and even calcium over the years to regulate things, I heard about drinking salt water. What a difference it has made! It has greatly lessened the muscle twitches, but not entirely. After seeing this slide, I’m thinking I may still not be getting enough. My mind is blown!

  • My whole journey has been trouble shooting. There is a ton of “keto” foods I can no have without being kicked out of ketosis. Can’t even touch “sugar free” anything. I vlog it daily so people can learn from my experience.