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L-Arginine Benefits For Bodybuilding?

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Arginine for Muscle Building, Performance and Health. L-Arginine has been popular in the medical community for the past 30-40 years. It has been touted and highlighted in several medical journals as far back as the 1970s. It’s primarily used to help increase human growth hormone production and improve blood flow to tissues throughout the body.

L-arginine contributes to muscle growth because it is needed for the synthesis of most proteins. While the muscle mass increases, L-arginine also signals muscle cells, encourages the release of growth hormone and promotes fat metabolism. The overall result. Bodybuildersuse LArginine as a pre-workout supplement for enhanced energy, strength and muscle building.

Taking LArginine for bodybuilding and weightlifting can help the growth of muscles by delivering growth hormones. It is used to support fat metabolism as well, working to produce lean well-toned muscles. L-arginine is not really needed when it comes to a healthy diet, but it does help bodybuilders in enhancing performance, muscle strength, and building. There are many sources of L-arginine such as seeds, whole wheat, poultry, fish, and red meat just to name a few. Quite possibly L-arginine’s biggest benefit lies in its role as a precursor to nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide functions as a vasodilator, essentially “opening up” veins and arteries, making it easier for blood (and all the oxygen and nutrients it carries) to flow freely through your body. L-arginine Benefits Exercise Performance and Heart Health Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and L-arginine (or arginine) is an essential type of amino acid. Amino acids are derived from protein foods, especially from animal sources such as red meat, dairy products, poultry, eggs, and fish. Increased level of strength through the building up of muscle mass is not just the benefit of Arginine for bodybuilding purposes.

Through serving as precursor for nitric oxide, Arginine promotes muscle conditioning and endurance. As nitric oxide gets released, it eventually widens blood vessels through relaxing muscles. Even if arginine and creatine are both effective at building muscle, their proposed benefits are significantly different. Registered dietitian Ellen Coleman explains that arginine’s purported benefit is an increase in the amount of nitric oxide in your blood.

L-arginine’s roles in metabolic health are important for building strong muscle tissue, fighting inflammation causing bone and joint pain, repairing injuries, and for general nervous system functions. It’s also been shown to help increase time to exhaustion among athletes and to increase tolerance to high intensity exercise. Many health experts today recommend the use of natural therapy for weight loss and L-arginine is a naturally derived amino acid. L-arginine, an amino acid, is found in foods like dairy products and meats.

It helps in bodybuilding, muscle development, and improved performance.

List of related literature:

Arginine has several potential benefits for athletes, including increasing human growth hormone production, increasing blood flow, increasing mitochondrial biogenesis, and increasing fat loss and muscle gain.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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Arginine needs, physiological state and usual diets.

“Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
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Supplementation with arginine, the precursor of NO, has a positive effect on muscle activity because of its indirect effect via the stimulation of NO production, which increases muscle blood flow.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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As noted, most exerciseȬrelated studies have focused on whether arginine supplementation increases anabolic hormones and/or promotes increases in nitric oxide production, thereby enhancing blood flow and delivery of nutrients.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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Arginine Arginine has several potential benefits for athletes, including increasing human growth hormone production, blood flow, mitochondrial biogenesis, fat loss, and muscle gain.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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Remember, arginine is an amino acid that dilates blood vessels (a vasodilator) Working with carnitine, arginine helps improve male sexual function, aids in the delivery of carnitine to ischemic regions of the heart and muscles, and increases testosterone levels, helping hearts and muscles.

“The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology” by Stephen T. Sinatra
from The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology
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Supplementation with L-arginine is claimed to promote vasodilatation by increasing NO production in the active muscle during exercise, improving muscular strength, power, and recovery through increased substrate utilization and metabolite removal, such as lactate and ammonia [83].

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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Among the other little­known benefits of arginine are the following:

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
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Muscle development and to increase performance: —Metabolic Response Modifiers BCAA+G Branched Chain Amino Acids {(BCAAs) and L-Glutamine, essential for building muscle size and strength; Always Young HGH WORKOUT FORMEN; HGHADVANCED (women).

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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Additional research is needed to better evaluate the role of arginine for strength trainers.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • So much Advice on how to do this and that and dont do this and that..What a load of shit, the all mighty dollar pushes all this shit, no protein more protein no vitamins more vitamins 3 meals a day 7 meals a day, no cardio due cardio, seems to me you do what you gotta do… there is NO experts when it comes to this shit, I know guys that smoke and drink that are in better shape then most gym rats…

  • Hey Jeff, I didn’t tear my rotator cuff, (MRI) but I hurt my shoulder benching and ortho dr said i have a sprained shoulder capsule. Been out of the gym since Oct, just started PT will this help me get back in there in 2016?

  • So that’s what it does i use Jack3D i feel great when using it, but never fully knew what it does. It does have more ingredients then Arginine though, like caffeine and creatine which i already knew.

  • @hellspawnds does arginine need to be taken with glutamine in order to benefit from it? im still looking into arginine, but still dont know enough to buy it.

  • This works!! just because it didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for another i’m a big guy with thick skin and I’ve been on l arginine for about a month and I get extreme pumps and I’m a lot more vascular and I’ve never been able to see my veins that much

  • Please make a video on All the supplements you should take daily with an amount and what they do! <3 Also what is Fish oil and how does it benefit you?

  • This is incorrect. I dont know where this guy comes up with this nonsense. The other aminos have no effect whatsoever on arginines primary function. You will not lose any effect from the arginine if you take it at the same time as your BCAA’s.

  • Did this boy just shoot L’arginine down. Professionals body builders have been using it for years and works like a bomb for strong amazing erections. This kid has a lot to learn.

  • GREAT Information about Arginine, but Many says better to take with Glutamin before go to slep.
    another question about L-Lysine, and when its best time to take this amino acid. L-Lysine, thank You.

  • shit gets u crazy vascular. i was able to achieve chest bies tries ab trap an crazy for arm viens o an shoulders wich i never had before

  • Ive taken Arginine from experience, and what I feel is that i dont become tired as quick and dont sweat as much when olaying a sport. Makes me more calm and increases endurance. maybe placebo, maybe not. but it definitely helps me.

  • I don’t care if you have scientific research literature or not. Anyone who has taken L arginine at a heavy dose swears by it. I’ve never known someone not to be shocked by the results.

  • What are some ways to lost tons of weight? I read plenty of great opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a ton of weight. Has any one tested out this popular weight loss method?

  • Nice vid, this is an Elliott Hulse inspired topic, but what about some videos about physiology, that would be interesting with your angle on it:D

  • I don’t agree. I have been taking it for a while now and I could see increase in strength and ability to lift for longer period as well as more relaxed muscles

  • When I take L arginine I literally are my veins start to pop after a hour. Swear!!! I take 3 capsuls TID 3x a day. Along with other supps. But I get L arginine benefits almost instantly. And when I stop taking it my veins disappear. Great video though man just giving my thoughts. ( Oooooooo also I did come across info that states dooooont take with bcaa powder it makes it useless) so try tablet form bro. Thanks

  • Ok, I have taken this and noticed when taken regularly my blood pressure is right around 110-120 over 60-80. Depending on the day but, when I’m not taking it I’m in the 130-150 over 70-80 range.
    For me this is a great improvement. Also I am able to get bigger pumps during work outs and my veins stick out more.

  • The 1 gram/lb. recommendation is just an approximation really. The real answer is it depends on the individual. A better recommendation, IMO, is approx. 35% (+/5%) of your total caloric intake per day. If you do the math though, a 176 Lb. man, lifts 4 to 5 days/ week, eating 176 grams of protein is 704 calories. That’s about 1/3 (assuming 2100 cal./ day) of his daily intake. That leaves 2/3 (1396 cal.) for carbs & fat. Of course if you eat less than 2100 cal/ day, just scale it down.

  • Everything that is good science says there is no proof. Their agenda is to get you into drugs rather than into natural supplements. I don’t believe pseudo science I believe what works for me.

  • Add probiotics, collagen, replace whey for a clean vegan protein powder and eat a balance diet withe alot of variety and you’ll look like a greek god in no time

  • personally every time i take it I can see and feel a fuller muscle pump.. sometimes I get so pumped it is hard for me to do high reps sets do to the exessive blood flow.. I say give it a try and see if it works for you.. cheers!!

  • is AAKG the same as L-Argenine? do they have the same reactions in the body? sorry, I’m trying to start my own preworkout stack, and want to get a little more than your video over the basic stack.

  • I’ve seen numerous results with L-Arginine and have read studies (not paid for by supplement companies) that will go through the many health benefits of the supplement.

  • You’re attacking a straw man I did not say that “l-arginine is useless because our bodies produce it naturally”. I said that l-arginine is not the limiting factor in nitric oxide production eNOS is.

  • Get in touch with us on the off chance that you might want to be an ambassador for BulkSupplements…. It doesn’t cost you a penny. You can give 5% off each sale and you can make 15% on each sale.

  • I take these supps, L -argine and L-lysine and they both work great,especially if you wanna give a woman a big ass facial! they increase ur SPERM VOLUME!

  • Well, the best thing you can for your body do is give it a little push and let it do its thing. If you get a supplement, such as the one mentioned in Brett Bindeoni’s site, if you want to crazily accelerate the process to just weeks.

  • Sean whats the top supplements that you should take to gain muscle? whats your supplement stack from most important to least? and when are the best times to take l arginine I imagine pre and post workout? or just all pre workout? I have pill form

  • just bought these supplements but did not realize  I bought the 1000,mg capsule instead  of the 500mg is it ok to start this supplement that high??

  • I already told you. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

    Listen to this the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items.

    if you are serious go for it now

  • It’s not a scam by any means but you’re not going to get 45″ arms by consuming this product but people only want supplements that will do that, if it doesn’t its automatically a scam. Lol sheep sheep sheep!

  • Guys. increase your size when erections by using natural ways doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some advice now. Get a popular natural male enhancement called Penlargerem System (do a google search). Thanks to it I have more intense erections by using natural ways. I should not even be talking about it cause I do not want a lot of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I’m just in a excellent mood today and so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • This video is completely wrong, I take arginine and I notice the difference. Maybe this guy should stick to making videos about other things.

  • Yeah L-arginine don’t have any effect on blood flow and nitric oxide production, but did you read about (arginine peptides)?
    proteinfactory. com/shop/l-arginine-benefits

  • Looking sharp there Jeff, keep up the awesome work champ. Merry Christmas to you, your lovely wife and funky dogs. Peace from Australia….Mick..

  • I’ll have to take your silence as you being in agreement with my program, Ron! So that means BCAA’s are slightly overrated but when used should only be taken with meals. Arginine is really best for tightening the skin and should be targeted around 40+ years old depending on your fitness. Also using l-arginine at a rate of 1g/lb bodyweight will lead to the hyper-ventriculation common in pro bodybuilders @125%e.g.200g+. So you would have to avoid using that much if you were say, a track athlete. Lastly L-Arginine is much, much, much better than DHEA. And also never, ever, ever use DHEA!

  • Doesn’t taking all 10 daily (assume we work out every day) represent a health problem? Can I go ahead and take them all? Thank you!

  • Okay this is great, but how good is this for the heart? increasing blood flow to the working muscle? the heart is a working muscle especially when your training. By the way it does give you a pump. Not a lot, but a little.

  • I’ve been debating all night about taking citrulline Malate(6grams) and bcaa (3:1:1) combined as a pre workout to avoid a pre workout product being consumed…what is your opinion

  • more video`s on supplements, Jeff!! i do not have a clue about supplements, whether i should be taking them, or not. i am 6 foot 1, i weigh 281 pounds, i weight train 6 days a week, and i`m 66 years old (my 67th birthday is just over 2 months away on April 10th 2018), if age is a necessity to what supplements to use!! up until now, i have stayed away from supplements, because i know nothing about them, or if i should or should not be taking them. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  • Ramble on magoo right here. Jus tell us the supplements dude. NO one give two monk but farts about what trophy you got or other bs

  • For those wondering if the mechan x works, it does for me. My left shoulder felt so limited to how far i can lift upwards, once i took the mechan x it helped me so much. Even when i was lifting, i was expecting to feel the uncomfortable feeling come back, but it didnt.

  • hey out there
    from all the medical reasearch i have done, arganine does not work in 30 minutes it goes through a long process in the body first.

  • Have you ever tried pushups on 2 basketballs, start in the extended position with the bald 5 inches apart, then on the push have the hands bring both balls together, causes excessive burn baby burn.

  • Do natural popular fat burn secrets like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I have noticed many amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • I started watching AthleanX at 58yrs old after a 20+ yr absence.I was lucky to have advice this smart and wise.From teen to 60+ if you want to lift wise AthleanX is top shelf…60 in June and looking forward to tshirt time.Thanx 4 the inspiration to walk thru the gym door 17 months ago✌from Canada����

  • I don’t even buy preworkout supplements just to save money. I just by arginine by itself and take it first thing in the morning on a empty stomach before training or an hour after last meal in the afternoon. Always get a good pump.

  • BS!!! I used arginine for a long time and the pumps I get out of it are insane!!! To the point people think I am on steroids��
    And it’s does help with lifting and performance!

  • Jeff, Can you make a video on exercises that can be done while in a chair at a desk. I work 12 hour shifts often at a desk and would appreciate any advice.

    It is an incredibly safe and healthy product, and the results are way quicker than any other supplement out there!

  • hey Jeff what is your take on spinal decompression. If recommended would you suggest inversion boots or hanging in a pull up position or possibly something completely different. Thank you

  • good video, but don’t agree. I’m 40 and take arginine and lysine together( 2 grams each twice a day) and the HGH results are awesome.

  • Thanks for this vid! Very informative. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve had great results from L-arginine (usually 4-5 grams twice a day). I’ve noticed considerable differences in flavor from one manufacturer to another (they all taste like poison, though), but they all work reliably. However, I’ve also tried Arginine AKG and Citruline, and gotten ZERO results. I know other people sear by those, but I guess my body chemistry is a little different. So It’s always worth experimenting to see what works best.

  • Hey Jeff, love your work. The videos and how you break movements down to a tee is phenomenal. Could you do videos on how you would recommend you hit your 3 hamstring muscles and 4 quadriceps muscles. always learn something new from you and it works.

  • I read loads of superb opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has any one tried this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • yes I would like very much to talk more on that subject… I got some slight knee problems from injury that happned last year. Had that, 10 years before, same sitation as now and I took animal flex and helped me totally, that much that I could compete successfully… now question is, what is now best supplement on market for joint problems…

  • Yes I’m sold on taking the Langinien supplement as it has made me feel much better and lowered my blood pressure from the low 170 to now in the 135 range. I use the 500mg dose and add or reduce the amount as I feel or if the good feeling fades. I’m 75 and take no dam drugs that doctors try to make a buck on or line the cash register with. I wonder how long before we won’t be able to get the compound online due gov. interference!!

  • Hey Jeff, could you tell me what are the recovery supplement alternatives since it is pretty hard to get these products in my country? I can order them over the internet but they are pretty expensive considering shipping etc. and they proved to be extremely hard to find in any shops. Would casein work well or maybe some other protein powder with lower concentration of protein and higher concentration of carbs?

  • Sorry, I have to dissagree with this video. To see best gains you can all you need is 12 scoops of Supermutant per day and 5 scoops of hyphy mud before going to sleep.

  • I just want some information about arginine.recently I have bought scitec company’s product mega arginine.the daily recommended dosage written on the bottle is one capsule per day.But please tell me that how much capsules should I take in a day.because one capsule contains 1300 mg in it which I think is a very high dose.please help me to solve the problem.I’ll wait for your answer.Thanks

  • L-Arginine gives me insane diarrhea. I hate it now. I’m playing around with Citrulline Malate now, so far I’m not shooting diarrhea all over.

  • Serving size of Mechan-x: 3 Capsules (Per day I’m guessing?)
    Servings per bottle: 30
    this is from the product label on your website
    So that means I would go through a bottle per month. At the current on sale price of buy 2 get 1 free that is $100 for a 3 month supply. (Normally $50 each) I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t justify $400 dollars a year on joint supplements. I’m sure these aren’t a permanent fix or aid to your joints for long after you stop using them so I would need to keep buying them if I continue to want the benefits that this supplement provides. I really wish the price was lower, I am a satisfied customer of the Inferno Max Size program on your website, and that is in part because I paid $100 dollars and I now have the benefit of that purchase for life.

  • Jeff, Hi re: Supplements. I am 40 next year, regularly use Creatine, Glutamine, and Whey Protein, and sometimes a Protein mixed with Creatine and BCAAs, have done for 10yrs  and drink 3ltrs of water daily. The question is two fold: should I have any down time off the supplements during the year. And for issues with my rotator cuff is there any additional supplements to use for healing such an injury (nearly back to best) Have taken on board you advice about not doing bar pull ups and more angled shoulder raises, ( which all has helped) keep up the good quality info on these. Appreciated. Alex PB

  • can you make a video on exterzises most effective for people that have asthma,,I’ve ask all the gurus but not one of them have had the guts to make a video, ty ��

  • L arginene is produced when you get older, if you are a young body builder, take advantage of supplements such as L argenine and citrulline to achieve stronger boners; 😉

  • I live near Nashville. This is at the Opryland hotel inside the atrium overlooking the Delta. Really neat place at Christmas time. Over 2 million lights and a carved Ice show with Ice slide! I was in there on lunch while this was going on. The vendor area required a media / exhibit pass. Didn’t see Jeff anywhere. Oh well worth a shot to say thanks for a great channel!

  • best dietary supplement for 2020

  • Great stuff always, Jeff. I always encourage my clients to read their food labels, and eat minimally processed food. I am curious about the contents and where the product is made.

  • This study suggests that taking 5-9 grams of arginine pre-workout attenuated growth hormone increases that occur naturally during a workout (from a 300-500% increase down to 200%). While taking it at another time increased resting growth hormone levels by 100%.

  • I got 20 inch arms and i been taking this stuff for a while. it does help, just y’all testing the wrong people lol This stuff also makes me horny every minutes.

  • You have some excellent vids Ron. I’m a fellow competitor, trainer and eat sleep it as well but we all learn from each other and I have learned a lot from your vids. Subscribed To you!!

  • Would it hurt to put the arginine in with my pre-workout given there weren’t any other amino acids in there? As for now I’ve been taking 15 minutes apart.

  • I do not agree with this video. I have type 2 diabetes and psoriatic arthritis. Since taking l arginine I have more energy and less pain. Have a calm feeling of well being as well

  • I supplemented with 3 grams daily. I certainly got alot stronger and gained size. It affected my guts aswell. Heart burn from hell

  • i’m a fan of your content, but come on, there are a few problems here

    zma is completely useless, unless you’re deficient in z or m in that case, you could eat certain foods or use specific supplements for your deficiency

    bcaa is just as useless, there is no need for branched-chain amino acids because it’s already included in your day-to-day consumption it’s quite comical, because you mentioned whey, a complete protein containing all EAAs

  • You do not need 1g per pound of bodyweight. There is no evidence supporting that. However if I were you, I would just take between 150 200 a day for good results.

  • So why is this guy so small if he’s taking all these useless pills & powders & bullshit? He weighs 140 pounds and can’t squat heavier than 135lbs. It’s almost as if all these useless fucking supplements aren’t doing anything? Hmmmm. ����

  • Hi Jeff! Just had rotator cuff surgery 4 weeks ago.. start pt on dec. 18th. The shoulder feels very weak right now. Which supplement if any at this point would you recommend? Also, do you have a workout specifically for injured shoulders I could check out?

  • Mmm I don’t agree with what his saying based on how arginine is used in the body and how it works well in conjunction with other supplementation of creatine and proteins. As it acts as a vasodilator it allows more blood flow to the muscles and what is carried in your blood? Nutrients lots and lots and there for allowing a greater absorption based on greater efficiently in delivery. Got to go in depth here before criticizing its use as a supplement.

  • I have been taking it and noticed a big difference. Clearer thinking. Body heals quicker I can take in more nutrients. Stopped ibs feel fuller for longer. Don’t believe these so called experts. I will continue to take L Arginine



  • Everyone should watch Sean Nalewanyj’s constructive critique of some of the advice that this guy gives…I bet that the advice this guy gives actually explains why his personal fitness trainer business didn’t work out…And yes, he is affiliated to companies selling bodybuilding food, so please take his advice with a pinch of salt as many of those products are, quite simply, a waste of your money. Gaetano

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome tips about how you can lost a ton of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it’s going to work for you too.

  • This is one of those stupid information videos without experience. I been using Larginine and I pump like a horse. And it’s not a placebo.. Knowledge without experience is dangerous. Try the stuff before listening to this guy.

  • Hi Ron, Merry Christmas to you and your family… I would appreciate if you advise me on the timing; when can I taking CLA, L-Carnitine, Whey protein and oatmeal pre-workout, as I experienced bloating when taking them together 45mins pre-workout. thank you and God bless you.

  • my neighbor used this>> Instant.Secured.Kim Best Weight loss pill to urge obviate the stored body fat that worked very great. I highly recommend it everybody who wants to reduce without side effects.

  • L ARGININE IS NOT SAFE! You will get varicose veins in your balls just like I did. Your body doesn’t need that much l arginine and it can enlarge your prostate along with other blood vessels causing great deals of troubles. Don’t listen to anyone they’re just trying to make money off you idiots!!’

  • u know how I know it works? some jacked dude at the gym told me so. so I went out and bought it today. Ima give it a go later on today

  • @MrEvilpanda69

    I assume you mean whey pro? And yeah it is, not like its dangerous or anything. I’d take arginine pre-workout, whey post-workout, and glutamine before bedtime though for optimal efficency. As for helping you, well, what do you wanna accomplish? Skateboarding can be great for stamina/cardio purpose, but hardly so for muscle building… Peace out.

  • Arginine is synthesized from citrulline in  the sequential action of the cytosolic enzymes  (ASS) and argininosuccinate  (ASL). In terms of energy, this is costly, as the synthesis of each molecule of argininosuccinate requires hydrolysis of (ATP) to (AMP), i.e., two ATP equivalents. In essence, taking an excess of arginine gives more energy by saving ATPs that can be used elsewhere. Just be careful of the balance of what you take.

  • hey alpha
    i wana lose weight and build muscles
    and alredy taking whey protein
    what els suplement you suggest any 2 or 3 of these 10
    and what all suplement you also take
    please let me know if possible

  • since supplements are the major part of someone’s workout or bodybuilding so taking authentic brand supplements is the major part. since I am from last 2 years in this fitness career so I have noticed that is one of the authentic supplements in cheap rates so I would recommend buying from there.

  • You might have covered it. But I’m looking into L-Citralin. Sorry I suck at spelling and spell check doesn’t know wtf I’m talking about.

  • PictureFit, can you please make a video on how to get the Creatine effect from food? like fenugreek and some other stuff? and also, how to get the same effects of Arginine from foods as well? that would be EPIC <3 thank you a lot for this nice video.

  • I’m a huge fan of the alpham videos. You have really helped me transform my body and mind. Thanks for all the time you put into these videos. I know YouTube isn’t easy. Keep up the great work man!

  • Hello there, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My mate says it helps people lost a ton of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed numerous good review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Can you do a new video on your protein and pre workout supplements? I see some of the ingredients have changed since your last video about them.

  • Nutrigo Lab Mass

    Nutrigo Lab Mass is a food supplement designed for professional athletes who want to effectively build muscle mass. Regular use of the supplement in conjunction with exercise and diet, allows you to get high-quality muscle mass, accelerate muscle growth and improve body efficiency, as well as increase strength.

    The effectiveness of the Nutrigo Lab Mass food supplement results from the ingredients used. This is, among others animal protein in the form of Isolac® isolate as well as Optipep® hydrolyzate. The effective formula allows you to build muscle tissue faster, accelerates the regeneration of muscle microdamages and replenishes the fuel supply, which is glycogen. Athletes who regularly use Nutrigo Lab Mass are able to do more reps, which translates into maximizing the effects of training. In addition, the food supplement facilitates the burning of unnecessary fat.

  • Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

    Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a food supplement used after training. Its task is to accelerate the process of muscle regeneration, replenish lost energy, as well as reduce pain associated with intense exercise.

    Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a food supplement dedicated to professional athletes who want to support the process of post-workout regeneration of the body. Due to a large dose of proteins, amino acids and casein, it reduces muscle pain and accelerates the process of building them. The product is very popular with professional athletes, regardless of the type of discipline they practice.

    Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a combination of high quality ingredients. The product includes Optipep® protein, characterized by high absorbability and PeptoPro® casein hydrolyzate.

  • Anybody tried the Penlargerem System (google it)? I’ve noticed several amazing things about this popular natural male enhancement.

  • I also noticed that my own workout has become much harder for me to do in terms of stamina…Im assuming this is because of the huge wieght gain…i was thinking about 1,3 Dime…but not sure…

  • L-Arginine can activate HSV-1 and HSV-2. I had the worst cold sore ever after taking a supplement with L-arginine. My penis grew about 1 inch but I ended up with the worst cold sore ever and that shit spreads around my face. Be careful with this stuff if you have HSV-1 and or HSV-2, it will fuck you up!!!

  • I know this video is super old. But I have a question, when should someone take there BCAA’s before working out or after your workout

  • 3:09 Multivitamins
    3:42 vitamin C 100
    4:05 Omega 3
    4:16 L-Arginine
    4:39 ZMA
    5:01 Quadracarn
    5:42 CLA
    6:21 WHEY protein
    7:03 GRIT Pre-workout
    7:38 JYM Post-workout

  • hi…fella…question…? can I mix my BCAA with my protein and creatine or mix BCAA with my creatine….and my protein alone….thx for all you advice and very good explicit comments greetings from san Francisco California…

  • I disagree. I think the most overlooked important supplement category is nootropics. get into the alpha gpc and piracetem guys and girls.

  • Hello guys this is Arun anzan…
    I am so weak so that’s why i am unable to find good job….and in my office so many people laugh on me..i want grow up my body…if any one have good idea then they can share me plz……..��

  • Arginine its good, but Creatin its not good, I dont,t now, maybe its depance person to person, but Creatin never helps me, Arginine YES!

  • Hi athleanx could you let me know about human growth hormone iv seen It In a few supplement bundles and I can’t get any real info from the Internet about it.

  • Hey Ron, Can you please do video on benefits,side-effects and dosage of Citrulline?
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone!

  • hat if there was a common spice you could add to your favorite morning beverage that would burn away an average of 1 POUND a day for 21 days without even exercising?.. > see more in here >

  • Hi Ron? Does the same goes on carnitine? meaning to get the most out of its fat burning ability
    should it be taken alone? Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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  • This was helpful. I had considered taking l-arginine to increase nitric oxide levels to help with cardio intensity. Your comments tell me that it would be non-productive to do so. Thanks for saving me the money.

  • hi guys! I cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t combine arginine with alcohol. heh heh maybe this is obvious. But i was visiting my sister and her fiancee in an east coast city and I was not working out, not pumping at all. I just was so dehydrated that i wasn’t myself. This could be that I didn’t have enough lysine too. LEARN from my mistake. Other than that, arginine is great

  • I swear to god, if I take a few caps of arganine just before a workout (typically chest or biceps/triceps) the pump is absolutely insane. Feels like my muscles are about to pop.

  • man this is complicated. i have been adding argenine to my post workout matrix which contains bcaa. the argenine tasyes SO terrible I would most likely puke it up if i jist drank it with water. man o man I have got to figire this out.

  • Creatine Muscle Builder CPA

    Professional athletes and bodybuilders turn to creatine supplements when they want to get the most out of their workout. They use creatine supplements for their ability to help support building of muscle tissue

  • jeff, i love your videos and your advice has allowed me to have some success in the gym. However, i have been looking for a pre workout Dimeth, and I found yours. yet I was disappointed to discover that it has an enormous amount of taurine in it! like drink 2-3 monster energy drinks.

  • so if I’m skinny and wanna grow muscle how do I do it without loosing my sixpack (all I know is it have to eat alot, but isn’t that a negative to achieve sixpack?)

  • This is how you would be a Fitness Entrepreneur. Expos/ tradeshows, youtube videos and high profile and low profile clientele keeps you away from a regular job this is the ‘Hustle’.

  • A healer told me to take 4 grams of l arginine for my asthma. Studies on pubmed say that arginine can make asthma worse, then there are studies that say arginine can improve asthma. I dont get it, someone has a tip for me?

    can either one of you recommend something safe that can possible help give me the edge im looking for either in form of better pumps or anything is out there in form of a stim?..slowly getting desperate…

  • I was taking Sheer No2 tablets within 2 months, I was working out and suddenly on my last rep I got a strong pain going up my neck up to my head causing a major headache/pain that lasted a while. The next day at gym, I did lower weights and same thing on my last reps I got that pain again causing me to stop. What do you recommend? should I stop taking the Sheer NO2?

  • Thanks for clearing up the disinformation on this scam. I was already considering cutting my pre-workout down to nothing but Beta-Alanine, but now it’s certain.

  • I used some l-arginine from GNC a few years back it sets take one to three pills orally per day I was taking two pills a day and after about a month I started to notice that I was getting new dark moles all over my body mainly where the main artery systems are on my extremities I immediately stop taking it and the moles stop appearing a couple of years later no new dark moles they are for the most part small but were never there until I took the L arginine

  • Very dangerous potential side effects taking high doses (30g) through of l-arginine. potential side effects include, hypotension with tachycardia, reduced peripheral arterial resistance and increased cardiac output.
    Taking this orally (either 3, 9, 21, 30g/day) also risks, nose bleeding, diarrhoea and nausea. those with diabetes or kidney failure should avoid this as studies have reported it can onset abnomral high blood levels of potassium and phosphate.

  • I’ve read a lot about its benefits for erectile health boosting circulation. L-arginine is one ingredient in Man1 Man Oil, which is applied directly to the penis. It’s also a great moisturizer!

  • At 3:30, you say that diabetics secrete arginase, which breaks down arginine. I’m a 58 year old insulin resistant dude. So: I just bought six bottles of L-Citrulline, which is an arginine precursor. Comment?

  • Would there be any benifit/negative from smearing it on the muscle groups your working, before working out? Gives crazy boners though


  • its so weird Arg is so popular and if it is not that effective why don’t the companies advertize citrulline which is more effective, wound that help them as well.

  • I am curious to know if you’ve run across nasal congestion as a side effect?  I had a HUGE problem with this and read that L-Arginine can clog nasal passages.  It was so bad that I even had to go to the clinic when my nose clogged up so bad that I couldn’t breath out of it.  Thank you in advance for your input.

  • If your low in Arginine witch I am,  would I take a nitric oxide to boost that,        or arginine or citulline on it’s own,,,,, Cheers 

  • i gotta say, used2watch all the time…then stopped…cuz i had an injury…stopped working out..put on about 20/30 pounds…im trying to workout again to my fullest…and saw this aakg online…picked some up…n as of right now…done nothing for me…it was around 17$ i think…it was a gamble with high review ratings….showed me..

  • How about explaining what happens when you take 5 grams three times a day? You give misleading information. I find people who don’t take the proper dose or read about people not taking the proper dose, always talk negatively about arginine. Just like you!!

  • By far my favorite informational videos on supplements. Never seen people who sell supplements for a living actually give real studied opinions on the stuff without just promoting the stuff to make a profit and sell their own product. Great videos, keep em comin!

  • can you please do a review to this product (BioTech USA Testabolic) or a review shows what a similar products like this has inside it because I really didn’t understand what is it..

  • Q1. My abs gets done after my first set of lower ab work, your ab workouts are impossible for me to finish. What do I do?
    Q2. Should I take my post workout after training just my abs?

  • This guys obviously doesn’t know all facts. A product called Amino Alliance comes in the right doses and proportions. Also arginine is a Essential Amino acid. Look at Louis Ignarro videos for proper explanation. But avoid the garbage Herbalife makes.

  • Over the last 6 months I’ve gone through 6 pounds of L-Arginine. The required dose is about 10g, and combined with BCAA powder on an empty stomach upon waking, plus caffeine and creatine, the results have been nothing short of surprising.

  • What is Erectodom Secrets? Does it work? I hear many people solve their erectile dysfunction problem with this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every single fat loss method that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to lose and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets because my mate who told me amazing things about it and so far to date I have successfully dropped 18 pounds in 3 weeks!

  • I take 4 grams 30 min before my workout and it makes me take a shit I feel like it gives me a pump I feel that it helps me get all the nutrients from my pre workout meal

  • Man, have you even tried Larginine??? The proper dosage is 5 grams in the morning, 5 grams 30mins before a workout & 5 grams before bedtime. Natural growth hormone is released when you take 5 grams at bedtime. Take this dosage & in 3 maybe 4 days & what happens, well you’ll KNOW it when it happens. It’s the arginine!!! Trust me on this one buddy. I dare ANYONE to try this dose & say it does nothing!!!

  • I`ve endured occasional bouts of insomnia my entire life, but for several reason about 5 years ago, it became serious. I can only sleep for Three hours in most nights and I can`t even sleep throughout the night sometimes. Then I found this plan of action “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it). The same day I got it I started to sleep better. In just a week I was sleeping 4-7 hours each night. It kept improving.

  • Thank Ron! Your info are helpful to me. I use to take1 scoop of 3g before gym! Should i do 2 scoop instead? Hope you answer! Thank again

  • I take 6g Arginine powder per day and that can be felt hitting home an hour after taking it, lightheaded and elevated breathing.

    With compound lifts like Squats and shoulder press you don’t get the same benefit as you do with isolation exercises like curls, dumbbell raises, etc.

    Cetruline is considered better because L-Arginine is converted into it, so the logic used is cut out the middle man.

    I also take 6g Cetruline powder a day.

    Taking them separately I feel and and see no difference, they smell, taste and feel the same. I have taken them together and it’s a bit much on the gut. So now I take one in the morning and the other an hour before a workout.

    For your vascularity and the massive pump associated with both Arginine and Cetruline, use 6g of powder and hour before doing bicep curls and do high volume. If your body handles 6g ok without urgent trips to the toilet, the next arm day have 8g of powder and do high volume. You will see a massive difference in vascularity and the pump. Again if your body can handle it ok, go to 10g of powder an hour before the the next arm workout.

    People without asthma have breathing difficulty with it, but not when exercising with it, only when no exercise is done. For this reason use the lower dose on off days and the higher dose when working out.

    I destroy my legs on Leg Day, I am sore as hell for days afterwards. With Arginine my soreness is halved.

    Every morning I wake with wood while on Arginine too, never when off it.

    Some people take the tablets and they are not going to work as well as the pure powder.

    The powder smells like man’s semen and the taste is as vile as people say… unless you don’t mind the taste of shrimp/prawn in your mouth after quickly swallowing it down.

    Here is the proof it works. It tastes bad, smells as bad as it can get for a hetro male, yet people keep taking it despite swearing and cursing every day before using it. If it didn’t work so well they wouldn’t do it. Remember too this stuff won a NOBEL PRIZE for a reason.

    The people taking the tablets to get away from the taste are paying 5x more and for less benefit… so people need to man up and just get on with taking the powder.

    I buy a kilo each of Arginine and Citruline and take them like a man. You don’t need Viagra after taking 6g-10g of these products.

  • You shouldn’t need a multivitamin. You should be eating a balanced diet that doesn’t require you to eat vitamin c or a multivitamin or omega 3. The only exception is when you are dieting heavily.

  • Synthetic Arginine supplements are extremely dangerous because they don’t create Nitric Oxide as promoted but Nitric Acid which is very destructive in the human body.
    This video missed that explanation. One Arginine study was stopped because instead of helping people sensitive to heart attacks it enhanced it because of that internal chemical reaction in the human body.
    L Arginine can only be safely absorbed as supplements thru food. 
    People need to understand that what is tested in a lab glass tube has nothing to do with the actual internal chemistry of the human body.

  • 20 years old, can I take this? I know the whole “you don’t need any supplements” I understand, I just want to know if it’s ok being on the younger side and taking this

  • Hey Ron. This video makes complete sense for lifting. However, the reason I take arginine is for increased blood and oxygen transport to muscles as I am a track athlete. Is it then just as beneficial to take it with my bcaas before my practice or competition?

  • I happen to speak with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym in Venice because he was sharing a product called Amino Alliance with a mutual friend. He explained that L-arginine by itself doesn’t do much. The Amino Alliance, he told us, uses a pyroglutamate veriety withy lysine and glutamine for proper absorbtion. The reason Arnold gets it is because of the scientist behind the product. Some European professor of organic chemistry. He said it is rare for any published scientist to be associated with any over the counter remedies and or supplemrnt. I ordered it and it make me sleep very deep and a little shorter. Also it gives me a huge pump and more “morning wood.” Any way, just wanted to share. I am NOT selling this.

  • hello ron, please suggest me at what time I consume larginine capsules for better results.I am not gym guy but I go for a running everyday.

  • Hey Ron, I have a 13 year old baseball athlete and GNC recommended a blend of Extend BCAAs with L-Arginine. One scoop each before lifting. In 4 months my son lost all his body fat. However your video says not to mix. After lifting he takes protein drink. What suggestions do you have for him?

  • I found this>> Go.Secured.Kim 100% natural weight loss pill that supports good and natural body functions… I can say this is often the all-time best weight loss pill I ever get. No side effect & I’m getting my desire result.

  • Can I mix L arginine with coffee as pre workout? I have been reading a lot lot that people drop dead doing that and I got confused cause it’s already there on commercial preworkout supplements,please help

  • have you heard of the one punch man’s workout 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats and a 10km run every day for three years. what would you think would happen if you did this

  • Hey Ron could you plz tell me when I should take arginine and when BCCA coz I m totally confused now m using both together within only 15 minuets gap..

  • Amazing advice mate, Ive been trying to figure this out for a while. I think it might be the same for glutamine too.

    Back when I could only afford arginine it seemed to work better and now you’ve solidified that in my mind it was only after I saved up and bought a whole array of supplements that I started to notice it wasn’t having the same effect and now I know why it wasn’t having it’s isolated effect on my body

    That stuff is like a drug taken on a empty stomach on its own

  • I’ve been using cloragenic acid, bh4, akg, vit c, and it helps blood flow a lot. I am waiting on some arg akg now.  People need to remember that a lot of the studies on strength/gains only look at short term effects and the things they look at may not even be indicative of the true benefits. thanks for the info.

  • Hi Ron and what about post workout shake? Is it better dont take? (couple hours after training is probably a little bit late) Thanx

  • Hey Jeff, I’m an 18 year old college student who’s been consistently working out for 6-7 weeks now (thanks to you), but being a college student I’m hesitant to spend a lot of money and I was just wondering is Mechan-X is required for an 18-year old beginner lifter. Is it a must for all ages or can I buy this when I’m a bit older?

  • TRY THIS it has helped many not only to lose weight but keep it off, hope it helps you and yours. GET YOURS TODAY! We offer 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • You mention baseball and drug free in same sentence, whoa. As we all know banned substances are huge problem in MLB. The penalties you get if you give positive test sample… oh please, you get banned for 100 games or so and they play 162 games in a season, thats a joke.
    Im just annoyed because you market your product to drug free youtube watchers, while telling us youre in MLB conference. The funny part: (at least) 25% of MLB players use banned substances…

  • 1. Lets say I eat eggs 1 hour before workout. Will the arginene mix with the protein in the food 1 hours later? 1 hours between protein meal and arginene?

  • Send us a message to our inbox w/ your name and address and we will send you some free samples to try so you don’t get stuck buying something you don’t want. Hope this helps.

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  • Wow Ron I’m glad you’re willing to offer up this information but don’t you find supplementation is also ( and maybe [email protected] barrier) about preference!? I just tried bcaa’s for the first time recently and I have avoided them for years because the marketing is so “Bodybuilding” oriented. Now that I’ve tried them I’m certain that I prefer good old fashioned Vitamin D softgels. Both of them assist in metabolic pathways but the Vitamins are so much cleaner and the dosages can be varied more successfully as opposed to being stuck with the same chemistry-or pre-packaged vitamins. Speaking of preference…You should do a video comparing L-Argininge to DHEA. And send it to Leroy Colbert while you’re at it!

  • I take arginine and ornithine combo capsule. I find best results and let the other supplement go. The other amino such as creatine and glutamine dontmuch for me but is great advice and when I’m able to take I will certainly try your method. Thanks

  • Guys. lost lots of weight does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some advice now. Get a popular diet plan program called Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). Thanks to it I have lost lots of weight. I shouldn’t even be speaking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth haha.

  • Wikipédia > “… arginine before exercise attenuates the GH response… GH production: Ex > Arg+Ex > Arg > placebo” suggesting against supplementing with arginine alone prior to exercise if the goal is to raise GH levels”.

  • There’s absolutely no supplement that can increase the testerone only thing that works is testerone injections and HGH injections which I prefer both and also estrogen blocker any supplement that claims that they can increase your to testerone like maca I could go on and on is bullshit you might as well believe in the Fairy Godmother

  • Hi Ron, thank you for answering this question that I have been waiting for so long.
    But if I have a meal 1 hr before my workout, then I have some protein inside my stomach.
    Then, 30min before my workout, I take the arginine alone. Will they overlap?
    I also take arginine 30 mins before I sleep, will this help me to release the NHGH?
    Once again, thank you for the educational contents.

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  • The person who made the video, not only is he basically wrong, but he’s not a fucking doctor and isn’t well educated on amino acids. L-Arginine gets you pumped up, improves circulation, and helps your sex life. Uneducated skeptics please Stfu and take it yourself, 500mg or in the morning or 1000mg before a workout. See the benefits for yourself.

  • What’s the negative effects of L-Arginie & Ornithine? Trying to learn as much as possible before taking. I read it can cause death.

  • Citruline does the same thing as arginine but works much more efficiently. Most of the arginine you ingest is wasted when being converted to nitric oxide

  • Apparently you haven’t tried 5 grams, 3 times a day. 5 g in the morning, 5 g 30mins before workout, and 5 g at bedtime.
    Do this everyday! On the 4th day, when you workout, what happens in the gym, you will know it’s the arginine!!

  • Don’t get mad at the video because you don’t agree with it, he is just the messenger. He listed his sources in the description and to my surprise his conclusions do have a solid foundation. However, even though L-Arginine may not directly improve performance (strength and growth) it still leads top vasodilation which results to a better pump.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Mechan-X joint supplements is a rip off (sorry Jeff) It is $50 for only 30 servings. The ingredients are Glucosomine, chondrotin, Hylacuraic acid, Boswellia, Treebine root. Most of this stuff is standard in joint supplements. Guys if you are going to put this much energy into working out, you better put the effort into your shopping. Buying a bunch of over priced supplements isn’t going to make you ripped. I don’t care what Jeff says.

  • Great job as usual, Jeff. Wondered if you could review a promising natural sleep medication that’s just hit markets recently (mid 2017ish). It’s Orb’s Sleep Complex. Delayed release dosages of natural medicines to help you sleep, then a boost of Vitamin B12 just before you wake up. All time released.

    As someone who’s struggled with insomnia for years, I’m definitely considering giving Orb’s Sleep Complex a try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts next time you cover pre-sleep routines, etc.

    You and Jesse are the men! Keep sharing the hard gainer gospel. Thanks.

  • I just want some information about arginine.recently I have bought scitec company’s product mega arginine.the daily recommended dosage written on the bottle is one capsule per day.But please tell me that how much capsules should I take per day because one capsule contains 1300 mg in it which I think is a very high dose.please help me to solve the problem.I’ll wait for your answer.Thanks

  • I can’t exactly agree with this guy. IMO experiences using the supplement I have found the prior to working out I was more focused and I didn’t tire nearly as easy. Also I felt I was able to push harder during workouts which made my results better for me. Also I felt much more aroused at home with my wife than before. I have always had a large libido but I could tell a major difference in that dept. as well. My suggestion to people is give it a try stay true to the supplement for 3-4 months track your progress and then see what you get. Everybody is different. It my work great for some and not for other it just depends.

  • damn it, I thought curcumin & fish oil controlled all my inflammation…. now I gotta get all this other stuff. Damn you tendonitis. Someone coach me not to use my left pec minor on pulling motions.
    I literally just looked up now-foods & all the separate items & I think Jeff’s price is still less expensive. mmmm supplements

  • dear williams. god bless you man.
    I have read that all the amino acids can cuase mutation. do you have any source that proof it is not right and safe to use?

  • I wonder how many person stop to think why would you make this video when there are so many other important videos that you could make who asked you if it work yes or no did the Food and Drugs administration pay you to lie to the public

  • I take 3,000 mgs of L-Arginine every day. L-Arginine is an amino acid that stimulates the production of nitric oxide and supports cardiovascular health.

  • hello love your video’s its help me out a lot im 62 years old been bodybuilding for years I notice lost muscle mass as I got older any suggestion how I can maintain my muscle supplements to help me as I get older thanks hope you have more video’s in the future

  • I use this, and have to say it works! I keep a pain in my front shoulder that keeps me from doing pressing movements. This stuff is awesome!

  • Also too much can trigger Bells Palsy and other types of herpes. There needs to be more Lysine than arginine. Every body is different, and if I eat too much arginine foods (nuts, gluten, etc) I have my bells palsy start again.

  • Im taking glutamine and arginine mixed with a suger free coolaid like drink.
    Im 20 years old almost 21 about 157lb 158lb 6’1 I know kinda skinny.
    Is it ok to mix with way pro.
    Also i like to skateboard because its a great way to work out. Would the arginine and glutamine even help me?

  • Hi Ron, It would be great to know if this was scientific data with references to studies or just an opinion? There is so much misinformation a person has to sift through on the internet.

  • Could you make a video about the minimum amount of exercise needed for optimal health? For example cardio every day vs 3 times a week and something similar for resistance training. Great content. Keep it up.