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Does food effect your mood?

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Food and Mood

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Get Out of a Bad Mood: How to Improve Your Mood in 60 Seconds

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Good Question: Can You Eat Your Way Into A Better Mood?

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Eating the Right Foods and Exercising Can Boost your Mood

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Why Some Foods Make You Depressed

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These include dark, leafy green vegetables like spinach and collard greens, as well as asparagus, broccoli, chickpeas and lentils. Also, take the time to. “There are studies that suggest that the antioxidant intake from the food we eat is linked to our mood. Coloured fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, plant fibres and flavonoids, and these help make you feel better,” says Pandey. Pandey recommends taking prebiotics that provide food for the probiotics (good bacteria) to work.

Just as eating junk can send your mood south, eating healthy can help you feel better. Here are six tips for eating your way to a positive outlook: 1. Eat balanced meals and snacks. You not only THINK you feel better after eating certain foods you actually DO feel better!

Your gut acts as a “second brain,” producing around 95% of the serotonin the body uses on a day-to-day basis. But, as you can imagine, coffee and comfort foods aren’t necessarily the best way to nourish your mental health. To feed your brain the right way, do the following Eat carbohydrates and proteins together. The best mood-food combinations are meals that are high in complex carbohydrates and low in protein.

Aim to get 40% of your daily calories from high-quality carbohydrates and 30% of your daily calories from protein. Dutch researchers have concluded that you can indeed eat your way to a better mood. It’s not how much you eat, and in some cases the secret is what you don’t eat. But if you are easily frustrated and stressed, you may be able to avoid these moods.

There are a couple of reasons why mushrooms help beat depression. First, they help lower blood sugar levels and stabilize your mood in the process. Second, mushrooms promote a healthier gut, and it is in the nerve cells in your gut that much of mood-enhancing serotonin is produced. Eat your way to a better mood YOU can keep your mood in check by the foods you eat.

The way to maintain a good mood and weight is to regulate your sugar levels to the brain by eating the right foods. By feeding the brain in slow doses of sugar this can keep you balanced and feeling good. “The Mediterranean diet and Asian diets would fit that healthier description,” says Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Eat Your Way to Happiness.

In other words, what experts have been telling us for years remains true: Eat lots of colorful veggies and fruits, lean protein, and whole grains, and very little processed and fatty foods. Studies run by the Food & Mood Centre found that eating a healthy diet can actually decrease symptoms of depression. However, it’s quite the viscous cycle!

Low mood = cravings for bad / convenient food choices.

List of related literature:

And when your mood is less erratic, you can more easily make sound, logical choices about food (and your life, for that matter!).

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
from Keto Quick Start: A Beginner’s Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes
by Diane Sanfilippo
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Not only do the questions lead me to a healthier diet, but they keep me in a better mood—when I eat unhealthy food over the course of a few days, I can become grumpy and pessimistic.

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
Gallery Books, 2010

And the more times we eat as a way of escaping our bad moods, the stronger the habit becomes.

“Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise” by Robert E. Thayer
from Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise
by Robert E. Thayer
Oxford University Press, 2003

I get into this mood where I don’t care what I am eating.

“50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers
from 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
by Susan Albers
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

I know by eating it won’t make me happier, but I keep trying all the same.

“Applied Psychology” by Graham C. Davey
from Applied Psychology
by Graham C. Davey
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Eating improves mood, but only temporarily.

“Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide” by Gillian Butler, Tony Hope, R. A. Hope
from Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide
by Gillian Butler, Tony Hope, R. A. Hope
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I try to eat better.

“Storied Health and Illness: Communicating Personal, Cultural, and Political Complexities” by Jill Yamasaki, Patricia Geist-Martin, Barbara F. Sharf
from Storied Health and Illness: Communicating Personal, Cultural, and Political Complexities
by Jill Yamasaki, Patricia Geist-Martin, Barbara F. Sharf
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I try to control myself, hut food is so soothing.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

To bring consciousness to your eating, you can learn to say, “I’m depressed now, but I’m hungry for lunch,” or “I’m really bummed about work, but I want some tomato juice.”

“The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You” by Karla McLaren
from The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You
by Karla McLaren
Sounds True, 2010

I enjoy what Gwyneth Paltrow says in her book It’s All Good: “Most importantly, no matter what you want or need to cut out, for whatever reason, mealtimes should always feel happy.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
from The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients
by Liana Werner-Gray
Hay House, 2014

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  • Having a healthy mental attitude to food and your body is one of THE almost important foundational steps to a happy and balanced life.

  • This moment when you eat healthy everyday but in the nights you are so depressed, thinking too much and crying. Then you grab chocolate and chips. Well healthy food can’t fix my depression I guess:)


  • For me foods like burgers, Hot dogs, sandwiches and other junk food makes me depressed but when I eat something healthy like a salad it makes me happy.

  • That diet just sounds like eating proper actual food. Throw in the occaisional sweet thing and I am all for it! I personally have found that eating loads of fruit and vegetables (while not changing anything else (this often includes eating unhealthy foods)) has made me feel physically better.

  • 100% Eating fat, real meat and a few veggies and I’m happy. Eat carbs and I get sad. Do i still eat carbs at times? YES, yes I do. Why? Oh that’s easy, I’m self destructive occasionally.

  • Don’t believe this crap. I have depression and eating candy and snacks makes me happy. I tried eating 100% healthy for 1 month and I felt more depressed. I’m normal weight so it doesn’t give me anxiety.

  • Why should you have to forgive yourself as something is happening TO YOU that you didn’t want or necessarily create in the first place? I believe this could do more harm to certain people because then they will have the guilt of feeling like what they went through was their fault next time…

  • Nigga is eat veggies and shit with fruit roasted shit and I still hate myself. I. Fucking healthy and sad.
    Oh.. right…. I don’t eat meat. FUCK.

  • How do you know if somebody is happy? Sometimes depression isn’t shown like an outfit or it’s hidden.. so therefore this experiment isn’t true

  • What they’re not doing is breaking down why. Sugars, especially processed sugars cause increases of dopamine in the brain very similar to that of cocaine and heroin. If a person becomes accustomed to consuming a lot of sugar that also means they become used to having unnaturally high levels of dopamine, when you have too much dopamine and can create more instantly on demand rather than working for it you will become depressed, and stressed. The things you used to easily enjoy, the hobbies you invested so much in, ect become bland as the sugar fueled dopamine rushes exceed everything else. Cutting out sugar will also come with withdrawal effect and in some if they consume a LOT of sugar can experience withdrawal effects similar to those cocaine…

    Sugar is the most addictive drug that nobody knows is a drug.

  • Study the effects of veg & fruit & not some loony vegan sites as there obviously mad (as they don’t see humans digestive systems are designed primarily for meat not veg) & you’ll find meat like beef is the main food you need to lose weight & cheer up & boost energy massively.
    Greens are chemically fighting us it’s the plants defence & most cancel out other nutrients..but raise the meat in your diet a lot & you’ll see massive changes fast.
    We don’t have a gorillas colon or a cows 4 stomachs were not very suited to veggie diets but we have evolved to be omnivores as meat is not always available..but our digestive system like a cat is very designed for meat.greens don’t give you the energy you meat & veg more for yourself & if you don’t want to eat animals eat a vegan as there very low intelligence creatures they won’t suffer.

  • It can beat depression, Sure. But it doesn’t sound healthy at all. Including Soda, Red Meat into diet, not to mention beer! Drunk person can be happy, sure. But is drinking healthy? I am not discrediting this study but the sample size is too small and they have only consumed one diet (modimed diet), please add more subjected later with various different kinds of diet.

  • You need to explain that yes our diets help people with depression but just eating diffent foods doesn’t fix everything and they still can be depressed

  • food used to make me feel better (i’d eat out of stress, frustration, sadness, etc) but then i started feeling guilty and ashamed lmao so im like this now

  • the two sodas and two beers thing doesn’t mean that they should or could do it every day or every week, that was the MAXIMUM. So if they go for drinks on Saturday they can only have 2 beers and that it’s all, and if they don’t drink at all the rest of the week it’s fine, doesn’t mean they HAVE TO

  • Hey guys, can you check my video Food For Thought out

    I’m trying to explain how mental health is a vital issue that needs to be resolved and accommodated to immediately otherwise it will progressively become worse. My belief is that this issue will continue to rise whilst individuals continue to consume unhealthy food, at the level that is occurring currently.

    Foods that can provide your body with the materials required to increase GABA levels within your body could be used to combat this. However, in my video I must highlight that I am not solely explaining that it is just GABA, but that GABA is one of many neurotransmitters that is involved as well as it’s synergistic workings with glutamate.

  • Eating makes me depressed.
    Whenever I eat, I feel like I’m hurting someone or disappointing somebody.
    I cry after I ate, and I hurt myself.

  • This isn’t necessarily wrong or right, its correct for some people who are less healthy but I eat relatively healthy and I have been for years because of my depression, yet it hasn’t made it better. Even when I was first diagnosed with depression, I was a very healthy person, it always depends on the person. You can’t always beat depression from changing simple things, sometimes its just too complex and you have to figure out what you need to repair in your own mind, which aren’t always related to how others are.

  • low fat, low sodium, ect. can cause you to be depressed and unhealthy. if you don’t want the fat don’t eat the item at all because chances are the fat is there to help you break down what your eating. just eat as less processed foods and make better choices and avoid low anything. that and cut sugar intake because sugar can make you moody and depressed.

  • I always feel like crying when I eat. I’m a skinny woman so I was always told to eat more and that I don’t eat enough. They expect me to have this huge appetite and I don’t so when I don’t eat it all it makes me feel unaccomplished and confused

  • Thank you sir… I’m accidentally here but it helps me out….I am depressed from a long time and even medicine doesn’t work for me.. thank you so much ❤️

  • Thank you!! I was in a funk for no reason and this did help! I’m so excited I found this quick awesome tip, I’m reading your book the universe has your back and I’m loving it.

  • I was in a life/death situation
    I was trying to change lanes in the high-way. I was waiting for that person to pass me. The moment he passed while switching lanes he made a hard break where i ALMOST crashed into him. He was driving 110-120 km but when i changed the lane he reduced his speed to 85-90
    I was extremly mad because no one was infront him, which means he had no reason to break that hard. Plus he could’ve cause multiple car crashes because of how many people was behind me.

  • Brought tears to my eyes. I already feel the weight lift off of my chest. Thank you for this. I am ready to forgive myself, move out of this funk, and into a lighter mood. Namaste.

  • Forgiving myself or saying I am willing to forgive myself is by far the best method I have ever seen that allows me to control my mood and make me feel happy again. It even gets my emotions running high and the tears moving. Thank you. X.

  • For anyone else who got triggered and this video frustrated them and didn’t work. ( It’s A good video and good advice for most but not all) here’s the video that calmed me down

  • I get in a bad mood when I drive by big houses in my squeaky old car on my way to my crappy apartment. I forgive myself for trusting my ex husband.

  • I got scolded really badly in class today can you do a videl on this and tell students how to get off a bad mood which is quite depressing

  • I do this all the time! I always ask for God, the universe for forgiveness and my mood changes in an instant. I sometimes do feel guilty when I yell at my parents:(

  • This helped a lot… I was losing my mind trying to stop caring about someone else’s apparent rudeness and childlikeness, because rationally, that’s on them, right? “Why does it annoy me, am I insane? Other people think they’re nice, is it actually me? Why don’t I like them? This is such a waste of energy what’s wrong with me!”, and on and on and on. Then I watched this and I breathed, and finally it was a normal, satisfying breath. Thank you for making me realize where the issue really was ♥️ Just needed to actually believe that I didn’t do wrong or meant to do wrong, and forgive (myself)

  • Thank you so much this was so helpful!! My mood changed wright after I fogave myself for the way I was feeling! Thank you so much ��❤️

  • Depression had made me stop eating instead of eating more. I ended up losing over 25 pounds in the course of 3 months and had severe dehydration.

  • Gabrielle Bernstein is the best channel for mindset videos and teaching us how to be the best version of ourselves possible ���� I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this �� Come and check it out and I will always follow back ��

  • 0:44

    I burst into tears!!!!!

    I am SO HARD ON MYSELF. As inI would never treat another human being the way I treat myself. I need to stop obsessing on why I think I failed just because I haven’t completed everything on my to-do list for that day. I put way too many expectations on myself that I would never put on others.

    Never thought of it this way.

    Thank you. You got a new subscriber in less than 1 minute. ❤️

  • I am an empath. When I am in a very bad mood I find myself crying for the emotional pain experienced by random people i see everyday, I try find out the cause of the pain and the solution to the problem. Sometime I am incapable of doing anything that would help them, I don’t know who to forgive in such cases.

  • This amazingly works! My every day revolves around my affiliate marketing business and having bad mood is something that is unavoidable. I tried this and it really works! From that moment on, I do this to improve my mood every day. Thanks a lot, Gabrielle! ��

  • Good tool… another… “… quickly go and give some pleasure to someone lowly or sorrowful, or to a guilty or innocent sufferer! Sacrifice yourself, your talent, your time, your rest to another, to one who has to bear a heavier load than you and your unhappy mood will dissolve.” Baha’i Faith

  • This really really really works for me ������������ believe me I just tried this. �������� I feel so satisfied and happy. Thank you so so so so much ����������. I’ll do forever. ������

  • Thank you Gabby. I needed just this. And as I needed it appeared. I don’t know how I found you, why, or where this is going but you are an amazing addition to my life!

  • Very deep trick Thanks.
    You might like similar type of video. Check out.
    How to get out of bad mood. How to fix mood, Happiness is FREE.

  • I literally just had a negative thought with someone and started scrolling through YouTube to find something good to listen to…. I saw this video and said “ nah, that’s not for me… “ and that inner voice said “ oh yes it is!” And we went back and forth for like a min until I decided yes I’m gonna watch this. And BAM that negative thought I had came back and I forgave myself and sent love to that person. Isn’t that crazy how I almost skipped this video when clearly I needed it!!!!! Lol thank you Gabby ❤️����

  • Yes, forgiveness is very important to change your mood. If you want to find a scientifically proven instant mood changer or rather mood booster check this out

  • I started watching this video being really pissed off… Now I just want to punch you in the face. I’m angry at someone else… Why the fuck should I forgive myself???

  • Wow I’m surprised how many rude comments there are on this post?! It’s unfortunate that they feel they need to bring others down to their level. It shows how much they really hurt on a day to day basis.

  • Forgive is perfect now 0:52 to begin my ritual that I stop running on the hamster wheel in constant thoughts of predictable outcomes and willfully begin living from a deeper sense of being.

  • I lost all of my friends, my boyfriend broke up with me, and I got an F on my report card and now I’m grounded. TODAY. (Bty my relationship lasted for a year)

  • i forgive myself for having a bad mood?, myself is not reponsible for the bad mood, myself is all the experiences that lead to have a bad mood, this is not helping.

  • I always wondered why my mood changed from not very good to great. I know now. Subconsciously I was forgiving myself. I didn’t know until I watched this. It all makes sense. I will be more mindful about forgiving myself and do it with intention. Thank you Gabrielle! I am subscribing for sure, as there is so much stinkin’ truth in what you say.

  • This vlog is so timely. Was in a difficult situation just now. Had to do some banking errands. The bank near my place said their machine is out of order, so I had to drive like another 10-15 minutes to their next branch. Again, they said it was out of order. I just wanted to just throw the documents down to the floor….then i realise, “I should not be getting in a bad moon. Ok…I may not complete it today, but it is not going to be the end of the world. Everything’s still gonna be fine…” Walked out of the bank, had lunch and now i am home, watching your Vlog. #zen

  • this video really hits home for me. i found though, that I struggle with feeling like I am worthy of forgiving myself. any suggestions for that?

  • I love that! Very beautiful I will put this into practice! I am actually in a fantastic mood right now…but I will put this in my back pocket. Its true that when we get down or say something nasty it is because we feel sad or uncomfortable…Even when we direct it at someone else. It is us who needs to be taken care of in that moment. Keep being so wonderful! Thanks for all that you do! XoOX love within, love around. -ENB