Are these 7 Well Balanced Meals As Healthy While You Think


7 Everyday Foods That Are Not As Healthy As You Think

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7 Everyday Things You THINK Are “Healthy”… WRONG!

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7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat If You Have Arthritis (R.A)/Fibromyalgia REAL Patient

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Turns out that what’s “healthy” is not a cut-and-dry answer; there was plenty of debate over what’s “good for you” and what’s not. Here are the top seven foods that nutritionists and the public can’t seem to agree on — and why we think the gap exists: Foods the Public Considers ‘Healthy’ (But Not Nutritionists) 1. The 7 ‘healthy’ foods that aren’t as healthy as you think Trying to eat heathily is like walking through a minefield made of flavoured rice cakes Mollie Goodfellow. WATCH: 7 foods that aren’t as healthy as you think. CHOCOLATE-HAZELNUT SPREAD.

Increasingly popular as a peanut butter replacement in a sandwich, as a dip, and other. You can buck the trend. Here are 5 foods to consider adding back to your diet. Eggs. Old thinking: Eggs will raise cholesterol and your chances of developing heart disease.

7 Worst Healthy Foods You’re Eating, According to a Dietitian. If you can think of these foods as what they really are, you can make a point to savor one of them specificall. Seven Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t, According to Melanie Warner.

1. Breakfast cereal. These foods are healthier than you think. Food Network identifies the stealthy benefits of foods, including avocados and spaghetti and meatballs.

30 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think There’s so much emphasis on healthy foods that it can be incredibly stressful to eat right if you don’t know what’s actually good for your body. There have been several instances where foods are considered “good for you. One cup of this trending “healthy” grain fills you up with more than 200 calories, putting it on par with brown rice. So, be sure to watch the measurement cup if you are cooking quinoa at home.

7. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re being fooled! That’s right, there are plenty of foods on supermarket shelves that you might think are good for you, but they’re just junk foods in disguise, easily earning the title of unhealthiest “healthy” foods..

Here, we rounded up some of the biggest culprits so you can avoid buying any of the unhealthiest “healthy” foods next time you.

List of related literature:

None of these could remotely be called healthy.

“The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners” by Bruce Fife
from The Stevia Deception: The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Sweeteners
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

They may not be totally healthy, but they certainly are well.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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But these aren’t healthy, because the per—

“Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body” by Sarah O'Leary Burningham, Alli Arnold
from Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body
by Sarah O’Leary Burningham, Alli Arnold
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For the most part, a diet consisting of these foods is healthy.

“The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health” by Steven Lin
from The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health
by Steven Lin
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They are certainly not unhealthy—but for the several reasons we’ve outlined, they’re not the most healthy of your healthy choices.

“It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
from It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
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All good are healthy.

“IBPS PO 2020 | Complete Kit | 20 Mock Tests for Prelims & Mains + Sectional Tests” by Rohit Manglik
from IBPS PO 2020 | Complete Kit | 20 Mock Tests for Prelims & Mains + Sectional Tests
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All are healthy.

“The American Directory of Writer's Guidelines: More Than 1,600 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers” by Stephen Blake Mettee, Michelle Doland, Doris Hall
from The American Directory of Writer’s Guidelines: More Than 1,600 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers
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But not all of these choices are healthy.

“American Medical Association Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen” by American Medical Association, Amy B. Middleman, Kate Gruenwald Pfeifer
from American Medical Association Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Teen
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All very healthy.

“Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master” by Victor Sperandeo, T. Sullivan Brown
from Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master
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Can’t be completely nutritionally balanced without some fresh foods.

“Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way” by Steve Brown
from Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way
by Steve Brown
Dogwise Publishing, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Fruit? Nope. lots of whole fruit are loaded with carbsyou want berries, avocados. No bananas, pineapple, etc. She said educate yourself do that!

  • I was on the keto diet for 10 days. I lost 4.5kgs but then got sidetracked. HUGE mistake, I woke up the next day with a shocking headache, my psoriasis was back with a vengeance and the pain going to sit on the loo was soooo bad.
    Not gonna lie, I’ll miss normal desserts, but they’re just not worth it.

  • What is your opinion on protein powders which usually contain artificial sweeteners? If I have 2 scoops of MusclePharm protein powder a day for example, would that be a problem?

  • Awesome video. Am i the only one who could not count 7 food though? i mean i got: 1. Potato 2. Pasta 3. Rice! 4. Dairy 5. Processed foofd? 6. Sugar…. is the 7th oil?…. also take a look at another video which summerizes studies from published articles here:

  • In what world does fruit make you gain weight alone? Stay in the defecit and the weight will keep coming off. Not to mention the great source of vitamins in them. I understand the point about the banana because they’re calorie dense, but to offer an avocado (which is even MORE calorie dense) as an alternative when dieting shocked me.

  • I went to see Dr Adamo who wrote the book “Eat right for your blood type” Way before my appointment I took both the 23andme and Ancestry test. His team studied my test results along with my blood work then they gave me my personalized health book. To my surprise one of the things it Said was I susceptible to get arthritis. I found it very strange because no one in my family has ever had arthritis. It also gave me an extensive list on what I can and cannot eat. Interestingly on the list was everything this woman mentioned and more! It also gave me a personalized app I can use when shopping. It’s very difficult to give up on what you’ve been eating your whole life. I tried to stick with the program but I was not faithful to it. Just recently I started to develop some arthritis symptoms. And what seems like overnight two of my fingers have become deformed. It’s quite alarming how quickly this disease can progress. I’m still going through the changes. Some good days some bad days.

  • I know I’ve left a comment in the past however, I feel the need to leave an additional comment. Especially after having surgery and going through recovery for arthritis related surgery. Wait for it….this is HUGE…..LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR…….QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!…..I smoked before surgery(agonizing pain), have been smoking off and on after surgery(pain varies depending on how much i smoke). What I learned is this…smoking makes existing pain much much much worse it’s not just about healing. I’ve been nothing more than “crampy” and in the span of a cigarette become agonized in pain. I know it’s easier said than done. But keep a pain journal, learn your body intimately, pay attention! I can guarantee you absolutely WILL feel so much better if you QUIT SMOKING!!!!

  • Bad advice on coconut oil.Coconut oil has 85% Fully saturated fatty chains and 15% Medium chain triglycerides.85% saturated fats is like beef fats,I am auto immune and the day I started to use coconut oil I had inflammation in my hand,swelling and pain.Same with beef,I actually defat ground beef by boiling in a carafe and putting it in the fridge overnight.Morning skim the fat layer and dump it in the organic waste.So forget about coconut oil unless you can distill the 15% Medium triglycerides and use them in your cooking.

  • Grains (None or 1/2 cup week)
    Rice, rice flour
    No dairy
    Don’t use processed foods
    Add in good fats
    Chemical free better

  • Ohhh myyy. I can’t quit cheese. I can reduce it. But, vegan cheese is so gross. That’s why I’m not vegan. Quitting meat was easy. Quitting sugar is the hardest because it’s in everything!!!

  • I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I need a total knee replacement for right knee & two hip replacements. Sooo much pain. I am going to try this, I’ll try anything if it helps. God bless you all.

  • Shot Me Now! Whats the point on living, if you can’t eat! Things you need.
    My 96 yr old mother always said. EVERYTHING In Moderation!;-))Peace

  • Honey corn is grains And extremely inflammatory. Also even natural sugars and fruit are extremely inflammatory with a high glycemic index which is terrible for RA. You need to update this video.

  • I landed onto this video because I was searching for hand and foot pain related to food. I slid off Keto and started taking lots of Carbs, the effect was that my hands started hurting at night, ache, burn, stiffen, the veins around my hands bulged. The last week I went back to Keto and now the pains are gone.

  • She’s so well spoken!!! Wow what must be her profession?
    Thank u for this vdo…
    n all the ppl complaining go eat shit arrogant idiots!!!

  • Why must we have to listen to a long winded talk, just tell the 7 foods. We don’t care where you went to school, etc. I don’t have that much time to waste.

  • DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CLEAN FOOD CRUSH! She is selling a bundle for $37 and when you go to the courses you “think” you bought, it’s a bunch of links to “buy” those courses!!! I’ve turned her in for this to the BBB and paypal. I just wanted to make sure Bob & Brad know and everyone else.

  • If you do not eat organic it is sprayed. I do not crave at night anymore. Oh and no more high blood pressure.
    Let your food be your medicine said the father of medicine. By the way because I am doing this and not dieting I am slowly losing weight and keeping it off and eating great tasting healthy food.
    Dieticians know nothing about real organic healthy foods. I eat when ever I want and do not gain weight.
    I do not ever want to go back to feeling sick again. I do not miss eating out. I have become a great chef.
    My husband who had a heart attack and a pace maker put in and had throat cancer and had his voice box removed has not got sick from pandemic oh and he is 73.
    So you tell me why people are dying, I will tell you. The food and fake vitamins they injest everyday along will all the processed foods.
    Eating out, foods cooked in bad artery blocking oils.
    Oh and we eat lots of potatoes without peelings. And learning to make great homemade salad dressings and mayonnaise.

  • I try so so much to stay at 50g max of Carbs and even if I do full body workout during the fasted state, it makes me feel guilty, but as u said in your last vid, don’t be guilty
    But I must let u one thing…..
    I can’t seem to hate Oreos no matter how bad it is, just love eating Oreos

  • Sorry but where is the research showing a proper double blind study? Yes, food sensitivities can make RA symotoms much worse, but not everyone has the same sensitivities. I also have RA and also can’t consume dairy. Potatoes don’t bother me at all, nor does gluten. Other triggers can be alcohol, sugar and meat. Sorry also but honey and maple syrup is sugar too and best minimized. I eat a whole food plant based (vegan) diet and do great on it. Other helps are daily exercise and keeping your weight DOWN, not just normal but at the low end of normal. Sew your mouth shut. If you overfeed yourself, your body will use the extra energy to attack itself. I’m 5’7″ and if I stay at or below #125 I do not have flares.

  • Question (sorry if this sounds dumb) but I’ve been doing IF & loving it! I usually do 16-8 and sometimes 18-6 (whatever fits my schedule)… once or twice a month I go out and socially drink after my “feeding time”… what is the best option to recover from this with IF? Should I start my fasting state as soon as I finish drinking or just eat at my normal feeding time and not worry about it? Is it OK to mess up sometimes? Lol I’m a perfectionist so I really take it hard when I mess up. Thanks in advance!

  • Look into cyclical fasting. Works wonders. And less expensive than every alternative. Generally, we should be eating in a narrow window. Three meals a day is unhealthy. I usually go with eating in a 6 hour window, because that’s my metabolism. People on OMAD who are geared for it show remarkable results.

  • Coconut oil is not heart healthy.!..nuts only eat SIX per day and Soak them first. no snacking!….WINE, IMMUNE DISRUPTER…almond flour not healthy…. eat organic grapes great frozen..Eat Real organic Sour dough bread, it’s fermented, predigested…Walk 5 days per week, yes Really at least 1/2 hour per day…3 oz lean protien per meal for women 4 to 5 oz for men…steamed organic veggies., easy on digestive system…Pasture Eggs only, read up why chickens should NOT be eating only a vegetarian diet, unhealthy, makes sick chickens they must eat Bugs too for protien!
    Every week eat Wild Planet Sardines and Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon…veggies and berries thin blood and are Anti inflammatory, they cleanse the body…im lazy so every other day I drink cp Organic blueberries, 1cp Organic Spinach, and 1 banana with 1/4 co filtered h20 smoothie..easy peasy…drink this by itself wait at least 2hr before eating… more fruits and vegetables you eat the less water you need to drink. Organic Oatmeal, yes, heart healthy…right now I am eating 2 organic celery, 1 organic carrot, and half organic green apple, lots of enzymes! STOP eating so much, stored fat, stores a lot of garbage in your body that makes you SICK.

  • I like the way these videos are made, silly and informative, but always energetic. I subbed the first video I saw, I appreciate your tips!

  • Can’t listen to all this waffle I’m sorry not being rude. Just when you’re in so much pain & so desperate I want to cut to the chase with facts first without waffle.

  • Sound very poor…. Please check before releasing to the public.. The information you put out should be of good quality. Having guests give valuable advice and your quality is bad…

  • As we age our bodies react differently to food. Don’t follow another person’s dietary restrictions, just reduce what foods are your own bloating or pain triggers. Be aware of what troubled (or what helped) your parents, if possible… Because our family often predicts things like lactose intolerance or Irritable bowel syndrome. Those are inflammatory in nature & can progress to systemic rheumatoid arthritis. God bless.

  • Hi Carlo! Are instant black coffees high in net carbs? When I read the nutritional label the value goes as high as 72g of carbs per 100g! But everywhere on google says coffee has zero to no carbs I’m so confused.

  • Frequent snacking interferes with the migrating motor complex in the gut-having 4 hours between meals allows the gut to clean out and avoid SIBO.

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  • Yeah but who knows if the added plastic from the filter is worse than the stuff it filtered out. Plus some minerals in well water are good for you

  • She mentions she’s no expert. But, becoming an expert in her own body is what she’s trying to tell us. By experimenting, “safely” Is what gets you a better lifestyle sleep

  • Thank you, I followed what the lady said, it worked for me, I was diagnosed with RA 6 weeks ago, it was very hard, we had the lock down, and no GP was seeing me, and I didn’t know, how to handle RA, I was thinking of ending my life, I was in a very dark place…
    But, I have always been a big fan of your site, and this video popped up, a game changer for me.
    Thank you very much doctors and this wonderful lady.

  • Foods attack me like 1 candy bar in a year…and red sauce. Attacks me like no other. How long does it take to those foods to leave the body and blood

  • And I have to eat a certain amount of greens which takes away the pain in my legs. I have what is called a double whammy fibromyalgia the joints hurt in my legs and also the outer surface of my legs is very tender and nobody can grab my knee or grab my thigh without me screaming. Lol.

  • You are such an ignorant. The fact that fruit has sugar and might make you gain weight does not mean it’s unhealthy. Health is not only about weight. The vitamins in fruits are key to a balanced diet.

  • I did keto and I literally had to stop because my body started feeling numb and I couldn’t control my muscles because the diet was so strict that it caused me to get what I believe was a vitamin deficiency

  • Just buy a good scale and don’t cheat yourself. Stay in a calorie defecit and do steady state cardio it’s that simple. Don’t eat garbage foods.

  • Keto diet is helping me greatly. Not perfect by any means, but it’s cutting out the sugar that’s been very helpful. Wish she would have continued talking about what cheeses she found good.

  • Sorry, but people who are clearly obese definitely shouldn’t be giving diet advice! The very first thing ANYONE with RA should do is lose weight! Diet can help your arthritis but not cure it. I have gotten out of my wheelchair through the use of a correct diet. I eat only meat and cooked vegetables! So I am zero carbs and zero inflammatory foods!

  • I am a lucky guy… Able to dring sweet groundwater��… When I went to malaysia, I didn’t even want to drink water… Love from India��

  • Can someone help me please my language not much. What is the 7 foods that I have to avoid them?
    She said potato, sugar what else?

  • So entertaining you get your points through. If my teachers back in the school days were like this I might of been a straight A student. Funny spitting out the water. Lol

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve felt with fibro for years, disc disease and am having more arthritis symptoms. I’ve always considered becoming lactose intolerant a blessing in disguise. I really am motivated to eat what makes me feel good!

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  • Meat and dairy is carcinogenic, disastrous for the planet…not to mention cruel as fuck and makes monsters of us all….the vegans have been right all along. Plant based for the win ��

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  • My pain is so bad that it has totally stopped my life I dont even bath anymore my pain is so bad its so horrible Ive had it since I was a little girl then it got worse around 8th grade I went without wearing a bra a lot and not to long ago see Im 44 maybe afew years ago the pain management I was going to for arhritis that was all through my right side they could see arhtirtis all through my body but exrayed and x rayed for decades and then finally they see 3 bone spurs in one spot the same spot I pointed out to m general doctor and said It feels like a bone spur right on my spine the doctors said to me at the pain clinic about 3 days after the result at my general doctor that said Nope nothing there the pain management said yes something there 3 bone spurs in that one spot and bulging disks eveyrhting but they said I was born with it it happened like I inherited it or developted it in the womb, I hate life it sucks the doctors give me oxycotin instead of the liter pills the oxycotin I dont knowIM SICK OF IT 15 millligrans twice a day and 4 loratabs I hate it

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  • I love u so much, I watch ur videos n start intermittent fasting n then boom, I mess up and everything goes to vain. Now I ve learnt to still keep going even if i f.. up. Thank u

  • Great video. Can you comment on Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Unfolded Protein Response in regards to Dynamics and Metabolic Integration?

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  • Hi, I m your new subscriber. Would like to know that is this kind of channels can be monitized? U know, showing no face, delivering no speech type vdo contain channels can eligible for monitization? If anybody know the right answer, request to reply.. my problem is: I m well aware in my field, would like to make videos, but I do not have good speech delivery quality..

  • Bro your content is amazing please could you tell peanut butter can be taken on keto diet and is it healthy as it has no carbs and very less sugar

  • Make sure you eat the whole apple with its core and seeds to get all of the benefits of the apple…. the seeds has more b 17 in them and that’s what the body needs… don’t consume the stem from the apple…. so if you put the apple in your smoothies…. add the whole apple plus the seeds.

  • This is where I get confused. On one hand. I read that milk is bad for you, then I read something else that says milk is healthy. Then I read something that says milk is only bad if you drink too much of it. I don’t know what to believe.

  • 7 WORST “HEALTHY” FOODS THAT AREN’T ACTUALLY HEALTHY (You’re Probably Eating Them!). Let me know your thoughts below!
    ➡ FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the Lean Body Blueprint here:

  • You are a genius. You’re the only one that gives real advice. No one ever talks about these facts. I’ve learned a lot from you and I really deeply appreciate it.

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  • I usually have a banana with six scrambled eggs and a cup of herbal tea… sometimes I replace the banana with a handful of grapes or honeydew melons. What would you suggest I eat my eggs with instead? Ps. I just finished the one meal a day for seven days! I went from 191lbs to 187lbs. Thank you,

  • I don’t live in the US but I did the same thing and installed a full blown water filtration system and the water tastes so much different

  • Awesome information I like you because you straight to the point that’s the way I believe straight to the point have a blessed day

  • wait, so if my aim is not weight loss, and i eat fruits regularly its gonna cause insulin resistance thats gonna cause me to get diabetes or a heart attack??

  • I see this as keto dieting, because all that u have mentioned are out of the keto dieting. I think some fruits can be eating but in moderation. Woow.

  • I always get labeled as a “vegan” which I hate cause I rarely eat meat or anything w eyes then I’ll explain I eat mostly a whole food plant based diet which most ppl don’t understand so to clarify I eat a clean whole food plant based diet no processed fast food n everything I eat I prepare from scratch meat is ok on occasion. That’s my story boom!

  • Can you give an example on the appropriate amount of fruit to eat in a day. I eat 1 banana and half a cup of blueberries. Is that a high amount of fruit?

  • 1. Natural protein bars
    2. Flavored Greek Yogurt
    3. Bananas or Fruits
    4. Dried Fruit
    5. Vegetable Chips
    6. Low Calorie Ice Cream
    7. Any food with added Protein to it

  • Sorry but there is nothing wrong with whole milk if you live in a country (like Ireland) where there is no growth hormones used in any home grown meat.

  • I’m down 43lbs in four months and cutting out bananas was a big one. It wasn’t until I started counting calories that I realised how many calories are in a decent sized banana. Also, I think cutting out processed sugar makes really sweet fruit like bananas almost unbearable, at least to my palette. Love your energy! ��

  • Good points overall. The only thing is about Bananas. Yes, a YELLOW banana is very high in sugar (for a fruit). GREEN bananas are not and can help with weight loss. A green banana has about only 8% the amount of sugar as a fully ripened yellow banana. As a matter of fact, the overall positive properties of the fruit change significantly between the two as it ages: Green bananas have a high resistant starch content and a low sugar content. So those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes are better off eating a green banana than a yellow one. Unripe bananas have a probiotic bacteria that helps with good colon health. Green, unripe bananas also help you absorb nutrients, like calcium, better than ripe bananas can. Yellow, ripe bananas are easier to digest because the resistant starch changed to a simple sugar. Bananas also obtain higher levels of antioxidants as they ripen. Fully ripened bananas produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). This gives ripe bananas anti-cancer qualities as they combat abnormal cells in your body. With more age and dark patches, the banana has a higher immunity enhancement quality.

  • I know a guy that actually ate subway 6 times a week and after a year he lost penalty of weight but also got kidney stones really bad

  • New Subscriber,What’s up Carlo?I love ur channel Bro and all ur content…im stealing all ur knowledge to help my family and friends to lose weight Bro,Sorry man!.ur a straight shooter;easy simple to understand.My story is about 16 months ago I was 220lbs 5’11” my Dr.says i was border line obese inflation all over my body feeling like shit and follow the RDA eating pyramid (B.S) this shit will u make fat….fast forward i started KETO,then IF 16/8 and now i switch to Warrior and OMAD, man i feel GREAT…Im 48 yrs young and @175lbs..inflammation went away for good as well.I workout 5 days a week and i’m more shredded now than in my younger days….anyway back to ur content BANANAS.I always thought the healthiest snack growing….boy i was wrong i use to smash it up and feed my babies. man i feel sooooo bad i apologized to them (lol) for feeding them bananas….ur doing a good service KEEP IT UP PARE����.

  • This is good to know. I can’t eat bread because it messes up with my colon and I was afraid that I was going to get celiac disease so I stopped eating bread and my colon does feel better but I disagree with her on you can eat it doesn’t matter if it’s if you eat commercial meat and when I don’t eat commercial mate and I eat organic only I feel better. But like she said everyone is different I eat berries only for the fruit.

  • Meat was a trigger for me. What the farms feed these genetically modified animals must be terrible. Who really knows what GMO and poisons strayed on them while they eat tens of hundreds of pounds of unnatural crops to get to slaughter weight. Finding out that “grass fed” is a scam and not even regulated by the USDA was the last straw. Cowspiracy and Super Size Me 2 are a wake up call about the food industry.

  • This was very frustrating to listen to! I wanted to hear what she had to say but Bob kept butting in every time she started to get going. Additionally, he had nothing useful to add but merely talked about the basics most people who suffer from these conditions are already very well aware of. In fact, his comments suggest he’s quite ignorant on this subject. The whole reason for this video was to hear someones experience beyond just these basics and Bob kept shutting her down. I’m giving this video a thumbs down because this was a complete waste of time thanks to Bobs interruptions.

    Also, hows about a basic summary at the beginning, such as simply listing the 7 foods to avoid, and then go into the details of each of these in a structured manner? Then, we can go back and listen to this 20 second segment to note these down instead of having to troll through the whole video to catch the occasional mention of each food. So much waffle on youtube. Most videos could be 20% of their length and still be more informative. Plan. Get to the point! Be succinct!

  • By the way you’re body don’t process fructose like glucose, I never see a person gaining weight with 3-5 portion of fruits per day, so before to said fructose or fruits is bad for you tried to inform yourself first. Whole food in moderation will never make you fat

  • I’m shocked at the fruits ��and the low cal ice cream which I love. And the banana chips that I eat so much of believing they were healthy ����please tell me my trusty rice cakes are ok��gutted and totally shocked

  • I am sorry, but i know a lot about healthy food, and i dont eat anything of the food you listen up.I eat a half avocado everyday.Quitt sugar and unhealthy carbs for over 2 years ago.I Ate a icecream in May last year, but IT taste too sweet.

  • All i would like to say is, people who eat fruit like sweet things. Let’s be honest. They do.
    If you tell them fruit is bad, they will go back to eating sugary processed foods. Instead, the messaging should be focusing on fruits with a high fibre to fructose ratio, which are primarily berries, to a lesser extent pear and/or watermelon.
    The alternative is that people will go back to their old ways.

  • Why invite someone on the show and the hosts keep interrupting them and diverting them. It’s frustrating coz we want to hear from them and not from the hosts

  • I LOVE YOU GUYSTHANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for being out here and putting forth such diverse information. Basic simple EFFECTIVE practices that can make such a difference if you just put forth the effort. Bless you for all the time and effort you put into this channel.������������������������

  • Crazy I was just about to eat a banana �� I was eating 1 or 2 a day but now I think I’m gonna cut back for a while. Thank you for the awesome information!

  • what milk should i use:D plz cause in my city is 2,5% and 3,5% fat milk
    100ml: 2.5g fat 4.8carb(4.8sugar), 3.2g protein
    with 3.5% everything the same just more fat. I drink about 500ml of milk a day but not every day

  • I changed my diet, use turmeric, switched to Einkorn flour, stopped eating out, only use olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed and finished beef. Organic veg., organic fruit, and organic salad’s, brown rice organic.
    I no longer get depressed, no longer feel sluggish, no more aches and pain. I have no more hard bowel movements. Joints no longer ache. No more head aches. No more milk. I use Almond milk. Grass fed butter. I use stevia.

  • Hey my twitchy little friend, I wanted to know why is it that I get a nasty panic attack after I eat my first meal. I do 16/8 every day. But that first meal after I break my fast is insane!

  • Erm, actually if you’re on a Ketogenic diet your liver creates all of the carbohydrates that you brain (and body) needs.

    Go watch Thomas DeLauer

  • I’m a 50 year old male, riddled with fibromyalgia and arthritis….life is very hard. Doctor told me to stop taking pregabalin now my pain is unbearable

  • i’ve been drinking tap water for a few years and i’m doing fine, I have a filter that attaches to the faucet. Either just drink from the sink or attach a filter to the faucet and you’re good! Enough of giving into the Water Industry

  • If you can afford it a water filtration system is definitely recommended. If not then boil your water or find a good way to filter it out of the tap.

  • Can you guys please try to give me some tips on how to control food cravings because no matter how hard I try not to eat sugary food and greasy food I just can’t stop my self from eating them. I will be very grateful if you can help me out.

  • In my country a Mediterranean country most people from the middle class have a smaller version of that filtration system he showed, they are normally installed in the kitchen sink, with a faucet for people to collect the filtered water and use it for coolers later on, in addition, the product he promoted is available in many forms here too, and it’s installed in most middle class houses.
    Things that are healthy don’t need to be expensive, easy solutions that make sense in a 4th grade science fair are always available somehow, they may need some effort to adapt in a cheaper or more suitable way depending on your situation, just don’t get stuck in the “I need to pay a lot to get a lot” mindset.

  • if you want good lunch meat get boars head the closest thing to being healthy with no nitrates or nitrites and low amounts of sodium in certain cuts and not to expensive lol

  • I have been binge watching your videos since last night. You have enlighten me with lots of these “diet myths” and actually got me interested in nutrition

  • Certain things he is a nut job. He says not to over do things just balance things out. Hey is a huge micromanage personality type person. No thanks dude, You fell overboard a long time ago.

  • Micro Plastic Particles in Plastic water bottles are destroying your Liver! Look it up!
    Great Advice on all this stuff Mate����������

  • I found your videos very honest and the content always enlighten… The healthy versions of any product is there just to engage the fitness community because is bigger everyday… Thank you for your knowledge and advice

  • I have fibromyalgia and had severe lBS with diarrhea almost everyday for years. I started a sorta keto diet and started eating cheese, especially Gouda and grass fed. It helped my digestive problems immediately. For me, l had to eliminate pastas, even the fake ones because of too many carbs, junk food, sugar and just basically cleaning up my diet. No alcohol. No bread. We all know what’s bad for us. Also, losing weight really helps too.

  • all the drinks that replace sugar with aspartame and acesulfame is bad for you drink a regular pepsi not a pepsi max or diet pepsi, its all just another thing to kill the population just like covid its not a coincidence its a gateway to weaken your system

  • If you’re looking for a sugar substitute, you’re screwed. Sugar is horrible for you and so are all of the alternatives including honey and agave (if you are diabetic). That being said, I would most likely recommend stevia in liquid form

  • Cortisol isn’t 100% bad. I hate when people repeat health claims they don’t understand. Cortisol is a stress hormone, yes, but it also tells your body it’s time to heal because something is fucked up. Increasing the cortisol production in my fucked up leg is why the bone tumor hasn’t won yet and my leg is still attached. They also got a bone fracture to heal in my grandfathers ankle using the same device (bone growth stimulators, prescription only). He was at risk of losing his foot because his circulation was so bad the break wouldn’t heal. (That’s what happens when you chain smoke for 50 years!)

  • She has a lot of body fat. Fat is not inert but very bio active with fat cells secreting cytokines and many other pro inflammatory compounds that result in the immune system dysfunction and immune cells attacking joint structures.

  • If you love a glass of wine every now and then, I know a specific brand with no added sugar, no added chemicals, low carb, imported from Italy. Here’s the website enjoy! I just had 3 bottles delivered yesterday.

    #healthlifechannel #healthlifestyle #health #coronavirus #sanitizer #lifestyle

  • Alpha being Alpha: “Cortisol as you know iS THE STRESS HORMON. It’s HORRIBLE it’s BAD FOR US!…

    I love you man XD

  • As a person who studies chemistry and has done an experiment on tap water, there is a certain amount of metals and things that consumed in large amount is not ideal. I can go into details if you want, however,the good news is that most of the filters out there actually work or at least according to my experiment they do and filter most of the “bad stuff” away.

    I personally believe that it is not as dramatic as alpha is making out to be however it is a thing that needs to be considered, I also recommend if you can’t buy filters to have a pot that boils water, boil the water, store it in a glass container and leave it over night to cool off in a fridge/freezer. It is really effective. Since I rambled for long enough, I might add that the tap water is also one of the reasons why when you change countries and drink water, you tend to get sick easier.

    I hope that this helped anyone who read this!!!

  • It’s actually wrong that the body releases insulin from diet sodas. Diet sodas contain no calories and no sugars, therefore there is no insulin response

  • So bascially you can’t eat anything. I am an indian and wheat chapati, potatoes and rice is the only stuff we eat. Guess i better starve to death

  • If I go for zero calorie sweeteners is because I don’t want to eat extra calories why the fuck would I get honey that shit has more calories

  • Artificial Sweeteners #1 thank you sir, VERY good reason. I can only see the problem getting worse. Sugar is actually healthier, BY FAR. Just not in excess of course.

  • I like your vids and they are really inspirational to other people I liked and subscribed and can I get a shat out on your future videos because I am trying to grow as a Youtuber and be successful like you and thanks again.

  • Luckily I don’t eat any of these, except the occasional GF treat. Coconut water is great instead of Gatorade if u go organic. I do believe most milk now does not use the rBGh, but I could be wrong. Almond milk is all I use

    Plz guys watch this video and also share it
    My friend has prepared with lots of hardwork and determinance
    I will be very thankful to you all
    Your few minutes will enlighten him up with a new hope in his life
    Thank you
    Love you all

  • Low calorie means tasteless, highly processed sh*t with tons of sugar added to make it taste like ‘something’. Avoid at all costs and enjoy eating your healthy fats.

  • Love your content. If more people would listen to you advice their health would improve so much. I’m living proof all your saying is true.

  • As much as I respect people who care about what they eat, I myself do not really care. If a product is accepted by the Food safety authority then I’m good.

  • Actually even sprouted grains for some of us r a problem. Not quite as bad. I am curious…do u retain huge amounts of fluid if u eat starches or salt? Potassium has really helped me. Eating huge amounts of green leafy veggies is profoundly helpful. Sorry but I disagree with eating animal proteins. Lots of people experience pain with that too. U should have mentioned every person has a different body type and should research their own diet.. I found raw vegan to be most helpful.

  • What a crap… Everything in this video is false. Except for processed meat. People! Do your own reasearch. Go on and read real studies on these subjects and you will see.

  • Im trying to lose weight right now and its going well but now I noticed that im starting to get hungry. Any tips on how I could not be hungry but still maintain the same of calories

  • She is right about Coconut Oil being very healthy. But Safflower oil and Avocado are not. They are Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids and thus very inflammatory. I’m sure she’d do better with her health issues if she lost weight.

  • They jump around so much talking about BAD foods, then GOOD foods, then BAD again, then MAYBE foods, then GOOD again, then one more BAD, then completely off topic, then a joke, then a GOOD food, then BAD again, then another joke. Did they even mention “SEVEN BAD FOODS”?

  • Thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I have so many family members that I’m going to show this video to once again thank you so much.

  • Yeah, most of “gluten free” products are highly processed foods that contain whole periodic table in them. Reading labels should be a habit of every human that wants to live a healthy life.

  • “I can do no wrong, for I do not know what it is”

    life itself is only a vision, a dream.
    Nothing exists say empty space and you.
    And you are nothing but a thought…