Are The Food Fears Founded by Science or Social Networking


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The study revealed that consumers find most of their exaggerated information on the Internet. Yup, surprise surprise: social media is fueling America’s food fears! Research also indicated that the ingredients associated with less healthy foods mainly hurt evaluation of foods perceived as relatively healthy. The researchers also found food fears may be offset when an ingredient’s history, background, and general usage are effectively communicated. “Learn the science, history, and the process.

Facing your food fears: Researchers suggest looking into the history of a controversial ingredient and learning how it is made to reduce food-related worries. Let’s get back to the recent survey – they found that food fears were associated with wanting others to know about your food choices and deriving food information from the internet rather than TV or other sources. One might conclude from this that the internet drives food fears, which would seem to be a reasonable conclusion. Your recent avoidance of Subway sandwiches due to the fear of consuming yoga mat material was probably influenced by information from the Internet and Facebook.

Or the fear that gluten could contribute to autism. At least that’s what a new study — which looked at the extent that social media spreads food fears — finds. 3. Fear of saying something stupid. This is a huge one for extremely conservative professionals.

There is an old saying that “you can’t unring a bell.” The fear of saying something stupid forever paralyzes many first time users of social media, because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. The permanence of social media is a double-edged sword. Social media use is central to the lives of emerging adults, but the implications of social media use on psychological adjustment are not well understood. The current study aimed to examine the impact of time spent using social media on anxiety symptoms and severity in emerging adults.

Repeat After Me: Social Media Is NOT a Waste of Time. Another reason I believe there is so much fear and overwhelm because many people think that it’s a waste of time, but it really all depends on how you use it. Being social on social media for your business doesn’t mean always liking random pictures of ice cream and cats (unless your business is about ice cream and cats or your target. Social media fears (and the resulting mistakes) can sabotage your best intentions and steal your most precious non-recyclable resources: time, energy, and money.

The best way to avoid wasting time and money is to have a plan. Social media strategy is required if you want to cast out the fear and get optimal results. Social media and foodwe all know it, we all love it, and we all photograph it.

But how is social media changing the way we, as consumers, purchase food and make decisions about the way we eat? Is Instagram responsible for your new gluten-free diet, or your choice to purchase a certain food or go to a certain restaurant?

List of related literature:

Research conducted within the psychometric paradigm has demonstrated that microbiological food risks tend to be moderately dreaded by consumers, but also perceived to be highly familiar, which reduces their threat potential (Fife-Schaw and Rowe, 2000).

“Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry” by H. L. M. Lelieveld, John Holah, M A Mostert
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Food Quality News Industry Services has indicated that food safety fears are often exacerbated by globalization.3 Microbiologist and professor Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia has warned that “sanitation practices for food production are not universally equivalent throughout the world.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
from International Food Law and Policy
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The National Research Council Committee states that attempts to assess food safety based solely on the process are scientifically unjustified.

“Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food” by Pamela C. Ronald, R. W. Adamchak
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More recently, risk analysis techniques have been established for addressing microbiological food risks.

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Occasionally, consumer scares have been generated when people using television or other media have raised questions (often without sound scientific foundations) regarding the safety of particular foods.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
from Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2007 Ed.2007 Edition
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The ubiquity of browned foods, both today and through thousands of years of history, would suggest that they do not constitute a major threat to public health.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
from On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
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Vulnerability to chronic food insecurity is outlined next and particular threats to food security due to supply chain logistics, management and infrastructure are identified and explored, and how these are expected to be exacerbated under climate change.

“Food Security in Australia: Challenges and Prospects for the Future” by Quentin Farmar-Bowers, Vaughan Higgins, Joanne Millar
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Insofar as botulism is concerned, Dr. Wodicka, is of course a food technologist, and I am not.

“FDA Oversight-food Inspection, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Enviornment..., 92-1, on Oversight of Food Inspection Activities of the Federal Government, August 3, 4; September 10, 13, and 14, 1971” by United States. Congress. House. Interstate and Foreign Commerce
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Food safety can be assessed and controlled by Predictive Microbiology, which is concerned with microbial responses (microbial growth) of compositional and environmental factors in food systems (McMeekin et al., 1993, Banks, 1992).

“Food Process Design” by Zacharias B. Maroulis, George D. Saravacos
from Food Process Design
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Being 100 percent sure about these food scares takes research.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This was 5 months ago it’s gotten worse it doesn’t feel like that I remeber 5 months ago thinking that I’m safe thing that it’s not on my country feeling SAFE not caring.This doe t even feel like real life it’s like something out of movie or a book I remeber seeing movie scenes about worldwide pandemics and now it’s MY life and people are turning against each other for stupid thing like TOILET PAPER what has life come too?!

  • If neanderthal were destroyed off this world would have no problems. Its in the Bible The mixings of nations And beeding out 85 percent Animal DNA out of them. This is the 5th time we have done this.

  • well, Doctor Mike is a SELLOUT to Big Pharma. I would not want him near my dog!!
    The fact is that dr. Judy Mikovits exposed Fauci and Big Pharma criminals. Dr. Mike is trying to “debunk” what is impossible to debunk because of overwhelming evidence that supports Dr. Mikovits. still in doubt? Then *I would suggest you read the books titled
    ‘Virus Mania’ by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein and
    ‘What Really Makes You Ill’ by Dawn Lester & David Parker. *

    these 2 books cover microbes, pathogens, viruses, fungi, vaccines, bacteria, pandemics and germ theory.
    You will learn something quite important that they do not teach the future doctors like this *SELLOUT in medical schools.*

  • Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Texas doctor, reverses Coronavirus Symptoms In 100% of Cases with inexpensive treatment: Budesonide Inhaled With Nebulizer. He says budesonide has been used safely for over 20 years to prevent asthma attacks even for preemie babies and the elderly. He explains that France is now studying a similar approach. Spain and England have announced that they will also test this approach.

    Dr. Bartlett questions why the World Health Organization followed Communist China’s example which led to such disastrous results in the US and Italy. Instead, they could have followed the more effective and less expensive example of Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore which does not require a lockdown, masks, social distancing, contact tracing, or a vaccine.

    Dr. Bartlett explained that NIH is currently testing this approach and their results will be available in October. However, he believes that NIH is conducting the study in a way that is designed to fail. When Debbie pointed out that Americans are being told to wait for a vaccine, Dr. Bartlett said he believes that people’s lives are being sacrificed for an agenda because an effective vaccine is not possible or needed.

    Dr. Bartlett said, “When you have the government is telling you it knows more about what’s good for your health than your doctor, that’s socialism, that’s communism”. He says we should go with a winning strategy rather than masks and social distancing.
    Dr. Bartlett’s main message is “Don’t be afraid of COVID-19! There’s a quick inexpensive treatment!”

    Dr. Richard Bartlett does have a channel:
    Dr. Richard Bartlett does have a website with his full protocol:

  • So I have a condition called hemiplegic migraines. It’s basically like a stroke. I was wondering if these migraines could cause me to have strokes later in life

  • I got tired of arguing with conspiracy theorists so I wrote a song to make me laugh at them instead,
    ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ (You F***ing Idiot):

  • Omg! I’m a boomer, and I don’t get it??? I watch YouTube videos to try to understand what is happening? I don’t get it? Who the hell cares what strangers think of you? I know, I am old! But I will never get it and I’m happy not being a part of the social media generation.

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  • @andreas_george And what is your occupation, a vehicle mechanic. Of course, you must be so dedicated to the career which you have worked very hard for (because unlike politicians, doctors get to care for people in a more personal and humanistic form!!), and have spent several years studying at a university to achieve a degree, while facing 100’s of thousands of dollars in debt via loans. And not to mentions the many All-Nighters that a student must pull off to receive credit for their assignments on time. But of course, you think that a medical student does it for the money!!And to an extent you are right, for not all doctors are loving and dedicated healthcare providers towards their patients, and indeed those doctors are but psychotic monsters that waste their time in medical school just to take advantage of someone. Employed medical workers around the world have been unjustly abused by their federal governments, for allowing conspiracy theories to place our lives in danger, especially when we are already sacrificing our time and energy to keep someone alive (because most of us care (some healthcare workers aren’t good people I guess ��)). These conspiracy theories: (which proclaim hospital workers to be the one’s trying to “poison” people with vaccines, or “control the population,” under a hidden order by a government) have instilled unnecessary amounts of fear and confusion among different populations, which has lead to unfair assaults on us. And yet there is so much ignorance, that one has to avoid keeping in mind that a majority of these (medical) workers have their own families, which they are trying to provide and care for. Ultimately, if such theories are true, by which authorities are demanding heinous order, and are attempting to silence healthcare employees through bribes, then certainly those same individuals are the corrupt, the unjust, the accomplices to greedy and selfish acts by government officials, for even a dedicated doctor, or a nurse, would not give in to corruption, not even for their children, if they know that those decisions will endanger the lives of many others. In other words, I personally believe that those responsible for this humanitarian crisis are the local and federal authorities, as well as the hospital officials who give in to their demands. The ridiculous outcome to this pandemic is most likely the result of poor leadership, reckless behavior, selfishness, corruption, confusion, fear, and anger.

  • This guy needs to chill out, his imune system wont save him from a stress-induced heart attack. People don’t deserve to die for believing that over-cleanliness is good for them. Saying things like that sounds as anxiety induced as they are.

  • term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA to discredit those that investigated JFK murder
    Our wold was and still is run via various conspiracies, not the “theories” of conspiracy.
    you really need to look into this issue a bit more, for your own good.
    do not be just a obedient sheep, do not repeat the mantra that you are fed. read, watch, listen then think and make your own conclusions:

  • I hate every person commenting on here with how genius Carlin was… and totally missing the goddamn point that he was NOT recommending you live like an idiot and refuse to wash your hands. First, he has a whole bit where he tells people specifically that they should wash their hands. Second, if you listen, REALLY listen, he is intentionally exaggerating and being ridiculous. You are supposed to LAUGH at this curmudgeon telling you to do stupid shit. He’s reflecting the words we all hear and sometimes say, and taking them to their logical, illogical conclusion of extreme. You are supposed to get that, and LAUGH but NOT follow this advice. Goddamnit people, stop looking to comedians for medical advice, and stop reading Carlin like he’s one of your modern shitty one dimensional comics. He expected his audience to be intelligent, and you are not even trying.

  • I came for people who hold my views in certain areas the other day. I got all kinds of likes etc. Before you clap to hard………while COVID is definitely a real virus. There is illogical thinking on the other side that I would like to address as well. That illogical thinking goes something like this:

    ·We are to believe Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and The W.H.O. and everyone, literally everyone that speaks contrary to them isn’t worth debating, hearing out etc. They are all, literally all “Conspiracy Theorists”. I really shouldn’t have to elaborate on how silly and quite frankly stupid this sounds.

    ·We are to not pay attention to the connections, the LITERAL connections all at the top have with each other. If you do bring that up, you are a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

    ·All Doctors who speak contrary to those spoken above are to be considered quacks.

    ·We are only supposed to accept vaccination as a remedy to this. Everything else is erroneous, and if you bring anything else up you are an “anti-vaxxer” and are misinformed and need to stop listening to “quacks”.

    ·We are to listen to the “experts” and quite literally turn our brains off and shut up. The “experts” are above scrutiny. Nevermind the fact that this is logically fallacious thinking. It is literally the appeal to authority fallacy. The “experts” are not above scrutiny and not only can but should be questioned.

    ·We are to believe that the term “Conspiracy Theory” shuts down the debate or validly discredits the one opposing what the “experts” say. THIS….IS…..NOT…….TRUE. This is a useless term in intellectual discourse and debate. It is quite literally an ad hominem attack at best. The intent of someone even using this term is to discredit the person. Many times people who go in this direction don’t even address the arguments. They say the term “conspiracy theorist” and think this has won the debate. But how could this win the debate if the argument has not even been addressed or in some cases has rarely been addressed??? An argument is shut down when it is refuted. The argument or arguments need to be addressed. Anything else is a deflection.

    ·We are to believe that only Medical Journals that agree with those mentioned above are legit. Anything else is not to be listened to.

    I could keep going but we can’t act like that these things are logical. They are not. I want this dealt with just like the next man, but I refuse to turn my brain off just because we are experiencing a crisis. You see……we also cannot act as though there are no political moves being made in light of COVID. There are. Look up The Great Reset, ID2020, Quantum Dot Tattoos etc. These are all connected to COVID in one way or another. They aren’t “conspiracy theories”. They are real. I have shared things about Quantum Dot Tattoos from an MIT website. I have shared things about The Great Reset from The World Economic Forum’s (The Davos Group’) website.

    What am I getting at???? These are interesting times. WE DO NOT NEED TO BE PARANOID. But, we need to be discerning. I understand that people want this to end and want it to go away. I also stand on the fact that we should not and must not abandon logic, reason and freedom just because we are in a crisis. I believe if many of us actually start LISTENING to each other and not AT each other and put down our FLAGS(because many of us act like this is gang warfare and we have to “rep our side” no matter what) we may discover that what is being said is not as looney as you may have been led to believe. And the other side may learn that some conclusions they have drawn(like the l virus being a “hoax” or “fake) aren’t as solid as they thought.

  • Get what the actual Pond’s issue was. They pre-annouced their finding because their results were so unexpected. Something happened. They didn’t know what else it could have been and requested everyone and their brother to try to replicate as well as the resources to try to nail down what was going on themselves. 25 Mill wasn’t “huge” even then. Remember, maybe 1/3 of it would have been available to re-test their results with all sorts of administrative expenses taking up the majority of any funding

  • U guys really need to see this…the claims are mind boggling….

  • It’s a tad DESPERATE to see people calling themselves doctors still making these videos.
    Who believes this?
    Think about it! Channels like this are for the dumbest among us.
    We live in the age of Information.
    There are oceans of PROOFTEXTS and none of the strawmen used by “Debunking” drs.infotainment on YT will give it to you.

  • I have a question, if the virus is just needing a vaccine, and herd immunity is all that’s needed, why have so many young doctors died on the front line.

  • this is an anti-science post with the object of discrediting science as whole and crt monitors present in the vid give away the fact its a doc decades old

  • А если Вы откажетесь пить или попросите не курить, или скажете что не хотите обедать в гараже, а пойдёте домой обедать, так как в гараже грязно и обедать в гараже не нормально то вам скажут: “Ты что не русский?”. А потом Вам скажут, что Вы еврей и чтобы Вы уматывали из России

  • Watch this guy Jordan make Fauci look like a pathetic idiot, and a Doctor with proof that this virus fear mongering and lock down is nonsense,

  • The difference between QVC TV Shops and Doctor Mikes channel?
    Build up to mess with peoples minds and sale them stuff they don’t need, perfect for sheep-people.
    Please, research for yourself, don’t fall for a government payed hypocrite like this little nothing.

  • As much as I liked Carlin’s comedy, he frequently got off into non-comical rants which were often, to be honest, pure bullshit. This was one of them.

  • people during 20th century: died because there was less medical knowledge
    people during 21st century: die because of clickbait tiktok

  • Pharma-shill pretty-boy is NOT practising medical science.
    This is propaganda. Professionals ask “show us all the evidence.” They do NOT use rhetoric or snide ridicule to pre-judge clinical and scientific questions.
    Shame on you, ‘Dr Mike.’