Are The Food Fears Founded by Science or Social Networking


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The study revealed that consumers find most of their exaggerated information on the Internet. Yup, surprise surprise: social media is fueling America’s food fears! Research also indicated that the ingredients associated with less healthy foods mainly hurt evaluation of foods perceived as relatively healthy. The researchers also found food fears may be offset when an ingredient’s history, background, and general usage are effectively communicated. “Learn the science, history, and the process.

Facing your food fears: Researchers suggest looking into the history of a controversial ingredient and learning how it is made to reduce food-related worries. Let’s get back to the recent survey – they found that food fears were associated with wanting others to know about your food choices and deriving food information from the internet rather than TV or other sources. One might conclude from this that the internet drives food fears, which would seem to be a reasonable conclusion. Your recent avoidance of Subway sandwiches due to the fear of consuming yoga mat material was probably influenced by information from the Internet and Facebook.

Or the fear that gluten could contribute to autism. At least that’s what a new study — which looked at the extent that social media spreads food fears — finds. 3. Fear of saying something stupid. This is a huge one for extremely conservative professionals.

There is an old saying that “you can’t unring a bell.” The fear of saying something stupid forever paralyzes many first time users of social media, because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. The permanence of social media is a double-edged sword. Social media use is central to the lives of emerging adults, but the implications of social media use on psychological adjustment are not well understood. The current study aimed to examine the impact of time spent using social media on anxiety symptoms and severity in emerging adults.

Repeat After Me: Social Media Is NOT a Waste of Time. Another reason I believe there is so much fear and overwhelm because many people think that it’s a waste of time, but it really all depends on how you use it. Being social on social media for your business doesn’t mean always liking random pictures of ice cream and cats (unless your business is about ice cream and cats or your target. Social media fears (and the resulting mistakes) can sabotage your best intentions and steal your most precious non-recyclable resources: time, energy, and money.

The best way to avoid wasting time and money is to have a plan. Social media strategy is required if you want to cast out the fear and get optimal results. Social media and foodwe all know it, we all love it, and we all photograph it.

But how is social media changing the way we, as consumers, purchase food and make decisions about the way we eat? Is Instagram responsible for your new gluten-free diet, or your choice to purchase a certain food or go to a certain restaurant?

List of related literature:

Research conducted within the psychometric paradigm has demonstrated that microbiological food risks tend to be moderately dreaded by consumers, but also perceived to be highly familiar, which reduces their threat potential (Fife-Schaw and Rowe, 2000).

“Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry” by H. L. M. Lelieveld, John Holah, M A Mostert
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Food Quality News Industry Services has indicated that food safety fears are often exacerbated by globalization.3 Microbiologist and professor Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia has warned that “sanitation practices for food production are not universally equivalent throughout the world.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
from International Food Law and Policy
by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
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The National Research Council Committee states that attempts to assess food safety based solely on the process are scientifically unjustified.

“Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food” by Pamela C. Ronald, R. W. Adamchak
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More recently, risk analysis techniques have been established for addressing microbiological food risks.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
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Occasionally, consumer scares have been generated when people using television or other media have raised questions (often without sound scientific foundations) regarding the safety of particular foods.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
from Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2007 Ed.2007 Edition
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The ubiquity of browned foods, both today and through thousands of years of history, would suggest that they do not constitute a major threat to public health.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
from On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
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Vulnerability to chronic food insecurity is outlined next and particular threats to food security due to supply chain logistics, management and infrastructure are identified and explored, and how these are expected to be exacerbated under climate change.

“Food Security in Australia: Challenges and Prospects for the Future” by Quentin Farmar-Bowers, Vaughan Higgins, Joanne Millar
from Food Security in Australia: Challenges and Prospects for the Future
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Insofar as botulism is concerned, Dr. Wodicka, is of course a food technologist, and I am not.

“FDA Oversight-food Inspection, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Enviornment..., 92-1, on Oversight of Food Inspection Activities of the Federal Government, August 3, 4; September 10, 13, and 14, 1971” by United States. Congress. House. Interstate and Foreign Commerce
from FDA Oversight-food Inspection, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Enviornment…, 92-1, on Oversight of Food Inspection Activities of the Federal Government, August 3, 4; September 10, 13, and 14, 1971
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Food safety can be assessed and controlled by Predictive Microbiology, which is concerned with microbial responses (microbial growth) of compositional and environmental factors in food systems (McMeekin et al., 1993, Banks, 1992).

“Food Process Design” by Zacharias B. Maroulis, George D. Saravacos
from Food Process Design
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Being 100 percent sure about these food scares takes research.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This was 5 months ago it’s gotten worse it doesn’t feel like that I remeber 5 months ago thinking that I’m safe thing that it’s not on my country feeling SAFE not caring.This doe t even feel like real life it’s like something out of movie or a book I remeber seeing movie scenes about worldwide pandemics and now it’s MY life and people are turning against each other for stupid thing like TOILET PAPER what has life come too?!

  • If neanderthal were destroyed off this world would have no problems. Its in the Bible The mixings of nations And beeding out 85 percent Animal DNA out of them. This is the 5th time we have done this.

  • well, Doctor Mike is a SELLOUT to Big Pharma. I would not want him near my dog!!
    The fact is that dr. Judy Mikovits exposed Fauci and Big Pharma criminals. Dr. Mike is trying to “debunk” what is impossible to debunk because of overwhelming evidence that supports Dr. Mikovits. still in doubt? Then *I would suggest you read the books titled
    ‘Virus Mania’ by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein and
    ‘What Really Makes You Ill’ by Dawn Lester & David Parker. *

    these 2 books cover microbes, pathogens, viruses, fungi, vaccines, bacteria, pandemics and germ theory.
    You will learn something quite important that they do not teach the future doctors like this *SELLOUT in medical schools.*

  • Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Texas doctor, reverses Coronavirus Symptoms In 100% of Cases with inexpensive treatment: Budesonide Inhaled With Nebulizer. He says budesonide has been used safely for over 20 years to prevent asthma attacks even for preemie babies and the elderly. He explains that France is now studying a similar approach. Spain and England have announced that they will also test this approach.

    Dr. Bartlett questions why the World Health Organization followed Communist China’s example which led to such disastrous results in the US and Italy. Instead, they could have followed the more effective and less expensive example of Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore which does not require a lockdown, masks, social distancing, contact tracing, or a vaccine.

    Dr. Bartlett explained that NIH is currently testing this approach and their results will be available in October. However, he believes that NIH is conducting the study in a way that is designed to fail. When Debbie pointed out that Americans are being told to wait for a vaccine, Dr. Bartlett said he believes that people’s lives are being sacrificed for an agenda because an effective vaccine is not possible or needed.

    Dr. Bartlett said, “When you have the government is telling you it knows more about what’s good for your health than your doctor, that’s socialism, that’s communism”. He says we should go with a winning strategy rather than masks and social distancing.
    Dr. Bartlett’s main message is “Don’t be afraid of COVID-19! There’s a quick inexpensive treatment!”

    Dr. Richard Bartlett does have a channel:
    Dr. Richard Bartlett does have a website with his full protocol:

  • So I have a condition called hemiplegic migraines. It’s basically like a stroke. I was wondering if these migraines could cause me to have strokes later in life

  • I got tired of arguing with conspiracy theorists so I wrote a song to make me laugh at them instead,
    ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ (You F***ing Idiot):

  • Omg! I’m a boomer, and I don’t get it??? I watch YouTube videos to try to understand what is happening? I don’t get it? Who the hell cares what strangers think of you? I know, I am old! But I will never get it and I’m happy not being a part of the social media generation.

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  • @andreas_george And what is your occupation, a vehicle mechanic. Of course, you must be so dedicated to the career which you have worked very hard for (because unlike politicians, doctors get to care for people in a more personal and humanistic form!!), and have spent several years studying at a university to achieve a degree, while facing 100’s of thousands of dollars in debt via loans. And not to mentions the many All-Nighters that a student must pull off to receive credit for their assignments on time. But of course, you think that a medical student does it for the money!!And to an extent you are right, for not all doctors are loving and dedicated healthcare providers towards their patients, and indeed those doctors are but psychotic monsters that waste their time in medical school just to take advantage of someone. Employed medical workers around the world have been unjustly abused by their federal governments, for allowing conspiracy theories to place our lives in danger, especially when we are already sacrificing our time and energy to keep someone alive (because most of us care (some healthcare workers aren’t good people I guess ��)). These conspiracy theories: (which proclaim hospital workers to be the one’s trying to “poison” people with vaccines, or “control the population,” under a hidden order by a government) have instilled unnecessary amounts of fear and confusion among different populations, which has lead to unfair assaults on us. And yet there is so much ignorance, that one has to avoid keeping in mind that a majority of these (medical) workers have their own families, which they are trying to provide and care for. Ultimately, if such theories are true, by which authorities are demanding heinous order, and are attempting to silence healthcare employees through bribes, then certainly those same individuals are the corrupt, the unjust, the accomplices to greedy and selfish acts by government officials, for even a dedicated doctor, or a nurse, would not give in to corruption, not even for their children, if they know that those decisions will endanger the lives of many others. In other words, I personally believe that those responsible for this humanitarian crisis are the local and federal authorities, as well as the hospital officials who give in to their demands. The ridiculous outcome to this pandemic is most likely the result of poor leadership, reckless behavior, selfishness, corruption, confusion, fear, and anger.

  • This guy needs to chill out, his imune system wont save him from a stress-induced heart attack. People don’t deserve to die for believing that over-cleanliness is good for them. Saying things like that sounds as anxiety induced as they are.

  • term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA to discredit those that investigated JFK murder
    Our wold was and still is run via various conspiracies, not the “theories” of conspiracy.
    you really need to look into this issue a bit more, for your own good.
    do not be just a obedient sheep, do not repeat the mantra that you are fed. read, watch, listen then think and make your own conclusions:

  • I hate every person commenting on here with how genius Carlin was… and totally missing the goddamn point that he was NOT recommending you live like an idiot and refuse to wash your hands. First, he has a whole bit where he tells people specifically that they should wash their hands. Second, if you listen, REALLY listen, he is intentionally exaggerating and being ridiculous. You are supposed to LAUGH at this curmudgeon telling you to do stupid shit. He’s reflecting the words we all hear and sometimes say, and taking them to their logical, illogical conclusion of extreme. You are supposed to get that, and LAUGH but NOT follow this advice. Goddamnit people, stop looking to comedians for medical advice, and stop reading Carlin like he’s one of your modern shitty one dimensional comics. He expected his audience to be intelligent, and you are not even trying.

  • I came for people who hold my views in certain areas the other day. I got all kinds of likes etc. Before you clap to hard………while COVID is definitely a real virus. There is illogical thinking on the other side that I would like to address as well. That illogical thinking goes something like this:

    ·We are to believe Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and The W.H.O. and everyone, literally everyone that speaks contrary to them isn’t worth debating, hearing out etc. They are all, literally all “Conspiracy Theorists”. I really shouldn’t have to elaborate on how silly and quite frankly stupid this sounds.

    ·We are to not pay attention to the connections, the LITERAL connections all at the top have with each other. If you do bring that up, you are a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

    ·All Doctors who speak contrary to those spoken above are to be considered quacks.

    ·We are only supposed to accept vaccination as a remedy to this. Everything else is erroneous, and if you bring anything else up you are an “anti-vaxxer” and are misinformed and need to stop listening to “quacks”.

    ·We are to listen to the “experts” and quite literally turn our brains off and shut up. The “experts” are above scrutiny. Nevermind the fact that this is logically fallacious thinking. It is literally the appeal to authority fallacy. The “experts” are not above scrutiny and not only can but should be questioned.

    ·We are to believe that the term “Conspiracy Theory” shuts down the debate or validly discredits the one opposing what the “experts” say. THIS….IS…..NOT…….TRUE. This is a useless term in intellectual discourse and debate. It is quite literally an ad hominem attack at best. The intent of someone even using this term is to discredit the person. Many times people who go in this direction don’t even address the arguments. They say the term “conspiracy theorist” and think this has won the debate. But how could this win the debate if the argument has not even been addressed or in some cases has rarely been addressed??? An argument is shut down when it is refuted. The argument or arguments need to be addressed. Anything else is a deflection.

    ·We are to believe that only Medical Journals that agree with those mentioned above are legit. Anything else is not to be listened to.

    I could keep going but we can’t act like that these things are logical. They are not. I want this dealt with just like the next man, but I refuse to turn my brain off just because we are experiencing a crisis. You see……we also cannot act as though there are no political moves being made in light of COVID. There are. Look up The Great Reset, ID2020, Quantum Dot Tattoos etc. These are all connected to COVID in one way or another. They aren’t “conspiracy theories”. They are real. I have shared things about Quantum Dot Tattoos from an MIT website. I have shared things about The Great Reset from The World Economic Forum’s (The Davos Group’) website.

    What am I getting at???? These are interesting times. WE DO NOT NEED TO BE PARANOID. But, we need to be discerning. I understand that people want this to end and want it to go away. I also stand on the fact that we should not and must not abandon logic, reason and freedom just because we are in a crisis. I believe if many of us actually start LISTENING to each other and not AT each other and put down our FLAGS(because many of us act like this is gang warfare and we have to “rep our side” no matter what) we may discover that what is being said is not as looney as you may have been led to believe. And the other side may learn that some conclusions they have drawn(like the l virus being a “hoax” or “fake) aren’t as solid as they thought.

  • Get what the actual Pond’s issue was. They pre-annouced their finding because their results were so unexpected. Something happened. They didn’t know what else it could have been and requested everyone and their brother to try to replicate as well as the resources to try to nail down what was going on themselves. 25 Mill wasn’t “huge” even then. Remember, maybe 1/3 of it would have been available to re-test their results with all sorts of administrative expenses taking up the majority of any funding

  • U guys really need to see this…the claims are mind boggling….

  • It’s a tad DESPERATE to see people calling themselves doctors still making these videos.
    Who believes this?
    Think about it! Channels like this are for the dumbest among us.
    We live in the age of Information.
    There are oceans of PROOFTEXTS and none of the strawmen used by “Debunking” drs.infotainment on YT will give it to you.

  • I have a question, if the virus is just needing a vaccine, and herd immunity is all that’s needed, why have so many young doctors died on the front line.

  • this is an anti-science post with the object of discrediting science as whole and crt monitors present in the vid give away the fact its a doc decades old

  • А если Вы откажетесь пить или попросите не курить, или скажете что не хотите обедать в гараже, а пойдёте домой обедать, так как в гараже грязно и обедать в гараже не нормально то вам скажут: “Ты что не русский?”. А потом Вам скажут, что Вы еврей и чтобы Вы уматывали из России

  • Watch this guy Jordan make Fauci look like a pathetic idiot, and a Doctor with proof that this virus fear mongering and lock down is nonsense,

  • The difference between QVC TV Shops and Doctor Mikes channel?
    Build up to mess with peoples minds and sale them stuff they don’t need, perfect for sheep-people.
    Please, research for yourself, don’t fall for a government payed hypocrite like this little nothing.

  • As much as I liked Carlin’s comedy, he frequently got off into non-comical rants which were often, to be honest, pure bullshit. This was one of them.

  • people during 20th century: died because there was less medical knowledge
    people during 21st century: die because of clickbait tiktok

  • Pharma-shill pretty-boy is NOT practising medical science.
    This is propaganda. Professionals ask “show us all the evidence.” They do NOT use rhetoric or snide ridicule to pre-judge clinical and scientific questions.
    Shame on you, ‘Dr Mike.’

  • Incomplete analysis.There is no pandemic. The numbers prove that over and over again. Healthy people have nothing to fear. and masks are a joke They do not work efficiently enough to stop the spread.

  • I left social media over two months ago after going to rehab for my drug addiction from depression. Social media was a huge part of it!

  • No wonder I have been suffering from depression for so many year obviously for 2 years and I’m actually suffering from depression right now

  • i was able to get rid of herpes virus with herbal medication i got from Dr Ayomede, living with herpes virus made me realize that herbal medication are very powerful and is of great use

  • i want to comment that even with how many videos 5 minutes crafts has more than your channel, the algorithm never suggested any to me, because i never saw anything similar, but i did watch debunking videos, the problem here is the people who do not use their critical thinking and click on something saying you can craft/bake something in 5 minutes.

  • Interesting.. there is some examples thst show how social media affected our lifes.

  • I really wish you’d talk about cervical cancer and the importance of Pap smears. Way to many people think hpv only affects women, however it actually causes problems for both male and female patients. It’d be great to get information out for people. Also, women, we are NOT too busy to get a pap….5 minutes of being uncomfortable or years of dealing with the side effects of cancer….with love, a stage 3b survivor

  • RNA vaccines. Modifying human genetics. Changing the way we think and feel. Fauci predicted it accurately he said this administration would see a Pandemic

  • Great video! It’s also destroyed MSM. After the car chase that killed Princess Diana msm went off the rails. Wish we could toss every single one of academia and msm out on their ass and begin from scratch.

  • Doctor Mike, some people in our place says “Tuob” or steam inhalations helps cure COVID19, but some also says it helps spread it due to aerosolization. Can you please answer this. Thank you. Love from the Philippines❤

  • can u show how ur partient suffer from corona virus in ur hospital, dont just talk that we already know,is too basic, please show the situation all covid 19 patients in ur hospital….

  • COVID-19 Can you give me an update from where you are in the world… 1. What country you are in 2. What supplies the shops have run out of 3. What restrictions you’ve currently got there to help contain covid-19 4.Do you/anyone you know have the virus and if so are you/they OK?

    Fo us it’s 1.Australia of course 2.Shops are out of toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, hand sanitiser, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, chicken, limited meat, canned goods and sanitary supplies. Hospitals are short on test kits for covid-19 3. School are still open but there are no gatherings over 100 people indoors or 500 outdoors, international travel is banned and any Aussies returning home have to self isolate for 14 days 4.thankfully no.

  • They’re saying the tests they use on people in the WH are around 15 minutes, I just heard a story on it yesterday….. I’ll look for the story..

  • my mums friend predicted this. shes been telling us for years that a pandemic would happen now she has been concerned for years that her son would not be able to graduate uni. its really creepy.

    Dr Mike please address this video, the misinformation is very dangerous to the public about vaccines and i thought your large platform would be a great place to debunk most of this information. I am a scientist/engineer who works on drug manufacturing development so if you have any questions about that process in order to adress any of the points she makes i would be glad to help ypu with any information gaps you may have on that part of the topic. But please adress this dangerous misinformation!

  • Couldn’t help but notice the one person taking a piss in the river with everybody swimming around. Just adding insult to injury I guess.

  • Mug cakes may not be completely risen but they still taste pretty good…doesn’t need to be a formal “cake” to satisfy a craving especially in a college microwave haha

  • I left the most popular networks years ago except youtube. I liked google plus as it seemed on interest. Communication is great but it is better around ideas, not daily drama. Looking at going back to creating an online board on an idea and focus on that and that is what was amazing things about forums of interest. They try not to gobble everything up it is for focusing on particular top of interest. The downside that people don’t like is making new accounts all the time.

  • In Indonesia trends, the 123 Go, Bright Side (Sisi Terang), and their group are popular enough, but they cannot overtook the trend that happens in other platforms. When 123 go tried to get #1 on trend, suddenly political drama between Mr. Jokowi and old school politician emerges. The politics are turned down by covers, YES COVER VIDEOS (go check Aisyah Istri Rasulullah, song for Prophet Muhammad that fills most of trend in early April). Then the singer Glenn Fredly died. Later local pranksters took over the stage and vanished quickly as in Ferdian palekka case. Korean and local video clip released and wiped the trash from trends. Yes almost no place for these 5 minute craft group to conquer the top of the trend, if they do, it lasts only for hours, midnight and sometimes working hours in Jakarta time.

    The factor is, the language. We can distinguish which one is indonesian-made and not. Even if the guy has Western influenced name like Boy William, Calvin Jeremy, etc. Even if we speak in Indonesian English. Our language is constructed in somehow different way than English and European languages. Texts made by European rarely can be translated into Indonesian without any miss, even in academic situation.

    This barrier leads to cringe everytime I read translated books like Chicken Soup for Soul, motivational books. Sounds….we don’t speak like this bro. It’s too formal, language that never been used by Jakartans in daily talk. Even big publishers do make cringe in their translate of top books. You can imagine how Bright Side, 123 Go, etc cringed the “netizen”. I have watched local Bright Side content and… Damn this is NOT like local channel that I’ve subscribed for long time, even worse than tv show On The Spot Trans 7 that have been sued for stealing videos. I decided not to watch em again. Later I searched twitter and the DIY division of the group are watched mostly to ease insomnia symptoms, like, what the….

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  • If you open a bag of chips or popcorn the normal way you can fold in the bottom of the bag and push it up that way. You basically make a bowl from it that way and it’s a lot more logical

  • Also: I don’t know how much experience you guys have with online fascists (probably not a lot) but the whole “we don’t like politics” thing is a pretty well-known smokescreen for bad actors. I don’t buy it for a second.

  • Question.. do you think that they make it flawed on purpose? Like when they made the shoe clean, it was incredibly visible that it wasn’t the same shoe. Is it on purpose? To show the viewers that it’s fake? Maybe to get more views that way, so ppl look at it and try to debunk it on their own?

  • I just deleted Snapchat and TikTok ive never felt so peaceful since it was distracting me and i was depressed so much from watching other people post random fun stuff on there and thinking they are living the best life except me i highly recommend taking time of all social media platforms

  • Funny.. do u even realize they have never even tested this virus? Meaning put it in a test tube and sequenced it and tested it. It should be tested right to make a testing kit to make a vaccine right? There is zero literature out there for testing. Look for yourselves. I’ve watched and read and dug and same over and over. There are plenty of Drs out there telling ya but nope u wAnna believe the shills like this dude. One of these days y’all gonna realize everything mainstream is bs. They are lying to you so bad. Whatever the masses do.. run the opposite way! Whatever narrative they put out. Run the other way. I know u won’t listen to me but this was out of love and just a suggestion to try to wake ppl up. I love everyone and want good things for all humanity. Bill Gates is not what that man says. It’s sickening! You can find plenty of info on him. Rich ppl do not care about you! Those elites care about money and it’s never enough. He is not a dr and he pushes vaccines why would that be? Oh for humanity. No guys.. it’s money. Be blessed be safe stay away from this junk. Look into this vaccine for this so called virus that’s never been tested. It’s the first time ever they have used a dna rna sequence. Go read on it. Read all u can on it. Every side of it. Then u decide.

  • Due to his death, we can’t argue his points, only refute them. He says much of this in order to get a laugh. He’s a comedian. However, scientists are not laughing at the ignorance displayed here. Swimming in sewage does not prevent polio. It only introduces one to the potential for other diseases to infiltrate. That’s why in countries without proper sanitation, they have such widespread infectious diseases. The argument that one is not affected, can not be applied to everyone. Just because you’re ok, and that you were not personally affected, does not mean that logic applies to everyone.

  • I have been investigating this for the last 4 months, been to over 30 major hospitals around the UK, film and recorded, Most of them told us
    that they are told to record nearly all deaths ( no matter what you died of ) as covid 19, at several hospitals we witness test being done and
    people being told their infected due to temp of 40 degrees, come on doctor mike if you are a doctor, 40 degrees is a fever, all the people we saw
    look like they could run a London marathon, if you would like to meet up and i can open your eyes and show you the real truth let me know.
    Love and peace to my fellow humans. X anrchons

  • Ann reardon, you are the end of untrustworthy fake bake videos on Channels like groom groom or five minute craft and that is awsome

  • Speaking of money and corruption ruining science. Climate science has been completely corrupted by money and politics. You’re labelled a heretic if you don’t goose step along with what the Marxist left says. Any change especially warming HAS to be human caused. When really they know to little to make that determination.

  • I own my own restaurant and I’m the head chef, I love watching all your debunking and gadget videos. You’d think I’d get a life but they are brilliant

  • Soul Publishing: rubs temple “We intentionally stay away from politics, because it is too dirty and we are all too tired of it.” 20:30 keeps rubbing temple

  • The dude returning man from 07.00 minutes is an absolute joke. Mainstream science is indeed no different than religious indoctrination and control; and above all also never ever takes any responsibility. Which always has been this way cause this planet hasnt changed one bit throughout history cause the power structure always has been the same. After so many years this world is still a cesspool of human missery so a few can prosper.

  • The Soul Media: “we intentionally stay away from politics because it’s too dirty and we are all too tired of it”
    also The Soul Media: “America will not exist in 20 years �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� ��”

  • I have a recipe of brownie with no flour and no baking powder, and I think its quite good.
    1 cup of fine oat bran
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    150g of 70% chocolate
    3 eggs
    3 spoons full of butter
    cocoa powder
    In a water bath melt 100g of the 70% chocolate with the butter.
    Mix the sugar with the eggs until you get a uniform liquid.
    Add the melted chocolate, then the fine oat bran, and the 50g of chocolate left. Mix it all.
    Spread a thin layer of butter in a glass bowl cover this layer of butter with some cocoa powder.
    Dump the mixture into the bowl and put it in a preheated (180°C) oven for 25 minutes.
    It’s quite tasty and healthy.

  • I hope people understand this is a comedy bit and not professional medical advice. If only “a strong immune system” was all you needed to beat AIDS, Ebola, MERS, and yes, COVID-19…

  • I agree with you on this 5 minute craft are a fake it’s sad to think the people are fooled and will believe anything that 5 minute craft post

  • Mum used to make mirangues in the microwave for her ‘Tea Rooms’, one pink one white with clotted cream and strawberry jam between. Good.


  • Here in the Philippines we open our chip bag that way (first video) when we’re drinking with our friends, doing karaoke or just sharing a bag of chip in one table of seating….since its easier for us yo grab chips that way as long as you just have to put in the table and not move it around.

  • Normally I’d say they had a motive of subversion to the USA personally…but with all going on in the USA it is showing brainwashing is easy you are a product of what you are taght that might be how they see the world

  • People are Like Moths Glued to Electronic Devices……….As Though Relationships Can Be Formed By Sitting at a Computer, or Fitness Can Be Achieved By watching Other People Lift.

  • This may be slightly inappropriate, but there’s a lot of truth here. There’s no denying the blunt wisdom of George Carlin. This rant gave me a good laugh. It was fun to bring these words to life through my art. If you like this video and want to see more like it, please consider supporting After Skool on Patreon. Thank you so much!

  • Дмитрий, Вы в этом ролике более живой и мягкий, более настоящий. На вас несколько приятней смотреть в такие моменты и проще воспринимать. Как будто, сокращается дистанция для доверия между слушателем и лектором. Но, что характерно, общий уровень суррровости разговора, при этом, остается на должной высоте! Думаю, стоит взять на заметку сей момент.
    “Нежнее Фёдор, ещё нежнее.”(с)

  • Just one of the claims he makes: only a few thousand people die of food poisoning in the US today. Yeah, that would be BECAUSE we are careful of such things today. A few thousand people die of it DESPITE modern food processing regulations and our modern scientific knowledge. Now, how many died BEFORE those regulations? Many, many, many more. It was such a problem, that food manufacturers, the SELLERS of processed food, demanded better regulation. Yep, they knew people wouldn’t buy their deadly product unless they could find a way to make them feel more comfortable. ONLY a few thousand die each year despite the farmers, shippers, processors, sellers and buyers all taking steps to prevent it. Go ahead, buy some unpasteurized eggs, make some home made mayo, and leave it around at room temperature for about 3 hours. And then do it AGAIN if you survive the first bout of food poisoning. Food poisoning is usually minor, painful and horrible but not deadly. But sometimes it does kill, and you never know when that sometime will be. And you never ever develop immunity to it. Nope. You can get e. coli a thousand times if you’re so damn dumb that you keep eating dangerous foods. But go on, eat those mud pies. I dare you. We need fewer dumb people. BTW there are 48 million cases of food poisoning in the US every year. Only about 3,000 of them DIE. 128,000 are “merely” hospitalized. So if you have time and money and really enjoy hanging out in the emergency room, go ahead. Personally, I don’t like my toilet enough to want to spend all day on it because a comedian says my immune system needs practice. It gets PLENTY just living in the world with idiots like the people commenting here.

  • i have a question. how much can I learn by watching your videos? your the reason I want to becom a doctor. so thank you. love your videos.

  • And people will watch this and think he meant any of it. Yet he has another whole one about getting the flu. And another about headaches. It’s a bit, folks. You don’t get medical advice from comedians. That would have been his first bit. Idiots who get medical advice from comedians.

  • Plus 5 minute crafts are kinda like aliens I just can’t get the scene of the saying this outta my head����
    Ok now we have taken over Instagram now it’s time for YouTube…..MWA HAHAHAHAAA!

  • In summation this video is brilliant. Ultimately it warns about the possibility of government mobilized content farm groups exploiting algorithms in order to shoehorn in political ads. And you’d think that can’t be THAT easy. Except it is.

    You got this entire message because you wanted a scrambled egg exposed.

  • There’s one thing science has never, is not, and never will be: corrupted. Science is the ultimate idiot proof system, with so many checks and balances in place that you could never possibly hope to fool your way through. Certainly, individual people may be corrupted and attempt some bad science for a possible pay gain. Of that there is no shortage. But to imagine any of that nonsense actually making it through the scientific process is a fairytale. There is double blind studies, peer review, journal cardinality, the null hypothesis, and the list goes on and on. Precisely every instance of corrupt science you mention in this video is exactly NOT science by definition. It is someone pretending to do science. No other scientist has ever been fooled by corrupted studies, just foolish people that watch their news on YouTube and Facebook instead of reading peer-reviewed scientific accredited journals. Science has this corruption shit on lockdown, like no sweat. Peace and use your fucking brain

  • Omg, that is one of his funniest George Carlin bits! I agree a lot, but COVID-19 is at least close to a super-bug. 638K dead, so yeah, WEAR A MASK, wash hands, social distance, and stay safe. Many are going to catch this, but we REALLY CAN’T have everyone sick at the same time!

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  • Good immune system doesn’t make you “immune”. Yes exposure to more germs does make you less prone to diseases and viruses but it’s impossible to know how much your body can take before getting severely sick. Over cleanliness is one thing but purposely exposing yourself to germs is a very bad idea. It’s like working out, yes if you work out until it fit your body’s needs then you’ll get strong. But if you bite off more than you can chew you’re just going to hurt yourself. Not washing your hands is a perfect way to get sick as you aren’t just exposing yourself to the restroom germs but to the germs you were already pre exposed to. Obviously everyone’s immune system is different, if this guys body can take in all these germs then he can but not everyone has the same genes. Take what George says with a grain of salt, he’s right about exposure to germs makes you less prone but still avoid germs for sanitary reasons.

  • Don’t take this as free reign to go into Walgreens without a mask and breathe on the cancer patient with the immune system of a dildo

  • But I love scented hand sanitizer. I use it every time I get in and out of the car or touch anything outside until I can get to a sink and wash my hands.

  • Some people even believe China knew about COVID before they said they did now that’s some flat earth Tin foil hat straw thinking right there. Imagine thinking a government had other motives than the safety of the population ��

  • The human body has this miraculous thing called and immune system has kept us alive for decades centuries and all of a sudden that no longer works Democrats would have you believe that what Democrats are dumbasses��������

  • …the realities of life and death are FAR beyond these trifle comments and conjecture…. he’s a comedian, a smart one, and funny one…but his shit is wrong…. period.

  • I went to school for five years without a jacket! In the snow, rain and hail and never once got I’ll! This was in London England AKA the dumping ground!!!! My other mates who had big Parker jackets ironically always had colds!

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  • To be honest I really don’t agree with the shower bit because some people’s hair gets really greasy, and it’s kind of disgusting going to sleep with greasy hair. Just my opinion tho.

  • This feed must be ran by trump supporters. Released during the start of the pandemic. So inappropriate and miss leading. It’s July with over 3 million positive and over 132 thousand dead. You have lost this subscriber!

  • Social media is good if you use it properly. It is not meant to be used 10 hours a day. If so then get help. That is what you need to know addictive behaviour means something is wrong.

  • Do you really believe GC never got a cold or the flu? This is one of his weakest bits ever. It reflects the mentality of the ignorant trash spreading COVID now. RIP GC, but you weren’t always right.

  • let’s imagine someone would offer him to infect him with coronavirus lol. would he agree just cause he hAs a FrIcKiN StROng ImMunE SySteM?

  • Other than a few Snapchat stories here n there, I am very separated from social media. Last Instagram post was 2017? Last Facebook post was 2018?
    I am glad where I am at.

  • Just got a new sub from me!

    And I gd hate cooking �� It takes an extraordinary creator to make your subject matter area interesting to me ♥️

  • If Carlin were alive today, he would be ripping these PC culture stay-at-home pussies left and right and it would be a beautiful thing.

  • While I wont use the same brush everyday, I stopped caring about corona
    I wont die from it, and if I will, it means Im a fucking 2% weakling and perhaps that will be for the better

  • Uhmm.. germs and Viruses are not the same. Doesent matter how much shit you swim thru, you Still get the virus, becuase your immunsystem cant do anything about viruses with out vaccin.

    Even the smartest Americans are Still missguided in this.
    No Wonder your country is shit right now (1 July 2020)

  • So? You’re arguing hundreds of years of scientific advancement is people being soft sheep? Maybe we just know how bad germs are now, hundreds of thousands of people died annually from infection. It was the top 3 leading causes of death before the invention of antibiotics. This is ridiculous

  • 4:25
    I love their caption “impress without the stress!” as they show off fake how-tos and hacks that will no doubt stress people out who aren’t getting the same results.

  • No company who is funding research should not be allowed to falsify information and or keep information from the public, nor should they be allowed to control or modify the research of the scientist in order to push that companies agenda in order to protect/create profit for themselves.

  • I am an active scientist. I can tell you most scientists are honest. But also most are not very good. They make mistakes in their research work, they make mistakes making conclusions and they are too lazy to do rigorous work. The bad thing is many of these people still have a successful career. The scientific enterprise works too slowly in filtering out bad science. So, meanwhile if you are good in self promotion, over selling your work, knowing influential people, you can be brilliantly successful.

  • Considering this is a #plandemic replete with #satanicrituals such as #dancingnurses, the misuse of RT-PCR as a diagnostic and dangerous mRNA therapeutic inoculations that contain genetically engineered retrovirus that could kill many people… The commie fuckers will milk this for all it is worth… This new normal will last forever unless we the people stand up and say NO!!!

  • Crony Corporate Capitalism and wealth hoarders are corrupting EVERYTHING!!! The 98% NEED to create a society that prevents ANYONE from having the power and money to corrupt society!!! It’s time for an equitable Resource Sharing Society that prevents wealth hoarders from gaining far too much power and control.

  • I, being human, always get discouraged about a YT video with a high proportion of dislikes. However, I found out that Spark along with other high-quality channels receive bad rating simply because of the volume of ads within their videos which is a new revelation to me as I use an ad blocker (and you should too).

  • Отлично излогает сутьдела с редким пониманием в егоизложэнии политика приобретает логику и понятия а,так как в наше время понятия изтерлись осталась логика по каторй можно продать все лижбы с уметь придать продаваемому вид товара томужэ понятию родина и определить цену и гуляй с чистой совестью хоть. Совесть это тожэ понятие

  • People online think that Science is some sort of angels paradise ground, and always compare it to religion. You will soon find out that science is motivated and funded by the highest bidder, and as something made by humans, has its goods and bads. The worse is that a scientist is usually funded by a private company. It is difficult for a scientist to conduct research independently.

  • Вывод  после  ознакомления  с  этим  интервью   не  позволяй  другим  людям  полностью  выстраивать  твои  свои  собственные  мысли,  хоть  немножко  думай  сам,  если  ты  считаешь  себя  человеком.

  • LOL where the facts tho? u talk about facts but u dont give any urself. I hate when doctors actually thinks they are smart just cause they are doctors!

  • It’s “money and corruption are,” not “money and corruption is.”
    Besides, this isn’t news. Money and corruption destroy everything.

  • I have been thinking about the so called Covid quick test. It takes a good bribe for a government anywhere to accept them. They are so many issue with them.

  • Get Instant Access To 200 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Followers, Build Credibility And Gain More Customers…

  • Very disappointed in this. Looked and sounded like an old film I was forced to watch in high school ( that was Many years ago BTW). Having more than just a few one off examples and lots of explaining about the pressures scientists are under would have been good as well. 1 star.

  • Вы можете себе представить Путина в гаражах с мужиками курящего, говорящего матом, и при этом он Вас спрашивает:”А ты пьешь”. Вы ему говорите, ну я и пью и ем. А он Вам говорит: “А вот сщас мы тебе нальём и посмотрим как ты пьёшь”. Я такого представить не могу. Значит Путин не типичный русский  с какими, например, я постоянно сталкиваюсь. Значит он отличается от других.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is controlled by some powerful people his eyes says a lot. He has created the world �� Dangerous DRUG �� that is deadly addicted and destroying lives on this Planet Earth�� now. He can’t control it anymore and he is lost. Many lives will destroyed Mentally and they will lose their Mental-Health.

  • Думаю китайцы у которых коммунистический строй и компартия у руля страны не согласятся с формулировкой коммунизм=фашизм) Недавно одна пожилая ирландка в разговоре и вопросах о России изрекла * мы победили коммунистическое зло*,на что я ей ответила*какого херна вы инвестируете в Китай? пользуетесь продуктом производства КНР.И предложила отдать мне ее айфон, поскольку это продукт коммунистического зала. Бабушка не была готова к вероломному слому стереотипов о России  и у нее произошел сбой операционной системы.Бритиша,кода их загоняют в угол не способны к сопротивлению,они начинают совершать не логичные движения и с заиканием оправдываться. Бабушку успокоил мной предложенный кофе с алтайским медом. А потом я начала ее расспрашивать,как  их братья-бритиша морили ирландцев голодом,не завозя им продукты,как они обнесли Ирландию стеной,как их воровали их и продавали в рабство в Америку.Бабушку не возможно было остановить в ее рассказах. В глазах горел огонь ненависти.И в конце беседы прошлось бабулю проторолить, Я сказала:*а вы говорите коммунизм это зло*.Бабуля сдалась и сказала:*Даааааа мы ничего не знаем о России и Русских ничего *

  • “Science” is a religion. A sick, twisted, easily manipulated
    “religion “. I want to watch them pay for the lies and damage they have caused.

  • I want to share this great testimony to the world on how Dr Osato cure me from Herpes2 with his herbs, I was nervous when i first contact him about the cure for Herpes but i decided to give him a try because i was desperate to get cured and be free from HSV. Dr Osato prepared the cure and sent it to me through UPS,which i used just the way Dr Osato instructed me and thank God today am a beneficiary to these cure and i went back to the hospital after 7days of taking the herbs and i tested Herpes2 Negative. So i will tell you all who is looking for a cure to his/her HSV1&2 that Dr Osato took research before he could finally get the solution to it and a lot of people are benefiting from him right now. He also cure my friend from HPV. Dr Osato heals with natural herbs. Please i urge you to contact him now through his email address: [email protected] or call and WhatsApp him on +2347051705853. His website is and he is capable of curing HIV/AIDS, HERPES, HPV, HSV1&2, CANCER of all kind,DIABETES and so many other infections.

  • this is the real war that brought the world to its knee. there are only 10% of science is real but the virus is entrench problem if uncovered could destroyed the entired world economics in few key strokes. the good science are rarely published but most published science for money investers demand scientis to pursuit otherwise scientists would certainly disagreeed. that is way U.S. usualy invested in universities research to ensure public interest is heeded.

    If you believe Zuckerberg was the one who created Facebook then I have a bridge to sell you. He’s just the face of of it. Facebook was created the same day a CIA surveillance Media program. (Can’t remember the name).

  • Gates did a Ted talk saying he can reduce the population by vaccines out in the open. Gates has killed millions in India Africa and Asia yet he is to be trusted? I guess Hitler was to be trusted too. Gates may have killed more people and not with just vaccines but also pollutants and chemical contaminants. Idk maybe you sold your soul to Gates or maybe you were promised your life would be spared. But you don’t have to dig deep to find the truth there are tons of lawsuits and even supposed reputable media around the world who has reported this

  • So this shit right here does not send Social Media Drug Addicts a message Just Shut it Down We are Americans and not dumb-shits you need celebrate the gutsy folks who dare to tell Social Media to FUCK OFF and then minister them to a better place Zuckerberg “looks” like a normal kid but is a purveyor of Porn, Human Trafficking, Child Molestation and more WATCH THIS GET CENSORED die Zuckerburg Helter Skelter that the shit you like right?

  • Carlin was great, but sorry germs are real and wearing masks is not about political correctness. Remember, this is comedy and shares a little bit of A Modest Proposal.

  • As a millennial I spent my 18-29 on Facebook and then instagram as did every single one of my peers. The last 8 months have been really eye opening to me on how completely disconnected millennials are from reality in the sense of keeping up online appearances literally as the world is falling apart. It’s disgust me to so so many people I follow of all creed, completely refuse to acknowledge real world while posting selfies or trying to sell some shitty rag the call “fashion clothing” while America is unemployed. I deleted all my accounts and I wish I would’ve done it years ago.

  • As you know in the past 2 years I’ve been going through a lot and I haven’t posted many videos, this is why I wanted to work on a topic that mattered to me. I hope this video will make you ponder about how you use social media.

  • I haven’t actually met anybody online, in any context that makes for real friendship or companionship, or had anything make positive changes or influences in my life, with 10 years of using social networks heavily, and this YouTube profile is all I have, in terms of a social life now, but at least I don’t do all that unnecessary exercise anymore and I can honestly say that I have taken up smoking and drinking and I did sell a postcard once for a profit of 1cent.
    Thinking about commerce; if I cannot trust the net and those who control it, with something as simple as conversations, why would I even try to set up a business that is dependant on it?

  • Great video as always!

    The worldwide average of daily time spent on social media is 2 hours and 24 minutes.

    Here are a couple of interesting complimentary videos that provide more details looking at different countries:
    Country Comparison: Daily time spent on social media
    Country comparison: Average number of social media accounts per person

  • i once saw a trick somewhere that said if your iron is burnt you should run it over salt (the iron should be heated). i did. my iron never turned on again

  • since you asked, this is why twitter is absolutely atrocious. even pewdiepie hates it. tbh, using twitter is like reading writings on bathroom walls.

    1. censoring opinions. because of this, it is facing many lawsuits

    2. very, very biased at times. this can be from moderation, to politics, to controversial situations. you can get banned for simply disagreeing with them in controversial situations.

    3. character limit. it forces you to make a huge chain of tweets that no one likes to scroll through.

    4. you cant even edit your tweets

    5. can shadowban you (hide your posts) whenever they want

    6. terrible moderation. many people use this site to be an idiot. these trolls on the platform are rarely banned. one time they took 3 months to answer my tickets!

    7. creates a hivemind environment where opinions are based on others

    8. abuses a chemical called dopamaine. this means that you can easily get addicted

    9. useless trending tab, it’s just politics now

    10. suspended users for bad reasons (IHE, Pyrocynical, and more)

    11. removed followers of innocent users back in 2018

    12. cancel culture

    13. waste of time in general and can be terrible for your mental health

    ngl, at this point Twitter is full of people who measure how they sleep with a ruler. It’s full of people who get rewarded (social media points) for trying to look like what they are not. Especially the RTC (Roblox Twitter Community). at this point, you cannot deny that most of the RTC is a heck-hole. drama, call-outs, and more stuff not every month-not every week-but every day.

    And it’s not just me who thinks this. So yeah, thats a whole critique on the state of Twitter

    now this is why social media sucks in general

    1. very addictive, in fact so addictive that even people are having problems with their basic survival skills just by staring at their phones all day (running into poles, falling into lakes, etc.)

    2. place for people to envy others, it creates a loop of jealousy. you might see a post and be like “ohhh i wish my life was as good as his!!” and then you feel bas about urself and make ur profile epic and another person says the same thing ans creates a loop

    3. dumpster fire in general, people have been bullied to suicide on those platforms and even pewdiepie left it, and same with me. when pewds got robbed, every idiot on twitter was laughing and making fun of him, drama all the time and all sorts of crap happens

    4. very addictive 2, when someone likes ur post u get dopamaine (happy drug) so you get addicted as heck. at one point you literally RELY on social media to be happy and ironically, many people have said they felt depression while using facebook

    5. maaaaaaaany more reasons that i cant list all here

  • The fact trying to publish a paper is not an issue as the paper publication has procrastination process, However, if you have a good project helps society, but disliked by the supervisor, you will be getting hit after hit especially in a PhD program. So this called philosophy bias. mean the system has a gap that allowed to any kind of bias impact the project.

  • what ive learned living on this planet is no matter how good you try to produce something in this world. people will always find flaws.

  • If you notice in the sweet potato buns, when they show the burger in it on the bottom of the screen the have a note:
    “sweet potato and self rising flour”
    instead of the normal flour they showed in the ‘recipe’

  • Covid springs to mind. Here is a massive grant, now lie about how it exists and how dangerous it is.

    Gates foundation to imperial college and neil ferguson $140m
    W.H.O $400m
    Media companies $????

    See how science is easily corrupted?

  • 1990: “In the future we will have flying cars.”

    2019: Teenage girls getting kidnapped because of social media apps.


  • My opinion: it’s not about the social media, it’s all about you and your self-control! Like alcohol and cigarettes, i like these things too, but i never over take them, cause i can control myself from being addicted! It’s just like the social media, it’s all about how you use them for and how you control yourself while using them.

  • Technology has ruined the way people think and communicate which is also the cause for a lot of relationships to end. social media is nothing more than a mouse trap.

  • My mom uses fb too much. Everyday all day when shes off from work. Its frustrating cos I know that’s what makes her tired. Constantly scrolling and liking. I was on fb when I was only 13 and trust me it ruined my life cos I made bad choices and eventually I stopped using it. I only use WhatsApp and YouTube now..

    Don’t be odd meet in person.
    Experts in interpersonal communication have estimated that nonverbal communication constitutes approximately 70 percent of what is involved in communication. In other words, only about 30 percent of communication involves the actual words that we use.
    That means ur missing over 70% of what that person is saying.
    Go out meet the world, ur world.
    Don’t be odd

  • The judicial system is SOLD disgrace to HUMANITY selling our privacy for profit and letting dictatorship media feed bullshit to sheeple

  • Science (political, medical, etc.) warns us of a pending thing…
    Matt Groening says ‘writers write the thing about this thing’.
    Public sees the show…
    Science was right.

  • I like how this video takes me from a fun, jolly bedunking video,with a bit of shades; to that of a mysterious riddle solving vibe.

  • …and this was filmed in the 90’s. In the 2020’s we’ll only have a flood of pre-programmed, pre-packaged “Diversity” Scientists who lack brilliance of originality and sovereignty without even realizing it because the science community will be afraid to call them out due to politically correct policies.

  • Awlso the facebook instagram (Youtube) exatera is cousing climate change.
    Which is at the end awlso bad for us.
    Becouse the data center in the us are runnig on bad Energie.

  • Yeah. It can be depressing. If you don’t place limits on it, it can definitely harm you. For a while, I had hoped that it would be a way to reach a lot of people for positive change. That has not happened. Instead it is being tactically used by organizations to foment mobs, riots, murder, and destruction of property for their own twisted ends. So I constantly reevaluate where to place limits which sadly sometimes means not seeing content from even good people for the simple reason to get more done.

  • George Carlin definitely has a point here: you need, to some extent, hardship in order to prime yourself. But, bringing this up now is taking the truth out-ofcontext. 3:25 yes, I follow the 5-second rule too. And my toilet habits are the same as Carlin’s. And I’m an adult. For everyday stuff like this, you largely don’t need as much hygiene as you need. For instance, kids who pick their nose and eat the booger have stronger immune systems.

    But, this pandemic, there are actually lives at stake. Stay at home orders, as of May, have saved nearly a quarter-million lives. And the pandemic isn’t done, so this is a major underestimate. By the end of the pandemic, the number of total deaths plus prevented deaths will probably rise higher than the number of Americans who died in WW2.

    We need to flatten the curve, to prevent hospitals from overflowing with patients and doctors having to let infected people die. Yes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, but if it kills you, you’re done.

  • I used to know a girl who reads books, whenever she uploads a picture of herself on instagram she gets atleast 150 likes in under an hour(she has nearly 400 followers).But when she uploads a quote from a book or something thats not her face she gets barely 50-80 likes in total. Recently she deleted all those quotes from her posts (idk why she did it).

  • This is why I took a break in my social media accounts. I am drowning in sadness and felt lacking all the time. Its been 10days since then. ��

  • Ann this is my update since I couldn’t reply to your comment:
    1. India
    2. Some food items
    3. Don’t do anything related to touching people
    4. My aunt and uncle got the virus a few months ago and now they are fine. (Thank God!!)

  • I have a feeling what Dave says in the end should be in an almanac or on news on t.v. or even published in a book, let the ideas of sources of what Dave said flood you, for they might come to be on many, many platforms.

  • The novel coronations is obviously a fictional novel, it is hard to believe that millions of people have been brainwashed, including this guy. History is littered with governments killing off their population. Our drugs based medical system pumps people full of toxins, the body produces organisms to eliminate the toxins, our so called experts see these organisms and call them viruses, then pump in more toxins to ‘treat’ our own defence system, it certainly keeps the money rolling in and guarantees high occupancy in hospitals. Vaccines kill and maim millions of people, its simply the religion of our medical system and propaganda that keeps it hidden

  • Billions of people socially conditioned to be aggressive, nasty and narcssitic and false and it happened without anyone realising it.
    Their algorithms encourage this, its criminal.

  • Comparision, validation makes us less humans.

    Go for satisfying one’s soul not the greed of others.

    Everything on this planet has 2 sides, buy the good one.

  • It was said long ago

    Or Technology we create will be our downfall and the world will be destroyednot an exact quote.

    Monday, June 29

    Take a good look at what’s happening in the world!

  • A man is completely scanned by social media… Stealing his privacy.. When we have lost our privacy as well as have sold our minds

  • Дмитрий Юрьевич, благодарю. Скопипастил. Таких как вы надо привлекать к государственной работе. Надоело уже смотреть, как наша доблестная Дума думает думает, а в итоге абсолютно ничего хорошего придумать не может.

  • Все эти “Сталинские репрессии” очень похожи на брехню. Моя семья всю войну пробыла в оккупации. Все дядьки и тетки получили высшее образование. Дед вообще в Польской армии служил. Ну и кого репрессировали сослали в Сибирь? Только брехунов типа Солженицына.

  • Дай Аллах тебе здоровье, Гоблин. Ты все верно говоришь, твой отец тебе правильное, мужское воспитание дал, видя же сегодняшних русских полуевропейцев, кучку женоподобных предателей, которые кладут на свою же великую историю, и таких же кавказцев, просто косящихся под альфачей, а на деле дешевок без настоящего мужского воспитания, забываешь о настоящих русских ребятах, которые насмерть стояли перед опасностью, и такие же были все остальные, и дело было в том, что вождь был настоящим мужчиной, патриотом своей страны, а сейчас такая же ситуация, какая власть такие и люди. А под твоими словами я подписываюсь под всеми.

  • Тем кто хочет посмотреть сам фильм (канал на YouTube с этим видео заблокирован), ссылка на телеканал Россия
    P.s. Кому не сложно, ставьте лайки чтобы держалось сообщение с ссылкой наверху комментариев и можно было легко её найти.

  • Дмитрий Юрьевич, что думаете спустя два года о действиях государства в области кинопроизводства?

  • сегодня очень много ШКУРНИКОВ развелось!!!!!!
    от того таки живем и к тому пришли в чем сегодня живем!!!
    ПОМНИТЕ -” По делам вашим дано будет “!!!!

  • Константин Семин вы не только очень умный и порядочный журналист,но и с хитринкой брать интервью у Пучкова Дмитрия-это очередной раз доходчиво и развернуто дополнить содержание своего фильма.Браво.Пучков как фиксаж по закреплению фильма.

  • вот такие люди должны составлять аналитический штаб страны-одни по гуманитарным вопросам,другие о гос строительстве,третьи нормальные грамотные честные экономисты, и тд и тп.А у нас сейчас МММ,фарцовщики,авантюристы,предатели и просто ворье.И когда это случится вот тогда страна и народ расцветет.

  • I just subscribed from this one video, thank you for your work in fighting misinformation, I look forward to going through your video catalog

  • Сегодня посмотрел этот док. фильм. Был шокирован  наличием ублюдков, которые присутствуют в фильме. Жаль нет советского союза, по моему мнению, уродам, которые рассуждают, что фашисты и коммунисты одно и тоженужно простреливать головы, без лишних рассуждений.

  • all science needed instrumentation and based on old classic theory of well defined units of measurements could be manipulate by internet by the set of constant if change the entire system in the padt 50 years change accordingly. that is why japan and CIA use north korea to lead a different back up if things collapse.

  • Спасибо Дмитрий! Сегодня 3 декабря 2014 года! Сегодня первый раз в России отмечают ДЕНЬ НЕИЗВЕСТНОГО СОЛДАТА! И я сегодня первый раз просмотрел эту запись. Сегодня как никогда, Ваше интервью очень актуально!!!

  • Дмитрию Пучкову.

    1.Историю знаю плохо,поэтому спорить о фактах с Вами или Михалковым не могу.Из Ваших слов не понятно: Михалков лжёт? Или просто рассказывает нам неугодную Вам правду?
    2.Новую хронологию Фоменко и Носовского Вы не поддерживаете? Или просто недостаточно хорошо с ней знакомы? Я полагаю,что они достаточно аргументированно доказали: никакого татаро-монгольского ига не было и быть не могло. Про викингов ничего не знаю,но тут история похожа на татаро-монгольское нашествие: сомнительно,что племена с низкой материальной культурой смогли победить высокоразвитую цивилизацию.
    Мне кажется,что Вы нередко поверхностно излагаете свою точку зрения.
    Желаю успехов.

  • Я извеняюсь конечно, только что на видио наткнулся, но хотелось бы все-таки узнать, действительно, почему вы так уверены что в нашей стране остались здравомыслищие патриоты, с каждым днем просто убеждаюсь в том, что есть патриоты и идиоты, сооброжающих очень мало, есть те кто не разбираясь кричат валить всех надо, есть те кто уже бы за бугор свалили и раздали бы землю, якобы “другие ею занимались бы” и всегда хаят государство  ну и нашего глову. Как обьяснить таким, что сооброжать надо, либо вообще не лесть в политику и не розговаривать о ней и истории народов росии? Просто честно задолбали!!!

  • Больше бы таких видео. Мне нравится и то, что говорит Дмитрий, и то, как он это делает. Согласен со всем сказанным. Манера выражения собственного мнения выше всяких похвал. Может, потому что я сам бывший опер…

  • Japan didn’t shutdown their economy no masks, no schools were closed, no restaurants were closed July 02 2020 CDC is telling doctors without honor like this guy to list Covid 19 Probable Cases What is a COVID-19 probable case?

    A person meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19; A person meeting presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence; A person meeting vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19.
    Basically if you are a person who has any symptoms similar to Covid 19 you are part of the statistics. That’s why Japan only has 20,000 infected and 900 deaths, but the US has millions of infected and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Don’t worry there are honorable doctors who have revealed this information. they are fighting for us. This guy is fighting for his paycheck and he has a lot of free time with all the videos he makes. the editing. I know what it is. It wants money and it is part of the trash of this world.

  • I like you and all. You seem really funny and caring. I cannot get with you on the Gates Foundation comment. Hands down their mission statement is dodgy. You can see through it. I appreciate your medical views but sometimes if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  • мне 25. из них лет 8 ненавидел напрочь  свою страну. сейчас задумываюсь. спасибо, Дмитрий. И если встанет вопрос о промывке мозгов, то я выступлю за промывателя-Гоблина. пока, “либерасты”. кстати, неадекватный ник прямое доказательство евро-американской пропаганды. сейчас я пожарный-спасатель, работаю за 11 тыщ в месяц, да. но ник менять не стану, не в нем дело. это отступление для упоротых идиотов, если, кроме меня, такие найдутся, а они найдутся

  • Прекрасные слова, Дмитрий Юрьевич. “Либо ты стоишь насмерть, либо ты бежишь и изменяешь присяге. Это обстоятельства, в которых вот здесь чёрное, а вот тут белое, вот так можно, а так нельзя”. Ваши бы слова да Стрелкову в уши.

  • Я всё время думаю по какому принципу нас “Русских” будут делить  на части,оказывается,что по национальности и этот этап уже идёт полным ходом! (разделяй и властвуй). 

  • Действительно должна быть у нас государственная целостность, а так же мы сможем выжить и поднять в Россию, но только если перестанем заниматься геноцидом над самими собой. У нас в Сибири половина управленческого аппарата выбравшиеся во власть всеми силами стараются до трусов людей обчистить. И всё это происходит со ссылкой на постоянный неприкращающийся кризис в Стране. А до нашего президента, я так понимаю вообще не доходит объективная информация об обстановке в краях и многих областях.

  • Здравствуйте!
    Я официально заявляю от собственного лица, что я, как РУССКИЙ человек (речь не идёт о “чистокровности” и прочей нацистской херне), я полностью согласен с каждым словом сказанным тов. Гоблином в данном видео. Если кто-то считает, что русских не слоамать, то он немного ошибается. Невозможно сломать нас людей заинтересованных в помощи, правде, честности и верности идеалам всего человечества. Нельзя убить идею помощи. Тот, кто против помощи людям, тот достоит казни. Что такое люди? Что такое человечество? Это ВЫ! Это ты сам и твои друзья (если ты мочишься в лифте и рисуешь непонятную хрень на стенах и стёклах общественного транспорта, то ты не человек а примат животный обезьянин).
    Вывод: смотри своим взглядом, думай сам, решай сам, не ведись на тупые лозунги из телевизора улучшай себя. Читай всё в ПОДЛИННИКЕ, читай словари проясняй себе слова родного языка, изучай другие языки, ищи правду! Думай сам, анализируй сам, помогай окружающим!
    Помни: за что заплатишь, то и получишь. Подаёшь деньги нищему? -Получи вокруг толпы нищих!!! Платишь интернет-вымогателю? -Получи вокруг толпы таких… Плати только тем, кого хочешь видеть почащщще, дружищщще:)

  • Lazy, out dated and just thrown up for clicks!..there is enough of this shit happening RIGHT NOW!! for you lot to make a tiny effort to highlight.
    Congrats, you have just become part of the problem.

  • Most Dr. Will always tell you to go to a Dr. will never tell you about natural cures cause if they do they run out of business. Of course he’s going cover up for The Simpsons and Bill Gates. I never go to doctors i do homemade natural cures and they work just like our ancestors used to.

  • не к ночи будет помянут бондарчук….что в одном фильме пятеро еб*** одну, что во втором его кинопассаже пятеро влюбились в одну….Федя…не кривя душой не все такие, как ты больные на голову….

  • Память о Отечественной войне не удастся сломать,потому что многие дедушек и бабушек расспрашивали о том,что было и как жилось тогда

  • Дмитрий Юрьевич будут ли обзоры на Евразийский Союз или таможенный? Хотелось бы услышать Ваше мнение по поводу их. Будет ли это СССР 2,0? Чем грозит и что будет? Есть ли аналитика по этому? 

  • да это пи…ц я как-то раз решил по прикалыватся над своими друзьями поздравил 3 сентября с днём космонавтики из 14ти 5 приняли за чистую монету и это не школота одному скоро 30 это конечно не значит что у нас народ быдло но дебилы есть которым можно внушить что он ёж противотанковый!

  • Гоблин,доходчиво  обьясняет  что  за  личиной  националистов  всегда  стоят  противники   национального  государства,причём  как  наивные  ура  патриоты,так  и  подлые  ура  гос.предатели!