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When eaten as part of a well-balanced diet, both white and sweet potatoes provide a variety of nutrients for a flavorful and satiating meal. What’s more, research has shown they can help with weight loss by lowering blood pressure and acting as a healthy source of carbs. Plus, potatoes are a low-cost item that can save you money when meal planning. If you generally follow a healthy diet and stay away from excessive consumption of junk foods, consuming potatoes may not lead to weight gain.

In fact, potatoes But here’s the thing: Potatoes aren’t bad for you—in fact, when prepared and consumed the right way, potatoes are healthy—and they can actually. Potatoes get a bad rap for one reason and one reason only: their high glycemic index (GI). (FYI, a food’s GI represents how much it causes your. Though the potato diet may be effective for short-term weight loss, it’s not a long-term solution.

Potatoes are nutritious, but they don’t contain all the nutrients you need for optimal health. So potatoes satisfy the first rule, but not the second. But that doesn’t mean they need to be avoided. There’s nothing wrong with having potatoes, even on a weight loss program – just as long as you go about it the right way. Here’s why GI isn’t the big deal it’s made out to be. Potatoes are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and resistant starch.

However, fried potatoes may also come with some potential negative effects, including weight gain, especially when. There are certain types of foods that make weight loss a little more difficult, but a baked potato isn’t one of them. The truth is, you can eat a baked potato when you’re trying to lose weight. This vegetable is relatively low in calories, a good source of fiber and rich in.

Makes you put on weight! However, newer research shows that the potato, when cooled down, is actually a cheap and nutritious superfood, able to help weight loss, improve mood and boost the immune system. Let me explain.

When potatoes are cooked through, then left to cool down, they form a firm texture. People who are on a fat loss diet often avoid potatoes because potatoes are high in carbohydrate that the body digests rapidly and causing blood sugar level to surge and converts to fat. However, potatoes are indeed a vegetable, and they contain a lot of healthy things like antioxidants.

List of related literature:

Many conventional diets suggest that potatoes are not good for weight loss, but we love them.

“Unsupersize Me The Cookbook” by Carly Asse, Liz Smith
from Unsupersize Me The Cookbook
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Potatoes contain flavonols such as rutin (Figure 14.6), but have not been thought to be important sources of dietary flavonols, however little is known about qualitative and quantitative variation of flavonols in diverse germplasm.

“Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology” by Jaspreet Singh, Lovedeep Kaur
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Low in calories and high in fiber, sweet potatoes are great for weight loss or maintenance: as it all that weren’t enough, they deliver folate and vitamins B6, C, and E.

“Power Foods: 150 Delicious Recipes with the 38 Healthiest Ingredients: A Cookbook” by The Editors of Whole Living Magazine
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Potatoes don’t have to be left out of a low-carb diet.

“The Doctors Book of Food Remedies: The Latest Findings on the Power of Food to Treat and Prevent Health Problems From Aging and Diabetes to Ulcers and Yeast Infections” by Selene Yeager, Editors of Prevention
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That’s not to say that you won’t gain some weight if you stuff yourself with potatoes— the research is mixed—but it does mean you can eat potatoes without worry.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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In addition to eating the skins, you can lower the glycemic index of potatoes by eating them with fat.

“The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns, Toddlers, and Young Children” by Dr. Oscar Serrallach
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They work very well for my body, even though the low-carb books would tell me that I shouldn’t eat potatoes and the low-fat books would tell me that I shouldn’t eat butter or sour cream and the food-combining books would tell me that it is impossible to lose weight while combining carbs and fats in one meal.

“Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don't Deny® Intermittent Fasting-Including the 28-Day FAST Start” by Gin Stephens
from Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don’t Deny® Intermittent Fasting-Including the 28-Day FAST Start
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They yield weight loss because you are starving your system.

“Men's Health The MetaShred Diet: Your 28-Day Rapid Fat-Loss Plan. Simple. Effective. Amazing.” by Michael Roussell, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
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The potato itself has fewer calories than many foods people turn to when trying to lose weight.

“Jane Brody's Good Food Book: Living the High-carbohydrate Way” by Jane E. Brody, Ray Skibinski
from Jane Brody’s Good Food Book: Living the High-carbohydrate Way
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The problem for potatoes, however, is that they are consumed mostly in fried forms these days, and according to at least one study fried potatoes cause more long-term weight gain than any other food.

“Diet Cults” by Matt Fitzgerald
from Diet Cults
by Matt Fitzgerald
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  • Hey Autumn, on the subject of carbs/starches when using a calorie counter app should one select it to track net carbs or total carbs? I’m not doing the keto diet just tracking macros. If, according to a macro calculator I should have 200g carbs is this net or total carbs?

  • I have spent months researching into weight loss and found a fantastic website at Triple trim formula (google it if you are interested)

  • Hey I had a question about how you cook your potatoes? Do you cook them with oil and do you add any seasonings? How about salt? I’m so sorry, I just really want to do this whole thing right and I’m so sick of starting over!:(

  • So thats why I always feel amazing after eating black beans! Whenever I feel sick or nauseous and the thought of food sounds gross black beans is always the cure. I knew I wasn’t crazy lol. Now I have proof to show my hubby that its science ��. I realize that my body is very sensitive to sugar as well. I can’t eat too much sugar or I experience pain and anxiety and I have sensitive teeth. I find that taking an apple cider vinegar pill with a high carb/sugar item helps me avoid the side effects because it balances blood glucose.

  • I want to lose 15kg and wanna try eati g vegan,but i love cheese too much to give it up,although i have bad genes,i lose weight hard and gain weight easily,so what should i do to prevent weight gaining?

  • So informative. I was afraid to eat a baked potato �� since I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been wanting one, and now I know I can have one. I guess everything in moderation huh…. ❤️

  • So no bananas? Pumpkin? White potato? Oats? Etc. This channel is too focused on weight loss and not focused enough on weight maintenance (or even gain) and seems like a very restrictive and rule-based lifestyle.

  • Omg I subscribed as soon as I read high carb. I’m trying to lose 15 kilos and honestly I can’t live on a low carb diet. Low carb food leave me unsatisfied and hungry and I have a very hectic study schedule which makes it really hard for me to concentrate on anything.

  • Really in love with your videos…so knowledgeable
    Trying to do intermittent fasting but I get statiety in very small portion and then get hungry so often.

  • Hi Hannah, I’ve been on the Starch Solution for 2 weeks & I love eating that way though I admit I’m terrified of gaining weight.  What do you think about the argument that a calorie in isn’t a calorie out, meaning that starch raises your blood sugar and therefore insulin which in turn makes you store fat.  I read The Starch Solution and Dr. McDougall doesn’t address this anywhere.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks!:-)

  • I just started watching you in a few days ago. But Autumn i gotta say this, you are sooo fast, i can’t keep up with you��. I don’t know if anyone said this before but i think me personally would benefit if you slow down a little bit or at least give some room for us to digest the info before you go to the next one, a simple breathing room would help a lot. I feel rushed and find myself going back a couple minutes anytime i feel i lost track. As if you are running and i am trying to catch. Lol. �� thank you for all the info you share. I get so much benefit from it.

  • I’m not sure what to think tbh. On one hand, I read a lot of things talking about how the human body needs specific nutrients and how potatoes don’t offer them. On the other hand, I see people like this who have lost tons of weight and seem incredibly healthy. So yeah, I have no idea what to think

  • Speaking about this category. What do you think about Eddoes? I love them so I’d like to know if they are helping or harming my weight loss goals.

  • This is why I could not sign on to Keto (less then 20 g carbs) or even low carb (less than 50 g carbs). I can keep carbs in the moderate range pretty easily with whole foods (50-150ish g carbs) by having these types of higher carb choices at lunch and some at dinner and excluding them from my breakfast. Drastically cutting carbs meant cutting lots of nutrient rich foods, and particularly great sources of fiber (I aim for 20 g a day between all three meals). Doing it this way, I stay full, I keep my energy steady, reduce brain fog, and keep the system humming with no supplements or additives. LOVED this one. I love seeing the benefits of great whole food carb choices. Fiber is my friend. 😉 And while I don’t count macros, I like knowing them in general terms in order to balance my plate and menu plans. And I am able to maintain my goal weight without stressing out about it. I also love variety. No Keto for me.

  • To soak beans, do you use dried beans instead of canned? Or can I soak canned beans? My husband loves buying tons of canned beans when they’re on sale, but I’ve never considered dried black beans, etc, so I’m a bit confused.

  • So, from what I’m gathering watching several of your videosto simply put ityou are following what’s easily referred to as the “keto diet. ” “LCHF diet”… whatever term you wish to label it as. Basically, no bread, rice, corn, etc…most fruits are off-limits??? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Is it ok to substitute red potatoes or yukon gold potatoes instead of sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes make me very ILL, nauseated and horrendous gut cramps. I’ve looked everywhere and have no idea why sweet potatoes (or the orange yams in particular) make me sick but other types don’t.

  • I really love the quotes and inspirational parts of your videos. I’d love to see more of it. Please can you do a whole video (series?) on thoughts, relationships, habits, life choices and staying happy? <3 Thanks Hannah!

  • Is brown rice good or bad? I’m curious because I saw an article saying that brown rice promoted weight loss and white rice promoted weight gain/obesity

  • people in America are eating 90% of their calories from animal foods? that’s total bullshit, its coming from processed plant foods, vegetable oils and sugars. your just making shit up.

  • What about quinoa? I can only eat quinoa and I use it post training with dinner.
    I’ll try eating black beans again I love them.
    Thank you so much for the good information, your videos are great! ��

  • Yet another great video!!
    I recently added sweet potato to my cauliflower broccoli green bean carrot stir fry.
    Another good topic Autumn might be the use of extra virgin olive oil in stir fry if the oil loses nutritional value if heated up too much, or even too much oil is used. 

    I’ve replaced baking and steaming because I love the taste of stir fry and have read that nutrients get sealed in veggies and don’t escape. So you’re getting A)better taste, B)a healthy satiating oil component and C)more nutrients retained while cooking the vegetables.
    Correct me if I’m wrong of course.

  • Hello, I have learned much of you about how to be healthy, but your video’s are a bit quick, it turns some times in ignoing think because of that.. Try please to take take some breath so I can follow all good things you see

  • I have a weight loss question that I hope won’t upset you but you have excess skin from your weight loss? since going vegan I’ve been losing a sufficient amount of weight and I’m beginning to get excess skin on my arms, belly, thighs (ect). I’m not sure if this is a normal thing and if so is there anyway to reduce it?

    This was a prime opportunity to talk about the HUGE difference between a freshly cooked potato (very high glycemic) and a RS or resistant starch-rich Potato.
    When a potato is cooked, then cooled for 24 hrs or more (and it can even be reheated up to 140d) is becomes rich in a special kind of starch that feeds your good gut microbes. Especially the ones that make very healthy anti-inflammatory SCFAs.
    ALSO potatoes can have up to 30 pesticides, fungicides etc. on/in them. Buy organic ones to be sure. You can even grow them in a container garden on your porch.

  • Actually both potatoes and rice can help you lose weight just don’t put condiments on it such as oil,sauce or etc.,I only eat boiled potato and 100ml of milk for breakfast,1 cup of rice and viand for lunch and only viand for dinner,I got results though,I feel proud of myself

  • But they ve been talking about fat doesn’t make you fat? I’m so confused…just wanna be healthy and lean, please shed some light ��

  • Even before I was a Vegan I cut out as many foods as possible that contained Fats and no kidding that was the leanest I’d ever been! Even now as a Vegan, even when I was a Vegetarian (And Pro Wrestler) But now as a Vegan I am trying to lose weight and get lean. Back then I ate white rice all the time.

    For me I am having healthy carbs in the mornings and after about 1pm I cut back on them though. No fats for me either. Feeling pretty good.

    Good Fats in moderation.:)

    No processed junk.

  • As an Indian I assure you rice is a carb pit. That makes you fat. I workout 4 times a week deadlift and squat with weights. Yet in 8 months living in India my fat percentage shot up ftom 25 to 35 percent. Just stick to meat and avoid rice. The sooner I leave India the healthier I’ll get.

  • I cannot take you seriously. You speak way too fast to be convincing. In fact it’s downright frightening. If I were your mother I’d be calling 911

  • I am really loving your videos! Lots of great information that’s helping with my weight loss journey. Would love to get some recipes from you!♥️

  • Thank you so muchhh… Before that I was on diet… didn’t eat potato and bread and rice I thought I was doing right thing after a month I find out that my face is getting so freaking thin while my body change a bit and I lost lots of hair every time I try to brush them then I become sick and now I take medicine to improve my health… That was the worst experience that I ever had and I’m still fat it doesn’t worth it at all…this time I try it just like you say������❤️

  • I’ve done the rice diet. I didn’t lose any weight. But, when I go on a low carb diet, then I can lose a lot of weight. Which consist of 3 boiled eggs each morning, organic fruit,yogurt, silk smoothies, baked chicken breast, and vegetables.
    Everyone’s body and their genetics play a lot into weight.
    But, the high carb food doesn’t work for everyone!

  • i did a foolish thing cutting rice from my diet!! that totally killed my energy while working out!! my advice is eat protein for breakfast, carbs + protein for lunch, and fruits for dinner.

  • Hi Hannah. I been following you for some time now I definitely see your transformation in your weight lost. I been plant based for a year now but I started starch solution 7 days ago and haven’t lost anything. When did you start to lose weight? after 2 weeks,a month? I know we are all different but I get discouraged easy. I went on Dr. McDougall web site to start his 10 day plan to see if that helps. So i hope I see better results next week. Thanks

  • you took the word out of my month’ excessive amounts’ will make you fat still. Nigerians eat rice as a base meal, some of us are really fat, rice with minimal veg is waste of time.. White rice makes me super hungry, brown rice does not elevate my insulin levels. Eat in moderation is the key or avoid it if it spoils the whole plan… till the weight is off

  • this isn’t to debunk the starch solution by any means but for some reason for me personally rice or any grain doesn’t let me get rid of any of my own body weight i also developed an ulcer before this and i was high carb high fat and a meat eater i also wasn’t into eating vegetables or fruit cause i wasn’t raised eating that way but I’m learning each day how to eat healthier. With potatoes its a different story going vegan i noticed its better on my digestion and ulcer and can shed some weight without even trying, i don’t add any oil to my white/brown rice or beans i do add salt about 1-2 teaspoons per 3 cups of rice, I’m not sure if salt is an issue in the starch solution i don’t have a bp problem this isn’t only for me but its for my bf too and i save the rest left over for the following day so i don’t have to cook daily, fruit and vegetable smoothies can also slow down or stop my weight loss progression no dairy added or fat just flax or chia seeds once in a while and water, it seems as though its a digestibility issue for me that i can’t get past, I’m insulin resistant and my blood type is O when i looked up my blood type and diet suggestions it saids i should be more on a wild/paleo diet so i tried that and it has worked out for me also without even working out i cut out all starches. For my body, grains and rice or quinoa doesn’t just seem to work i tried taking digestive enzymes and it didn’t help my weight kept going up, after i had developed an ulcer i started taking keifer the probiotic drink to help me with the pain i developed as well and it worked, my blood type shouldn’t be taking any dairy but I’m not strict by any means on any life style plan yet the lactose in keifer isn’t present due to a enzyme in the good bacteria so its good for lactose intolerant people like myself, i am looking for something that actually works, i had to experiment for myself what makes me feel good and what doesn’t, the potato experiment helped me realize its not a bad vegetable after all i will start to incorporate some white potatoes in my paleo lifestyle since i really dislike sweet potatoes and need the protein and carbs for when i do work out to sustain my energy, unfortunately I’m unable to digest from beans witch i also have to mention i get fatigue from when i eat them when i was vegan and nuts also slowed down my weight loss progress for me. so hopefully cutting out rice and beans and quinoa and replacing it with potatoes will work together harmoniously. just sharing my experience, and when i do get a camera i might share my journey too.

  • Following AIP, I’ve learned that I can’t have sweet potatoes or beans or rice or quinoa more than once a week or I get lots of inflammation. I have to be careful with hummus (chickpeas) and lentils too. I couldn’t be vegan even if I wanted to.

  • There is nothing wrong with olive oil, its actually good for you????? Plus they do make you fat. They are nothing but carbs. If you don’t burn of the amount of carbs you are consuming a day, your body will store those carbs a s FAT!!!!

  • You don’t know what you are talking about. Go study metabolism carbohydrates stimulate insulin which stores GLUCOSE as fat. It doesn’t matter if there’s no fat in the potato or rice if there’s too much glucose it will be store in the liver once this is filled it will be stored as fat. Asian people are thin because they walk and burn the excess glucose compared to fat americans. It doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you burn the calories.

  • Our body will use the complex carbs as glucose fuel and store any fat we eat. If you eat only fat then the body will use the fat as fuel. That’s what keto people do. The keto diet will harm you long term.

  • Numbers

    Where are the numbers

    Date start and wieght
    End date with weight

    These videos are all about book marketing

    If you are trustful then put the numbers and dates and schedules

    Like obese to beast

  • Hello, I am kind of confused, why using starchy carbs instead of whole grain ones? they also are high in fiber and do not cause high peaks of glucemia…I find it difficult to add starchy carbs to every meal every day, it gets boring…wondering if I can add whole grain bread

  • What all you high carbers fail to understand is that this is not a one type fits all, it depends a lot on the lifestyle you have. For a high carb low fat diet to work you need to exercise regularly by doing cardio or just biking. What I’ve observed is that some people keep lean on high fat vegan diets and it goes well with their resistance training lifestyle.

    Moreover, talking biology, in our fat cells, fatty acids enter them where they get transformed into triglycerides(which can’t get through the cell membrane) and they get turned back into fatty acids and are able to exit the fat cell and be used for energy. The rate of how many of those fatty acids get in your fat cell compared to the rate of the ones who leave the fat cell determine whether you are more fat or more lean. In order for fatty acids to enter those fat cells, insulin needs to be present, it’s like the lock to allow the gates to open and fatty acids can enter the cell. Same with glucose and micronutrients, we need insulin for them to enter our cells. If insulin is present for a longer time or it reaches a high level, caused primarily by carbs and some animal products, then a lot more fatty acids enter the fat cells than leave and this process can be reversed by simply lowering the amount of insulin. So either combine carbs with fats or protein or stick to limited carbs that have a high GI or that cause insulin resistance.

    Even at a calorie deficit, you could be fat because of this process and this is what is observed in some cases for some groups in America quite a long time ago.

    TLDR: This high carb low fat train does not work for everyone as our bodies are different and we have different lifestyles and I would say that you should listen to your body and see what works best for you by trying different types of diet and juggling with macros a little to see what gets you best results while still making you feel comfortable. Just keep out the animal products. There’s plenty of high fat low carb vegans that are very happy and slim.

  • gained 10lbs eating potatoes and rice while on a vegan diet and exercising 5 days a week for 4 months. I don’t think think high carb dirts work for those who carry weight on their upper body.

  • Hi Autumn, thanks for your amazing videos. I tried to find the recipe for cauliflower black beans but it’s not available anymore. Can you help me? I mean the recipe for Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowls.

  • i love tour videos, however you talk way too fast lol i really wish you would slow down your speech a little bit, its very hard to catch the point youre trying to make

  • What if we make homemade French fries with a bit of oil. I boil my potatoes before putting them in the fryer because I’ve been told by boiling them first it keeps additional oil from entering the fries. Are homemade fries unhealthy?

  • The majority of calories in a hamburger come from the bread and sauce. Meat per se doesn’t contain that many calories unless you are eating lard. 😉

  • This was right when I needed it! I started out as 200 pounds, and now I’m 140my goal is 120 or 130 (muscle gain and fat loss also unfortunately I’m like, a micro human, on the shorter skinnier side etc) Man, thank you for this. I’ve reached a plateau and I’m ready to bring my body fat percent down even more, and I have begun alternate day fasting so this really helps me to learn what I should be eating on my eating days! Thanks so much, you’re such a wise lady.

  • Hi Hannah, I respect your point of view but I live in Taiwan where people do eat white rice and are skinny but what no one knows until living with these people is that they restrict a lot. For example, they have 3 meals a day with veggies and rice being the base. The amount of rice they eat per meal is no more than 100 grams and a lot of times they skip dinner, which is no latter than 6pm, and in restaurants, they take most of the food at home. The people here learn from their families to restrict and not to place importance on food, it’s their culture. So, shocking but it’s the truth. So everyone, be careful and always check the calories of a food. Rice has as many calories per 100 grams as meat. Best regards.

  • My parents are both vegan and raised me and my brothers vegan but they’re not high carb low fat vegans. They are concerned about me eating g high carb low fat and they think I’m being ridiculous and think I know false information. What should I do to change their opinions?

  • hey everyone today i got a new method to weight loss and i know you must try this method i also lose weight 10 kg in 1 35 days and also lose extra weight from body click on this @t

  • Hannah Yams from Whole Foods will change your life! They are the white/beige ones and that’s the label it says in the store. And purple ones, called Japanese yams(?), taste like sweet candy. So good!!!

  • hey!! I just relized that the tea I drink has a little orange oil in it should I stop drinking it? (good earth sweet and spicy caffeine free)

  • Part of my issue is that I can’t cook! I have three kids, and I am awful at cooking edible food. Even rice and potatoes, I can’t seem to make anything that my kids will enjoy that turns out. I don’t know what to combine to make something delicious. So for too long, we’ve taken the easy road buying packaged foods at the grocery store to heat up like samosas, french fries, store bought gravy, daiya cheese, relying heavily on vegan sandwiches of bread, daiya cheese slices, tofurky slices and condiments. Canned tomato soup with some noodles thrown in.. 

    Even following exact recipes I mess up! lol

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  • Great video Hannah. I never understand how people think that foods that contain no saturated fat could make you fat.
          Give Pearl Barley a try instead of Rice folks. Pearl Barley has more calories, carbs, protein and fibre than brown or wholegrain rice. It also has less saturated fat in it than those rices. You cook Barley the same way as you cook rice so maybe try barley in place of rice. Oh, and Barley is much cheaper than rice too. It tastes great and fills me up far more than rice does.

  • Hey Hannah. Does any rice work or is there a specific kind we should avoid. I believe I heard you say once that white rice is not as good. I could be wrong though.
    Much Love,
    Wendy xx

  • I ate all the fruits listed and not in huge amounts ( could not lose weight and I did not eat white flours, pasta, or carbs like that! When I quit all the fruit the weight fell off! I used a glucose meter and saw that 1/2 a small grapefruit spiked my blood sugar more than freaking bread! Fruit is sugar if you want to gain weight eat fruit! All fruits are plain sugar with some fiber but they will raise blood sugar too much to lose weight.

  • I think you said (correct me if i am wrong) in the last couple of videos, that you don’t recommend white rice for weight loss. Can you clarify for me why?
    Btw love your videos. 😉

  • Hi Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love avocados!!! Is it possible to eat half an avocados a day and still lose weight? Thank you so much!! LOVE, ADORE OBSESSIVELY YOUR VIDEOS!!

  • You see I really like to lose weight and I keep on going but I was still fat I keep keep on doing exisise but still it didn’t work��������������������

  • Yogurt actually makes you lose belly fat, it is a fact and i lost over 100 pounds not eating vegan. I didnt eat much meat at all. i just ate Turkish style non fat non sugar non salt natural yogurt w every meal

  • Exactly. People think potatoes make them fat because they pack them with tons of processed oil or put sour cream/butter on them. I always bake mine with no oil and they taste amazing just like that.

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