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Fiber supplements do, however, offer some of the same health benefits as food-based fiber, Lupton and Sandon both said. While lacking the vitamins and minerals that come with fiber in whole foods. Fiber supplements do, however, offer some of the same health benefits as food-based fiber, Lupton and Sandon both said. While lacking the vitamins and minerals that come with fiber in whole foods.

“Because of that, high-fiber foods can reduce appetite and promote lasting satiety, aiding weight loss.” While fiber is naturally found in foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, fiber supplements are popular among people with weight-loss goals. However, nutrition pros argue they aren’t as good as the real deal. Commercials make it look oh-so-easy to add fiber to our unhealthy diets: Just sprinkle a bit of powdered fiber supplement into your soup, sauce, dip or Fiber Supplements.

Commercials make it look oh-so-easy to add fiber to our unhealthy diets: Just sprinkle a bit of powdered fiber supplement into your soup, sauce, dip or yogurt and voila — become as healthy as. If you’re looking for a convenient, budget-friendly fiber supplement, Benefiber On-the-Go Sticks pack three grams of fiber into a slim, easy-to-use stick. Benefiber uses wheat dextrin, a soluble fiber that.

It’s unclear whether the fiber found in supplements or fortified foods gives the same health benefits as naturally occurring sources. Because of this, most fiber supplements are aimed at preventing. Fiber has a number of health benefits, including normalizing bowel function and preventing constipation. It’s best to get fiber from food, because supplements don’t provide the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that fiber-rich foods do. But fiber supplements can contribute to the recommended daily intake.

A lot of fruits, grains, and vegetables have a lot of fiber, but supplementing with a fiber supplement will ensure you improve your digestive health, reduce your cholesterol, and even help you prevent certain cancers and heart disease. While there isn’t evidence to suggest fiber supplements are harmful, it’s better to get fiber from natural sources because you also get the vitamins and minerals that the foods provide. Whether.

List of related literature:

The best evidence for a benefit of fiber supplements comes from the studies of ispaghula (psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid; ispaghula husk).1 Wheat bran has been no better than placebo in IBS.226,227 Fiber is not helpful for pain, but it can benefit constipation and can sometimes firm up loose stools.

“Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Mark Feldman, Lawrence S. Friedman, Lawrence J. Brandt
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These fiber supplements often claim such benefits as improved gastrointestinal symptoms, weight loss, reduced cholesterol, and colon cancer prevention, among other claims.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
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No one fiber supplement appears to be superior to any other and most likely a combination of different types of fibers is optimal for health.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
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Fiber supplements should be part of any regimen, but they are more effective in normal-transit or “fiber-deficiency” constipation than

“Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review” by Stephen C. Hauser, Darrell S. Pardi, John J. Poterucha
from Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review
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It is safer to get one’s fiber from whole foods rather than from fiber supplements.

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
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For this reason, fiber is best obtained from foods rather than supplements.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
by Alan M. Rees
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For many people with IBS, these supplemental fiber products are a more reliable source of fiber and are better tolerated than dietary sources.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
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If you opt for a fiber supplement, avoid taking it with other medications and supplements.

“Angel Detox” by Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
from Angel Detox
by Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
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(Use caution with fiber supplements.)

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Many types of fiber supplements are available; some are synthetic, such as polycarbophil or methylcellulose, and others are from natural sources, such as bran or psyllium compounds.

“Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Cleveland Clinic
from Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online
by Cleveland Clinic
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  • Bobby You have and still Doing an AWESOME Job…by helping ENDLESSLY People on All those and most Important Issues like how to Preserve Our HEALTH by Guiding Many People…on what To Choose…when it comes to Those Vital Best Healthiest Brands out THERE that if it wasn’t because You…?? Most of Us…wouldn’t even Know WHAT TO BUY OR WHICH ONE WOULD OR COULD BE LESS HEALTHIER…
    Thanks a Lot for Your Great Job!!
    And Do not pay ANY ATTENTION TO THOSE “Troublemakers that are pushing You to Talk ir Comment on Politics Arena!! Where it is No One’s business!!
    Those AHoles…are Totally disrespectful People and DO NOT WORTH A SECOND OF ANYONE’S Life.

  • Subtracting fiber from carbs is not how you get net carbs. You subtract the insoluble fibers from the carbs and half of the soluble fibers from carbs. Most fiber is around 50/50 blend of soluble and insoluble so a rule of thumb is to only subtract 75% of fiber from the carbs and that is your net carbs.

  • If you can stand the taste, prune juice does wonders for me. You can’t have too much or too little for it to work vs. be like taking the Colonoscopy prep. I drink about a cup every night and it helps me. Not habit forming either, just all natural stuff.

  • Question? Is psyllium husk a soluble or in-soluble fiber? I take ground flax and chia seeds everyday and I did purchase the Garden of life one about a month ago but they ALL give you gas! ��. What fibers can you take that don’t do this! And yes I eat plenty of fruits and veggies! �� Thanks Bobby! ( ps. I’m still pounding my chicken ��) ����

  • I Suffer from H pylori for about 7 year now I can’t eat nothing with carbs Without suffer the consequences of pain and bloating for days I do need a support group where I can go and complain

  • It’s such a small amount of other ingredients he is acting like you eat a ton of supplements a week. You should not be overly concerned.

  • Without You…?? It would be MUCH MORE SICK AND ILL PEOPLE OUT THERE!!
    Thanks to Your Helpful and Preventive Videos and Well researched Information that You have BEEN GENEROUSLY OFFER TO ALL OF Us…is what have been a Great Help to ENDLESSLY Individuals that We didn’t even have a Remotely Idea on how To Investigate or Start…but You have been doing all tje Necessary and Hard Work…for All of Ys!!
    And we really Thank You and Support Your Channel till the END!!
    Best Wishes for You, Your Wife and Adorable Lucky Daughter.

  • ive ben struggling too girl just like u ive had to go to the emergency room because of how bad my stomach hurt from not going to the bathroom for a while and i still struggle with it it truely does suck but Ill try adding even more fruits and veggies and see if that plays a roll thanks for making this vid to relate too♡♡♡♡

  • Castor Oil works in troubled times for me but its advanced ewwww yuck. Lots of water, 30 minutes of walking and generic Metamucil does it for me. Miralax when something odd keeps the cycle from happening. Its an odd problem to have in relation to folks you know who are regular like clockwork. nice vid!

  • in costco those gummies have Xylitol instead of sorbitol and how about Chapter One Fiber Gummies, with Natural Chicory Root Soluble Fiber, Certified Kosher, 60 Flavored Gummies they dont have alot of bad ingridients

  • I subscribed as I have these issues too. Since I was 20 years old. Linzess has been a miracle pill for me plus I lost like 50 pounds by exercising drinking water. But need fiber and so many fiber supplement tried Benefiber Shape and it seems to help but only took once so far it says twice a day. And it craves curbings which it does. Made me not want to eat. But with IBS and
    Me taking percocets I get it twice as bad. Linzess helps me though.

  • Bobby, can you do a review on Prebiothrive by Dr. Gundry? Looking for best pre and probiotics to help with cravings for unhealthy foods. Thanks:)

  • Metamucil stopped working for me, when I first started taking it, was working fine and now it wont do anything for me. Do you have to cycle off this stuff?

  • Hello ��. I enjoy your videos. Great content. I’m always wondering what is the best or what to look at in the ingredients. I am lookin into buying the Herbalife shakes and fiber drinks. Could you please do a review on there products before I invest? I would just like your personal point of view. I’m curious because of past stigma on there products. Thank you for sharing and thank you in advance if you do a video on HerbaLife.

  • Hi! I’m from England and have suffered the sam since I was in 20’s I’m now 50 and it’s far worse. I just like you used everything on the market nothing worked. Years of laxatives later probably left my bowel damaged. I’ve had full colonoscopy too. Got IBS real bad. I don’t see it ending now had it most of my life.

  • try anything you can to fix that because i ended up losing my colon and getting a jpouch because i couldnt go for a month at a time and my colon muscles stopped working.

  • Is there a Bobby approved iron supplement for infant. My pediatrician recommends to give my 3 months old baby iron supplement before having solid food..thanks!!

  • Sad to see someone so young with an issue like this. I’ve dealt with it quite a lot over the last 15 years due to some health issues. Mine is more related to medications that I have to take than food or IBS, but the issues are the same. Yes, I’ve gone 6 weeks before without a bowel movement and it is awful. I had a colonoscopy also, which found no physical issue. I’ve tried numerous remedies and you are correct that most of them proved useless for me. One thing that has worked for me every time I have used it is Magnesium Citrate. It can be bought over the counter in most any retail store and it is cheap. If I get backed up for a week or two this stuff frees me up, usually withing a few hours. Only thing is to be prepared to stay around a bathroom when you drink it. Anyway, it works and even with all the medicine I take for other issues and my kidney transplant my doctor says it is safe to use up to once a month. I’m not a doctor, so don’t anybody start using anything without talking to your doctor. I’m just saying this works for me. Good luck!!!

  • I take Benefiber i really like it. You mentioned monk fruit bad for recommended it other video.i just bought some but don’t want to use it if it will upset my stomach.

  • Bobby Meta-Mucil has a premium blend with these ingredients: psyillium husk, maltodextrin, citric acid, natural orange flavor stevia, paprika extract(color),, turmeric (color)…your thoughts

  • Can someone explain the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic? In other words, if I take a prebiotic, do I also need to take a probiotic as well?

  • With having a colonoscopy, I would rather have the procedure than to have that drink that they give you because at least you’re asleep doing the procedure itself. That prep drink is awful. I Know this video is dealing with something else but when you mentioned the colonoscopy, it brought back nightmares.����

  • I have a condition called CIC and bad constipation and I am on Linzess plus I take the Kroger Brand with Probiotic which is like the Benefiber brand and I have been using it for a few years. I am afraid to use the Meta brand cause of throat swelling so im interested in your info. I don’t trust buyin products we eat from amazon cause of fake reviews and items arriving bad,old,fake etc.

  • @skyla, has anyone suggested taking Probiotics?! We need those good gut bacteria’s. Greasy fast foods and things like and Antibiotics take those good gut bacterias out of our body and we need to replenish them! I take probiotics daily and also eat yogurt as often as I can��

  • Great job, Bobby! Thank you for constantly encouraging us to stay on the good healthy path. So many amazing tips! Keep ’em coming!

  • Thanks to your video, I’m getting on the right track for these products. I just did some searching about “what is maltodextrin” as in Metamucil. Everyone uniformly mentions that it causes an insulin spike even greater than sugar. But, at the website they say “According to a 2012 study published in PLoS ONE, maltodextrin can change your gut bacteria composition in a way that makes you MORE susceptible to disease. It can suppress the growth of probiotics in your digestive system, which are important for immune system function.

    The same study showed that maltodextrin can increase the growth of bacteria such as E. coli, which is associated with autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease. If you’re at risk for developing an autoimmune or digestive disorder, then avoiding maltodextrin may be a good idea.” WOW, and we think our foods are safe.
    I think I’ll switch over to the Garden of Life Raw Organic Fiber instead. Thanks for getting me thinking and investigating.

  • I have that problem thanks for your information very good explanation you sound better than these medical so called expirts for your age your very intellegent

  • Personally, i use a product called “Pure For Men”…it’s has only 4 ingredients; Psyllium Husks, Chia, Hemp Seeds, & Aloe Vera. It works so good on my gut and is a great fiber supplement. This product needs to be featured.

  • Hey Bobby, I’m Ye. I like what you do but I’d like to request more BLACK / BROWN / DIVERSE ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS OWNED BRANDS ITEMS and RECIPES and FARMS to spotlight and support us like we support you

  • Off topic but I was wondering how you clean your cast iron pan? My Son is ordering me the one you have on Amazon. Getting a few more things to. Like the baby sun lotion your wife uses for Rose.

  • I’m learning about how fiber brings down the carbs. To loose weight staying under 50carbs a day. But alot of foods low carb don’t taste to good. I’m ordering the pancakes you use and looking for a syrup.

  • Just put flax seeds in the blender and grind it to meal. Sprinkle it on salad, add to vegetable, use in baking. Why buy all this stuff. Flax seeds are organic and cheap.

  • I confused as to what to get.
    I’m not constipated but like right after I eat. Not even 15 mins and my belly cramps up so bad. Then I have diarrhea

    So my mom told me I need fiber?

  • Triphala works (to eliminate daily), oxy powder from global healing works(bowel cleanse), tablespoon of vitamin c works(bowel flush), tablespoon of magnesium calm works(regularity), teaspoon to tablespoon of DMSO liquid daily works(gentle bowel movement)

  • Have you guys tried kefir? I’ve been suffering from constipation for years. Warm lemon water first thing in the morning then drinking the kefir, kiwi and grape concoction has been helping, i blend it together and about noon im ready. Keep doing it until it works.

  • I love your videos for Costco and all things healthy! I needed a good fiber supplement so I checked to see if you had a video for them and you did. You are awesome! Thank you!

  • I didn’t click on your video, because I’m a trouble pooper. Just looking for a good source for fiber. I seen this video a Doctor was talking about leaky gut, and how to fix it with three things( probiotics, a good B complex vitamin, and fider) leaky gut is when the bad bacteria in your stomach take over the good bacteria. These three things was said will help put your good bacteria in charge again. Come to find out a good source for natural fiber is from Chicory Root. What I Might end up doing is grow my own Chicory plants for what I’ve heard is it cousin to dandelion.

  • I’m 55 and have had IBS as long as I can remember. I found a good book called Stop Constipation Now by Dr Wes Jones. He recommends using a laxative and a fibre supplement. I loved Citrucel for a while but it has stopped working. Trying psyllium husk powder and milk of magnesia right now. Always looking for answers.

  • Bobby, I use chia seeds & flax seed powder in ALOT of my cooking but I throw a scoop of NOPALINA in as well…did you come across that in your fiber research???

  • It’s good to know someone has a similar to poo issue! I have gone weeks without going and sometimes it just bogs me down. I’m currently trying to find something new cuz what I usually do is no longer working. Thx for the vid

  • In my body, inulin and fructo-oligo-saccharides = gas. My goto fiber is “Sunfiber”. Available on Amazon. Just one ingredient = partially hydrolyzed guar gum. Guar is a seed, and partially hydrolyzed refers to being treated with and enzyme to lower the viscosity. I blend a scoop into my coffee every morning. No taste. No sliminess. It was recommended to me by the nutritionist for the Chicago Blackhawks.

  • Metamucil actually has a cleaner version called “Original Smooth Psyllium Husk Powder, Sugar-Free and Unflavored”, which contains only Psyllium Husk, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin. I mean we can definitely do better than that, but this one is FSA/HSA eligible.

  • I’m 45 and have had ibs-c for over 30 yrs. one thing I have tried it low fodmap diet. My dr put me on. You take away foods and add them back in. Has made a big difference. Water and fiber is huge. P. Even with that I still have problems once in a while. Kudos to you for talking about it.

  • This definitely helped me because I stumbled across the video searching for reviews on Benefiber on the go so if it works for you I’m sure it works for me because I’m in the same boat! Don’t be embarrassed!

  • Peace! I’ve been dealing with issues for about 4yrs now… got two colonoscopies, ice had highs and lows.(I’m super active and bright after a good bowel movement. I actually dont eat after a great bowel movement for a day or two.) Avocados are one of my best friends( well you are a bff now, I finally can talk about it:). Yes water and teas and less meat for me helps. (Meat sometimes make my poop clumpy instead of smooth. Breathing,yoga and switching postures also help me go. If you are available to talk I am willing to trade information.. thank you for opening up and giving information. The world need this

  • Uhhh same girl! It started in 2014 for me, always had underlying ibs but it never bothered me, then I suffered from PTSD and panic disorder/anxiety. That heightened my ibs to the point of setting off a panic attack if I felt the slightest bit of digestion.
    5 years later and I go to the gym, drink plenty of water, FIBER SACHES have litrally changed my life!! And 1 coffee in the morning to get it all out. Still get flair ups around my period and ovulation though

  • I have the same problem since i was 3 years old and is still having poopy trouble i cut out all meat and dairy and went vegan the only thing that get me going is the benefiber and linzess other than that i would weeks without pooping

  • Perfect timing as I was just looking for psyllium husk powder for my daughter. Where do you find the Viva one Desi uses? I didn’t see it on amazon. Also I saw now has a powder on amazon so maybe I’ll try that one but it had the CA prop 65 warning about heavy lead…concerning? You mentioned not so much in your toothpaste video I believe. Thanks for doing this Bobby!

  • Can I just take psyllium husk powder and mix in potato starch (resistant starch) with some almond milk for the same type of effect???

  • All you need is powdered psyllium husk. It has the highest swell rate compared to all fibers which will push all the garbage out of you. Make sure to get powdered so it easily mixes with water and drink it very quickly because it will turn into jello if you don’t. I actually take the viva brand

  • millions of people to see? lol you are lucky you have 2k views half of them by mistake came across im one of them, byeeeee feel better

  • Thanks for doing this video, this has been very helpful! Kinda wish I would’ve seen it when you uploaded it, as this would’ve been a great birthday present (lol my birthday is the day after) last year, and this past year has been the worst for me bathroom-wise… but I’m glad I saw it now, and it’ll make a good birthday present this year lol. I totally get feeling awkward talking about said issues with others, I only just recently started getting more comfortable with it myself. Just gotta remember that everyone uses the bathroom, and there are more than plenty of us out there who have issues with it, so there’s no need to be embarrassed! Thanks again for the video, very well done!

  • @FlavCity with Bobby Parrish: Fibre is overrated, and often even the cause for constipation. Have a look at this 6 minute video of dr. Paul mason from Low Carb Down Under about diet fibre:

    Also you mentioned Xylitol as a bad sweetener, which it’s not. It’s one of the safe sugar alcohols.

    And you said you don’t mind natural flavors, I thought you always said these are often MSG based?

  • please do an episode on biotin (aka all these hair skin and nail supplements) and fat burners. thank you for all the awesome content!!

  • I am not sure if you know this but some of the fiber supplements you tried in the past contain the fiber psyllium husk which over time can actually cause you to be more constipated. Have you tried other fiber supplements that use different ingredients such as prebiotic inulin? Our company only uses prebiotic inulin fiber in our supplements because of how well it works with little to no side effects.

  • In Canada, Benefibre (note the spelling difference) is 100% inulin. In the U.S., Benefiber is wheat dextrin. Same company. Interesting difference.

  • I’ve struggled with IBS-D since I was in 9th grade. No matter what I would eat, I would always have problems. I have tried prescription medication, probiotics, diets, etc and nothing ever really helped. I spoke to my G.I. doctor and he said I could always take Loperamide (Imodium) as much as needed. I still urge everyone to check with their doctor first, but most of the time, people can take Loperamide every day with no adverse effects. Obviously that won’t help those with IBS-C, but I just thought I would share in case anyone with IBS-D reads this. Good luck Skyla, and I hope your symptoms are able to be managed well. Thanks for making the video. While I’m in the opposite scenario from you, I’m going to try fiber supplements as well.

  • Can you recommend vitamins for kids? I buy the kid’s gummies at Costco and they also get a Fiber gummy but unfortunately it is one of the ones you said was not good. I also like to give them Eldeberry gummies. PLEASE, I need to know what to get my kids that is good for them!

  • While looking into Metamucil, I ended up noticing that, it has Aspartame… which I’m sure everyone knows, can be toxic to a person if you consume it a lot over time.

    I then came across a CVS store brand and it doesn’t contain it. It’s comparable to Benefiber. While I’m not one to usually go for a store brand, 95% of the reviewers were all saying it was actually better than Benefiber’s and Metamucil’s… so we’ll see. To everyone else, make sure your fiber doesn’t contain Aspartame.

  • Thanks for sharing! I use Citrucel which I find works great for IBS-D and IBS-C. I like the taste of the powder (tastes like Tang) very orange color and flavor. Works well!!!

  • Lots and lots of vegetables..especially
    Okra, cucumbers, BEETS, these work for me pretty well you have to consume a lot of them though like A LOT..also
    “Applied Nutrition” has a product called “Açaí Berry Cleanse” that’s my go to when I can’t get in enough vegetables. That works wicked good

  • Hey thank you for posting this!!
    Vast amounts of fruits and vegetables does work the best I’ve suffered from this same type of thing you have on and off in my life. Lots and lots of water as well!! Keep posting this video was super high quality and your gonna get a YouTube following in no time ��

  • Hi Bobby! Longtime subscriber and watcher. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

    I’ve been using Vital Proteins for a year now (discovered from watching one of your videos), but I see there’s a lot more brands now. With all these different collagen peptides out in the market now, which ones are still the best that you would recommend?

  • Hi Bobby My Mom takes the Spring Valley Probiotic Multi-Enzyme with Active Acidophilus Cultures twice a day… Can you tell me if it’s any good?? Thanks and keep up the good work! ��������

  • I take Fiber Advance gummies from Walmart less than $10. Ingredients: chicory root fiber(inulin), cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, organic turmeric, organic black carrot juice concentrate, organic annatto, organic sunflower oil, lonhan fruit concentrate, and organic carnauba wax. What do you think?

  • I poo fine but want to lose weight and heard taking this stuff curbs the appetite and fills the stomach longer which makes you eat less which leads to weight loss. We’ll see. Buying Metamucil today!

  • Bobby you should make a video on shopping at farmers markets & supporting local businesses. As a country, we have to stop relying on china and become self-sufficient producers of our own foods & goods!!!!

  • Brave girl for talking about this subject…I hope you find your support group through this. As you know, I had these same issues as a teen, and it was becoming a Vegan/Veg that changed my life. Julie, my sis, and your Grandma also had these issues as an adult. NO meat helped me!

  • Thanks for another educational video Bobby! Keep up the great work! Can you do a video on the best pasta replacement? Nagoya? Wonder noodle? Palmini? Etc. Thanks! Stay safe!


  • Try probiotics foods like kombucha, kimchi, Greek yogurt, or even ACV. Watch Dr. Axe’s channel on IBS. He believes in healing the gut with foods.

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