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That’s the question, now that chaga and reishi mushroom teas, tonics and coffees are on the scene. Touted by some to boost productivity, help manage stress or support immunity, these products seem promising. But you may not want to toss your typical joe or tea just yet. There’s no arguing that mushrooms are healthy.

Hot water is the most efficient way to extract medicinal properties from chaga. That’s why in Chinese medicine (and even parts of the western world today), chaga is often brewed into mushroom tea or coffee. Simply grinding up the fungus and adding it to a smoothie won’t do you much good. Chaga tea works much better.

Teas and coffee made with reishi, chaga and lion’s mane mushrooms are a hip food trend with ancient roots. But why drink mushroom coffee? Is it gross?While Reishi mushrooms stand out for their testosterone boosting abilities, Chaga mushrooms are more known as a multi-nutrient packed smart food. However, both do a phenomenal job of reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugars and keeping you healthy overall.

Comparing Chaga vs Reishi, I would say that they both possess unique abilities to heal and help the body avoid certain diseases. If you have any thoughts about these mushrooms, please feel free to share your comment. The nutritional value of Reishi, and how best to eat them, as well. Why either Chaga or Reishi is a better choice for certain people, depending on their goals, lifestyle, taste and even location.

Mushrooms can be extremely efficient vegan energy boosts, immune system. Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a type of fungus that grows mainly on the bark of birch trees in cold climates, such as Northern Europe, Siberia, Russia, Korea, Northern Canada and Alaska. The name Reishi is of Japanese origin, but you will also find it under its Latin name Ganoderma lucidum or Chinese name lingzhi. This mushroom is safe for both humans and animals and can be purchased in several different forms (capsules, powders, tea).

It is often sold as a blend with other medicinal mushrooms, such as shiitake and turkey tail. Youn MJ, Kim JK, Park SY, et al. Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) induces G0/G1 arrest and apoptosis in human hepatoma HepG2 cells. World J Gastroenterol 2008;14(4):511-7.

View abstract. Such Reishi mushroom can not be compared in any way with Chinese reishi, for example, which is grown on Chinese farms on the grass, not on a tree. Our Reishi mushroom extract is non-toxic, so it can be used for prevention and for improvement of the overall health.

It is recommended to use reishi extract together with chaga extract.

List of related literature:

Others, like reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), are too woody or too bitter to use as foods but can be used as medicinal teas or extracts.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
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I make reishi tea using three to six teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water.

“The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs” by James A. Duke
from The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World’s Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs
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Chaga is one of the most medicinal tools and overall tonics of the century.

“Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
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These herbs, and especially astragalus and reishi mushroom, should be purchased by the pound from a Chinese pharmacy so the herbs are always on hand to be cooked into tea or to make into a stock for soups or cooking rice.

“The Natural Remedy Bible” by John B. Lust, Michael Tierra
from The Natural Remedy Bible
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One of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is useful for so many conditions that it would take a whole book to describe them all.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
from The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!
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Even the medicinal and highly prized Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) thrives on coffee grounds.

“The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs” by Gunter A. Pauli
from The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs
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Black reishi (G. sinensis) is less active medicinally but has a pleasant mushroom flavor.

“Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief” by David Winston, Steven Maimes
from Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief
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Is a fungus tea any different from a sautéed chanterelle?

“Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us” by Ruth Kassinger
from Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us
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“Reishi, shiitake, or maitake mushroom caps, 6 daily, or Grifron PRO-MAITAKE D-Fraction extract; “Planetary PAU D’ARCO DEEP CLEANSER for internal use, or “Paudarco/butternut bark tea for natural quercetin (also apply pau d’arco extract and echinacea extract drops mixed into aloeveragel).

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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You can make reishi tea using fresh mushrooms or buy the dried form in easy­to­use tea bags, which are available at most natural food stores.

“Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding” by Demetria Clark
from Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • High oxalates? That’s news I didn’t want to hear. But….just like turmeric is high in oxalates, curcumin is not, due to the process of extraction. So…what if one would take a chaga extract, would that either lower or eliminate the oxalates, or would they carry through the extraction?

  • Check out HostDefense. Made in the USA and owned by Paul Stamets. If you dont know who that is and enjoy mushrooms then do yourself a favor and watch youtube videos on him. Specifically any of the podcasts he has been on such as Joe ROgans. Your welcome

  • I’m drinking reishi hot chocolate as I watch this �� I find it’s a great way to start the day if I know I have a lot going on in the day �� Thanks for all the great info!! Xxx

  • a while back I had to unfollow a vegan foodie instagram account that i really liked because they were constantly posting about and endorsing (edible?) mushroom extracts, the claims they made about what the effect was on them and the inaccessibly expensive quantity they advocated for consuming daily was just bad overall

  • I take a combo with Reshi. It totally kicks my butt. Helps to recover and get my immunity up. I did not know everything so thank you for the overview

  • I noticed that your coffee video isn’t up anymore. I’m guessing because there were some inaccuracies. Is there any chance you can update the video and add like regular vs decaf and/or coffee vs tea?

  • Thanks for siplifying my research on mushrooms, will start taking it…Btw quinoa originated in my home town Bolivia ����, my grandma use to make the best quinoa desserts!
    Gracias Alyssa ����

  • Where could I buy this from reliable seller and what should I buy of it? I want to buy the real thing but I don’t know where get a reliable source to get it from. Please help.

  • Thanks for the informative video.
    There’s just one thing that bothers me a little, I understand that you maybe get paid for the product you recommend (duh hence why you recommend it hahah) however I would strongly advise to people in general to NOT get any medicinal mushrooms from China, your product states clearly that it is originated from China. There have been studies showing alarming amounts of nocive chemicals in medicinal mushrooms from China. Paul Stamens also talks about it just do your research before advising something potentially toxic on a long run please.

  • I would dump the “mushroom” microphones. You started out fine standing together with no mics covering your faces and quality of sound was just as good. Then you get behind these mics that cover half your faces and make you look like you need security blankets. Good content though.

  • You should actually try the product before posting anything about the product. Almost all products that humans use have been only scientifically tested on animals. Mushrooms have incredible health benefits and I know this from experience. They do balance your pH. I am not speaking just about this brand I am speaking on mushrooms.

  • Thanks so much iv just started on lions main in capsules and it’s only been a week allso started on cordyceps and I was blown away it works so well and fast for me any way the products come from a good organic tessted source.I’m wanting to try reshi soon as I have sleep problems ��❤��

  • Excellent, honest review. Thanks for letting us know that some of these products are available on Thrive Market. I get a lot if things there. I am currently adding a powdered Lion’s Mane, from Wild Foods, to my coffee. It definitely helps me focus.

  • I have what seems like a reishi mushroom growing on my dying locust tree. I would like to know what it is. Can I send a picture of it somehow?

  • have some of this diesel booze left, its 153 proof, kind of want to do a duel extraction, but right now I am just gonna do water, sucks I don’t own a fridge so I have no way to keep the water extraction cold, maybe more incentive to do a duel, possibly as as a tincture. I am sick though so I should probably just do a water one now. Hate to dump all my fine ground beauties into there if its shelf life is so short and cant refrigerate, just want to use the chunks I fiskared up

  • Very nice video. I’ve been curious about medicinal mushrooms for a very long time. My local health food store sells them, their own brand and others. I think I’ll start with reishi.

  • I just used it today vs my regular coffee and I feel calmer and I dont have heart burn!

    So works for me!

    I love coffee but occasionally suffer from GERD and this really helped me.

    Came out $1 a cup and doesn’t even taste like mushrooms.

  • Why did l arrive at your page? Ordered this product and it came yesterday. Found it whilst researching what to use to boost my immune system, in the wake of this C-19. Drank half a teaspoon just once and l cannot begin to explain the strength, calmness, alertness and physical motivation l experienced. Still on my treadmill after 2hrs now and still going, so thought, let me research this product on U-Tube and, here l am. IT DOES WORK. Anyone telling you it does not work is either a Medical Dr whose brain is so entwined with pharma meds only and just want you to stick with nothing but pharma meds or the pharma bosses themselves who want to enslave you into living your life away from the natural herbs that God gave Us and from which these companies got their synthetic chemicals and products. Just take it in small proportion and you will be perfectly fine. That is not to say everyone reacts well to everything. It’s common sense. Not everyone can take antibiotics. Not everyone can drink milk, but if you’re sure you’ll have no issues, go for it. You talked about one woman who overdosed on it and had kidney issues. Why wouldn’t she? Overdose on ordinary water or ordinary paracetamol and you will definitely land in the Hosp. That is not to say the herbs do not work or are poisonous. You overdose on anything, you’ll be in for it, so U-tuber, apply commonsense, do your research better next time and stop all these deception and false theories.

  • Thanks for the information. I need to buy some Reishi Capsules just to keep me from being depressed during this CV-19 Lockdown while single and living alone. Sigh…

  • Finally, an intelligent person reviewing chaga with an open mind. I forage for, use, and promote the use of chaga, reishi, turkeytail etc. I’m convinced it (chaga) is a super food. I don’t know if it cures cancer or not but I do believe it boosts energy. I mix it with cranberry juice and use it as an energy drink while hiking and foraging. I will also use it after strenuous activity and as a hot beverage in the winter. A little maple sugar and wow, you’ve got a tasty drink. I’ve also made a chaga / chickory blend that has a great taste and tons of health benefits. Available soon. Chaga is fun to find and at my prices $10per lb and re use up to 5-6 times it’s probably cheaper than coffee. That’s for dry conks that you have to bust up further but my point is, get it while you can because it will be harder to find in the future. I sell on ebay with a zillion other people and it’s not expensive. Turkeytail mushrooms run $60 a pound on ebay. Just sayin

  • I got some of the lions mane and listen. That stuff made me gag. It smelled like mashed potatoes and the taste was repulsive to me.:( however, I keep drinking it because it really helps me with water retention in the morning time. ��

  • Stopped after 5mins. I’m convinced she (Unnatural Vegan) is a skeptic. The product is Fabulous and Mushrooms are beneficial to the human species.

  • Most water if tested for the PH you would find it was more acidic then it is neutral so therefore if you do not use water it is neutral or more alkaline then no matter what you’re drinking coffee mushroom coffee whatever it won’t all taste acidic check it out it’s not a joke

  • Thank You. as much as I want & hope natural supplements to work? I also want Real Science behind them. unfortunately as you say they can’t make $MONEY$ from cures:-(

  • I love medicinal mushrooms, there’s a powder I get by Mistyday with chaga, lion’s mane fungi, and gotu kola, which has noticeably reduced my stress and helped me focus a lot more. They’re also delicious in a smoothie with cacao <3

  • Oooh! I discovered these in our New Season’s Market because I’ve been looking for replacements for coffee during the week because I definitely get too much anxiety and nervous energy from coffee (I’m trying to leave it for weekends only). Anyway, I found the Four Sigmatic brand and LOVE them! I also really like the Chaga and Lion’s Mane, I do need to try the Reishi though. Have you ever tried Dandy Blend? It’s not made with mushrooms, but it also has a similar earthy taste…barley, rye, dandelion root, chicory root and beet root (not as good as the mushroom in my opinion) but I do really like it too…especially if I blend it up with hot almond milk, coconut oil (gives a foaminess), a couple drops of stevia and a sprinkle of cinnamon. So yum! Thanks for your great video, I always love watching your channel, Kendra!

  • Some that help where Chaga lacks I think have host trees they help the trees around them I believe most do on that list but not positive

  • HARD EVIDENCE is a 6,000 years of successful use in Siberia. Chaga grows in COLDER regions (yes) but is it also only found in DRY CLIMATES, not Birch Trees in damp areas.

    Using one ounce (12 cups of tea) for 2-4 days will END most Bacteria Colds. This I have shown OVER AND OVER in hundreds of people I either sold it to, or gave it to, over the years. I have never scene an exception. However, this is primarily a great ANTIBACTERIAL “cold” solution. You can happily ignore the lack of scientific evidence on this. I have almost 2 decades of experience in (real) ALCHEMY as well as what I call Paleo-Pharma medicines. CHAGA SIMPLY WORKS!! BUT BEWARE BELOW! LEAVE IN THE TRITURPENES!

    Also, this is important…and I say this from over a decade of regular use. The MOST important comment I will make is that you should NOT REMOVE the Sclera! These TRITURPENES mediate Chaga’s effects on the immune system. If you remove this, it will make your tea TASTE better, but using tea like this for some time (1-2 years depending upon use and your sensitivity to allergens,) may result in PERMANENT IMMUNE SYSTEM OVERREACTION which can leave some antigen sensitive individuals with Cross-Reactions, resulting in URTICARIA! 

    If you are worried about KIDNEY STONES than make sure you take 500-600mg of Magnesium, most transdermally. SIMPLE.

  • Four sigmatic rules not all storwz have it or all priducts n bummer some stores want sky friggin high prices for it. I live it!!!!

  • “Sprouts” grocery store sells these. Check out the coffee section in Sprouts.
    I made an iced latte out of the Four Sigmatic. It was delicious.

    Good bye Dutch Bros ��‍♀️, not just expensive, but too much sugar & fat.

  • All these standard well used and new catch phrases. Good sales talk. So when did mushrooms become medicinal mushrooms? Powderized mushrooms have magically become what, healthier then fresh undried mushrooms, cause that is the underlying drift of the whole video I am getting. No mention of fresh mushrooms being any good at all medicinaly. Some of those Amazon products run from 2 bucks an once to 45 bucks an once and their just mushrooms you’d buy at the grocers fresh in a fray for a dollar.

  • This reminds me of some stupid news article that was going around discussing that ‘flossing’ doesn’t work cus there was no clinical evidence to support it etc!…. ahhh utter silliness

  • Just got mine to prevent me from the CCP Virus. It takes the spikes off the virus\biological warfare being used against us and funded by the National Security Bureaucracy of the United States and Communist China who hate us and want to overthrow the U.S.A.!!!

  • I love reishi. It helps me focus and keeps me grounded. My only issue with it is that it.makes me sleepy after 3-4 hours. How do I avoid this?

  • It is ironic how sceptically vegans react to a perfectly good product, that just has big marketing words, and then you guys go on to praise essential oils.

  • I recommend that everybody should try the CHAGA ELIXIR from FOUR SIGMATIC! Chaga has been great for my immune system and worth the price for me!

    I have tried the Four Sigmatic coffee mix with Lion’s Mane & Chaga, the 10 Mushroom Blend, and the elixir mixes, for Chaga, for Cordyceps, and for Lion’s Mane.

    I feel like the COFFEE MIX did not do anything noticeable or consistent for me; the amount of mushroom seems low per envelope.

    The TEN BLEND mix seems like a good idea for a sweeping variety, but only 160 mg of each mushroom style per serving.

    I really feel like the ELIXIR versions are the higher dosages, the best way to get the most bang for your money, 3g per envelope compared to 1.6 g per serving from the Ten Blend! That’s just my opinion, maybe my math is weak. But I do understand that the whole point of the Elixir version is to be a stronger dose of just one mushroom.

    LION’S MANE ELIXIR can make me feel like the lights are brighter in the room, or like I have had too much coffee. It falls short of the desire to be lit up like a Christmas Tree. (I mix all my servings with black coffee, usually a heaping teaspoon of Nestle Clasico instant. It’s very inexpensive from the grocery store, helps to even out the higher cost of Chaga Elixir everyday).

    CORDYCEPS ELIXIR was supposed to make me feel more athletic, but it was not a noticeable energy boost or strength boost for me, not enough difference for me.

    THE CLEAR WINNER TO SHOUT ABOUT: CHAGA is great for my immune system, I drink one envelope daily, or drink a second envelope if I feel a sinus cold coming on. Before Chaga, I had suffered through months of on/off miserable sinus colds all winter, but with Chaga I have not had any sinus colds. I have woken up many times with the feeling of a sinus cold about to make me miserable for a week; but then an extra cup of coffee and Chaga elixir makes me forget about any sinus cold within an hour. The price for 20 envelopes of Chaga elixir seems a little steep for me, but well worth that price compared to having terrible sinus colds, doctor visits, and antibiotic prescriptions. EVEN if Chaga is just a placebo for me, (as my doubting friends tell me), IT WORKS for me!

    I recommend that everybody should try the CHAGA ELIXIR from FOUR SIGMATIC!

  • Ok i have been reading A LOT about mushrooms.
    Covid 19 creates cytokine storms involving a lot of interleukins ex. IL-6. (There is a medication called tocilizumab having some success in covid 19 by blocking IL-6).
    Some medicinal mushrooms INCREASE certain Interleukins. Some DECREASE certain interleukins.
    Chaga i read increases IL-6. That might be a BAD thing! Maybe…just beware

  • i love the taste of the organic reishi extract powder. it literally tastes like it’s helping you. placebo effect? who knows but it’s feels refreshing to my body. i am giving it to my cat who has kidney cancer. keeping my fingers crossed that it will help him. also put him on low dose naltrexone which will interfere with cancer’s ability to replicate and boost his immune system.

  • Great video, thank you. I’m a new subscriber as well. Keep up the great work.

    My question is, what mushroom is best for us medically and can be grown at home? ��

  • I drink chaga mushroom powder (brewed) with my shilajit in the morning as coffee replacement and reishi mushroom powder tea before bedtime. Both are delicious but water is the best tasting beverage and a must have for all life on earth. Be kind and it will be fine….much love to all����✌

  • This is a terrible video and I regret watching a few minutes of it before realizing what it actually is. Also, it’s very bad taste to see a vegan of all people talk about ‘the truth’ about anything. Rolling my eyes. Get some cholesterol girl and stop being so angry.

  • I actually tried their products when I was pregnant. I wanted a beverage with less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee so for that purpose it worked fine. I didn’t care at all about the mushroom claims. As far as the taste goes, though i really didn’t care for it. There are half caf blends of coffee you can get that are much cheaper and taste better if you’re just looking for less caffeine. I ended up using those instead for basically my whole pregnancy.

  • So glad I founf you guys. Such a cute family. So all your topics r things I want in my life. Thanks for inspiration and info. Good luck with heath and happiness…

  • Thank you for this, Alyssa! I have been getting interested in medicinal mushrooms lately. The only one I’ve tried yet is Reishi. I’m glad you went into which ones are good for various times of the day, and how you’re feeling, etc.
    BTW, you looked especially pretty in today’s video! Very fresh and vibrant =)

  • I don’t know how universal this is in the growing of cordyceps, but I have toured a mushroom farm and was told that the process for growing cordyceps at their location is not vegan-most cultivatable mushrooms can be cultivated completely vegan on straw, but the cordyceps had to have some kind of animal protein in the growing medium (cannot remember the exact one used but they specifically said it was not vegan) to mimic the animal the fungus naturally grows in. They did say they were working on making the process vegan, so perhaps it can be done, but it is something to consider if purchasing cordyceps as a vegan. Loved your video, people always ask me to steam those things into their coffee at my work and I had no idea if they actually did a damn thing or not.

  • I use chaga in my stews for a few reasons.
    1It darkens the soup naturally. therefore I have great looking beef stew
    2It adds a hint of earth flavour
    3I have never felt bad after eating chaga, so Its cool to know that I may be boosting my health from it

    Now here is the weird thing. I have not gotten sick for an entire year which is rare for me. (knock on wood it doesnt happen soon) Here is what I have done this year.
    1I consume chaga every once in a while
    2I do not consume soda anymore but occasionally will have a beer
    3I have been taking a probiotic daily
    4I have been taking a multivitamin daily
    5I have incorporated more fruits into my diet
    6I have cut back half on meat and doubled up on vegetables
    7I have been eating super hot spicy foods daily. (May not be good for others though)
    8I use germx every time I go into my car
    9I have been taking cold showers every other day
    10I have actually less excersise now then before but not because I want to, but because my free time has gone down.
    11I have been consuming cocoa powder mixed with water instead of having chocolate milk
    12I have reduced my caffeine intake by not having coffee daily. I am extremely caffeine sensitive and get addicted to it easily. (it doesnt hurt my stomach, but I will get splitting headaches if I miss a day without my caffeine…well I used to till I cut out the majority of coffee.)

    This was the best video I have seen on Chaga! I just finished brewing my “Healthy Elixer” which is Chaga, Ginger, Lime, Guayusa, and Thyme made into a tea.

  • So many videos on this mushroom, but can’t find a single one that ever talks about proper dosages. A lot of the coffee’s have less than 200mg, and capsules maybe 500-600mg. But who knows what is a good dosage to take. I have been taking one 500mg capsule a day for a month now but don’t notice any positive changes. Maybe that is not enough to get any good benefits idk. Except I do know most supplements take about 2-3 months to really kick in. It might be helping my blood pressure a little, hard to know for sure.

  • AFRICA! In Africa… signal me in whatsapp +254726279900 or email me [email protected]@t..YOU GONNA GET GANODERMA BEVERAGES with 24hrs to 48hrs. Welcome lets help people get the health they are looking for. Shipping charges maybe incurred depending which country you want it delivered.
    100% certified ganoderma lucidum(REISHI)

  • I used chaga during a shingles attack and never got blisters or to the pain part just swelling and itching and it went away…..chaga is a gift from God������

  • The best medicinal mushroom I’ve ever used was called Golden Teacher. Changed my entire life, quit smoking & drinking because I realised I was becoming an alcoholic just like my mom. The mushroom had such an impact on me that I started reading books, taking online classes etc & now I grow it too

  • Life Extension pairs cistanche with reishi, one is good for innate immune system and the other for the adaptive immune system. What is your feeling on that combo?

  • My wife beat lymphoma cancer 22 yrs ago through traditional chinese herbal treatment given by a herbal expert in Indonesia. The lingzhi mushroom was one of the primary treatment agents used. She used to take it 2x a day as tea. My wife is healthy and cancer free now, 22 yrs later. We just found a reliable source of organically certified lingzhi powder from Oregon and we start taking it as a daily supplement.

  • I use reishi mushroom powder, mix with just water, it doesn’t tast good at all, I always say I won’t take it again, but knowing all this benefit it’s all I need, thanks

  • Did you know that heating mushrooms make them lose their medicinal properties? If you want to get the benefits don’t add them to your tea if you put boiling water afterwards.

  • Great video indeed! I just got into herbs like 2 weeks ago I am healthy I’m 29 year old, and I’m exploring all the herbs! My question is I ordered few herbs mucuna, reishi, spirulina, goji Berries and hemp seed! Im afraid since I didn’t take any doctors advice and I’m talking all those stuff I mentioned which makes me a little paranoid whether what I’m doing is good or not since I’m talking all those herbs!

  • I couldn’t understand way I felt so happy today, blissed out, euforic and did pages of positive a formations, did meditation, discovered my “guiding star”:)
    Then I had a suspicion, I took my first Reishi tablet today. Hmm….could it be that? Looked up a video and here you goantidepressant! Yessssss…. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this very useful information about Chaga. Just I need to know if would be any problem if I take in Chaga and Omega 3 supplement daily.

  • Hi guys I know rechi classroom here to have me all good healthy in for immune cells..i like so much DXN because his one of restored my Iife is power this supplement DXN..hi guy’s I love you guys

  • I’ve been working on Chaga with a very big Russian firm, Russians have done clinical tests with Chaga and cured many patients with cancers level 3-4 and even 5 combine with chemio therapy

  • I live in Norway, and we have a lot of chaga growing on the trees outside from where I live. I just became aware of this mushroom today and will be harvesting everything I can starting tomorrow.

  • Really good information about the different types of mushrooms and the benefits, keep up all your good work and videos, just followed your Instagram as well, looking forward to watch some of your recipes videos ��

  • Thank you so much. This is exactly the kind of information that I was looking for. It’s unfortunate that the research is so limited, but knowing what research has been done, where it points, and the risks to watch out for is huge.

  • I’ve been using their product for a number of years and am quite happy with it. I’m a huge believer in the health benefits of mushrooms and find that I stay quite healthy using these products. I also make my own mushroom tinctures. Worth trying.

  • If you had to pick one of these to recommend to someone getting started with mushrooms, which would it be?
    The one you feel is the most important, best side effects etc

  • Actually, if it were less acidic, the pH would be higher, not lower. A higher pH is more alkaline, but too alkaline is as harmful as too acidic.

  • all I want to say is, I haven’t tried the Four Sigmatic thing myself, was just looking for a review not a list of “Google Search” on the ingredients they have in their coffee and a 20 minute “sh*talk* about something you have given a go yourself. It seemed like you’ve made up your mind even before making this video or doing any real research like actually contacting a lab or something like that. Thank you.

  • I bought this coffee and as expensive as it was, the blend tasted like coffee, not like mushroom. The energy I get from the morning blend is super for starting up in the mornings. I’m a daily coffee drinker and above all, your criticisms just demonstrate that you haven’t had the coffee. I made it half way through and didn’t hear anything about four sigmatic putting nutritionists and doctors at the forefront of specializing these recipes to optimize user benefits. I think you could get more information from talking with someone at the company and address these questions you have directly, you won’t be disappointed and may come to the mushroom side after all. Do it for your health! You deserve it.

  • I love reishi mushroom. I have been taking this to boost my immunity from cold. Watch my video to help you register to a reishi shop.

  • Truth is most of the shit we do is not really backed by evidence because most trial runs are all estimating the results. So if you think it works for you do it. If not then don’t. Everyone is different.

  • I noticed you are not responding to comments here… that said… you recommend Root and Bones brand cordyceps and I went to their site and their product states it is “cordyceps sinensis ” which is outlandishly high priced if it is actually real. But they are selling theirs for 200 dollars per pound. Were you aware that cordyceps militarist has all the same benefit for a much lower price? And you do not need to eat a Caterpillar casing… which is not exactly vegan… fyi

  • I have watched more than 5 videos from other youtuber solely to understand what is reishi/the good of reishi. And honestly, your video really helps me understand clearly without translating into my local language. God bless you.. Thank you.. from, MYR

  • They say “support” because the FDA does not allow supplement companies to state anything other than supporting the structure and function of the body. It is illegal to talk about a supplement improving, curing, healing, or preventing anything. Look into DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) of 1994 if you want more info.

  • where does she get her mice to evidence only 10%, not buying that mice are 98% like humans, very little difference between mammals

  • Sun Potion is terrible. It’s mostly grain. Put some powder on your counter. It looks/tastes like flour! How did you come to the conclusion they were good?

  • Using the verbage: “supports memory and…” simply means that the vaguer the wording, the more defensible such will be should the company be sued! That is all.

  • “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!” I wonder when the majority of modern Western society will actually start believing that natural remedies are extremely efficient and don’t at the same time damage the human body…great video thank you!
    Good warnings at the end, especially about kidney stones well balanced!
    I want to start using chaga via tea and will try to post results here.
    It looks like an organization like NCCIH would be the one to do clinical studies on something like chaga.

  • Search “Mushroom References” on google and you will find hundreds of studies on most medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms are known and used for hundreds or thousands of years in multiple cultures. Universities studying these things is a fairly new thing in the long history between fungi and us. I find Lion’s Mane especially potent in improving my abilities in playing music and doing sports.

  • I go foraging and find reichi mushrooms as big as a large pizza and as thick as 6 pizzas stacked on top of each other.
    I dry them out, then break them up, then grind them up in a blender.
    Then I put them in mason jars filled with alcohol. After a few months, I pour the mushrooms in a frying pan and cook it down slowly. Then pour the leftovers into a jar. 1 tablespoon per day and you’ll start noticing the effects after a few weeks.

  • THANK YOU lol I was almost ready to order some but that price…I just wanted a coffee substitute lol. I guess I’ll just get some decaf.

  • I got the hot cacao mix and always use it with hot milk. It’s an interesting taste, definitely earthy like you said. I really wanted to try Lion’s Mane (because I feel like my brain needs help lol) but I don’t drink coffee and I wasn’t sure I’d like the elixir so I got the Lion’s Mane matcha mix (I sometimes drink green tea). I haven’t tried it on it’s own yet but I’ll have it in a smoothie. The thing is, I haven’t gotten in the habit of having regular smoothies so I can’t really tell if it’s helping. I’d love to figure out a way to bring it with me to work. I wonder how the elixir would taste just with cold water?

  • Make sure they are tested for heavy metals.same with kratom and fish oils. Funny mushrooms kratom and fish oil are my favorite supplements but they can have a lot of impurities

  • Just want to point out that just because she has a coupon code does not necessarily equate with the company giving her any remuneration. She seems like a very sincere person to me. Just sayin’ 😉

  • Overpriced. You can by lions mane mushroom for less than $10 from amazon or local stores in capsule form. These guys are pricing this crap at $45. Its insane. FACT IS…… Four Sigmatic are ADVERTISERS. They market crap and sell crap. Well done for creating a good video that is honest and gives people REAL FACTS

  • Wow…this Chaga seems like some powerful stuff. Now in terms of prostate cancer and enlargement, have you any reports that shows that in HUMANS (not in vitro) that this has helped men, and with ladies with cancers, any feedback or data?

  • I’m so amazed by Lion’s Mane so here’s my bit: Lion’s Mane really is very powerful when it comes to increasing memory function ETC. and has the potential to help aid in Alzheimer’s prevention in a revolutionary way. Lion’s Mane helps reopen & strengthen memory pathways thus helping one retain, store and easily access memories. It’s pretty incredible actually. LM also rebuilds neural pathways and can repair nerves and there has yet to be anything else discovered that is able to do that. There are some crazy legit and in-depth videos about lions mane here on Youtube. I have indeed studied them ON MY OWN so these claims are true…HOWEVER, I feel like they’re really lacking in the information department. They really don’t talk about WHY these mushrooms are beneficial and it makes me wonder why they’re doing so much work to promote their product the way they are. You’d think they’d back up their claims with legit scientific research…because it’s out there! I’m not even sure how much of these mushrooms they put in their coffee. It’s important to know though, however, that it’s actually illegal to officially claim that anything in nature has the ability to “cure or improve” specifically that nature “cured your patient” is that not crazy? You’re at serious risk of losing your license if you do so. This is mostly because of the fact that nature cannot be patented AS EASILY by pharmaceutical companies and not as much money will be made (unless you’re Monsanto, but that’s another thing) this is why many companies refrain from saying things “improve memory” etc. Thank you for making this video, I appreciate you actually diving in and analyzing something that is so “popular”!! We all need to do this more! Cheers:) also, all of this information can be verified via some research of one’s own via primary literature/research.

  • Four sigmatic is measuring extracts and the studies you are comparing are using standard dried fruiting bodies which is not as potent as extract.

  • Btw, these mushrooms are “adaptogenic”. They adapt to you and you adapt to them. So don’t take unless you absolutely need them,!or they won’t be effective much when you DO need them!

  • Coffee isn’t a trigger for heartburn because it introduces acid to your stomach (your gut is pretty goddamn acidic, adding smth with a pH of 5 would actually dilute your stomach content a bit, marginally raising the pH), instead, it triggers your stomach to produce more acid.

    Also: I’m concerned about how alkaline the coffee will have to be, to neutralize your stomach acid. Most antacids are tablets that dissolve in acid or a suspension of basically the same stuff. A hypothetical best case scenario where you’re trying to bring your stomach from pH 3.5 (which is kinda the least-acidic your stomach can get) even just to pH 4.0, the coffee would have to be around pH 8.9, which is near the extreme end of alkaline waters can ‘safely’ be (assuming your stomach holds 75ml in rest and there’s 150ml in your cup). People who’ve been experiencing heartburn can have damaged esophagi, which you Would Not be Helping by adding a base. And that’s assuming your stomach’s relatively neutral to begin with. If your stomach’s more acidic, a cup of pH 9 coffee wouldn’t as we say in NL put a dent in a stick of butter.

  • I had a cat that in her 16th year she began having seizures. I began giving her tea I made from chaga and she lived 14 months longer free of seizures and free of pain.

  • Dislike for being a Pat’s fan 😉 word of advice, your microphone setup is awkward, half your face is behind the pop guard. Why are you standing with mic? Awkward. I would work on the fluidity of your conversations. Good info tho, keep making them.

  • Hello
    Does Chaga really reduce inflammation?
    It INCREASES interleukin 6
    So it is proinflammation
    So i am scared to use this during corona virus

    Tocilizumab is a medication used against severe covid cases to BLOCK the receptors of interleukin 6. It is successful with these severe SARS COV 2 cases

    So I am hesitant to use a mushroom that INCREASES IL-6.
    Reishi mushroom on the other hand will decrease IL-6

    I am a physician btw (geriatric medicine).

  • Just to nitpick, a lower pH corresponds to a greater acidity, so you’d hope the four sigmatic would have a higher pH! Alkaline means high pH

  • Hey! Late to the party but just chiming in regarding acidity and heartburn it’s probably not going to be a significant factor. The stomach is very good at regulating pH, because the enzymes in the stomach need quite specific conditions to function in. Between the stomachs ability to regulate pH and the fact that stomach acid is a way stronger acid than most of the food/drink you consume, it is unlikely to significantly effect the pH of your stomach and as such does not contribute to heartburn.

    Coffee is a trigger for heartburn because it effects the muscle connecting the stomach to the oesophagus. When you drink a lot of coffee, the muscle relaxes and stomach contents can irritate your oesophagus. It’s not that the contents is more acidic; it’s that it now reaches an area that is not able to cope with the acid at all. With that in mind, reduced caffeine content might well mean this product is less of a trigger for heartburn. But it has nothing to do with the acidity!

  • “Doctors operate on 10 to 20 years old information” Dr Steven Gundry… Ideas you said the magic words medical industry cannot patent this so that’s why they don’t research it also it is way too powerful in many ways for example preventing Corona. It is a criminal business that are dictated by these huge medical companies. “300000 people die in a year to prescription medicine and 30000 died to recreational drugs” biologist Bruce Lipton

  • Highly recommend going to Paul Stamets, the world leading mycologist, for the science behind these mushrooms rather than Four Sigmatic. He has his own brand Host Defense where you can get this stuff for a lot cheaper and he grows all his mushrooms in WA state so none of it comes frlm China who is dealing with lots of pollution problems. I’ve found Lions Mane to be very helpful for me, personally.

  • Relishi has helped my stress/anxiety/depression immensely and I’ve only been taking short term so far. I also experienced my adult acne clearing up for the first time in 10yrs �� something i did not expect and wish more people discussed for acne! Maybe it’s because reishi helped regulate androgens or hormones but whatever it is, it works and it’s ����

  • I know of one, you forgot to mention: Psilocybe cubensis, health benefits: makes you joyful to embrace the world, connects you to (and with) nature, helps overcome anxiety, makes you think like a philosopher, opens the doors to new worlds and gives sounds, colors and shapes a different meaning. Oh, and it teches you to dance freely.

    Haha, but seriously thank you for your informative and pleasant video! Some mushrooms are truly amazing, including the ones you talked about, and the one I jokingly mentioned. Medical sudies are beeing done, and it seems to be a true wonderdrug.
    My own experiance of a long lasting after-effect was, that I could speak much more fluent and better english (I am german/hungarian and was traveling in Canada back then), just two h after the effect was over. And even better: it made me more confident, positive about myself and others, and more connected to our world.


  • Fasting and the right balance of healthy foods, vitamins & minerals is essential to a proper balance in life

    A vegan/ital diet activates genes that prevent diseases & deactivates cancer-causing ones, 
    as well as heart-disease ones & various other illnesses

    All pharmaceuticals have been synthesized from natural plants and chemically compounded with POISONS to offer us a fraction of what MOTHER NATURE offers us through the raw plants and extracts, simply because BIG PHARMA DOES NOT want
    to give you a permanent CURE, they do not want you be be HEALED FOREVER, 
    THEY want you DEPENDENT on what they sell; they cannot PATENT or PROFIT
    off of NATURE legally, because they OWN NO exclusive rights to PLANTS.

    It’s the same reason they don’t want to ACKNOWLEDGE all the natural cures for CANCER 
    such as PHOENIX TEARS (BOTH THC and CBD are ANTI-CANCEROUS), soursop, moringa, and any alkaline natural fruit, 
    vegetables and herbs, or megadoses of vitamin C

    Cancers and any other diseases and illnesses can only thrive in an acidic environment.

    Any doses of other natural vitamins such as B Complex, D, Folic Acid and many others like Choline & Inositol (Vitamin B8) can also be quite beneficial for optimal mental balance.

    Any fair/direct trade & organic superfoods you can get for specific nutritional or psychic/mental needs such as superfruits, Mycelium (Reishi, Chaga, etc) Maca, Mucuna, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Kokal (Cacao), ancient grains, or other natural chemical complexes such as DMAE Bitartrate, various adaptogens and natural nootropics are in fact part of the hidden Holy Grail of homo noeticus nutrition, or the evolution of humanity into higher consciousness.

  • For someone who forages for mushrooms and knows people who grow lions mane and other medicinal mushrooms. It would literally be a waste of my money to buy foursigmatic’s product. It’s entirely too expensive. I will admit it tastes good but I’ll just continues eating it and consuming it locally. Do your own research and see if you can actually buy lions mane from someone locally. It tastes delicious, almost like lobster and it’s 10x cheaper. Who knows how much lions mane is actually in those tiny packets? Don’t support a company who obviously only cares about money vs health.

    Also, maybe look into foraging and join FB groups. It’s fun!

  • I’m Chinese and I remember being fed cordyceps, mainly in soups (which are slow cooked for hours). I never knew exactly what they were until I discovered Four Sigmatic and heard cordyceps have become trendy in western alt med. What cordyceps are sounds gross but I must’ve developed a taste for them because I’ve always like them ����‍♀️ They probably won’t give you wings but if y’all ever get a chance to try it, and you can get over yourselves, it might be a palatable new thing to try.

  • Leading mycologist Paul Stamets is the authority here and he says they’re medicinal. I’m gonna side with him over some youtube bint, however, Four Sigmatic do appear to be capitalists, not scientists and are just riding the trend, likely with lower doses and inferior quality/less researched ingredients.

  • I just bought it for its taste, it’s a good tasting coffee especially when used for espresso. All the micro-dosing benefits aside, it tastes great.

  • It’s coffee. Just coffee.

    Maybe there are some benefits with the mushrooms but it sounds very hokey to me and overstated. I’ve been listening to these types of claims, for different products, for decades and they almost always turn out to be nonsense marketing.

  • I have started taking reishi to combat my breast cancer. Please tell me if this will add to my already Estrogen level, which I have to bring DOWN. I went to your link and sent my e-mail. May God Bless you in your good work

  • Ive found some contradicting info i hope you can clarify. According to Dr Axe it converts excessive testosterone to dihydrotestosterone while other sources it prevents this conversion as it supresses 5-a reductase. Pretty confusing when you find info that simply say just the opposite…

  • 6:53 H5N1 is avian flu which has a 60% mortality.
    ARV activity means anti retroviral activity (HIV is a retrovirus).
    Corona and influenza viruses are RNA viruses vs Hepatitis B, Herpetic virus (EBV, HERPES SIMPLEX, HERPES ZOSTER Etc) are DNA virus. Hep C, west nile are flavivirus are rna viruses.
    For SARS COV 2 (covid 19 is the disease) we need to focus on RNA viruses.
    I really think that the immunomodulating effects of these mushrooms are the key to stopping a lot of these viruses

  • I brewed a Chaga mushroom tea… powder, boiled for 10 minutes… drank two cups daily for 2 days… had some serious stomach problems… might be unrelated… but…??

  • Rishi mushrooms powder and lion’s man tablets are best for any dieseas
    It’s very very important for CANCER diabetes and other dangerous dieseas.I know about rishi mushroom that how can work because I already used and I have seen its amazing result..

  • My experience with chaga tea… I was living in close quarters with 22 strangers in one house in the snowy winder… sharing rooms, bathrooms, and eating every meal together.. sharing seats, etc. I was drinking chaga tea twice a day every day because i loved the flavor and I knew it boosted the immune system. A flu started to spread thoughout the house and after a week I was the ONLY PERSON who never got the sickness. I attributed this to my chaga tea. Now it is my favorite medicinal mushroom.

  • You need microelements otherwise the chaga wont work. You have to add sea salt. The chaga is an immune modulator. It helps the body turn minerals from sea salt into hormones that carry out functions. It is active in skin and endothelium. It also prevents lactic acid build up in muscles boosting endurance. But if the body is mineral deficient it can cause irritation. Trace mineral gummies should work. Or just add some minerals into chaga tea. Celtic sea salt is a good source or minerals.

  • I loved your video cause you got rite to the point not so much talking I already started 3 videos befor you, got rite to the point….

  • My chaga experience:

    Went to some shady convenience store and drank it on the subway home and then slept 5 hours and had alot of energy. Woke up and listened to mushroom Forrest music on my phone. The positive energy from the chaga exacerbated my girlfriend to make brealfast. Disclaimer: I’m now acting up

  • And we will never seen any significant large scale human trials with Chaga because there is no funding for it. And the pharmaceutical industry would try to discourage NIH to fund any such study in Chaga. Big Pharma doesn’t need any competition with such a promising drug/mushroom cutting into their profits. And the band played on..

  • Intelligent woman. Her explanation of the difference between lack of evidence and “evidence of lack” is a great disclaimer that pharma won’t recognize….and her explanation of why pharma doesn’t do studiesthat the corrupt “for profit” American pharmaceutical industry not being able to own it (just as they’ve blocked the legalization of not only cannabis but hemp for CBD for years). Without going on longer… great video. Thanks.

  • When they say support it means helps the immune system as a preventative.. everybody’s physiology is different so everybody needs to try and test themselves and see what works best for them.

  • Thank you for an amazing video! I have a question on Chaga. One packagings says you need to boil it for 6-8 hours. Another one says you can just add it to a cup of hot water. Why is that? Has the latter been processed in some way already? If yes, then does it still keep it’s original benefits?

  • Thank you for the information!!! I fell in love with mushrooms recently thanks to “Fantastic Fungi” and I am excited to give these guys a try and see what its about.

  • Excellent video! Thank you for sharing! Now TLC makes Chaga in capsule form (which you can also open and make tea with). It’s great for you to take daily as a capsule or add honey to your tea. Link @ This is a 3 Month Supply!!

  • I have been taking chaga tincture that my friend and I have been making using dual extraction for years and I was recently told that it was the only presumed reason that they could find when I was found with colon cancer last year that had not spread at all. My surgeon was from Iran and he said that I was the only person in his career that had colon cancer and it had not spread and was basically dormant or so he said. Thank you so much for your research and sharing

  • “Asians have been doing it for many years”

    Yeah well Chinese women used to bind their feet for many years. You can’t use that as an argument.

  • I take a cordyceps supplement in the mornings to help with energy. I am a third grade teacher, who also suffers from anxiety, so caffeine in larger (ie: coffee) quantities is a no-go! I wish I didn’t loathe stevia, as I am an avid tea drinker, and these sound kind of similar in flavor to a tea.

  • Its really unfortunate that there is no human clinical trial. I wonder how many people are being robbed without this important information.

  • This is a “review”?.. you haven’t tried it and say you won’t because you don’t want to buy it… breaking down the verbiage on the box doesn’t qualify as a review of the actual product

  • Really enjoy this valuable objective information regarding supplements. Please make more similar videos, especially regarding supplements that enhance brain health.

  • @NeurogalMD at the 7:20 mark, how often did the woman have 4-5 tsp? Every day? Every week?
    Side-note: super glad to watch your videos on this, cordyceps and lion’s mane!
    I’m gonna be ‘that guy’ would you consider posting a video of your findings/thoughts of psilocybe mushrooms?

  • Hey. Great video. You say you’ve “diligently researched this,.” Google “mycelium on grain.” That is what the Host Defense product is. Do a quick iodine test to see for yourself.

  • Would just one cup a day of a brewer Chaga cause the issue of high oxalates or was that lady taking some type of stronger extract?

  • Do your research before you speak about a topic please. A product cannot make a claim to diagnose or treat a disease without FDA approval hence the wording such as ” supports”. Otherwise great video.

  • I found 4 sigmatic to be expensive, its cheaper in the long run to buy the pure forms of Mushrooms such as Reishi, and then add to water or tea or coffee.

    Make sure its organic, make sure its certified, make sure its not from china.

    Here is a online store that I get my poweders from.

  • I actually do get physically ill from caffeinated coffee. Even just one cup of it. I feel dizzy, weak and slightly nauseated. My sister does too. Even my mother can’t drink caffeine now because of past stomach illness she suspects was partly caused by coffee and diet. So, something with less caffeine can be very important.

  • Garrett: i bought like $80 worth of your chaga in teas and powder
    I would advise you to further study Chaga.
    I would like that resource you are reading from. Please give me the reference, if it cost you 35$ you don’t need to give it to me but please give me the reference.
    I have emailed you twice.
    I am concerned that chaga can PROMOTE INFLAMMATION rather than decrease inflammation. I need clarification on this if you give me the author and study name.
    Beware of things that increase interleukins.
    If it reduces interleukins and NF-kB while increasing NK and CD8 cells i will start taking the chaga.
    Meanwhile Reishi and Cordyceps are 2 mushrooms that do the above and sound safe.
    I appreciate what you are doing and i really think you are on the right track.

  • This is a very honest review of the evidence that exists in regards to the benefits of consuming chaga mushrooms. There is anecdotal accounts popping up on Twitter of people using chaga mushrooms along with high doses of vitamin C to fight off SARS-COV 2. The easiest way to follow the reports as they come in is to search #chaga_gangsta.

    I have been brewing 1 tbls of raw powdered chaga into a half gallon of water and have been limiting my consumption to an 8 oz cup a day to harden my immune system against this virus.

  • I use to get some minor eczema flare ups under my beard. As long as I was shaving all the time and applying moisturizer it was able to be controlled. However, since I’ve been taking Chaga…the flare ups have gone away and I can grow my beard again! Which my wife loves by the way:)

  • Thanks for providing critical viewpoints in an area plagued by unsubstantiated information and potential danger. What are your favorite sources of scientific articles?

  • If i drink reishi at night i sometimes sleep well n dont always know till i wake up n sometimes i dont sleep well or ling. Oh well it is whatever it is. Cheers!!!

  • Literally all they need to do is brew a cup of coffee and stick a pH stick in it to substantiate that claim, but speculation is much more convenient

  • I find your comments distracting. Chaga is food. Healthy food. The medicinal compound of Chaga are well documented, all of which show benefits and effects on the body, the same reason you probably eat blueberries. I am a human trial, taking it for the autoimmune benefits as I suffer from psoriasis. In 4 weeks I am showing significant improvement in the itching and a visible improvement in the plaques.
    I cant dispute 1500 years of human use in area of Russia where people live well past 100 yrs. Russian medical/pharam industry PRESCRIBES chaga to cancer patients on chemo and radiation because of compounds in Chagas have the ability to support the immune system naturally during the stress of treatment. Researcher Paul Stamets information is where u need to look on YouTube.

  • Thank you for doing this video. Mushrooms are something I have been very interested in yet never really had time to research and find reputable dealers. I appreciate all the info you shared. I will be checking things out further and trying some of your recommendations!

  • I just tried Reishi powder with Holy Basil from Foursigma… and I was so amazed at how I automatically went into a meditative zen state… I’m so so happy I found it! ��

  • Reishi grows wild in north america if anyone wants to actually go outside and find some. Red reishi is grown in reishi factory farms in china for the most part. Not that that’s a bad thing. The market is enormous and couldn’t be satisfied by wild foraging. Personally I don’t trust countries like these. They don’t take care of their own people why would they care about us?

  • So, a fun thing about cordyceps mushrooms are that they are parasitic and the majority of them (including cordyceps militaris) use insects to reproduce. A concern with cordyceps would be if it is actually vegan depending on how it is grown/ harvested.

  • I didnt try the one shes talking about but a product along the same line, I tried mudwtr (a teaspoon instead of tablespoon) and within an hour was so drowsy and heavy and sluggish i felt like i was high or had taken several benedryl i had to go lay down for about 6 hours, in fact it kind of ruined my day. Has anyone else had this awful effect? P.s. Coffee doesnt make me feel jittery but i wanted the “health effects” and “mental focus benefits” of the mushrooms but this made me more foggy than ive felt from when i used to smoke pot in highschool. Anyone else had this experience too?

  • I appreciate you doing this video because I have started using the mushroom powders you have recommended. With you doing this video, it helps clarify for me which of the powders would be most beneficial to me at any given time. I have done some research; however, you have streamlined the process for me. I enjoy all of your videos to date and look forward to each new video you make. Keep up the great work in doing your part in helping us live a better qualify of life!:-)

  • Found you by accident, but I don’t believe it was accident. It was intuitive.

    I appreciate you sharing this info. I have known about Red Reishi, and have taken it in the past. I also take cordyceps I have just recently been researching other medicinal mushrooms; I am very interested in Chaga and Lions Mane.

    I like the info you were brave enough to share, so I subscribed to your channel.

    Thanks again!

  • You cannot patent a mushroom therefore a lack of clinical studies funded by Big Pharma. It has been used for thousands of years by eastern cultures. There is ancestral wisdom to support the efficacy of medicinal mushrooms just not the “science” driven by those seeking to profit from selling medicine.

  • Could you share the source of the study of which you speak. Without this information, no one is able to verify what you have shared here. Also, if the study had not supported what you believe is true, would you have shared this information on Youtube and stopped selling the fungi?

  • I think that there is a danger in equating “scientific evidence” with “evidence” in general, because there is a lot of wisdom in doing what worked for our ancestors and believing that because they did it so much for so many centuries, based on how their bodies reacted to the mushrooms, not knowing anything about them at first that might have given them a placebo, that that means there is a high likelihood that there is some objective benefit from it. In short, because there is no scientific evidence to prove that it works does not mean that there is no evidence to suggest that it works, and I think that in our semantics of how we use the terms “evidence” and “scientific evidence”, there is danger of confusion and of losing the ancient knowledge that’s been passed down to us. I think that there needs to be a huge movement to study more mushrooms in the lab with human trials and I appreciate videos like this that show just how ignorant we are in the science surrounding these substances. Thank you for making this, and I hope it spurs more research into this and other important natural remedies

  • We just grow our own mushrooms Reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane. And we dehydrate and grind them up ourselves. Much cheaper and works just as well.

  • i would like to know what is the best way to ingest this, either raw or tincture or as a powder, im not lucky enough to obtain this from russia

  • I know this video is a few months old now but I believe the pH of the coffee for 4-sigma-whatever coffee should actually be higher than regular pH coffee because it would be more alkaline. Basicity increases as pH increases. Around 3:05 or so.

  • Good video all I can say is iv been drinking it for a year. Before that I’d get sines infection then bronchitis every winter. Last winter was the first time I hadn’t gotten sick. Also I have high blood pressure that was 148 now if stays arond 133 to 124 with out meds only advise I can give is if you are using it make your doctor look it up otherwise they’ll just blow it off as a crack pot remedy.

  • Her biased review is futile wow. I Don’t recommend taking her word for it reviews should be unbiased and thorough not just your opinions based on reference of their description and info. At least try it if you want to provide a good review. Smh

  • Thank you for all the information on the 4 products. My husband & I are just looking into the Chaga Teas (Organic preferable of course). So we are looking forward to placing an order from ThriveMarket or Four Sigmatic website sounds like ThriveMarket might have better prices/sales

  • Thank you so much for talking about the bs that is four stigmatic mushrooms drinks. So many people on youtube are promoting this and…

  • I just want to suggest that people try each new mushroom type individually for a week or so. I had a reaction to reishi mushrooms giving me headaches.

  • Interesting. I have been taking about 60 drops per day Or 1/2 teaspoon 5 days a week. Then I back off for two weeks and then back on.
    I have taking Chaga for over 8 years now,Maybe longer. And I never get a cold. Actually I think it’s more like 10 years and flu /colds free. Before I took the Chaga I had colds every year. Let’s not get off the subject of Chaga, but washing your hands a lot will help with colds.
    I had Hodgkins 20 years ago and started Taking Chaga on and off for years now.
    I feel like a lab mouse.
    Big pharmaceutical companies don’t want to find a cure.. NO MONEY IN A CURE.
    Magic Johnson had Ads back in the day and he’s still alive. We have a cure for everything nowadays. It’s all about big money and power.
    Don’t kid yourselves

  • I’m a little late to find this video! I noticed about the same time that all of the podcasters I follow seemed to be talking about four sigmatic. I couldn’t afford the cost of it, but I did find Thrive 6 on Amazon, that has very similar mushroom content; although, it’s just a powder that you add to whatever coffee/tea/soup/smoothie you want. Using the daily serving size the bag lasts me almost 2 months at just over $20 for the bag. While my memory is still pretty poor and I have no way of testing most of the claims on either, I have noticed that I get sick less frequently than in the past (I have two small children that are always bringing everything home). Does it help? Can’t say for sure, because I’m not a doctor/nutritionist/scientist, but I’ve been taking it for almost a year now and I will keep doing so. It gives my coffee kind of a mocha flavor, it’s not bad.

  • Wow, what a fabulous review! Very succinct. I came to watch your review because I watched the Fantastic Fungi documentary and became intrigued and recently before that switched to Four Sigmatic’s Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga and wow, I noticed a difference in focus between it and my Bulletproof coffee with Brain Octane, so I started trying their elixirs now and, it’s 2020…they must’ve improved the taste of the Cacao Mix with Reishi, because I LOVE it! And I used water (will try with milk) but the cinnamon with the hot chocolate taste, just sweet enough, it was delicious I thought, I’ll be buying more. And so I became motivated to trying more of their products, but I do agree, it’s expensive, so good to know that it maybe be sensible for the long run to get the powder in the bags from another company I saw.
    Also, I tried ground up Turkey Tail, which is also supposed to be amazing, from the company run by Paul Stamets, and it is disgusting tasting! Earthy I guess is the word. But I mixed it in my chocolate protein shake along with some maca powder, and it totally masked the taste. I see they sell it in capsules too.
    Btw, I’m from Wi too! Madison.

  • Great video what do you think about the mushroom powders that are a mix of all the mushrooms you mentioned or is it better to consume them separately?

  • Thank you for this information, Neurogal! You do a great job explaining to a lay person like myself. Since these things are being retailed now, is there no way the STEM community could support the retail community by crowd sourcing consumer feedback so we could document the human effects of the chaga? Or are clinical trials much too restrictive for a model like this to work?

    By the way, someone gave me chaga and wild berry tea as a gift… Yum the best tea I’ve ever had!

  • I’m so humble and I’m definitely not marketing… but you should totally use my promo code. Lol

    This video is such a paid advert.

    Guys look for brands that work for you and not for whatever you’re told. Especially when it’s like this. Medicinal mushrooms are good but shame that the industry is becoming so commercial and selling out.

  • Im pretty sure russian doctors/scientist have studied chaga mushroom on people…that scientific literature would be russian so yea kinda hard to tell lol chaga thrives in northern cold climates so russia has a long history studying this herb.

  • Bummer! Saw your video after ordering the Hot Cacao:(. Hope my taste is different from yours by $20 is kind of crazy for something you don’t like…Oh, and first of your videos I’ve seen. New subbie!

  • I thought it is not good when the mushroompowder is getting to hot, because hot temperature is destroying the proteins.. So I take them in capsules with water.

  • Maybe try doing your workout right after drinking cordyceps to get all of your energy out in a productive way. I know in the mushroom academy videos that foursigmatic puts on, they suggest drinking cordyceps before a workout! Love your video!

  • I ground my dried mushrooms to powder!

    Why does the Bible say…..

    “Whoever falls on that stone shall be turned to powder?”

    “Have you ever noticed how a mushroom looks like the genitals of MEN?”

    It’s a good thing that I grounded the mushrooms up into powder!

    The END!

    ME: “Hysterically laughing at stupid humans”

  • Hey! I know this video is a little older but I just wanted to pop in and say that companies generally use the words “support” because as a supplement, they’re legally not allowed to make any specific structure/function or disease claims (with a very small number of exceptions) so using words like that helps keep them legally compliant

  • Hey. Thanks for the detailed info. I resonate with lions mane, chaga and Reishi. I went to vitamin shoppe and bought all three capsule bottles. Can I take all three every day? I’m confused about the dosage. Thanks.

  • This is all very well and good, but what about the super freaking warning on the label of this coffee? That’s what I want info on! Anyone? Am I the only one freaked out by that label?? ��

  • Anti oxidants are not always beneficial. It depends on what is going on in your body at the time, or what medication you are taking. Be careful because people hear the word beneficial and they run to the store to buy that particular product and consume tons thinking that how can you go wrong with tons of beneficial. I suggest that you make your viewers aware that what is good for one person could kill another. It’s very important to consult with a health care professional who,knows you, before starting on any drug or herbal therapy.

  • Great video! I am definitely interested in more videos on research about different herbal supplements like this. Since science is not my industry, I have a hard time with the academic resources, though I do try. So videos like this are very helpful

  • Hey guys, super stoked on your vid, thanks! I have a question, can I mix mushrooms? Like say mix cordyceps, reishi, and lionsmane? And chaga?

  • We make and use tincture for several years now, also for others. We know the health benefits. It cant make money for the big pharma so it is likely to be downgraded by them like other natural supplements. Such a shame.

  • Love mushrooms, but can’t stand the taste of stevia. I must check on just the mushrooms without anything added, especially sweet added. Thanks for all the info!!!

  • I think you look so much like Jennifer Garner here! Just had to tell you, (20 months after the fact and when you’ll likely never ever see this?)������‍♀️������‍♀️

  • I agree a mixed mushroom mixture as an antiviral profiilactic. Agarikon by Paul Stamets and Chaga mushroom dual extract tincture is worthy of research and reishi dual extract… It all needs to be researched… Good job man

  • Make tea with Reishi mushrooms. Freeze into ice cubes. Every day, put one in your coffee with a little cream and sweetener. This is how we take ours. We really like the Reishi tea. Gives us more stamina.

  • I only trust ‘Host Defense’

    Paul Stamets makes them and goes through tons of trails to make sure they are pure mushrooms and safe. He also is on Joe Rogan’s podcast talking about the benefits of mushrooms!

  • I’m taking my ebay ads for chaga down. I’ve already removed all my ten pound and all but one 5 lb lots. I sold a lot on there but for cheap and I’d rather get it to who needs it than make chaga traders rich. I’ve got tons of artist conks too. Harvested for chinese market but they pulled the plug just before I was going to deliver. They offer $1 a pound per inch weight! IE a 12″ conk is $12 per pound. A 20 is $20 per. They must charge double that at least in China. If they pay more it MUST be worth more.

  • Can’t drink coffee of any kind, gives me palpitations due to my anxiety so I just avoid caffeine and go for decaf Tulsi or other forms of tea just for relaxation but otherwise no other “health” reason.

    I stick to my doctors’ and nutritionists’ advices when it comes to health issues and its helped me tremendously.

    The only thing that really makes me feel good is a good old glass of water with ice cubes:)

    And besides will I trust a dubious actress/youtubers such as Fully raw Kristina/Medicalmedium with no degree in science or medicine promoting goop (alternative medicine) and these coffees, celery juice, etc or a well qualified medical professional who has studied for 10-15 years and keeps studying and working in a practical place seeing 100’s if not 1000’s of patients for longer than that?

    If you ask me I’ll go to the doc or the hospital.

    I think they have their best interest for humans because atleast medical vaccines was what eradicated small pox and recently polio (except for I think 3 countries, every country has been eradicated of polio through the WHO). And they are the humans working in hospitals for nonsensical work hours and I just trust them a whole lot more.

  • I know people who go to a certain coffee shop daily… So in that case, the $3.80/$114 a month for two cups of coffee daily would be a deal 😉

  • Wood eaters…some will eat the fiber and some eat the oils causing different types of rott
    and some eat dead wood and some eat live wood….this might give us clues to how they can make our medicine