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APPLE’S NEXT RECALL: 12″ 2015 A1534 Macbook logic board premature failure

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I Tested Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Replacement Program (they lied to me)

Video taken from the channel: Luke Miani


The Apple MacBook Pro Has Been Recalled

Video taken from the channel: Lew Later


MacBook Pro 2017 Hard Drive Error and Apple Recall

Video taken from the channel: lapfix


Apple Responds to MacBook Pro Overheating Recall

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Apple announces recall on Macbook: AGAIN!

Video taken from the channel: Louis Rossmann


Apple Recall 2019 Mac, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPhone & iPad

Video taken from the channel: Matt Talks Tech

Apple Three-prong AC Wall Plug Adapter Recall Program April 25, 2019. 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) Solid-State Drive Service Program November 9, 2018. iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues November 9, 2018. iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program. Apple has recalled a lot of MacBooks recently. Your MacBook may be eligible for free replacement of its battery, keyboard, logic board, display backlight, or another component.

Here’s how to check whether you can get some free repairs. The variety of recalled apples include McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Fuji, Nonamac and Red Delicious, all sold in plastic bags under the brands. MIAMI (CNN) – A Michigan produce company has recalled nearly 2,300 cases of fresh apples that could be contaminated with listeria. North Bay Produce said the recall affects branded bags of Red Delicious, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonathan and Jonamac apples and in non-branded white and plastic bags. A Michigan-based produce company has recalled over 2,000 crates of fresh apples, citing concerns that the fruit may carry a bacterium that can cause serious health problems.

Over 2,000 cases of apples have been recalled due to concerns of potential listeria contamination, Food Safety News reports. The types of apples included in the recall. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just announced that Traverse City, Mich.-based produce company North Bay Produce, Inc. is voluntarily recalling 2,297 cases and two bulk bins of fresh apples. The recall is being issued due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. This recall involves certain Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop computers.

The recalled laptop computers have a 15.4-inch (diagonal) display, 2.2-2.5 GHz processors, 256GB-1TB solid-state storage, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, two USB 3 ports, and one HDMI port. North Bay Produce issued a voluntary recall of Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonamac, Jonathan, McIntosh and Red Delicious apples shipped Oct. 16 Oct. 21 in 2-pound or 3-pound bags and 600-pound bins. The recall affects a total of 2,297 cases and two bulk bins.

Apple has determined that, under very rare circumstances, a crack may form along the rounded edge of the screen in aluminum models of an Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3. The crack may begin on one side and then may continue around the screen as shown in the images below.

List of related literature:

Apple has had its share of product recalls.

“Switching to a Mac For Dummies” by Arnold Reinhold
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Apple has introduced Supplier Responsibility Reports.

“Digital Labour and Karl Marx” by Christian Fuchs
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If, unfortunately, litigation ensues because of a recall, it probably will not happen in the weeks or months immediately following the recall.

“Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy” by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
from Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
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But in the meantime Apple had obtained an interim order prohibiting the sale of the computers by Samsung.

“Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy” by Charlotte Waelde, Graeme Laurie, Abbe Brown, Smita Kheria, Jane Cornwell
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Apple continues to streamline its production and inventory practices.

“Fundamentals of Corporate Finance” by Robert Parrino, David S. Kidwell, Thomas Bates, Stuart L. Gillan
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But, by that time, Apple’s competitors will have access to its new product plans, and the potential damages incurred will far outweigh any damages the employee could repay.

“Digital Media Law” by Ashley Packard
from Digital Media Law
by Ashley Packard
Wiley, 2012

If you do not return the defective accessory to Apple within 10 days of when we ship the replacement part, Apple will charge you for the replacement.”2 Part of the scam involved using credit cards past their limit when requesting replacement devices.

“Hacking Web Apps: Detecting and Preventing Web Application Security Problems” by Mike Shema
from Hacking Web Apps: Detecting and Preventing Web Application Security Problems
by Mike Shema
Elsevier Science, 2012

Products that didn’t see the light day – or not until much later – include a tablet computer, a web-based Office product (in 2001), software for cars that allowed drivers to play digital music and hear email, and Office products that were compatible with Apple’s iPhone.

“Introduction to Finance: Markets, Investments, and Financial Management” by Ronald W. Melicher, Edgar A. Norton
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The problem was that all of the firms they would call already had an Apple sales rep permanently attached to them, often working out of the same office.

“Bullshit Jobs: A Theory” by David Graeber
from Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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Simon & Schuster, 2019

In a symbolic gesture to emphasise the company’s commitment, Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, visited Foxconn’s manufacturing plant where the iPhone is made and met with both company and government leaders in China.26 In June 2012, Apple announced it would bring some of its Mac manufacturing back to the United States.

“Management with Student Resource Access 12 Months” by Danny Samson, Richard L. Daft, Timothy Donnet
from Management with Student Resource Access 12 Months
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  • Was fortunate enough to speak with a Genius at my local Apple store who suggested I make a couple upgrades to my mid 2012 MacBook Pro rather than purchase a new one until they get the keyboard issue resolved. I installed a new 1TB SSD hard drive per his suggestion and it’s like driving a new sports car now. Cost: $129.00. Also cleaned the fan etc, per your suggestions in an earlier video. Now is definitely the time to be restoring rather than replacing your MacBooK Pro!

  • Yawn… on and on he went…. GET TO THE POINT!.
    This video could have been 1/4 as long and STILL been too long.
    Loves the sound of his own voice?

  • Any update? Did the keyboard fail again?
    I’m curious cause I have a 2018 13 inch MB pro, and hope they addressed the issue wholeheartedly

  • I dont get how apple fan boys spout out the ass about apple quality when there is no computer vendor that comes to mind that regularly has as many annual issues as Apple. If quality means something that simply works with durability and longevity then Apple is NOT quality by any stretch of the word and this comes from someone who is typing on a brand new 13″ MBP i just purchased so im not a hater or windows exclusive fanboy. I also worked in IT so im immersed in this stuff constantly.

  • This has NOTHING to do about Crapple caring about their Customers…They were Scared SHIT about being SUED for causing a fatal accident….Crapple ONLY Cares about MONEY…

  • Apple is the worst services from all company.
    This is my issue. Last year i had macbook air 2013 and still got warranty for 1 month. Before updating their software, my macbook become laggy and less speed such as opening browser, words etc. so i went to Apple store and ask someone that could help me out why this is happening. He look at the serial number and after he checked it he said the warranty is not valid anymore. I showed him the reciept that the expiration is still a month left and he was like he will just followed on what it says on their computer.

  • That Chinese character in the thermal imaging app means “Second”, “Instant (adj.)”. Which mean that even if you understood Chinese, you wouldn’t know what that button did.

  • SM is a mess. All platforms were moving away from ‘likes’ and towards ‘engagement’ but now they’re trying to discourage commenting?? The internet is ALL about the comments. Always have been. Always will be.

  • I’m wondering what this default looks like when it starts to happen? I have this model and I’m on logic board #2… and now that one has failed too. It just shut down to a black screen one day during a FaceTime and then wouldn’t get past its boot stage, even trying safe mode. Sometimes everything pixilates before the shut down, sometimes I get the black power down screen in multilanguages. Do you think this is related to the same issue?

  • Apple have really bad battery suppliers, original battery in my Macbook Pro 17 inches 2011 bulges after only 2 years of use and this prevents normal clicking by touchpad, no repair or recalls here at all, free 2 year warranty ends.

  • The group may be small but it could cause people’s homes to burn down and possibly take lives. They are thinking it is a bigger liability than other issues they have had in the past.

  • The conversation around the 30 minute mark is so unfortunately accurate and predictive of where the socialness of the internet is blasting towards (seemingly). Wasn’t expecting Apple’s recall to lead to that lmao

  • Why do you always talk about Apple in your videos? I think you like apple and just don’t like successful and talented people like me who use their products to create amazing content. I mean why else go on and on about a brand you don;t like, I don’t talk about brand I don’t like!

  • instead of using 900$ thermal camera thing.. you can spray some alcohol on the board and see where evaporates:) you just do it:D

  • They should recall the hat you are wearing Lew, the adjustable band is sticking out of the back of your head & it’s a distraction.

  • Thanks! My battery got really hot one time on my 2015 MBP and since it tells me to “service battery”. It only has just over 600 cycles. I hope mine qualifies for a replacement.

  • why do people keep buying apple products when they have so many issues, they are made so that the end user can do very little to them, they are just over rated and over priced, if people stop buying them they may start to change the way they do things, but if you still buy them, then why would they change their attitude.

  • Hey Louis, just an FYI, I came across a video I thought you might be interested in. Kingpin is an extreme overclocker (liquid nitrogen for PC overclocking) and he apparently is also into e-bikes. This video is of his e-bike that does 60 mph!

  • No reported issues and there is a problem years later? Maybe they want to give you a problem because they know it was the last one made with quality?

  • People think it is contrived the Death Star explodes after just one proton torpedo in the termal exaust.
    Macbooks explode all on their own.

  • Samsung didn’t released galaxy fold to the public, no one has spend a dollar on the galaxy fold, is it so hard to understand they gave some people their phones to test and all of them destroyed it so Samsung decided to recall it to change the design so no one in the future can damage it damn is it so hard to understand damn dummy’s ����‍♂️

  • they didn’t think to solve the problem because it will be more expensive, a lot more expensive than just giving you all a replacement program. Duh

  • Hi Louis, I was washing your videos trying to find the solution for the problem that I having with my MacBook 12 A1534 but I can’t find it maybe there is the solution on you videos but didn’t find it
    My MacBook is continually restarting I think this is call kernel panic, I bring it to Apple but the only offer me an expensive motherboard replacement
    I’m pretty sure you should know what the problem is, some time even I can logging and works for couple minutes and restart again.
    I have litter knowledge fixing Iphone and sometime MacBooks, there is something that you can advise me to do to fixed?
    I will appreciate!!!

  • Exchange and Repair Extension Programs
    15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program
    Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro
    13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program
    13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) Solid-State Drive Service Program
    iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues
    13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) Battery Replacement Program
    iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues
    Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus
    Beats Pill XL Speaker Recall Program
    All Programs

  • Hey I had that problem and I am so freaking furious, it started to reboot and one day it didn’t turn on. I tried everything, even reset from factory and nothing. When it finally didn’t turn on, I took it to an Apple store and they told me to buy a new motherboard ($800 plus taxes) or to buy a new one. Now I find this video and I am even more disgusted with Apple. UNFORTUNATELY I work with design and video, so I haven’t found any other portable laptop with a similar screen quality. Does anybody else had the same problem here?? Where could we report it?

  • Hey Louis, not sure if you will see this, but I was hoping you could help me out. I recall you had a peer in Australia who did iPad repairs? I thought it was Jessa, but I guess she’s in NY now. Anyway, my mildly cracked, ignorable screen finally gave up after 2 years and spiderwebbed. Apple quotes AU$929 fucking au dollars to replace a screen, pretty much new iPad cost there!

  • If you got one of these affected models and get it fixed. There are keyboard covers you can get. Are they the best feeling. No. Will they save you headaches. Yes

  • They are gonna refuse their recall service after make you wait about 2-4 hours at the Apple store. Reason? They spotted some water stain inside the USB(Lightning) port. Ridiculous? That is exactly what happened to me a few years ago when I went to Apple store for their iPhone 6 camera recall. Sold all of my Apple stuff after that refusal of service except the iPhone 7 Plus.

    Last month, Apple stopped my Discover Card in the wallet for Apple Pay. Called them and was told that because I didn’t update my iOS thus no support for Apple Pay.

    Changed my phone to Android finally. (LG V20) Boy, oh boy. Was I missing some amazing experience from the Android phone. Just amazing stuff I can’t believe I was trapped in fucking Apple’s eco system for so long like a slave.

  • Is there no end to how shit the 2016+ Macbook Pro’s can get? Terrible keyboard, terribly limited I/O that forces you to buy dongles, no magsafe charger, thermal issues, shit battery causing fire hazards, overpriced, touchpad that gets in the way while typing, annoying gimmicky touchbar.

    And all this, all this just to make it look thinner and more shiny to take advantage of the gullible college-kid market. Make no mistake, college kids are the primary market for Macbooks, including the Pro’s. They’re vain, dumb, and have just discovered how to take out a loan so they can afford one. They want the shiny Apple logo and the social points of having the new one, regardless of how good a computer it is. I know this because I go to college. I could tell the first years on campus by their 2016 Macbook Pro’s when I first started, and I can tell who’s a first year now by their new iPad Pro’s.

  • The thing that amazes me about apple users they all seem to think the OS is so secure.

    Surprise surprise guess who can hack any iPhone and OSX in seconds your very own government, police force and anyone with a little box of tricks. Naivety and stupidity two sides of the same phone.

  • I wish Intel would do a recall on their specter and meltdown bugs! As much as I dislike Apple, this is a good responsible practice not very common in the industry.

  • Great work as usual Louis. Crapple in Steve Jobs own words is a “status symbol”. I remember when we got our first pcs in school back in the late 80’s, Apple IIc. Sounded like a toy machine gun when booting up. I have an Ipad now but that’s it, laughed at my buddy when he wasted almost $2k on a macbook. It died in a little over a year, yet my pc that cost less than $500 continued on for 3-4years until I upgraded.

  • Sometimes I get a flex/bendi straw, take 1 end and put it in my ear and then talk/whisper in the other end, but only when I need expert advice

  • Hey Louis, don’t know if you’ll see this, but I don’t know if this new iPhone update has been called to your attention yet. So I have my automatic updates turned off on my iPhone 7. The other night it updated without my permission and then when I started to use it the next day I noticed that all my apps that use the internet no longe work. Furthermore, the phone no longer connects to the internet (4G, LTE or WiFi). Just in time for the new iPhone 11! FUCK YES! would love to hear your thoughts on this subject or if any other viewers have experienced this problem. Thanks for always lookin out brother.

  • Mom: Son, I will not bake, because oven broke
    Son: Nevermind I will lend you my Mac book pro
    Mom: Thank you! It will be even faster hot than in oven!

  • Apple send me the wrong label they sent me a FesEx next day AIR. Now FedEx won’t ship it to apple and I don’t have my laptop either….how if They Know they can’t ship it Via Air would they send A Next day Air Label!!!! HELP ME OUT
    Oh check it.out BTW they sent me a new label for if and when I get it back with 100.00 Declared Value for shipping

    Update FedEx won’t delivery it back to my home because of the battery Hazzard the Rep told me the supervisor is not willing to out it on the truck….. WTF am I suppose to do know……Apple needs to get this Laptop back to me or back to them…..this is ridiculous….No One Takes Responsibility for their inept mistakes…….

  • i think, maybe they say change to different keyboard is inside the key yeah maybe the feeling is all the same but i think inside the keyboard itself they change a couple thinks not the top or the top layer keybaord because when the 1 model have a problem inside the product it can be the mecanical of the keyboard have a problem but outside is not right,? so i think they change the keyboard is pretty same as the old one but the technology or the mechanical inside of the keyboard is new or mayble they make change a little so that can affect the different like gave a tiny plastic so dust or dirt cannot get in or another think thatccan make the keyboard not stuck anymore i think like that wkwk

  • Had the same problem I sent my MacBook in and they told me they replaced it. Later I visited an Apple certified IT center and they said that my keyboard is the old butterfly keyboard and that it was never even replaced. Fortunately they ordered a new keyboard and I’m supposed to get it soon

  • Hi,I need a solution for my apple computer –model number A1534.the computer has problem of doesn’t see SSD,always question mark folder. Please help me to solve the problem.

  • Luke, I have the same 2015 MacBook, I’ve had it for two years and luckily I haven’t encountered the problem you did. We both paid over a grand for these notebooks but you shouldn’t expect Apple to install a second generation keyboard into these MacBooks because they might not work or be compatible with a 2015 MacBook. They replaced your entire keyboard for free despite it being worth $300 or so. The key is to invest in a silicone keyboard protector.

  • When Apple handles ALL of their mistakes this way, I’ll believe. Till then, this is little more than a cya move that coincidentally helps their customers.

  • Is there any possibility that with the new macbook 2020 with the scissor keyboard, they will somehow be able to recall and put this good keyboard for the old macs too, because I’m from Brazil, here the number of people using Mac it’s very low so I literally learned about it 1 month later after buying the Air 2019

  • I have a MacBook air mid2013 what i did is buy a keyboard protector to keep it clean because to me Apple is full of shit they don’t care about their customers just their money

  • Sam, sing about the death of Samsung’s old music service, Samsung (he needs some) Milk Music. Milk Music was so great because…. no one cared or used it. I hope that Samsungsong is alive for a much longer time than Milk.

  • Apple people: Shit now we can’t make fun of Samsung for their mistake anymore
    Well at least our phones don’t break within the first week of owning them

  • The era of Hilly Hu Willy Du is gone, Jack is the man of the hour now. First time seeing actual face of Jack and he really does know how to make the conversation interesting!

  • I had recently had apple fix my Macbook pro due to a screen flickering issue. Since I got it back I noticed that it doesnt seem as bright and/or sharp as the original screen. Is apple replacing these screens with third party POS screens? My laptop is a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) Oled touch bar. Thanks for any knowledge you have on this topic!

  • Can you replace it more than once or are you on your own after your second failure of a keyboard? What a disgrace of a company. I am getting a MATEBOOK and shoving OSX on it illegally for my next upgrade

  • I went yesterday and they didn’t replace anything but I think they pried off some keys and dusted it out. I use a silicon keyboard overlay on mine and it still got dust in it. They told me if I come back they will replace the whole keyboard which includes the top case, battery, track pad, touch bar and touch ID. How wasteful. What will happen years down the track I can’t even sell it since it is unreliable.

  • I don’t think it was fair from Lew to ask people for votes on who they would like to see in that chair even though it might have been just a joke. I love this show and Lew and the whole crew. But I think this might have put Will in an uncomfortable situation after reading the comments that many people would choose Jack. Maybe it was intentionally to push Will to perform better… I think Will is going to feel more pressure. I don’t know. I just didn’t like the way Lew pulled it off…

  • 2019. Jack co-hosting a podcast. Truly, what a time to be alive.
    I love Jack but because I love Jack I’d like Willy Du to take that seat. It doesn’t take a PhD in Psychology to see that Jack is not comfortable regardless of how much rather obvious potential he seems to have.

  • Your appearing/disappearing bottom-screen banner is a disappointing and obtrusive development. It adds visual noise and makes it harder to understand what is happening in an already crowded visual space.

  • Why do you teach people to avoid apple, or teach apple how not to sell defective overpriced products to Apple Sheeps, both works against your bussiness model.

  • Hi Louiss, my MacBook 12” recently died and cant get the thing back on. I think this is the problem. What are the repair costs if i send the MacBook to you?

  • Re taking pics of celebs
    James Hetfeild hates people taking random photos of him, Het says he would rather have a conversation with a fan and they have a personal memory moment with him……. I’m a Huge Metallica fan, but I can think of 100 things I would lovd to chat with him about, but I think I would still ask for a pic or somthing…… great job today Jack……..

  • So, Lew said that whenever he clicks on a video he goes straight to the comment section. Does anybody else just watch the videos and not ever worry about the comment section? I know I do this. I’m just curious if anybody else does.

  • How do you think that it’ll take longer to leave a comment? With this you can comment without even scrolling down. It’s gonna be easier to comment. Not harder.

  • Hey lew long time fan not all vloggers post family events for money but for the memories 5 years down the road and then the money is a bonus

  • I think Apple may be interested in getting ahead of this issue because it is pertaining to a battery, batteries can be dangerous. I’m not so sure this is an example of Apple experiencing “Personal Growth”.

  • This is good because we get a brand new battery.
    It’s like a mechanic saying hey “Fotoya” says these’s a recall with your car and we want to replace your engine.

  • Hy Louis. I am facing similar problem with my Macbook. I am from India. Do you know someone here who can help me with getting the machine fixed.

  • Hey Louis Rossmann. I am a huge fan of yours and watch many of your videos. I wonder if you could help answer a question for me? I purchased a fully loaded 2010 Macbook Pro when it was brand new. I custom ordered it in fact just so I can get the optional high resolution screen that was 1680×1050. So one month into ownership back in 2010 my laptop burned the logic board and my screen had artifacting going on. I brought it to my nearest Apple store to get it fixed. They ran a test and confirmed with me that I needed a new logic board and said it would be free because it was a defect. So I left it overnight and picked it up the next day. They told me they replaced the logic board but I lost WiFi? I told them that is unacceptable and they should replace my Macbook Pro. They just told me with a shit eating grin that if I had purchased Apple Care they would have given me a new one. I took it home and it no longer displayed any artifacts on the screen but it performed much worse than when I gave it to them to repair? Everything took forever to process and I mean basic stuff like opening a Word document. So that was the first and last Apple computer I ever purchased. I heard the government fought Apple in court over this design flaw from 2010-2015 but the case got dismissed and Apple won. I just want to know even though it is 2019, am I entitled to any legal compensation from Apple? I just gave away my Macbook Pro to Goodwill last week because it was too painful to hold, all the bad memories. I actually wrote an email to Tim Cook just to describe my experience and request an explanation for how I was treated for purchasing a 2500 dollar paperweight.


  • SIX YEARS AGO you were in your car drinking ice coffee from Starbucks:)) 100,000 subs rememberer????? Are you the same person, did you make compromises along the way!!

  • Jack you did an awesome job man!! Much love for putting up this great content!! Ya’ll are awesome. Maybe you guys can throw Jack, Kirk, and Willie Du all up in the same episode.

  • Louis, do you think there’ll be an ‘unofficial’ legit AASP type group? I live in Aus, so I wouldn’t be able to send my computer to you for repair. Just wondering since many places may want to repair, but apple aren’t even registering new AASP’s in my city

  • diving deeper… it seems that apple created their Mac’s on the promise of smaller 10nm intel chips with lower thermals. so the cooling was insufficient. intel have constantly failed on their promises to deliver smaller process CPU’s. apple really should have made an ARM MacBook Air.

  • Has Apple ever addressed this problem? Have they in fact ever issued a recall on these things and if so how do you know if your machine is covered?

  • Hey Louis Any idea if you can drop a 2016 model logic board into a 2015 chassis and have it work? I can’t seem to find out and given that most of these boards die, 2015 models are actually harder to find than 2016 on the used market.

  • I’m subscribing just becuase I love what you are doing. I don’t even need to repair my apple products… yet. Thank you from the entire tech community

  • OMG, cheese reference haha… Cheesy apps, cheesy emojis and of course surplus of cheese in our advertising.
    Man, you guys are just phenomenal

  • the store guy said same thing to you ” apple need to find real solution” you suspect him and in the end you say the same thing after 13 minutes. come to point straight man

  • I went to the store with the sticky key issue. Got it back, they said it had rust on the mechanism which is mostly plastic, never got water on it as it’s my baby. They wanted me to pay £400 for a new keyboard bottom case eventhough I knew it was eligible for the apple keyboard repair programme. They wouldn’t even let me take a picture of the inside of my own macbook they’d shown me so i could get it verified. What jokers ��

  • Folding displays seem absolutely stupid, they completely rely on the display being able to be stressed back and forth over many many cycles. Think of taking a paper clip and bending it back and forth several times until it snaps, now apply this to an expensive display panel. It doesn’t matter how they make it, if the display is being folded 180 degrees over, it will eventually break. Seems like the modern trend with technology is doing something just to prove it can be done, even if it costs way too much and nobody will ever use it or care about it. Same reason I hate these early “all screen” phones with dumb notches and camera mechanisms, but everybody has their opinion on those. It would be nice if we had more products engineered to be durable, reliable and nice to use. My family has had the same washer in the house for over 15 years now, a commercial grade Whirlpool, whereas I hear about new model washers getting replaced every two years, it’s almost all planned obsolescence. It’s as if we just design things to break now.

  • Funny you should mention spending $75 at a flea-market, that’s how I bought my mid-2010 MBP…. (or were you referring to me anyway ).

    But I suspect Apple’s intent here was to find a “defect issue” they could make themselves look good with (by being “proactive”) without it being one they would have to actually spend time and money fixing, since it is exceedingly rare (and for all we know was staged for this PR bullshit anyway).

  • I don’t believe this is Apple “improving”. The only reason this exists is because of a safety issue with the product. If they don’t fix the safety issue it would open them up to far more legal issues than a keyboard that constantly fucks up.

  • Hey Louis my toshiba has a sunken power button and keeps powering off after I power it on by lightly tapping the power button what would you suggest

  • There might have been(…) a partnership signed in that specific period, leading to some large quantity purchase of these machines… Could potentially bump the issue idk

  • I’m kinda surprised that anyone even likes a laptop keyboard in the first instance. The first thing I do with a new MacBook is get a decent external mechanical keyboard to attach to it. If you spend the vast portion of your working day typing, using a MacBook keyboard is going to not only hurt you physically, but is also going to impact productivity.
    I see the keyboard on a MacBook as being a casual ‘on the move’ option when there’s no other option available.

    I’m a touch typist, I absolutely require positive feedback from the keys. But maybe, I guess, I’m 1% of the market. I use my MacBook keyboard… 1% of the time…

  • The thing about this “lies”)) it is funny that apple’s laptops are demanded to be so reliable.. that even “repair programs” don’t satisfy customers any more �� even though, I’ve had many problems with hp laptops at work.. which makes me wonder))) does hp even replace anything like Apple does? Like… When a battery fails several years after purchasing the laptop..? I know there is like 1 year warranty… but to replace keyboards.. after 4 years of use.. for free ����‍♂️ and hearing people being unhappy about it ��

  • Hello im facing this monitor problem please help 2 days ago it was working fine yesterday u woke up and when i boot it i could see the logo twice and purple colours flashing please help

  • They lied to me too. After I send it in they claimed it had water damage in the past therefore they could not replace the keyboard. That was Baloney.

  • They are not going to change while people continue buying their faulty but pretty products. The only way of forcing their hand is looking elsewhere.

  • I had the second-gen butterfly keyboard, and after getting it replaced I can confirm that they put in the third-gen butterfly keyboard. Not sure why they didn’t do the same for yours, but maybe they changed their policy since.

  • Well done Jack, you are a nice guy and it went very well! Lew, feel free to give Kirk a chance, big Ryan aswell. Tom! But Willy du is Willy du! He is the only one, living the life on the internet, regular guy with a restaurant of Jamaican paddy’s, going in bankrupsy because himself eat all the restaurant stock (i’m just joking around)! Nevermind, bravo Jack! Liked the show, keep doin’ what you doin! And sometimes, show your opinion, join the chat with Illy/Lew! Great team! Cheers guys, have some U. T. pizza to celebrate big time

  • An Aussie bloke (Gareth Lee) had this issue with his Apple battery 2 years ago, he also warned Apple at the time. There was another case in the UK where someone replacing it themselves accidentally punctured the battery by removing the sticky tape on it (it broke part of the plastic casing on removal) and it exploded, in the last months of 2017 and the beginning of 2019 there have been several cases of Apple batteries causing fires in stores and homes. Apple are currently being sued (As of Feb I think) as the cause of an apartment fire that killed 1 person in New Jersey with an iPad battery fire in 2017, I don’t know if the investigation placed the source of the fire on the iPad, but suspect they wouldn’t have a case otherwise.

    Lithium Ion batteries are not safe when you do not stop the trickle charge if it is already at 100%, the walls are not correctly made, or the cells too close together. Samsung learned this the hard way and then did one of the most successful recalls (well the second one anyway) in history for both speed and percentage returned. It took them way too long to get there from the initial issues occurring, but their response was pretty damn good compared to Apples 2+ years average.

    I can personally vouch for 2 instances of battery overheating and expanding in normal use in the laptop, these occurred 2015 & 2016, Apple notified at the time (so 3 & 4 years ago). We get bloody hot in Oz though, so maybe the occurrence is higher here due to thermal runaway?

    The issue as I see it, is that both Samsung, Apple, and many others continue to use the same battery suppliers who have cut corners in the past and made unsafe batteries.

    Anyways, just my opinion and experience.

  • Meanwhile Microsoft have surface tablet users with screens separating from the body from an expanding battery and are refusing to fix because they’re barely out of warranty.

  • Jack did an excellent job of stepping in for Willydu, especially for someone who doesn’t like being in front of the camera. Maybe a Jack x WillyDu collab?!

  • I get it ranty but why so many dislikes lol. F*ck Apple is always the best solution! don’t buy from a premium company that doesn’t treat their customers well and will lie to their faces.

  • your face is always talking 1m away from the camera AND IF YOUR DAMN VIDEO WAS NOT 10 MINUTES OF YOUR GAY VOICE I WOULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD IT BETTER

  • I have one of these “exploding” macbooks. Mine started swelling and heating up. So I decided to bring it to the Apple store to be shipped to US. I do a lot of travel photography (as my job), so my MacBook Pro was my main workstation. It takes 3-5 weeks to fix the problem and Apple does not provide a replacement during these 5 weeks. Such a shame.

  • $1300 for this MacBook. LOL I think my Roomba has more USB ports, it’s more useful, costs less money and doesn’t suffer with easily-solved thermal issues.

  • Hi Luke, thanks for making this video, mate. I’ve got a 2015 MacBook 12” whose keys are all working perfectly at present. Would you suggest I should instead get a 2015 MacBook Pro in terms of having a more reliable computer? Appreciate your thoughts. Steve.

  • The only thing Apple has ever been good about recalls on is batteries. This goes all the way back to the mid 90’s, and the PowerBook 5300 battery recall. Apparently Apple found out during some last round testing that the 5300 batteries could enter a thermal runaway situation in certain ridiculously unlikely circumstances. They issued a last minute recall on the batteries, before any customers received their 5300s, which became a huge press/public disaster for Apple anyway. Ever since then, apple has been very proactive about laptop battery issues that arise.

    Now if the keyboard explodes, blinding customers with key shrapnel, that’s undoubtedly the user typing on it wrong.

  • Apple is being sued for an ipad exploding, causing a fire that killed someone. So now they’re covering their ass.

  • Even if they replace it with 3rd gen membrane keyboard, it would still have those problems.The new 2018 Macbooks are suffering too. because the entire design is faulty.

  • Apple used to do this all the time in the Early to Mid 2000s. Glad to see they might be getting back to that.

    I’m not holding my breath though.

  • Well I understand if someone talk trash about their faulty Macbook machines that may look like they’re self important to some, for crying out loud these cost tons of hard earned money, of course they should rant about it even if it seems he repeats the same lines.

  • I have a question for all the genius I’m thinking about buying a 2014 13″ MacBook pro. Do they have any faults??
    Really need ur help guys

  • Apple has lost its quality. So disappointed. They quoted me a $750 flat fee to fix my keyboard. I’m typing this from my new plugin keyboard.

  • As long there are people out there, of this new generation, who keep on blasting Trump and buying this new junk…..this will not end.

  • I’m using a secondhand Dell that got a new keyboard from China/eBay with 30 minutes of work/fun at $25 which the added backlit light “pays for” and I wait for the dark to arrive today to see what the light looks like. The stickyness is gone and it came from the previous user. It’s designed with Afghanistan and bombs in mind and have “Apple parts” deep inside.

    I don’t understand the policy and design of Apple from a perspective of having workable pocket computers from 2001 and that we have technology like screwdrivers, DIY and replaceable keyboards.

    The next step in evolution of MacBooks is a touch keyboard/screen where “the keyboard” is… as Mac users do not need key travel or tactile responses except some sorts of stop before the table.

    There is already holographic technology in existence which Apple could buy into with cash instead of financing thinner stuff and expenses like paying for Oprah to show up instead of using what they have.

  • I was going to put in an order for the new pro…. but decided not too after seeing a few of these vids. btw I’m typing this on a 13inch late 2009 (white) MacBook, with no problems on my keys!!! 10 years old. says something when the new ones are dropping to bits… and I’ve had crumbs and biscuits over these keys for 10 years… crazy

  • Apple made a slew of announcements today including a new credit card, a new streaming service, a new arcade service, new ipads, imacs etc. Did Oprah being there help or hurt it’s event?

  • Hi Louis you probably won’t see this but my backlight just died on this model for no reason. The machine works fine on an external display so far but I would like my screen back again. I barely used it over the years with only 293 cycles on the battery and I am fairly mad right now. Is there any sign at all apple will recognise the issues with this machine? Thank you.

  • Took my MBP to an Apple service centre today for the battery change. They said it’s 2-3 weeks! WTF, I cannot be without me MBP for that long! ����

  • If the newest MacBooks (12′) are still sold with the second generation butterfly keyboard, then wouldn’t it be expected that the butterfly keyboard here would be identical? For example though, if you were to bring in a MacBook Pro with the second generation keyboard, would they replace it with the top case of the 2018 models with the silicone barrier? Just curious, that’d be interesting to see.

  • Quick question do I need to have apple care to qualify for the for the keyboard replacement program. I want to buy this model of the MacBook Pro preferably used so I can save money. I’m just really skeptical about the keyboard. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated..

  • The genius lied? I’m 100% sure he doesn’t know anything more than you do. Also, don’t be a fucking slob. How have I had one of these since 2016 and it’s fine?

  • funny story today…
    Igot a customer with a macbook air early 2015 that didnr want to boot so i took a look at it to discover a dead fly on the motherboard. Once i removed the fly, everything was back in working condition…

  • Its funny for me ( as a Vietnamese ) to see the blueprint of the board is actual coming from a Vietnamese Website that fixes laptop

  • Cheap rubbish keyboard. I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro with the older scissor action keyboard. Much quieter and better. Also the MacBook has all of the ports that I need.

  • For me this look like:
    Apple: “let’s announce recall that covers 0,1% machines, so it will be cheap and we would have free glory for doing that”

  • Id like to buy a new imac but i refuse to buy a harddrive in 2019, its a crime how much apple charges to upgrade to an ssd when the base models should come standard with ssd in 2019, it makes my blood boil like a maccook pro.

  • Oh my goodness. Sam is too much of a talented and intelligent witty comedian. It is simply amazing to see his videos like this one; so well crafted and perfected! This witty technical humour when understood well enough is sufficiently capable of bringing at least a genuine smile even to a depressed person! A fabulous masterpiece!

  • There won’t be a recall unless there is a safety issue. At most, there will be a service bulletin to deal with those who actually experience a problem.

  • Mine doesn’t have the sticky keys but “repeats characters unexpectedly” it’s especially annoying and hilarious with the “s” key. Since, I don’t have the sticky keys I’m sure if I take my MacBook Pro to the Apple store it’ll of course work perfectly fine at the Apple store.

  • I have this model and actually contacted your company’s support about mine. Support mentioned this model was prone to develop a dead CPU.

  • have you notices that other issue that it has is that the cpu doesnt have enough dissipation and gets hot as hell, actually a guy who brings me macbooks to repair’em has four of these and all of them gets lines in the screen, i measure everything till i get a failure that display and backlight stop working even when you have s0 state, so i read display enables and bklt enables, this are created at pch, so i give it a reflow and it worked again… just like mbp 2011 haha

  • The GPU thing was the biggest bs. They did change my GPU under this extended shit but 8 months after they replaced the GPU it just failed again.

    When I had the machine back the extended program ended and of course no soul inside apple is responsible for anything.

    After that I decided to never buy apple products again.
    I just want them to get fucked.

  • I don’t know how Apple get away with this crap. I bought my Dell XPS15 with premium plan ( equivalent of the Apple service plan ) and they send an engineer TO ME at home to fix it. Even when I broke the power socket off the board! Costing me £100 for another year. Great machine, brilliant service total satisfaction. Why can’t Apple do that? The engineer even gave me a running commentary on what he was doing and some tips and tricks for better running. He got a cup of tea and a biscuit, of course ��

  • Loui: I know this is off topic but i do enjoy ALL of your videos. Have enjoyed them for years’
    About the ts100 soldering iron, I have been using this power supply from Bangood for the soldering
    iron with no problems. Have purchase and tested 6 so far then after checking them out I gave them
    away to friends to use with their ts100, (
    Aloha from inside the confines of my home in beautiful suburban Makawao Maui, Hawaii

  • “Voluntary” honestly..? do anyone really think your own children will Voluntary get this battery issue address with mama and papa owning a possibly explosive battery issue? all it takes is one incident. i bet by the time you “voluntary” bring in to apple for service, they will nail you for a fee because of moisture found in your device, i’m sure something else they will ream you for just to ensure your compliance with ‘safety recall category’ something is potentially cause by you and can relate to repair fee to this voluntary repair..:) this includes samsung, i lost faith in both brands.

  • I recently just got my MacBook back from apple for my keyboard. space bar was jacked and Touch ID image was distorted. They change the keyboard, battery, logic board, and Touch Bar

  • A new Macbook built by Apple charges somewhere at 5.2v. The battery puffs up. The laptop catches fire and burns with everyone trapped inside the house. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of Macbooks in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don’t do one.

  • i envision some Super Savvy Tech maker like IBM or ACER..maybe MSI… and i see them making an Extremely successful machine dubbed The Rossman. this future mythical beast of a laptop will come with The Tech schematics in pdf and in large paper fold out map style. using all phillips screws of 1 size and they will design it to be Rugged As fk. and yae it will be great.

  • This guy is soooo bought by Samsung.
    Samsung pays top money for making competition look bad. “don’t buy Apple because it’s bad” while their products are even worse. All they do is fool people with good marketing and using lowest quality material in their products.
    Best example is their the EVO ssd. Using 11 GB of SLC to achieve top benchmark performance and using MLC (cheapest) on the rest.
    Software update kills your phone if it’s too old and would be time to replace.

  • My iPhone 7 Plus has been acting up a lot more recently, and much more frequent. Apps suddenly crashing, predictive text going crazy, wrong letters being typed, and on and on. I suspect Apple is intentionally doing this so that we consumers say “it’s time for a new phone.” I I haven’t changed anything or done anything different. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • 28:30 Take some heat shrink tubing and insulate the probe tips, so just a few millimeters are exposed. You don’t use the sides of the probe tips to take measurements anyway.

  • i am a digi-retard so i would go to the small man indeed for that… but what you send out.. and what comes after.. that is intresting for me.. the mud you get back.. its like they confirm they want your money and treat you as if you were in an openair mega s and m studio…

  • Hey Lewis I found a more efficient way to remove chips from a clean smear flux schmear flux on copper wire which would be Christmas lights for me lay the wick on the backside of the pins on through whole application; then use a soldering iron in each hand I removed a 38 pin and chip from an old junk board in less than 2 minutes

  • It’s like apple builts in an expiration date into the schematics of all the devices. That’s why they were caught slowing down previous models of iPhones. You cant be the wealthest company by being ethical

  • Hi Louis. So I’m having a problem with my iMac. I can’t seem to find a video for my particular problem on your channel so I thought I’d just ask. Most recently when booting up my 2018 iMac, I get a black screen with a question mark folder flashing. I tried rebooting with no luck. Even tried the recovery reboot. When doing to recovery, my disk utility says my hard drive isn’t even there??? So I try to repair it and it won’t let me. So I reboot again, then it boots up normally… I power down per usual after completing what I need to, then come back a day later, and all the same stuff happens again. Flashing question mark folder and everything. Anyway… it takes about 10-15 times of me trying to reboot it before it decides to boot normal. Do you think this is a loose wire inside my unit? Or is there something else I’m not seeing? If you read this and have any help, or can make a video on it for me to fix it, I would be truly greatful. Thank you

  • Great video Louis, i’m in the UK and have been to two apple stores to enquire about this. They say my logic board has almost certainly failed but its up to me to prove that it was a defect present at time of manufacture if i am to claim under the consumer rights act for defective electronic goods. How can i find prove to them that the logic board failure is an design defect and deserves to be recalled? I haven’t been throttling this device at all, very light use.

  • I started the video knowing nothing about this type of thing, i ended it still knowing nothing about this sort of thing

    I doff my hat to you, sir

    Extremely enthralling!!!

  • Louis, you totally skipped over the symptoms and what the actual problem people are experiencing is.
    “The issue is, when you plug the charger in, turn on your DC-in, fire up the multimeter, check your schematic for F4700…”
    Literally no one does that when they turn on their macbook

  • That’s the exact same thing they did with the 2011 Macbook Pro 15″ and 17″ versions. Now to be slightly fair to Apple, the GPU issue was AMD’s fault, but even with AMD not caring one bit, Apple didn’t do anything like refund the customer for the price of a fully functional GPU in one of those machines. The keyboard issue has some difference, though, in that (as far as I know) the butterfly keyboards in these machines are designed by Apple, which means that it’s entirely Apple’s fault if they don’t take full responsability, which it unfortunately looks like it, at least for now.

  • My sisters MacBook 2015 broke down this summer for the second time. Apple didn’t want to pay for the repair because it was out of warranty. But today after I sent them links to threads at Apple official forum to show them that there are many other with the same problem and also a link to your video they changed their mind. Now they agree to repair it for free.

  • Just sent in my 2017 13” touchbar because the N key is putting multiple letters when I press it and they are replacing the top case and battery as well

  • Mmm… Tasty. Before you cook it with your MacCook Pro, I recomend you grind the cheese with the Mac Pro Cheesegrinder first so it melts alittle more during the cooking session. Just be carefull to not melt it too much so that it won’t get in to the MacCook Pro internals.

  • I have the swollen battery in my macbook, the degradation after 3 years and only 400 cycles is not normal. The battery and Apple are bullsh*t. Their new program doesn’t cover my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), have checked by the sid. Is it a fake program?


  • after watching a shit ton of louis’ videos i feel incredibly lucky. i bought an rMBP in 2012, the first iteration of the model, and it still works perfectly after 7 years with at least 8hrs of usage/day. hope my luck stays:D

  • This is why I am hesitant to buy a new mbp. If the keyboard goes in a 2017 mbp u get a 2017 keyboard NOT the newest 2018 keyboard. So after your warranty’s up your shelling out 600+ dollars.

  • Hey Lewis I’m from Washington DC today, I visited your shop around 5 p.m. it seemed like you’re busy so we didn’t want to disturb you. sadly YouTube won’t let me submit a picture on my phone that I took of the shop I saw both you and Paul Daniels keep up the good work!

  • OMG this was my macbook pro!!! Its battery got expanded way too much. So I had to fix it locally. Now I know I’m not the only one.

  • I do agree with you, the Apple store genius’ and advisors over the phone are extremely unaware of the terms and conditions and repair programs.

  • My recent experience was pretty amazing, not gonna lie. I have a 2016 MBP 13, had issues with my return, spacebar and shift keys, all unresponsive most of the time. I reached out to them on Wednesday the 27th, had the box on Thursday morning the 28th, brought it to Fedex that same evening, they received it yesterday morning, repaired it, and I got it back TODAY, May 30th at 9am. That is LESS THAN 48 hours since it left my hands. They replaced the whole top case to include keyboard, trackpad, Touch Bar, battery (1 cycle count!) and I am very satisfied with the whole experience.

  • Louis won’t probably say this so I will, I am absolutely disappointed in the amount of people chipping in for Louis’s moving gofundme campaign, I have chipped in anonymously and I have no need to learn computers or to fix them, I donated just because he has had your/our back for years and try to stand up for the little man regarding Apple and other companies, he has also given people advice on business and personal life and has not stuck his hand out like all these other pathetic channels like flat earth and nonsense conspiracy channels that give you no value for money and yet you throw money at them like its confetti, I ask that you only donate £5, $5 or whatever you currency you use to show louis some respect, 1.000.000+ subs and this is what we can do for him? Get you pocket book/wallet out and donate to his store today FFS, it’s not a fortune. #$200.000minimum

  • I feel like you’re going to send the MacBook proalicious to someone like Louis Rossmann and he’s going to be like “Why the fuck is there breadcrumbs all in this MacBook? Who wronged you MacBook?”

  • A really good buddy of mine who worked in the home appraisal software industry said that Zillow was very inaccurate on real estate home values. It’s margin of error wasn’t off by a few degrees but at times 25% or higher was the norm. The values given were either too generous or too anemic and never found to be just right!

  • Louis, I have the Retina, 15 inch-mac, Mid-2015, but they say that my computer’s serial number is not part of that recall program. I therefore wonder if this ‘generous’ recall is not an ‘easy’ feel-good marketing trick from Apple trying to buy some goodwill from the general public at a very low cost (maybe nobody is actually entitled to that replacement!). I wonder…

  • I only comment on videos, to give feedback to the creator, on what I’d like to see more of. Like Jack. I want to see more of Jack. I also like the cautionary aspect of the proposal story.

  • If Apple’s not presenting a new keyboard, a working one, at this March’s Keynote it’s just plain negligence! They’ve been making money for the past 3 years with well known faulty keyboards. Nobody likes them and they just don’t work, no amount silicone membranes are going to make up for it. Make MacBooks a little big thicker again, like Dave2D suggested, and put a regular keyboard like every other manufacturer does. The “think different” motto died you Jobs, get over it! So if the only thing they’re be talking about is the new streaming service at next keynote, shame on you Apple.

  • If you get a razor blade and pry the key up a bit, don’t pop it off, you can computer dust it or just blow it out and it’ll be fixed. Make sure you do that the instant it starts to feel funky. I have gotten mine replaced and every time I feel a key get a little out of whack I do that and it does the trick every time. Essentially it’s just a high maintenance keyboard, which sucks obviously but do what ya gotta do.

  • This NOT personal growth from Apple. This is a minor issue they started assessing from 2015 or so going by the models, that they thought would help their public image if they covered it by warranty. The number of claims would be so low compared to the 4+ years of keyboard repairs they will accumulate bragging rights for, that they are probably hoping it would cheaply wash some shame off of them when they will actually want to recover.

  • Your keyboard looks very dirty.
    I have had a MacBook Pro (covered under the replacement program)since 2017 and they keyboard is not as dirty as yours. I clean it every now and again. And I’ve never had any key issues.
    If you don’t keep it in good condition it’s not gonna last.

  • I shorted my MacBook’s USB-C port due to moisture, one of the VBUS contacts incinerated but my MacBook was still working until it discharged. I replaced the port but now it won’t even power on, is this due to that fuse? What could I do? Thanks