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An RD Solves the Mystery of Optimal Fueling For an Evening Workout. by Lori Russell, MS RD CSSD. September 13, 2018. 2 responses to “An RD Solves the Mystery of Optimal Fueling For an Evening Workout” Steve says: September 14, 2018 at 8:16 am And what exactly does “RD” in the title stand for?An Rd Solves The Mystery Of Optimal Fueling For Evening Workout An Rd Solves The Mystery Of Optimal Fueling For Evening Workout Men Fitness T Plan Margaret Miller Week One Meal Plan 2 Double Ops Training Start Small 7 Day Healthy T Meal Plan Jeanette Jenkins Workout Routine And T Plan Healthy Celeb.

Another issue with long-term body composition changes is that if daily fasted workouts are performed, cortisol (the stress hormone that is elevated during an overnight fast) remains chronically elevated, which is known to promote abdominal fat storage. Also, a body in need of calories can go into a state of starvation and lower metabolism to conserve energy when fuel is scarce. Pre-workout meals can be eaten three hours to 30 minutes before a workout. However, choose foods that are easy to digest, especially if your workout starts. Liver.

Receives digested food components and stores extra glucose to be released into the bloodstream for future use. Fueling 3 to 4 hours before a workout. Most athletes prefer to allow a full meal 3-4 hours to digest before exercising, amount of food tolerated varies. Fueling an hour or less before a workout. Start studying Homework 4, 5, & 6. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

1. Before exercise, ensure optimal fluid status a. Freely drink beverages during the 24 hours preceding an event, even if not thirsty b. Drink 2 3 cups of fluid 2 3 hours before exercise to allow time for adequate hydration and excretion of excess fluid c. Drink 1 1.5 cups of fluid 10 15 minutes prior to exercise, especially for endurance events. ATP can only fuel your cells for 2-4 seconds if there were no supply of ATP avaliable another high energy compound _ can be quickly broken down to release enough energy to make more ATP when muscle cells enzymatically reform ATP to ADP and PCr the byproduct is _ The process of _, or fulfilling your full potential, requires lifelong commitment, Stay the course and pursue your success by fueling your _

SelfActualization, passion action steps to create a solid foundation for achieving your goals. Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where 200 million students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions.

List of related literature:

Scott is trying to plan out his fueling strategy for his Wednesday workout when he will be exercising

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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One theory explaining this finding is that exercise increases the rate of transit of food through the digestive tract.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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See chapter 10 for more information about fueling during exercise.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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And that approach has given us a number of solutions for the problem of how to determine fueling, which work on a variety of levels.

“Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook” by Adam Wade
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The problem is never lactic acid buildup or muscle glycogen depletion or any other form of running out of gas.

“Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run” by Matt Fitzgerald
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A review of the body’s energy systems, also called its power systems, will help you to appreciate the integral role of proper fueling.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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Since I was an exercise science major, I’d already launched into my physiology and nutrition classes, and this was the eating regimen we were taught to use for fueling performance.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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Fat gathers in the lower portion of the abdomen and this, together with the weakening of the abdominal muscles, can cause a ‘spare tyre’.

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Indeed, glycogen depletion during exercise induces a greater increase in urea excretion than during rest.

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Men with abdominal fat may attempt to reduce their girth with machines that exercise the abdominal muscles, but exercise has no effect on fat loss.

“Kaplan & Sadock's Concise Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry” by Benjamin J. Sadock, Virginia A. Sadock
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  • I get dizzy and risk collapsing whenever I work out in a fasted state. I always try to eat like an apple before working out. Any suggestions as I continue to seek weight loss?

  • So what if I work third shift? That’s always been kind of an issue is when to work out I would assume it’s after sleep but I could be wrong

  • Summary:

    Morning workout is best for fat burning (because you are fasting and your glucose levels are depleted)

    Evening workout is best for building muscle (because you have eaten through the day and have more energy to go harder)

  • I wake up at 5am. Hit gym right away and back home by 6.30am. Then start work at 8am. Because I wake up so early I dont eat. I jut have half a teaspoon of honey and some coffee. So far so good. Losing weight too. For those that work out first thing in the a.m, so you eat anything before you go? Does it make difference? Whenever I’ve eaten before working out I feel mehh

  • My exercise is generally a 16km (10 mile) bicycle ride to work which takes 35-40 minutes (and again home after work). Approximately 120m (400 ft) of climbing each way. I do the morning ride fasted and eat pure creamed coconut some days as a post-workout which is decent fat and very low carb. Does this sound about right with the info in this video, or should I switch to something with more protein?

  • Good! I always workout in afternoon. So Im good to go! Plus, when you workout, all the food you ate at night will also improve growth and strength from going to bed right after. It’s all about the gains bros!

  • Thomas, can you please quote me some studies proving fat loss wa greater in guys exercising in the morning rather than at evening.. I’ve just found those proving exercising at evening leads to greater muscle gains and fat loss also.. But I like that mood of whole day when I finish strenght training and sprinst on other days berofe 7.00 am

  • Imo AM is great for mental conditioning. Due to our bodies recovering in our sleep we make more recovery if we workout before we go to bed

  • This has been very interesting and has given me a different perspective with my workouts.
    Even with the morning and evening statistics, there are so many variables, everyone is different and their lifestyles and jobs are different too, I work out in the morning because I can actually get to the equipment, at 5pm everyone is rushing to every gym after work so you cant do anything, the other reason is my body feels more fresh, I’m a sheet metal worker, I have to hammer at so many awkward angles that my shoulders suffer, which in turn really shows when I do any pressing or even a squat, so for me mornings feel fresher

    Definitely take the info in this video into consideration, but in the end it’s still your own preference and when you can fit it in

  • Hey, can you please give any tips for a bloated stomach? Right now it’s like….if I place my hand on my chest and let go my belly stops it from going down!!!! I’ve been skipping a lot(1200 skips per day��) to burn the fat and exercising regularly but I can’t get any results.
    Can you please give me some tips? Diet or exercising tips or anything will do. Please!!!

  • I mainly workout in the morning. It’s my ritual. I’m a cyclist and always got up before the cars got on the road. Been doing intermittent fasting and hitting the gym in the morning. It’s been great for me.

  • Me i do this.
    I wake up at 5:00 AM
    20 minute Yoga For A calmer mind.
    10 minute Meditation
    5 minute Warm Up
    20 Minute Morning Workout
    20 minute Workout to get rid of Fat
    3 hours in the gym
    20 minute Anti Belly fat workout
    10 minute Arm and leg exercise
    10 minute Noon Workout
    Dance for 4 Hours
    5 minute Food digestion exercise
    20 minute evening Exercise
    10 minute Evening before bed Yoga Workout.

    From 56 pounds to 39

    Warning: Don’t do this routine if you’re asthmatic Because you might collapse from overwork.
    And especially if you’re a kid don’t do this.

    Don’t do this routine If you’re not Going for Extreme Losing Weight.

    This routine is for people That only has 1 month. If you’re blacking out. Stop this Routine immediately and start going for a Easier one.

    I don’t do this Routine everyday. I only do it thrice a Week. The rest of the days. I do sports or jog for 4 hours..

  • BE WARNED ended up in an Ambulance following 24 Hour fasting plus suggested vitamin cocktail of cider etc with a morning workout.

    I’m far from a Hater.

    DO NOT go straight into this guy’s suggestions.

    He’s a extreme athlete. Are we?

    Suggestions depleted my electrolytes.

    Be WARNED.

  • What time do you train and why? Comment below! And if you haven’t already, show your support by giving me a follow on Instagram ( ) for more informative content and to stay updated! Cheers!

  • Well, if you workout in the evening, then the gym is crowded, causing frustration in not being able to get a open bench/equipment, which leads to raised cortisol levels and discouragement and lack of muscle growth LOL!! That’s why I work out in the morning. I do use Thomas’s fasting pre workout (thanks Thomas) and this helps give me energy. I think as long as you have a good carby meal before bed, the morning workouts can still be good. If you are keto it’s a bit tougher.

  • I can either work out at 5:00 am or 11:00 am. My last meal is between 8:00-9:00 pm so when do you suggest is a good time to work out?

  • Yo Venice I’m only 14 and I don’t have the money for that method u made I did the quiz but I don’t the money and I asked my parents about something Like this before and they said no

  • This is for muscle growth. I’m guessing if you’re focused on fat loss morning is better?? Since you’re technically in a fasted state( if intermittent fasting) right??

  • I am planning to do the intermittent fasting but my job starts at 8am until 5pm.
    is it ok to do the eating window from 2pm until 10pm? because my time of workout is from 730pm to 9pm.

    i hope someone answer me:)

    thanks in advance

  • I appreciate you and the dedication, knowledge, and hard work you put into all of your videos. Thank you so much for your kindness brother! You’re changing my life and words couldn’t begin to describe my gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, again, thank you!

  • When you say morning, does it mean wake up time? Some of us work overnight and wake up around noon. I’m usually at the gym within an hour of waking up and have always noticed more energy. If I wait more than one hour I feel my energy lowering. What is the sweet spot upon awakening?

  • As a guy that’s hit middle age, I’m curious about testosterone replacement. Biggest question is, once you’re on it, does your body produce even less? Are you stuck staying on it indefinitely?

  • Thomas you are doing an amazing job!!! Thank you so much for your eye opening information!
    Could you please have more videos like this where you talk about post work out meals etc..
    Thank you again

  • Hi!
    So, currently I am doing a light workout in the morning at home. Fasted. Last meal around 10 pm. Fasting all day, heavier workout in the evening about 7 pm followed by a protein shake ot BCAA, and a cup of chia seeds and then meal around 20pm. Me and my girlfriend ( she is a vegetarian ) are trying to stay lean as possible. Am i doing something wrong in hormonal term and muscle gains?

  • evening workout all the way. It let the daytime for productive activites that requires full intellectual capacities.
    And for the people who doubt about this: if you were a surgeon, would you workout at 6 am, going hard, intense and heavy, then go in surgery that requires maximum brain capacities plus steady hands? No way.

    For jobs or studies that require maximum productivity, evening workout is the best, perfect to finish a day and you also have a goal, pleasure time reward when you finish the most important task first (working, study etc).

  • Love your videos and explanations. I can definitely attest to morning workouts feeling more sluggish. Great to see some science behind it.

  • For us 3rd shifters, for all your videos (not just this specific video), could you start including referencing sleep/wake times rather than just morning/afternoon/night? My “morning” is typically 5pm or later, while everyone else’s is more like 7am. By “morning” you mean around an hour after waking up? “Afternoon” more like 4 hours after waking? “Night” something like 10-12 hours after waking?

  • No offense, but… Put diplomatically… As lightly as I can… With utter and total regard to their feelings, worth, and their wonderful contribution to society, for which I am grateful: Morning people should die.

  • Can I do abs and obliques in the morning to loose fat in the mid section and weights in the evening to gain muscle…morning weights is causing adrenal fatigue and I feel fatigued for next 2-3 days with light headedness

  • Fasted morning cardio means increased blood flow to the stomach, and catecholamines can reach beta 2 adrenergic receptors on fat cells in the stomach more efficiently.
    I’m mainly looking to gain lots of muscle though with good performance, whilst losing some fat and keeping fat low. I guess if you eat a surplus the day prior then train fasted in the morning, you should have a good amount of energy still to train muscles hard? I also prefer training on an empty stomach provided there’s enough energy, because even eating something light like oatmeal with whey protein, it can give me indigestion and feel like it’s talking long to go away (makes me feel a tad like not doing anything physical).

  • I prefer to train in the morning because as a Type 2 diabetic my blood sugar numbers tend to be at their highest during that time, but go way down after my workouts. Due to scheduling reasons though most of my workouts lately have been in the mid afternoon.

  • Other possible reasons are

    1. We have lower testosterone level at evening (around 8 pm it’s the lowest). Working out at that time may help raise testosterone level. Which means you’ll have relatively higher testosterone level throughout the day if you workout at evening.

    2. Sleep helps muscle recovery. Maybe it’s better for muscle recovery if we work out a few hours before sleep. I’ve personally experienced better sleep if I work out 4-5 hours before sleep, also it feels better both mentally and physically in the morning.

    (I just guessed these things based on few actual facts and my personal experience. So these theories have the possibility of being totally wrong and completely baseless broscience)

  • You’ve said in your previous videos that your body is completely fat-adapted. How long does it take to be fat adapted and once you are, how often/how many carbs do you consume?

  • Been working out in the AM for a while. Prefer that over evening, after I get out the gym I definitely watch how I eat during the day. Whereas when I worked out in the evening, not so much. ��‍♂️

  • Your vascular system is more “warmed” up later in the day than in the morning, so your performance is typically better later in the day.

  • Yeah, get those 70 guys work in heat/cold all day doing physical work and show me the results. All these studies mean shit, its what works for you.

  • Good video. New subscriber here:)
    One point though that you’ve mistaken in though; LH is not a testosterone precurser ( 3:30). It stimulates test synthesis but is not a precurser in the biochem pathway of test production.

  • During intermittent fasting (3xs a week) and keeping keto the other days, are bcaas/pre workouts not recommended to have on non fasting days?

  • I work graveyard shifts and I’m exhausted all the time so my sleep cycles are way off one day I can sleep all the way through for 12 hrs and some days I barely get any sleep

  • I personally prefer working out in the morning. Evening work out makes me awake the whole night. Tired, but can’t sleep.
    Thomas can you do a video talking about gaining muscle for women?

  • Very helpful to everyone who wants to Burn fat it was very easy to do it if you ask me the first day is very hard but the second and third day later on going you feel very easy and wants to continue again and again please do it
    I want to continue it ������

  • I’ve always preferred to workout in the evening at 6pm because I felt i performed better during my workout than if I worked out earlier. Everyone would always tell me that morning workouts were better for results and that I should switch. Ha, now I know there’s research behind me so those people can shove it.

  • Wait but i was doing what you said couple videos back on spiking the insulin after the workout and IF?? You said to go with 30-40g of carbs, 15g fructose, Omega 3 and lean protein..

  • I workout everyday at 7am, then I fast until 15pm. Would be ok to break my fast with a high fat meal or that wouldn’t be ok? Thanks!

  • but when someone works out in the morning, then they might struggle more finishing the rest of the day’s tasks, due to exhaustion.

  • Mam evening work out se kitne der phle khana chahiye nd isse b fat burn hoga na nd iske kitni der baad tea le skte h? Please reply ����khana ke kitne der baad evening workout kr skte h

  • Hey, I love your videos sir but for now I am a bit confused. In one video you said fasting is good for 3-5 days a week because when you fast every day your metabolism drops and you burn less calories by doing nothing. But what if I do the 16:8 fast and still get my normal calorie intake in those 8 hours. Maybe 100-200 less. I mean can’t I do that every day? Appreciate an answer. Have a strong day

  • I Just watched another one of your videos about nighttime drinks. So if I work out late at night my post meal should not contain fats? Does this also include nighttime drinks post workout should I minus the coconut oil and ghee in my teas and chocolate moo moos?

  • So in another video not long before this one you said eat then carbs BEFORE workout now you say AFTER. Pretty big difference how is it?

  • Hey Thomas, great video as always! Can you make a video about cutting while doing resistance training on keto? Currently I am taking creatine, bcaa, dextrose, and some fruit for a little bit of fructose to combine as you say, but I was wondering if I should stop doing the dextrose and the fructose while cutting? Also how should the workouts change when cutting? Everyone says different things, should I reduce the amount of reps that I do, but keep the weights at the same level (which seems more logical to me), or do more reps (which probably is even more counter keto) at lower weight?

  • Hi Thomas, i’m trying to get in a low carb diet. In a previous video you said that you should not eat post workout carbs and eat them pre-workout. It feels confusing now. Hope you answer me. Have a good day!

  • What an amazing video! This video was basically a summarization of a few of your videos that I saved and used to give myself the ultimate post workout meal. I learned about the dextrose and fructose from one video, the cacao from another, and the omega 3s and coffee from another. It was really good to get some confirmation though and make sure I was doing it right. This video made my day!

  • what kind of breakfast would be most beneficial to eat before hitting the gym? and how do you feel about eating after the gym instead of before? or even both?

    Also, I just subbed your content is amazing, I came over after watching the video on Theo’s channel

  • You said in recent that we shouldn’t eat fruit after workout, you say that it’s better before the workout because the fructose will be in the bloodstream and since you’re working out the cells will take those fructose as source of energy, you also said that they are good to go in the morning when we wake up.
    Now you recommending us as a post workout. I don’t understand

  • Feels like I’m doing it all wrong (help pls) I currently do a fast from 9pm to 6pm. I workout in the mornings (7.30am) after an espresso shot and don’t eat anything until 6pm. Am I harming my body with such a routine? Any advice and guidance greatly appreciated

  • All cleverly packaged to sell products and make money, albeit information designed to suit sheep. Good clean food, exercise with quality sleep is all that is needed.

  • Should fiber from foods like avocados be avoided when consuming the higher fat and protein meal in the morning post workout meal IF TRYING TO BUILD MUSCLE? I notice that when I consume vegetables, olive oil, and other slower digesting foods and fats, I notice less of a muscle preservation affect or muscle growth after the meal.
    By the way, I consume my post workout meal around 45-60 minutes after workout (around 11:00)

  • BEST to workout late, that way your muscles arent further torn down doing your daily work.
    Also your muscles grow after they heal (rest) so going to bed helps your body relax and muscles can heal.
    NEVER WORKOUT A SORE MUSCLE, wait for the soreness to go away.

  • I just started back this week to working out and taking in a Zumba class or two. This information sure grabbed my interest. Thank you for the great encouragement to me today from watching this science-filled video. I ate smoked trout, some salami, an avocado, drizzled with olive oil and ACV! Oh yes, and a cup of cold brew!!! I’m excited to see how I feel the rest of the day!! Cheers!!

  • BE WARNED ended up in an Ambulance following 24 Hour fasting plus suggested vitamin cocktail of cider etc with a morning workout.

    I’m far from a Hater.

    DO NOT go straight into this guy’s suggestions.

    He’s a extreme athlete. Are we?

    Suggestions depleted my electrolytes.

    Be WARNED.

  • If a person works nights, and they work on their “mornings” (wake up at 5 pm) should they consider that a true morning workout or evening workout???

  • Hey Thomas. Since my world is flipped upside down, meaning I work at night and sleep during the day. How does this play into my situation? I work out when I get up around 5:00PM.

  • I started loosing my muscle, after I started the this post workout morning meal of eliminating the carbs. I started loosing my belly fat, but I lost significant amount of muscle mass

  • Coffee also blocks iron absorption, so I wouldn’t take it together with the post workout food. Especially if you’re a woman. Wait about an hour after meal.

  • When you say evening do you actually mean by time? I am a night shift worker so my day starts at 2pm so my workout is around 3pm I eat 4pm-midnight then start my fast.

  • I’m from India where the main focus of any dish is always the carb, I’m not on a keto diet since its really difficult and expensive to be or to maintain it here in India. Can I still apply this rule of having fats and fat coffees in morning post workout? And is it okay to have carbs on the remaining part of the day if start following this rule of including fats in my post workout nutrition? Or should I not have fats at all?

  • I like weight machines over free weights only because I’m unsure how to start free weights and do them properly to benefit me. So are those similar to free weights?

  • Morning workout are the best workout
    Cause u go to school,collegue, work or whatever u get tired n when u tired as �� the last thing u wanna do go to the gym Loud music.. your brain and body after a long day just want to relax… But depended on your schedule ✌��

  • I have been watching a lot of Tom’s videos and have concluded that they are very helpful however I would go broke buying all the recommended foods and supplements he suggests. I am 66 yrs old and after I work out I have a protein shake or a protein bar. Then later on I eat a low carb high protein meal.  Am I wrong? Geesh

  • As a bodybuilder that trains 5 days a week high intensity trying to build as much muscle as possible, wouldn’t a high carb high protein meal after work out in the morning be more beneficial than fat? If yes should the bodybuilder take in high carbs every morning during the 5 days and high fats on days of no training?

  • Ik this has nothing to do with this video but I’ve been going back and watching ur vids that talk about mineral and vitamin deficiencies and there’s a lot of information. I was hoping you could do a full guide to minerals and vitamins kinda like your guide to keto and fasting. Ik its hard because everyone is deficient in something different and there’s so much information to talk about but maybe there’s a way to sum all of it up and hit the most important points and things we should be looking out for. Between your vids and all the comments and other info I’ve seen the lack of vitamins and minerals in our diet has a huge impact on our health.

    Sorry for the essay haha.
    Thumbs this up if u want this kind of vid so maybe Thomas will see this.


  • I do a combo of yours works
    7 min morning worlout
    13 min afterschool workout
    15 min evening workout at 7pm
    And 10 min workout before bed

  • I am slightly confused by this because I have been following the “Chocolate Moo Moo” drink an hour or so before laying down which is very high in fat. Is that not right?

  • Thomas I eat BF around 7:30-8am and workout at 11:30am everyday M-Friday. Would you recommend the morning post workout meal for me or something else?

  • Baby Steps, I bought Pea Protein mix. I hope it tastes good. I never had anything like this except yrs ago i blindly followed Oprah on optifast, strawberry mix. bleccch!

  • I’m not entirely clear on how the low/no fat evening meal fits in with your “protein sandwich” hypothesis. I thought we were supposed to lower fats in the mid day meal??

  • What protocol would you recommend for someone who practices 23/1 intermittent fasting on keto? Eat in the morning and work out in the evening? Both in the a.m.?

  • You need to start adding side effects of these products like cacao. I followed your evening post work out meal with cacao and disrupted my sleep to only more 4 hours sleep, all day migraine headache and drowsy all damn day. Almost had an accident driving home. You just broke my trust Thomas…just because some online store wants to pay you to promote their product then you’re cheerfully announcing it from the rooftop. Viewers!!! Warning!!! If you get an accident taking all his products recommendation then SUE him.

  • i get alot stronger in the gym when my stomach is empty so training in the morning is best in a fasted state, also burn shit loads of fat too if you want to cut

  • I started Keto diet 3 days ago lol yep pretty new to this life style change, the same day I started Keto, I went and got a gym membership, so I fast in the morning and eat at 3pm and eat again 8-9pm cause I am starving by 8pm no matter how full I fell at 3pm, around 10pm I go the gym and work out lightly cause my body not use to it for an hr and then head back home and make some golden tea also new but heard is good for the liver and I just found out I have a fatty liver and gallbladder stones and then get ready for bed… so my question to you am I ruin my Keto diet? by eating and exercising so late? Today I check my weight I was at 178 when I started and went down to 171 in 3 days, it was funny cause my scale ask if it was me using the scale, but aside from that I have seen no changes in my body except being tired and cranky but I expect all that cause I did a 360 from my normal routine

  • I originally would workout in the morning until I realised that working out in the evening fit my schedule better, but now my schedule has changed again and I can change when i workout if I want I still choose to do it in the evening because I’ve gotten used to it now so I just do better

  • I have personally done all three. In my opinion morning workouts are the best. I feel like it has been the most beneficial for my mind and body.

  • Hi Jeremy,
    Firstly, i’d like to thank you for all your videos because they are super factual backed by scientific logic.
    I’d love for you to address a confusion if you may and that might be a confusion with several others as well. Can you please answer how to manage post workout nutrition after late evening workout.
    I generally finish my workout at 8:30 PM and i generally have a berry protein smoothie with cheese egg white omelette; however still don’t feel full and then look for something to binge.

  • Hi Thomas Something I was confused about from a Keto perspective after watching: How does the evening post-workout meal with reduced fats and the research indicating that we store more fat in the evening time, coincide with previous videos you’ve done for Keto in regards to the “Protein Sandwich” theory? Or in another video, you recommend taking MCT oil before bed to help with sleeping and fat-burning at night? Thanks again for the great videos and information!

  • Thank you for the video Thomas:)
    What about if i’m having 1 meal a day and it’s in the evening post workout, i’m working out as well in the evening. Means i can’t have any fats at all.
    P.S. cordyceps gives energy, the same with cacao, i tried both, if i’m having in the evening these, i have sleeping issues:)

  • If you work a schedule that rotates does it make a difference if you do a fasted cardio or workout in the afternoon because you worked overnight and slept afterwards and got your workout in when you woke up versus you worked in the afternoon so you went to the gym after you get out of work and then go home and go to sleep?

  • I think it’s all about sleep. When you workout in the evening, you get to rest early and we all know how important sleep is for muscle growth.

  • Thomas, anybody, how many hours after consuming the post-workout food in the evening, I can have my dinner?
    Second question; can I take an omega 3 supplement in the evening post workout, or is that too high in fat and you would only recommend it in the morning post workout?

  • As someone who is mindful, I also noticed better workouts and gains from training in the afternoon even though I feel most hormonal first thing in the morning.

  • I started IF about six months ago in combination to fasting cardio in the morning and evening workout sessions. Due to time constrains I am now switching to morning workout sessions with cardio afterwards while fasting. What is the recommended regime for someone in my situation? Please advise, thank you.

  • You didn’t say it, but it seems like whey protein, eggs, avocado, and omega 3s would be great in the morning. the omega 3s in combo with the insulinogenic whey shake and protein would be great for protein synthesis and the fat consumption doesn’t hurt as much in the morning and would power you through the day. Thoughts?

  • Evening is better, becuz in the morning your mostt likely weak after waking up, and if in the evening after eating, doing anything. You got some extra energy and also will lose more fats becuz you already have eaten, so if you do your workout at the evening or after eating,doing things, will trigger your fats to melt and not adds, also helps you get good sleep becuz you get so tired to do things, so your only choice is to sleep, im bad at english, so i hoped you get it

  • TO GAIN WEIGHT do workout evening because after that we eat and go to sleep which is help to grow our body and produce muscle growth….. TO LOSS WEIGHT do workout morning because after morning we go to job and work whole day that reduce our body fat more and get fit.

  • I agree about this…when i workout on early morning..i feel so weak and can’t do the right techniques..when i workout in the evening..i can feel more powerful to do every single i decide to workout every evening..and at night i will feel tired and will sleep early.

  • This is AWESOME! Thank you! I love how it’s broken down because I used to train at 4AM, now I just cant pull that off till the weekend and train after work during the week. This is perfect! I def need to change my post workout meal! Thank u Thomas, have a fab day!

  • So for post workout meal p.m. this nigga os saying to do a whey protein shake with cacao and a rice cake with half an orange? Even ig I’m hitting the gym for over an hour? I just can’t even.

  • Thomas, good morning. I want to thank you for all of your hard work on these videos, and the free amazing knowledge & tips you provide. You have changed my life for the better, thank you. I think I need some help. I have been doing a lot, but I am having a hard time staying organized, staying true to my ways, and implementing some of your preaching. For example, last night I ate my last meal at 7pm, this morning in a fasted state I worked out for an hour, 45 min later Im drinking black coffee. I will not eat until 5 or 6pm tonight. Question is, is that acceptable? Is it beneficial or should I eat after my workout? I know almost everything you have thought, but I cant always put everything in a plan. Thanks T, you the man.

  • I swear I need someone to give me there diet and there workout plans I’m finding this lose weight so hard man someone help me out here��

  • Hello. I have one situation. I need to increase height + muscle mass also. So can I do height exercise at morning and muscle exercise at night. Is it ok?

  • This is a fantastic workout! You don’t need to do extra hard or fast exercises to lose weight! And interval training is also very effective.

  • Yoga and streches in the morning
    Weights and calesthenics in the evening
    Martial arts(Any) practise rest of the time! ��
    Bruce lee mode on

  • ThomasI’ve heard that exercise at night can negatively affect your sleep quality. I prefer to train in the morning, but if I wanted to exercise at night to reach a specific performance goal, do I need to worry about this affecting my sleep quality and overall testosterone levels?

  • So usually a fasting/morning workout guy but the occasional necessity evening workout comes around… is a post workout meal totally necessary with a high protein/keto day all ready completed? Also wanting to start a fast after that last meal prior to working out?

  • Omg!!! So much shit take this do this at this time when where morning nite eat this no eat this really i fast 14 hours a day a big mac meal im lean and strong that all u need

  • Huge profit for me and might loose my extra wastes….thanks Roberta,��☺️�� really loved this video, especially ski hops, sorry for commenting after one year ��in 2020…..

  • Hey comment section I’ve been trying to diy a functional medicine approach to being healthy, does someone know of a good resource to learn how to read blood work/ know what labs to ask for? My biggest fear is running low on a certain vitamin/mineral like calcium for example and doing more harm than good by actually consistently going to the gym.Functional medicine doctors also look into ancestry via services like 23 and me to ballpark how much fat/phytonutrients you should be consuming. if you know of a good resource I’d really appreciate a reply; can’t vouch for it but a promising looking site for blood test is for anyone that’s interested

  • Hey Jeremy, thanks for all the vid! It was really helpful for me to train stronger and better. I like the way you present your vid especially the scientific evidence about strength results! Cheers!

  • Thomas,can u do videos with lets say Harry Potter mantle instead of these shirts? Because everytime I look at your videos I understand how far away I am from the looks I want ��

  • The best time to workout is when you are feeling energetic, I do my workout after watching bodybuilding motivation and hit the gym like a beast

  • I know i’m a little late on this video but I had a question if anyone can help that would be awesome. I’m currently working out in the evenings but decided i’m going to get into working out early AM’s. Should I be taking a protein/ calorie shake after my workouts like I usually do in the evening or should I wait until the afternoon based on the interm fasting schedule?

  • Listening to Pat and Dan talk is like resting at a tavern in a strange town, weary from a long and arduous journey. You sit down and the innkeeper slides you a pint. A man limps over, face covered in scars. The cold winter’s night makes its way into the room and we pull our cloaks closer as the windows rattle and the candles flicker. The fire suddenly dies down and the man begins to speak of faraway lands, fair maidens, and dragons…

  • I’m so happy I found this video, this makes so much sense and now I’m more excited about getting started! By the way, looks like you are from Ohio and now living in LV? Same here!!!

  • Thank you Thomas, your content is amazing, i made correction to my keto diet that had instant results. This post workout video is a good clarification

  • Here’s the problem that no one can help solve: what about us shift workers who like me are nurses who work all night running for 12 plus hours before you get home. Work 3 twelve hour shifts in a row and then try and flip over to a day walker for s couple of days and then do it again. Where exactly do we fit all this in? Working out consistently and eating the macro you provide? Any long time night shifter will tell you that the day after 3 in a row is wasted either by sleep or not sleeping. Who wants to eat? Not me. Who wants to sleep? Not me. So how do you figure out that part? I also pretty much live on that go to bed at 3 am time. Everything is so much harder with this schedule. Is really like to see a workout and eating plan that is sustainable for long time health.

  • I like working early in mornin anyways hardly anyone in gym around two, three or four in the morning so I really be more zoned into my cardio workouts and be more consistent which is most important. thanks for the knowledge ��

  • Wondering if you’re able to clarify something regarding evening/morning post workout, as I’m personally in a bit of a different situation than the ‘gen pop’. I work a 3rd shift situation, so my morning is night time and visa versa. I’m sure it wasn’t covered in the studies…but if I am doing intermittent fasting (generally 4pm to midnight), should I treat these theories/best practices as if my night is my morning? I’m not sure if that’s able to be clarified, I’m just wondering if it has to do with internal clock and if I am okay to eat fattier things when it’s ((my)) morning? Xoxo thank you!

  • when you train in the morning, you look far more handsom through out the day with awesome defintiions and pumps gained during the morning workout…wereas… when you workout in the evening you know…your body loses pumps during sleep, water etc and you look less fit during the night…why do i need to workout in the evening if people can’t see my gains during the day lol thats my point of vue tho:)

  • I always do morning workouts because I noticed at the end of the day I always felt exhausted and never did things at my best & just felt like it was more of a hassle than something I actually wanted to do

  • I dont know better morning or night..? I do at night but how muscle grow when i cant eat because is to late..or to eat and get fat

  • You are awesome!!!…and right on!!! Communication is very clear, you are very knowledgeable and easy to understand and to follow. Thank you so much for being out there sharing your love ☺️������������������

  • Morning workouts for me. I feel pumped and in a better disposition to get more things done for the day. I come home tired with better sleep.

  • Ooh I definetely needed this. I workout in the morning because of my schedule, but I hate it. I go after work/night whenever I can.

    Edit: Leg workouts in the morning is definetely hard for me, now I know why ��

  • QUESTION: Thomas so are you saying for a better change in body composition (losing fat) its better to wait in a fasted state as long as you can during the day then work out to get the bets results? I usually workout by 11am in a fasted state and then dont eat till 1pm (first meal of the day). Now I can push my work out back a couple of hours if this will benefit me till 1pm then eat like at 2pm. Will this make any significant difference? Thanx. Another great video.

  • You’re right when you say the world is crazy but should we become crazy too by doing harm to our bodies by trying to become bigger and bigger!
    what for?

  • Morning workouts…roll out of bed and into warmups and get your workout done before your brain wakes up enough to resist with excuses. Plus A.M workout help wake up your brain and set a good tone for the day. No distractions especially if you invest in home equipment. I guess I’m odd because I feel like I have more energy if I workout before I eat. Then I eat post workout and I get my euphoria & energy to take on whatever the day has for me. Biggest downfalls are working a stressful government desk job 12plus hours a day. Too sedentary. Then I’m so stressed I only get 3 to 6 hours of sleep a night.