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All You Need to Know about Coffee

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Here are all the big differences between some of the most popular coffee drinks

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A Beginners Guide to Coffee Tasting

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Coffee types explained

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What you didn’t know about coffee: Asher Yaron at TEDxUbud

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The basics about: Coffee

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People spend approximately $40 billion on coffee annually. Coffee lowers the risk of Type II diabetes and liver disease. A person’s coffee consumption increases by 25% when they reach their 20s. People aged 60+ drink the most coffee.

68% of them are daily consumers. Coffee comes from a genus of plants known as Coffea. Learn about the two important coffee species Arabica and Robusta. How to Store Coffee Start with quality beans, and store them properly to maximize your coffee’s freshness and flavor. One thing is to explore everything about coffee beans and the different varieties you could choose from in the market today.

There are roasted coffee beans, Arabica, green and espresso java. These types of beans have their distinct and unique features that deliver great tasting and full-bodied flavor and aroma. Everything you need to know about coffee What is a latte? The latte is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a coffee. It is an espresso drink topped with steamed milk and a small amount of foam.

Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Around The World The best environments for the growth of coffee trees are at high altitudes in a tropical climate. These conditions are generally found around the Equatorial zone, between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South. Coffee trees need rich soil and enough moisture to thrive.

It’s strong, it’ll keep you wired, and might give you heart palpitations if you aren’t used to it. If it’s your first few times drinking specialty coffee, avoid this. It’s basically like being at level one in a video game and facing the big boss.

Regular bowel movements are obviously beneficial for flushing out waste and toxins. A study has shown that coffee enema caffeine and other compounds travel through the hemorrhoidal vein to the liver. The caffeine opens up the blood vessels, relaxes muscles that aid.

Everything You Need To Know About Guatemalan Coffee. 30 January 2020. Share on facebook.

Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on whatsapp.

Share on email. That bag of beans sitting on the shelf of your favourite cafe probably comprises single origin coffee beans. Your barista loads the beans into the espresso machine, and out comes a.

Resolute is a no-nonsense classic idea of coffee: regardless of its contents, it aims for a dark chocolate and nutty taste with a big body. It was created to be the bedrock of that classic morning latte or that shot of espresso. A coffee that tastes like coffee. It includes coffee from Erwin Mierisch of Fincas Mierisch, Nicaragua.

Everything You Need to Know About Coffee From Sidama, Ethiopia Sidama coffee: it’s a phrase associated with spices and citrus notes, crisp acidity, and a rich body. Along with Harrar and Yirgacheffe, Sidama is one of Ethiopia’s three trade-marked coffee regions.

List of related literature:

Above all, we’ve aspired to provide a source of coffee knowledge for all who seek it and all who can benefit from it.

“Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry” by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, Shawn Steiman
from Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry
by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, Shawn Steiman
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013

In addition, Starbucks taught me and all the other green beans a thousand pieces of information that most people wouldn’t dream of contemplating when ordering a cup of coffee.

“A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century” by Scott Bedbury, Stephen Fenichell
from A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century
by Scott Bedbury, Stephen Fenichell
Penguin, 2003

Before I was ready to address the big questions, I had to know more about coffee as a beverage.

“God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee” by Michaele Weissman
from God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee
by Michaele Weissman
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011

Kinds of Coffee-All impressions about different types of coffee—strong, weak, black, etc., difficulties in making coffee, how one brews coffee, etc.

“Fundamentals of Marketing Research” by Scott M. Smith, Gerald S. Albaum
from Fundamentals of Marketing Research
by Scott M. Smith, Gerald S. Albaum
SAGE Publications, 2005

Servers taught customers how to grind beans, how much coffee to use, and the right water temperature for the perfect cup.

“Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks” by Bryant Simon
from Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks
by Bryant Simon
University of California Press, 2009

And to the extent that there is, then what kind of coffee, what kind of coffee-making process, what kind of coffee-drinking companions or coffee-drinking places, what kind of coffee cup would bring these things out best?

“All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age” by Hubert Dreyfus, Sean Dorrance Kelly
from All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age
by Hubert Dreyfus, Sean Dorrance Kelly
Free Press, 2011

There is so much misinformation out there about coffee.

“Sink, Float, or Swim” by Jogi Rippel
from Sink, Float, or Swim
by Jogi Rippel
Redline, 2007

SOME new facts about coffee.

“All about Coffee” by William Harrison Ukers
from All about Coffee
by William Harrison Ukers
Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Company, 1935

We have no independent knowledge of the facts relating to coffee.

“Study of Coffee Prices. Hearing Before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, 83d Congress, 2d Session, on S. Res. 182 and S. Res. 195....” by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency
from Study of Coffee Prices. Hearing Before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, 83d Congress, 2d Session, on S. Res. 182 and S. Res. 195….
by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1954

Take a look at one of the SCAA Fact Sheets, such as Brewing Facts, and you will find there are six essential elements to coffee brewing.

“Starbucks” by Marie Bussing-Burks
from Starbucks
by Marie Bussing-Burks
Greenwood Press, 2009

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  • Most coffee beans by law are soaked in pesticide before they are imported. Open that bag of coffee and get a whiff of the chemical smell.

  • I tried to give him some chance while remain skeptical, but on 9:48, ok, game over dude. And when he said he’s moving to Bali setting up blahblah.. “The age of coffee enlightenment has begun!” I thought, go f yourself, as if he has arrived to save the Indonesians from the dark age of ignorance. And I am probably more upset to whomever curated the speakers in this event.

  • Your English, the explanation very clear, to make easy understand what are you talking about thank you…. For the basic about coffee

  • Great video friend!! Love the video, i
    Enjoyed the information and seems we all love the accent keep up the #positive #vibe.

    #coffee #fans #club #coffeefans #coffeefansclub #coffeebean #greatcontent

  • I always craved orange juice immediately after my coffee… I googled… something about iron absorption (Sorry it’s been a while so I don’t quite remember…) I just know that I went with it and always have some Simply Orange with my coffee (separate cups!) I haven’t has coffee in over a year ���������� Because I moved to a country that do not have 7-11s or Wawas. I’m a novice so when I stand at the current offerings looking to order my options are: Americano Cappuccino and 2 others (including tea ������ I’m like.. that’s not coffee ����) Anyway. I made a playlist of videos about coffee so I can be empowered to go to the grocery store to buy what I need to make my own!!! ����✊✊�� Great video ��

  • He literally said every coffee was the same as the one before. A capp should be all foam on top, with maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon or shaved chocolate. No latte art on a capp. And a flat white has almost no foam. That’s why it’s “flat.” Jeesh.

  • I’ve learnt fom a barista and roaster called Pedro Foster, from Rio de Janeiro, that bitterness can be a good thing too. Depends on the kind of bitterness. He’s a bartender too, and when he needs to create a new drink, he searches for various sources of bitternesses… from plants, and another kinds of sources. Then I opened my eyes to the bitterness on coffee. And I’ve learnt to enjoy and understand it. Bitterness can be desirable at some contexts.

  • Great video as usual! When are you getting your own Netflix show James!?

    I also find it quite frustrating when tasting notes are very specific. I find it easy to be able to differentiate between fruit flavours and carame-yl / chocolate-y flavours. I find tasting notes of bergamot or Jasmine or the like very frustrating to taste. Is that just my palette or is that lot of people say do you find?

  • Actually if you make latte art into a cappuccino it’s not rly a cappuccino……. cappuccino has 5 main points for it to be a cappuccino.
    1) creamy 2) smooth 3) glossy 4) firm 5)thick, when you do latte art into cappuccino it’s not gonna have such firm texture and the foam is not gonna be as thick there for you basically just make a bad latte not a cappuccino

  • After I watched this video I am roasting my coffee everytime I drink with in 7 days like back home and it test great and I couldn’t test the other coffee like this.

  • light roast is not bad coffee, You get a different flavour, and i disagree that it tastes like grass? sounds like a bad roast to me.

  • Read an article about coffee and human genetics recently. It cited research showing that people with the genes that make them more sensitive to bitterness are more likely to drink coffee and likely to drink more coffee than those w/o the genes. It suggested that this is due to a Pavlovian reaction to the caffeine in coffee. The taste of the bitterness signals that the caffeine is about to arrive in the brain, like the sound of the bell indicating that the food was about to arrive in the dogs mouth.

  • Most coffee shops roast the hell out of their beans until there’s nothing left. At this stage you can’t taste the difference between high or low quality beans.

  • Informative, I never thought I would learn so much about coffee from a basics video, as I am a tea drinker and so I never knew how to understand coffee….until now.

  • I’m using robusta coffee beans but I boiled it first after opening the package then now I’m roasting it on frying pan some of the beans turned dark green can I still grind it please help

  • A great coaching! Please tell me your machine and cost to get that roaster! I may not buy now, but may be in near future. I’m still seeking coffee knowledge. I grow less then 10 coffee plants in my yard and intend to expand it when I have full confidence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • I know this is a year on, And i am really enjoying this series. But you stand around not looking interested most of the time. Im not saying your not interested, but for entertainment purposes and just for the quality of the video, you could show a bit more enthusiasum in what is going on. Just standing there with your hands in your pockets, Saying Mhm, and giving monotone answers kind of lets these videos down. Even after a year, i do hope you see this. maybe not.

    This is just a bit of constructive critisisum, as i said i am really enjoying this series and will continue watching through this adventure one year late:)

  • Actually the latte is combination of 75 percent of milk and 25 percent of well created milk foam. The cappuccino is the combination of equal milk and milk foam(50/50). The flat white is all milk or it has less foam than a latte.

  • This made me subscribe to your videos. I have always been intimidated about the whole idea of cupping and describing the taste notes of coffee. But you make it seem like an invitation to try because there is no right or wrong in describing what you actually experienced in that cup. Thank you sir for this very pleasant and easy to watch video. Took off a lot of insecurity in my head. Now I’m excited to try it at home!

  • I have been through so many coffee cupping videos. And this one made the most sense to me as a total noob and beginner. Thanks a lot for making this video.

  • Chronic fatigue: difficult to find something. The radiation of microwaves (magnetron)oven: tension in the muscles.That causes pain and  also bad working of the guts: food is absorbed badly,so you have to little vitamins in the body. Also bad feeling in throat and tension in the rest of the body. Tension in the muscles is also bad sleeping.

  • “Without that golden crema your coffee is not a coffee”, I think you are wrong man, perhaps that you better taste for the coffee not for everyone ����‍♂️

  • I’m watching this just now, but I’m completely hooked and I’m definitely going to try it as my subscription coffee is coming in 2 days and I have 3 new ones to taste ����☕

  • All Espresso based coffees. I think the biggest difference in taste is between methods like French Press, Chemex/drip or filtered/unfiltered coffee. And beans used.

  • If you’re lazy and just want the rundown:

    Mocha: Espresso, Chocolate, Steamed milk and Milk foam in a 1:1:1:1 ratio
    Latte: Espresso, Steamed milk, and Milk foam in a 1:1:1 ratio
    Flat White: Double Espresso, Steamed Milk, and Milk foam in a 1:1:1 ratio
    Cappuccino: Double Espresso, Steamed milk, and Milk foam in a 1:1:2 ratio

  • hello I am a coffee processor from Indonesia Arabica and Robusta coffee beans if anyone interested can contact me instagram kukuhimanp thankyou��

  • Sadly, passionate experts and good imagery are ineffectively portrayed by the poor editing. ‘Three ways of presenting heat’ we’re told only one, the burners at the side. What are the other two? At 2:40, ‘now we’re gonna start-‘.. start what? It cuts away. Also, the sequence where you roast four different batches is way too short, I missed it in my first viewing so I had no idea what was going on with the four roasts at first.

  • I just wish we can identify people who disliked this video. If they can boldly claim they’re one of them – show us a link of their video and masterfully explain, analyze and educate coffee lovers around the world like James do.

  • Me: sips coffee with sweet creamer

    Master Roaster: “If someone needs to put sugar in coffee, they might be drinking the wrong coffee”

    Me:…. takes shameful sip

  • Acidity isn’t something you taste “all around, but mostly on the sides of your tongue”. Taste/tongue maps have been debunked by chemosensory scientists for a while now. It’s now in the same realm as phrenology. Pseudo-science.

  • Flatwhite is completely wrong! If you want an authentic flatwhite, get a New Zealander (where it originally came from) or an Australian baristas!

  • Something that you touched on is very important for people being trained as baristas. Staff need to learn the importance of cleaning the equipment so that off flavors are not carried over to the product being served to customers. The oils in coffee will turn rancid, and will spoil the experience.

  • Thank you for this channel, James! I’ve been watching your videos daily for almost a week now and they’ve been so knowledgeable. I’m dreaming (and starting the process of planning) to open a coffee shop locally sometime hopefully in the near future, and this channel has truly been my go-to for coffee knowledge and skill. Thank you.

  • The visualisation is just misleading. There’s not really a difference between milk and milk foam when making coffee as you aspire to achieve a homogene silky texture when steaming.

  • What a FINE channel! This is all about my favorite and ONLY drug of choice and its ONLY delivery vehicle COFFEE! You’re not trying to make a channel showing how to froth milk / cream sugar flavors. THIS IS what I want to see about COFFEE! You’ve got my undivided attention, sir! I’ve roasted my own green beans from all over the world. I’ve experimented with all of them for the best roast time, etc. It’s such a groovy experience COFFEE a dream come true in a less-than-perfect world. You are incredible. What an incredible find this is Jazz / Folk / Classical Vocalist Subbed!

  • So hang on, do these color changes in the roast apply to all (or most) coffee beans? Bob had graphs and tables of his roasting experiments and what not, but does that only apply to that particular bean he roasts, or can it be applied to any bean? Do other people roast the same bean differently?

    Love the series btw, to me it’s like an evolved How It’s Made. Spent hours watching that show on Discovery when I was little, and it’s really nice to fill that itch.

  • since i have been looking your videos i have been improving my Technics and definitely learned how to enjoy better my daily cups of coffee. Thanks!

  • On one hand he says don’t look at studies showing benefits of coffee because it’s based on old, dead coffee, then espouses the benefits of coffee from other, old, dead coffee studies. This is nothing but an advert for his business.

  • I downloaded the sheet, converted it to a google sheet and added bitterness to it. Then, when i finished that he ends with ‘as an industry we dont like bitternes’. I am one of those who like the bitterness in coffee, especially with ice cream or cookies.

  • Seems like coffee has an adverse effect on me. The more I drink, the tireder I get n for every cup I drink, I have to pee 3 times in an hour!

  • I don’t like drinks you have to specify “”taste”” instead of drink.
    Whiskey snobs are assholes.
    Someone once did a study where Wine tasters couldn’t tell cheap box wine from expensive wine, and also gave two identical wines different “flavor profiles”
    Coffee snobbery doesn’t seem much different. “Taste thing that tastes like asshole, one day you might like it and hallucinate up some brand new flavors!”

  • I’m a bartender-turned-barista, but i love bitter coffee, not necessarily burnt, but naturally bitter. You say that bitter coffee is somewhat consedered, on some levels, a failure. Yet i love it when a cup of coffee is bitter, the more the better i say, yet i am also a barista and it just makes me wonder if i really got my job cut out for me cause it seems the longer i am in the coffee game the more confused i get.

  • This is all very nice but where do you get fresh coffee beans from, unless you live in coffee producing countries? So his roasting machine is essentially useless.

  • James How do I find the coffee I like, I mean the flavors I prefer.
    I get it in espresso, when it’s really good. I love the thick sweetness, with a lingering aftertaste of bitter.

  • Not sure if you read older posts, but I just wanted to say, if you ever wanted more narrated jobs I think you should be David Attenborough’s successor. You do such an amazing job!

  • That guy roasts beans for days. That’s all he does. Those beans got roasted. I bet it’s not the only thing he roasts. Get roast’d m8

  • I used to hang out at a coffee house where the coffee was fresh roasted on site. I spent a lot of time learning about the craft. This may appear to be a commercial, but it provides information that most people never hear about. I’m glad TED decided to allow this talk.

  • I’ve recently started getting into coffee more. I’ve been keeping a “coffee Journal” and writing how strong it is and whether I got the ratio right with my French press.

    I’m hoping to go into more detail and learn more about different aroma and pinpoint what it is. I’m hoping to improve more in general.

  • The act of touching and throwing the coffee berries into the audience now (in the time of Covid) would most likely get him a citation for threat of bodily harm.

  • I think this video just discounts the beauty of coffee culture rather than showcasing it.
    Next time, have a better script or feature an actual person with decent knowledge of coffee. Not some guy going through a mid-life crisis pouring milk into what looks like sour espresso.

  • Honestly these videos are so well put together I feel like I’m watching a tv show that was just put onto YouTube. He definitely deserves his own tv show in my opinion ��

  • James, I started watching you about a month ago, and now just gave cupping a try. I’m a black coffee drinker or maybe some cream. I took three current of my current coffees of my shelf. A reasonably large brand but still local, a med sized very successful local cafe/roaster, and a micro roaster. all were in that med/med-dark spectrum). I was very surprised how different the coffee tasted when cupped rather than “brewed” (aeropress, French press, pour-over). And how I actually had a very difficult time getting into the descriptors. Of all three I could only really cover 2-3 different aspects. Fruitiness, bitter/sour (my mouth is still a little confused on that), and the overall kind of robustness or earthy tones. Or the lack of those three things maybe that’s the cleanliness or sweeter side? I need to start cupping on a regular basis with a wide variety of roasts even ones I know I don’t like. Now I’m going to take the one I was happy with a compare with an aeropress version to see if I can taste what changes. Thanks for your very informative information take care.

  • With the Espro French Presses, you can also use a paper filter on their plunger/filter system. This also filters out the oils so you get a healthier, more clean cup but also that French Press taste. Really nice for every day use.:) If you don’t use a paper filter, just drink 1 french press cup a day at most.

  • I loved this video when I first saw it until I realised how wrong he was. You really do not want to drink coffee that soon after it’s been roasted

  • This is a weird side effect of James’ videos taking off in popularity: the strengthening of the Filipino coffee community through online groups and how it’s starting to reach a wider audience outside of the upper-middle income folks who typically frequent third wave coffee shops. I’m seeing so many people in our local community learn more about coffee, and purchase their very first pour-over kit, and many of them talk about your video as soon as it gets uploaded. No doubt your videos have offered a sense of accessibility and inclusivity for coffee that was once viewed as the rich snob’s hobby. Thank you, even if you don’t know that this is where it led to. This is great. Keep going.

  • I love coffee and I am a coffee farmer but we are facing a big problem, the earth temperature is increasing and the coffee plant it’s really struggling. We are cutting down coffee trees to plant maize corns. You better enjoy your coffee now because 20 years to come maybe the coffee plant will not be there as now

  • Great James…I am a new follower on your youtube, infact I find planty of new knowledge about coffee I never known before…thanks so much

  • I know there’s already a ton of comments about a podcast request of some sort and I’m just here to say it again. I would definitely listen to your podcast may it be strictly about coffee or just the typical hang out podcast (if you’re interested)

    And I wanna say thank you as well. Never thought good coffee could be accessible for the non rich people like me.

  • A waste of money Funny he never says mention Ethiopia in Ethiopia is the best country for coffee all you have to do is see you at eight do it because I live in Ethiopia they just take a small little hot little pan and cook the coffee they know expensive when how much to cook the coffee in the grind it up and drink it right in their facts its Been use over 1000 some years

  • Coffee get the liver to make sugar and realese it to the blood and this cause insulin surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain! you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug!( caffeine )

  • The difference between a flat white and a latte couldn’t be more off. The difference is not just in size but on how the milk is poured

  • I do like my coffee sweet. But undeniably adding sugar to a high quality coffee ruin the taste. If you are using regular coffee then it is okay to have it however you like.

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  • Stock trading is getting more better by the day even with the invention of a new strategy.

    My portfolio has grown tremendously. I continue to make huge profit with my broker Mr Douglas Donald.

  • You want real fresh coffee, go to the country that birthed coffee for the world: Ethiopia. The word coffee comes from the region of Ethiopia where Coffee was first discovered, namely, Kaffa

  • Too much caffeine causes suicidal thoughts and severe depression and anxiety. I bet he doesn’t tell you that. Kids ( and people) who drink Red Bull and similar high caffeinated drinks have a much higher rate for suicide and mental problems. It takes about 3 days to get out of your system so if your suffering, stop caffeine drink lots of water and see how you feel in a few days.

  • Thanks for a very educational and informative video James, enjoy the way you use and arrange words also.
    Just may I ask the reason(s) how specialty coffee become much less bitter than commodity coffee, I’m really curious?

  • Thank you James a lot!
    after watching your videos I feel much more confident speacking to my barista friends when arguing about the coffee!

  • This is so great, specifically now that I am trying brewing in a French press, but instead of boiling water, I pour in two shots of espresso and let it sit for 10 minutes. I will compare that to a regular double shot and a regular French press cup, wish me luck.

  • It’s really interesting to watch as a person working with premium tea, specializing in Puer tea. In a similar manner to what’s mentioned here, I focus very much on richness, finish (after-taste), mouthfeel, enjoyment. Something notable is that being too specific with aromas may be less useful since all of us have a slightly different linguistic base and/or subjective memory. Of course, on the other hand, great descriptions help people pay more attention to things they might not have noticed before, although I do prefer to use leading questions for that, which then refers back to the use of the assessment sheets. Great video and I appreciate all the work to help inform more people about these concepts.

  • What happened to TED. I love coffee a little too much sometimes, but enough enough to make my own infomercial. When Ted first came out the quality and content of every video was mind blowing and now you want to blow your brains out. Very sad, it reminds me of losing my grandma to dementia.

  • last coffee i got had a penis shape in the foam……….And the man with breast behind the counter blew me a kiss……..Think i’ll stick with dunkin donuts next time

  • People, do not believe this man. Sure, coffee will go stale after a while, but the use by dates on the pack are completely adequate to ensure your coffee is fine. I don’t suffer bad coffee, and I have been to Bali and tasted the freshly roasted stuff, as I have in NZ when I owned a cafe. This talk is nothing more than a sales pitch.

  • A flat white traditionally has a double shot of espresso but is extracted for only half the time (so about 15 rather than 30 seconds). This leaves out the more bitter compounds that are extracted in the second half of the extraction process and results in a milder sweeter coffee flavour. In practice though only the best cafes do this as it uses twice as much coffee. Sometimes they might just use a milder blend instead. Also the flat white should be flat: the milk should be steamed but not frothed.

  • question:
    1. What size of the cup for latte, cappucino and flat white in the video?
    2. Are the price the same?since 2 of them using double espresso

  • You can buy vaccumed roasted coffee, that has a shelf life of 30 years. Are you can buy roasted coffee, are grind fresh coffee beans, and vaccume them yourselves with a food sealer.

  • Is this guy high? I thought i only needed 75 cents and now hes telling me i need a suped up barbeque with some kind of turbo charger attached to it.

  • Tedx me decepcionas. Esto es un comercial. Ningún estudio que avale, ningún dato mensurable. Puede que sea verdad, pero no vamos a confirmarlo a través de la supuesta experiencia de quien quiere vender sus ideas.

  • I drink DAILY around 3 or 4 cups of dark coffee with french press, thinking it would only keep me awake longer… I didn’t know about cholesterol, might change to a different way, or a lighter coffee

  • This guy almost had me believing his BS about the shelf life of coffee. Once he wheeled out the contraption that he is selling he lost all credibility. This infomercial is a blot on the reputation of TED talks.

  • That’s not a flat white. I don’t know what’s happening to it in it’s journey to the states but I’ve only had a small handful of proper flat whites since returning to the state from NZ & OZ 8 years ago.

  • How to tell good coffee. And its nowhere among these thousand of comments.

    I am 80 yrs old. I was born in Germany. My father was a coffee maniac. He had every kind of coffee maker and coffee he could buy.
    The point I try to to make is that growing up, there was no way to avoid drinking coffee. I soon learned that there were many extremely distinct flavors of coffee. They ranged from excellent to absolutely horrible. I still remember the tastes but could never match them to specific names.
    At age 15 we immigrated to the US. At age 27 I visited Puerto Rico with about 8 business associates. Sunday morning we all met for breakfast in the downstairs dining room. The waiter asked: “Coffee everybody?”, which was met with a resounding “Yes”.
    We all got our coffee and all of us, with a simultaneous voice exclaimed loudly “Yukk!!” what kind of coffee is this? The waiter answered “This is Puerto Rican coffee. it is very strong. If you want American coffee I’ll be glad to get it for you.” All of us, opted for the American coffee.
    I mention this because the particular taste of the so-called Puerto Rican coffee had such a uniquely horrible and strong flavor that I can still recall it in my taste buds.
    About 3 months later, back on the US mainland, I was in a grocery store where my eye caught a new sign in the coffee isle.
    It boldly exclaimed “NEW FRENCH ROAST” coffee. My curiosity succumbed. I took it home and brewed it. It was horrible and it had the identical taste of the ‘Puerto Rican coffee’. I knew that as a coffee drinker, I had to avoid this taste in the future at all cost. I was glad I had identified this awful taste and now had a second identifying name for it. Thinking about some more about the unusually bad taste, it occurred to me that it would make good sense to research the opposite coffee taste and that there had to be a scientific name for the good pleasant coffee. The timeline was pre google around 1968. I went to the local library and found out the simple truth.

    The simple truth. It must stay hidden to protect the coffee industries’ profits!
    Coffee grows in many places around the world.
    There are 2 major types of coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta.
    Robusta grows in more places and is relatively cheap.
    Arabica also grows in many places, but not nearly as many as Robusta.
    There are many varying roasting processes used in coffee roasting.
    Most about 99% of coffees are a blend of Robusta and Arabica and many use additional filler additives.
    Some use fillers for bulk. Some use additives to disguise and cover up unpleasant taste.
    Usually ‘Flavored coffee are a good example of fooling unsophisticated tastes into perceiving it as ‘extra value’.*
    A top-line coffee is always 100% Arabica.
    I have been at a large Walmart looking for 100% Arabica. It took me 45 minutes read labels, because they try to hide this stuff. I was able to find 3 out of 32 brands.

    * No offense intended to folks who like flavored coffee. It is totally legitemate to like flavored coffee. It is just no longer coffee.

  • 50 years ago I fabricated a sheet metal roaster fo my barbecue as he Asher did. I had access to green beans. I never could get the results he talks about. Starbucks from Costco works for me

  • Great video. I wanted to add that in terms of body there are actually very many teas with a thicker, “chewy” mouthfeel. Many of the newer oolong styles like Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong can have a very soft, pleasant texture along with crazy floral flavor. Those varieties/teas produced with that method actually converted me to exclusively drinking tea for a while! Now I’m mostly back to coffee with occasional tea. I was just astounded by how flavorful properly brewed loose leaf tea could be. Going from bags to high quality loose leaf was like going from supermarket pre-ground to single origin, well-roasted whole bean coffee.

  • Coffee is an addictive drug. If not agree, try to quit and you will experience withdraw… Intensive headache, can have vomiting as well.

  • This was wonderful! I just started trying coffee and was feeling like a failure or an idiot when I couldn’t taste the blueberries, jasmine, lemon, toffee, etc. that was noted on the bags… With your two videos on how to cup and taste coffee, I feel a lot more confident about, well, being a beginner! I really appreciated how reassuring you were in this video, and how accessible you made specialty coffee to people like me. Thank you! Definitely subscribing!

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  • Hey, this ia wrong. Im a 17-year old barista in a coffee house, A latte is steamed milk with a very light layer of froth and then you add the espresso shot. This video is wrong

  • I just dump a shit ton of coffee in a pot boil the fuck out of the water and dump it in a mug. Strong fucking coffee thats probably pretty close to speed.

  • Thank you for the video. As a former beer brewer I am now on my way to making better coffee. I really like the cupping bowls you have in the video. Any way you could tell me how I could get them?

  • And here I am buying coffee sachets & just mixing boiled milk and coffee powder together.
    Is that coffee? Cuz Now I am doubting myself lol

  • 2 full cups in front of him, spoon in hands, didn’t hear any slurping in 20 min:/ a bit disappointed. I would like to hear on the flow like, I started sensing, feeling, tasting XYZ, then ABC…. so on

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful sharing. I really enjoy your exciting and informative video from the beginning to the end. I”ll try to make a nice cup of coffee. BTW, your voice is so cool.

  • I tried cupping coffee and I found a note of eucalyptus or menthol. Is that normal? I’ve gotten this flavor from darker roasted coffees before but I’m not sure if anyone else has had similar flavors in coffee. If anyone has let me know.

  • I just adore the fact of your personal approach to coffee cognition. That is an essential matter and aspect often excluded by people experiencing coffee tasting. I just want to thank you for the work you’re doing out here. Thank you, James.

  • I created a word file containing the table. Here’s the link if somebody is interested:

  • Why would he say how easy and cheap it is to roast, (hot air popper) then wheel out this monstrosity that he built? He killed his sale before he brought out his product! Doh!!!

  • Flat white really shouldn’t have any foam. And you should be able to get it in any size hahaha.
    The difference should only be in the amount of foam.
    Flat white: no foam/less than 5mm
    Latte: about 1cm foam
    Cappuccino: 1.5-2cm foam.
    This really isn’t a brag, but I literally have a government-issued qualification in this.

  • Hi, Thank You for sharing everything about coffee. Your video is awesome.:)
    Don’t forget to check mine if you are also interested about coffee.
    Mine is about Java Coffee Beans, from Indonesia.:)

  • “You cannot make a flavor that is not there”. “So roasting is pretty important”? Wrong, he was stating that the growing process is the most important part.

  • Yes! The overly specific descriptors on bags of specialty coffee can be so intimidating and limiting for some people. Suddenly it becomes a win-lose kind of situation when you either taste the strawberry jam or whatever other flavors they describe or you don’t. Often you don’t and you feel disappointed, doubting either yourself or the roasters, even if the coffee is perfectly fine.

  • Why didn’t you mention all the bad side coffee has? It removes from the human body all the B complex vitamins along with other vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium! It also contains mold! Caffein is stored in your nervous system and if you don’t use up what you have consumed for the day, it keeps itself in the nervous system, damaging it! Aha wake up, coffee isn’t all that good for humans as people say it is!
    And since this is proven by research, we are probably talking about old coffee!!!

  • I didn’t really know what I did and didn’t like about coffee until watching your vids, I just knew I liked good coffee and wasn’t really fond of instant. This is a brilliant pair of videos to introduce the kinda noob into what to look for and how to describe and investigate coffees. It’s really good to listen to someone who has a passion for something, anything really, talk about it. You manage to make the things you talk about be it a machine, a bean, or whatever, sound interesting. I don’t know if you have any other interests, but it would be good to hear you talk about other things too. Maybe.

  • Amazing video, gets to the point and explains it in an easy to understand way, but I disagree with the tablespoon part. Tablespoons are inconsistent to different roasts and blends, so what I do is use a scale. When using a scale, I do 23 grams of coffee beans to 350 grams of water for single origins, and 30 grams of coffee beans to 350 grams of water for blends. This develops a more consistent taste than measuring in tablespoons.

  • Bitter/sour confusion reminds me of something I saw when working at a winery, which was fruity/sweet confusion. People would describe a wine as sweet when it had no residual sugar. I think what they meant was fruity.

  • Ha! How many barista’s can really keep the ratios precise in a busy coffee shop? I’m thinking they use different glass or cup and change the name. Enjoy your _ sir/maam!

  • As with tasting of other liquids like say alcohol, color and clarity are often considerations. Is this of any relevance or use when drinking? For example using clear glasses or some sort of standardized skinny beaker where we could rate opaqueness. Would different colors tell you something about the taste or quality or is it too easy to change color through grind, brew method, soak time, etc which are more about the making of the cup and less about the actual coffee itself?

  • Went here. Unfortunately the espresso was under extracted, sour. Told me buying an espresso cup with their branding was 16 DOLLARS! Will not be coming back unfortunately.

  • I have been roasting my own coffee for the last 12 years. When I travel abroad, I always buy my own green beans. I prefer beans from Ghana and Costa Rica. Some of the beans from the Philippines are delicious. It only takes some maximum of 9 minutes to roast 8 oz. If you roast 6 seconds too long you get Starbucks; Burned coffee that you have to flavor. It stinks like crazy when it’s roasting. Smells like the house is burning down, but when that 8 hours of rest is complete, let the grinding begin. Nothing tastes and me aroma is so good is perfectly roasted coffee fresh daily.

  • Tedx disappoint me. This is a commercial. No study that supports, no measurable data. It may be true, but we will not confirm it through the supposed experience of who wants to sell their ideas.

  • I lived the first 49 years of my life without drinking coffee and had white teeth clear skin and coffee was not a get out of bed early and then sit to drink coffee. We have natural energy to get up and go without coffee.

  • I’m a barista, the only difference between a cap, latte and a flat white is how much foam. Cap has the most and flat white is minimal foam. It is a complete misconception that there is a huge difference between the three. Usually baristas don’t even bother with altering the froth on each. You’re getting the same exact thing most of time. No difference in milk or espresso amounts, absolute bullshit. And yes, you should be able to make latte art with a flat white. Why would you pay someone to just heat up milk? It’s got like 0.4cm of foam

  • I’ve been having Hills Bros like my Dad before me. Only fancy cups I drink is a Latte from them tiny coffee building or somewhere in a lobby. ☕

  • Okay I had an epiphany after watching this clip. I was tasting an espresso today that I roasted a bit differently (slightly different roasting profile) than I’m used to. It had an exaggerated element that I’ve always adored in espresso, but never isolated in my mind as a concept. I was wondering what this was, when I realized this was what is called SWEETNESS. God, how could I have missed this? I now know what to aim for…

  • I like my coffee like I like my women *HOT AND BLONDE*ol
    French is too dark like you might as well just put top soil in you coffee maker lol

  • Hmm this Nescafe instant coffee is good! (After watching this video)

    What is this peasants brown venomous liquid excuse of a coffee

  • Too bad it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to get living coffee fruit to the masses!!! To get this, you’ll have to send away to this far away nation!!!

  • I loved this! It was super informative and simple. I went to check if my coffee was Arabica or Robusta. No wonder one of them was more expensive!

  • The way we make it at home is boil water on a stove. Add the coffee powder. Wait a few minutes for the grinds to settle down. Then pour into a cup and enjoy.

  • Why are coffee that has no finish would score 0 in quality? Should not score medium, or at least low? I mean, a coffee with a disgusting finish should score less than a coffee with no finish at all.

  • Thanks a lot for the video. Finally I can see the difference between arabica and robusta. And thanks for your recipe. I love coffee, I love arabica and now I like your channel��

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    Last thing, I think specifically this video helps me in rchitectural criticising, how, by translating perceived info into feelings and measure them.
    Thank you.

  • I like Tim’s coffee, not sure what roast it is lol.

    Thanks for these videos, you are doing great! I also want to learn about everything;
    The internet, and all its glory gives people that option, no other generations have ever had such power at their finger tips ��

  • When roasting coffee are there any animal by product such as lard, butter or any animal by product used? Just cuirous because one day a year, I go strict vegan. Which means no animal by-product. Yes even milk or butter.

  • I’ve only been learning about coffee for like the last week from James Hoffmann’s youtube videos and even I can tell this is all wrong

  • Funny how in Italy, which as of today has basically the best coffee in the world, like most southern European countries, there are just 4 main types of coffee. Espresso, lungo, macchiato, and cappuccino (what the English world calls “Latte” which in Italian means Milk, and which normally people have just for breakfast NOT after a meal)

  • the part of the process that always seems to be missing is the “degassing” stage. How soon after roasting is it ready to be brewed? What are the procedures?

  • The best quality beans in the world are saved and bought to be mostly for light roasted. If your coffee needs to be burned to taste good, you’ve got relatively cheap beans. The further you go the more you char all the flavor and acidity away. I want to taste the bean, not the roast. If you
    char to a crisp a piece of chicken, pork, beef and fish, they all will taste like similar burned meat. Wildly different and distinct coffees from around
    the world lose their unique characteristics when burned to a crisp. Dark roast can hide many defects of cheaper beans. Burning to even the first
    crack shouldn’t be necessary with good quality beans. Light roasted coffee also has health benefits that dark doesn’t. Light roast is life. ☕️

  • I have tried many coffees in the US and I have tried many coffee traveling to Central, South America and Africa and all those coffee are really bitter and apparently it is because of the type of coffee they have and specially because of the process of getting the final dry coffee bean. The only coffee that was perfect in flavor, smell, bold, rich and not bitter was the Colombian Coffee and I learned why. Colombian coffee has a very precise process where they use clean water, they pick only the best red coffee beans, and most of the coffee plants are Arabica coffee plans. Really the best coffee.( I am not Colombian. Colombia really specialize in producing the best coffee)

  • I only know if it’s bad or good coffee, usually the later as my expectation not high. But I listen to your video just to hear your smoothing voice after long session of Spotify on hard rock

  • I surely hope the chocolate sauce was made in-house. There’s nothing worse than going to a coffee shop and seeing them add bottled chocolate syrup made with corn syrup. If you charge at least over $5 for each coffee based beverage then you can afford to have chocolate simple syrup for mochas. The same goes for having other in-house naturally flavored syrups. Thanks to this pickiness I make my own coffee drinks at home. It may not be the “best,” but I never cheat myself on what I choose to add or omit.

    P.S. This aforementioned was not a diss on the baristas themselves but the corporations who dictate the standardized recipes they have to follow.

  • A huge thank you from a person who was intimidated out of existense by people who tried to explain flavours. It always seemed to be like “this roast should taste like yellow fruit and maple syrup and doorknob and how on earth can’t you tell”. The way you explain things makes me want to experiment more and find out what things actually feel like!

  • come answer my queries with likes or replies. I begin feeling my first cup of coffee about three quarters down of my first cup. I’m on my way to waking up and energized by half way through cup two. I am well, alert and energized into cup three. Any cups after are for maintenance and these i sip slowly. I notice much the same from coworkers and students. They won’t be up and running until first cup is gone at least, so I don’t interact with them. They won’t be productive. I’m stronger in the gym and get better mileage doing track work after a half pot or so of coffee that morning and aft. A cup at about 6 or so will help carry me til bedtime. I’m 60 and need it sometimes.

  • Your channel is my knew favorite obsession! I have spent 5 of the last 24 hours studying your videos! I feel like I never knew anything about coffee before!

  • not very smart with coffee, but do they do blends of different roasts / bean to balance out specific taste profiles? or can that just somehow ruin the whole batch?

  • I’d recommend pre-wetting the paper filter, otherwise some of that paper taste is going to end up in the coffee. You can do a comparison without coffee grounds, just let a cup of water pass through the filter and check.

  • Latte= more milk less foam(micro)+latte art
    Cappuccino= less milk more foam no latte art
    Flat white=more milk no foam at all
    Mocha= just a latte with chocolate syrup
    Macchiato=milk first before espresso with milk foam

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  • What lemonade is to most Americans is just sugar water with a hint of lemon juice. I love lemons and will eat it whole. I prefer buying a more sour lemonade because if I want a more subtle taste i can just water it down. Plus there’s something great about biting a lemon and just getting all that sweet acidicity jump.

  • Am I the only one who does full submersion style ( like french press) in a Teapot with a super fine metal strainer? No? Did not think so lol

  • At first I was like “meh, don’t feel like I want a 8 minutes video”. And then, the video ended amd I was like “Wow, already? man that was good!”