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Bananas are good for constipation, skin problems, heart, nervous system, PMS, anemia, kidneys, bones, stomach ulcers, indigestion, emotional state, blood circulation, hangovers, rheumatic aches and pains, blood pressure, morning sickness, and muscular regeneration. When you compare a banana to an apple, bananas have four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the. Tasty, healthy and portable, bananas can be seen as nature’s energy bar. They’re rich in fiber, important vitamins and minerals and naturally free of cholesterol and sodium. They are an excellent pre-workout snack snack because they contain healthy.

Although referred to as banana trees, they are not trees at all but a perennial herb. What appears to be a trunk is not truly a trunk, it’s actually many leaves tightly wrapped around a single stem which emerges at the top as the fruit-bearing flower stalk. 1271 shares Everything you need to know about bananas, including the main varieties, how to store them, how to ripen them faster, and nutrition information. Did you know that 96% of Americans have purchased a banana in the last month?

As one of the most popular fruits on the stand, it’s about time we give it the spotlight it deserves. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber. Medical experts claim they may help prevent asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and digestive problems. Ripen bananas at room temperature and add them to cereal for a tasty breakfast. People who use beta-blockers should not suddenly increase their intake of bananas.

Bananas. are a staple fruit all around the world, but are originally from Southeast Asia. They are grown in warm climates, and are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and plant compounds. There are many varieties of bananas, so you’ll find them in different colors, tastes, shapes, and sizes. Bananas are rich in fiber, which can help keep you regular.

One banana can provide nearly 10 percent of your daily fiber requirement. The Vitamin B6 found in bananas can also help protect against. One banana can fill you up with nearly 10% of your needed fiber requirement for the day. Plus, bananas are low calorie for the amount of fiber they contain. They also taste sweet, which, while not double-stuffed Oreos, can help to curb your sweet tooth.

Bananas are a good source of fibre — about 3 grams per serving or a whopping 12% of your daily needs. This means the fruit plays a definite role in gut health, since fibre helps bulk up your stool and promote regularity. You’ve likely heard about probiotics (a.k.a. good. Bananas are a good source of fiber — about 3 grams per serving or a whopping 12% of your daily needs. This means the fruit plays a definite role in gut health, since fiber helps bulk up your stool and promote regularity.

You’ve likely heard about probiotics (a.k.a. good.

List of related literature:

There are many things to know about ripening bananas if you are to obtain the best quality possible.

“The Best of Growing Edge” by Tom Alexander, Don Parker
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RIPENING BANANAS: The abundance of natural sugars in overripe bananas is the secret to big flavor and serious moisture in baked goods.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
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However, cooking bananas, which account for the other 41% of world banana production (Lescot, 2015), are usually starchy when ripe and need to be boiled, fried or roasted to make them palatable.

“Handbook of Diseases of Banana, Abaca and Enset” by David R Jones
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This is important, though: don’t wait to freeze the bananas until they’re overripe.

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
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For the complete banana experience, stop in at the milk bar, which serves bananas in every conceivable way.

“The Rough Guide to Australia” by Margo Daly
from The Rough Guide to Australia
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They remove the bunches of fruit from the thick stems, an operation that has to be done carefully (one might say skillfully) so that the bananas are not damaged.

“Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics” by Cynthia Enloe
from Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics
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In fact, they’ve issued a ‘banana guide’ to greengrocers, illustrating the various colour stages a banana can attain during its life cycle.

“Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy” by Martin Lindstrom
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All those parts of the banana’s life cycle can be targeted directly too.

“Climate-Smart Food” by Dave Reay
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In addition, the polyphenol content increases the functional character of unripe banana.

“Flour and Breads and their Fortification in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Vinood B. Patel
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To have perfectly ripe bananas any day of the week, pick up singles with varying degrees of ripeness.

“Racing Weight Cookbook: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes” by Matt Fitzgerald, Georgie Fear
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  • Awesome tips Pete! I’ve two racks of bananas fruiting right now. Last year I also got two racks ripen before frost in Sacramento area. It was great sharing with family and friends flying from Chicago during Thanksgiving. This year will be the same.

  • This is such a fun, informative video that you’ve inspired me to go take care of the wild banana we’ve got out back. They produce a lot and we eat a few off there as tostones (fried green banana chips). Thank you!!

  • The banana protein does not contain enough amino acids for a human to make use of them. So you probably got 0 grams of protein. Fortunately, there are reserves in the cell nucleus that last for a while.

  • I used to run a holiday rental business in Thailand about 15 years ago, where we also arranged the transportation to and from the airport. One thing that was mandatory for the driver to have in the car for each passenger: 1 tray of cut watermelon, 1 tray of cut pineapple, and a banana. Most people from non-tropical countries have no idea how sweet these fruits can taste, if they were left to ripen on the tree/field. This small gesture alone made our returning customer rate insanely high… people loved it.

  • In the North side of West Malaysia ����.. The tender heart of the banana stem is harvested as a vegetable to be cooked in beef curry..

  • 0:48
    well if an religios men use the word to create
    it means to make something from nothing

    scientist says everything has a beginning
    the cavindish doesnt come from nothing it had a beginning too
    to peal a banana is not a creation

    God was the Beginning of all Creation he started the bing bang he was the one who created the matrial which was needed for the bingbang
    it doesnt make sense to say the
    material was there from the beginning
    there cant be reaction without action
    u dont have to deny that to make Science
    because there are perfect rules wich dont change und because u can explain the natur
    doesnt mean there is no god

  • Awesome video Pete! We just finally got two varieties of bananas planted out at our property! I need to get up there to see your property and the fruit trees you’re growing!:D

  • I once drove 3 hours out of my way from LA Folsom, CA just to visit a banana plantation 17 miles south of Santa Barbara on oceanfront. I love them in smoothies or as ice cream (frozen/puree). I bought 4 varieties because that’s all they had left after a busy weekend.

  • Always use that pee n poop we produce! Peeing in a bottle by the bed at night (big mouth) lol it just makes sense (and more fruit).

  • I know, right? Rocket Monkeys taught me that they could be an evil banana sending the monkeys to the desert to starve to death! July 31, 2020, 2:09am

  • The Yonana’s icemaker seems like an unnecessary kitchen tool. Start with bananas that have been frozen for at least 48 hours (should look whiteish instead of yellow) and a good quality blender. Very little liquid. Pefect banana “ice cream” every time.

  • Good thing there are dozens of banana species! �� When I lived in Micronesia, I loved those itsy-bitsy ones, which tastes like candy. There also short, fat ones which are creamier. And another kind people like to roast or boil. Yum!

  • Looks like Dorian will miss us thank goodness. I had images of papaya and Meyer lemons hurling thru the air at 60mph. No bananas this year though. I think I should have removed the babies. They’re sucking up a lot of energy.

  • Didn’t know those sun shirts were Green Dreams bling. Get some links up. Merchandise, merchandise, merchandise! I’ll buy a few for when I mow my pasture.

  • Great video as always! I’ll second the recommendation about urine. I planted 4 Saba bananas last fall, and as an experiment, I peed near only one of them, maybe 2x a week. Guess which one fruited first? And guess who’s wife wasn’t NEARLY as excited to hear that news.:D Appreciate the pro-tip about splitting them in half I’ll try that this fall.

  • Yes!!! Pee is free and amazing in the garden! Gets everything growing super fast and makes the leaves super green! If you have any annonas they love it! As do annuals like corn and squash!

  • Banana �� are gmo genetically modified food it’s a hybrid smh ��‍♂️ this pist God off it destroys environment don’t eat bananas Oh lord help us

  • So you pee on your customers bananas Pete? What’s the going rate for that? Sounds like something I could do! Lol Thanks for another great vid!

  • Wish I could grow bananas, but I live in northeast Texas and unfortunately we do get freezing temps in the winter, atleast iij once or twice in the upper teens to low 20s.

  • i beg to differ on fact #6. I was walking one in my highschool hallway and slipped on a gross looking banana peel and fell right on top of it.

  • Banana growers need to grow a variety of banana plants to help reduce the disease ruining the entire crop. It bothers me that cavendash bananas seem to be worldwide with very few alternate varieties.

  • Yaw man….when the flower of banana bloosome when its end of the fruit get out cut it away dont let the flower grow..if you cut it your fruit will grow earlyer and bigger

  • It’s your diaphragm, it’s the only part altered when I cross my eyes and blend both images to cross compare. Thanks for nearly approximating the same stance. Also your head’s tilted, >

  • Pete-1st but wanted to get on here to say be SAFE!! If you are still in FLA, forget youtube-we LOVE your content but can all wait!!! Take care of your family and your belongings…hoping & praying for the BEST for You & Yours! Also, hoping the nurseries there can recoup and still have a great late summer & fall season. They supply us in Metro Phx as well! Fyi, we have a “running” FB joke on urea here, so a share of this video will go over well:)

  • Pete man, this is the kind video you must do! a placer to see you doing your growing work friend! sorry my english and keep going! cheers from Argentina

  • Funny you mention splitting the banana trunks. I just harvested a bunch of Orinocos earlier this week and did the same for the first time. My thought was that they would break down faster. Nature doesn’t split the trunks so I am curious about the “poisoning” of the soil…what gas do the stalks release?

  • I make banana bread and banana cream pie with mine. I do think I’m going to try throwing some in the dehydrator after watching this video though.

  • I don’t cook store plantains until the skin is black. The inside is soft and little orange.
    Would it be too late to cook yours when the skin is black? The store bananas would not be as soft or sweet if cooked green. Most Cuban restaurants in Miami also fry sliced plantains after skin is black.

    Yours are cute and shorter.

  • Hey Pete, do you know you can eat the palm heart? Another tip from Brazil��. I will try to find the best diy video and send the link. It will be in portuguese, but you can get the idea of how to��
    And what do you mean with clean diet?

  • Hey Pete thanks for the videos! Questions: does the new banana tree sprout from the old one that is chopped down? What if other sprouts come up around the 3 main bananas? Do I cut those to maintain just 3?


  • Cavendish is not the only Banana variety thats cultivated widely. may be its to only banana that Americans know how to cultivate. and from my experience.. its one of the tasteless bananas around. and have a poor self life.. too sweet and doesn’t even taste good. Ask someone who have visited kerala and have tasted bananas here.. there may be more than 100 varities in here.. and we do have one called Robusta banana ( green skin Cavendish ).. and belive me.. it is one of the cheepest and tasteless bananas which keralities does not prefer that much..( for those keralities reading this, who haven’t tasted this yellow glittering bananas which they call as Cavendish, it taste exactly like our Robusta, the same useless sugary thing )…
    These Cavendish producing countries like Philippine and so.. they are boosting this thing.. making Americans and Europeans belive that.. this is the mightiest Bananas in the world… just like Indian’s boost with Alphonso mangoes.. ������

  • Just the advise I needed, I have 3 racks on my very first banana cluster planted two years ago, I was shocked, they just kept popping out and one huge rack in my back yard, wish I could remember the varieties, but who knew I was gonna stumble upon Green Dreams and fall in love with bananas and all the rest…after 2 years you can no longer see my home from the road, I hope Dorian stays in the ocean, can’t bear to lose anything…stay safe…BTW, I have machete envy…lol

  • I really wish the Gros Michelle banana could make comeback because Cavendish bananas are tasteless compared to them! For years I wondered why the delicious fruit I ate in my youth suddenly became smaller and virtually tasteless. I never realized they were an entirely different type. I rarely even eat bananas anymore because I’m so disappointed with the taste every time I do. Cavendish bananas only start to have a good flavor when they are extremely ripe but by that time, they’re almost spoiled. They look rotten by that time.

  • Great video. In the beginning you said they use ash to help fertilize the plant. So if we get our tropical fruits from Brazil and we know there having issues with this beetle killing banana species then doesn’t it make sense why they are burning the rain forest. It’s just bc we have labeled it OUR LUNGS OF THE EARTH.

  • There are so many varieties of bananas in India, we even have a variety dedicated for making banana chips… why rely only on cavendish (G9).

  • Come mister tally man,tally me banana. Dee! Messy day messy day messy day ooohh, daylight comes and we want go home. Day oh! ����

  • Somethings folks may not be aware of: all of the banana peels you see laying along the highway are thrown there by cyclists who consume them for the potassium and the carbs.. There are many reasons. Look it up.

  • Scientists have created the “Stealth GMO Banana.” Look for it in your Organic Food section of the supermarket. Genetically Modified and Organically Grown!

  • Seeds banana still exists in Vietnam, the people eat The flower and inner part of the banana trunk instead of the fruit because the seeds are big and hard

  • For rapid reproduction of plantain suckers this techniques are worth looking into:

  • I hope �� you don’t get those high winds what their calling for, would planting high bamboo forest all around your property would it help buffer the wind? ��

  • This fruit is so common that we don’t appreciate it enough.
    The banana:
    Grows all year round
    Available all over the world
    Self-propagates through suckers
    Some varieties can be cooked
    Can be fried into crispy chips
    Easy to peel and eat. No mess whatsoever
    No annoying seeds
    Great, consistent taste
    Glitters and has intricate patterns

  • When I was in Thailand a few years ago my wife’s family had several banana trees growing in their back yard, but they were all different. One was a green banana that was for cooking only, which you can buy here in some Asian grocery stores, one was yellow like the ones we’re familiar with but tasted different, and one tasted just like Cavendish but were red when ripe! I liked the red ones, what were they, and why don’t we get them here? I’m in NZ.

  • The fact that we have Man Made Genetic Infertile Mutants that are “GMO”, just shows that people don’t really understand what a GMO is, or when it’s worth fighting over.

  • I don’t think that is right about the seeds? The seed of a banana plant is part of the tail that grows below the bunch. It looks like a giant snake with a big red ball on the end.

  • FYI: In the Philippines as one of the countries who exports most bananas in the world, the Cavendish banana which the whole world enjoys is not eaten normally by locals and those that are not exported is fed to livestock.

  • I don’t think banana candy tastes like the gros michel either. They aren’t completely extinct though. You should try a gros michel and let us know.

  • Most parts of the world only know about Cavendish Banana. Its just sad. I think Filipinos will not miss the Cavendish if it goes extinct, we have a lot of varieties to choose from in Southeast Asia.

  • Are any plants or seeds still available please,? I’m an old man who remembers Ffyfes bananas in England from the early1950’s, it was a treat to eat one so soon after the war…
    I guess they were the ones that were wiped out.

  • If I was going to eat the bananas that Americans have in store I’ll eat them green because it has a better flavor and the texture is way better.

  • Bananas are repulsive in every conceivable way and I hope they go extinct so I never have to suppress my urge to vomit whenever I smell one again. Fight me.


  • Pete, thank you for this valuable info. I am over on the space coast bracing for Dorian, but your video made me smile. Btw, I noticed your water shoes. I have some for my boat. My hubby made me promise not to use them in the garden. Wait until I tell him you’re using them that way! ���� Maybe I need 2 pair!

  • Did you know that a banana tree isn’t actually a tree but a giant herb �� an eggplant is actually a true berry but the strawberry is not

  • believe it or not my banana plant in southern ohio is beginning to grow bananas. I dig them up every winter and store them kinda dormant i guess until spring and then trim down and replant. any tips? kinda surprised because the plant is only about 6ft tall however last year its stock was nearly a foot wide. almost died digging it up Haha. unfortunately i had to cut it back almost to the bulb because of some rot in storage but seems to be doing well

  • why are we allowed only the one form of banana? Is it a monopoly? There are so many wonderful different types of bananas around, and many of us would love them, rather than the bland tasteless form we are stuck with now. Would dearly appreciate a reply. Thank you ever so much!

  • I would have to say that the 1.5 lb loss is good. for a person who is trying to do a water fast and is overweight the weight loss is going to be more significant. a banana cleanse is really good for the lymphatic system when you were coming off a regular American or Australian or British diet.

  • Ur awesome and I don’t eat what I want I eat what I need I lost my leg and so well just saying um pretty cool thou what you did sometimes I didn’t have money so just bread and water I just got sad I mean I had peanut butter and butter sometimes but mostly bread and and my hair is getting long lol I told myself I look like Jesus �� and I am grateful for what we have cause I said wow I’m eating the way people ate back them when Jesus was around pretty cool right I’m getting SSI NOW SO I’m better but I only eat what I need not what I want can’t wait to get my �� soon and we’ll I think I’m just gonna keep this diet going for I feel better then ever I also eat a whole lot of bananas lol cause I can’t walk so I just have bananas just lying by me so sad but hey I’m good just thanks for ur video maybe I’ll subscribe if u leave me a cool message ��

  • I wonder, is it possible to recreate or ‘revive’ the Gros Michel banana species? I mean, we’ve scavenged genetic samples from far older sources and with even fewer details, right? Or perhaps if bringing back the same species isn’t possible, could certain traits found in the Gros Michel species be integrated into other species? Basically, I want sweeter bananas.

  • Great pro tip video! I like this idea or a few shorter clips that give an in-depth understanding of why and how to help production

  • Talking about a population that is 100% vulnerable to a pathogen sounds disturbingly similar to covid… and look at just how successful scientists have been at combatting that. Imagine if covid was even more transmissible and had a 100% mortality rate. That is what the Panama fungus was. Bye bye, Cavendish.

  • Oh, DO WE have a better understanding of epidemics? I guess Hank means the “royal we”, because if there’s one thing I learned is that the world knows nothing about epidemics, ESPECIALLY if one’s a conservative politician.

  • I have a weird relationship with bananas in that I like them a lot sometime and other times they are ok and then other times I find them to be repulsive. I often don’t know when I am going to eat a banana if I will like it. I first thought it was at a certain ripeness that I like them but that changes with me as well. It is the only food that is like that for me. Am I alone?

  • Wow this is awesome! A friend of ours has this Banana and recently shared some of the first fruit with us. We had no idea what kind it was but it was delicious. Thanks for sharing this. We will definitely start hanging our racks upside down now.

  • I work in in a job, that requires me to be early.
    One morning, around 5:45am,
    I was having bagels at a shop not far
    from where I live.
    These 2 female workers were having
    an animated conversation.
    What I thought I heard them saying was,
    “There’s a Banana in the sky!
    There’s a Banana in the sky!”
    Which made me laugh to myself
    every time I thought of it for a couple of days.

  • Eat the peels as well! These make a tasty “pulled pork” replacement for vegetarians…fry strips of peels with onions, spices and bbq sauce.

  • Recipe: party food =Banana Foster =melt butter,Brown sugar,add cinnamon,sliced bananas….heat….may or may not add some Rum.��U Tube has recipes with variations….Philippines have a recipe turon(turong?) Great fried dessert especially with jackfruit…making my self hungry here..����

  • Why are you doing thick as fuck things? Could have used the calculator from the get go and realised ‘Oh gee….I’m deficient in about 20 vital nutrients’. The things fucking idiots will do on YouTube to get views.

  • Just wonderful, been searching for “foods that are fat” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Meyaanit Fatty Escapeify (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  • GOD put bananas here for a reason, think about it we’re not supposed to eat animals. I believe we’re only supposed to eat whats put here on earth from god. I’m doing this diet its a miracle. Potassium allows your body to take in more sodium, I think it just flushes it out or something doesn’t it?

  • Long time ago, when I lived in the tropics, our neighbor had a few dozen Apple Bananas (similar in size to Lady Fingers)…you could SMELL THEM from a mile away! Fruit bats were annoying, they were so plentiful…but the best thing about ‘ripening on the tree’ is the robust flavor that it produced…the sugars were far more present, the odor and taste almost overwhelming…if you like bananas…you’ll never eat a store-bought banana again after having one ‘picked ripe’! Anyone who says ‘pick them green for best flavor’ has no clue what they are saying! Keeping them edible due to insects, vermin, bats, etc….now THAT is the work!

  • I when on a banana diet for 2 months and it burn my muscle…. My whole body was in pain.. I had fewer and my joints and head hurts like hell.. that’s when I realize we have to eat a variety of fruits and vege.. for me I need meat as well

  • Dude, this is very interesting. My PhD was on protein metabolism and there is a mechanism called urea salvage (via the microbiome) which allows us the recycle nitrogen back into the body and maintain N balance. The threshold at which this stops working in adults is around 35g per day, almost exactly the intake you had. So I suggest this is why your muscle loss was not as much as expected:)

  • Hi Pete, could you do a video on june plum, also one on grapefruit. Really liking the videos and watch a few every night have been helping with gardening practices

  • Good video but I have to point out some bad information. Your body is HIGHLY efficient, you could fast for 30 days and barely lose any muscle. Contrary to the popular belief that our bodies start “sacrificing” our muscle the moment we start to starve is soooo ridiculous. Think about it, how did our ancestors survive then? Your body wants to hold onto it’s muscle for dear life literally! Your muscle will only start to break down AFTER you lose ALL of your fat. That’s what FAT is there for, it’s stored energy. We need our muscles for hunting and gathering,so don’t be affraid to lose muscle, you won’t lose much at all it breaks down after you have no more fat left. End rant.

  • If you ate too many bananas for the rest of your life, you’ll die from banana overdose due to the radiation.
    Too much is not always good even apes know that.

  • bananas are high in calories so how exactly did you expect to lose more weight by eating 26 of them per day? �� a big banana can have up to 120 calories…so yeah, if you wanna lose weight with bananas 10 per day are enough

  • Not listed: The bananas we buy in the store are the product of thousands of years of selective breeding by farmers and bear very little resemblance to wild bananas, which are short and fat, with a tough peel and large seeds. This is despite some people claiming that bananas prove Creationism, since they’re “perfectly designed” to be eaten by humans.
    Picture of a wild banana:

  • Make banana bread out of them. You can freeze the loaves, give them as gifts, make them in Bundt pans, mini loaf pans, make babana cookies, also make banana jam which by the way comes out a pale pink color because of the heat of the heat of the cooking process…Yuummmmm!!!!!!

  • How big does a dwarf banana tree grow? And I live in Doha Qatar and what is the most heat hardy dwarf banana tree? Because the weather reach up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m not sure what types can live here and my winters reach as low as between 54-60 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Bananas or other fruits and vegetables would give probably similar results. The fact is, you wouldn’t stay on it for a longer period of time even if it was a miracle diet. You can’t just eat one product. I was on a different diets: juicing, cleansing, blood type and all works fine at first few weeks but then your body breaks. The best is balanced diet and very small portions. When my trainer cut my carbs to 15% of daily intake I lost 2.5lb in 3 days, then another 0.5lb within 3 weeks, muscles got leaner, vains started to show when working out. The best diet plan ever.

  • Any tips with a dwarf cavendish to grow inside? Got one this spring and still able to be outside rn, have a grow light I have for them

  • Do not fear, it was a very helpful video! Liked your comments around how just one day of not making macro targets is really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Don’t sweat the small stuff:-)

  • I freeze my bananas and omg best thing everrrrrrr I wasn’t even a banana lover until I froze them. I’ll be trying this diet for a week soon.

  • Wow.. was constipated for a couple days had two banana smoothies containing 2 bananas carrot and a celery and a 12oz cup of water..

    8 hour later, I gave birth to an 8lbs turd

  • I’ve never really eaten bananas regularly before recently.. Now, I can’t get enough!! They are helping me to restore my damaged muscles from working out. I feel a lot better

  • Stay safe Pete, Dorian is pretty big, I grew up in New Smyrna and have surfed in my fair share of hurricanes, but even I’m not dumb enough to attempt in a cat 4-5.
    Hope your garden doesn’t get too messed up. Thanks for the info, another great video!

  • Great video, should we cut the flower off the bottom of the stalk once the fruit are forming or do you leave the flower? I have heard both ways..

  • How could they allow an entire variety of banana to be wiped out? surely they could have preserved some specimens before it was wiped out!

  • Hahaha i live near a banana plantation. To be exact we live in a valley full of bananas. It’s expensive in other countries but yeah people here does not eat those sterile mutants as you like to call them but still grateful we’re basically alive because of BANANAS��.

  • You can’t tell a difference between two pictures if there is only a 1.5lb weight loss. You obviously lost muscle because you would need to eat 40 bananas a day to even reach the daily recommended amount for an average sedentary human.

  • Although cavendish bananas are the most common variety it’s far away from being a worldwide monocultive. It represents nearly half of the world production but there are other varieties that are commercialized. BTW, if the world cavendish banana production ges messed up, I’ll gratefully provide you with some of the Lady Finger banana plants that I grow up in my backyard.

  • great video, howevwer only 50 facts, as 37 was the same thing as the earlier one. btw, i hate you and your channel, and idk why but…i do hate you

  • A bit late to the video but did anyone else notice Hiei at 10:35 right below the number 42, so many others but that was my favorite

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    Awesome video though, can you do a 50 facts about avocados next? I received my banana this morning btw:D

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  • Very informative video Pete! I like to think I’m a pro at growing bananas but I learned some very interesting things in this video that I didn’t know before.

  • Bats ripped my banana bags open to get the bananas so wire mesh in bags didnt help. I had to wrap each banana bunch in 2 layers of thick fruit fly mesh & clip down ends tightly, but it inhibited a bit of free flowing air & made them sweat a bit in high summer heat so some bananas rotted from that b4 I knew they were ripe, but 90% were perfect. Being unable to see when they began ripening, I’d know when I smelled rotting bananas so I’d take the bunch down & find up to a dozen overripe & rotting ones. So I need fruit fly nets for them though they’re my only fruit the fruit fly dont attack. I live in Mid North Coast NSW which is south of U but still subtropical.

  • In southern part of the India we grow a lot of banana, when the fruit is ripe to cut it of from the plant and we hang the whole bunch with the stalk inside our home. we pluck the fruit from the stalk when ever we need it. Also plucking the fruit from the stalk we must leave the end each banana intack to increase the shelf life, otherwise the fruit ripens very fast.

  • Thanks for the tips. Here, in Bay Area, I got my first harvest last year took me 4 years the plants hardly make it thru winter, but then I learned to wrap them up completely with Agribon cloth all of winter.
    Eating your food on a banana leaf is a special treat!

  • After the banana has fruited, you can eat the white core inside the tree as a vegetable. Just reomve the outer layers till you get something that looks like a huge elephant tusk, dice finely and remove extra fibers by swirling in a bowl of water, then boil or fry with spices or add to salads.

  • Glad you talked about the fungus. It turns out there have been re-emerging cases of banana crops that are devastated but the fungus and it seems to be spreading fast. We are heading for a shortness of banana stocks in the next few years. It was even featured in Science and action from the BBC a couple weeks back.

  • I live on a Greek island and have banana plants in a big pot. Unfortunately I have never harvested any fruit but I like the look of the plant and keep it as an ornamental. Love the leaves

  • In India you have many varieties of banana. Like red banana and many other varieties. Bananas are so important in Tamil culture that they are one of the three most praised fruits that have been praised in ancient literature.

  • I’ve watched this a few times.
    Gets me excited for bananas Everytime!
    I’ve only grown the Dwarf Cavendish but I just ordered a Rajapuri.
    In so many of your vids you’ll mention the Rajapuri. I really like saying that name. ��

    Oh, and my Purple Possum is fruiting and flowering like mad right now.
    I know how much you wished you would’ve gotten more after the winter before this one.
    I lost my Passion Fruit Vines, too.

  • I forget to tell you < when you dug a hole after you cut down the banana tree, it will have banana water don't waste it, drink it, it'll can keep kidney stones from forming and push out.

  • since bananas are essentially just carbs, your performance should be as you say “through the roof”. carbs are the best source or energy for our body after all.
    if you did all avocado diet, which is all fats(oil), then your performance will be drastically affected. fats take a lot longer to be converted back to sugars and finally energy.

  • Hi Great Video, I’m getting small Bananas growing now from flower but some of them are drying up what could be going wrong? how do I save the bananas from drying up

  • Freeze whole bananas. Eat frozen bananas. I’m seriously addicted. I don’t even put chocolate or peanut butter and nuts on them. I just like them plain.

  • I’ve seen a video where he grew Banana plant from tiny seeds. But can you root a Banana tree from flowers? NOBODY seems to be able to answer this question for me. PLEASE can you give me an answer?
    Thank you.

  • I have heard you mention the use of compost as fertilizer in several of your videos, but do you have any idea if it is safe to use eucalyptus leaves in compost? I have heard rumors that most eucalyptus species are allelopathic (inhibit the growth of neighbor plants), but I have never dealt with this issue before. Since you live in Australia, eucalyptus trees are far more common where you live and any potential allelopathy in eucalyptus trees would have a real impact on your garden. I would like you to do a video explaining whether or not Aussie gardeners have to worry about using eucalyptus leaves in compost.

  • There’s only one problem with this video and that is bananas have potassium which lowers blood pressureAnd of course drug companies don’t like that check it out

  • I mash surplus bananas in a pan with little sugar. Then heat the mixture briefly to boiling temperature. This is banana pudding. Pure and nutritious and free of all preservatives.

    When spoiling, heat again briefly to boiling temperature. Can last forever but i usually eat it too fast.

    I eat banana pudding with rice seasoned with sushi seasoning. You can use it as jam or eat it as you eat it as you would eat icecream.

  • I’m thinking about going on a all banana diet because I am trying to be at my peak physical performance for about 2-3 days and since the best source of energy for your muscles are carbs and one of the simplest and most natural source of carbs for us (humans) are bananas, then.. ill be eating lots of bananas XD

  • I love bananas there my favourite fruit banana cheese cake yummy with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, banana bread, banana smoothes, love to watch your videos. Thanks Mark long May you enjoy your precious foods, for years to come. Check out official website it’s free website there’s over thousand different languages. Bye from across the pond.
    Kind regards swift keep smiling stay safe.,:-)

  • I just used crushed, dried banana peels to make a potassium fertilizer for my plants. Drying is easy at 350°F for 30 mins in the oven at which point they are easy to grind into a powder. You can save the ground powder or whole dried peels as an on-hand high potassium fertilizer for blooming or soon to bloom plants. I used it in my blooming orchid, spring flowers and Christmas cactus.

  • I really like to tell you that you DONT KNOW how to grow and take care of banana trees. With all respect, please remove this video.

  • ur amazing. im planning on growing bananas in mexico. i have no prior experience, but i have been managing my fathers garden for the past month no. Just regular waterings and planting new plants and seeds. What do u recomend on growing bananas on sand?

  • Where do you get the protective bags for the bananas? I made a couple cages out of wire mesh but it is a pain to put on and take off.

  • Great video. So many comments no sure if you answered this but Where are the seeds of Lady Finger Banana tree? Do they have seed can you plant from seed? Or must be from suckers

  • I planted a dwarf banana sucker in my garden and it just took off. The trees are no taller than 6 feet, lots of babies growing and I’m already on my second bunch of bananas. The bananas are long, slim and very sweet and I just love them. I’m presently waiting on the second bunch to fully ripen. The most I’ve done is watered the trees during our dry season. It took the first tree barely 5 months to produce a wonderful bunch of bananas! And after I cut down that tree the second largest was bearing within a month or two. I live in the Caribbean.


  • You can use bananas as a base for some homemade ice cream recipes. I would call that the greatest way possible to preserve your nutrients until your next bunch.

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  • Awesome video��Thank you! I have learned loads. This may not be the best way to utilise the banana as it only takes 1 but it is yummy�� So, here is my recipe for Banana Bread: 1 Banana (very ripe, skin almost completely brown), 125g Marge (half a standard block), cut into pieces. 1 third cup milk, 8ml baking powder, 3ml salt, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 5ml vanilla essence, 3 quarters of cup of flour. Add all ingredients EXCEPT the flour to a processor and blend for about 30 seconds. Sift the flower over the mixture and stir until smooth. Pour into a greased loaf pan and bake at 150 degrees for 1 and a half hours. Enjoy… Thanks again for the great video��