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A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Fit Fueling Trends. Trends come and go. They grab our attention, draw us in and leave us wanting something new all over again. In the food and nutrition world, new trends are constantly popping up: keto, gluten free, kale chips, beet juice, golden everything, coconut everything, dusts, sprinkles, essential oils the list goes on. Contact a dietitian/nutritionist to get more information on foods and supplements to add to your individual diet to give your body a performance boost.

The post A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Fit Fueling Trends appeared first on the Under Armour Health and Technology Blog Under Armour. Which trendy health foods should you keep around to benefit your active lifestyle? Trends come and go.

They grab our attention, draw us in and leave us wanting something new all over again. Mega-trends highlighted by the 20-country, market data-driven analyses include category blurring between sports nutrition and other sectors like energy, nootropics, e-gaming, the workplace and weight management along with the mounting sway of social media influencers, who brands are now engaging to assist with product formulation or to develop products aimed at women. While trends in consumer education and access to information continue to fuel mainstream sports nutrition growth broadly, each of these user segments has its own goals, drivers and motivators for seeking out and using sports nutrition products.

There is no “typical” sports nutrition consumer any longer, so category segmentation is key. Here are some tips for fueling your workout without sabotaging the calorie-burning effort of exercise. Top Snacks for Runners Early in the morning, during lunchtime or evening — runners always need to navigate the balance of run times with meal timing to maintain a calm stomach, prevent hunger and boost energy.

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition. Eat well to play well with facts sheets that discuss eating on the road, vegetarian eating for athletes, fueling during exercise and for. 655 + 9.56 (weight in kilograms) + 1.85 (height in centimeters) – 4.68 (age).

Indeed, sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, author of Food Guide for Marathoners: Tips for Everyday Champions and Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right from the Start, says calorie restriction is a common challenge because “many runners are very weight conscious and think of food as fattening and not as fuel. So they aren’t. Nutrition Athletic performance and recovery for college athletes is enhanced by attention to nutrient intake.

Developing an ideal nutrition plan for health and performance includes identifying the right quantity, quality and proper timing of food and fluids needed to.

List of related literature:

This is changing, with coaches and athletes now clearly recognising that unbalanced and inadequate nutritional intakes can lead to poor training and competition performance, lethargy, increased risk of injury and illness, and unfavourable gains or losses in body mass.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Joan Gandy
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
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This study indicates that a high-fat diet can lead to decreases in anaerobic exercise performance, which would be deleterious for team sport athletes.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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It has often been reported that inadequate intake may compromise athletic performance [1], so the work of the sports nutritionist plays a key role in the athlete’s nutritional status by developing appropriate and individualized intervention strategies.

“Handball Sports Medicine: Basic Science, Injury Management and Return to Sport” by Lior Laver, Philippe Landreau, Romain Seil, Nebojsa Popovic
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Decreased physical activity results in decreased energy consumption and, logically, weight gain if dietary intake remains stable; whereas increased physical activity leads to weight loss (Byrd-Williams et al, 2010; Madsen et al, 2009).

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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Weight loss through severe restriction of energy intake while participating in high levels of exercise is particularly harmful for young athletes who are still growing and can put the athlete at increased risk for injury during the season (Manore, 2015).

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
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By using more fat for fuel, the belief is it will take longer to deplete muscle glycogen stores and the athlete will be able to maintain long-distance activities for a longer period of time at a higher intensity.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Dunn CL, Hannan PJ, Jeffery RW, Sherwood NE, PronkNP, Boyle R. The comparative and cumulative effects of a dietary restriction and exercise on weight loss.

“Clinical Exercise Physiology” by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven Keteyian
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As the nutrition plan development begins, the sport nutritionist should take into consideration the athlete’s desire to improve fueling for performance but also look at the athlete holistically.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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Ortega and colleagues [37] also found that CRF appears to modify the relationship between objectively measured physical activity and abdominal obesity, and that the time devoted to intense activity is likely to be a key factor associated with abdominal obesity in children and adolescents with low fitness.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
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Interestingly, for this latter study, Martins et al. indicated that a 12-week training program in individuals with obesity induced a mean decrease in body weight of 3.5 kg (from 96.1 ± 11.0 to 92.6 ± 11.7 kg); but it had no significant effect on fasting or postprandial CKK concentrations [79].

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
from Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport
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  • I always skip ads, let me say it again I ALWAYS skip ads when i have the chance to do so. However with you I just let them ads play for you because I really appreciate the information you’re giving and its FREE!

  • I did not have breakfast today and I was starving (bc i ate two pieces of apple pie last night and i felt so guilty) but now I know i should eat whenever I’m hungry and not to skip meals, thank you:’)

  • It funny how many people don’t believe how incredibly transformational “ear real food, not too much, mostly plants” can be. It’s like they need to believe that the top athletes have some secret or trick or supplement. It’s crazy how much brainwashing via advertising the supplement industry has done to people

  • I normally like these videos, but I have to say I really don’t think you understood her. Intuitive eating doesn’t work for everyone and while you are correct it is often caused by diet culture there are people on the other end of the spectrum. You are not a psychiatrist. Frankly, given Gabbie’s story I think this video shows a vast amount of growth for her. Intuitive eating works for me because I have always had a good relationship with food. I’ve never been on a diet in my life and nor do I plan to.

  • Arbonne is your standard lifestyle MLM company.. Not sure if it’s in the US, but it is here in Canada.. Skin care, detox teas and protein shakes etc.
    One of my first videos I watched of you was a what I eat in a day and you ate cookie dough as an afternoon snack or dessert or something and that’s when I knew that you were a great person to look up to healthwise.

  • Hey, just a suggestion for a future topic. When should an athlete begin to consider bulking and how should they go about it. For example, I’m 5’7″ 155 and 10-12%bf. Would it be more beneficial for me to continue to try to drop bf, or would I better be served trying to add weight onto my frame considering strength is a deficiency (225 C&J, 165 Snatch, 385 DL, 365 BS, 285 FS) and the typical highly performing athlete at my height is somewhere between 175-190.

  • i definitely needed a calorie counter when i had issues with eating. i was A-OK and full eating under 700 calories, and i gained a ton of weight vs. when i was eating 2000+. if i didn’t start to track my food and realize i wasn’t even logging 1000 calories my body was obviously struggling but i definitely would not have eaten more because i seriously wasn’t hungry.

  • Thank you for such a well spoken and beautiful video. Thank you for sharing truth and showing young girls that food is not the enemy, rather health is most important.

  • Honestly i sometimes wanna skip meal cus im just lazy to get up and make food; but one time i skipped breakfast in an institute that im living at because i woke up after breakfast hours, and at 10 am i had a horrible migraine and i felt like im about to throw up, and it always happens if i miss a meal by accident, so even tho i sometimes feel guilty, and hate my appearance, i fucking know that if i’ll try to eat less ima gonna have a migraine, and i prefer to be a little fat and depressed about myself than have a midrange.

  • As a med student, it’s concerning that people don’t know how basic biology works and that’s probably the reason why can’t they discern things that are marketed as healthy by are actually really damaging. Teenage girls take advice from other teenage girls and don’t even question the reliability

  • The more I lift weights/ have more intense workouts and the better I eat i feel has made my metabolism speed up so I eat ab 4-5 times a day bC I feel like I digest things fast and I get hungrier faster. Is that ok to eat that many times a day

  • I wish people would quit labeling foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ It’s all about moderation. I started adding protein to my diet by my doctors recommendations and I FELT so much better. I’ve never seen eating as a way to lose weight, but rather a way to fuel my body to feel good.

  • The thing is, a lot of the time if you try to politely say hey its potentially dangerous mentally and physically the way your eating. You just get roasted by a load of know it all know nothing 13 year olds. I actually won’t say anything anymore, I’ve had people come to my channel and leave shitty comments on my videos because I’ve said stuff. Especially concerning the scam lord Vince from V-Shred. But yeah if they wanna do the “military diet” and eat one boiled egg because they are an “endomorph” good for them.

  • Just because someone tells you about their stupid low calorie diet, that doesnt mean YOU should try it. Some bodies have positive outcomes and others dont, just because it worked for someone else, doesnt mean it will work for you. If you want to lose weight, eat 3 nutritious meals a day, add in some healthy snacks, but most importantly, exercise and DRINK WATER1!!! Go on jogs, runs, do some work outs in your garden, try your best to be active!

  • I was really sick for a while month (did not purposely get sick) and everything I ate I threw up and I was falling asleep everywhere I went and it was truly such a traumatic experience. Since then I’ve been truly terrified of getting sick. Sure I lost a few pounds but trust me it’s not worth it.

  • how do you regain being able to listen to your body after struggles with eating disorders? like feeling hunger or “intuitive eating”? i have lost my ability to feel hunger or a need for eating other than cravings for specific food, due to my highly (and i mean highly) restrictive eating patterns

  • I’d be interested to hear about pre-workout nutrition from Ben or any other commenters. I often go to a noon crossfit class so it’s this awkward time between breakfast and lunch and I find that I’m often not fueled well enough. There’s so many different ideas about the best thing to eat before workouts.

  • I wonder if this approach still fits to people who aren’t “strong enough” yet (as mentioned in another episode). Don’t they need to put some weight at first?
    Noah Ohlsen once talked about how he had to eat a lot of food to get competitive and that he thinks most CF athletes are undereating.

  • I feel the burrito “I believe in you! Now extra guac.” on a spiritual level lol! EVERYTIME. I don’t even care if it closes all the way anymore.

  • watching this in 2020 lol, Gabbie actually mentioned she was dealing with disordered eating habits at the time of this video, despite it appearing “healthy” so you were definitely correct, she opened up about it bordering on orthorexia

  • I don’t understand why you seem to put down people who want to track what they eat. You might have control over what you eat but not all people can do that. Personally, the reason I might not have an issue with say soda is cuz generally I was brought up by a mother who wouldn’t indulge my sweet tooth. And I grew with that up. And it never changed. Someone else trained me on it. Is it so bad for someone to get help via an app or even track their food? Intuitive eating honestly doesn’t work for all people. And they need help. If the help comes from an app and throwing away their “weakness” why not? And honestly, not all food is the same: Fruit has sugar so does soda. But You yourself you have said Soda has too much-processed sugar but the fruit doesn’t. But you would pick fruit over soda, why is that? Cuz the fruit sugar honestly is “healthier” than soda. And as you have said, your body will not distinguish the source. When it goes into your stomach. Sugar is still sugar. Just that Fruit sugar is lower and honestly way better than processed sugar. In as much the components of both is still glucose and fructose. But I’m no dietician and food expert.

  • I hate to see so much criticism of Abbey’s opinions on this thread. Abbey always says to talk to a healthcare professional before you decide to change your eating patterns. These are only her opinions as a dietician about what a healthy diet looks like. If you’re dealing with a dangerous eating pattern, you must ask your doctor for help, not get angry at a youtube creator who doesn’t know you. I myself struggle with overeating but I can cautiously see what Abbey is talking about.

  • I have a question So my body doesn’t get the “I’m hungry” signal. I just eat and eat so I’m eating but over the past year I realized my weight has gone up so bad and I don’t know what can help. Can someone give me advise? Get this to the top so she can see please

  • Me: a 15 year old who slowly realized throughout the video that my E D probably is/was highly influenced by tik tok diet culture ��������✌️

  • I cracked the code to keep avocados fresh. Two ways. One, if you refrigerate the avocado before you cut it open, it doesn’t brown when you put the cold half-avocado back in the fridge in a container. In addition or alternatively (and this is basically the same principle as Abbey mentions: reduced oxygen on the surface of the cut avocado) is to suck out the air from the bag the avocado is in sort of as a slight vacuum seal.

  • As someone who has tried eating healthily and balanced, and excersized a good amount for a period of 7 months and seen no change, and has also has eaten around 300 cal a day with some excercise for periods and seen great results, it’s no wonder people choose the latter option. I literally can’t loose weight doing the first even with a calorie deficit or more excercise/muscle gain. I would rather look better and feel better mentally than go through stages of bad mental health because I hate the way I look, and that’s why this happens

  • I think that your own personal experience has clouded your judgment. Calorie counting may have been negative to you, but get this, not everyone is like you. Not everyone can eat intuitively. Assuming your way of eating is the best is ignorant and can be very harmful to others.

  • As someone who used to be morbidly obese I didn’t know when I was full. I stretched out my stomach. I was addicted to food. You know how I lost 100+ pounds? By tracking my food and being more active. I didn’t know what foods made my body feel good because I grew up in a home where if a bag of cookies were bought it was a race to eat them as quickly as possible. I couldn’t keep them in the house while I lost weight. It’s nice to think everyone can eat intuitively but when you have an addition for your entire life that’s no reality.

    I think you shouldn’t use blanket statements for intuitive eating. There are studies that show you need to have regulated hormones in your body to understand and feel hunger queues and bloating, etc. When I was obese my hormones weren’t regulated and I literally couldn’t listen to my body

  • I found your channel just few days ago and I really like you, you help me with my binge eating and you are so positive, beautiful and energetic:)

  • im trying to lose weight so now im wondering, as im trying to achieve a calorie deficit and am eating less, is my metabolism slowing down?? And if so, when im at my goal weight, do i have to increase my caloric intakee slowly or can i just jump to a sustainable amount?

  • I respect where you’re coming from but I thought I would give you another way to look at tracking your food. I track my food to ensure that I eat enough and I need to do that because I have ADHD I can very easily get distracted out of eating. My body can be screaming at me that it needs to but my brain is screaming at me to do something else. It might not make sense to people who don’t suffer from ADHD but it’s a reality for me. However if I track when I’m eating it makes me more aware when I’m forgetting to eat. And since I make it a point to track a different meal times it’ll break my focus enough for me to realize I haven’t eaten and that I need to I also have a really bad tendency to reach for the easiest thing because my brain is telling me I don’t have time to eat tracking it makes you really pay attention to the nutrient content and encourages me to eat a more balanced diet. To put it bluntly the ADHD brain is not a very intuitive one.

  • When I was a teen I ate usually 1300kcals a day (and a ran 10km every day). I always ad cravings for cakes e sweets (or chips, or french fries). Now, I don’t count the calories anymore but I eat very healthy and I’m sure I’m about 2000 or more maybe, and I don’t like sweet food anymore! That’s totally weird, but if you off me a jelly bean or a chocolate cake I wouldn’t crave it.

  • Thanks Abbey. I have just discovered you and I enjoy listening to you. You throw out a lot of theories that I have been enslaved to, resulting in some horrific food issues including body dysmorphia which I still battle with. Its such a relief to hear you say things like no food is bad. What you say is so sensible. Its so reassuring. I wish you had been around when I was a teenager

  • Not surprised about the apple cider vinegar + lemon juice lol. I took it for a few days and the only difference I noticed is that it got rid of my bloating and made me poop more lol so my stomach did look a little flatter lol. So I just stopped because it tastes so awful it outweighed that tiny benefit ����

  • I’m not finishing this video, I don’t abbeys mindset is healthy for everyone and I feel totally shamed for counting my calories. If I eat intuitively I eat everything and gain a lot of weight I need the counting to understand I don’t need that food that I wasn’t hungry but just overeating again

  • If I’ve calculated that I need 2,500-2,600 calories, is eating 1,500 calories too few? I’m trying to lose at least 5lbs as I’m 3lbs overweight. Ideally I’d lose 10lbs to be right in the healthy range for my BMI.

  • People who have a healthy relationship with food don’t need to empty their homes from junk food… this is where you really got me furious. I watched few of your videos and although I felt somewhat uncomfortable because of your comments, I thought let me see pass those, maybe I will learn something useful. I don’t think I learned that much but I am definitely upset.
    Why do you think people look for the advice about healthy eating? Surely not because their eating habits are healthy and working for them but because they don’t. In this day and age there are more people, especially women who have troubled if not downright dysfunctional relationships with food than those who have very balanced diets and no unhealthy thoughts about food. Some can afford treatments, a lot of them can’t. Some get help but not the best quality help and so they get better but not completely ok. No it’s not perfect if in order to resist junk food it helps to not have it in sight and within reach. But better than testing your willpower, failing and then having a stream of negative thoughts that make one depressed. What doesn’t help for someone who is still woking, fixing, adjusting and learning better, healthier habits is when someone offers criticism. You said you had issues with food before, didn’t you? I’m happy for you that you got yourself sorted and you aren’t struggling anymore. However I think it’s low of you to passionately slam someone’s progress just because they aren’t at their healthy destination yet. It’s not helpful, it is not encouraging, it does hurt because you are just finger pointing where someone has cracks. You should know that. Your fiery passionate criticism, lack of calm good advice and encouragement makes me question whether you really are so completely well as you think you are.
    Perhaps it’s just the online personality’s life to grow your business by criticising everyone I asked myself. Perhaps, but lady we deserve better than that. Don’t say you had problems so people can relate to you and then sit on your high horse, better and healthier than everybody else. I urge you to think of women who ever had experience with domestic violence and decide to work in the womens shelter, or someone with childhood trauma or mental health problem who educated themselves in order to be able to help others… THEY DON’T TRY TO HELP BY CRITICISING AND TEARING DOWN.

  • Thank you for talking about this Natasha, under eating is dangerous and needs more awareness, from 30 years of anorexia I’ve been left infertile, very immature for my age even though I’m 40 because my eating disorder developed so early parts of my brain didn’t developed properly, I have osteoporosis, TMJ due to chewing gum excessively and I’m waiting for open jaw joint surgery because the disc of cartilage in my jaw has slipped out of place, acid reflux, Raynaud’s phenomenon so I’m always cold, the list goes on, I hope someone reads this and realises what could happen to you by ‘trying to lose a few pounds’.

  • So what if I eat normal(1500kcal), do workouts and I’m still 10kg overweight?? Not everyone can eat like a nornal person does without being overweight and everything has a price. I choose to have a normal weight and eat 900kcal/day than eating like before and being fat. I have no other choice

  • I actually think that the content on tik tok slaps and can’t be replaced by any other app — its unique ability to cultivate diverse viewpoints and customize feeds is absolutely unmatched. For a runner, it can be all running tips and a few funny viral videos. For an anorexic girl, it’s all diet and weight loss tips. tik tok is EXACTLY what you make of it, for better or worse.

    However, the real problem is that tik tok is quite literally too good. Its customized, endlessly solid feed keeps you scrolling for hours until something else snaps you back to reality. I deleted the app for this reason and have seen so much free time open up.

  • I just realized I’ve been under eating this entire time and I’m not even “skinny” digestive system is slower, haven’t gotten my period in a month, dealing with stress and body shaming, don’t drink that much water even when I got it with me in a big bottle, craving sweets at night like super late…….. how do I fix that?

  • Kinda irrelevant, but I’m pretty Emily Ratajkowski’s surname is pronounced Rataykowski, since it’s Polish, and in Slavic languages in general ‘j’ (if there is some) is pronounced like that

  • I respect your knowledge and profession, but you’re a dietitian not a psychologist. You are clearly very ignorant on how food addiction works. Some people cannot eat intuitively because their body lies to them and makes them think they need to eat that cake or chips. Some people need to count calories for a whole to retrain their body on what it really needs. They also need therapy almost always.

  • Hey guys. A lot of you are talking about not being able to trust your body because you have no healthy intuition or even a food addiction. I myself struggled with a lot of disordered eating and eating disorders. I was starving, binging, restricting, dieting. About 2 years ago I got more into fat-positivity. And here is the thing. I just told myself: it’s ok to gain weight, it’s ok to be fat. And then I really worked on letting go of these diet rules I was holding. And because I used to restrict so heavily, I would eat and eat and I gained weight pretty quickly. But by doing that, after a few month my intuition came back! Like I was offered cake and I felt that I didn’t want it, and so I declined. Neither did I force myself to because I was afraid of “junk food“ nor did I eat it obsessively. I just started to feel hunger cues. I discovered that there is junk food I didn’t really like, so I didn’t eat it jusz because it was available. Now I am back to eat more consciously, so I watch out to get enough nutrients and greens, but I don’t restrict either. And I just slowly lost weight again, because my body found it’s own balance. I am pretty convinced that food addiction is a result of diet culture and restricting. You can only overcome it if you stop being afraid of weight gain and your own body. I wish there were more non-diet dietitians out there who would guide people to find there intuition and enrich it with knowledge about food.

  • When I was in wrestling and was trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way, I would eat tiny amounts but often, because by doing that I felt less horribly hungry, making it easier to eat ridiculously little during meals and not “break” and eat a huge amount of food. I i would also have to eat small amounts but often to build up to eating a decent amount if food after wrestling.

  • You come across as a hugely judgmental bitch tbh. There’s nothing wrong with reacting to “what I eat in a day” videos for educational purposes, but to act like the subject is stupid or misinformed for not knowing what you know or for following the advice of their OWN NON-INTERNET DIETITIAN is just ridiculous. Your delivery and attitude is very off putting.

  • Fun fact! Detox teas are mainly either placebos or laxatives. Your liver and kidneys are doing a great job detoxifying your body, so there are no toxins that you need to get rid of by drinking detox tea or going on juice cleanses. If anything, teas that make you poop a lot are doing more harm than good because they don’t allow your body to get the energy it needs from the food.

  • “Nutritionist” makes me cringe. A nutritionist is anyone who says “Hey, let me write you a plan.” A dietician is a license person with a degree to prescribe dietary options.

  • @benbergeron
    Playing off a previous video on gaining strength…I’m an athlete with a decent engine but I need to up my major lifts by 20-40 lbs (I snatch 230, cj @280 etc). Do I still want to get super lean or do I prioritize strength for 12-18 months get there and then lean up?

  • Oh wow the comment section in this video is critical. I don’t think Abbey hasn’t said anything new that she hasn’t said in the past. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, you’ll probably eat disorderly or ignorantly and suffer the consequences. If you accomplish true intuitive eating, then you’ll be able to trust your body will tell you when you’re full or hungry. If you cant trust yourself around certain foods, you should work on that until all food can be trusted.

  • Is it bad that I unintentionally don’t eat enough callories. Like I eat but the amount of calories I eat in a day is only about 700-1300 I’m not sure the exact number.

  • thank you so much for this video, I’d already realised that I’m undereating (not for weight loss, just out of lack of craving actual fuel), but now I’ve realised that I really do have to start eating more.❤️

  • The worst things it that I’ve been eating around 1200 calories for most of my life only and would reach the 2k or more in the days I would eat normally and then 1000ish calories on sweets. I cut on sweets as much as I could and drink cola zero(Very unhealthy,Yes no sugar and calories but I’ts very bad, I’m addicated like smokers lol) and Honestly I don’t feel hungry with 1200ish calories(I even thought that was normal calorie intake as a lot of websites say that 1200 is daily intake and 800 is for dieting) and I’ve been counting calories and it is never even over 1500calories. Idk xD. I’m almost 17 yo, 52ish kg, ¸163cm tall

  • tbh i dont eat that much but deffo more then that i wana build muscle but dont have weights or go to a gym:;-; what are good foods to build muscles
    i love brocoli baybeee

  • Demonizing calorie counting needs to stop. Some people need structure and support when trying to lose weight. Not everyone does well with just “listening to their bodies.” Abby seems to think that automatically, calorie counting = disordered eating. Not all calorie counters are super restrictive and end up binging. I swear to god I get more shit for calorie counting than if I was just eating pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • I’ve learned from watching your videos that I am extremely blessed to have grown up around people with healthy relationship to food and to have developed a healthy relationship myself. Intuitive eating is all I’ve ever known. Before watching your videos I really took for granted how complicated relationships with food can be and I will NEVER take that for granted again.

  • people really think intuitive eating means eating cake for every meal… As a recovering anorexic and food addict, I promise if you feel the need to eat a giant pizza every day it’s likely because of food addiction or restriction. Intuitive eating is separate to those issues, the point is to work through your reliance or addiction to food and restrictive behaviours IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO EAT INTUITIVELY. Being educated on nutrition so as to make responsible choices but also recognising to when and what your body needs to eat is the key to intuitive eating, it’s all about balance!!

  • Thank you for citing your sources and using factual evidence from credible sources to back up your statements. In a day and age where “opinions” and “feelings” rule, I appreciate how you have taken this topic, shared informative ideas, given your listeners the responsibility to their own research on the topic, all while communicating with empathy and candid care. <3

  • I’m 13
    Never got tik tok
    But I’ve learned a lot about mental health and physical health this year because of videos like this, it makes me realize everything going on around me I’m becoming more aware of the world in short time and I’m really happy that I have avoided social media for so long to keep my healthy mentality intact

  • Thank you, Ben, for this! I am learning so much!! I am listening to each episode twice or three times… I listen to a lot of podcasts, but yours is definitely on the top! Thank you!

  • People constantly remind me that i’m getting fat, even though i try my best to lose weight and when the time came that i finally became confident, their words would pull me down again. Like wtf, can i live without people having these judgments that hurts so bad?

  • Cool video, appreciate the info. However coming from a background of following a lot of the top natural bodybuilding coaches in the world and training in that style, to hear you say you think Froning is 5% is ridiculous, he has never looked less than 12-15%, people at 5% have striated glutes and look crazy depleted most of the time. I wish there was a bit more learning from the top people on both sides of bodybuilding and crossfit, I really think that would make it so much more attractive to people who know one or the other to crossover.

  • Is the potential for a disorder worth ruling out other portions of your audience?? This really bummed me out, it’s unfair to write off things as inherently disordered and shame people for them when some people are genuinely healthier that way. Not everybody has a healthy default to go back on with intuitive eating. Meds, upbringing, and food addiction all exist. I had severe anemia and vitamin deficiencies before I started tracking. You can’t always fix dietary mistakes without having data to reflect on.

  • It all depends on what side of tiktok you’re on as well, luckily I mostly see alternative and cosplay stuff which is all pretty healthy and body positive!
    I think the problem is that a lot of this stuff shows up on young people’s fyp and they don’t have the grounding to just scroll past. Not to mention that food and diet health is not well taught, we get so much crap advertised to us. It’s absurd

  • at the moment I’m couting my kcal…so that I don’t get over 1500 (max 2000) per day. I wanna lose weight that’s why…but I eat healthy stuff xD and less sweets and oily food
    (I’m a girl, 20, 176cm and at the moment I have around 72kg)

  • There’s nothing wrong with tracking your food,it literally doesn’t take 25h a day,all you got to do is put a bowl and measure and log and it takes less than 10mins throughout your day.If you can sit in front of a Camera and make a 37min vid reviewing someone,10mins in total for a day at max is nothing.Also yes I’m Glad you can have a very healthy relationship with food that you don’t have to track and can eat intuitively,but a lot of people can’t do that,some will overeat while some will undereat.What I suggest is that you guys track,but don’t obsess over it to the extent you bring your scale to the restaurant to weigh out foods.Track for a Long time so that you can Guess foods well enough to make good and informed choices when eating out whilst being able to stick to your goals

  • You could speak a litle.more about how to lose weight w crossfit.
    I was trying a low calorie diet and it was working, after 2 months i get a litle depressed and have 2 weeks of crazy, uncontrolable binge eating…i just cant lose wheight…

  • The fat-adapted athletes are out there, and no I’m not referring to endurance athletes. Its also more efficient and you won’t be so apt to bonk

  • good job for having a house full of sweets and junk food but that DOES NOT WORK for literally ANYONE who has dealt with ANY kind of disordered eating or just health issues in general, not even having dealt with any kind of eating disorder. i struggle with craving and wanting to binge and having foods that are easy to do that with makes it difficult to choose healthier, body fueling options. the same is true for the rest of my family who has never dealt with an eating disorder and know little about themif it’s sitting around you opt for it as a snack which can lead to accidental overeating. your logic here is clearly wrong and completely biased with you never having dealt with disordered eating

  • In case it helps, Britain’s NHS shares that 2,223 calories is the average estimated energy requirement for a 13 year old girl. This only increases through adolescence (it’s nearly 2,500 calories for 17 y/o girls) and bear in mind that this is assuming an average level of activity which realistically isn’t going to be that much. Growth and development have significant energy requirements and we shouldn’t just take them as assumed ♥️ I hope it helps, love ya ��


  • a lot of her video makes me super uncomfortable as someone recovered from anorexia, like you don’t have to eat fucking powdered peanut butter to be healthy. you can eat real peanut butter and eat ice cream and whatever else your body needs and it’s okay. also, with the lack of variety, my therapist really encouraged me to have more variety in my diet? not sure if that’s a thing for everyone but for people in anorexia recovery it’s important

  • I get where Abbey is coming from, saying that counting calories is not a way to intuitively eat… but for me, when I lost my ability to listen to my body’s hunger signals, counting calories actually HELPED me relearn what hunger and fullness felt like. It may not be ideal but for some people it can be very helpful. It was for me, and now I dont count anymore

  • I love you and the way you explain things, IT IS LITERALLY THE PERFECT BALANCE between science and reliable information, with the fun and captivating factors.

  • Can you explain how to use the carb supplement? I’ve been following Ben for a while and he’s been recommending the same Carbohydrate supplement for a while, I just don’t understand why / how it would be at the top of his list of supplements, especially since part of the message in this podcast was to cut carbs.

  • I’m disappointed in how many terrible comments this video got! I agree with Abbey 100%!!!! Looking back at before I was in recovery for my eating disorder, I remember using this exact video (Gabbie’s) to fuel my negative thoughts around food and justify my restrictiveness with food. I fully admit that I am not a dietician. However, I’ve been on the other side. Through personal experience, I know how detrimental tracking calories is for some people. I know, first-hand, that by learning to listen to my body and my hunger/fullness cues, I became so much healthier than ever before. Don’t hate on Abbey’s comments in the video just because they go against the US’s (HIGHLY TOXIC) diet culture. Love you Abbey ♥️Thank you for being another strong, healthy voice in our society.

  • Ben, thank you for taking the time to do these videos. I was wondering why you say only 5g of creatine, with no timing or tapering. I have been reading the research, and haven’t found any recommendations that low. If you could share that link to your research I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, sir.

  • If I intuitively ate I would probably end up 50 pounds more than I am….I like to loosely count calories so that I don’t end up eating 2500 calories without realizing it��

  • There’s a video about her “Psycho nutritionist” on her channel and it really clarifies what she’s talking about. I recommend watching it.

  • Just wanted to say, I think you’re very intelligent and obviously know a lot about food. But I think you are very closed minded when it comes to what works for people. Personally I struggle knowing how much to eat, I either eat too much or too little so having a calorie tracker really helps me and it helps me keep a balanced diet. I’d also like to point out that ‘diets’ are really important if you’re obese or wanting to become a healthier person. Even it that diet just means that’s you’re eating more veggies. If you’re sensitive to these types of words which are very common when it comes to food then maybe these types of propels should refrain from watching food based videos?

  • I went through a pretty bad experience last year and i felt so insecure and bad because of a situation i went through with a very emotionally toxic relationship. My appetite got smaller, i exercised more because i needed to change locations more during the day for school, I lost a bunch of weight and i was at the skinniest I’ve been in like 7 years, I was at my, for a long time, “goal weight”. I looked my “best” physically but I felt like absolute garbage for months. Until I met my current significant other 8 months ago and i started feeling so much better and happier. Right now I feel the best I have in a while emotionally and physically right now and I’m heavier than I’ve ever been because of birth control, but I feel beautiful and loved. I wouldn’t go back to where I was 9 months ago for any amount of money. My point is, work on yourself mentally, love yourself, surround yourself with people you love and truly love you back and make you happy, everything will fall into place xoxo

  • The issue with intuitive eating is your mind has to choose to listen to your body. Those of us with disordered thinking don’t have this mind to body connection and sometimes we may not even realize we’re full by the time we’ve eaten 3x our recommended calories. The second issue is that even if your mind know not to eat something triggering, the thoughts of that food will literally plague your mind until you give in. You won’t be able to work, watch tv, read, or even workout without thinking of the cake in the fridge or the chips in the cabinet. This is why disordered eating is so hard to overcome and while I applaud those who have never experienced it for their good habits, I wish there was more help out there for those without access to costly therapy sessions and dietitians. Hell, my health insurance doesn’t even pay for a nutritionist, but it pays for gastric bypass. How do people expect the obese to heal themselves without any funding or support? That’s like telling a schizophrenic to stop being paranoid and having delusions without any proper medicine or psychiatric appointments.

  • You are just great. And so right. I also lost 20 pounds do to depression in like less than a month and now I am fighting to regain it and tone because I was left with a lot of not so nice looking skin ��

  • you probably won’t see this but i’m 15 and 5’7 trying to loose weight, i’ve been eating around 1600/1700 cals a day nand burn about 400-500 cals daily, is this enough or too little? ��

  • preach sister! from my experiance, instead of restricting calories, which I did for a long time, eating a good balance of veggies and proteins and running a mile or two daily is the way to go.

  • I was so tired of counting calories. It was so hard to see my family eat everything they wanted. I just to limit myself and feel hungry because i just to count calories. I stopped and did not care anymore. What is expected happen I GAIN A LOT OF WEIGHT!��, BUT LATER I STARTED LOOSING IT. PEOPLE ASK ME HOW I LOST IT, AND I SAY I JUST EAT NORMALLY��. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO EAT FREELY! My sweet cravings decreased so much. I LOVE TO EAT HEALTHY, AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF FOOD OR A DESSERT! IS AMAZING. ITS BEEN ABOUT A YEAR AND MY WEIGHT IS STILL STABLE! (I’m sorry for my inglish. I’m still learning.) I hope this is encouraging for some people. This started when i stop caring about the perfect body and what other people thought of me. I’M SO HAPPY.�� IT WAS A BIT HARD AT THE BIGENNING WATCHING MYSELF EATING SO MUCH AFTER YEARS OF DEPRAVATION, BUT IF I’D KNOW THIS INFORMATION BEFORE. I WOULD HAVE FELT ENCOURAGED��. LOVE, ENCOURAGEMNET AND BLESSINGS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO JUST WANTS TO START THIS JOURNEY OF A HEALTHY RELATION WITH FOOD. I BELIEVE ON YOU.

  • I agree with her, I need to purge my home of potato chips and stuff because I’ll eat all of it in one day and eat nothing healthy.

  • i developed a horrible relationship with food at a young age and it kept getting worse the more i went on social media,looking at other people and the new standard of being “slim thick” really messed me up…

  • Did anyone else see the video where a dietician watches these videos and a girl ate FIVE WHOLE ALMONDS for the day? �� I hope tik tok ends up getting banned

  • I think Natacha is a little confused on pharmacists. Pharmacists are also doctors of medicine who work in the medical field. Their role is just different than what she thinks a doctor (phycisian) does. But yes, they are definitely not nutritionists, dietitians, or even allowed to officially diagnose a patient.

  • I didn’t even know i should think about weight until people around me started pointing it at me and at the time I was a healthy weight it just fucked me up

  • Some people just dont have hunger qs…. we just dont. Whether that’s our body being stupid or a chemical imbalance or whatever some of us dont have that luxury. Also, not everyone who counts calories, has an eating disorder.

  • I have to respectfully disagree with you about the whole ‘getting over’ calorie counting if you do have the right help and the right reframing, it is possible. I had (and to a very small degree, still have) an eating disorder. My go-to stress controller is to restrict calories, so I sometimes have to FORCE myself to eat food. I had a PT for 2 years who refused to weigh or measure me on the grounds that I’d mentioned in passing that I had an eating disorder. He started training me for performance and so I saw calories not as the enemy, but as some stupid number that shows if I’m eating enough. That reframing helped me ultimately recover almost completely, aside from the odd wobble. In addition, I’m currently following a medically-monitored low-carb high-protein diet, I track what I eat to make sure I’m eating enough protein, and my calorie count fluctuates throughout the week/month. I always feel full and satisfied, and I don’t intuitively eat either because I, like so many others, never learned what portions were, and was fed to console emotions. I’m also a training athlete, so I’ve really REALLY had to overcome so many weight and diet barriers just to reach and maintain a healthy weight, and eat a balanced diet that fuels my training.

  • Just so ya’ll know, she does have experience in eating disorders… ya’ll stop. Just fucking click off the video. I’m sorry ya’ll are disappointed with how some of her points are executed but if you know all of this, and you have another psychologist/dietician you want to listen to, go ahead. If this is the only video you’ve seen, you have no right to say she has no knowledge of disordered eating. Abby has actually pointed out and made me aware of triggers that I would have put into my subconscious. Everyones different, what she mentions may not be true for everyone. move on. Also, ya’ll misinterpret what she said. She was saying because Gabby was claiming to have a healthy relationship with food that she should be throwing out ALL junk food because that’s is deprivation and it is disorderly behavior. Abby being someone with a healthy relationship now, keeps things like that without having to think about it. It has nothing to do with your food addictions and your binge eating disorder. She literally was saying Gabby may not have a healthy relationship with food as she claims. Like?

  • Worry no more about searching for the best supplement because this will give you an everlasting solution to building up your muscles and recovering them as well

  • This reminds me of my cousin. She brags about not eating for a full day like its a good thing, if people are like this please remind them to stay healthy!! They may be mislead

  • Other side affects of Creatine that I have experienced personally is that my kidneys and liver could not process it well. Once I developed myositis because of it. To the point that I could not walk more than 20ft and it took months to recover. The other was that I started to have itchiness. Not to say that no one should take it, but it clearly increases demand from the kidneys and liver.

  • for those of you who’ve experienced really dark times because of struggles with body image, low self-esteem, i’d like to send you guys lots of love and reassurance that you can get better and get out of this. last november i found out i had scoliosis and had to start wearing this bulky brace, and i felt really bad about my body and myself because i felt that the brace hid my “natural skinniness” if that makes any sense. especially since i had been a picky eater since childhood, a lot of times when i would see my family, they would say things like “you need to eat more! you’re so skinny!” later on in my childhood, my portion size improved although i wasn’t gaining significant weight consistently (i have a naturally fast metabolism so before i can gain weight, my food is converted into energy.) i couldn’t wear a lot of my clothes anymore because the brace added extra “material” to my body and when i put my clothes over top of it, many of them didn’t fit or were at risk of ripping. over time, i realized that scoliosis is a very common condition and lot of people have it, and i had a lucky opportunity to be able to correct it before i needed obtrusive fixes like surgery. i started feeling better about my body and aimed to eat healthier just to be healthy, not necessarily to be skinny. for those of you that come across this comment and are struggling with body image and positivity, i truly hope that you can find the confidence to love and nurture yourself properly. you deserve love and happiness, and i want you to cultivate that and encourage others to do the same! <3

  • This is the first video of yours that I’m highly disappointed in. I understand what your thought process is and how some of the things Gabbie said could be misinterpreted but you got this all wrong. Gabbies ED didn’t just turn off, after years of struggling she finally got some sort of control and figured it out. Sad that you didn’t understand what she was saying but I can see from your prospective how it could mean something else. I just hope you realize Gabbie isn’t promoting this diet culture or promote ED tendencies

  • Ngl tiktoks like those got me back down to working out, fasting, and keeping to <500 cals a day, but your videos have been encouraging me to eat full meals again. Much love ❤❤

  • Honestly, the reason I eat the way I do (no dairy, gluten and very little sugar) is because I have chronic pain and other health issues and found that that’s a way I can control my pain levels and symptoms without being on medications. So it may seem extreme or disordered to some people, but if I’m not eating sugar it’s because I’m going to be in full-body pain the next day. If I’m not eating dairy, it’s because it makes my throat and sinuses swell and my skin form a rash. If I’m not eating gluten it’s because I have celiac disease. I’ve relaxed it a little bit lately so that I’m not having dreams where I’m wandering around hungry but surrounded by only pizza places, but sometimes people are eating a certain way for legitimate health reasons, and not to lose weight.

  • For everyone watching this video now: Airbonne is an MLM, a multi-level marketing company. They get their money from recruting people, who need to buy their stuff to sell it. They sell less than they pay for the products, losing a lot of money in the process.

  • I have been on a diet but I stopped yesterday bc I think that it was way to hard and didn’t want to lose weight this way. If you really wanna lose weight just stop when you are full, eat a little more healthy and workout.. That’s pretty much it. You don’t have to workout for 1 hour, 15 minutes of intense workout is way better and by eating a lil more healthy just try and add an apple instead of chocolate (it’s sweet and it’s healthy).

  • How is bacon highly prosessed? You slaughter the animal and let it hang, cut the piece off and cure it in salt, then let it hang for a while (in smoke if you want that taste) and voila…. bacon! Cut it and fry it and eat.

  • I am so relieved by your reassurance after exposure to fitspo diet culture. I had surgery last year, and gained weight during my recovery period (complications meant I stopped working out due to sutures, and then I started stress eating), and it has been hard.

    To hear this is such a relief and makes me feel so much better and motivated in a positive way. I have used lockdown to slowly increase my physical activity, and it is working, and I am also slowly improving my diet by eating more nutrient dense foods. I struggle a little with binging sweets when stressed, but I’ve noticed that I crave fewer sweets when I eat more nutrient dense foods in a day.

  • why are you making fun of her for eating a nice watermelon. We need fruit and a lot of it. You know some important things that go into diets, but I don’t think it is fair of you to make critiques to these people’s diets when it is working for them.�� NOT COOL ��

  • The sad thing about preferencing frozen vegetables over fresh veggies is that the waste from the packaging is insane. I don’t know that I value a few extra nutrients for my own wellbeing over contributing massively to the waste humans are producing.

  • Omg Abbey, I really want to get to the stage where I can have a pantry full of chocolate and freezer full of icecream and not think about it! Im trying so hard. I have half a block of chocolate left after a few days which is amazing for me. Trying to do that thing where you tell yourself that it will always be there and you’re not bad for taking a bite of it. Some people at my work would tell me off it they see me eating chocolate which doesnt help the shame cycle.
    The icecreams however, gone in two sittings, but that was because I went too long without eating. Next time Ill bring a snack to an event so Im not ravenous when I get home

  • I respect Abbey and her attempt to be balanced. That said, she seems to be exceptionally good at referencing cherry-picked data from small rat based studies to support whatever today’s cause is. Then in the next sentence she refutes the reliability of similarly small and spurious studies that challenge her former assertion. Also…triggering???WTF? Get over yourself. You review WIEIADs on YouTube. As a former orthorexic as you claim, if you didn’t want to be triggered you picked both the wrong profession and the wrong YT niche. Just saying, that’s my intuitive sense of your channel. Enjoy the ad rev!

  • I feel like I finally figure out the loosing weight thing. You don’t have to restrict yourself and eat salads constantly. You can literally eat what you did before but just eat less of it. I stopped overeating and can still eat what I used to which for me is a huge win because I stop binge eating these things because I would eat boring food all the time and then binge eat in the weekends. Didn’t help me at all just made me gain hella lot weight

  • i think that generally anyone 150 and under who isn’t doing any heavy movements (under 4km of steps) is only going to need under 2000 calories as maintenance. I think that alot of the health and calorie science is unknown to most people and perhaps not fully studied at all, I wouldn’t want to promote undereating, but then i remembered that America (The United States) is the most obese country in the world, so much that the cia feels the need to sprinkle a bunch of unknown islands on top of us on the data charts which are likely fabricated no implication needed. so i definitely would encourage people to eat less, you know try and weed out the stronger ones before the American fat cycle gets them: / in context though that girl was pretty skinny i could honestly not tell if it was a sustainable amount of food. probably was but some people could use extra weight.

  • I just wanted to bring to your attention that there are some disorders where people do not always have the drive to eat enough food and actually do benefit from counting calories to ensure they are reaching their daily goals.

  • this lady’s pissing me off.. Gabbie struggled for years to find something that worked for her and you’re basically saying that she’s doing it wrong even though it worked for her! she even said it at the beginning that this way worked for her and that it may not work for others.. I’m on keto and I feel that when I’m not tracking my food that I eat I go off track because I’m not keeping myself accountable for what I’m eating.

  • my ex’s mom worked for arbonne. always tried to make me use their products (food, makeup, lotion, shampoo) or try them cause of my eczema. it was alright…

  • !!! okok Big facts here Cucumbers are actually really good for you they contain the amino acid L-Citrulline which is converted to Nitric Oxide through digestion which increases blood flow and is very good for you, HOWEVER Cucumbers contain an enzyme that cancel out vitamin C and one of the main health benefits of lemons is their extraordinary vitamin C count (51% daily value) so not only does it upset your stomach but it cancels out alot of the nutrients in the first place!!! this is very important to know!

  • Looks like You have idée fixe about diet culture and such preoccupation in anti-diet culture and you see the diet culture pretty much everywhere, no matter is it really so. That’s called, mmm… bias, I think. Victim blaming, cmon, really? That was triggering, not what Gabbie was saying. She just told about her feelings. It is ok to say “not to give up” even it’s about weight loss.

  • I’m a ballet dancer and I’ve been slowing losing weight and I feel great but with everything she’s saying, I feel like I’m not doing it right.����

    I skip breakfast because breakfast always makes me feel sick in the morning
    Lunch: veggie burger and rice
    Dinner:pasta or veggie burger and rice
    And coffee

    I eat the exact same thing every single day because I have control issues���� but I’ve eaten like this for a year everyday and I dance for hours and I’ve lost 30 pounds slowly and I feel so good and so healthy but the way she’s saying this, I feel wrong and that I’m just doing righg

  • I think that seeing a dietician is good and all, but really only when you also see a psychologist. In my personal experience and what is shown here is that while dietitians can preach healthy habits and tell you what to do, they don’t understand the mental and emotions aspects involved.

    I have genetically high cholesterol, and my dietician recently told me(a person whose therapist has been trying to determine if I have an eating disorder, is 108 pounds at 5’4 and who eats quite healthy, fast food maybe once a month, has dessert once a week, and tracks their food) that I am no longer allowed to eat anything from cows(beef, milk, cheese, etc.) and also shouldn’t eat egg yolks, bacon, and many other foods that I would typically eat as my “cheat” foods.

    She told me I should stop consuming them right away. This is severely hurt my mental health, and my therapist has had to do a lot of work to convince me into not going extremely strict with myself. People need the balance of a mental and physical coach.

    If anyone has suggestions on what I should do to lower my cholesterol, whether it be to follow what this dietician said or not I would like to hear them!

  • Thank you for this video we all need to call out this extremely toxic diet culture it’s so dangerous for young minds, eating disorders are already so common.

    I think I didn’t have it bad but I still had serious issues with food for years so I’m really concerned for girls who are in their teens in 2020.

    My parents did a good job of encouraging me to eat healthy and also treat myself until I was 14-15 and had access to social media and diet culture. I only lost a few pounds nothing drastic but it messed me up because I couldn’t eat anything unhealthy without feeling bad anymore. It hit hard when I was 20 I had an extreme binge eating phase, I wouldn’t stop eating even when it wasn’t enjoyable and made me feel ill. The next day I would run it off but do the same again when I got home. I’m talking +1000 calories in 2 minutes on an impulse.

    It has taken me 8 years to have a generally healthy diet whilst also not feeling guilty about having my favorite ice cream or dessert when I feel like it.

  • 16:00 I have met people who, after a decently long journey, managed to get rid of those disordered thoughts. Personally I haven’t been able to do that. I have managed to reduce them through a lot of sweat and tears (sounds stupid but at the start, I’d have to pep talk myself through a meal because I didn’t feel like I deserved to eat or should be eating) and get a lot healthier. That’s not possible for everyone, and I know I’m really lucky that somehow, my determination and sheer stubbornness has gotten me through. But that doesn’t work for most people, and I’m still not “better”. There are still days that even the thought of eating makes me want to cry. There are still days that I have to take a break from eating because I feel like I’m going to be sick. There are still days I slide backwards. It’s really hard, so please, don’t be discouraged because you can just “turn off” those reactions, that you still haven’t overcome those feelings. Even when you’re much healthier, it’s still possible to have bad days, bad weeks, bad months, to be triggered by thinspo and ED language, etc. It’s okay to struggle, just do your best and make sure to seek out support.

  • im an anorexic. and it fucking sucks, i hate watching these girls with similar eating habits to mine. my hair is falling out, im always cold and i cant sleep, im addicted to energy drinks and i can never focus. its not fun, its not quirky, and its not worth it to starve to be skinny.

  • the amount of ads I get on TikTok for fasting diets even though I don’t follow any diet accounts and the content I generally like are videos that are from body positive creators is mind blowing

  • That apple cider vinegar + water every morning to get rid of belly fat messed up my digestive system. 7 years later I still struggle eating high-fat or highly acidic meals ����‍♀️ fun times

  • “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants”… If you’re going to quote Michael Pollen, please at least acknowledge him when you do it!!!

  • The lemon water I read is good for digestion, but the metabolism thing I have not read about. I even read it’s good as an immunity drink if you add ginger too.

  • Excellent interview! The way you described different approaches for different levels of people without it being too confusing is outstanding.

  • This is insane. I lost weight by combining IF with cooking more healthier meals and eating smaller portions instead of bingeing. I let myself have sugar sometimes and bad snacks just not large portions. 6 lbs so far. 4-5 weeks so far, hardly any exercise, but I move around a lot at work.