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A Sports Nutritionist’s Gas Station Picks to Fuel a Long Ride. by Lori Nedescu, MS RD CSSD. July 20, 2018. No Comments. Gas stations are for fueling cars not bodies, after all — but in life, there are exceptions to every rule. So when you’re on a training ride, kitted out in the middle of nowhere and you’re bonking, and need food, what do you do?

In other words, your only options are to eat. Cycling nutrition: Our picks of the best food to fuel your ride By Colin Levitch 17 April 2020 Don’t go hungry and keep the engine firing with the right cycling nutrition for your next ride. Best gas stations in 2020: Fuel quality, discounts and convenience. Picking the best gas station can save you money and help your vehicle run better. Oct 4, 2017 We have some news that will shock you: Next time you find yourself at a gas station looking for fuel for a mountain run or ride, the Snickers is way better for you than the almonds.

Gas-Station Eggs Most gas stations sell very small cartons of eggs, which means you can make an omelet. Pick one up, along with a tiny carton of milk, fire up your penny stove and cook up the eggs to your liking. If digging out your stove isn’t an option, you can use the microwave at the gas station.:GO FAR Endurance Fuel. Go Far verb (ɡō fär) 1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding stress over long periods of time.

2. The state or fact of persevering. 3. Continuing exercise; duration.:GO FAR Endurance Fuel is all the nutrition you need to keep going strong hour after hour. The simplest way to stay fueled and hydrated. As a commuter, cheap gas becomes your best friend. This station is the most convenient and cheapest gas station between Fremont and the valley.

They have plenty of working pumps, 4 lanes with deep, with the nozzles that can stretch extra far so it doesn’t matter which side your tank is on. They even carry racing fuel, for those who need it. Tire gauges differ, especially the ones built into the pump at the corner gas station, so use the same gauge consistently.

Buy a $10 tire gauge and keep it. Sweet and refreshing, our pina colada is sure to #TurnUp your summer with an explosion of flavor and energy! ��. ⭐ ️Get all your favorites to fuel your summer by shopping our Buy One Get One 50% off sale #GoingOnNow at Bang-Energy.com!. Follow the inventor of Bang: @BangEnergy.CEO ��. Franchised gas stations used to give out all kinds of premiums to lure in folks from their road trips to fill up with Gulf over ARCO, or Esso rather than Sinclair. Some of those premiums were in the form of maps, but others went straight to the back seat, to keep the kids quiet.

If you grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, you’ll probably remember.

List of related literature:

For long rides, Sara Pomish of Farmington Hills, Michigan, only eats protein or fat for fuel during exercise, such as cheese sticks and a packet of peanut butter.

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One of the benefits of being part of an organized ride is the accessibility of the fuel stations that supply water, fresh fruit, sports drinks, treats, and a variety of easily digested carbohydrates.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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If you are among the many athletes, referees, coaches, athletic trainers, and support crews—including parents, partners, and siblings—who spend too much time on the road, traveling from one sporting event to the next, you are likely familiar with “gas station nutrition.”

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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Rides in lead vehicle, tionalized patients requiring special diets and be desig COOK, DINNER (hotel & rest.)

“Dictionary of Occupational Titles: Definitions of titles” by United States Employment Service
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Just as you might top off the gas tank in a car before a long trip, athletes can fill their glycogen stores prior to training or competing.

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The horse plus vehicle approach to field ergospirometry was also used in a study of four Quarter Horses, one Appaloosa and one Thoroughbred at speeds ranging from 40 to 390 m/min, with and without a rider.59 A tractor was used to pull a wagon, and on the wagon were the calorimeter and a gasoline generator.

“Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery E-Book” by Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor
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Your food choices play an important role in the success of your training and weight management, but if you’re struggling to find 60–90 minutes to ride during 2–3 weekdays, then chances are good that you don’t have hours to while away in the grocery store and in your kitchen.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Figure 11.8 presents fuel consumption curve for prime movers using natural gas as fuel.

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FIGURE 28.4 (a) Vegetable-oil processing routes for transportation fuels.

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In these approaches, since the total drive distance is the same, the one that consumes the least fuel will be the best choice.

“Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Principles and Applications with Practical Perspectives” by Chris Mi, M. Abul Masrur, David Wenzhong Gao
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  • Love all your videos, thanks for all the data! I kinda like Fig Newtons and/bananas. the fig newtons seem to digest well when riding and really curb any appetite I buildup.(plus the carbs and sugars, and excluding the Name brand they are very very cheap!!)
    Has anyone else tried them? thoughts?

  • Only have an old beat up road bike and my longest regular ride is about 45 miles (some on trails, flood defences, fields and the like) but pretzels, glucose drink and Coca Cola (caffeine near the end) does it for me. But hey, I’m a runner and therefore harder than you all so what do I know?:DDD

  • good video. But the amount of food Nate eats makes me feel unwell. Once the liver and muscles are loaded with glycogen, eating anymore will just get stored as fat. So why eat so much? And apart from performance all these high carb meals can seriously damage your health long term?

  • Love the videos, keep them coming. One question though: for this race were you grabbing gels at aid stations or did you have a dozen of them on the bike or in pockets? Just curious as I generally suck at fueling on race day and haven’t landed on a good system (especially on the mtb).

  • Great discussion and thanks for the reference. Does the paper discuss or address that muscle glycogen is not “shared” between muscles so while an athlete may replenish their glycogen stores to 500g or more not all of that is available to the working muscles i.e. legs. Also, pretty sure glycogen synthase is turned off during exercise so that no new glycogen is synthesized.

  • I just make sure there is a Trader Joe’s (my favorite grocery store) at the midpoint of all my trips!:) Also, here’s a great idea for a homemade yet amazing bicycle bar. I used it and they lasted 2x as long as store bought bars: https://youtu.be/fItBd8j9FLE

  • I am a fan of a bottle of water with an energy table in It and I always have something like a slice of pizza or a burger wedged in my ass crack so I can just pull it out when I’m hungry

  • What’s a good TT Bar you would recommend? I’d like something versatile that could switch between road/gravel like dual use! Awesome video!!!

  • Yeah but how do you eat a gel whilst cycling? This skill is on par with putting on a rain jacket in my opinion especially if you wish to avoid spilling and littering

  • What a perfect day for such an epic ride, great video! I’m loving all the drone footage and I really appreciate the effort of stopping to set it all up and carrying it with you for the entire ride so worth it, SLO and the surrounding area looks absolutely beautiful!

  • For a road side pit stop I have a small tin of macral and a tea spoon to eat it with and satsumas  and bananas or my be a bagal with honey.

  • Can I ask about drinking is it possible do you think drinking a lot of fluids on a ride could end up diluting your digestive juices and delay the digestion of solid foods?

  • Aero shoe/sock covers might give additional free speed esp. in a long flat race. Do rules forbid shoe covers? They are light weight and common in road TT events.

  • I disagree with this idea. One stupid idiot with a water bottle in his hand that sees a gas door open and dumps it inside… goodluck!

  • I eat a banana and a Cliff Bar before I start my ride, and then I bring 2 energy bars. I usually only go out for 2 hours or so. Two bottles of water as well.

  • Thank you helpful vid.
    I have plenty of stored food in my body. At least 20kg so I’m ok. It’s just fluids I need to take and a few gel packs in case I have a sugar low. Since I’ve been cycling (8 months) I’ve used up 7kg of body stored food. On a longish ride I’ll have a small portion of chips at the seafront and Diet Coke before turning around. Weight staying off.

  • Maybe you should try bonking (maybe you already have). Just to get rid of the fear.. it happens. Nothing to be anxious about. Just go out for a long ride without eating. At some point it will feel if you ride uphilll when there is no hill, or through slurry. The solution is simple.. EAT (first drink some fast carbs and wait for the carbs to reach your legs). Enjoy:-)

  • What do you think about NAKD bars? I have one every 30-45 mins along with a tiny bit of sugar in my water but still end up bonking towards the end

  • what Is a good suggestion for a pre ride meal, ie breakfast and how long is advised to wait before setting off,  I am new to cycling and still trying to find the basics. I have bonked once and it was hell..  thanksn

  • You are one of my favourite YouTubers bro and I believe you will reach 1 Million subscribers.

    But if you want to reach it anytime soon you need to give your fans what we want: the old Jrizzy Jeremy!
    Your Old Hair! Your Energy! Funny Pranks! Alright Cool Basically all this needs to come back!

  • Anyone else realize how explosive gasoline trucks are? Anyone also realize how unsafe most drivers are? Anyone see where I’m going with this?

  • It seems a little dumb to open this type of business when the oil industry is crumbling but whatevs lol.. I hope this inspires Tesla tho, someone driving around charging peoples cars while theyre shopping or something would be dope

  • I’ve been asked how I fuel my rides, I try to keep things simple! Hope you find my tips helpful, please share any of your tips below, there’s always new thing to learn ��

  • Like this idea! Most gas stations are full of drama starters or racist foreigners. Not having to stop at a gas station to deal with that and the lines is great idea!

  • My Fuel today was a massive cheese and pickle sandwich from a café.  It wouldn’t fit in my already full pockets so I had to eat it 1 handed down the road.  to onlookers I probably looked like a massive amateur, and it didn’t occur to me at the time to shout to every passer by that “I’m not an amateur”.  nevermind because with every new ride is a new learned way of looking cooler, and if you havn’t got a really expensive bike then all the knowledge you can get the better ; )

  • Dylan, your videos are hands down the best researched, most comprehensive, yet simple and straightforward coaching advice I’ve seen. I’d be curious as to your take on how to train and pace for a 7-day Haute Route event where you are averaging 80 miles per day and 8-10k feet of climbing. A video on this topic would be great. Thanks for all the insight and keep up the great work.

  • Again wow…
    Your video is what we keen uncoached amateur cyclist need.
    Fun fact:
    I attached and started training with aerobar just 6 month after I bought my first Roadbike. I was not even know let alone use clipless pedal and shoe at the that time.
    Now after 3 years I really glad that my body is best fit on TT position, even more than on the hood or drop.
    It sure help me to collected some of KOMs even though my FTP is so decent.

  • In Colombia, pros and amaterus eat “bocadillo” and “panela”. Both have a high glycemic index and have minerals and electrolytes. Bocadillo is made from guava and Panela is made from sugar cane.

  • What seems to work best for me for a 3 hour hilly ride (65km) is not so much what I take with me, but making sure I have a massive lunch of carbs and protein 4 to 4.5 hours before riding, along with at least 1 L of water.  About an hour before riding I’ll have an easily digestible snack and maybe a chocolate bar (Kit Kat is my favourite).  Getting the timing and proportions of my big meal has made a huge difference in my performance.  On the ride I’ll just take a full bottle of water and mix in some Gatorade or other powder.  I should probably take more food, but I can’t digest energy bars very well on the road.  I’m still experimenting with other solid road food.  I will try fig newtons when the season starts up again.  

    I’m really enjoying the GCN videos.  Great job guys, keep up the good work.  

  • I really struggle to eat any solid foods when im on the bike. i haven’t figured out much i can handle yet. i tend to just eat fruit during the day with gels and maybe cereal bars if i can find a good one..eat a big dinner with lots of carbs…then porrige for the morn. that does me OK so long as im not climbing too much or doing super long distances. it hauls me, my fat ass and my fully loaded touring bike wherever im heading to at 20km + per hour, but i have to take lots of breaks and do find im a lot more sluggish than people who can handle eating food during a ride/tour. i get awful stomach pain and indigestion if i ride after anything remotely heavy:(

  • Great video and congrats on the win. The color commentary guy who wears his hat backwards sort of looks like you. How did he do in the race?

  • no shakes aren’t a good fucking way to loose weight proper solid meals is what you want you will be staring living off liquid calories therefore making you want to bindge

  • Thanks GCN! I wish I’d watched this video before cycling from London to Brighton:( I only ate 2 packets of Jelly Babies over the 54 miles and drank 1.5L of water (I’m from a running background, where I’d usually eat nothing at all during the race).I will change my ways…

  • I’m no cycling professional, but nutrition is something I’ve taken a slight interest in lately and I’m a little surprised at the number of breakfast bars, carbs and gels you’re recommending! Whilst some carbs are key, those processed bars are not what you want in your body for fuel. High Protein foods, healthy Fats and plenty of vegetables/fruit are what you want to be eating every day as your constant. In the lead up to big cycles, slowly increase your healthy carbs (Sweet potato etc.), but always keep your Protein at the same level. You should only really use these SIS gels and products to top up what you weren’t able to get from your diet (like body builders top up their protein using shakes). TeamSky use the SIS and they’re great, but even they say your diet should be the backbone of a long cycle =)

  • My personal favourite: Snickers! Though in hot weather they tend to melt and get all messy when i eat. Would make a good intimidating face i might say.

  • A personally love a foot long from subway wheat bread turkey ham and pepperoni cheddar cheese (shredded) veggies I get spinach lettuce tomatoes Green peppers banana peppers and onions. Then to top it off honey mustard and a little bit of spicy mustard delicious! ����

  • I have panniers so gel packets aren’t a problem as I have a plastic bag to put them in, unfortunately the stickiness reason is probably why there are so many of them littering popular cycle routes ��

  • not trying to be rude but why do u want a lot of tattoos on your hand and arm the first was good but i don’t want your skin to be hurt

  • I’m a student at cal poly in SLO and I’m just finishing up my first year. Where did you ride to and how can i find some more road routes???

  • Nice Job and great ride at the Buck Fifty. Was in a group going opposite direction when you were in your breakaway crushed it. Couple of us in our group knew you had it based on looks of chase group, I am a Jerimiah fan but you put the hurt on.

  • Thanks guys for a great discussion. There was just so, so much information to take in, I found it hard to keep track and process it all (whilst doing a TR session of course ��).
    Could you look at including a summary of the findings (and perhaps give some examples/applications) at the end of these type of discussions/video chats just so people like me can understand and apply more fully.?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • I’m really into dried mango at the mo tastes fantastic and the sweetness really gives your body a boost. Other stuff I like includes malt loaf, jelly babies, bananas, flapjack and granola squares. Washed down with a bottle of elecrolyte drink and a bottle of water.

  • I choose a protein bar that is on the soft side, and I cut it into small bite sizes. That’s what I like. At one time I had found a really interesting video on how to make your own rice cakes. These are not like the dry Quaker rice cakes you buy in the package. More like congealed oatmeal. I might have to go back and find that video.

  • I love bloks, sooooo much better than goopy messy gels. (I use them while hiking/kayaking.) I will be requesting jelly babies in October, fyi.:)

  • I didn’t know it was allowed in america to carry gasoline on mini-tankers and delivered to customers. Because i know gasoline is highly flammable even flashlight can cause a spark. Thats why gasoline product need to be stored in UGTs ( underground tanks ) like we normally find in gasoline stations. However you can deliver diesel though. Since diesel can be stored in OHT ( overhead tanks / above the ground tanks ) or underground as well since diesel is not flammable. But gasoline is very questionable.

  • Real food and an electrolyte tablet in water has become the go to fuel after some trial and error. It took a while to work out just how little we needed whilst riding as long as it was consistent. Cafe stops are cycling law aren’t they?

  • One thing that really helps me out on long rides (4+ hours) are those energy gel flasks. They’re 5 oz bottles filled with gels that I can stuff in my pockets. It allows me to take smaller amounts of energy gels more often rather than having to finish an entire packet once it’s opened. With the flasks, I am also able to consume gels while riding. I could never do that with packaged gels since the wrapper is too fiddly for me while riding and trying to litter while at the same time trying not to get leftover gel all over my jersey pockets.

  • nature valley granola bars,ham and egg sandwiches(but only on longer rides over 80km),oreo cookies, and my own version of “magic water” -water,honey,salt and lemon.
    solid food(think pasta,rice,meat and veggies) are only eaten if the rides i do go beyond the 5h mark

  • I put pure, organic, maple syrup in my water bottle. I have found, for me, that eating anything on the ride robs me of energy because my body is using energy to both cycle and digest food.

  • Hey,

    could you please tell me which size you wear in your vegan athletic apparel kit as well as your body height and weight? Thank you. The kit looks great considering both, style and quality.

  • Thank you for this video and the all the rest.
    Any suggestions on how to properly warm up? When I ride up a hill the 1st time I’m a little winded. But when I come back down and do it again I even surprise myself. I’m like sprinting.
    I guess I’m trying to find that sweet spot. I’m not new to riding but will always listen and take suggestions. Thank you again.

  • Hey Dylan, quick question. I know drafting is so important for this race…but so is staying hydrated. I want to stop at aid stations to refill my bottles but I’m afraid of losing the train. Did riders in the lead group stop for water at aid stations?

  • Great video! I’ve also been obsessed with your podcasts!
    Im really curious as to some key foods/spices you go to when you want to decrease inflammation in the body. I know turmeric is good for that but I got hives from it…

  • God this would be so handy when you plan a trip and want to save time by just taking off and not having to hunt for gas. And in the winter this would be nicer yet.

  • I’m wandering where you are getting your magnesium from, surely not the Gatorade and Gels? Also, after a couple of hours, doesn’t it make sense to include some protein in your drinks to prepare for recovery? (I personally prefer Hi5 4:1, but have heard good things about Hammer Perpetuem). Most of the gravel events I ride forbid any aero bars for safety reasons.

  • You guys are somehow stuck in the old century with this carb bullshit.
    What is the issue riding your next “event” fully fasted? The carb loading that f***s up your fat oxidation maybe?

  • Your poor friend and his tooth! �� Is he getting either an implant or partial denture soon? I heard you say in your other video his spill was a while ago. Great ride footage too! 100 miles is epic!

  • Great info! I finally passed the metric century mark, hoping to keep improving to ride with the local randonneuring group. My target speed is 20-21 km/h, so it takes me around 5 hours to do 100 km. My longest to date was 125 km which took me 6 hours plus a bit more for breaks. I’ve been having granola bars but I’m going to need something more substantial after about 4 hours. I will try to pack something next time. Interestingly, having some oatmeal and bananas prior to the ride is what I’ve been doing lately. Also, on my 125 km ride I put 3 tablespoons of honey in my water (650 ml bottle) so I can get some energy from that as well. It tasted fine, the only hiccup was having a few drips from the bottle which left a sticky residue on the top and down tubes. A bit of wiping down afterward and all is good. Did it at the same time as relubing my chain.

  • Good mates, sun, awesome ride, living the dream:-)
    Great info but I’ve never had to pull over for a can of black beans haha.
    You should of done a before pic of Ian and collect an after when he gets his op.

  • Cannot drink coffee, Docs orders. So all the “in” products are out. Keep it basic, jam and cheese sandwiches, chocolate nutty bars and crisps. Water. And that’s it.

  • I can’t yet do very long miles. The longest I’ve ever done in one sitting, to my memory, is 20 miles. I aim to change that, though, because I’m going to do a triathlon sometime in the next 2 years.

  • I calculate my drives to take me to the lowest price gas on my way to work. 15 cents makes a difference when it’s 20 gallons. If it beats the station I am game

  • Some excellent advice, many thanks. Personally I find riding after having a bowl of porridge, or even a flapjack, can make me very sluggish and cycling seems to take more effort. I tend to go out without eating anything and then graze as I’m going along to maintain my energy levels. I guess different things work for different people.

  • Just completed my longest day trip yesterday (240 km). Had a feeling that i was eating and drinking (and peeing) too often; it got annoying at some point! But then, the day was hot as well….:-) Bananas, apples and biscuits worked great for me. 
    How about drinking milk on long rides? I would like to know. Regards, Sourish.

  • Hello Dylan, I’m new to your channel but I have to say I really enjoy your insight and content. Good stuff! Question, what can you do, If anything, to train during an injury or just rest and watch the diet? I’m currently 210lb but was targeting 185lb-190lb this year for some Road races, ORAMM and other MTB races then a curve ball was thrown at me. I week and a half ago during a road ride is sustained a back injury just from pedaling. No crash involved. Many Dr visits, Injections, Laser treatments and now this morning a MRI. My Dr believes I have suffered a or multiple herniated discs which will require some minimally invasive surgery. A guess the main advice i’m eager to hear is what are the do’s and don’t s to bounce back from such an injury. Age could be a factor in the recovery due to I am 43. thanks….

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  • This was one of my favorite videos of yours and I found it to be super informative and helpful! As a beginner cyclist this summer, I jumped into doing long rides, but struggled with the timing of eating and knowing how much to eat while actually riding. Thanks for the info and for making all these videos! I’ve really enjoyed following you guys on your trip!

  • Thats mean the future of everything is that other peopledo the work for you, lol wallie’s future where extremely fat people rules will be true

  • In this type of race, would a suspension seatpost help reduce fatigue? I ride one on my gravel/cx bike. It helps prevent the occasional surprise bumps from sending me up and wobbling. On an MTB by contrast you are very often standing but on a gravel frame your butt is planted more heavily most of the time and I find a suspension seatpost is helpful to smooth out the bumps.

  • Are you adjusting your “normal” position for when you put aerobars on your gravelbike for a more open hip angle? In regards to your saddle setback. And if you are, is it a full on TT setup not being UCI legal, UCI legal TT setup or just a slight adjustment?

    If I go to a UCI legal TT position on my gravelbike I can get both power and comfort in the aerobars, sprits and standing climbs feels great. But seated riding on the hoods/drops feels like I’m sitting on my handlebars or riding a bike 3 sizes too short being that far pitched over the front.

  • I’m a big fan fan of Clif bar(peanut butter crunch) and Hammer nutrition(cafe mocha Perpetuem and their endurolyte fizz electrolytes)

  • We don’t want the cost more, we don’t want to charge fees, so we use a war chest of venture-capital extracted from the working-class to make this possible!

  • And why can’t I just go to a gas station n get my own gas without paying extra? Are ppl rlly that lazy they need someone else to get gas for them

  • I’ve hit on the once per hour rule myself. However, if circumstances warrant I change it, got stopped by a train 45 minutes into a race last weekend and so I ate early, but after that I stuck to the hour rule whether I felt hungry or not and the bonks stayed home. I prefer “biko” (aka ricecake, every party I go to I come away with a ref-ful of the stuff) about 2 oz. gives about 150 calories and then I go for chews. I’m still working on the water-electrolyte part of it all, and that is where I failed miserably last weekend the last third of the race found me really struggling and I’m glad I had some gatorade stuffed in my jersey.

  • The advice about light lunch is important. I once ate a large sausage baguette and a doughnut before trying to climb a big hill out of Bath, I was very sluggish and required several rests on the way up.

  • This isn’t a good business long term. Gasoline cars will decline in the next 50 years. I think that to avoid this, they will do something with electric cars

  • Hi guys, absolutely love the videos, so glad I found your channel. Just wondering if you know of any electrolyte only drinks (i.e not the carb drink) that don’t contain any artificial sweeteners? I’m looking to shed a few pounds on the bike but I hate the thought of ingesting those fake sweeteners, I can’t seem to find any electrolyte specific drinks without these sweeteners! Thanks


  • Almond butter and jam Sandwiches, Dates and Dry apricots are some of my favs at the moment! Looking to try some rice cakes soon as heard they are also great for cycling!:)

  • I steal my son’s mini Kinder chocolate bars. They have yo go in my top tube bag due to melting so only long rides but soooooo good. Thankfully the wife hasn’t noticed how quickly they are going down yet

  • only 4 grams of “blood sugar” (in 5 liters of blood)…wow, didn’t know it was so little. (well, mmol/liter should have given me a clue)

  • second edition of the BLUE MOOSE gravel race in Golden British Columbia in 2020. 300km 4000m plus of climbing! its brutal, a lot of the roads are double track, bordering mtb. incredible scenery, cool town. you should come on up give it a go

  • Could be a good idea if they would deliver fuel to suburbs early in the morning so you can have a full tank on your way to work or whatever you got going on. It would be more efficient for the company if they used 100% electric trucks to deliver the fuel but due to lack of infrastructure and how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle.. I doubt it will come anytime soon. Still a good idea though.

  • Good stuff and epic ride. On top of everything you explained in the video I like to always have a bag of 5 10 dates with me. 15gr/date of carbs.

  • Don’t eat or drink anything cycling specific, I’m with you on the porridge, fruit loaf and flapjacks, sesame seed bars are good for an energy boost on the bike for me and keeping well hydrated, 50/50 water and fruit juice with a bit of salt in one bottle and water in the second. Atb

  • Do you use your road bike FTP for gravel and mountain bike races as well? So, in other words, is one FTP all that you need for all cycling? Thank you and Love the channel.

  • I’m attempting this race for the first time next month. My biggest logistical question…… how does one pee during such a long race without giving away precious seconds?

  • This carb centric philosophy is not supported by science. FASTR study shows your wrong on the absolute need for carbs to fuel performance. And you excessive talk of water consumption may also be fueled by your carb addiction. Are we the only species of mammal that needs to be told when to drink and how much?? Really? I also laugh when you guys talk about heavy salt sweaters need to add more electrolyte. There is no evidence of that. But there is evidence that heavy salt sweaters are merely losing excess sodium that the body does not need. Please spend 25 mins watching this and realize 120g of carbs an hr may be a fools errand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF3buYQWJ3E... At the end of the day teach what you want but do not ignore what is going on at the other end of the table and support your view with weak epidemiological science.

  • That ride is incredible, SLO is a cool place. You should stop by Santa Barbara on the way down the coast, we have awesome trails here:) P.S. Im obsessed with the song you played through the video.. good music taste!

  • I use aero bars for tt and Triathlon but not for drafting races since I can’t break or shift in the position. How do you feel about that? Did you use the aeros only in the final breakaway?

  • Bonking knocks your brain for six as well as your body, which is dangerous and a big downer. Also, it can leave a ‘hangover’ effect for a few days afterwards.I agree with your excellent video. Don’t wait until you’re hungry before taking on fuel and don’t wait ’til you’re thirsty before taking on liquid. Sometimes you literally have to force it down when you’re tired, but it’s worth it to avoid THE WALL.

  • Questions: Does it raise the gas price?
    What if they show up late and you’re ready to go?

    Why be so lazy.. if it’s too cold to pump gas then it’s probably too cold to go out.

  • Really useful and informative video. Many thanks!
    Oh, erm, don’t use THAT phrase outside the cycling community! Lol!
    I can eat a whole malt loaf with tons of butter. Yum!
    GCN did a great flapjack making vid!
    My Lorraine swears by Jelly Babies on her long rides! Lol

  • Guys, DO NOT BUY ENERGY DRINKS! The best electrolyte replacement drink I have found and use is Pedialyte! Yes, the baby stuff.  This drink is fantastic and you can get it is seven flavors.  No other electrolyte drink on the market can match this.  It is the best drink I have found to aid in recovering faster after a ride and I even carry it during the ride to keep my electrolytes balanced and use gels to fill the carbo levels.  Try it guys and you will see that this is the drink energy drink manufactures do not want you to know about. I do not buy energy drinks. I buy Pedialyte.  Pedialyte It’s not for just babies anymore!

  • How do find the exact car that needs the fuel? If a person orders a fill-up and leaves their car, how does this company find the exact car?

  • Thanks for this. Sensible food is key, as is hydration. Bananas have been my go-to food item for before and after a long ride. I also like organic waffles from Honey Stinger, which are really good.

  • Hey you guys! I’m so happy i found your channel. 
    I just started biking abou 2 months ago, and i already feel a difference.
    My dad bikes A LOT! And he also haves some electrolyte-stuff ect. ect.
    BUT i found you channel WITH A LOT OF TIPS:D And now my dad also started watching you guys! The handlebar-tape video really helped! 
    Keep on with the good work! 
    -A big fan, and a happy subscriber!

  • Hey! I love these GCN videos but always find myself wondering “where in the world are these videos shot”? If anyone knows, it would be cool just for perspective. Possibly a cool video about behind the scenes at GCN too 😉 Thanks!

  • Flapjacks and jelly babies are my standard go to fuel for longer rides together with electrolyte drinks. Have tried gels in the past but never felt any additional benefit from them and as you say your pockets just end up a mess!

  • preferred snacks for a long ride (just hitting 80km round trips): muesli bars and bananas ;p And the occasional snickers bar when feeling really down on the way back from the local gas station. 

  • They don’t employ full serve at gas stations because of poisonous fumes and cancer, they are going to have to pay so much to there employees when they get sick

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