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An Athlete’s Guide to Intuitive Eating. by Lori Russell, MS RD CSSD. July 9, 2019. No Comments. Intuitive eating is a dietary concept that promotes listening to your instincts and basically eating what and when you want.

This eating style aims to put an end to dieting, restriction, labeling, stress, counting and feeling guilty or pressured. Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a traditional diet.

It doesn’t impose guidelines about. The following 10 principles of intuitive eating can be applied to athletes and active clients. 1. Reject the Diet Mentality. Whether an athlete follows a juice cleanse to “make weight,” goes on a low-carbohydrate diet to look thinner in sport’s apparel or gym clothes, restrictive diets are riskier for this population. Another key component of intuitive eating to meet hunger and appetite, yet eating to satisfy appetite is advised against for athletes, especially endurance ones.

This is because prolonged, intense training is known to suppress appetite and therefore eating to feel would be insufficient. Most well trained athletes need to eat beyond hunger. Intuitive Eating says you shouldn’t ignore the craving, but rather embrace it. Food deprivation can lead to overeating and uncontrollable cravings, which ends up doing more harm than good. Allow yourself to have a “junk food” and realize that it’s just one piece of food.

What IS Intuitive Eating? Intuitive eating is not easily defined. If you google it, Wikipedia says “ Intuitive eating is a nutrition philosophy based on the premise that becoming more attuned to the body’s natural hunger signals is a more effective way to attain a healthy weight, rather than keeping track of the amounts of energy and fats in foods. “. Intuitive eating is a response to diets and diet culture, and is not meant to tie adherents to any specific set of eating rules, says Heather Caplan, a registered dietitian with a private practice in Washington, D.C.

A lot of people in the industry give intuitive eating a bad rap, especially as it applies to strength athletes. They view it as an excuse to eat irresponsibly, recklessly, and without any regard for moderation, and I agree! Intuitive eating can be harmful if done incorrectly, but it can be highly beneficial if done properly.

Right from the start, you are asked to get rid of any diet tools you are holding on to, and to let go of the pursuit of weight loss. In order to fully embrace intuitive eating, decisions about what foods to eat, when, and how much must be dictated by internal cues rather than external cues. Intuitive eating is not a free for all; eating whatever you want whenever you want.

But it is also not restricting yourself to certain foods, meal timing, or meticulously measuring daily caloric intake. Intuitive eating is defined by the scientific community.

List of related literature:

Other athletes have a balanced diet, but then chew on autopilot—not truly tasting their food—because they are mentally preoccupied with everything already going on in their very demanding days.

“The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow
from The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive
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A 24-hour recall is not going to provide a truly accurate picture of what an athlete eats on a regular basis, but it does provide information about general eating habits.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
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Additionally, Mr. Santillo has a book called Intuitive Eating.

“10 Essential Herbs: Everyone's Handbook To Health” by Lalitha Thomas
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The goal is to provide a guide for eating that gives athletes a starting point for developing the best possible eating strategy for them.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
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Appetite management encompasses a variety of methods that are practiced widely by the most successful athletes and range from eating lowenergy-density foods to avoiding “mindless eating,” as we’ll discuss in Chapter 5.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
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And while I still think those methods can be useful and effective for some athletes, I have grown to believe that eating behaviors have more impact both on eating for performance and on weight management.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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In addition, the last two chapters focus on athletes who eat a plant-based diet while living and cooking in the real world (and a real kitchen).

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
from Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance
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Looking for a sensible guide for healthful eating—one that’s meant for you?

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
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Many books have been written about eating with mindfulness, also called conscious eating or intuitive eating.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
from Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
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Others provide instructions such as “substituting normal eating for current patterns” and offer “strategies to achieve a non-dieting style of eating” (Polivy & Herman, 1992, p. 263).

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
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  • If I’m not thinking about food, I’m thinking about dieting. Been dieting since I was 12 and now 65 (diet queen)and have lost and gained so much weight… maintaining is the problem. Morbidly obese these days.
    Longest fast (for autophagy not diet) 16 days, keto… my go to diet over the years then crave pasta, rice, potato, blow it.
    No breakfast in 55 years (no hunger in the a.m) obviously hasn’t worked.

    Finally seeing a food counselor who encourages intuitive eating and health at any size.

    No rules except what I choose, like keeping a journal on emotions, hunger, satiation etc. no scales, keeping a space like 2,3 hours between meals or snacks
    ….. these are my choices at the moment.

    If I want that donut, make sure I enjoy it with no guilt.

    Try water first to test whether it’s hunger.

    Early days, so will listen to this vid again and again thank you, helpful.

  • Hey my friends! Intuitive eating has transformed my relationship with food but it’s not always suitable for everyone just yet and there’s no one I’d rather have than Renee to help explain how to know if you’re ready for it (: xxx

  • I have always been overweight and about 2 years ago I have developed anorexia. I am still not quite recovered because I am scared that if I stop counting calories I would become overweight again. I am at a healthy weight but I still do not have my period back. What would you recommend, because I feel like ypu have such a good relationship with food.

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  • I’m quite different from most people in that I eat because I’m ”supposed to” and I eat more than I want because I’m ”supposed to.” At the same time, I scold myself for eating an entire pizza or bag of gummies. I was on the low side of healthy most of my life aka skinny. In my early twenties I become significantly underweight. I finally gained weight back to healthy in my late twenties by eating mostly junk foods and adding back in cheese. Now I’m on the higher end of healthy and worried. I hate food tbh. I’m very picky and eating is a chore. Regardless, I’ve been steadily gaining weight trying to eat 3 full meals a day, looking at my macros and crap. I decided to try mindful and intrinsic eating so my relationship with food improves. I don’t want eating to be a chore. And I don’t want to keep worrying about calories and portions. I want to just follow my body’s signs.

    It’s day 14 of mindful eating and my chronic belching has improved and the process of eating no longer feels like a chore. It’s day 1 of intrinsic eating and I keep looking at the clock and going, ”I should eat. Its normal to eat at this time.” and then I realize no, I should eat when I’m hungry.

  • I am better about not overeating, body image, and listening to my body to eat nutritional food and stop eating when I am full. I also find I have a decently healthy mindset and relationship with food in that I don’t feel guilty about eating some sweets or having seconds if I want them…but I am ALWAYS thinking about food! It consumes my MIND…even if I am not over eating I am just always thinking about it. Is this normal or has anyone experienced this as they have switched to intuitive eating?

  • This was a very informative video. The only thing that kinda bothered me was when she said if you are underweight you can’t intuitively eat. But I’m naturally underweight. My bmi is 17.2 but I’m perfectly fine. I’ve been intuitively eating for a while and that’s just how I’ve been. Honestly, I don’t think BMI is a good measure of health and being underweight isn’t a bad thing if you are naturally like that. I don’t know, just my personal opinion.

  • If you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland (and speak German) you can listen to the Podcast “Wohlfühlgewicht”. It is explained very well there.

  • Instincts and intuition are quite different an instinct by definition is a behavior. Intuition, rather, is an alignment of neuronal pathways and has a way of inducing positive body reactions but which was initiating by a thought or idea. Not to detract from this amazing video because I appreciate it VERY MUCH I created something called Therapeutic Eating to take into account that we all come with a past (and many people suffer from trauma so they lack an authentic connection to their bodies because they’ve lost trust making intuitive eating a secondary process to healing the trauma which needs to be primary. This is so many more people 70% of Americans alone). ANYWAY! Tangent! Thank you….I think there’s a lot of progress and innovation to be had on this topic and I definitely feel a responsibility to help. Thanks Natacha!

  • I find this so interesting, a few years ago I randomly got a need to eat alot like full English and oats for breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks. Everyone was telling me I’d get fat and that I was nasty but i listened because I was starvin and was I was still losing weight so I ended up goimg to the doctors and it turned out I had graves disease. So it goes to show your body will tell you.

  • Could it be that my anti baby pill additionally is making it hard for me to feel when Im actually hungry? I could literally snack all day long but i just want to be lean

  • I want to try this, but I have a super slow metabolism. Would it still work for me? I also typically have issues eating large portions, so I think this would help to make me feel better about not eating as much in one sitting as my family members.

  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate……I eat what I believe is a healthy vegetarian diet based on my blood type A and I do daily IF 16:8 or 18:6 every day…I have minimal dairy just organic eggs & white cheese like feta or goats cheese, daily green smoothies, salads with healthy fats & seeds, nuts & fruit with peanut butter and veggie tofu stir frys…..I am a pear shape and my issue is my stubborn thigh fat, Ive had it since childhood and it just wont melt away:( Some days I only have the smoothie and the salad as Im just not hungry….i also eat food really slowly, I have since I was a child so I assume I have an issue of slow metabolism or a slow digestion, had my T3 Hormone function tested as read this could have something to do with it ut Doctor said the levels were fine. Ive just completed a 12 day sugar detox to try and tackle my love of chocolate but it didn’t help….I actually PUT ON 1lb….Im at a loss….I think maybe im not eating enough calories overall without the chocolate? HELP! Lol:)

  • I’ve been counting calories(not restricting too much tho) for 3 months now it somehow became a habit after I tried to lose just a little bit of weight but now that I’ve lost the weight I’m afraid to stop counting(I’m afraid of gaining the weight back) but I got so sick of it that I will just have to stop and start EATING intuitively. Hope my plan will work. Thank you so much for this video!
    So are any of you guys also experiencing(ed) something similar?

  • What do you do if you have physic goals? Should they be dropped? Because it seems the only way to progressively build muscle and then lose fat is to adapt your calories accordingly?

  • Hi Guys, Can somebody help me? I have started intuitive eating a week ago, i realised i dont have actually much hungry, but i want to eat unhealthy foods all the time, like for breakfast i had a bar of chocolate every day, its that normal? It’s going to be like that forever? I Know eating like that its not good for my health, but i m listening to my body…

    Obs; if i wrote something wrong, sorry i ‘ m from Brazil

  • I wish I could do this but I forget to eat:( I remember that I have to eat when I start feeling dizzy, my blood pressure drops and I start to feel sleepy, lol
    also, that’s why I eat like 3 times a day

  • Hi Natacha! I don’t feel physically hungry but keep thinking about food… does that mean I’m craving it or I biologically need it?

  • My biggest issue is — trust — I don’t trust my body to know what’s best for me. And, I know that this is all in my head. Plus, I have this mental image of my “ideal” aesthetic that I KNOW isn’t where I’m naturally meant to be — but — it’s still something I fight with every day.

  • At age 52, I finally ditched the diets, and for the first time in my whole life, my weight easily settled into a comfortable range with no drama. I focused on small habits that added up over the course of a few years including daily walks and regular, low key strength and cardio. I feel like I’ve been turned loose from the hamster wheel. I look back and wish I’d learned to let go of the miserable state of diets when I was young. At least I can look forward to being a fit, content, energetic granny one day, Lord willing. My husband has always had a healthy relationship with food, so I saw it modeled, but I just believed the lies being packaged and sold. He never understood why. I’m not sure why, either, looking back.

  • I really wanna start intuitive eating but I just feel guilty whenever I eat ANYTHING and I got so used to counting and tracking.. although I’m only eating 1000-1200 calories per day which is wayy less than I should be so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t overeat if I allow myself not to count

  • I tried undereating, it wasn’t fun because of hunger and the guilt when you give in to cravings. I’m now doing intuitive eating paired with some training. I’d like to, at some point, not care about measurements and just live healthily.

  • I’m 17 and this video helped me so much. I had pcos when ‘dieting’ came into my life and due to so many reasons I became obsessed with food and calories. I never binged I just starved. I’m still very skinny and I hope this helps me become stronger.

  • Does anyone know if one can still build muscle whilst eating intuitively? I’ve done this all my life (without my knowledge lol) until February this year when I started restricting (while doing the 16:8 fasting) I was eating less than 800 cals a day until July when I started to try and meet my recommended intake. However, when I did the latter, I felt more obsessive with tracking. Sometime in the middle of my restricting, I let go of the tracker and although I wasn’t eating enough, I wasn’t obsessive with the macros which I now am. I’ve tried this this past week (at the same time letting go of IF) but Idk, I seem to be hungry all the time?? Or it’s just my body trying to adjust with being able to eat at any time??

  • Hey I don’t know, if anyone sees that who could help me, but I have a question.
    So I am since about 2-3 months in a constant 200 calories restriction and have about 2 binges a month. I don’t think that that is an ed but I don’t want to continue that.
    And here’s the problem: I am sooooo damn afraid to eat more. I am so afraid, that I could gain weight and every time I try to go up with the calories I stop after two days and lower my calories so much, that I can “undo” the higher days before. And I also do this after my binges. Has anyone an idea what I could do.

  • I know you said that you have no food restrictions but when you are like baking or drinking coffee do you add sugar or sugar substitute?

  • How does a picky eater/someone who only eats fast food eat intuitively? I don’t know what my body needs and I can’t just eat everything

  • Really love this format! Gives me a realistic look into an intuitive eating lifestyle (the fluctuation), instead of looking into 1 day (even though I also like those videos!). I would’ve liked to see some recipes from this week, they all seemed so delicious!

  • Once your body is regulated than u can listen to your body cues. Sometimes we do want something.

    PROCESS of intuitive eating is to talk to a guided practiionar.

    TRACK than you’ll gradually intuitively eat.

    NOT FOR people who have eating disorders. You need to be mentally and physically ready. Your body is so confused and binge eating is when you eat to excess. TWO YEARS it can take to balance leptin levels.


  • Thanks so much for all of this. I need to try the journaling. I’ve been trying this way of life for maybe 18 months and I still go back and forward. But I do feel like I’m starting to turn a corner!

  • I think your body is what my body would look like if I were fit so this gives me a lot of hope to keep working out! I just discovered your page so I haven’t tried any of your workout vids but I’m about to! Thank you ��

  • From birth I’ve always let my son intuitively eat. I always have given him lots of options and let home choose what and when he wants to eat. He is very healthy and full of energy. I have dealt with weight issues since childhood. I decided I wanted my children to have a good relationship with food and their bodies. So far so good!

  • Hey Natacha I love your videos! I currently am dealing with a lot of self image issues. I had started strength training last November and I actually started to get more lean by changing my diet up a bit learning what was healthier but I started to allow myself to have treats each day. This led to me gaining a few pounds and was told to start counting macros from my trainer. This made me gain even more weight because I was obsessed with the next time I was going to eat, what I wanted to eat, and it made me eat super clean and then have a seriously bad binge every couple of weeks or so. What would you recommend to me then regarding my diet? I am trying to cut weight but I don’t want to constantly be thinking about food and I want to allow myself to have a treat now and then without the need of a binge. I’m so unsure.

  • I can definitely see myself doing this, this is refreshing to see after being surrounded by fitness buffs that promote counting your calories. As someone who is moderately happy with their most and just wants to build muscle, I just think I’ve got to eat a bit more to fuel my body for the exercise.

  • Natasha: Explaining the recipe…
    Me: That`s “left” is “right” a “left” Really “right Big “Left” Knive “dizzy”

  • This is what I wanna get to at some point… sounds amazing man I really want to get metabolically regulated and start increasing my calories bc they’ve been rly restricted for a LONg time… honestly the idea of seeing food and the gym as more than just a way to try to be okay with the way I look sounds amazing… bc I enjoy the gym a lot and I’m so tired of having an unhealthy relationship with food which I’ve had my entire life… thank u so much:)

  • Its sad because I once had a time where I had this. But now, I had started counting calories and restricting, and I have these insane cravings that just overtook my hunger cues. Now its like I can eat but mentally I want more, and I can’t decide if I’m truly hungry or if I have a very big craving/appetite. I stopped counting calories and honestly its so incredibly hard having to rely on my body. For now, Im letting my body take me wherever it wants with cravings and such. But I’ve been bloating and I don’t remember how to eat normal anymore.

  • like I eat and feel comfortable full after but then I feel like I could eat more and all my friends are but I don’t know if I should?

  • Sometimes I wake up in the morning not super hungry yet but I have to eat because I have class from 9-2 so I’ll be starving if I don’t. I have always wondered if eating when not hungry messes up intuitive eating. To me I say well I’d eat this exact meal at one point wether it be now or later so it would be fine. But who knows ����‍♀️

  • I had an unhealthy relationship with food since childhood. As a child it was binge eating due to stress and trauma. As a teen it became anorexia nervousa and after I had my children after I thought i had it under control as a full grown woman, sadly it took form as health obsessed with nutrition and exercising. Just same demon different costume. I have stopped watching the conflicting health advice and vlogs and decided to just try and limit junk food and follow my hunger cues and trust my own body for the first time.

  • I think I have binge eating problem since I was child but at that time no one realized this is a problem. Think deeply and I found that it’s because I was always pushed to eat more than what I can handle by my parents since kindergarten as they always think I eat too less or not nutritionally. Gradually, I get into “eating more and more even I feel full” habit. Now, I try to listen internally but I still fail sometimes and still cannot stop eating snacks, like cake, bread. It’s too hard.

  • Moi quand j’entends ta mère parler anglais « oh c’est un petit accent français que j’entends non? » Natacha « alors, qu’est ce qu’on mange? » aaaah bah voilà ��! Bisous d’une française au Japon!

  • I just stopped dieting after 20 years and am on day two of intuitive eating and loving it. You are really lovely, I’m going to subscribe, thank you ��

  • Love your energy Natasha! I’m glad you are doing so much better regarding your ED. ED kill so many people and they are so unnecessary.
    As someone who else has recovered from
    An ED, I need to remember that my weight or size is not necessarily an indicator of my recovery, health or fitness unless I’m dangerously over or underweight due to my thinking and resulting behavior with food. ( ie dieting, binging, restricting) People can be what is considered fat and still be healthy and fully recovered from and ED.

    Natasha your body right now is culturally the “healthy fit” picture we are told is the ideal. Many young women when recovered won’t even come close to what you look like unless they get obsessed again with food and body size/ weight. I am not saying you are obsessed. Some people have a lot of psychological work to do before they can be as balanced as you seem to be. Some may never get there and that message needs more attention. There are too many suffering beating themselves up because they did not end up looking the way we expect ourself to look yet they are recovered and really healthy. There is a nagging thought that tortured them or subconsciously sabotages their Nikita to accept and love themselves just as they are. This drains the spirit and affects the rest of their life adversely. We cannot be giving our all to life when we think we are not good enough yet. Or we give too much because we think we are not good enough unless we do. A lifetime of that is tragic.

    Once again your exercise videos have great energy and happiness. I just want to shout out to women that we need to be careful of what we are really looking for when seeking health and realize that health can be measured in many other ways besides being super lean and ripped. Another thing to consider is over exercise can be a disorder in its self and all the emphasis on extreme fitness is not necessarily the holy grail we are sold. Thanks for hearing me out Stay safe! Love, Paula��

  • Color me skeptical regarding “intuitive” eating. If you have good eating habits, then then I would expect you will have good “intuitions” regarding eating. If you have bad eating habits, then your “intuitions” will be all bolloxed up and lead you wrong. So intuitive eating is an effect (not a cause) of good eating habits.

  • I’ve been researching what sort of diet to follow during my health journey. I noticed when I tried to count calories, I would have this intense need to binge. I’ve looked slimmer at a heavier weight, so I was rather confused. I thunk it was due to muscle tone. So far, I’ve just changed the quality of my food, as well as make sure I’m more hydrated. That way, I don’t over eat.

  • Can you lose weight while intuitive eating? Or is this more of a maintenance style of eating?
    Should I continue to count macros while losing weight? I can relate to you when you said you used to spiral. It seems macro counting messes up my relationship with food, and therefore body image.

  • Thank you so much for these videos. The only thing is I need to lose weight, so I hope I can really listen to my body and I hope I can really trust my body to help me get on track.

  • I’m so glad I found your channel! I always believed in listening to your body when it comes to eating and its all about balance! So many people have been going on about macro counting in order to be in calorie deficit and I started to believe it but was really struggling with tracking all my calories!

  • I loved this video. Thank you. I trie to eat intuitively, too. But it is hard when you work at an office all day. Because you can’t cook a great nutritious meal in the afternoon when you start feeling hungry. You have to be somewhat prepared and that makes it harder. But not thinking about the calories or time of day has helped me a lot lately. I really enjoy your videos and just started your Build. guide. It’s really great. Much love from Munich, Germany:)

  • What’s the verdict on microwave popcorn? Healthy? Unhealthy? Hope it’s healthy since I eat it by the pound and that’s hard to do cause it’s light.

  • I cant afford therapy right now and I have an eating disorder as a result of extreme calorie counting and trauma experience coupled with it. I cant thank you enough for this video. I was trying to eat intuitively but it didn’t work. Your video is the first place which asks to start eating mechanically which makes so much sense now. Thank you and God Bless you and Renee!❤

  • I loved this video. I’m trying to start eating intuitively which is really hard for me. I had a parasite a couple years ago and it messed up my hunger cues so bad and caused me to over eat all the time(I literally never got full). Because of that even after it was gone I couldn’t tell when I was full so I just kept eating. Recently I realized just how much I was eating and how bad it was so I’ve made it a goal to listen to my body when I’m actually hungry and when I’m full. It is amazing how loud your body can be when you actually listen to it. I’m still learning and have a long way to go, but seeing things like this helps keep me motivated to continue to listen to my body and work on my relationship with food.

  • I know this is an old video but do you have any advice on how to feel hungry? I have never been able to feel when I’m hungry or not or when I’m full.

  • Ok, this is what I was looking for. although I havent seen any men doing this? is there a reason there are no men doing it?  anyway, I instinctively know it just can’t be as complicated as the mainstream makes it out to be. the gurus have us so bamboozled, we don’t know right from left. wow, what you have done is confirm something my instincts already know. the other day I was “dieting” and I got this massive craving for a McDonalds burger. (im a vegetarian at heart) I could not believe how strong the pull was to eat this. so instead of fighting it., I said to myself, that “just maybe my body is trying to tell me something'” ie. I had no guilt.
    so I went and had a normal portion of food. not a giant burger but a double cheeseburger, which would fill up a normal adult around 450 cals.. and it did. in fact all day i had been craving this and because i was on a strict carb diet, I was hungry all day. then when i ate the fatty meat, my craving stopped, my body settled down and in fact I felt really good.
    so I figured I would start eating keto again( I had done this in the past)  and today I started to crave healthy cereals. but im on LFHC so once again  I questioned if this was my body telling me something, and lo and behold I had a “normal” bowl of wheat based cereal and I feel full.
    so this led me here, because my body and heart is screaming at me, “losing weight and eating cannot be this difficult!” Then it clicked with me…”aaaaahhhhh, I have become so confused I have stopped listening to my body”! I know its not insanely complicated like then keto, and carb proponents say and our bodies know, just like our bodies know how to breathe. I will go back to eating healthy and eat until I am full with foods my body are telling me to eat, even if I do not lose weight. because at 52, ive done it all. there is nothing I havent tried and Im ready to let go of the control…

  • Ok, this is what I was looking for. although I havent seen any men doing this? is there a reason there are no men doing it? anyway, I instinctively know it just can’t be as complicated as the mainstream makes it out to be. the gurus have us so bamboozled, we don’t know right from left. wow, what you have done is confirm something my instincts already know. the other day I was “dieting” and I got this massive craving for a McDonalds burger. (im a vegetarian at heart) I could not believe how strong the pull was to eat this. so instead of fighting it., I said to myself, that just maybe my body is trying to tell me something.so I went and had a normal portion of food. not a giant burger but a double cheeseburger, which would fill up a normal adult. and it did. in fact all day i had been craving this and because i was on a strict carb diet, I was hungry all day. then when i ate the fatty meat, my craving stopped, my body settled down and in fact I felt really good.
    so I figured I would start eating keto again( I had done this in the past) and today I started to crave healthy cereals. so once again I questioned if this was my body telling me something, and lo and behold I had a “normal” bowl of wheat based cereal and I feel full.
    so this led me here, because my body and heart is screaming at me, “losing weight and eating cannot be this difficult!” Then it clicked with me…”aaaaahhhhh, I have become so confused I have stopped listening to my body”! I know its not insanely complicated like then keto, and carb proponents say, our bodies know, just like our bodies know how to breathe. I will go back to eating healthy and until I am full with foods my body are telling me to eat even if I do not lose weight. because at 52, ive done it all. there is nothing I havent tried and Im ready to let go of the control…

  • I hate intuitive eating because when I actually listen to my body, I realize I as a 5 2″ person the amount of food my body can handle is sooooo much less than what my mind thinks it can handle. It sucks that I can’t eat as much as I’d like to if I am to be respectful to my body….damn you processed foods.

  • Oh my word, just watched a video about intuitive eating, and was so downhearted at my correct efforts in what you call mechanical eating, it brought me to tears, because I can also see the struggle in deprivation, and going to far when you allow yourself the bad food. So this is so encouraging and spot on to watch. I now feel like I know to keep up my efforts, and keep going until it becomes more intuitive.

  • The biggest thank you to everyone who messaged me on Instagram after my accident this week ♥️ Luckily I only needed a few stitches in my hand, and everyone at the hospital was amazing at helping me calm down and deal with the shock ��

    Mario and I are going extra slow and extra careful at the moment while we heal up but we’re ok! �� Love ya!

  • I injured my wrist over a month ago, so still can’t perform at my best. But now I don’t feel alone:) Thank you, Natacha! From Russia with love ♥️

  • I’ve been thinking of getting your Restart guide, but I don’t have access to a (corona-safe) gym. I do have some resistance bands at home. Is access to a gym required for the Restart guide, or could I still do (most of) it at home as well?

    My regular routine has been too much for me lately, I’m quite overweight and have asthma, so I really need to take it slow to start up again…

  • Have you ever experienced having problems with your periods due to intense workouts? It s a problem that I have for almost 3 years now, and the only remedy I get from my gynec is taking birth control pills. I am concerned cause this doesn t really resolves my problem it s temporary. I am curious if you or anybody else ever confronted this problem

  • Natacha, you’ve really helped me a lot and I need to thank you so much:) You helped me recover from anorexia, bulimia and binging. You explain everything perfectly to me. When I heard you said I had to increase my calories to build my metabolism, I was so scared but I decided to try it and am now recovering. Still a long way to go, but I know It’ll be so worth it. Thanks again!

  • When you talked about the ice cream, it clicked for me. This is me with chocolate. I actually accidently started always having chocolate in the house recently and, dare I say, I eat less chocolate now that I always have access to it?

  • I was kind of resenting watching this video, because my eating choices have been more than not ideal in the last couple of weeks. But now that I did, I’m reallyyyyy happy, because it motivates me and makes me want to get my life back together again:)

  • I would be really interested in seeing an in depth vid of the movements/activity you do while healing your back to pick up some tips ❤️❤️

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS, NATACHA! I’m currently stuck in a rut with my nutrition, and I’m looking to switch things up. These recipes are amazing, can’t wait to try them! ��

  • I love that weight lifting move, swing weight between legs, lift weight up, and step backwards into a courtesy. I need to try it out sets of 10 one set to each side.

  • i was wondering how you looked even more beautiful than before and I think it’s the lack of fake lashes!! love your content as always!!

  • Natacha thank you for everything! Your videos I found like 3 weeks ago and I watched all of them and they pulled me out of a fitness funk!!!! I upped my calories and it worked! I’ve been using ALL your teachings! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️ I almost screamed when I saw you made a new video!

  • Lovely presentation & video editing skills! �� And the meals & snacks are so balanced (not restricted in any way). I really enjoyed watching and feel so inspired now❤️

  • I loooove always find the animations on the video so hilarious, and the “Breaking News” was no exception! hehe much love from Portugal!

  • I always love watching you guys, but this video came at such a good time for me as I started intuitive eating again. I love how varied and fresh your meals are. One of my favourite things was seeing you train in baggy t-shirts and no makeup, though! I’m so used to seeing YouTubers look perfect while training, and it’s really refreshing to see you just being normal lol:)
    Hope you guys are recovering ok! xoxo

  • I have such an issue with eating whatever I want due to the fact I have type 1 diabetes and I would love to just have any sort carb-y thing to snack on or eat. That’s my biggest hurdle I think is eating carbs aka not found in protein or vegetables. Or actually eat a fruit not because my blood sugar is low.

  • Love you guys so much. Thank you for being true and authentic to yourself and to all of us. Makes this lifestyle less mechanic and daunting, I honestly would be where I am today if I didn’t discover your channel. Much love all the way from South Africa <3

  • I’m binge watching all your videos. Something about your spirit and energy makes me so happy especially during these hard times. Love you girl XO

  • I love how the shaking largely was part of the food porn lol getting naughty in the kitchen lol I also find it funny how u two are like an old couple in young bodies given u have pack pain and Mario has crutches due to knee pain.

  • I love love love this video! Real, enthustiastic and honest. So much respect to you and mario, you guys are putting so much effort and thought in every single video. Hopefully you back injury will get better soon! lots of love,
    a dear fan

  • These kinds of videos are SO motivating and inspiring! Coming from a background of EDs and excercising as a form of punishment for eating, I’m just getting into IE as well as lifting and functional training FOR FUN (god knows I’d never have thought I’d ever like excercising). Your videos have been really helpful in learning to respect and honor my body, as well as finding the joy in movement and food. Thank you so, so much for putting some great content out there you’re honestly changing lives!

  • Ok…. there’s, like…. a thousand comments and no doubt mine will be lost is the shuffle, but wanted to say I’m a new subscriber and I absolutely love your channel. Heal well to both of you (I don’t know the cause of your injuries) and I look forward to more videos!

  • Jesus Christ is soon to return! We need repentance! Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! Acts 2:38 Admit to God you are a sinner, ask Him for forgiveness, believe Jesus death on the cross paid the full penalty for your sins and your soul will be saved.Gods judgement is near!✝️

  • I love how sustainable your healthy lifestyle is!!! It’s not about depriving yourself or counting each calorie. It’s about working out and eating good Whole Foods �� Thanks so much!!!!

  • This is such an important video I can’t even! As someone who is a regular gym goer (amateur natural bodybuilder) I totally understand the anxiety that goes with all the diet/nutrition. I’ve finally had enough of it, weighing and measuring and then when it comes to ‘that time of the month’ my cravings go absolutely wild, because I restricted myself the previous weeks. I’m tired of all the counting and endless strict structure so I’m going to start trusting my body more and relax.

  • I try stay away from high sugar and high salty foods

    I like intuitive eating
    But I used to have an eating disorder with calories but I was never anorexic

    However I like sugary foods

  • I just found your channel, and I am so excited because this is exactly what I needed! I struggled with an eating disorder all through high school and into college. Now I have gained 30 lbs in three years, plus I have had a baby. I commonly restrict my food, then end up binging because I am starving. I am so excited to give intuitive eating a try! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge here!

  • i’m new and really hopeful that this will change my relationship with food. i don’t quite know if i am going to gain maintain or lose weight, because on the one hand i actually eat like i’m on diet all the time but on the other hand i binge eat a lot. and gained a lot of weight. so i actually hope to lose weight but i know that i have to get rid of this thought to actually make it happen.. which is quite confusing but i’m gonna try my best.

  • Did anyone have an experience with weight loss while intuitive eating?
    I need to lose 20Kg and I’m scared to just trust my body. Any advice?

  • You’re so pretty without makeup.
    Please look into the environmental impact of eating avocados, they are terrible for our beautiful planet. ��

  • Ok, how about the significantly overweight people, who have been overweight all their life (regardless if they went on a diet or not? They weren’t mentioned in the category of people for whom this is suitable for since they are not hormonally/metabolically balanced but also they can’t “accept who they are”. Neither were they mentioned in the category of people for whom this isn’t right, since they might not restrict or suffer from a disorder.

  • im actually starting to lose quite a lot of weight with intuitive eating. Its hard to not let it get to you and make you restrict some type of food by fear to go back to your unhealthy weight. thereforeeee i got a little bowl of chips to remind myself its not “bad” hahaha ������

  • My beautiful friends! ❤️ I hope you really love this new format!  

    Please leave a like if you want more ‘Tracking my IE for a Week’ videos! I’m deciding between making more of these or switching back to the WIEIADs, and I’ll go by whichever you like more! �� Love ya! ��

  • I´m doing intuitive eating and I tracked it, it was about 1100-1300 calories per day… should I increase my metabolism adding 100 calories per week?

  • hey natasha, have a question i already have bad posture rounded shoulders SO will it get even worse if i add more push ups in my routine??????

  • I’ve never seen one of your videos before, but super impressed with your editing skills. I need to up my game!!! Also your food looks gorgeous and colourful ��

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