A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Serving of Fat


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Side by Side: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Fat” and Michael Jackson’s “Bad”

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Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America | Fault Lines

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A Side-by-Side Comparison of a Serving of Fat. Dietary fat is an important part of your diet and is essential for supporting cell growth and protecting your body organs. It’s also key in helping you absorb fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K. Nutritionists often talk in terms of “good” fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and “bad” fats, like saturated and transfats.

Here’s a summary of the different categories of fats, broken down into the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Side-by-Side Comparison. Original Label New Label. Nutrition Facts. 8 servings per container.

Serving size. 2/3 cup (55g) Amount per serving. Calories.

Total Fat 8g. Nutrition Facts Serving Size 2/3 cup (55g) Calories 230 % Daily Value* Trans Fat 0g Saturated Fat 1g Sugars 1g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 160mg Total Carbohydrate 37g Protein 3g 10% Calcium 45% 12% Amount Per Serving Dietary Fiber 4g * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your.

Compare carbs, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and more between different foods or serving sizes. Search the database of over 8000 foods to compare any 3 foods. I call it Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition Facts Compared.

So, for example, you’ll see the nutrition facts of the French Fries from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, White Castle and a dozen more side-by-side to compare which has the most/least calories, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbs and sodium. Like I said it’s quite awesome. Side-By-Side Comparison of the Old and New Nutrition Facts Label. Nutrition Facts. Serving Size 2/3 cup (55g) Calories 230. % Daily Value*.

Trans Fat 0g. Saturated Fat 1g. Sugars 12g. Cholesterol. It’s easy to assume that veggies are always the lower-calorie choice, but this shocking side-by-side comparison proves that’s not always true.

You can indulge in two small slices of cheesy pepperoni pizza for fewer calories than a veggie and rice salad. 2. The Nutrition of Nuts This easy comparison chart shows how common nuts differ in nutritional content, making it simple to choose the nut that is right for you.

This chart lists the approximate nutritional content in weight (per one ounce) for each type of nut, as well as. Compare horse feeds and evaluate nutrients, protein, fiber, fat, minerals, vitamins, and more between the different horse feed manufacturers.

List of related literature:

Fat content also may be higher when the interval between breastfeedings is closer together.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

If two products appear similarly tasteful, they choose the healthiest product (i.e., reduced fat).

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
Springer New York, 2011

There is usually an inverse relationship between fat and total solids compared to msnf.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
CRC Press, 2005

This is because the first description focuses on the amount of nonfat, whereas the second focuses on the amount of fat.

“Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics” by Keith Brown
from Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
by Keith Brown
Elsevier Science, 2005

Choose mostly monoand polyunsaturated fats and fewer solid fats (saturated and transfats).

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

The second side usually has a slightly rougher surface and a higher fat content (due to absorption) than the first side.

“Functional Additives for Bakery Foods” by Clyde E. Stauffer, G. Beech
from Functional Additives for Bakery Foods
by Clyde E. Stauffer, G. Beech
Springer US, 1990

Overall, there is a homogeneity to the fat distribution.

“Surgery of the Skin E-Book” by June K. Robinson, C. William Hanke, Daniel Mark Siegel, Alina Fratila, Ashish C Bhatia, Thomas E. Rohrer
from Surgery of the Skin E-Book
by June K. Robinson, C. William Hanke, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Be sure you are comparing one serving to one serving.

“Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin, Cait James
from Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies
by Alan L. Rubin, Cait James
Wiley, 2015

* Fat content can be reduced further by reducing the fat exchanges.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

This difference accounts for the difference in physical properties of the two fats (deMan et al. 1987).

“Principles of Food Chemistry” by John M. deMan, John W. Finley, W. Jeffrey Hurst, Chang Yong Lee
from Principles of Food Chemistry
by John M. deMan, John W. Finley, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2018

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  • I mean… women definitely store fat in their chest (boobs anyone? I know those are one of the first things to fill in or get smaller if I gain/lose weight)

  • In terms of expressions,the original is better,BUT,the 2017 has a chance for the simple reason of having Obi Wan Kenobi singing it

  • I guess it’s not because of the food make them being obese, it’s more of the portion that they eat is too large. I have McDonald’s all the time, before the company decided to down size the burger, I had never been able to finish a meal, I am glad that they make the burger 1/3 smaller now, but they should have cut the price 1/3 cheaper

  • So is ginger, grapes, mushrooms, oysters and cruciferous vegetables good for both men and women or are some better for one sex? Basically, should women try to reduce/control estrogen production (with cruciferous vegetables) and grapes, while avoid eating too much mushrooms because it creates more estrogen?

  • I love the original songs from Beauty & The Beast. The original will always be my favorite. But for sure I love love both the film’s. They both share that wonderful magic Disney has. Beauty and the Beast will always be my go to Disney movie

  • Ahh I forgot to write a comment. KFC is disgusting these days. It doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as it did during the early 2000s.

  • Most of us kinda know these facts already, but when it comes to actually losing weight it is all about your own determination. How bad and why’d you want to lose it?!

  • Beauty and the beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was younger and I honestly like the new one better. I like how Josh Gad had done Lefou so much, he’s added something that wasn’t there before. Both movies are wonderful though:]

  • Fast food is expensive lol. 7$ for a full meal at McDonald’s whereas at home with a little effort, I can make myself a 3-4$ meal and the water is 10c depending what water bottle you get. Don’t forget coffee, houses where people pile one the calories drinking surgery variations of coffees and eating pastries for dessert, which can cost you a minimum of 3.50. I can make black coffee (a much healthier choice) prep a healthy breakfast for cheap. So it’s absolutely false to believe eating out in anyway is cheap.

  • aparently Jackson liked the weird Al Fat video so much.
    he had a copy while his was on the Bad tour and would watch during down time.

  • watching this whilst drinking coca cola makes me feel bad and want to change my lifestyle, I’m not extremely overweight but would just like to be more healthy overal. I just find it realy hard to find out what to eat exactly what contains the right nutritions and get a right balance.

  • Why is cogs worth being so abused xd and my opinion is that the animated one is the best since it looks like the candlestick is a human, Lumiere, and who the heck is gonna hv a candle that looks like a human?? Edit: the real life one looks like a human

  • This is too much focused on the amount of food but doesn’t say anything about the fact that all the obese people are basically lazy people that need to walk, cycle, run and forget the car forget the coach…by the way, the journalist is absolutely hot!

  • i don’t understand im too broke to afford fast food my go to meals include tortillas, noodles, rice, potatoes, kidney beans and whatever i can pair it with and water is cheaper then a pack of soda 32 bottles of water can go for $2 or $3 + change

  • I’m down 17.4 lbs, 2.4 lbs away from my second goal. I’ve done so many burpees I now call them pukies. It seems relentless to be sure but that is when I ask myself “How bad do you want this”.

  • In 1991 Don’t Mess With The Classics In 2019 Obi Wan-Kenobi (Star Wars) Gonna Have A Dining Room Show For Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

  • Lol idk where y’all live in the US but I think the younger gen is more health conscious than the old people like majority of the kids n ppl near me r healthy �� Do ppl in the south really live this way

  • Cruciferous vegetables are great, but people need to consult their doctors/pharmacists if they are on medication. Cruciferous vegetables have a high amount of Vitamin K, which will inhibit drugs like Warfarin.

  • Although I do prefer animated versions, the visuals in the live action are stunning. The vocals are a little better in the original though.

  • Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the animated, it’s timeless but the live action has sooo many detail, the acting is amazing and both the new songs and the old ones are great. I personally enjoy more the live action lol

  • I’m a woman I don’t store fat in my calves or lower limbs for that matter. I store it in my chest, stomach, thighs. Its different for different people. Not all women and men will store fat in the same places.

  • I’m happy to have almost lost 300lbs. From a BMI above 60 to 26 as of now. The problem is making money off of other peoples health is getting more and more profitable. And there are no laws to stop them. People literally are uneducated regarding health and nutrition. For example they have like 3-4 slices of bread with peanut butter or nutella for breakfast and maybe a bowl of cereal on top. A breakfast like that easily get in the 4-digits calories. For most people that is already half of what they need throughout the whole day. On top this kind of breakfast doesn’t satiate you for long. I don’t wanna go into too much detail here but there’s foods that are calorie dense and those which aren’t. Idealy you wanna eat the latter because you can simply until you’re full. Yes, I’m talking about vegetables.

    You wanna live 10-20 years longer? Make healthy food choices. You don’t even need to exercise. On top your quality of life will be so much better. Imagine living really unhealthy. You will suffer for round about 1/4 of your life. And this is just physically! Psychologically it’s even worse imo (but I can’t find studies regarding that). I’ve wasted all my adult life because I’ve been obese. I admire obese people who are able to live a normal life. But humans are crazy good anyway, some can always find a way to make it work even under the hardest circumstances. Yet even those who are happy being overweight will suffer sooner or later. And by that I mean rather sooner, and yea physically and maybe yea mentally over time.

    It’s just what can I even do? I can just share my progress and tell everyone how good I feel now. Dropped from 13 different meds a day to just 1 pill. I completely recovered my health by just getting my food addiction under control. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m in control. It feels like I’m making smart choices and might eventually have a shot at a normal life. Chances are better to find someone who loves me. I can have kids without constant fear of dying young and not see my kids grow up. Unfortunately food is part of our day EVERY day. Unlike smoking or drinking you can’t just drop eating every day. So you have to change your habits and learn a healthy way to deal with food. There’s no other way imo.

    On top I’m so sad what some parents feed their kids. Well I was obese my whole childhood and while I don’t really want to blame my mum for it, it was definately tough. She’s a single mum and she just didn’t know better. Still it should be someone’s job to make sure kids are grow up healthy. Especially if parent(s) need assistance. Anyway whoever read this far likely is doing all the things right already. If not then maybe this makes you think about your health, your families or friends health. Making changes is possible even if you think there’s no chance. Can always reply to this and I’ll answer anything:)

  • Meanwhile i eat 1 pizza in one year
    And eat healthy food all the time
    And oh god I wish i could have some of that fat on my body
    I dont mean to say fat is always good
    But fat and junk food is needed ( in small amounts )

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  • I feel grateful for all those delicious hot meals I consumed back in elementary, middle and high school. Sometimes we like to poke fun at a lentils soup but at least it was made from scratch

  • Fat police officers are the worst. In my country, the rest of us march along to university and end up tens of thousands in debt. You can start as a secondary school teacher on less than a police officer, but you have to have a teaching degree, so at least four years of university. You then have little room to earn more. Sixteen weeks to train as a police officer, and you are extremely upwardly mobile. You need demonstrate less cognitive ability than a bus driver, in order to be accepted to train. The one thing is you are supposed to be fit in theory. Well, they must have one fitness test and then never do it again, because the vast majority of our pigs are disgusting, fat bastards. I can’t imagine obese swine can win any running tests, if they are out of breath getting out of the car.

  • Hey! Anybody know what happend to the eatable coffe cups from England KFC?

    it was in a test phase in 2015-17 and it was a great idea in my opinion but it never come to my country

  • I like animated better. Especially in Hungarian. Like the animated and the live action have two different lyrics in Hungarian (in the begining of the song it’s the same, but then it completely changes in the live action one)

  • The journalistic reporting of this piece is excellent for it’s time and needs an update this 2020!!! With respect to the corona crisis, global warming and rise of vegan options

  • Got some KFC in the UK once and it came with Baked Beans. I was like WTF who does that to chicken….. Mashed potato all the way!!

  • Part of the whole agenda behind making organic foods more expensive is to make people sick and keep them that way. Big pharmaceutical and along with Dr Sebi teachings being said is wrong. It’s wrong because it helped people. LOL!

  • Use I-Slim.
    The best product for weight management ever. This product is even ‘ayush premium’ certified. It will help you loose your bad fat. Contact me if you want to see the results of this product and try this.

  • Is This for real? That fast food is cheaper than healthy food? I dont understand how it’s possible, it’s the other Way around here in denmark Europe.

  • Obesity rates have been on the rise not just in the USA, but all over the world for the past several decades. I’m in my 50’s now, and I find it sad to see so many young people fat weak and out of shape.

  • hey if I take a good amount of healthy carbs and stay within my calorie limit will I lose weight I actually love fruits roti sabzi oats etc and hate protein like chicken breast however I do eat a min of 100 g of protein but carbs (no junk) goes up to 250 g
    ps I workout as well

  • i think the song works a lot better in animation because it can be more expensive, bright and magical but the new version is good too

  • To be honest all they need to do is just change the voices from both movies and they’ll be perfect. You know switch one with the other

  • btw Ai ad michael outfit looks the same, well…Ai is missing something…Hint: the thumbs Michael outfit has the Black thumbs, AI no. why tho?

  • It’s really sad to see the Navahos lining up to fast food restaurants and eating lots of processed foods after COVID-19 hit my homeland hard in March. It’s a food desert here with only 5 supermarkets to sell fresh vegetables but prices for these is a royalty and you would be lucky to grow vegetables on your own if you know rocket science and are quite experienced in the agricultural practices.
    Plus the fact majority of the people don’t have electricity or water really makes it hard to refrigerate meat or vegetables. We’re most likely more prone to getting droughts during harvest times. (Facing one right now…)

    I would rather have a bowl of steamed vegetables and boiled meat than eat a greasy sad excuse of a burger any day.

  • the u.s large is lying their not that big so thatz jus the u.s lying like we always do just to act like were better haha our fries r small not cooked fully no salt burgers small not cooked the commercial makes it look bigger then it is haha this is bullcrap

  • Americans know how to eat and there’s nothing wrong with KFC US has more than KFC uk ���� that shows your North America’s just better and I live in Canada and I am at the peak of it

  • I struggle to pick beauty and the beast be our guest 1991

    But is going to be 2017 be our guest
    Because I love his voice I don’t care about your horrible problems like his voice his accent
    Reason why the end why very very popular I love it

  • All I hear is excuses, I wonder if some of these people can go without food for 3 days and just have some water.
    The guys I worked with in Africa (black and white guys) didn’t have an ounce of fat on their body and they worked like a machine doing normal daily physical work, they are healthy full of muscle and laughs, just awesome guys. (no bodybuilders)
    So I don’t know where that lady got her info from saying it’s a black thing, or less privileged people that suffer from obesity.
    Maybe they are a bit lazy. Just my one cent.

  • My thoughts after this video is: fuck nutrition �� naw j/k, I think Jeff broke it down nicely. Seems simple enough. 40/40/20 split. I love the fact that he said strength & HIIT exercises is very beneficial for women. So that means no need for treadmills or steady cardio. #winning I hate steady cardio, but love strength training & kickboxing which covers HIIT so I’m golden‼️��

  • Not only in america,here in france is the same,gouvernement is the responsable for this,food is becaming expensive because of taxes and people start going to the fast food,cheap and easy

  • A lot of this is just people searching for excuses. I lost over 70 lbs and I’m now at a healthy weight because I gave myself some tough love. I eat inexpensive healthy foods and I’m just fine. Also, water is like liquid gold.

  • ” Regulate?, That’s what parents are for”. Well, food is also a drug & we regulate drugs. Btw, pet food in the U.S is not regulated & most brands are basically poison.

  • Trump is obese, old, doesn’t exercise, is angry and arrogant.
    He perfectly fits the stereotypical image of an American, just like in this documentary.
    Donald Trump is at high risk of stroke, heart-attack, dementia. Yes forget about Biden’s health, the true health failure is “Dementia Don.”

  • The old one is ��������. The new and improved lumiere is way more funny and a much better singer I watched the dam film like 50 times and it’s still my favourite film,song and character

  • Why people blaming fastfoods for their obesity, you put food in your mouth you should be the one responsible for it, you are what you eat.

  • For evryone interested; for every actively burned 3200-3600 Calories, you WILL lose about 0.5KG of body fat, this was proven by science and I started keeping track of what I burned. For me every 3500 Calories (approx 4-5 days excluding rest days) I lose 0.5 KG if body fat (about 1.2KG in total weight) without a real diet. Just take out the snacks all day long and start drinking water (and a glass of coffee (MAX) is also fine) and try to burn 3200-3600 Calories actively a week. You can thank me later.

  • Kudos to mr. Cavaliere for the feminist shoutout and, well, I guess he’s well aware of this but: THIS MAN DOES A GREATE JOB WITH HIS JOB.

  • I am a clinical lab technician, I know well 90% of the content on this video however this was so well explained that I kept watching until the end, you also have a very good tone and way of explaining things. Thank you so much, this is an awesome summary of how we should be doing things. As a female I have found a lot of benefit and progress while avoiding soy (it stimulates estrogen). It’s impressive the amount of soy used in regular food, so check labels for that! I love japanese and chinese food and they use it a lot, so that’s my only allowance, but having it daily for example in a mayonnaise, any bread or chocolate chip cookie is too much.

  • Very good advice on nutrition & dividing the plate. A few months ago I was skinny fat but with this advice along with my pull up bar routine at home, ab work outs and bodyweight exercises has made huge difference during lockdown & i haven’t had access to any weights

  • I’ve better get my eating in control before my metabolism slows with age. It’s hard to curb cravings when you’re depressed, but I gotta do it.

  • Hi Jeff. Can you talk more about androgen? That is what makes me fat (among other horrifying effects). Somewhere between 5% and 10% of women have my condition, so you could be helping more people than you might think if you came up with a PCOS program rather than just the one program for women and a sprawl of others that seem like they are pretty much aimed at dudes. Some girls are like 400+ pounds because of PCOS… It’s very real. I’d be a very willing (even grateful) guinea pig if you needed someone to try something like that out.

    Just my thoughts, though. I enjoy Inferno Shred so far.

  • I think this guy Jeff is way smarter than I am on the subject of exercise BUT I DISAGREE that for men, lifting weights is better than running for fat loss. There comes a point where a guy canNOT naturally get any stronger or build any more muscle. I’ve been lifting for 30 years and have had the same muscle size and strength for the last 26 of those years. The only way I can personally get rid of love handles and bring out a six pack is by cutting sugar and running. If there is a better way, I’m all ears.

  • Or these people are just lazy as f*** and to the obese point where they blame the country because they don’t want to stop eating Big Mac meals when they can get 3 large bags of frozen vegetable for the same price let alone go for a walk.

  • Actually…

    Fast food is not consumed only because it is cheap… It is mainly because it is easily accessible sources of energy
    If you can easily access a cheeseburger at McDonald’s which is cheaper than some nutritional foods and has more energy… You would definitely buy that.
    And that is the problem.

  • Its eazy to be woman. They store fucking everything in their asses and we still watch and like that shit, but only thing they want to watch (abs) are fucking covered with fucking 3+ inches of fat. Sad true��, but i train every day and got abs so im good��

  • As much as I love the original song, it never really sold the whole “we haven’t had a guest in years” thing where as in the newer version, Lumiere is much more animated, especially when he sings “I do tricks with my fellow candlesticks”

  • I have been doing cardio for almost a year now with the intention of losing body fat you have finally opened my eyes,anyway love from nepal❤❤

  • Birth control got me fucked up. I used to be around 123 lbs, but after getting on it I went up to 150 lbs. I got off of it but it’s been a struggle to lose the weight. I’m down to 143 still have a way to go

  • Be our guest and Gaston (song) are better in the new one in my opinion and belle(song) is far better in the original but the movies are both good

  • I am a woman but I predominantly store fat on my abs and almost nothing on my thighs or buttocks ��
    Genetics I suppose �� and my hypothyroidism ��, but that’s not an excuse to train abs more intensively ��

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • oh man i gained 10 kilos during corona virus (didnt left home for 3,5 months) and look just a bitt better than the guy on the screen…:/

  • Are beans (frijoles for my spanish speakers) considered fibrous carbs? I usually eat black beans, so I wanted to know if that counts since it is a big part of my eating lifestyle.

  • Despite the exercises may be designed for men, being a woman who likes men I prefer to look at your videos, also, you provide us with an explanation and your exercises are not the same as in other pages, which makes you unique and original. How about your AthleanXX channel taking notes from your presentation???

  • Both excel in different aspects. The animated version definitely has more character to it, especially with Lumierre, but the live action version has a more better vocal tone and quality. You could tell that one focuses on emulating the essence of the character and the other focuses on creating music that is expressive and pleasing to the ear, both of which are valid approaches.

  • New one, actually! I live the visuals and the less exaggerated french accent. The old one was just a tad too fake to sound quite right on the accent. Plus the visual gags (ie the guillotine on “this is France”) gave me a small laugh. I’m a big fan of how this song was done.

  • Do the benefits from these veggies (broccoli, mushrooms etc) stay even when they’re cooked or do they lose the nutrients after being cooked?