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How To Portion BREAKFAST in Anorexia Recovery

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For many, relabeling breakfast instead as Meal 1 might take some pressure off and help us achieve and maintain our personal health goals. Try re-thinking the notion of breakfast, lunch or dinner instead as Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3. A New Way to Approach Breakfast Breakfast has been touted as the most important meal of the day for so long we’ve taken it as truth and haven’t bothered to question it. However, the popularity of intermittent fasting, and research backing it up as a potential weight-loss tool, has flipped the concept of traditional meals and mealtimes on its head. For many, relabeling breakfast instead as Meal 1 might take some pressure off and help us achieve and maintain our personal health goals.

Try re-thinking the notion of breakfast, lunch or dinner instead as Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3. Breakfast has been touted as the most important meal of the day for so long we’ve taken it as truth and haven’t bothered to question it. Fitness A healthy way to approach breakfast is to start your day as a vegan, by eating proteins and fruit.

In this video, fitness expert Jorge Cruise explains some healthy and nutritious ways to wake up vegan and jump-start your day with plant-based foods. 17 Ways To Make Breakfast Better and Easier. These tips can help even the busiest morning people.

By Jessica Booth. Oct 25, 2019 Dulin Getty Images. Self-Service and Flexible Hours for B&B Breakfasts. Mary and Roger Wolters of the Red Horse Inn in Landrum, South Carolina, listened when many of their guests told them that “they didn’t want to get out of their cozy bathrobes to come for breakfast and talk to a bunch of strangers.” And late risers wanted to have breakfast after the dining room’s 10:00 a.m. cutoff. 25 New Breakfast Recipe Ideas to Mix Up Your Mornings.

Justina Huddleston is a food writer living in Los Angeles. When she’s not busy writing, she spends her time in the kitchen creating both virtuous and decidedly junky vegan food. For people who get hungry in the morning and like to eat breakfast, this method may be hard to get used to at first. However, many breakfast skippers instinctively eat this way.

You can drink. A less direct approach takes some of the risk and uncertainty out of the requesting. It can also make the process easier.

Fortunately, there are strategies and social skills to covertly ask for.

List of related literature:

To prepare breakfast one needs to decide what to eat, to search for the relevant food items; recall how to boil an egg, make toast, or fry bacon, and carry out the steps in sequence so that everything is cooked safely and is ready to eat at the same time.

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If a private breakfast was to be arranged for the group to provide variety, today would be a day when planners could choose a breakfast that offered lighter fare, such as Sandy Lane’s continental breakfast with additions, because a elegant afternoon tea will be included in their day activity.

“The Business of Event Planning: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Successful Special Events” by Judy Allen
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If I know that someone has difficulty eating breakfast, there are ways to meet in the middle.

“Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods That Can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit” by Deanna M. Minich
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This seemed like a natural place for the breakfast habit to multiply.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
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Breakfast helps fuel meeting participants’ energy.

“Meeting and Event Planning For Dummies” by Susan Friedmann
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Breakfast begins with deliberate order, like a military parade.

“Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller” by Sarah Miller
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(This strategy works especially well if you find that eating one large breakfast in the morning can actually make you feel sick.)

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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This implies that breakfast does not have to be eaten in the morning, so long as the meal includes greasy eggs, bacon and sausage.

“You are what You Hear: How Music and Territory Make Us who We are” by Harry Witchel
from You are what You Hear: How Music and Territory Make Us who We are
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But breakfast doesn’t always have to be a sit-down, fork-in-hand afair.

“The Doctor's Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance” by Travis Stork, Leda Scheintaub
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Breakfast is your body’s early morning refueling stop.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • She’s really good at Public-speaking! Something that makes her a really great Radio-presenter to me is that she doesn’t just talk but she also talk about things with her hand movements and other body language, oh! and her facials too!

    Also, she always used conversational-words that makes me (and probably alot of other people) easy to understand it! I’m highkey awkward at Social Interactions.. And this is really helpful for me to start talking to other people

  • TYSM for helping us!
    But i was wondering,have you exercised lately?I mean,do you exercise NOW?You look STUNNING!!:) <3 and so positive and amazing persong omg!

  • 1. DI HOLA

  • Starting on youtube! I’ve decided to document my anorexia recovery (being hospitalized for the moment, you can see me in hospital ) to share my story and help others as I’m recovering too! You should give a look!:)

  • Try Spanakopita-we eat it in Bulgaria for breakfast.Made with phyllo dough,eggs,spinach and feta cheese.Also Recently read Turkey has the best breakfast!

  • Hey! You should think about doing a video for pocket eaters! Like I don’t like greens and beans. And I know a lot of other people who are very picky.

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  • Before striking up a conversation, do or remind yourself of something that made your confidence high or made you feel better about yourself. It can range from simple things to major accomplishments. This gives a slight nudge to your adrenaline levels and you can talk to anyone.

  • I actually think this is one my my favourite videos you’ve ever made!! I very much appreciated the valiant effort at a British full English but, if you’re ever in the UK, pop by my house and I’ll show you how it’s done hehe. You need nice thick bacon and proper sausages, also I would recommend a coffee or glass of orange juice instead of tea ;)! And you should try beans on toast with some grated cheddar cheese a staple meal in the UK for when you have no money at the end of the month!

  • the way you describe your portions like “mound” and “dollop” is actually so helpful and a really good idea that i’m going to try to use. ��

  • Malavika Varadan, ocean of lovely, fascinating, motivational advice.
    Stunning as she discloses the nature of people and personalities is amazing.
    Oh her effort to get her such knowledge and live upto it every moment of her live must be the happiest moments she’s been living.
    Any one Would love to propose her, for the beautiful character, mannerisms and attitudes she has compiled.
    Definitely she knows too, that she cannot be fooled or taken for a ride.
    Her intentions are purely professional and she is in search of her prey, to get the story, that she could market.
    So wonderful about it.
    She loves her profession and surely anyone following her would make a life of one self, worth living, seeking the knowledge.
    I feel like hearing her every few days to refresh myself to proceed and adopt day by day, untruth I given the opportunity one would keep on listening to her, story telling, tirelessly for any amount time and days.
    She has the knack to excite and the environment around her, livelier, happier and progressive, every moment delightful!!!

    Thank you Mam!

    God Almighty Keep you Blessed always!

  • OMG!!! I am really in love �� with your recipes. I have been waiting for your next. All of your meals look super yummy. God Job ��xoxo from Argentina ������

  • OMG love it! i love toast at breakfast. I do it with avocado/cream cheese (sometimes i add smoked salmon on top), and a sweet version with peanut/almond butter and banana! Thanks for all the ideas!!

  • Sometimes come and check you out after a binge, I’m not recovered from whatever the hell this is, but you give me some hope that there’s a way out of this hell someday

  • For years I haven’t had breakfast at all, because it didn’t seem to be necessary. So now I’m eating a bowl full of fruits plus some oats and cinnamon milk. Then I warm it up in the microwave. Additionally, I’ll have an egg, if I’m still a bit hungry after the fruits.

    Also eating breakfast has not only increased my calorie intake by 300 to 400 kcal, but it also made me feel more energized thorough the day.

  • Hey everyone I’m starting an account on my recovery from an eating disorder! I only have one video but more will come! Checkout my account so we can support each other:)

  • When I first started “dieting”, I wasn’t accustomed to eating less and binged on peanut butter several times before I got used to eating restrictively (and being consistently half-starved), and now peanut butter is a huge fear/trauma food for me…anybody else relate?

  • I love breakfast food. Waffles, jam and toast, cereal, breakfast sausage (tastes better than regular sausage and I don’t know why), cereal, eggs, donuts, muffins….I need to stop I’m making myself so hungry. Oooh and then biscuits and gravy. And French toast! And okay now I’ll stop for real

    Oh wait he’s got me thinking of more. Bacon, hashbrowns, put it all on a sandwich! Make a donut sandwich! Bagels and cream cheese. Okay now I’m really hungry. And toast. Every kind of toast, every kind of bread.

    Also this guy seems needlessly really angry lol, nobody is forcing you to eat breakfast foods for breakfast or to eat breakfast at all. My sister hates breakfast, so she doesn’t eat it. My mom doesn’t like breakfast food, a lot of times she’ll eat leftovers from dinner from the night before for breakfast. Police aren’t gonna break down your doors for that

  • Am i the only one who actually likes low fat yog? My mom always made me eat regular yoghurt when I was sick (nauseous) as a kid and since then thats all I can think of when I eat or smell regular yog. I have now opted for more sour yoghurts OR my fave: soyghurt! Nothing without flavour tho! I also really like ”fil” sour milk? Idk what it is in english but its like a thin, more sour yoghurt

  • I really enjoyed this video, hope you make more of them! But is it normal to use milk in the yoghurt bowl? I haven’t seen that before, and considering trying it

  • I‘m scared of the mix of porige, bananas, yogurt and other fruits that‘s why I smash a half of the banana and put it into my yogurt and then I top it with the other half, other fruits and some granoula/other stuff (sorry for my mistakes I‘m still learning ^^‘) o and I do that because my eyes don‘t „realise“ the fact that I‘m eating more (calories) than I see and the mix of banana and yogurt is yummy xD

  • I loved eating Biscuits But When I came to the USA I gave up eating themtoo sugary too sweet Now I get nausea feeling when I think about biscuits. I make some from scratch sometimeshaven’t bought from the store in two yearsI can’t believe it when I think about it. All the candy in the US sweeter than candy in most of countries.

  • Hej girl! Try oatmeal pancakes. Milk, egg and grinded to powder oats and you can add to it protein powder, blend together, hot pen and ready. Banana on a top plus chockolate sos -heaven

  • Maybe the real question you should be asking is why, after a full satisfying meal, do people expect you to follow it up with a little bit of breakfast?

  • Since you live in HK, do you eat dim sum and other Chinese or Asian food? I love steamed rice noodle with cilantro and special sauce.:)

  • These tips are so simple and amazing at a time! I’ve been using them for a while now and its definitiely what I needed. They just work, I love them! Thank You so much Rebecca, I cant wait to see another meal portioning video! Xx❤️

  • Your spirit and personality is so beautiful, just as beautiful as your exterior. You are such a joyful human being and so grateful for your channel!

  • I tried your method today, actually felt satisfied and not anxious after breakfast. I’m recovering from bulimia. the meal was fun to prepare and to eat. Thank you!

  • Hey…Rebecca, you never tell us what do you do in a normal day? Of course except your challenges and your videos…..I mean do you have some kind of routine day?? I hope, even, this could be a topic for a video of yours. XOXO!!!!

  • Hiii�� could you share some thoughts about bloating? How can we listen to our body and reduce bloating? I am 160cm tall. And weight 48kg. asian typical body not too thin nor overweight. But i bloat. I try to cut out everything that could cause me bloating but still bloat:(…. how through ur journey and nowadays do you solve this problem? Or you dont have it? I am afraid to listen to my body because i bloat at even drinking water. Would really appreciate ur advice. Plis

  • Serial Killing 101, Easiest way to get a person to talk is to ask them something about themselves, most people love talking about themselves so if you are doing some research into a person…

  • What about liking fat free stuff? hahaha. I love fat free yogurts because they’re not so sweet! And if I feel like it I can always add something sweet �� This aside, I loved the video! Thanks for being so inspiring x

  • Breakfast around the world! �� This was such a fun week and it kinda scratched that travel itch! I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did! Love you! ��

  • The real question are why Americans, as the ONLY western industrialized nation have a ACTUAL life length that are going down!
    European nations have banned chlorine washed chickens and instead provided the chickens room enough to not be small handicapped salmonella filled animals. Could it be the 3000 food additives the countries in EU have banned over the last 50 years because they were causing allergies and cancer etc? Food additives that all, despite the evidence it takes to get on the banned list in EU, all are allowed in US? Could it be that to much of colored starch, fat and corn syrup on top of the food additives simply are not food fit for humans?

  • Deffo do more of these. They are gonna be v helpful I reckon because the portion sizes are a big challenge for everyone in recovery:) btw I love y and ur boyfriend sm

  • I remember trying twinkies for the first time…and I can’t understand why lots of people like it. It’s just an awful sugar taste. Nasty lmao.

  • Sometimes I quickly chew a food and then spit it out into the bin. I know it sounds horrible but am I the only one who does this? Its not bullemia. Im so confused

  • you are beautiful girl!
    im so happy you got through your struggle with anorexia and are recovering!! the world needs more people like you in it <3

  • I meet strangers and if I feel comfortable with them we talk for 5-6 hours at least and we don’t even realized that it been hours and we had to say goodbye and go not because we don’t have anything to talk about but because it’s too late or our families call us..

  • “Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?”

    Me, an avarege italian girl who can only eat sweet stuff for breakfast otherwise she’ll get nauseous:… well

    (PS: we all eat sweet food for breakfast, those who eat salty stuff are an exception)

  • Living in the uk, I have experienced that most people do not eat the full fry up frequently. It’s the best hangover breakfast for sure though ��

  • Rebecca I absolutely adore you! <3 I love your fun and realistic personality, as I have a very similar one haha! this video was so raw and honest and just so relatable and helpful, portioning is one of the hardest things for so many ed suffers. you continuously inspire me through my own recovery and are one of the reasons I also vlog about my recovery journey! I just recently uploaded a video on my own channel about the ED identity and about discovering who we are without our eating disorders, if you have time you should check it out <3 love always xoxo

  • You have such a fun personality! I’m so glad you are recovered! So now you can glow and be such a positive impact on this world and people’s lives xx keep shining xx

  • it’s really helpful, thank you! This time my ED makes it very hard for my to take breakfast. Most of the time I skip it. But this was a great motivation ♥️

  • When you said that bit about using more fruit than anything else because your ED made it feel safe I was SHOOK because I definitely do that

  • 6:34 You’re complaining about Americans putting more sugar a breakfast item, but now you’re complaining about them removing sugar on a breakfast item

  • you still look kinda skinny?? do you excercise? if so whats ur workout routine? plz do a video on that? bc i feel like recovering from anorexia, you can’t just give up excercise forever ya know? and recovery isn’t about getting “fat” and eating enourmous portions to get “Normal.” It’s about being human again and incorporating exercise and diet into ur life without feeling the need to over exercise and eat less. Can you do a workout video and how you maintain ur weight and “stay” in shape?

  • Im still trying to recover from my fear of eating bananas. I’m doing really well with everything else but bananas are a struggle for me for some reason.

  • Seriously this was so good I’m literally the most anorexic in the mornings it’s weird nighttimes are okay but mornings jeez i could just not eat
    (sorry if that was triggering)

  • LOVE that you shout out Johnny Harris! When I saw this video I wondered if you’ve been inspired by his recent vid. Love his channel and love that you’re sharing your inspiration.:) Looking forward to watching!

  • You mentioned you wouldn’t really drink coffee with Mexican food which is understandable now that I think about it it is odd that we do drink hot coffee with our spicy food �� but we do drink coffee with breakfast

  • Guess what!!! I know no one cares but this is just a little victory in my own little life but I ate a breakfast without even controlling my portion and I didn’t feel guilty about it and I usually portion control to the end of the earth so I’m working to get my ed under control �� thanks for listening

  • Hi, I love your videos. I have learned so much about the true meaning of health all because of you. Also, you speaking to your mom reminded me of my own mom. She’s so cute ��

  • Spent a couple weeks in London years ago, and the gigantic breakfast was my FAVORITE! kept us going all day walking around the city seeing the sights, and climbing all the stairs in our BnB ��

  • Dicen que la comida mexicana sabe igual.. tacos: carne, tortilla, salsa.. chilaquiles: carne, tortilla, salsa.. Nachos: carne, tortilla, salsa.. Burritos: carne, tortilla, salsa..

  • Sugar can be as addictive as cigarettes or heroin, once your body is used to it at a certain time of day you can crave it like crazy

  • my breakfast was just coffee… and my lunch will be just low veggies diy soup… because I feel guilty from all the food I had over the weekend

  • Interesting video, its nice to see what people eat in different countries. But I have to say, for me the franch breakfast is olny breakfast meal. The others I would eat for lunch or dinner. Normaly I eat oets for my breakfast

  • Add a black pudding and potato scone and there you have it…. a full Scottish breakfast……there is your 10.���� Oh yeah topped with HP brown sauce.
    May I suggest Cheese Beano too.
    Melted cheese on toast with beans ���� xxc

  • I LOVE this video!!! You seem so happy!! Also you and Jeff have the best relationship!! I can tell you guys are glad to be reunited again!! ��

  • Completely understand where you’re coming from. Why have the entire food pyramid and the most important meal of the day consists of carbs, sugar, and fat?

  • I did not buy cereal because of the sugar. I got it because you could get a Video game for your pc!

    I did not watch until the end I’d love to see what you eat for breakfast / learn what other countries eat.

  • nice that you shouted out johhny boy harris because his video was pretty good and i immediately thought of that one when i saw this!

  • I always found breakfast to be ironic as a kid. I was given the idea that breakfast food was suppose to fuel you up and give you energy to start the day, yet if I ever ate a huge stack of pancakes the first thing I wanted to do after that, was to return back to bed��

  • It’s so funny, I have always been hung up on sugar rather than fat. Fat’s always been safe, cause it meant I could eat a smaller amount of something and feel close to full for longer, meaning that I could make it through the day without eating more than I absolutely had to. I’ve always avoided fruits and anything flavored because of my fear of sugar. I still try not to eat anything that has “added sugar” (because I do, honestly, believe there is a scientific reason for not eating white sugar or corn syrup) but I do eat more fruits now. I’m eating Cape Gooseberries and raspberries over a mound of full-fat Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey as I type this. It’s just small steps.

    One final note: Rebecca, try toasting some coconut and adding on top of everything litterally changed my life.

  • Wow, thank you so much for this. Granola is mt favouite thing ever and a huge fear food and I literally watched this video and then went and had a big bowlful, it was amazing. Thank you so much <3

  • Oh my gosh I’m totally obsessed with toast + breakfast!! The possibilities are endless!!! It makes the perfect “snack/brunch”. I love just your basic avocado toast topped with an egg and salt + pepper! That’s my go-to. I definitely want to try out the smoothie toast ��✨

  • Bruh you can literally have a burger for breakfast at ihop. They’re just a chain diner with a ‘specialty’ in pancakes (meaning they have a lot of diverse ways to eat pancakes).

  • I am from France and I’ve never seen “beignets” (or “éclair vanille”) for breakfast. It’s definitely a dessert!
    But the “croissants” are very common! And the “chocolate croissants” are called “pain au chocolat” (the translation would be chocolate bread). We also eat brioche, drink hot chocolate and fruit juice… most of the time, breakfast are sweet!

  • I live in the southern United States. My parents always thought that most breakfast cereals were practically dessert, so they rarely ever let us buy any. The only breakfast cereals they considered ‘acceptable’ were honey nut cheerios and shredded wheat. That’s it. However, they did let us have frozen toaster waffles and corn/maple syrup for breakfast, which wasn’t good obviously. But even as a kid, I refused to eat those. Not because they tasted bad (far from it) but because I would always feel sick eating them on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I more often had waffles as a dessert after dinner. We might have pancakes very occasionally for breakfast, but that was also more often a “breakfast for dinner” treat. We didn’t do pancakes much anyway because they take longer to make than toaster waffles. Same thing with french toast, an EXTREMELY rare treat because they take a long time to make. We’d have pop-tarts occasionally, but not often. And I actually really hate the taste of pop-tarts, always have. So I’ve never eaten those for breakfast either. We had granola bars, but those were not considered “breakfast food” in our house. We called those “snacks.” Things you might take with you on a road trip, or take with you to school to eat between classes, or to eat after getting home from school, etc. I don’t remember ever eating granola bars as my only food in the morning like a breakfast. Not unless I just literally had nothing else and it was a last resort. There was a phase I can remember when my mom was making cinnamon rolls a lot. Obviously that’s not good. But that phase came and went and never returned. Oh, and don’t get me started on donuts. We ate donuts for breakfast ONLY on the most special of special occasions. Birthdays, usually.

    So, breakfast at my house growing up was mostly bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, and oatmeal.

  • It was really hard to choose because I could imagine the taste of each one as you made them, but would have to say my personal favorite was the smoothie. They all looked amazing though.

  • It was so beautiful watching you trying Mexican food.
    And yes, we do eat spicy food and drink coffee for breakfast, but as you said, chilaquiles and the rest of that food is saved for special days or weekends. You can prepare it at home or order it in a restaurant when you go out to have breakfast.

  • I had a really cool idea for making the smoothie myself! I didn’t have Greek yogurt at the time so I used coco butter spread! (Coconut jam)

  • i loved this video. so glad I found your channel. going through recovery right now and you’re a great influence thank you so much for uploading <3 <3

  • American food is disgusting. Deep fry it and cover it with sugar and that’s American food. Even Chinese, Japanese and Korean food that you eat in the USA is not the real food, it is just twisted for American taste.

  • Good job on the English breakfast. Have to say though the beans in the states taste so different from back home it’s a bit sweeter here. I guess I just haven’t found the right brand.
    Try Jamaican breakfast please. I grew up on both these cuisines.

  • I actually think that she made a lot of sense through her analogies and that they brought more depth into some of the points that she was making. Especially the eye contact part and being present.

  • You really give me positive energy to do what i want to do, your cheerfulness and the way you are dealing with your health problem with a lot of confidense and effort does really encourage me not to give up to my ambitions. I wish you recover really soon, and go on in that journey of helping other.

  • I know this was posted a month ago but I just wanted to comment that was going to skip breakfast today so that when I got home I could “weigh myself empty” and this inspired me to go eat a great breakfast and not worry about weighing myself

  • am I the only one that gets anxiety watching Stephanie trying the foods while Jeff is filming and probably low-key sad about his food getting cold lmao

  • This video should be called Americans Eat Dessert for Breakfast because you didn’t explain why. You barely mentioned industrialization and marketing for why Corn Flakes got popular and that America adapted european breakfast, but you didn’t really explain why.

  • Thank you so much! I will try to make toast with avocado and egg, and cheese cake toast. I think, cheese cake toast will be very good in summer)

  • These are real EASY recipes, compared to those that you need cook 5 minutes but use 10minutes to prep and 10 to wash everything ��

  • Hi! Can you make a video about your exercise approach. For example, do you exercise? If so, how often and how long? Did you ever stop working out in the beginning of your recovery?

  • Soooo peanut butter and banana on toast is healthy?? I don’t have any organic peanut butter but I have rye bread,peanut butter and banana

  • Omg ALL of these look amazing!! Have to say I’m a huge tuna lover myself, so the tuna melt would probably be my pick, but they seriously all look delish! ��

  • I am Alia Zaman, 16 years and 5 months old Bangali girl. I love singing, drawing, writing, photography and gather experiences. I love to motivate the others and listen to those who knows much better than me…. Everyday I try to learn something new and add some more things in my introduction. I started a YouTube channel and uploaded a poem of mine. I am writing this with a hope that, may someone is going to be inspired by me a little bit… Thank you.. ����❤❤

  • It’s all about your caloric need…. if you need less calories you need less meals and more if your caloric need is more! So it’s that simple! Can’t have a 2500 cal in one meal! You gotta distribute it!

  • Hi i am french and i have to do some comments on the french breakfast �� so… actually very few french people eat croissant or « pain au chocolat » everyday, it’s more like once or twice a week
    As kids, we often eat cereals from the supermarket, wich are far far away from granola ��( way more industrial)
    As an adult it depends: fruits, yogurt, a lot of people like tosted « baguette » with butter or/and jam

    And the eclair is definitely NOT for breakfast and NOT warm ��

    But you were right about expresso thought: a very french thing to have on mornings ��

    Anyway I just wanted to help you understand more our culture but I think this video was such a good idea! Thank you ��

    Btw: I love allll your videos and i am in love with your personality �� keep going
    ( sorry for the mistakes, iam not very good at english)

  • Video request: you said “some good quality…” a few times in this video. Would you make an educational video as to what defines good quality staples? I get the idea, but I’d still like more info for precision ��

  • Ok but can we just take a moment to appreciate that she wore a tank top! Yay Steph! Love your beautiful all in journey, super inspiring!

  • Me: Bale bale Shaba Shaba
    Stranger: Why are you doing bale bale in front of me
    Me: Hehe..I made you talk
    Stranger leaves the scene������

  • I hate videos like this. I’m an American who has traveled to Europe and in Holland they legit eat sprinkles on toast with frosting for breakfast so don’t be fucking ridiculous and always pointing the finger at our country

  • I would love to see what your breakfast looks like! (I’ve been looking to incorporate different foods from different cultures as well)

  • Lol it seems like everything is a revelation to Americans when they discover non-American culture. “OH!?!?!! Other countries dont eat cereal for breakfast!?!?!WHAT”

  • Wow!! What a way to start the week…yes!! The smoothie one is definitely my fav and one I’m trying tomorrow! What bread do you recommend though if I’m trying to do low carb?

  • REally good mixes, even the sweet ones have a good savoury base, which I love! thanks. I espy love dripping yogurt on toast, whether savoury or sweet!:OP

  • Americans eats what looks good, tastes delicious, easy to pack, easy to carry, easy to store, easy to prepare, looks colourful, has good geometrical shape, easy to eat and something which they can eat without dirtying their fingers ����

  • I looove all of these ideas!! One of my favourites is almond butter with blueberries and bananas with chia and coconut sprinkled on top and some honey ��

  • What is problematic with eating sweets for breakfast? I have problems with my appetite in the morning and if i eat before 8am nearly everything salty for breakfast is tasteless for me. But being empliyed and having ti be at work at 8am i eat mostley 6-6:30am. But i really need breakfast, i can’t do nothing being hungry.

  • this video is completely invalid… if something is advertised on tv it doesnt mean that EVERYBODY eats it… if you have like half an hour in the morning to prepare meal from scratch than everybody would choose it but the point of cereal etc is that you can preapre it and eat it faster than taking out products for better breakfast from fridge…

  • As french, if you take a « french breakfast » i see that like a cup of black coffee with a croissant or a pain au chocolat aha I know that my mum takes butter on some bread! When I was younger that was cereals with milk! (Well it was more a little milk and an amount of cereals!!) But me I live for oatmal with fruit and granola aha!!

  • it’s january and you’re using strawberries/raspberries, tomatoes.. That’s pretty sad and unecological because those fruits are out of season..

  • if anything it’s best to have your fats and whatnot in the morning because your body is better able to break stuff down and absorb in the morning and it gradually goes down during the day… (late dinner is no bueno, dinner for breakfast is fine)

  • Scottish pancakes which are thick and has tastey blueberries in it and a light spread of butter and has what ever fruit I could find in the fridge mmm tasty. Or my favourite fruity toast, with butter, or if I’m feeling sad black pudding roll mmmmm I’m hungry now…. America is missing out. Ohh almost forgot brown seeded bread with a little bit of butter or Nutella every now and then with sliced banana

  • I really liked ur conversation.. Bcz u r really right that conversation make us feel happy while we r speaking with a stranger’s..
    I was listen ur vedio 100 of times..
    I feel so happy to listen ur those true words..

  • i never have or had breakfast before i relapsed, it was just never my thing from a young age. but now i’d love the idea of breakfastbreakfast food looks delicious rn. but i’m in the worst stage my ED has ever been.. literally no food every day and i’m at my lowest weight. it’s scaring me.

  • My answer before I watch: We’re addicted to sugar. We’ve eaten it even when hidden in food for our entire lives. My answer before I watch: We’re addicted to sugar. So we eat sugar for breakfast.
    And after:
    Okay so industrialization and advertising. But also addiction.

  • Hey Rebecca, did you have any inspiration for your recovery like a psychologiacal model which motivated you to recover? A lot of your sayings remind me of “tabitha Farrar”! I love Tabitha and i love your way you handle your recovery! You’re doing so well. and you are so beautiful. xoxo

  • I think i may have ortherexia. I get cold so easily and i freak out to anything unhealthy. Were you cold all the time to when you had your eating disorder?

  • I have just recently discovered your channel and watched a ton of your videos. I have never enjoyed watching someone eat as much as I enjoy watching you. You are a delight!

  • This is a nice video
    And helped everyone by making video on this topic.
    My english is not much good.
    Don’t mind pls.����
    At last I say go and watch my videos on YouTube channel.������‍����‍��

  • “Hates american breakfast” we have nothing to talk about sir. (In all seriousness, i see absolutely nothing wrong with american breakfast. Hell the american food seems better than the europe style food.)

  • Idc what people say diner food is amazing, it’s not like what he’s saying. Nobody gets those icing filled birthday cake things, those are to grab children’s attention. He didn’t even mention how much Americans eat eggs. Comparing ihop to a typical diner is like comparing Arby’s to a deli

  • YOU ARE HALF THAI….. OMG… CAN YOU PLEASE DO TUTORIAL VIDEOS….. Thai has got to be THE most beautiful language.. I’ve never been good at picking up languages though.. I’d be extremely grateful for any tips… Korp Koon Mahk kha <3

  • Just wanna say… YOU ARE SO PRETTY!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! You have stunning hair and a beautiful skin tone. You have such a positive attitude towards food that is contagious. I love how open you are with your ED. You are really helping me and I appreciate that you are doing this. Keep it up!

  • It’s not rocket science! Most people’s last meal of the day is around 6/7pm. So, you end up going 12/13 hours without another meal. So, it’s likely a good idea to eat at a little something in the morning instead of trying to go yet another 5 hours until lunch.

  • Yanks are obsessed with retaining their three-yard waistlines. They don’t walk, they wobble like a jelly. Wobble, wobble, wobble…

  • Maybe it is just an inner-city thing, or perhaps related to your specific upbringing. I grew up in the Mid-West farming community and as such my breakfast routine was different. We generally had fresh eggs and some version of pork (sausage links/patties, bacon, etc.), toast or english muffins with jam, and a fruit drink (usually orange juice or grape juice). Potato Pancakes or flour Pancakes /Waffles were usually reserved for weekend breakfast meals, as were biscuits and gravy. Cereal was almost never eaten for breakfast as the juice drink would cause the milk to curdle in your stomach, and if consumed was additional filler between meals. Milk was generally served as a dinner/supper drink for the kids. This seemed to be the same thing everyone I knew was eating. Seemed pretty American to me. Sorry your parents fed you garbage for breakfast.:|

  • I’ll save you 45 minutes for every used, if only you learn to memorize and comprehend undistracted by petty concerns
    So, she said, say hello। Get chatty with personal questions। Get common interests to talk about। Dish out some compliments unique for them!
    Ask simple opinions। Attention to be in the moment, and, you’ll remember names learn more from life

  • Love the bluntness and bold truth from this! America eats terrible breakfasts for sure!! Full of sugar in literally everything store bought.

  • I feel like where America leads Britain follows… British cereals have always been full of sugar, but recently I’ve noticed American cereals for sale in the shops. What happened to a boiled egg with toast or a bowl of porridge?

  • For me personally cheese like brie and eggs or porridge would be the perfect breakfast. I don’t get how people eat sugary cereal:/

  • Thank you so much! I really needed this video to challenge my perception of what is a large portion of breakfast. Think it’s now time I throw away the measuring cups and take the plunge from oats to granola. xx

  • Hiii�� could you share some thoughts about bloating? How can we listen to our body and reduce bloating? I am 160cm tall. And weight 48kg. asian typical body not too thin nor overweight. But i bloat. I try to cut out everything that could cause me bloating but still bloat:(…. how through ur journey and nowadays do you solve this problem? Or you dont have it? I am afraid to listen to my body because i bloat at even drinking water. Would really appreciate ur advice. Plis

  • Hey Stephanie I just want to say this to you you are not dumb because you’re having trouble pronouncing the names of the dishes that you’re eating please look up the definition of dumb he’s clearly not you

  • You know how in the past it was “sex sells”? Nowadays it is “gluttony sells”. And Stephanie understood that concept really really well….making big bucks with brainfree content. Harming the viewers along the way.

  • For me breakfast is kinda important bc I have an illness it’s called hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and if I don’t have anything in the morning most times I get really sick and get migraines. Migraines are not headaches that’s only one thing that effects you and there’s multiple things that happen

  • Solid breakfast. 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 sausage, 1 cup of oatmeal with nuts and Raisins little honey and butter, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice of toast, and Coffee.

  • How you can flat belly or still thick �������� I want flat belly so bad what do I do if I go to healthy meal or workout I’m getting short I want to be like u what do I do? Can u tell me plzzzz plzz,����

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  • In New Mexico, breakfast is just whatever we had the night before, plus a fried egg. Enchiladas, posole, huevos rancheros if we had tacos, whatever.

  • I don’t have a ED but I do have disordered eating:( I just measure everything and get obsessed. I refuse to eat anything without weighing and it sucks:(

    it’s really nice to watch you:)

  • The love for food you have is so amazing! I’m such a scaredy cat to try new food! To see you enjoy it gives me more confidence to try when I have the chance! You look so amazing! Your outfits are super cute!

  • “and if enough people want to see it, ill post the video ive already been making for weeks where I should you the carefully filmed footage that im showing on the screen right now…”

  • I’m from Australia, fuck there’s alot of cream and cheese pieces with too much per stack D: these honestly don’t even sound appealing…

  • I’m really sick of the amerocentrism everywhere, these people are so narrow minded they get blown away by the smallest things lmao