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This is How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Really Make Their Money

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How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Make Their Money

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The cost of custom-designed hot and cold food buffets for restaurants like Golden Corral is a major capital investment. Are you willing to make this kind of investment for a single meal period? The marketing value of the all-you-can-eat at one price can be an effective strategy to increase customer traffic. The problem is, buffets can get very expensive.

An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet can cost as much as $40 for each person, and that’s not inclusive of GST and service charge. Most of us visit a buffet restaurant with the intention of devouring as much food as we can while savouring the most worth-it items. But what are the strategies to do so?Warren Buffett’s 5/25 strategy is a simple, effective tool that will help you to focus, prioritize your most important goals and achieve consistent progress in your life. The 5/25 strategy is a reminder that it’s not what you do, it’s what’s you don’t.

Alice walks into a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. She wants to eat enough to avoid hunger until the next meal. Should she eat based on the expected time until her next meal, or should she eat as much as she can? The second strategy is clearly superior.

It provides the best possible protection against hunger, limited only by. Buffets and access to free food access bring out our worst eating behaviors. Whether you’re back at the college cafeteria or hitting an all-you-can eat wings joint tonight, Greatist has 16. We analyzed the prices of 30 all-you-can-eat buffets across the country, taking into account a variety of factors: Geographic region, size of the buffet (independent vs. chain), time of day (lunch vs. dinner), day of the week (weekday vs. weekend), and age (children and seniors often get discounted rates).

This is my buffet strategy, as developed with my classmate during Econs lessons in JC. Pre-buffet week 1. For the week before the buffet, you have to begin conditioning your tummy. What this means is that for at least one meal a day, eat till yo. According to quite a few articles, like Eat Your Money’s Worth At Any All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, a buffet meal is all about the strategy.

If you know how you’re going to approach this event and you prepare yourself for it, then it’s going to. If you’ve ever gorged yourself at an all you can eat buffet, you’ve probably wondered how they manage to make any money. Letting people just eat anything they want all willy-nilly couldn’t. How to Exploit an All You Can Eat Restaurant. “All you can eat” restaurants are fun! Great for meeting friends, especially for hungry students on a budget.

However, they all make income on the basis that you will not eat as much as you pay.

List of related literature:

Here’s the first thing we discovered: Slim diners “scouted” out the buffet before grabbing a plate—before even picking up a plate, 71 percent of them walked around and scanned the salad bar, the steam trays holding fourteen seemingly identical chicken dishes, the sushi station, and the dessert bar.

“Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life” by Brian Wansink
from Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life
by Brian Wansink
Hay House, 2016

People who do buffets demonstrate hospitality by sharing abundance: more people can afford to do this than to have a dinner party.

“Eating Together: Food, Friendship and Inequality” by Alice P. Julier
from Eating Together: Food, Friendship and Inequality
by Alice P. Julier
University of Illinois Press, 2013

By using this strategy, my clients were able to double and triple the sales and profitability of their restaurant without the expensive advertising necessary to attract new diners.

“Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” by Brian Tracy
from Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income
by Brian Tracy
Entrepreneur Press, 2017

Buffets can be classified as a form of table d’hôte menu as they offer a restricted menu, a limited choice of only what is on the buffet, a pre-determined set price and dishes only available at a set time.

“Food and Beverage Management” by Bernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcott, Ioannis S. Pantelidis
from Food and Beverage Management
by Bernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2018
from the moment that customers approach the buffet reception area until the point when a server confirms that his or her customers have paid for the right to be seated and eat in the buffet, the Sequence of Service mandates required steps to be followed by all employees.

“The Labor Relations Process” by William H. Holley, William H. Ross, Roger S. Wolters
from The Labor Relations Process
by William H. Holley, William H. Ross, Roger S. Wolters
Cengage Learning, 2016

To maintain the sanitary condition of the buffet foods, remove soiled tableware and notify guests that they are to use clean plates each time they return to the buffet.

“Restaurant Service Basics” by Sondra J. Dahmer, Kurt W. Kahl
from Restaurant Service Basics
by Sondra J. Dahmer, Kurt W. Kahl
Wiley, 2008

The strategies useful for buffets also help to meet the challenges of social gatherings and holidays.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
Ebsco Publishing, 2002

When buffets are used, make sure that the line is double and that there is at least one double-sided buffet line for every 75 to 100 people.

“The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning” by Shannon Kilkenny
from The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning
by Shannon Kilkenny
Atlantic Publishing Group, 2011

There are also some notable disadvantages of the buffet system.

“Securing the Internet of Things: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Securing the Internet of Things: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
by Management Association, Information Resources
IGI Global, 2019

If a client eats large amounts at a buffet, a solution could be to go only to restaurants where food is served from a menu.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

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  • If you didn’t know some of this already, you clearly haven’t been paying attention in life! Meat’s first always! Get a second plate for salad, rice etc…

  • When you go into the back secret room you have someone feeding your face and someone stuffing your ass hole and charging you for two people what’s with that.

  • Have more food with a different variety without even getting up from the table simply steal the food from the person sitting next to you when they’re not looking.

  • The left overs are also served the next day with a spirit lamp to keep it warm and make you happy how caring the restaurant is.
    Many of the authors I read also make it a point for their hero to ask for a breakfast item like an omelet if they are dining at 3 AM, to avoid the day’s stale supper items in their hotel’s open 24 hours diner

  • its your choice so just eat all and everything you want! no need to put so much thought into it. have fun and enjoy. there is no game.

  • My technique is pretty straight forward. I limit carbs (the rice on the sushi is cheap filler, but it’s part of the dish), I only eat the veggies I find most beneficial (no thanks, iceberg) and I make sure I consume minimum 2500 calories (usually 3-4 plates but sometimes I really go for it) before leaving.

    Very large friends watch in horror and say “It’s ALWAYS the skinny ones…”

  • If you’re stupid enough to go into a restaurant right now or order food or order food from delivery I feel very sorry for your level of intelligence. Because the chances of you Contracting a virus from a restaurant right now are about 99% to the Plus…above average!! stay your butt at home cook your own food and stay out of the environment where people are cuz if you don’t this whole world’s going to get sick and unless you have the word stupid tattooed across your forehead I suggest you get with the program and hunker down… stay away from crowds for god sakes don’t Breathe on Me

    of course don’t be rude and take all of an item of food, but it’s definitely not a “privilege” to eat what you paid for.
    6:04 (?). Every buffet I’ve been to you have to pay first. What buffets make you pay after you eat?

  • i love my local Chinese buffet (lunch is 12ish dinner is 16ish) i usually fill up with 3 plates (bbq chicken,pork dumplings,some very tasty cheesy bread/seafood thing,broccolli, pepper steak,repeat 3rd plate is mostly sushi) i think i get a great deal outta it and regarding the soda? one can always get plain tap water

  • Another six minutes of my life wasted….round it up to 10 with my comments.

    Go to a buffet, eat what you want….gorge yourself if you want. Don’t wear skinny-jeans….I’m a MAN, I don’t do that anyway. Save room for dessert if you want.

    C’mon man! You made a video about this?

  • There is/was a buffet in Las Vegas that has it painted on the wall “Take all you want, but eat all you take” I wonder if it is still there….

    Also some buffets complain about people that over eat… the “All you CAN eat” Do the buffets complain about customers that eat very little (like those of us Gastric Bypass patients)

  • For me..I take a crap ton of seafood..Loke crab because it is not cheap in my place…I eat too much even the manager came to see us eating hahaha…

  • ze, that was so racist and sexist when you used a minority cisgender female to represent the person buying the nasty old cheap food at the end of the day.

  • Some buffet managers don’t keep tables clean or make sure the stations comply with code. I recently ate at a salad buffet where all items that were supposed to be chilled felt warm and the lettuce had a lot of brown in it. I also saw flies buzzing around the soups. One memorable breakfast buffet saw my table invaded by roaches. They moved me to another table and they followed me over. The manager on duty was very casual and said he’d have to call pest control again. I questioned his qualifications to manage a restaurant to his face.

  • Buffets add tons of fats and salt to make customers full in 15 minutes. And a fact cheaper price make customers happy. Paying too much and expecting to be happy is false belief. What you see is what you get.

  • At a Golden Corral buffet restaurant in Orlando, I once saw a cockroach climb across the counter. Several people who had plates of food also saw this, and went on to continue piling food on their plates. Oh, America.

  • This goes about it all wrong. This is not a zero sum game, if you pay a price that is worthy of how much you enjoyed your meal, you and the restaurant both won

  • As a teenager I worked at a restaurant that had an all you can eat buffet. I have not eaten at an all you can eat buffet since then. Lol. Some of the shit I could tell you…

  • Haha cute cool video with excellent tips! Buffets are serious business I agree! I prefer them over the
    a la carte menu as you can try some of everything and mix and match to your heart’s or stomach’s content. I have also devised many of these same tips through bitter buffet trial and error mistakes lol! You remind me so much of Jackie Chan. By the way, I’m South African and I’m not sure which 2005 incident you are referring to?

  • Bet me if I even wanted to go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant I would be banned. I’ll eat whatever I want & whatever I want. The best thing to eat isn’t even found in a restaurant. Hahaha

  • You forgot one important thing. Time limits. There are three all you can eat restaurants in my surroundings and they imply a three hours time limit

  • What was that song playing in your workout video

    I am obsessed with obscure 80s music and you’ve got one there that I’ve never heard please give me the title my friend

  • I had a friend who managed one of these all you can eat places, he caught two women who were barfing in the john and eating over and over again.

  • Hilarious….still remember the late comedian John Pinette, and his problems with owners of Chinese buffets….LOL! “You go now”! “You here 4 hour”! “You scare my wife”! “You go now”!..LOOOL!

  • I would think a person could sue a restaurant if they offer an All You Can Eat Buffet and ban them or ask them to leave. As long as a person is not unruly or wasting food there should not be an issue. The way an All You Can Eat Buffet restaurant should work is by the end of the week profit. Yes there are some people that try to make a goal of eating more than they can to get more food than they pay, but there are a very few that do it. What about those that only eat one small plate full. It’s like the restaurant owner wants his cake and eat it too. I would also think the publicity of banning or throwing someone out would out way allowing a few people to get away with out eating the buffet. Let’s face it, if these guys weren’t making money there would not be so many.

  • My Food pics from chinese all you can eat buffets go straight under the tile “where I love to spend money for actually making me feel worse than before” (I always eat too much)The competition: Who can pile up the most bowls and dishes in 3 hours next time ill consider your advice man! Next time… Jogging pants…. I can beat it!!!!

  • Dude. Your food cost margin explanation isnt entirely accurate. Restarants basically use the 3 thirds rule. Ie food cost is 1/3, salaries and overhead is 1/3 and profits are 1/3. But depending on location overhead (specifically rent) and local food costs may be higher. Making your profit margin razor thin. It’s not that the restaurant only pays 1/3rd of what the customer at retail does or that they triple the price for customers it’s that food is 1/3rd of the business operating costs. Higher volume of food costs (in this caseselling more food for less money) can be offset by reducing food acquisition costshigher volume purchases from wholesaler or find a cheaper distributor or lower food quality…

  • I have a trip to a Philadelphia and our lunch time is at an all you can eat buffet! I am going to do that exercise every day till that day

  • #11 you make it sound like you have to start at one end.
    Try a golden corral or western sizzling or any Chinese buffet. You have EVERYWHERE to start at.

    #10 limit myself bull��. And if someone wants to go around me so be it.

    #9 go back and git more. Keep that dishwasher busy.

    #7 stop gitting food when you start to git full!! And in the US they can’t charge you a different price for leaving food on your plate.

    #4 try 300% or more. That soda\pop that cost you $ 2 or $ 3 cost them less then 10 cents. Tea is about the same.

    #3 most buffet restaurants have wait staff. And very few will let you git your own drinks.

    #2 You can not come to any conclusions based on ONE mini experiment in one city. Especially NYC!! And on a pizza buffet??!!??

    #1 a local (new…maybe been there 6 months) manager tryed that on me. Been going there off and on for 15 yrs (after I had worked there for 3 yrs) and this manger told me 3 trips was all they allowed (on my 3rd trip while I was gitting dessert. And I had seldom went back more than 3 times anyway). No signs posted.
    Same owner who had it for 30+ yrs found out BEFORE I talked to her. That manager was fired the day the owner found out. If I had had made an issue of it I could had been eating free the rest of my life. If they have signs posted I could understand but not just telling a person out of the blue!!
    Of course if it is all-you-can-eat and they are going to limit my trips I would not go there.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • (In South Africa,Eastern cape,Wild Coast Sun)Chickos Restaurant they give mutton curry which has only bones on the meat. They give very small utensils, cutlery and small cups.

  • Anytime I ask for iced tea, they bring me a big cup full of iced tea. Trick is that they want u to get full by the drink and eat less food lol.

  • I thought this was a joke video… until the end when I realized they were being serious.

    Guys, just get whatever food you like eating. If you want bang for your buck dont go to a buffet, go cook your own food. You’ll get food cheaper, and get to cook what you like to eat yourself.

    You’ll never win against a buffet unless you’re willing to sit there for hours on end eating, annoying the owners, and getting fat. Everything in a buffet is cheap ingredients mass produced for as little cost as possible.

    Buffet owners have been doing their jobs for years. If you’re somehow getting more food than you pay for, then they would all be out of business. They know how their own industry works lol.

  • Me watching this video: [laughs in british as i dine at the Cosmo all you can eat buffet and consuming more than 3 full sized plates of food]

  • Tip to win against a buffet: Don’t eat at a buffet. Buffets are designed to be a rip-off. The food is designed to be so cheap and easy to produce that you could eat up to 12 or 13 plates of food, and they’d still make a profit. If you want an all-you-can-eat experience, just get a main course at a restaurant with a salad bar. Still a ripoff, but at least you’d probably be happier with the food quality than if you went to a buffet.

  • I like buffets. although sometimes you dont really eat anymore then you would anywjere else, but they are greats for groups as usually everbody can get what they want.

  • I am not rich but my uncle keeps on telling our family to always go to expensive buffets so we do, after that we spend a bunch of money just for eating even the tiniest meal. Screw him

  • My method is to aim for the least nasty thing out there and that has the smallest chance of making you sick. So always steer clear of the salad bar (nothings cooked) and avoid the fish (never cooked proper) and that huge hunk of meat raises questions

  • In America, people OVER-estimate how many calories they burn, (500 calories = about 35 miles of walking if memory serves) and UNDER-estimate how many calories they consume. So you may as well make it as delicious as possible. Which means I’m goin Asian cooking all the way, baby.

  • I love how intense he is about it in the beginning; “there are winners and losers,” “don’t get ripped off” like dude it’s food chill tf out.

  • Thank God you are here to tell how to choose what food to get! I was under the impression that it all came down to picking what you want. How foolish of me! >_>

  • This seems ridiculous, I prefer good food that is not expensive! If it cost more doesn’t make me feel like it’s better, it makes me feel like they think I’m stupid and don’t know how cheap their cost is! For example 80% of the time golden corral’s steak sucks! I bet they pay the same for several pounds of beef that you would pay for 8oz of good sirloin at a butcher!

  • Its not a zero sum game. We’re both better off because i decided the buffet is worth more to me than the sum i paid for it and vice versa

  • Forget all that. I just want to know what is the “chicken” on Chinese buffets? I never had real chicken that has the same taste and texture as Chinese “Chicken.” Don’t know if it’s ever been done, but I’d love to see a DNA test.

  • Another sneaky way to get the best dinner or the best price. Find out when the lunch and dinner price change happens. And just show up 30 min before the dinner change. 8 out 10 times most buffets have there dinner stuff coming out a bit earlier then the time and or just wait a bit then go get those dinner foods or lunch prices.

  • I liked them because I enjoy eating different things. I’ve never been able to eat a large amount of food at one time and now I’m more limited. So I dont even get to go to them anymore.

  • i simple dont get the dishes i can make anyday at home. I go directly to the high valued items, (well in my country they. are) like prawns, steaks, meat cuts for korean bbq, roast. and have some sidings to go with it. I also limit on desserts since they are not that good most of the cakes are dry so i just settle for a scoop of ice cream.

  • Everyone complaining about people trying to take advantage of the buffet while on just trying to figure out how to try all the food

  • Bring your tablet to watch tv??? Seriously? Because the restaurant experience isn’t becoming ruined rapidly enough with people blasting phones at full-blast volumes while others are trying to have conversation. Seriously, it’s an epidemic and DOES NOT need to be encouraged.

  • How DARE YOU ILOVE EGG ROLLS LIKE if you agree and it is real Chinese food plus there is some meat in it and I’m going to a Chinese buffet soon so yhea plus I hope they have orange chicken

  • So they want you to fill up on potatoes, vegetables & rice yet at the end of the night they’re probably going to throw out a good portion of the leftover main dishes.

  • The only buffets I go to are the “Chinese” buffets. I always start of with a full plate of peel-and-eat shrimp and a bunch of cherrystones before going on to the cheap stuff.

  • This is an exact opposite of the vid i watched before this

    He works at a buffet so maybe he supports buffets and misleads people + +

    Smthings fishy

  • The best buffet in my town costs $13 dollars…Mongolian grill,sushi, prime rib, and king crab! I dont eat veggies..none of that crap!

  • Dang, I am just now discovering that you have several YouTube channels. Okay, it’s gonna take me a long time to get to them all. It’s good that I am retired and have plenty of time.

  • Go to a Chines buffet and you get empty trays if any actual Chinese are there. They empty the good stuff faster than a tray can be filled and staff seem to just not refill them.

  • This was a dumb video. Who even falls for this stuff. I thought the whole point of a buffet was to get what you want. I’m sure most people would walk past the mashed potatos and just load their plate with popcorn shrimp or something

  • Another technique for eating at buffets is to never drink anything before u eat because drinks fill u up the fastest after ur first couple of bites

  • This video is so funny. No one is seriously going to do any of these things, they go to a Buffett to enjoy themself and eat as they want.

  • All that work to eat at a buffet. I think it’s kinda stupid. Here’s a idea why don’t you just go to eat when your hungry. Your almost worse than people who put food in there purse and take it home.

  • The fizzy drink thing makes me understand why I was obese when I used to drink a lot of pop. Not only was I drinking pop, but I also ate a LOT more.

  • This is my buffet strategy:
    1. Appetizers and cold seafood repeat few times or until bored
    2. Meats, dimsum, fried food
    3. Then hot meals such as soup, roasts, noodle/pasta….
    4. Try everything that looks good at least once
    5. Second round focusing on items that were actually good.
    6. Take a break chit chat, toliet or smoke break
    7. Final round before ending with desert

  • The buffet is clearly an American phenomenon. Most normal societies have people who eat reasonable amounts of food at any meal. But Americans love buffets since most of them are fat gluttons looking for an economical way to ingest 10,000 calories at a sitting. Buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, buffet dinner. Then liposuction and stomach stapling. They are all weight watchers. They watch as their weight goes up then audition for My 600 lb life tv reality show. (Originally called Pigs On Parade).

  • All you can eat buffet restaurants: You can eat as much as you want

    Also all you can eat buffet restaurants: You are banned for eating too much

  • I go to buffets for the many choices as well as the ability to eat immediately. I don’t have to wait for someone to bring me a menu, I don’t have to wait for them to come back and take my order, I go right to the buffet and pick out exactly what I want.

  • Wear a trench coat and line and line all the pockets with plastic bags. Eat ’til you’re full, then load up the trench coat a leave.

  • Eating at an AYCE buffet is not a competition. There is no winning and there is no losing. It’s called eating dinner or eating lunch.
    It has nothing to do with how much you pay or how much profit is made. W/O a restaurant owner making money he wouldn’t be open. He is entitled to make a profit. if you like his spread, eat it. If you don’t, go somewhere else.
    I go to an AYCE sushi place. I spend $21 on about 18 pieces of fish. The food is good, the chefs are nice, the owner is nice. We all have a nice time when together. When I am done they ask if I want some ice cream or coffee or sake. I say no thank you. The owner pays his rent for the next month and I usually come back by then.
    I have heard stories of guys puking up what they ate from the guys that needed to clean their restrooms. That is sick. Time to grow up little people. If you like the food, eat there, if not, don’t. NO NEED FOR STRATEGIES.

  • I feel fat eating in buffets so i evade them… I don’t have like it, is weird just stand and eat all you can… I don’t care of what people think of me cause im already chubby but still i hate eating in buffets.

    Plus your risking yourself to be sivk

  • Just noticed this video is from summer last year.. I hope you learned to stop looking at the screen on your camera and look right into the lens by now. Made it difficult to watch/listen when you’re looking ‘somewhere else’. (just saying…)

  • Its hard to explain for some… but sometimes that cheap noodle tasted much better than the protein filled steak what costs more. (I am not vegeteraian)

  • At one all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, my friends and I had a ton of food that was leftover. Since diners get charged for whatever is leftover on their plates, we decided to cut a deal with the manager and he agreed to let us take home the leftovers for only $20.00.

  • in the event that you like to see Paypal cash each day from McDonald’s Giveaway you must check: freeBURGER.me. (paste on your browser with no space), for me, it is Twinkling.

  • Thanks to you, I’ve been attacking shellfish and seafood of various sorts as my first course and second. I’ve even started to drink hot tea with meals at the buffet and it does wonders to my appetite.

  • Being a hotelier, buffet is my most dislike form of meal because:
    1. The amount of food waste is staggeringly huge
    2. 80% of the menu is based on cheap ingredients
    3. Chef tends to push the not-so-fresh ingredients as buffet meal
    4. Too many carbs

    If you can, go for really good buffet Dim Sum. Much more worthy.

  • I remember back in High ��‍��School��‍�� our football �� Team went to a SHAKEYS ��PIZZA “ALL U CAN EAT BUFFET” in our area and we were banned after we ran the place out of Pizza��…Chicken��. Pasta�� & Salads�� The Owner & Mgr. Told Us Never To Come Back..��

  • Expanding on planning; look at what goes too, chances are high that you will get the freshest on high demand items. This also means going to a buffet around peak times to maximize on this. Buffets generally don’t change out items that don’t go unless it looks really really unappetizing which could mean a few hours based on Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

  • I go for breakfast buffet. Hang out couple hrs on my phone. Wait for them to switch to lunch items. Go for more starting with meat

  • For women, you should also wear empire waist dress. These are dresses with the waist located just below your boobs but above your actual waist. The important thing is the waist part of the dress is around the bottom of your rib cage (which doesn’t contract) and not around the fleshy part of your torso that can contract (and thereby reduce your available volume).

  • i hate when the bill is 16 bucks and i hand them a 20 and they start slowly trying to give me change back… dude thats your tip… bruce lee and the karate kids need to get thier glasses on

  • Now i observe i got tricked big time!!
    Last time i got in an all you can buffee i filled myself with mashed potatoes,salats and pudding.
    Now i want to get there again just to do it right this time!!

  • A plate of food costs about $4 for a restaurant if you eat 4 full plates you’ve only eaten for $16, all you can eat restaurant can source their food for way below consumer level.

    You can’t really beat an all you can eat restaurant, unless you’re an alien with 4 stomachs or carry a family pack of laxatives..

  • how about you go to a buffet that doesn’t organize their food like this lol. my favorite buffet (that’s now shut down for good because of the virus) put the salads first which are the least filling item and healthy for you. i mean i don’t even really like salads so i’d just get the vegetables individually but it was cool.

  • Mike you are so funny!!! Love your videos, Beyond Science is one of my very favorites… I don’t watch many channels but I hardly ever miss that one. Take care!! XXOO

  • I always try a bit of anything except for rice. I have noticed that when it comes to all you can eat desserts, people will grab plates from the main buffet table to use.

  • No joke, I have anxiety when it comes to buffets, all my buddies eat a lot and me being a skinny guy want to try and eat their level. It sounds funny but its a self-challenge, also I gotta earn back what I paid, so I stuff myself to the fullest and wouldn’t even be able to talk for a few hours to anyone. Hope this video helps lol.

  • the soup salad and breadsticks are made of starch and water and fills you up fast.save them for last. ayce is no more expensive than anywhere else

  • A friend of mine once went to a all you can eat buffet as soon as the doors opened and stayed all day. He brought his laptop and Internet dongle playing games and eating. He stayed the whole day, upon leaving the owner came up to him and told him to never come back!

  • Everytime you cook, especially in restaurants there’s always waste. For buffet, they cook way less than ordinary restaurant. One time cook for a plate vs one time cook for a 12 gallon container.

  • IF you ever feel you ate “too much” and can’t try a desert you really really wanted, just WAIT for 15-20 minutes and then you’ll probably have settled down a bit and you can have your desert!!!

  • Also, people, going to all you can eat should be enjoyable. Just eat what you what. Purpose isn’t trying to ruin the owners or eat until you vomit and then continue (roman style). That’s unhealthy. Simply enjoy foods you crave or can’t have on daily bases c:

  • the dancing was spot on lol but the buffet execution was kinda lame, i really hope you didnt eat just the things you showed us cuz thats only like starting point lel i got like all kinds of meats with rice at least two times and then try some new stuff and then go try all deserts cuz if youre curious stomach lets you have more in my opinion

  • Just eat what you enjoy eating the most or something new you’d like to try. You don’t have to eat a ton of meat for value if you don’t even like it that much and will most likely feel a little sick later. Me personally I pretty much only eat meat (which is bad I know) but when I’m there I do tend to eat some nice veggie noodles to go with it to feel a little healthier ��

  • Number 0: Check what buffet has to offer before you even ask for a table and double check the price. Sometimes you may see a “$9.99” as you walk in and receive a “$15.99” bill, because “today is Saturday/Sunday/Holiday/Whatever day”.

  • My friends and I would always make sure that we had “the muchies” before we ate at a buffet. I would get a plateful of chicken wings. Then use a dinner plate to get dessert.

  • All depends on the quality of the food. I’d rather have all the cheapest buns but the most delicious than a gross expensive steak. It’s not about the quantity. It’s about the quality.

  • Buffet kitchens are nasty I worked 2 weeks in chinese buffet the kitchen was clogged with nasty backflow dishwater and everyone walking in it and they would leave fried foods in bins overnight not in fridge and would sell it out in the morning

  • I like buffet restaurants, and when going into one I haven’t been in before, I survey the serving tables before loading my plate to have an opportunity to decide what I want to put into my not-quite-unlimited stomach space. I just get a glass of water to drink-it’s usually the healthiest beverage and it’s usually free. I’m at that “awkward age”-I’m old enough to qualify for senior discounts, but young enough to be a “super-diner” (but being skinny means I don’t look like a super-diner and, of course, I’m fortunate that I don’t have to worry about weight). I usually go to such restaurants at lunchtime so I have plenty of time to digest the food-very helpful when driving on a long trip because I won’t be hungry again until I’m ready to stop anyway, and lunch is usually less expensive than dinner. I also like buffet restaurants because, when hungry, I can eat minutes after arriving instead of having to waste time waiting to order, etc.

  • You didn’t mention the most important thinggo to popular buffets that turn over a lot of food. The more often they replace food the fresher/better it is.

  • If you treat eating out, buffet or otherwise, as a zero sum game you are a sad person who should not go out to eat and no one wants to be around anyway.

  • you forgot two important things that is the seasonings some places over season or add little to much salt hence you get more drinks. also the size of something they try to jedi mind trick you by putting things in a small container while the pieces are only small or medium which makes them look bigger a smaller server containers

  • Most of buffet/all-you-can eat over here also includes drink (drinks are also free)… but of course, they are clever enough to only provide beverages that not really thirst-quenching but also very filling and/or high in calories… coffee latte, thai tea, milk tea, various sweet carbonated drink, etc… I never meet any establishment that provide plain water (or even plain unsweetened tea).
    And it’s not like they are delicious either… Mostly they are just sweet…

  • I don’t let the small utensils or plates stop me from eating as much as I want. I will hold up the line if I need to. I always get my favorites first, meat and pasta dishes.

  • Complete rubbish eat what you like from the buffet Enjoyments is what counts and in all probability you’re dining there to be with others not just for the food.

  • At a Chinese buffet, salad is a distraction; however, the rice is an even bigger distraction. Don’t get the rice guys. You NEVER get the rice at a Chinese buffet.

  • Here in South Africa you can get a buffet for the same prize as a normal meal lol I have no idea how they don’t lose money (150 ZAR) steak and chips cost 100-130ZAR and isn’t very filling, a good burger usually costs 70-100 ZAR 150 ZAR is 10-14dollars how don’t they lose money!?!? The average American spends 12 dollars when eating out we spend around 9! How can they not lose money we only need to eat 2 plates of food.

  • I have a school trip to Philadelphia and lunch time will be at a Golden Corral all you can eat buffet! So I am watching this because I want to know the best way to go at the buffet xD

  • I’m one of those who don’t overeat in buffets. that’s why to get my money’s worth, i go around to see the spread first and then decide what i like and make a beeline for those fares on the expensive side that i seldom eat. i never overfill my plate. if i want more, i just go back and get more

  • MASHED Jamieoliver TechGumbo I love eating at buffet Restaurants. I wish there was a “Buffet to Go” app for where I live: Sydney Australia & for where my family and friends live in Scandinavia. ������������������‍������

  • 4:14 NOT ME BITCH i have all the apps for stores i know how to coupon and eat at a buffet. And make them pay for me I’m smarter than you BITCH

  • MikeyI ♥ ya man!! You are the bomb!! Your videos always make me smile & laugh…thank you so much for all your hard work and the energy you put into your videos ♥

  • At usual buffets in my area, they constantly refill your water glasses because the more you drink, the more full you get, which means you don’t eat as much

  • Yes, lower quality and improperly heated or overly reheated food. Not mentioned is how unsanitary buffets are. They’re so gross! Besides sometimes touching food and putting it back, a lot of people talk and breathe over the food. No thanks!

  • too many gross customers at buffets. coughing, sneezing, scratching heads over the food, unwashed hands, kids getting stuff with their fingers…yuck

  • Me and my friend were banned from a buffet in Vegas for eating too much.On our 7th plate, a representative came and said ” Guys, last plate.” I cursed him out as well as my friend and told the people in line that we found a mouse tail in the food. The following day, as we walked thru the casino, a gentleman from the buffet restaurant apologized to us and offered us a free breakfast buffet. Only in Vegas

  • You dont seem good at this…. first get the munchies from weed, and then take vodka till u feel it good. then smoke another joint and go in. Also bring stomach pills against pain and when ur full puke so u can start over again.:)

  • COVID-19 really made the farmers take a HIT as most eateries closed down, crops left in the fields (vegies) instead of finding their way to these places to serve their customers…………Farmers lost millions in a couple of months………….sad situation for all involved………………

  • 11. Lay outs. They have cheap layouts that fill you up. Like fried rice and certain veggies blends.

    10. They control sizes of serving dishes. Trays with expensive foods cone smaller. And they use utensils that make it to where you can only grab small portions.

    9. They’re trays are smaller than normal.

    8 30-35% of what we pay goes in food.

    7 they keep track of food waste and track what people mainly get.

    6 they have flexible menus for cheap dishes. So using cheap foods for multiple dishes

    5. Buy foods in bulk. This helps so they can easily change their menu and they go based off the season.

    4. Profitable drinks. Drinks are up to a 90% margin.

    3. They don’t need to hire waiters or etc. so that’s extra money they can pocket.

    2. Charge higher prices for higher quality foods. Those who pay more tend to appear more satisfied even if it’s the same foods cheaper places sell.

    1 they ban people who “take advantage of this”.

  • I always have one goal when I go to buffets… It’s to make sure they don’t make a single dime on me. Which is why I don’t eat anything 2-3 days before going.

  • Enjoy the video; the day of buffets are gone. A UW-Madison study years ago discovered that a very large number of people pick up food items, then put them back. Gross AND now dangerous.

  • Why the hell is this lady promoting the idea we should eat more at buffets to get maximum benefit?? Effing obese America. I’m glad I lost weight and eat healthy. If I go to buffet I eat what o like and am mindful.

  • Thanks. I learned how to debone a chicken wing. I rarely see sweet ‘n sour pork in a buffet. It must be an expensive buffet. Most Chinese buffet only provide swweet’nsour chicken.

  • Not in Vegas, where I live..its like $6.99..and Sunday $8.99!!! That’s what I love about Vegas�� And that’s including the seafood….

  • You forgot to mention how big, cheap chain Chinese food restaurants add a mystery ingredient that bloats tour stomach and makes you immediately feel fuller while you’re eating. Then an hour later, it goes away and your hungry again. I avoided those kind of restaurants for years. Then recently, I went to one and could hardly finish one plate of food. I felt horrible. Then 40 minutes later, it went away. I then went to a locally owned, higher quality Indian all you can eat buffet and ate a lot more and felt fine. No Chinese buffets for me

  • lmao i ate more than this when i was in london with my best friend and we went there completely hungover ( i dont eat much when hungover).

  • Mm sushi buffet sadly it never as good as ordering sushi. I’m happy it’s “cheap” with buffet here in Sweden; 85 135 SEK. I think I get most money from the Mongolian buffet where they cook it after you pick what you want. It’s sooo goooooood. I really wanna try more Asian buffets and especially in USA when I visit the next time. Last time I just had the best Thai food there from a place that seemed like no one knew about, with home cooked nudels <3 ^^

  • Should ignore the pork chops and chicken that is fried as it is more batter than anything else. Also you didn’t mention to arrive early like an hour before lunch/dinner so you get the cheaper price. Also at a buffet like you are at you want to go for the lobster it’s the most expensive.

    A lot of the foods like meats can get you sweaty and hot (blood pressure) so the ice cream should actually be used in smaller dosages through out the tenure of the trip (if you are really trying to limit the water intake drink the ice cream after it melts some actually) Keep in mind though ice cream is a sugary product so will get you sleepy.

    Things like the small shrimp and the baked fish at Golden Corral are quite cheap and you won’t ever get your money worth on that.

  • Here are some tips:

    1: go straight for the crabs, fish, lobster, and any other seafoods. Those cost a lot.

    2: don’t eat rice or noodles unless you eat them last. They are filling.

    3: avoid things that don’t have meat. Meats cost more than grains or vegetables.

  • Can’t wait till the next time I go to a buffet im going straight for the meats first. I typically go for my favs: pizza, spaghetti, chicken etc

  • I stopped going. I got tired of the BS from Asian buffet owners and the stupid rules they come up with. There’s a neighborhood buffet I once frequented. Now a couple of years ago, if you got a single plate to go its $10 (the same price as if you ate there). Although they’d weigh it by hand and visually inspect it, so they could claim “You get too much!” and charge more. But the thing that pissed me off is that you weren’t allowed to get any fish or shrimp if your order was to go. Now I’m paying the same ten dollars as the guy whose sitting at a table and going back again and again and I can’t have a couple of pieces of fried fish or three fried shrimp to go with my rice and chow mein?

  • The actually way to win at going to a buffet is to just gorge yourself. Seriously go with a few friends, pick the guy whose gonna eat the least to be the Designated Driver(Maybe your buddy on a diet) and just gorge. Eat the filler eat the meat. if you gotta vom, go vom and come back for more(but don’t force yourself to vomit, that’s called bulimia and is a Disorder). The only way to buffet wrong is to tell someone they’re buffet-ing wrong.

  • I don’t even know why I’m watching this I have no problem eating at buffets I can’t literally eat everything and eat more after that

  • Well I went to buffet in college n honestly I didn’t get kick out fir eating a lot honestly I got full quick Bt MY TEAXCHER SUPER SKINNY N HE ATE SO MUCH��

  • Wow, American buffet’s look amazing. I would eat buffet 3 times a week if I lived in America. The food legit looks working class, standard n basic. Awesome.

  • Buffet need to serving better healthy foods and should be drinking waters. Americans are extremely morbid obesity due to
    over eating! Just because it’s all you can eat, people must practicing eating less. If you are 6′ 4″ your weight should be 185 lbs.!
    Try to eat to healthy. ����������������������������������������

  • Avoid filling yourself up on the fried rice.
    The weekday buffet at Eastern & Oriental, Penang (that’s Malaysia for the geographically challenged) is a good deal but only if you get the senior citizen half-price deal.
    Jack, the Japan Alps Brit
    Rule of thumb: Former French colonies have a lot better food than former British colonies. Figures, right.

  • All that was just a bunch of bulshit because where I live the drink is included in the price of the food if not separate and you can’t go to jail for eating four plates of food at a buffet I usually fix filled to the top My Plate is usually overflowing

  • The Chinese buffet with sushi place I go to in Delaware Ohio Tian Fu Buffet, has sushi. Although they make sure they don’t refill the good tuna, salmon, etc..until the smart buffet people leave. A$$holes.

  • Step 1 wear cargo pants
    Step 2 enema in restaurant stall
    Step 3 hide in HVAC vents right before closing time
    Step 4 Repeat previous steps

  • Great tips for making buffet businesses less profitable so they can provide service of even lower quality to keep up the profits. Good job.

  • Ummmm so i did ur exercise workout for a month and then i ate at a korean all you can eat buffet and ate the same amount
    1/10 would not do again

  • I always get buffets to go because, for me in the rare event that I actually sit down to eat at one, it seems like I get full so fast that I’m not getting my money’s worth. But if I get it to go, I can pack as much as I can on my plate and have about 3 meals worth that I can eat for about 2 days for a very reasonable price.

  • Oh im not sure about the sizes at the Harrah’s in Laughlin the forks and spoons are big and the desserts aren’t small and the food trays are all the same big size hahahahahahahahaha

  • i could sit at the buffet all day.but i dont i have little of every thing to try new taste plus large sald and thats ok.
    im ok with shareing hahaha.
    i eat my fair share and go….

  • im gonna start shuffling down the buffet line like the guy at 4:12. i saw a group of chinese at the buffet in the Bellagio just grab the whole dam pan of crab legs and take it to their table

  • yea, buffays would be better if people would quit sneezing in the food and pickin there but and nose and changing their mind and put the food back on the line. and a bugger germ could prolly travel on a spoon to several people’s plates like you’re eating other people’s booggies.

  • its your choice so just eat all and everything you want! no need to put so much thought into it. have fun and enjoy. there is no game.

  • Sometimes the most attractive and appealing foods on a buffet are the salads and desserts. And the most bland and unappealing are the main courses and proteins. This is probably not a coincidence.

  • Stay away from the sushi..!! It’s sooo filling for the amount you eat.. And of course you don’t get you money’s worth if you’re eating that at a more expensive buffet.. I guess sashimi is a better choice than rolls..

    Another thing, do a fast before and some fasted cardio..!! But drink lots of water so your stomach isn’t shrinking during that time..

  • Plates too small, most food tastes too fake/nasty & people don’t wash their hands when touching utensils and food then going into finger food as well etc. Food sits there for who knows how long.
    This is coming from a old real eater who is experienced in culinary arts & eating above all lol

  • I am really surprised All You Can Eat Buffets are not more popular than Fast Food Restaurants. The Buffets Food is already prepared as in “Fast Food” eating.

  • I like them because you can pick different types of food. I dont like cheap buffets because the food is cafeteria like and not tasty.

  • All you can eat buffets are something I never go to. They encourage people to over eat and not make healthy food choices. I know most buffets have a salad bar but how many times do you see a patron fill a plate with lettuce and vegetables until its over flowing? They also fill that section with high fat items like shredded cheeses and high calorie dressings that most patrons drown their salad in. Also, buffets are a breeding ground for food born bacteria because they don’t keep the hot foods hot enough and the cold food cold enough. This is especially true to buffets that provide sea food like many Chinese buffets. When I used to go to buffet restaurants, I can’t tell you how many times I got sick from the food. I just don’t go anymore because it’s not worth it to me.

  • Visit indian buffets like Barbeque Nation or AB’s. You will probably see more staff than a normal restaurant. They serve the appetizers on your table and stuff you unless you’re full.


  • No sense forcing yourself to eat dishes you don’t feel like eating just so you could get your money’s worth. Eating at a buffet is all about enjoyment, not getting your money’s worth. If that’s what you care about, cook your own food at home. It’s cheaper overall.

  • Buffet will be a thing of the past after this made in China virus. The will need staff with clean hands serving to avoid dirty hands on serving tools.

  • If you exercise for a while you won’t be hungry for about an hour then you get major stomach cramps after it returns so you have to eat about 15 minutes later or those cramps are gonna hurt real bad, I know from experience. Eat a good meal before exercising so you have more energy and perform better and you can eat more later as well

  • Friend of mine got banned from a Chinese buffet because he would leave food on a plate and go back for more of the same food. He said it had gotten cold. Owner said “You no good customer”.